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Josh DragonsFlame

Josh DragonsFlame

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Fateful Encounter

10 July 2018 - 09:12 PM

Lirka Ka


A cantina on Nar Shadda was the last place that Josh would like to find himself, but here he was. He had been here trailing someone, who had escaped to try to hide in the crowds of Nar Shadda. He had managed to catch them, and had them placed under arrest. So why was he here? Honestly, he was just waiting for his ship to be re-fueled. With a hood up, his Force signature hidden, and a drink in hand, Josh kept his head low as he watched the patrons in the cantina drink, make merry, argue and... Well... Make merry. 


Though he could admit he felt a little uneasy. Not because of Nar Shadda itself, but because he had the feeling that something was coming.

Jason's Big Trip

07 July 2018 - 09:34 AM

It had been a long time since he had been to this amusement park, on a planet who's name he couldn't remember completely. It held bittersweet memories, but he had last been here long before Jason had been born. Now Jason was here, and was old enough to remember this at least a little. This also doubled as the next meeting with Ra that had been arranged some time ago. Their "date", as was the joke. The two had been busy in the time since, and hadn't been able to find a moment to make this happen for a little while. But Josh had some time after having finished a few missions. Ordinarily, he'd take Jason home. But this was the best time to make good on those plans, and make some memories with Jason. Ra hadn't minded bringing him, luckily, and he'd made sure to ask her over and over if it was okay. He was grateful that she was good with it. She seemed to indicate she hadn't been to one before herself...


Things had changed for Josh since their last meeting. He'd been going through quite a lot, and he had a harder time masking a great deal of pain that he'd been suffering through lately. It would be difficult to hide from Ra, especially once they started talking he knew. Which he felt bad about, he didn't want to ruin today for her by talking about his problems, if he could help it. Still, he was at least somewhat on the mend... He had learned to open up a little more, thanks to Jyoti. And had quit mass drinking, so he felt less gross lately, somewhat thanks to Scherezade. So he was... Somewhere in the middle.


Josh and Jason would walk down the ramp of the Final Dragon, notably with Jason walking alongside his father this time instead of being held in his arms. He had grown since the last time, and Josh could hold his hand now. Sure, Jason wasn't incapable of having his hand held and walking on his own with guidance before, but... Josh's own height made that a problem until now. The amount of people around seemed to unnerve Jason, who stuck close to his father as they would look around for Ra.

Cold Hearts Brew Colder Songs

28 June 2018 - 07:35 PM




To best work with others, one must first master the art of one's self. This was Josh's issue. He had been so eager to see what it was like to be human, to cast off the strict emotional restrictions that the old Order had cast on him when they wanted to use him as nothing but a weapon, a tool, a thing. And it had been such a wonderful thing. But such things also had their drawbacks, and this was the reality that he now faced. Too much strain had made it difficult to use his mind, and because of it, he had begun to rely on his heart. But he had doubts about if his heart, while in the right place, could make the decisions that needed to be made. For the time being, he had decided to do his missions alone until he could find his own center, so as not to endanger the other Jedi. He couldn't act impulsively, needed to find a way to uncloud his mind and learn to use his head again instead of just his heart.


Which was why he had taken the investigation mission on Leritor. While he had no knowledge of the planet, reports of criminal activity in the system had been traced to a base located in a city on Leritor. With no real time limit to this mission, Josh hoped this would be the best way to start making strides to improve himself back to proper form.


As he stepped out of the spaceport and into the city though, he quirked a brow. Resorts and beaches? This... Hadn't been what he had been expecting. He'd expected it to be a lot more... Hmm... Desolate. 


"Well, I'll be damned" He muttered under his breath. He supposed it was best he started asking around.


Petra Cavataio

To Defeat The Huns [Dragon School]

21 June 2018 - 02:09 PM

The Silver Rest



Let's get down to business, to defeat the Sith-Huns
Did they send me younglings, when I asked for 'Wans?
You're the saddest bunch I've ever met
But you can bet before we're through
Mister/Miss, I'll make a Jedi out of you


Josh had decided to ensure his Padawans were learning proper conditioning, so he had made a decision on where to take their training next. His entire class of Padawans had been organized at the grounds of the Silver Rest, with one goal in mind. The Jedi Master Josh DragonsFlame stood in front of the lot of them, pacing about.


"Today, we will be working on your conditioning. To that end, I have decided to organize a race. You will run ten laps around the grounds. Ten full laps. Around the entire grounds. I have marked checkpoints around the grounds to indicate the way to go, and each lap will be counted when you return here. I have posted several Knights and Masters around the grounds to ensure that you are following them correctly.


Use of Force Powers is not only allowed, but encouraged. You must show that you are able to keep your conditioning and stamina even in strenuous conditions. You have free reign to do so as you please, but intentionally causing injury will result in disqualification. You are not allowed to use weapons, nor physically strike your opponents, but you may use your force powers to gain an advantage, such as Force Push. 


The Padawan who crosses this line ten times first, will be the winner.Any questions?"


Anora Vahn - Eenia Vahn - Mutaak - Skye Felindar - Seskel Sangrey - Dimah Nubaan - Asaraa Vaashe - Dusaro Dresari


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Let's Get Down To Business [Dragon School]

21 June 2018 - 06:54 AM



The problems of the Master became insignificant when it came time to train one's Padawans, and this he knew. Pushing his thoughts aside, it was time for his world to stop being even a bit about him, and it was time for it to be about training this young man to be a Jedi. Some of his Padawans had been traded around to other Masters in order to give a few freshly minted Knights some experience in the field. Admittedly, the lack of Padawan training lately in comparison to before made him feel a little uncomfortable. So he was happy to know another had been assigned to him.


In one of the training rooms of the Silver Rest, Josh would walk around the room, checking the equipment and thinking back on the information he had on the lad. He apparently had some experience, might even have a lightsaber of his own already. He pondered how much he would need to train him... Perhaps it was best he went and had the full course anyway, and just sped up if it was proven necessary.


Mutaak Tuneel