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Silfe Sosuri

Silfe Sosuri

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12 April 2019 - 09:57 PM

A rollercoaster... that was what her life had become. Her teenage years had been marked by sudden outbursts of physical and emotional abuse by her father. It was a wonder she was sane, much less the kind person she was. Silfe had then been ordered to Commenor, to serve Cyrillia's population there as Senator. THough the position had been short lived, her friendships there had given her the strength to remain despite her father's orders for her to return home. She accomplished a measure of growth as Senator, as Minister of Foreign Affairs and then finally as Lady Silfe of Alcuin. Now all that was done. The people of Commenor were voting for their leadership and she was now on Kashyyyk with the Order of the Silver Jedi.


She would always be of service to the people of Commenor should they need her, but she felt a change of place and space would help clear her head and give her the room she needed to make some very important decisions. Kashyyyk was a beautiful planet, full of natural resources and massive trees. The air smelled crisp and pure and she found herself truly loving it here. There was such a sense of peace here that she found herself relaxing in a way she had not in a long time. The tension that lived perpetually in her body was gone as she looked out among the fog and tree limbs from her small balcony.


The SJO had been very welcoming to those of the Commenori government who had wanted the change. They had given her a place, small but fairly luxurious and the view could not possibly be beaten. It was with some reluctance that she left that view, grabbing her cloak to pull over her dress and making her way towards Jairdain's class where she wished to observe the woman teaching. Once she walked in, she realized she was not alone. 




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08 April 2019 - 04:01 PM

I can do Objective Two!

In Topic: A Thing Or Two In Common (SJO Dominion of Commenor Hex)

19 March 2019 - 09:34 PM

Objective: 1
Location: Palace

Wearing: Gown
Commenor: Veiere Arenais Kay Arenais Jairdain Darlyn Excron Shoden Moz
SJO: Josh Dragonsflame Asaraa Vaashe Cassius Droma Aida Aquila




Truth be told, Silfe found it very difficult to watch her King renounce his title. She completely understood his reasoning and she agreed with him. Still, she had come to love his family through Lady Kay and it was an end of an era for her. She had come to this planet in hopes of becoming a Senator to represent Cyrillia. Instead she had become a Minister and eventually a proper Lady in charge of Acuin. She had found friends and started living her life. Now she was watching the fall of her friend's family. They must be disappointed in the circumstances even as they might welcome the change. 


She had done much work since Lady Kay's announcement. It had been constant. Fights had broken out in many places, not just Chasin City. There had been some protest on her continent, but Commenor was still recovering from the Sith Occupation and her country was the main food supply. The protests had thankfully been small and manageable. Silfe herself had met with many leaders of her communities to communicate that the people were not alone and assist in soothing fears. The people were justifiably angry and after the emotional tumoil of a Sith occupation and then the liberation, they were feeling raw. She stood to the side and behind Veiere, her show of support absolute. 


When he left, the delegation of government officials left with him. She touched Jairdain's shoulder. "I will see to some details for the Press and join you in a few moments." Then she left her blind friend to find her way with the rest of the representatives of the Silver Jedi Order and the remnants of her government. As she helped organize the exodus of press, she thought about the SJO. Silfe knew very little about them except that they knew the Royal family. They were Jedi which was sometimes good, but not always. They came when needed however and she had to love them for that. The planet she called home was in dire need. 


When she was able to join the SJO representatives, Veiere, Shoden, and Jairdain, the dark haired woman smiled pleasantly, coming just as Shoden made a proposal. "According to my research, you are correct. I think a similar system of government to what they had before is a good idea. They also had a system of checks and balances between the President and the Elders.. My assistant has pulled the necessary data that can be looked at at your leisure." She lifted a hand to indicate the long table with chairs all around it. At each seat was a datapad with the pertinent information she described. SIlfe had also taken the liberty to add a dossier on each of the remaining government officials, including herself, smaller government leaders who might be good choices for countries that no longer had Lords, and other ministers like Darlyn. 


She looked to Aida. "I also agree that campaigning should happen soon and a date in the very near future be set for Elections. Is the Silver Jedi Order going to be a remaining presence here on Commenor to ensure the elections are run with as little corruption as possible?" 

In Topic: Dominion of Commenor

13 March 2019 - 02:47 PM

Im objective 1 :D

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13 March 2019 - 02:46 PM

*shrugs* Works okay. 6/10




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