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Darth Tacitus

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#1794854 [ENDGAME] - Shadow's Fall

Posted by Darth Tacitus on Today, 10:59 AM



Allies: Galactic Alliance (sort of)

Enemies: The Sith Empire

Objectives: Acquire Holocrons | Convert Jedi to the Darkside

Gear: Wither (Sith Sword) | The Triad (Lightsabers) | Shrouded Blade (Lightsaber) | Obsidian Strike Armor

Troops: 5 Undead

Attn: Xevek Rakama | Vanessa Vantai | Darth Sabezt | Adrian Vandiir Duelling: Nylea Apollodor Allies: Srina TalonAllyson Locke | Jyoti Nooran | Asaraa Vaashe | Jairdain | Mereel Vaun


  • Archives
    Jedi Temple on Coruscant


Elsewhere in the great galactic city, he could sense the presence of his friend Srina Talon, who had finally managed to make her way through the raging fleets above and arrived to help with the evacuation. He knew she would find his methods questionable, but he had already seen the writing on the wall and knew that the Galactic Alliance would not survive this raging inferno. He would do his duty and recover who and what he could for the Confederacy, by any means necessary, which included using his Necromantic skills to raise more soldiers for the battle. But he could not honestly say that he was not pleased by the Alliance's fate.


An annoying voice interrupted the Overlord's hunt for enemies. With a growl, the monstrous Sith Lord turned to face the mewling Jedi which had so brazenly challenged him, raising an eyebrow as his slitted, feline eyes fell upon the white-haired Echani woman that stood before him. The claws on his free hand twitched, even as the three crimson lightsabers that he held aloft through the invisible telekinetic tendrils that held onto them with a vice-like grip, turned to face his challenger as well, ready to block any attack from the Sith Lord's defiant opponent.


"You bantha-brained fool," the Overlord spoke, his tone one of disgust and condescension. "I've always known you Jedi are stupid, but I never imagined you would rise to such heights of stupidity, like the ones you so expertly climbed. In case you haven't noticed, I wear a Confederate uniform. That means we're supposed to be on the same side," the Sith Lord spat out, his anger driving him to take a step forward towards his offender.


"I am Darth Tacitus. Overlord of the Shrouded Republic, Lord of Admirals of the Confederacy, Reaper of Lorrd and White Wolf of Ession," he announced himself, the grip on his longsword tightening until the leather cracked in protest. "Do you know what I do to traitors and mutineers, little Jedi?" he asked, spitting the word 'Jedi' like it was an insult. "Because it seems to me that you have a death wish."


"Seeing that you are so stupid as to not recognize the insignia on my uniform, I will assume that the pathetic excuse you have for a brain has led you to a rash decision. I will give you one last chance to fall back into line and do your job. Because, right now, you are standing between me and these imperial Sith that I came here to hunt," he said in a raspy, malicious tone.


"However," he warned, even as he took one more step towards her, his remaining Undead minions shambling in agitation as what was left of their minds felt their master's rage. "If you insist on your desire to depart this galaxy prematurely, I will be more than happy to grant you that wish."



#1794692 Shroud of Desolation

Posted by Darth Tacitus on Today, 01:54 AM




  • Intent:  To create a personal suit of armor for Darth Tacitus
  • Image Source: Kekai Kotaki @Blogspot (scroll down for image)
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Darth Metus
  • Affiliation: Darth Tacitus, Closed-Market
  • Model: Custom Built Armor
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Alchemized Durasteel


  • Classification: Multipurpose Alchemized Sith Armor
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances:

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Low

- Kinetic: Average

- Lightsabers: Very High

- Other: 

- Sonic: Low

EMP/ION: Not Applicable

Elemental: Average



  • Alchemized Durasteel: The Shroud of Desolation is forged out of Alchemized Durasteel that was anointed with the blood of a thousand captive Force sensitives, imbuing the armor with a very high lightsaber resistance.
  • Waves of Darkness: The final screams of fear and pain of those sacrificed to forge this armor, have become imbued within it, constantly radiating out and casting waves of darkness which negatively affect a Lightsider's ability to access the Force, waves that are visible as dark ripples of shadow in the air around the armor's wearer.


  • Lightsaber Resistant: The Shroud of Desolation is highly resistant to lightsabers, due to the Alchemized Durasteel it is forged out of, using processes similar to the creation of a Sith Sword
  • Waves of Darkness: The Shroud of Desolation has a very powerful presence in the Darkside, casting out waves of darkness which radiate out and smother affect a Jedi's ability to access the Lightside of the Force. The effectiveness depends on the distance and on the Jedi's training, with Padawans and Knights being much more susceptible than Masters


  • Low Sonic Resistance: The Shroud of Desolation is very vulnerable to sonic weapons, which cause reverberations that amplify the effects of the weapon within the suit
  • A Mile Away: Because of the aura of horror that it is constantly casting, the wearer of this armor can be detected by another Force sensitive from a distance of at least fifty meters, which increases with training
  • Ysalamiri: This armor is dependent on a constant connection to the Darkside of the Force in order to maintain its unique abilities, which will stop working for as long as a nearby object blocks access to the Force
  • Force Light: An item created using the most cruel and violent rituals of the Darkside, the Shroud of Desolation is highly vulnerable to Force Light, which can completely destroy the suit of armor


The Shroud of Despair is a suit of armor who's forging began soon after Tacitus and his Shrouded Republic joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It was created by Darth Metus in secret, using Sith Alchemy to give the durasteel its unique capabilities. A thousand prisoners were sacrificed during the creation of this suit of armor, giving it the ability to resist lightsabers and to cast waves of darkness around it, which can smother a Jedi's ability to access the Lightside of the Force. The effectiveness of this, depends on the opponent's proximity and training. A Padawan standing within lightsaber range will be far more affected than if he were to stand at a distance and similarly, a Jedi's resistance to this effect increases with the amount of training and experience that they possess.


It is highly vulnerable to Force Light, which can destroy it completely and only offers limited protection against most types of weapons and attacks, with the exception of sonic weapons, which can cause reverberation inside the suit and affect its wearer significantly.


The armor is a pale silver color and decorated with engraved skull motiffs and sharp spikes that are meant to intimidate an opponent. It is covered in wispy strips of dark cloth that seem to ripple of their own free will, without outside interference, a result of the powerful Darkside energies that have been imbued within it.


It is a cruel armor that has been designed to not only protect its wearer, but to project an image of terrible, dark strength and adds to the intimidating posture of the Dread Lord of Silence, who has secretly paid Darth Metus for it with the last hundred Jedi prisoners, of those captured during the conquering of Nibelungen.

#1794626 Fireflies | CIS Dominion of Ascension (S,44)

Posted by Darth Tacitus on Yesterday, 11:38 PM



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Attn: Amethyst Atreides Nearby: Fawn Alzi | Minerva Vessia | Kurenai Yumi | Adron Malvern


  • Lakeshore
    To the Netherworld with all the consequences


The carefully constructed mask that the warlord wore most of the time, was shattered in a single moment as everything that he had buried deep within his soul and thought forgotten, rushed to the surface with the rage of an exploding volcano, coursing through his veins like hot, molten metal.


"I am sorry, Amethyst," he said to her, his voice more of a whisper, devoid of the energy that was usually there. "I did not assume that you lived a comfortable life, I could already see the truth in your eyes. I just wanted you to know, to understand who I am, because I would not want you to make a decision without being aware of everything that it entitles."


"You are a remarkable woman. You awake in me things that had been lying dormant for a very long time. Things that I, honestly, don't know how to express," he said as his eyes burned with a fierce, longing look. "Like you, I've been alone for most of my life and there has been only one other that made me feel this way, who awakened in me the desire to hope and dream. Until she was torn away from me by a filthy Jedi," he spat the last sentence with all the burning hatred and pain in his soul.


Stepping forward just as she drew away, he placed both hands on her shoulders and held firm. "There are many things that I have learned in this life, many things that I know. One thing is that we are not bound to the regard of those who sired us and it does not matter where we come from. The only shame here, is your mother's, for abandoning you the way she did and she deserves having her heart ripped out from her chest. No matter what that woman thinks of you, I know who you really are. You are a fierce, beautiful creature and I, for one, will not cast you away. Not now, not ever," he said, drawing her close, a torrent of thoughts coursing through his mind. He knew what he wanted and to the Netherworld with the all consequences.


Staring into her eyes with a powerful, burning passion, he gently squeezed her shoulders, pinning her in place. "I am so tired of polite conversation," he said. And then pressed his lips to hers in a fierce kiss.



#1794592 ENDGAME: Eclipse the Light OOC

Posted by Darth Tacitus on Yesterday, 10:18 PM

Coren Starchaser I'm on your side. -ish.

#1794565 [ENDGAME] - Shadow's Fall

Posted by Darth Tacitus on Yesterday, 09:41 PM



Allies: Galactic Alliance (sort of)

Enemies: The Sith Empire

Objectives: Acquire Holocrons | Convert Jedi to the Darkside

Gear: Wither (Sith Sword) | The Triad (Lightsabers) | Shrouded Blade (Lightsaber) | Obsidian Strike Armor

Troops: 5 Undead

Attn: Xevek Rakama | Vanessa Vantai | Darth Sabezt | Adrian Vandiir Allies: Allyson Locke | Jyoti Nooran | Asaraa Vaashe | Jairdain | Mereel Vaun


  • Archives
    Jedi Temple on Coruscant


A horror approached. Oppressive and powerful, it promised death as it slowly drifted forward, the malevolent presence of the Darkside shifting and flowing towards the beast-man that summoned it. It shimmered all around him, gently caressing his senses like a lover's touch. The cat-like eyes of a predator stared at those assembled as he stepped towards them, a taloned hand digging deep, angry furrows into the wall by his side, adding one more wound to the many that had been inflicted to this failing bastion of the Lightside. The shadows moved behind the horror, even as his cloak rippled with an unseen wind. As the soldiers that were unloading from the shuttle finally spotted him, the Sith Lord grinned.




A battered, burning shuttle tore itself from a section of the Temple near the main hall, its occupants slaughtered by the beast which now operated its controls telekinetically, dark, invisible tendrils extending from him to work the bloodied vessel's systems. Its movements were jerky and forced, like a wounded bird's and it rose and dipped as it struggled to maintain its altitude.


Pulling the flight stick until the small shuttle faced in the direction he wanted it to go, the Sith Lord extended another tendril of the Force, slamming the acceleration forward to maximum, forcing the little ship to give everything it had left to give as it went about its final journey. Standing behind the chairs of the pilot and co-pilot, who's mutilated cadavers he had not bothered to remove, the Sith Lord grinned. He would soon have that which he sought above all else.


In the back of the shuttle, shambling corpses stumbled about, mindlessly trampling the bodies of the Sith soldiers which they had encountered inside. Tacitus did not care one bit for these particular Sith. He found their grand plan to eclipse the light shortsighted and lacking in ambition. He had set his targets on a much bigger goal.


Sputtering flames and smoke, which trailed like spilled blood behind it, the battered shuttle crashed into the Archives, violently impaling itself within the Temple's ancient walls. From the smoke and flaming rubble, a few remaining minions shambled out, two of them on fire, their Galactic Alliance uniforms blackening under the kiss of the flame as quickly as their dead, unfeeling skin.


Behind them, their master carved himself a path through the bulkhead of the now-dead shuttle, the midnight-blade of his oldest lightsaber eviscerating the vessel like a giant, bloated animal. Replacing the lightsaber back in its place on his belt, the Sith Lord stepped forward, a clawed hand drifting over the shuttle's hull, the metal screeching in pain and protest as the author of all this destruction stepped forward to greet those already assembled for battle within these ancient, hallowed chambers of Jedi knowledge.


His cat-like, golden eyes took in the sights, a look of evident disgust on his face at the Jedi assembled within, some of which he recognized. It was look which passed quickly as the Overlord's eyes found other things to see. Those wretched worms that huddled around the dieing embers of their precious Lightside, were far beneath his notice. He would give them the opportunity to live and find true purpose, after he dealt with the other guests.


"Well, well," the Overlord spoke as he drew his longsword, horror pouring out from it like pus from a gangrenous wound. His Triad lightsabers unclipped themselves from his belt, floating forward under the Sith Lord's silent command. One by one, they ignited, adding three more crimson blades to the ones already illuminating the hallway around him, even as the currents of the Darkside flowed to him, gathering like a dark, oppressive cloud that threatened to erupt with the violence of a volcano. "You imperial Sith disgust me," he spat out. "Life in your cozy palaces has made you soft and weak. Well, today you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of standing in my way. I will teach you a final, painful lesson before you die."



#1794502 [ENDGAME] - Shadow's Fall

Posted by Darth Tacitus on Yesterday, 07:52 PM



Allies: Galactic Alliance (sort of)

Enemies: The Sith Empire

Objectives: Acquire Holocrons | Convert Jedi to the Darkside

Gear: Wither (Sith Sword) | The Triad (Lightsabers) | Shrouded Blade (Lightsaber) | Obsidian Strike Armor

Troops: 10 Wolfguards | 100 Undead

Attn: None Yet Nearby: Everyone in the Temple


  • Streets of Coruscant
    Heading towards the Jedi Temple


Like a violent malestrom, the dark, cold void of space above the ancient center of galactic civilization buckled and heaved, spewing forth more metal behemoth to join the carnage above and below. Time and time again, the universe blinked and another deadly metal machine had come to perform its intended purpose of inflicting carnage and utter destruction. The Super Star Destroyer Midnight Exigent lead the way as the Lord of Admirals brought the entirety of the Sword Armada to the carnival of blood and violence that was unfolding, spewing forth the swarms of shuttles that would flock to the planet's surface, the countless droids and soldiers within them waiting to join the fray below. The Confederacy of Independent Systems had come to Coruscant for war.




Lord of Admirals. Overlord of the Shrouded Republic. White Wolf of Ession. Reaper of Lorrd. These were all titles that Darth Tacitus, once a mortal man, now something else, had bought and paid for with the blood of the countless victims of his wrath. Today, he would be Subjugator of the Dead. He knew that before he even set foot on the surface of the shattered world, the monster's slitted, feline eyes scanning the surrounding carnage as the shuttle lifted off behind him. Lady Death ran wild amongst the streets and skyscrapers around him and it all brought a cruel smile to the Sith Lord's face.


Extending a taloned hand from under the folds of his fur-lined cloak, the Dread Lord of Silence spoke the first words of the ritual that he had spent the last few hours preparing for in secluded meditation. Each word was spat out like a murderous command, each carried with it the distinctive taste of unfathomable darkness, as if the Overlord called forth the wrath of the Netherworld itself.


Fueled by the carnage, the cold, familiar currents of the Darkside rippled around him, causing the very air to shiver in horror as the Sith Lord tore the veil and violated the sanctity of death. Around him, fallen soldiers and butchered Jedi began to stir. It began with a groan, which built up into a whispered scream as the defiled creatures were forced into being, trapped in the eternal moment of their deaths.


A prisoner was pushed forward by one of his Wolfguards, forced to kneel before the Sith Lord with a brutal shove and a kick to the back of the knees. It was one of the Jedi that had been taken prisoner by the Overlord and his followers during the conquering of Nibelungen, what seemed so long ago. Once a proud Knight of his order, the frail, battered being now bore a hollow expression in its face, its mind broken by the torture and experiments it had been subjected to. Today, it would serve its final purpose in the service of the Shrouded Republic's ruler. The Overlord reached out with both hands, gently wrapping clawed fingers around the prisoner's neck, the sharp talons digging in and spilling their victim's life upon the duracrete below. The ritual required blood. And the blood of innocents was the best catalyst.


Here, on this deserted street in the middle of a burning city, one more act of cruelty joined to the countless others unfolding all around, one more stain of Darkness to envelop this ancient planet. And with this act, the Dead were leashed to the Necromancer's will. They rose to do his bidding, shambling about their master, their battered Galactic Alliance uniforms torn and bloody. The Overlord smiled and parted his lips to speak. "Death is no excuse for desertion," the silver-haired demon spoke to his new recruits. "Come. It is time for you to do your duty. We go to the Jedi Temple," he commanded, the shambling abominations obeying without hesitation or question, for all free will had been driven from them. All that remained now, was Purpose. Their master's Purpose. And as the nightmarish procession made its way to its ultimate destination, it fell upon the Sith soldiers it encountered, like a ravenous beast. Blaster's barked angrily into the mass of dead flash shambling towards them, their voices silenced by the wailing shrieks of their wielders as the Dead fell upon them, tearing at their victims with tooth and finger until there was no more blood to spill.


The Overlord came to a halt in front of the battered, broken doors of the Jedi Temple, his eyes drinking the exquisite carnage that had been unleashed against those who wronged him so long ago, those that tore the first woman he had loved from him. This was the end of the Galactic Alliance and their hated Jedi. And despite being here as their supposed ally, the Sith Lord couldn't help but smile, taking pleasure from the downfall of the nation which represented everything he hated.


Now, in the final moments of their slow, tortured demise, the Jedi of the Galactic Alliance would be the unwilling servants of the Overlord's dark purpose. With that in mind, he took the first steps into the blood-soaked halls beyond.



#1794403 ENDGAME: Eclipse the Light OOC

Posted by Darth Tacitus on Yesterday, 04:50 PM

Is it ok if I park my fleet in orbit at Coruscant and just leave it there as a backdrop? Post something like "while the fleet is fighting in orbit, Tacitus was haunting the streets below, sword in hand"?

#1794011 Fireflies | CIS Dominion of Ascension (S,44)

Posted by Darth Tacitus on Yesterday, 12:18 AM



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Attn: Amethyst Atreides Nearby: Fawn Alzi | Minerva Vessia | Kurenai Yumi | Adron Malvern


  • Lakeshore
    Conversing with an intriguing young lady


The warlord did not seem to react in any way to Amethyst's gentle grip on his wrist, as before maintaining his perfect composure, even though a confusing mess of feelings raged like a storm, inside of him. It had been a long time since he was last reminded of the loneliness he felt, a loneliness which he had buried under his duties and his work. She awakened in him a longing which he had not felt since such a long time ago, a longing to dream and to hope for a better, brighter future. He was unsure how to deal with that.


On an academic level, he could understand what was happening, even as he could not help but notice how beautiful her eyes were, or how they seemed to sparkle in the reflected light of the sky above. And yet, doubts ate away at him, fraying at the fabric of his soul like a pack of ravenous hounds.


His road had been long and difficult and it would only get harder from that point on. There would be many hardships to endure, many enemies to confront and many sacrifices to be made and he was unsure if he would even come out alive at the end of it. Could he drag someone like Amethyst into that maelstrom? Could he risk exposing her to the wrath of those who would go to any lengths to destroy him and everything that he stood for?


A haunted look fell upon his visage as Amethyst reached out with her delicate hand, her fingers brushing gently against the side of his face and in that moment he froze. He felt like a man that was trapped in a cage, with hopes and dreams he never knew he had, standing so tantalizingly close. If he were but to reach out to them... No, some inner part of his soul told him. You are not a man. You are a beast. A monster which exists for a single purpose.


A tired sigh tore itself loose. "Amethyst..." he struggled to speak. "I have done many horrible things in this life. Necessary things, but horrible nonetheless. I am not a good man, not some knight in shining armor, just a warrior doing what he must, regardless of the costs, because there are things inside this galaxy that are too horrible to contemplate and the alternative does not even bear considering," he said to her with a heavy heart. "There are very few people around me, because I have very little to offer in the way of happiness and comfort and very much in the way of danger and sacrifice."



#1793915 Reaper's Toll

Posted by Darth Tacitus on 25 May 2018 - 09:36 PM



Attn: Srina Talon | Darth Metus | Curupira Hawk


  • Golbah City
    Private medical facility, present day


The Shrouded Republic's Overlord was a changed man, as could be easily deduced from the striking physical alterations he had suffered during the cobbled-together ritual which tore him from the Netherworld and brought him back into the world of the living.


He wore simple, white clothing that looked out of place on a man rarely seen outside of uniform, clothing which made his now silvery hair even more evident, as well as drawing the eyes to the sharp, black talons which extended from his fingers. Talons which were as hard as durasteel.


Every now and then, uncontrolled shivers seemed to course through his body, a sign that he was still adjusting to the physical changes, although his movements were less jerky than they had been, as his loyal apprentice could attest to. He nodded his gratitude to her as she entered the room with the guests. "Thank you, Curupira. Please, have a drink with us," he told her, wanting her to be present for the upcoming political proceedings as a part of her training.


Turning to welcome his guests, he took a step forward before stopping in his tracks, arm half extended for what he'd clearly intended as a handshake, before remembering his condition. "I'd shake your hand, Lord Metus, but..." he spoke, eyes drifting to the sharp talons on his fingers. "What you and your apprentice have done for my people, will never be forgotten," he said to him. "You've been the only allies that stood up for us when the rest of the galaxy would gladly see us burn."


The expression on his face darkened as his mind drifted back to the collapse of a nation he'd helped build. A collapse that had been foreseen and planned for, but that was no less painful, especially given what had happened at the end. "Rest assured, there is nothing that you could have done to prevent our fate. We were betrayed from within," he spoke, his tone filled with rage and hatred towards a certain woman which had repaid the nation that gave her a home, with a knife in the back. But there would be retribution, one day. He'd give her all the power she had craved, when he'd tie a power cable around her neck and hook it up to the Invictus' reactor.


"Please, have a seat," he said to the confederate leader and his apprentice. "Have a drink, if you will. I'd like to discuss some important matters with the two of you," the Overlord said, his usual steely determination returning to his voice and posture.


The Shrouded Republic needed a new homeworld for its citizens, which couldn't remain huddled up between the cold bulkheads of the nation's starships, forever, which meant that Tacitus had to return to work. He had already been in communication with the Shrouded Assembly and the Council of Unbroken Lords and his proposal had gone through without any opposition, especially now that the traitorous elements within the government had been removed. The decision had been made for the Shrouded Republic to officially apply for membership within the Confederacy of Independent Systems.



#1792938 Fireflies | CIS Dominion of Ascension (S,44)

Posted by Darth Tacitus on 24 May 2018 - 08:39 PM



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Attn: Amethyst Atreides Nearby: Fawn Alzi | Minerva Vessia | Kurenai Yumi | Adron Malvern


  • Lakeshore
    Conversing with an intriguing young lady


The enigmatic Sith Lord responded with a graceful nod, the way a nobleman should, even though his origins were about as far away from nobility as they could be. "Of course, my lady," he responded, his tone formal, even though it was somewhat strained by the anger which still coursed through him, like a wildfire that had yet to burn itself out. Amethyst's closeness was something that he was unused to, yet he welcomed it for the calming effect it had on the fire which threatened to consume his soul.


He walked with her in silence for several minutes, holding her arm in the crook of his elbow like a proper gentleman, his mind methodically beating his rage into submission. He would have to learn to tolerate his old rival's presence, at least until he would have his way and see him dragged before a court of law in chains. There was only one other person he hated more than the former ruler of the Dominion and that was the woman whom he welcomed into his government, only to eventually betray him in her attempted coup. For a man who valued loyalty as much as Tacitus did, there was no worse crime than treason. But there was another time and place for that.


It was some time before he composed himself enough to speak again. The last thing that he wanted, was to ruin her evening with his fouled mood. "Forgive me, Amethyst. Malvern is an old rival of mine, one with whom I have had many... disagreements," he said, his mind drifting to the scars he earned in those battles. Scars which included his feline eyes and razor-sharp claws, a consequence of a Sith resurrection ritual that became necessary after Adron ran him through with a lightsaber, a ritual that made him immortal, at a terrible cost.


"Thank you, by the way," he said, his eyes locked onto hers, eyes that glowed in the dark like those of a cat. "Not many people have offered me a kind gesture, throughout my life," spoke the Overlord, his tone a bit reserved, suggesting that he was unused to opening himself to others in this way. The view at the lake reminded him of what he fought so hard to protect, why he had committed unspeakable atrocities and condemned his soul to eternal damnation. It was to defend places such as this. And to insure that the galaxy had a future for the people within it that was free of the eternal war between Light and Dark. A future for the people such as the young woman by his side.


"I have not lived an easy life," he said to her. "I was rarely afforded the luxury of rest, so I must confess that I find the idea of it a somewhat alien concept."


"But I will not waste your evening with the ramblings of a scarred soldier," the Overlord spoke, once more reverting to a formal tone, his alien eyes lingering on hers for longer than he would care to admit.



#1792692 Les Confederate Misérables | CIS Dominion of Hex R-47

Posted by Darth Tacitus on 24 May 2018 - 04:16 PM



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Attn: Adron Malvern | Srina Talon | Darth Metus | Yasmyn Australis | Katrine Van-Derveld


  • Operation Curtain Call
    Making a few things clear


Visibly relieved that the humiliating ordeal was over, the beast-like Sith Lord sighed, a clawed hand coming to rest on the comfortable hilt of his longsword as he turned to face Adron once more, slitted golden eyes burning with a fierce, seething hatred. "I would enjoy few things more than to rip you to shreds right now, but for some reason that I can not fathom, Lord Metus seems to have decided to offer you a place here, in the Confederacy," Tacitus spoke, his voice dripping with venom.


"You will face justice for your crimes, snake. And that justice will come in the form of a trial in a court of law and whichever punishment the jury decides for you and rest assured, this outcome is inevitable and inescapable," the Overlord said, once more his commitment to upholding the rule of law stronger than his desire to inflict violence upon a hated enemy. "For now, you may live and enjoy what freedom you have left, until the day the authorities break down your doors and drag you in front of a judge in chains."


"But," he said, pausing for effect. "Know that I will be keeping an eye on you. And should you ever betray the Confederacy, I will find the most bloated and disgusting Sarlacc in the entire galaxy and then I will feed you and your entire wretched house to it, piece... by... piece. Have I made myself clear?"



#1792670 Fireflies | CIS Dominion of Ascension (S,44)

Posted by Darth Tacitus on 24 May 2018 - 04:02 PM



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Attn: Amethyst Atreides | Adron Malvern Nearby: Fawn Alzi | Minerva Vessia | Kurenai Yumi


  • Bonfire
    Conversing with an intriguing young lady


The Overlord reached out with a hand, taloned fingers gently coming to rest on the young woman's shoulders. "Forgive me," he said, his tone apologetic. "I did not mean to make you uncomfortable. For me, such celebrations and casual merriment, are a rare thing that I am unused to," the warlord spoke, explaining the reason for his formal attire, which stood out in contrast to what most guests were wearing.


"I am a man used to working hard and the nature and circumstances of the Shrouded Republic mean that, for its head of state, work never ceases," he said, his hand dropping to his side, once more coming to rest on the hilt of his longsword. "But that isn't such a bad thing and I most certainly do not regret it. I find myself deriving pleasure and satisfaction in a job well done."


Even as he conversed with the lovely young lady by the fire, his sharp senses kept watch over the assembled crowd. So, when a new guest arrived, his eyes immediately snapped towards him and his expression visibly darkened, even as his clawed hand clenched tightly around the hilt of his sword, a seething hatred burning in his golden eyes.


One word escaped his lips and it was spoken with such malice that, if words could kill, the new guest would now be screaming and writhing on the ground, as he drew his last breaths towards what would be a very slow and painful death. "Malvern."


However much he would enjoy to tear his old rival apart with his bare hands, this was not the time or place for it. It wouldn't reflect well on the Confederacy if the guests started murdering eachother during what was supposed to be a celebration of life. Duty always came first for Tacitus, so with a heavy sigh, he turned his attention back to the young woman even as he downed the contents of his glass in a single drink.


"Would it be fine by you if we go somewhere else?" he asked, his mood sour, anger mixed in with disgust in his tone. He had no particular destination in mind, anywhere would be better than to spend one more second in the company of his second most hated enemy, so he would be fine with whatever spot Amethyst would pick. "I find our present venue soiled by the presence of a worm."



#1792250 A Question of Willpower

Posted by Darth Tacitus on 24 May 2018 - 02:53 AM



Attn: Lilla Syrin


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The Sith Lord found her optimism and her smile amusing, though this debate entertained him, as he also enjoyed philosophy, perhaps as much as she did. "I suppose it would be nice if we all lived in a galaxy where everything was so cut and dry, black and white, where the lines are clear for everyone to see," he responded. "Sadly, we do not live in such a galaxy."


"You are still young, but one day you will learn that there isn't always a good choice to make. That sometimes, one must make a hard choice for the greater good, to choose a lesser evil over a much greater one," he said. "Here's a mental exercise for you. There are two rooms, separated by a transparisteel window. You are in one room and on the other side, there are ten people. Ten innocent strangers whom you know nothing of and who had done nothing to deserve being locked into that room," the Overlord spoke, clearly amused by the problem which he was now throwing at her.


"Locked within the same room with them, there is a bomb. A bomb which will explode, killing everyone in the room," Tacitus explained. "But not all is lost. In your hand, is a remote control with a button. Pressing that button will disable the bomb, but will also deliver an electric shock that will kill half of the hostages in that room. There is no way to get to the bomb in time and no other way to disarm it."


"My question for you, Lilla, is what do you do?" he asked. "Do you press the button, knowingly killing five innocent people in order to save the other five? Or do you do nothing and let them all die, so you wouldn't stain your hands with their blood? And no, there are no other options, here. You have to pick one of the two."


"Also, which choice is the right one? Is either choice morally correct? Is letting everyone die in order to preserve your innocence, the right thing to do? Or is it an act of evil to abandon them to their fate, when you could do something to save some of them, even if that would require an act of evil, in and of itself."


"My point here is that sometimes, there are no good options. There are some problems which the Jedi are incapable of addressing, due to what the solutions to those problems require. Sometimes, hard choices must be made, in order to avert a greater tragedy," he said to her.


"Even if taking a life should only ever be a last resort, sometimes that last resort is the only viable option. Sometimes, the life which must be taken, is an innocent life, which has done nothing to deserve death, and yet must die, so that many more could live."


His eyes drifted into the distance as he spoke, his shoulders sagging a little. "I have had to make that choice. I have stood on the edge of the abyss and seen what lies beyond," the Sith Lord spoke, his voice lower, the words carrying more weight. "The galaxy stands on the precipice. Throughout its history, the eternal war between the Light and Dark sides of the Force, has torn this galaxy to shreds and each time this conflict flares up, it only gets worse. And while conflict is a natural and beneficial thing, this particular brand of war is one in which there are never any winners."


Fixing his eyes onto hers, he spoke with a powerful conviction, yet one married to a deep sorrow. "You Jedi have shown yourselves incapable of doing anything about this situation. How could you, when you are part of the problem? When you perpetuate the very thing which causes this conflict in the first place? And yet, something must be done."


Turning away to look into the distance, the Sith Lord sighed. "I am going to bring the galaxy back from the edge, even if I have to drag it by the neck in chains, kicking and screaming. I will bring it all down, the whole corrupt disease which has infected this galaxy, then I will wrap my fingers around its neck and I will squeeze. All these things are necessary and I will do them. Because someone has to..." he said, his voice drifting into silence. "Because nobody else will."


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A look of understanding dawned on the Overlord's face as she spoke to him of what she had seen, banishing even the slightest hint of his burdens as his attention shifted fully to her for the first time. "Ah. Appearances can be quite deceptive, I'm afraid," he said to her, his eyes fixed on hers as he spoke, eyes that revealed a hint of the powerful intellect that lay behind them.


His experience and, perhaps, his Force sensitivity had given him a knack for reading people, throughout the years and he found that he could read this Amethyst fairly easily. She carried herself with a grace and elegance that hinted at an upper-class upbringing, or at a life spent trying to emulate them. But the man who was now known as Tacitus and whom she knew of as Kainan Wolfe, who before that, was someone else, knew that life is rarely that simple. Through the Force, he could tell that some conflict burned within her heart, where hatred had found a home, the kind of hatred that can only take root within a broken heart.


"You see, after Krayiss II, I found myself thrust in a situation where I had to make difficult choices, though I'm afraid that such choices are the standard fare in a career such as statecraft," the Overlord explained, his tone professional and businesslike, now that he was back in the familiar and comfortable territory of politics. "The Dominion's military was broken and with the Sith Empire at our backs, I knew it was only a matter of time before their armies would arrive at Lorrd and without the military assets to defend the planet, I made a calculated decision to evacuate the contents of the Library, rather than let it fall into the hands of the enemy. Knowledge is power afterall, and I decided it was better if it served us, rather than someone else."


"Those civilians and surviving soldiers that I evacuated that day, became the Shrouded Republic, although we spent the first two years of our nation drifting through space in a ragtag fleet of ships," he explained to her, his eyes drifting into the distance. "It was a difficult, trying time, filled with many hardships. We were almost wiped out by the Galactic Empire, which proceeded to pursue us, but we survived and we emerged stronger than ever before."


"Which brings me to our present circumstances," he said, golden eyes snapping back to her. "I am here because the Shrouded Republic has become a constituency of the Confederacy, therefore I am attending this event in an official manner, as part of my duties to the state," spoke the enigmatic warlord. "Although I must admit, this has to be the strangest diplomatic summit I have ever attended."


The young woman intrigued him, finding her willingness to approach him so casually and her relaxed posture in his presence, a particularly curious thing. Most people would have been far too afraid to be so relaxed, at least at first. He was a Sith Lord, afterall, and one with a reputation for ruthlessness, as demonstrated by the slogan that had been carved out in the cliffs of the Shrouded Republic's former homeworld of Winter, 'peace through strength and justice without mercy'.



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The Sith Lord's piercing gaze shifted towards the young woman offering him a drink. She was not someone he knew, although he was not surprised that people would recognize him. He had made a reputation for himself during the three years since he took the reins of what would become the Shrouded Republic and forged that band of refugees into a nation its citizens could be proud of.


He accepted the drink that was offered to him, not bothering to worry about poison. If it had been laced with anything toxic, the ritual that gave him his claws and slitted eyes, also gave him a remarkable resistance to such things. Besides, there was nothing about her which seemed threatening.


"Greetings, miss," he spoke in a formal tone that contrasted heavily with his raspy voice. "Forgive me, but I do not believe we have met before. If I'm not mistaken, your accent would suggest you are from Lorrd?" the Overlord asked her. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"


Casually resting his free hand on the hilt of the longsword that hung from his belt and oozed with the unmistakable touch of the Darkside, he graciously took a sip from the offered drink, his manners as impeccable as the uniform he wore under his fur-lined cloak. Always the military man, he rarely wore civilian clothing and never parted with his weapons. In addition to his longsword and a military blaster pistol, four lightsabers also hung from his belt. The Overlord was known to wield three of them using a technique of the Force known as Telekinesis. When used in combination with his longsword and another technique he was known for, that being Darkshear, they made him a dangerous opponent in combat. Which was fortunate, since he tended to lead from the front lines, fighting side by side with his soldiers.


Yet, despite the mask of formality and discipline that his face displayed, there was a hint of sorrow and exhaustion in his eyes, one of the many marks that a hard life left on people. His were the eyes of a man who had seen much and had aged before his years, gaining a kind of wisdom which was bought and paid for in blood.