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Darth Tacitus

Darth Tacitus

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A Question of Willpower

17 May 2018 - 12:11 PM




Attn: Lilla Syrin


  • Crash Site
    Unknown Planet, Wild Space


Something, somewhere, was bound to go wrong at some point, no matter how carefully one planned things. There were simply too many variables and unknowns, which even the greatest of planners could not anticipate and today had been one such thing. Darth Tacitus had been secretly meeting with some informants that were supposed to give him some information concerning the whereabouts of the traitor Ra'a'mah. Despite their credentials checking out even to the best of scrutiny, the whole thing turned out to be a setup, orchestrated by the Republic Remnant's Jedi in order to capture him, which they did.


But things wouldn't go exactly according to their plan, either. Through plain bad luck, the ship that was transporting Tacitus towards whichever destination the Jedi had in mind for him, happened to find itself ambushed by pirates who were in possession of a jury-rigged gravity well device. A short firefight later and the small corvette was sent tumbling through the atmosphere of some nameless, uninhabited planet on a plume of flame and smoke.


The Sith Lord awoke a short time after the crash, his Netherworld-twisted body's healing abilities kicking in to repair the damage faster than a normal body would, thus giving him the advantage of regaining consciousness before anyone else did. It did not take him long for him to slip out of his restraints and after quickly retrieving his weapons and activating the transmitter hidden within the hilt of one of his lightsabers, he proceeded to check the crash site for survivors and found only one. A young woman, barely nearing adulthood, whom the Sith Lord proceeded to drag out of the burning wreck of the vessel, having decided to get as far away from the dead ship before the pirates showed up to check for loot. He had no desire to face off against starfighters while armed with only his lightsabers and longsword.


Checking her for hidden weapons, he made sure to restrain her before setting up a small campfire and waited for her to regain consciousness, his unnatural, cat-like eyes scanning the dense foliage around them for threats, while his taloned fingers absently drummed a rhythm on the hilt of the Darkness-marked longsword that hung from his belt.


Reaper's Toll

16 May 2018 - 11:36 PM




Attn: Srina Talon | Darth Metus


  • Sickbay
    Aboard the SRN Invictus, several days ago


They had dragged him onto the ship with a gaping hole torn through the middle of his very being, a wicked wound carved into his very soul. He was a dieing man, who's last few moments of existence, were defined by constant pain, at least when he managed to crawl his way out of the dreamless abyss that was the lack of consciousness, until he fell into the cold embrace of Lady Death.


Like many others, this was a possibility that had been anticipated and planned for accordingly. Down in one of the many cargo holds of the massive warship, the highest-ranked, most experienced Wardens were executing prisoners, Jedi that were captured during the conquest of Nibelungen what now seemed like ages ago, kept alive for this very purpose.


With knowledge gathered from the looted Library of Lorrd, combined with bits and pieces of information from various sources and the collective knowledge on Sith sorcery and necromancy that the Wardens had been able to muster, a ritual had been improvised, in order to bring their leader back from the dead.


The sacrifice of the prisoners was the first part of this ritual. Their souls, their lives, their very essence was channeled into the Netherworld, calling forth that which now resided there, reshaping it, rebuilding it back into something resembling a human being. Its - his - first breath was followed by a scream of pain and rage, as the unnatural, cold currents of the Darkside seeped into the heart of his being, warping him, changing him into the form that was required to keep him alive.




  • Golbah City
    Private medical facility, present day


The building was a large, secluded mansion that had been turned into a private medical facility destined for a single occupant who's identity was kept out of the public eye and any public records. For all intents and purposes, as far as the public was concerned, the mansion was just the vacation retreat of some random millionaire who owned property all over the galaxy.


It was the first time since the new owner's arrival, that a guest was allowed inside. His recovery had been slow and difficult, as the man who ruled the Shrouded Republic was forced to adapt and learn to cope with the changes that his body had suffered as a result of the ritual which brought him back from beyond the veil.


Where once there was a man, now stood something else. His skin had lost some of its color, the scars becoming more accented and prominent and his hair, now flowing down to his shoulders, had turned a silver, metallic color which gleamed unnaturally in the light. But it was his eyes that were the most striking change. His once blue eyes, were now golden, glowing with an inner light, with slitted pupils, like the eyes of a cat, or a viper. And his hands ended in sharp, deadly-looking talons that could tear men apart. Where there was once a man, now stood something that was part human and part... something else. Some part of the Netherworld that had latched onto him and had been carried back through. He had become something frightening, deadlier than ever before.


His reflexes were faster and his senses were much sharper than ever before. His eyes could now see colors which he had no words to describe. And he now struggled against a constant impulse to hunt, to kill, to inflict pain and death upon others. It was merely a part of the price he had to pay.


Pain defined much of his existence, now. Pain and the ever-present cold of the Netherworld, which seemed to have seeped into his very bones, but he was no stranger to pain and cold and his iron will had brought his killer impulse under control. Most of the time.


The first of the two visitors to be allowed into the residence, were someone he considered a friend. One of the few people in the galaxy, whom he truly trusted and with whom he shared a bond that could only be forged between warriors, on the field of battle, against an overwhelming foe. The second was her master, a man whom he respected and valued as an ally. They would be the first from the outside the Shrouded Republic to see what he had become and aside from her and her master, very few would know his true identity for some time to come. He had not yet recovered fully, but the time to rest was over. There was work to be done and Darth Tacitus was not one who would let something as trivial as death, to keep him away from it.



Valiant II-class Star Destroyer

11 May 2018 - 06:23 AM





  • Manufacturer: Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Model: Valiant II-class Star Destroyer
  • Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Shrouded RepublicClosed-Market
  • ProductionMass-Produced

  • Material: Durasteel, Duralumin, Transparisteel, Starship Components


  • Classification: Long range missile destroyer
  • Length: 1210 Meters
  • Width: 581 Meters
  • Height: 310 Meters
  • Armament: High 
    - 20 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
    - 12 Heavy Torpedo Launchers
    - 6 Hypervelocity Cannons
    - 10 Medium Ion Cannons
    - 4 Tractor Beams
    - 20 Turbolaser Batteries
  • DefensesModerate
    - Multi-layered honeycombed durasteel and duralumin armor plating
    - Internal shield generators
  • HangarLow: 2
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2 Very Slow: 13 (Backup)


  • Starship Sensor Package
  • Starship Ion Engines
  • Starship Hyperdrive
  • Starship Shield Generators
  • Starship Repulsorlift Engine
  • Starship Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Starship Life Support System
  • Starship Escape Pods
  • Starship Inertial Dampeners
  • Starship Medical Bay
  • Starship Barracks


  • Advanced Communications Suite: The Valiant II-class is outfitted with an advanced suite of communications equipment, allowing it to defeat most types of jamming
  • Networked Targeting System: The advanced communications system on the Valiant II, enables this ship to act as a target designator and paint targets for other vessels, provided that they too possess a communications system which allows for the receiving of targeting data


  • Long Range TorpedoesThe Valiant II can launch a powerful torpedo salvo from beyond the range of regular turbolasers
  • Resistant Against Jamming: The Valiant II's communications suite allows it to defeat most common types of jamming
  • Networked OperationThe Valiant II's advanced communications system allows it to share sensor and targeting data with other ships in its fleet that have similar capabilities


  • Low ManeuverabilityThe Valiant II-class Star Destroyer is designed to serve as a ship of the line and its lack of maneuverability means it can easily be outflanked by a more agile vessel.
  • Low Hangar CapacityIntended to serve more as a long-range missile destroyer, the Valiant has a lower hangar capacity than comparable ships of its size.
  • Vulnerable RearAs with many Star Destroyer designs, the Valiant's shape and engine configuration makes it vulnerable to an attack from behind.



Following the Battle of Tatooine, the Shrouded Republic military began a major overhaul of its fleet and ship designs, with new vessels being designed to cover gaps in the Ancient Eye's roster and older designs being updated. One of the most dramatic overhauls was given to the old Valiant-class Star Destroyer, which had served faithfully as a fire support ship in the Shrouded Republic and Ancient Eye navies for two years, but which was becoming obsolete.


Although the new Valiant II-class Star Destroyer project was commissioned soon after the Battle of Tatooine, the collapse of the Ancient Eye would delay its entry into service by several months, by then the Shrouded Republic having already joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which has taken possession of the new ship design and has started manufacturing it.


Although more common in the formerly Shrouded Republic fleets, the Valiant II is now starting to be fielded by the rest of the Confederate military as well, due to its excellent long range fire support capabilities, resistance to jamming and its ability to share targeting data with other ships in the fleet, as long as those ships are also designed with this capability.


Its main armament consists of 12 heavy torpedo launchers which can fire a variety of common torpedo types, but the Valiant II also features multiple heavy turbolasers, ion cannons and a set of six hypervelocity cannons as fallback weapons, or for use during close range engagements.


The Valiant II's defensive capabilities benefit from all of the experience gained by the Shrouded Republic's engineers and although making use of common materials and shielding, its ability to withstand enemy fire should not be underestimated. The hull features a multi-layered, honeycombed durasteel armor plating which decreases weight while increasing survivability, while its shield generators have been relocated within the hull of the ship itself.


Like its smaller predecessor, the Valiant II has a very small hangar capacity, only capable of carrying and servicing two squadrons of starfighters, as well as a small complement of shuttles used for personnel and cargo transport.


17 April 2018 - 04:15 AM




  • Intent: To create bling a personal weapon for Darth Tacitus
  • Image Source: My own work, please do not repost
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Sith Sword


  • Manufacturer: Darth Tacitus
  • Model: Longsword
  • Affiliation: Darth Tacitus
  • Modularity: No
  • ProductionUnique
  • Material: Pattern-welded High Grade Durasteel (Alchemised)


  • Classification: Longsword
  • Size: 1.3 Meters (40 centimeter hilt, 90 centimeter blade)
  • Weight: Average


  • Alchemised Blade and Crossguard: The sword is forged using Sith Alchemical techniques and as such, it is able to resist a lightsaber blade
  • Shroud of Despair: Wither has a very strong presence in the Force, emanating an aura of despair that can discourage and demoralize enemies


  • Lightsaber Resistant: Being forged using Sith Alchemy, this sword is capable of resisting a lightsaber's blade and as such, it can be used to effectively counter such weapons
  • Shroud of Despair: During the forging process of this blade, one hundred Jedi prisoners of all ranks, captured during the conquest of Nibelungen, were executed with it. A part of their final screams has become imbued into the blade, causing the weapon to emanate an aura of despair which can demoralize enemies


  • Blasters: Having been forged without the regular Sith alchemical rituals through which Sith swords are normally made, Wither lacks the capability to deflect blaster bolts, requiring its wielder to use other means for this purpose
  • Conspicuous: The pungent aura of despair that emanates from this blade, makes it a highly noticeable presence in the Force, thus revealing the presence of its wielder and rendering any attempts at stealth, futile


One of the most infamous and feared weapons in Darth Tacitus' personal armory, Wither is a vicious and cruel weapon who's foreboding appearance seems to convey a message of the impending demise of whoever finds himself at the opposite end of the one who is wielding.


Forged without the normal alchemical rituals that usually make a Sith sword, but rather through a combination of improvised alchemical techniques by some of the best alchemist within Tacitus' army, Wither lacks some of the capabilities of such weapons, but mostly makes up for them in clever ways inherent in its unique design. The 90 centimeter blade of this sword is forged out of high-grade, pattern welded durasteel, alchemised to give it the ability to lightsaber blades, which combined with its design, allows a skilled wielder to effectively counter such weapons.


The blade features an ominous, partially serrated design, which can inflict grievous, jagged wounds upon an enemy, while still allowing for advanced techniques such as half-swording, which are impossible to perform using a lightsaber. Thus, the weapon balances its inability to deflect blaster bolts with a design that allows its user to use unexpected techniques.


The hilt of the sword, which features a double-crossguard design and a ring pommel, is 40 centimeters long and wrapped with comfortable leather designed to provide a secure grip in the user's hand. Like the blade, the crossguard is fashioned out alchemised durasteel, allowing it to trap a lightsaber blade if the wielder uses the appropriate techniques and, like the blade, it features intricately etched decorative patterns.


An unusual weapon, Wither can be wielded using a combination of both lightsaber forms and swordfighting techniques. Additionally, in order to grant the blade one of its several unique properties, one hundred Jedi prisoners of all ranks, from Padawans to several Masters, were sacrificed with this sword. Their final screams of pain and the despair of knowing that their demise was inevitable, have become imbued into the blade, which now oozes with an aura of despair that can demoralize an enemy, at the cost of making its wielder highly conspicuous to Force sensitives due to its frightening presence in the Force.

Overseer-class SICC

29 March 2018 - 08:52 PM




  • Intent: A Decently sized Support Carrier for the Shrouded Republic and Ancient Eye.
  • Image Source: ArtStation
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Ancient Eye State Shipyards, Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Model: Interdictor-Carrier Hybrid
  • Affiliation: Closed Market,Confederacy of Independent Systems, Shrouded Republic, Ancient Eye
  • ProductionMinor
  • Material: Duranium, Alusteel, Matrix Armor


  • Classification: Support Carrier
  • Length: 900 meters
  • Width: 500 meters 
  • Height: 280 meters
  • ArmamentLow
    - 30x Long range Quad Turbolasers
    - 20x Heavy Turbolasers
    - 30x quad laser cannons
    - 12x torpedo tubes
    - 4x tractor beam projectors
  • DefensesHigh
    - Heavy Shielding
    - 120x Ventooine Electromagnetic Plasma Cannon (120 point-defense equivalent)
    - 10x Anti Ordnance Missiles (Intercept enemy missiles from a distance)
    - Targeting Scrambler (Scrambles enemy targeting systems for short periods of time, preventing the fire of guided weaponry)
    - Heavy Matrix Armor
    - Shield Booster System
    - 4x Ship-housed Sattelite force field shield projectors (create a shield around a target area, have their own ion engines for propulsion)
  • Hangar: Moderate: 4
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed RatingLow
  • Hyperdrive ClassLow: Class 3




  • Three Class-I Ion Drives
  • Boosted Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Class 3 Hyperdrive
  • Class 8 Backup Hyperdrive
  • Standard Repulsorlift Engines

Ship Systems:


  • Starship Sensor Package
  • Starship Repulsorlift Engine
  • Starship Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Starship Life Support System
  • Starship Escape Pods
  • Starship Inertial Dampeners
  • Starship Medical Bay
  • Starship Barracks


  • Particle and Ray shielding (Military Grade)
  • Duranium and Durasteel plating
  • Heavy Matrix Armor
  • Shield Booster Systems


Communication Suite:

  • Long-Range Communication array


  • Ship-housed Sattelite force field shield projectors: These advanced drones create a shield around a target area, have their own ion engines for propulsion and are remotely operated from the Overseer
  • Gravity Well Generators: The Overseer features four gravity well generators which can prevent vessels from jumping to hyperspace


  • Support Ship: This ship is an excellent carrier and support ship. It can protect it’s allies with it’s heavy shielding by activating it’s shield projectors which can shield up to 4 allied warships.
  • High Survivability: The Overseer's armor and shield systems make it very resilient to enemy fire
  • Interdictor: This ship houses 4 gravity wells which can pull starships straight out of hyperspace)


  • Flying Brick: The Overseer's low maneuverability and speed leave it vulnerable to flanking maneuvers by enemy ships
  • Pesky B-Wings: The Overseer's exposed bridge, hangars and engines leave it vulnerable against bombers with long range armament
  • Bullet Sponge: While the Overseer's many advanced features make it a highly effective warship, its weak offensive capabilities leave it extremely vulnerable to sustained enemy fire, without proper escort



A new class of support ship, this is a cruiser built to hang back and support other ships with point defense and fighter cover. It can also lock other ships in the battlefield with it’s gravity wells, preventing them from escaping into Hyperspace. This starship has plenty of hangar space, but it’s weaponry is lacking. It only has a few long range turbolasers, not enough to take on another cruiser 1v1 without it’s fighter complement.
This warship utilizes many new and experimental systems which are relatively new to the Galactic Market. These components are hard to manufacture, and until Rinzler-Zetta is capable of mass producing all of this technology, only a handful of starships of this class will exist. 
The ship is fairly large and is built for a carrier-interdictor role. As such it has 2 large hangars in the front part of it's hull, each capable of housing two squadrons of starfighters. It also has space for 2 transport shuttles. It also has 10 anti ordnance missile launchers which are controlled by seperate targeting computers. These emplacements are small and require missiles without payloads, so if the ammunition racks for these weapons are hit, no serious damage will be sustained. The gravity well projectors are built into the lower hull of the cruiser and generate a lot of heat, and as such they require a lot of coolant in order to sustain the interdiction field for long periods of time, a problem solved by adding a coolant circulation pipe running from the primary generator all the way to the gravity well projectors.


Additional Notes: This submission is the work of Kyle Raymus. While he is on an extended absence due to IRL reasons, I have been given permission by him to finish and post this sub and also make any changes, if required. If necessary, I can provide chatlogs to prove this (if that is the case, I would preferably do it via PM, as I do not want to publicly disclose his Discord username).



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