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Ashara Evanaris

Ashara Evanaris

Member Since 28 Jul 2017
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In Topic: Hello

Yesterday, 11:36 PM

Kyrel Ren
Thank you mabe we will cross paths in the near future.

In Topic: Hello

Yesterday, 09:34 PM

Thank you so much,:)
It's been a blast.
I lost track of my jedi,
I'm sure she will pop up somewhere

In Topic: Alchemy physical transforming

Yesterday, 12:17 PM

Ashara muscles contracted in on themselves throughout her whole body, as the fluid injected into her body. Slowly one genetic code marker was extracted and replaced one at time through the force. Her whole body convulsed in pain and agony, as her whole genetic structure was being destroyed and a new one was being created while she was still alive.

Some of her bones were crushed and reassembled, the pain was excruciating, wincing in pain, at the same time she enjoyed she enjoyed it all the while. First her muscles loosened, and drastically tensed around the newly constructed bones and musculature. Her fingernails grew, while clenched, drawing blood, dripping on the table. She screamed in erotic pain as the procedure continued dumping liquids in her body.

Darth Vyrassu Rikaelyr Ragnos

In Topic: Expedition to Kesh (FE)

16 March 2019 - 06:26 PM

The room slowly filled with individuals, some Ashara had recognized, others left a force trace and somehow she had known them by what means had escaped her. Harris of course she had known vaguely.

“Of course, it's been to long”  

She could sense the secrets floating around the room that everyone like herself tried to conceal, but the light and the dark side were working against each other casting a veil of deception throughout the room. It would only be a matter of time before all was revealed, Ashara tried to sense everyone's involvement, she was strong, but not that strong.

Whatever it is she obviously knew it was of importance if so many Jedi were invited to this little gathering.If it was an object  as she presumed it to be, she knew she must have it. Once she had more knowledge if and only then could she asses and make a plan to have it for herself, greed started to consume her.

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In Topic: Shadows of Cyron (TJE Dominion of Hex AI-44)

16 March 2019 - 05:23 PM

She felt the death of the Emperor surge through her, all those around her made their final attack, Rage consumed  every part of her essence, Igniting her light saber any of those that were left she cut down.It did not matter, she decapitated many, arms and limbs severed from their bodies.

Ones that were strewn about her that showed any signs of life she drained the force from them rejuvenating her. Followed by a downward thrust of her lightsaber to the chest. One had started  to run towards her, with a quick saber toss impaling him, his torso ripped in half. Her light saber returned to her. She felt a wave and lord Necrin close by cast a barrier of protection breathing heavily she was nearly spent of all energy. The last act of force  rage nearly put her into exhaustion, she needed to recuperate.

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