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Nine Tenths of the Law

12 August 2017 - 02:14 PM

“By the force you can’t do this! Please!” A strained voice cried out with what strength they had left. The voice came from a man with chains wrapped around his wrists and stringing him up from the ceiling. The robes that the man once wore were pooled on the floor at his feet, the man’s body littered with bruises, burn wounds and even open wounds. One of his eyes was completely purple, swollen to the point the eye was affixed shut. Blood stained the figure's lips and his body jerked and shook involuntarily. “What is this about? Please, you don’t have to do this.” The figure wheezed out. Any onlookers would know the figure, Ambassador Paeral, the ambassador of Taris.


“Of course I have to do this, do you think I’m ignorant to your misdeeds? Do you think the great Arhikos is blind to your actions? The people that have suffered due to your actions, the lives that could’ve been saved.” This voice was harsh, cold, cruel and belonged to the Hellyni known as Alkaios. Walking out of the shadows and grabbing the politician by his chin Alkaios forced the man to meet his eyes. The Hellyni’s brilliantly blue eyes bored into the ambassadors. “You and the people like you disgust me, you make promises to your people. Promise change, promise to get people off the streets, to focus on treatments on the sick and yet what do you do? That money that’s supposed to go to those deeds is pocketed. Did you truly think no one would figure it out? What you and the Senator were doing?”


“Listen, you- ARGHHH!!!” The man shouted his words slowly turning into an incoherent scream as a knife was buried in his side. One hand on Paeral’s chin holding his head up and other burying the knife into the man’s flesh Alkaios stared his gaze becoming far more intense. Slowly twisting the blade within Paeral’s body he raised his other hand from Paeral’s chin to his mouth in order to muffle his screams.

“I’m not interested in your lies, I’ve got all the evidence I need. Hundreds of thousands of credits embezzled from the honest, genuine, taxpayers.” Withdrawing the blade and stabbing it in again, and again Alkaios repeated the maneuver three more times, with the final stab he left the blade embedded in the ambassador. “Do you not think that there were others who needed that money?! With those credits you could’ve restructured a majority of the undercity, could’ve pulled those people out of poverty! What excuse do you have for that?!”

“It…”Paeral wheezed out his right eye slowly beginning to close. “I…”


“Oh no, you’re not dying on me yet.” Turning and going to a table lined with tools, weapons and medical equipment Alkaios picked up a syringe and a bottle filled with a red liquid. Slowly drawing the liquid into the syringe Alkaios flicked the tip of the needle. “I’m sure you’ll be enjoying this, far stronger than any of the spice you pleasure yourself with.” Walking back to the politician needle raised Alkaios chuckled. “Oh was that supposed to be a secret?” Without another word, without warning Alkaios stabbed the syringe into Paeral’s neck pressing down on the plunger Alkaios injected the ambassador with enough stimulants that a spice junkie would be feeling the high for weeks.

Gasping in a breath of air his functioning eye dilatating Paeral looked to Alkaios a look of terror on his face. “What are you going to do with me?”


“Well if you quit making this so difficult you could’ve been at a med facility by now.” Picking up a scalpel and holding it before a blowtorch Alkaios turned it on heating the blade. “Tell me what I want or things will get a lot worse.”


Eyes now scaring at the scalpel that glowed a bright red Paeral struggled against his chains. “ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! There is no excuse! But you have to understand, we’re not paid that well! For the hours of work we do me and the Senator aren’t paid well!”


Oh so the Senator is in on it too?”


“Wait! No, that was a sl-“


“I already knew he was, I just wanted a confession.” Tapping the helmet clung to his belt Alkaios offered a smile. “See was that so hard?” Moving to loosen the chains Alkaios dropped Paeral unceremoniously to the floor.


“So I’m free to go?”


Yea, here let me help you up.” In comparison to his earlier tone Alkaios sounded absolutely delightful, like a young man who respected his elders. Reaching down and helping the Ambassador to his feet Alkaios patted the man’s back.


“I, I swear I won’t say anything about you, or what you did.”


“Of course you won’t, because you won’t be around to.” Hands now holding Paeral in a death grip Alkaios walked them towards the penthouse window. “Quite the view you have here.”


“No! You promised! You said you’d take me to the medcenter.”


“No, I said that if you hadn’t made it so difficult we could’ve been there. But don’t worry you’ll be going somewhere similar.” Lifting Paeral off his feet and over his head Alkaios took delight in the politicians’ pleas, his cries for mercy. “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit.” With that Alkaios threw the ambassador into the glass of the floor to ceiling windows where he crashed through with a raucous explosion of glass. The last thing Alkaios saw of Paeral as he fell a hundred stories to his death was the realization he’d been tricked followed by fear.


Alkaios didn’t need to stay to watch what came next, his job was done and now he had a bigger fish to fry. The Senator of Taris, by the time Alkaios reached the planet news of Ambassador Paeral’s death would be all over the holonet. In Paeral’s room an audio recording of his final moments and along with it his mention of the Senator. 


Kaiza Pawaro

Into the Deep End

12 August 2017 - 10:01 AM

Equipment: Doom Bringer ArmorBRP-003Charric Rifle, Throwing Knives, 3 Thermal Detonators, Lightsaber, Scatter Gun


They once said that demons fled when a good man went to war, but that was a lie. There are no good men. The Jedi could think of themselves as fighting the good fight but in the end what did they do besides incite more violence in the name of the ‘lightside’. The Sith certainly weren’t good either… Not even I am a good man. We are all demons, and I will ensure that at the end none of us continue to plague the galaxy. Alkaios mulled over these thoughts as he stood on the grassy plains of Drev'star. Rain fell down with a pitter patter that seemed almost deafening as the storm reached its zenith. The wind whipped around lashing out at the armored figure, the howls were like a haunting specter seeking to claim Alkaios’ life but the man did not move. The helmet of his armor sat clipped to Alkaios’ belt, his black hair matting to his head as the cold water bathed him. These were the few minutes of calm before the true storm that would befall The Seven Moons Ranch. It would be no tempest that claimed the facility, no storm that swept it up and away. No, it would be Alkaios that destroyed the facility.

The grasslands were soon lit by a 
bluish glow as a lightning bolt crossed from cloud to cloud, swiftly followed by a loud Kakoom which seemed to shake the very earth itself. “I commit the souls on this day to the judgement of Arhikos.” Taking up his helmet and slapping it home Alkaios heard the click and hiss as the armor sealed itself. Now there was the stale scent of filtered air, it wasn’t as soothing as the scent of the grass but in a few minutes, all anyone would be smelling was burnt or wet Bothans, a fate many would wish to escape. At the base of the hill he stood on there sat the Keffi Stables, shielded from the rain above, their constant neighing and trotting revealed that the Keffi were frightened and trying to calm one of the stables was three Bothans. The security guards of this facility, there probably weren’t many who knew of who truly resided in the Seven Moons Ranch, the murderer, thief, the demon that resided within. One that had played a part in the One Sith, that had caused Alkaios to lose his family, though indirectly.


Hands opening and closing Alkaios looked to the highest floor of the domicile where there was a faint light. “I’m coming for you Tmoxin…” Sprinting off the hill, Alkaios’ legs pumped each footwall a thud that was drowned out by the rain and neighing of the Keffi. Above there was another strike of lightning that illuminated the armored figure for a split second, the armor was littered with scorch marks, on some portions dried blood that was slowly being washed away by the rain. This figure looked like a walking armory the large array of weapons he carried enough to match a Mandalorian.


The first of the Bothan’s was dead before they even knew what befell them. The fist which wore a crushgaunt lashed out in a punch that caught the first Bothan in the temple with enough force that there was a bone chilling squishing sound. The skull of the Bothan matched a deflated balloon as the corpse slowly began to fall. The Armor amplified Alkaios’ strength to that of a wookie, mix that with crushgaunts and you had a very lethal combination. The second Bothan looked up in time to see his allies brutal and quick end, eyes widening in horror the silver furred Bothan reached for the blaster on its hip.


Reflexes honed from years on the battlefield Alkaios snatched a throwing knife from his belt and with a swing of his arm he released the weapon with enough force that when it struck the Bothan’s chest it lifted them up off their feet to land a few inches from where they had once stood their coughs and rasps cut through the air begging for mercy. The final Bothan raised a blaster rifle at Alkaios, this one had brown fur which was matted completely to its body, their eyes wide with anger and rage. They now knew how Alkaios felt when he was but a boy, weak, powerless, and angered by the loss of those they cared for. “Don’t move! Hands up!” The Bothan shouted, the round orbs in its head glancing to his dead companions.

Head tilting slightly Alkaios began to approach, step after step bringing him closer to the Bothan. With a mighty 
roar the Bothan pulled the trigger letting out numerous blaster bolts which struck the armor dispersing harmlessly. Body now shaking and a deep fear setting in the Bothan dropped the rifle trying to flee but was now in the unbreakable grip of Alkaios.A swift kick from the Hellyni brought the Bothan to his knees, both gauntleted hands pressing on the side of the Bothans head. “Time to ring the dinner bell.” The screams of that Bothan would cut through the air, above even the rain, above the lightning hopefully warning those in the estate that their end was near. The scream ended abruptly with a sickening crunch.


Tmoxin Temi

Captive Audience

07 August 2017 - 01:50 PM

Equipment: Doom Bringer Armor, BRP-003, Charric Rifle, 1 Cryoban Grenade, 2 EMP Grenade, 3 Sonic Detonator


Corellia, god how I hate this planet. It’s a cesspool, you’d think that being nearly destroyed in its entirety would’ve been a sign, not the fools on this planet. Alkaios thought as he reached over to the BRP-003 pistol that sat on the desk before him. Along with it was a charric rifle which was perched at the edge of the desk, just within arm’s reach where Alkaios could snatch the weapon up and fire without a moment’s hesitation. There was an array of other weaponry and tools spread out but none more important than the pistol and rifle. Placed in the center of the desk was a datapad set to record a voice memo.


“I know who you are, I know your family’s bloody, disgusting, cesspit of a history, one to rival the corruption of Corellia’s worst. In fact, it is your family line that was the bedrock of Corellia’s corruption. Of course none would admit this, why would they? Corellia puts on the appearance of any other core world, it preaches this grand dream to those uneducated enough to spot the deceit. That Corellia was a free world, that the rampant crime, acts of depravity, and violence on the outer rim doesn’t exist here.” Scoffing Alkaios flipped the pistol over in his hand right eye closing as he examined it closer. Sliding a magazine home, the personal rail gun came to life.


“That’s nothing but a pile of Bantha poodoo that the rest of the galaxy is blind to… I’m not. Corellia is a swamp that needs to be drained, while your family may not have been the ones to initially create the swamp they were certainly a major player in expanding it… Isn’t that right Keira?” Pausing for dramatic effect Alkaios chuckled, months of research had led to this. The hunt of his life, on this day he would either live or die, there were no two ways about it. Keira Ticon was not only the heir to one of the most infamous crime families to have ever sauntered their way into Corellia History, but also a major influence in Mandalorian circles. Even if he survived Alkaios knew that he’d forever be looking over his shoulders for the day a Mandalorian came calling.


“You may be listening to this wondering why am I judging you based off what your family did? Who is this psychopath, how did he get my information? I know you are, don’t deny it. Just know that I know the true you, the monster you keep buried within, the acts you aided in, the lives you’ve destroyed. For that you won’t… No you can’t be forgiven. I am the right hand of Arhikos, I will ensure justice and order is brought to the galaxy and the unjust are punished for their misdeeds. So come, meet your fate Keira… Blue Sector, you’ll know the place… Your family did own it after all.” Ending the voice recording Alkaios sent the message off a smile touching the Hellyni’s lips at the idea of how Keira would react to it. Yet there were still more preparations to be made, most of all he had to be armored and lay out the welcome mat.


Alkaios had indeed set up shop in an abandoned Ticon warehouse, it hadn’t been used in decades nevertheless it was still in the Ticon’s names, when Alkaios had stumbled upon it there had been a few chem dealers who’d set up shop inside. Looking to the wall on his right where the corpses were piled Alkaios shook his head. They were beginning to stink. Their bodies littered with holes, and beneath the corpses a large pool of blood which had begun to stain the duracrete floor. They had been peddling chems and stims to children, perhaps if they hadn’t Alkaios would’ve let them live. Who am I kidding? No I wouldn’t.


How I wish I had some Ysalamir, damn Mandalorians… Alkaios thought as he examined one of the Z-6 rotary blaster cannons that was kept in the far corner of the facility aimed at the entrance and the area where he and Keira would be standing when they met. Installed in the ceiling, shrouded by darkness was a second aimed directly down on the staging area, and the last right above the entrance. “Let the games begin.”


Keira Ticon

Alkaios, Son of Lanius

06 August 2017 - 06:42 PM

Alkaios, Son of Lanius





Rank: N/A

Species: Hellyni

Age: 25

Force Sensitive: Yes

Height: 6'3

Weight: 210

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black, and Gray




Alkaios is a Hellyni, a species near enough to humans that none would be able to tell that Alkaios was an offshoot. His eyes are a brilliant blue to match the oceans of his world, and just like the ocean the eyes can be filled with an unrelenting rage. In fact, many would say Alkaios is a handsome individual if it wasn’t for the scars that permeate his face. Sporting a scar on his left cheek, another beneath his right eye, and a few others that linger here and there he gives off an intimidating appearance. What was once a full head of Raven black hair that fell to the center of Alkaios’ back was now nothing more than short cut that barely passed his ears, while at the front there is a pronounced patch of gray hair, a side effect from the constant stress Alkaois was put under during his time at war. Alkaois’ body is just what one would expect of a Hellyni, especially a Spathi. At peak physical condition Alkaois could be compared to a top tier athlete. Though along with this comes an array of scars that are absolutely horrifying. 






War… No matter where you go, no matter where you take refuge, how much you try to hide and cover your ears pretending it doesn’t exist it comes for you. War had consumed the galaxy long before I was born and will probably continue till long after my body is naught but dust. That doesn’t mean one should be forced to witness it, to watch worlds fall, civilizations brought low and thousands of lives destroyed… I did, I remember every waking moment of it, every battle, every news report, the battles I participated in. They are all trapped within my mind, haunting me. I was too young to have witnessed what I had… My parents had left Hora when I was but an infant, they hoped to shelter me from the war of our people, the war of the Spathi people. A proud, elegant, and far too prideful people. The war on Hora had been waged since… Well before anyone could truly remember, at times when I look back at my times on the planet I wonder if the city-states even knew why they were truly at war with one another.

I understand what my parents tried to do, raising me in the core where they thought war would never reach us, where we could live in peace, where I could have a normal life away from battle. Yet that wasn’t meant to be. When I was but child the One Sith began gaining power, one by one worlds fell before them and soon enough they’d reach us. My eyes were glued to the holotransmissions broadcast out by not just news station but those who endeavored to survive. Mostrosities such as the Yuuzhan Vong and Graug were released on populaces. With no choice left besides retreat my father Lanius forced us to pack our belongings where we’d return to Hora, far away from the war and possibly the only safe haven due to its galactic coordinates being hidden to all except Hellyni and their closest allies.

We returned to our homeworld and what were we welcomed by? A feast of epic proportions? Wrong! Arms open in greeting? Wrong again. We were welcomed by turbolaser fire and the flames of war. We hadn’t even been home for more than a week when it was my father’s time to march off to war. And march he did, when he walked out that door I always feared he’d never return. Every day I’d stare out my window and in the distance, I could see villages burn. I knew my time would come, and come it did. On my fifteenth birthday, my father returned from battle, bloodied and smelling the charred flesh of his enemies. How could I say no? It was my duty to join my father in battle, soon enough the Attikan’s would be on the border of my own village, to not act would be akin to giving up my right to live.


For five long years I fought, every day I woke up to face near certain death, friends? What was the point when they’d be dead within the week? My father? He was off leading glorious battles against the Attikan’s while I was stationed to defend my own village. It was located on the edge of Spathi’s territory and there was no large force defending it, there was twenty of us. Twenty Spathi! Easily the equivalent of a hundred Attikan’s and thirty Makrosians! At least that’s what we’d been taught, what we were raised to believe. Yet when the Attikan’s crossed the crest of the hill I knew that my final days were upon me. There were over a hundred Attikan’s that crossed that hill, their cries of war assaulting my ears. Alongside them dozens of droids supposed by Emperio.


What do I remember of the attack? I remember seeing red, it was everywhere, it was like as though an aficionado was given a paintbrush, with each stroke of red that was another who fell. The elderly, the children, they died as well. My muscles burned, my eyes watered as tears poured forth unabated. My head ached and in my head, I heard one voice. Dark, demented, but it said this “Give yourself to me, just this once and I will ensure that you survive on this day… Yet you’ll forever be mines.”


How could I say no? Why would I? I gave in and let the darkness take me, it guided my hand and when I came to I was buried beneath a mound of flesh and machine. My village in ruins, my body covered in blood, some mines and the rest from those who surrounded me. All that surrounded me was the dead, my village no more and among the ruins my mother’s charred corpse lay… I couldn’t stay, the sight alone made me sick. No, it was Hora, it was a cesspit, it was a living hell in the galaxy I had to escape.


I fled the planet leaving my father to believe I’d died, yet once out in the galaxy I realized that it was all a cesspit, no matter where I went there’d be war, famine, destruction on a massive scale. All committed due to the acts of those who thought they could control the galaxy. Whether it be arrogant crimelords, prideful Sith, or self-righteous jedi that did nothing but bring about more war… They were all the causes and needed to be rid of. 





Strengths & Weaknesses


  • No Strings on me: Hellyni are one of the few species immune to the mental aspects of the force granting Alkaios protection from dangerous individuals that use these abilities.
  • You even lift bruh?: Hellyni that come from Spathi are known for possessing strength matching the finest human athletes.
  • Warband : Alkaios was born a warrior and was first throne into battle when he was 15, meaning he is no stranger to warfare.
  • Feed me!: Alkaios like the rest of his people sport an incredibly fast metabolism forcing him to eat two to three times more than the average human less he suffer muscular degeneration, fainting or going into a coma.
  • Poison: Due to the genetics of the Hellyni, poisons are incredibly potent when used on the Hellyni and spread faster through them than regular humanoids with non-lethal poisons sometimes remaining permanent.
  • PTSD: No one should be forced to witness what Alkaios did when he was but a boy, after watching the One Sith’s attacks on worlds and then participating in a battle on his own homeworld Alkaios is haunted by images and his times at war. 






Thank you Seraphina Addock for the help with the layout!