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Josh DragonsFlame

Josh DragonsFlame

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Make Way For The Brand New Star [Dragon School]

19 September 2018 - 10:58 AM

The Silver Rest
It had been some time since Josh had been assigned a new Padawan. He'd been working with the few that remained, but much of his class had gone their own way. It was a shame, but it was their choices to make. Josh remained here as a teacher for Padawans who wanted one, and he was proud of serving in that role. This new one, William Westender was apparently at least minorly experienced. He knew the basics, and had some capability in the Force, so Josh didn't need to give the whole how to use the Force speech. He had to wonder just what this lad would be like...
By the time Westender would reach the training area assigned for him for today, the Jedi Master had just finished preparing it and had been meditating in the centre of the room. Sensing his approach, he would slowly rise to his feet.
"Greetings. I am Josh DragonsFlame, Jedi Master. I will be instructing you from here on. Before we begin, do you have any questions? I understand you've been here for a little bit now. Anything I can do to assist, I will be happy to."

For The Nights I Can Still Remember

03 September 2018 - 03:59 PM

On Kashyyyk... There was a small dwelling set in the woods, not terribly far from Silver Rest. It blended in well with the setting, for it was in the trees – quite literally. The treehouse that had once belonged to Grandmaster Valae Kitra-Heavenshield was now in the ownership of the new Master Of The Order, Josh DragonsFlame. He had not really told anyone of the change in ownership and had kept the knowledge of it's existence mainly to himself. It allowed for far more privacy as a home away from home than his quarters at the Rest did, and it wasn't like it was hard to reach him through his datapad number if one needed to get in touch with him. For him, it was a good way to relax along with Jason in a place away from the hustle and bustle of the Rest when he wasn't working and wasn't able to take time off yet to return home. 


He had been renovating the place a little though. Not with any help though, he had been using some of his spare time as of late to gather wood from the forests within Kashyyyk, using skills he developed during his years in exile at the compound on Naboo to build his first house, in order to renovate this home away from home. The main reason? Well, aside from the lack of some proper facilities, he wanted Jason to have a room to himself of some sort that he would grow into as he got older. While Valae had lived alone and the treehouse as it had been suited her perfectly during that time, Josh did not live alone. So he had dedicated himself to fixing it up and slowly growing it to give it a bit more function. Not that he minded keeping the project quiet and working on it by himself. It was a fun little pasttime, he had found. And the materials to do so were plentiful in the forest around him. This was far from his first forest home, after all.


While the project was still in progress, in the time that had passed since, Josh had managed to get some rooms going. They weren't huge rooms, no, but they did the job. And he'd gotten doors working, which meant Jason could sleep peacefully while he was in another room. 


But today was a different kind of day, and so he had decided to use his spare time today on Kashyyyk for something else, now that he was finished his training Padawans and other duties for the time being. Today was a special day. Today was Jason's third birthday. Thus he'd taken a bit more time to himself today than usual to spend with Jason, though he intended to get back to paperwork and such tonight once Jason had long fallen asleep. He also wanted to invite some people throughout the day to come and visit and hang out, and see the place and see Jason if they wanted. Though it was not something he did lightly. The place was meant to be in order for him to get away when need be, after all. As he was now the Master Of The Order, he was even busier and that privacy now became even more valuable when he needed it. 


But... There were some special people he was willing to make the exception for.


The woman formerly known as Scherezade DeWinter, now Madalena Antares was someone that, while a Sith, Josh felt a kinship to. And she was Aunty Porgiana to Jason, as well. He had learned to trust her, and trust her deeply. She would already be at Kashyyyk today, he knew. She had long marked today on her calendar, having him do so for her at her insistence. So he decided to trust her with this. When she would arrive on the planet, he would send directions to her datapad to come to certain coordinates within Kashyyyk... Deep within the forest.


Scherezade deWinter

Galaxy's Divinity: Voyage On Emergoop

27 August 2018 - 10:41 AM

The planet of Emergoop lies on the Outer Rim, it is a multi-climate planet that is divided into four kingdoms. Tensions between the regional nations of Balledon (Grasslands/Forest Region), Ifrine (Volcanic/Craggy Region), Shivin (Ice/Tundra Region) and Lifio (Underwater Region) have been escalating for some time due to idealistic differences and other issues. A series of small raids on each kingdom, apparently by one another have made war seem like an inevitability. Worse so, as each kingdom denies responsibility for these raids. While it lies outside of their space, Silver Jedi Order agents have been investigating at the behest of an unidentified confidante in order to try to prevent the Goopians from destroying each other, and their planet as a whole, in the fires of war. 


Their spies have found an interesting report. Apparently, the leader of a crime syndicate by the name of Gaggle The Hutt has been sending his own forces disguised as troops from each kingdom to attack one another and provoke an all out war. gate, obtain evidence and then arrest or in some fashion indispose of the Hutt once evidence has been found.


The Silver Jedi Order has organized a team in order to investigate, obtain clear evidence of wrongdoing, and then ensure that Gaggle has been indisposed in some fashion. While it is preferred it is done through non-lethal means, necessity dictates what must be done. The team composes of Jedi, and others outside of it who have volunteered, in order to bring a varied skillset to the mission. Some may call the team a bit large, but the Order has prepared for the possibility that the Hutt may have more than they are bargaining for in the form of forces. Even worse, should they provoke all out war, then a small team being caught in the middle of it is far from ideal for the safety of those on it.


Those that have been sent include...







Josh DragonsFlame


Jedi Master Josh DragonsFlame has been placed in charge of this mission. The Battlemaster of the Silver Jedi Order and next in line for the position of Master Of The Order, DragonsFlame brings a varied skillset and a wealth of experience. A warrior and a tactician, the Jedi Master is comfortable either at the front of the battlefield or at the back. He can lend the group fire at his beck and call, and the White Current allows him to be cloaked entirely from sight and sense. Outside of combat, he is capable of communicating in Basic, Binary and Shriwook, and can lend his incredibly vast wealth of abilities to just about any situation. On the downside, he can be incredibly reckless at times and may put himself at risk if he thinks it will be what is best for everyone involved.



Madalena Antares 


From the CIS, the Pathfinder Madalena Antares is skilled in sabotage and witch magicks. With her access to foreign, potentially illegal magicks and other tricks that may seem inhumane, she may be able to lend help to the party in unexpected and potentially very chaotic ways. In combat, she is capable of taking damage like a living pin-cushion as she charges through the field. Outside of combat, she is a skilled cook who specializes in meats. Madalena is, unfortunately, fairly unstable and is unable to sleep properly without breaking out into uncontrollable screams, potentially losing control of herself in the process. As a Sith, trust may also be an issue.



Yuroic Xeraic


At one time part of the Jedi, Yuroic Xeraic is the apprentice of the late Grandmaster Arisa Yune. While his mind was recently modified, Yuroic brings an aggressive style and access to a variety of weaponry as well as access to powers from both the Light and Dark side of the Force. Outside of combat, Yuroic is capable of speaking nearly all known alien languages and can function as a translator and liaison. Of course, his memories being modified may not be permanent. Should his memories return, Yuroic may be unstable and prone to going to great lengths in order to secure his next dose of spices.





The former Baroness Ra'a'mah lost much of her positions and power after being betrayed by her former employers, the Sith, forcing her to fake her death and go undercover for a great deal of time. Her recent work with Master DragonsFlame has brought her into the fold of the Silver Jedi Order as an associate. Being a former head of intelligence, Ra is resourceful on top of being skilled as a slicer. Her greatest asset appears to be her prowess in the usage of stealth and capabilities as a master of disguise. May be indecisive and does not appear to have fully grasped the path she intends to take. There may be distrust involved due to her being part of the Sith up until recently.



Asaraa Vaashe


Jedi Padawan for the Silver Jedi Order and apprentice of Master DragonsFlame, Asaraa is a proficient combatant who is getting ready for her Jedi Trials. Specializing in telekinesis, Asaraa is also a tactician and planner who is capable of getting and keeping a group together where needed. She can serve as the group's liaison if bridge building is necessary. While she is an excellent pilot, do not let her drive the speeder under any circumstances. You won't have a speeder for very long. She is also still under watch after the incident that caused her to swap bodies with a Sith Lord. While it is possible she could be taken control of, or hunted down by her former assailants, it is also possible she may hold hidden knowledge of the Sith that could prove useful.



Rachel Taff


Jedi Padawan for the Silver Jedi Order. Proficient as a closed-ranged combatant with a lightsaber and long-ranged with a blaster, her abilities with the Force in her eyes leave much to be desired and she will likely not use it as much as the rest of the party while she learns. She also has no desire to lead a party and will hang in the back until the battle begins, where she will likely rush in. The Chiss Padawan is a dark horse, with her true skillsets and potential untapped as of this moment. It is possible that more of her will be unveiled as the mission progresses.



The six of them would be packed into a large speeder, titled "The Firebird". The Firebird is custom made, meant for housing a larger party along with their belongings. It is a tanky speeder, which while not the fastest is capable of holding it's own when tested. It will hold on long enough for the party to fight back if it comes to a scrap. It has also been fitted with a radio, holo-communication capabilities and a roof/window set that can be switched on or off with the press of a button to fit conditions. It still has room to be upgraded.


With that in mind, a shuttle would drop the six team members onto the planet's surface. They would land in the kingdom of Balledon, in the middle of a lush, grassy plain with trees in abundance. They would need to drive carefully so as not to hit trees or other obstacles, and should they go into the forest they would need to be wary of wild beasts. The Firebird would next be deposited from the shuttle and as it would fly off, a question would be presented by Master DragonsFlame as he turned to the group.
"So. Who's driving?"


Gallinore Revisited

12 August 2018 - 10:56 PM

Relina Zhan


How long had it been now since he had visited proper? He had been so busy, between his work for the Silver Jedi Order and in being a father, that he hadn't found time to visit Relina in such a long time. But the two had gotten in touch again, and Josh had agreed to come visit at Galinore. As the Final Dragon would touch down on the planet, the Jedi Master would let out an exhale as he would help his two year old son, Jason, out of his seat. The boy had short blonde hair and brown eyes, he was the spitting image of his father in every way. One would be hard pressed to know who the mother was, either Josh had a dominant gene, or what little traits from the mother they had taken, were ones that Josh also had. He supposed it was for the best, considering the circumstances.


As the two would walk with Josh holding Jason's hand, and the building came into view he would look around to see if he could find the familiar sight he was looking for.

Operation Double-Edged Sword (SJO/CIS Mission)

18 July 2018 - 11:03 AM


Objective: Provide relief effort to a post-war world. Calm tensions if they flare up, with as few casualties as possible.

Operatives: Josh DragonsFlame, Scherezade deWinter


Aboard The Final Dragon


The SJO and CIS wished to strengthen their ties, and with that came the idea of joint operations between their members. Now a member of both factions as a show of faith, Josh had been sent on a mission with the person who both sides agreed he would likely work well with despite the differences in faith - Scherezade DeWinter. Josh knew that Scherezade was out of her element doing relief, but he hoped that perhaps she would be able to adjust well and get this done. With Josh here to help her out, that might be easier than it sounded. He'd be able to guide her a bit. 


The mission was more... Mundane than he was expecting, but then again, what they had been told about the tempers flaring between the members of the town they were bringing relief for was concerning. By the reports, it was possible that the townsfolk, who had as of late been divided into two factions in differences in opinion, could break into an all out fight at any moment. Providing relief while keeping the peace between them without casualties was their job.


While the Dragon was in hyperspace, Josh had kept his word on one thing. The two had been researching into possible leads on what this "darkness" in particular was. When they weren't doing so, Josh had suggested that the two spar together here and there in the day or so it took to get to the planet. It was good to help Scherezade get her fighting instincts back. They couldn't afford a mishap like at Zeltros. While he knew that it was likely this wouldn't escalate into a fight, the reports still worried him. 


With just hours to go before they landed, the two were making last minute preparations before landing. Josh meanwhile had gone to grab something from the cargo hold...