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Silfe Sosuri

Silfe Sosuri

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#1902746 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Today, 05:20 PM

Alecard and Silfe were deep in the manufacturing facility in a small chamber. They weren't alone. Two women lay on flat surfaces, probably dead or dying, bleeding and naked. Silfe was hung just as naked, from a chain. The chain itself was wrapped around her wrists and blood had fallen in trails down her arms and down her body. It was hard to tell what all had happened to her. Blood was everywhere and she was crying. Her mind was breaking, pain and pleasure from his remote doing enough damage on its own. And due to that damage and the now intense 16 hours of torture, that small part of her that still remembered the monster he was, that had nearly been wipedfrom her memory by Vanessa during her conditioning... it had begun to emerge slowly. Her father was laughing as he flayed another place on her hip where he had been concentrating for the last twenty minutes. it was slow and sharply painful. She didn't move so it would not be worse.... she had learned within minutes of leaving her home on Cyrillia, that movement made everything oh so much worse. 


"You and that bitch Sith will die today. Or rather... she will die and you will be my torture puppet until you die from exhaustion and exposure and pain. You deserve it after you have ignored me, placated her. SHE IS NOTHING." He shouted in her face, spittle showering her cheek. "I sent her to destroy your mind. YOU ARE MY PUPPET. MINE! You will always be mine. I will always have power over you and you will never be able to do anything about it because of what SHE DID. You think she loves you? Of course she doesn't. You were her experiment and no more important than anything in her lab." He gritted his teeth and stabbed her in the abdomen. Her scream came again, shrilly blaring up into the facility and lost to the world by the sounds of a droid plant. 


Vanessa Vantai

#1902734 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Today, 04:48 PM

A second sound much like the first followed. Both nannies lay sprawled across the soft carpet of the nursery, throats slit and blood everywhere. They were not to kill the babies, but the three Sith knew it would only be a matter of time before Vanessa came to investigate. Only one had remained in the nursery. The other two spread throughout suite quickly so that when she came running in, she would only have seen one of the three assassins sent to kill her. 


Then before any of them could move, Silfe's scream, both there and not shattered over Pandeima as something broke, or maybe came to life within her wife a thousand miles away. The pain heard in that scream had only come once in her life, when Vanessa had broken her mind so the Sith woman would recognize the true agony being inflicted on her wife while she was in front of a Sith sent to kill her. 


Vanessa Vantai

#1902725 Blood on the Beach

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Today, 04:11 PM

Silfe heard commotion as she walked toward the House of Lords main conference room. It was then that she simultaneously heard Voph's declaration and read Darlyn Excron's message that Lady Kay had been assassinated... possibly and that Lord Voph was calling for Martial Law. She walked in with a somber expression on her face. All of her wanted to break down in tears, but so many years of diplomacy training in her could not allow for the barrage of emotions to play out on her face or anywhere else for that matter. Now, she could only do what was necessary to protect the people of Commenor and provide comfort and support to Lady Kay's family. 


"Lord Voph, I will send that message to my people right away." Her voice was just as somber as the expression on her face, but softer as if some giant weight had caused her to lose much of her Will. She felt a great deal of concern for Veiere Arenais. He and Lady Kay had been through so much. For him to lose her now, so soon after the occupation and liberation of Commenor... it was unspeakably sad. "Do we know where the King is and that he is safe?" 

#1902714 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Today, 03:44 PM

This time, Silfe felt too exhausted to go off planet for the birth. So when the baby came, it came in the facilities that Vanessa had made her lab. Silfe felt comfortable there as much as she had on Zeltros. As long as she had Pandeima, she was happy enough. Her wife had been such a source of comfort and love during the nearly 10 months gestation. Now as she cried out, pushing to get the baby out, the months of pain and sickness didn't matter. Pandeima had wrapped around her and was encouraging her with every push. After well over a day of labor, it was finally happening. As the baby came into the world, Silfe laughed and cried and just as she had with her first child, she held him to her breast with all the loving care a child could want. 


The baby, a boy this time named Aspen, was another joy in her world. Her father had, during this time, been exactly what a loving and doting father and grandfather should be. He showered them with gifts, showed worry when Silfe had had difficulties with this pregnancy, took care of Alraune from time to time. When they brought home the baby boy, this time Silfe was not standing, but sitting in a hover chair and looking ill, he had been just as happy, maybe even happier.


Recovery this time took longer. Even after 6 weeks, she was not sure she was ready to have another pregnancy. What if it was going to be like the last? Would she be able to handle it? She confided in her wife that she would need more time to recover this time, but not too much longer surely. She wanted another baby. She wanted more laughter and love in her home. Truly her life had been so wonderful the first year of Alraune's life, it would just become more wonderful with more. So after 9 weeks instead of right after the baby was born, she asked her wife to begin work on the third child knowing that in the time it took for the embryo to be made, she would have recovered enough to have the third implanted. 


Once again, her father decided to take her out on a celebratory trip. He smiled and waved to the babies as he took her on his ship and the nanny took them back to their nursery while their mother Pandeima worked in the lab. Only this time, Silfe did not come home happy or otherwise. Hours passed and night time fell on Cyrillia and no word from her wife came, no update on the trip, nothing. 


From the nursery, a sound was made. The babies were fast asleep, having just gotten their bottles only an hour previous. It was a soft sound, like something hitting the floor. It could have been a toy but the nannies were both so good about not making a sound while the babies slept. 


Vanessa Vantai

#1902700 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Today, 03:08 PM

Indeed it was peaceful. They were wrapped up in each other, ignoring most anyone else and while her father's anger grew about that, Silfe was oblivious. He acted as though it was never a problem. That he fully understood the honeymoon phase. He spent time with them together, apart, with the baby and without. No doubt he loved the little girl as she grew. Silfe, was completely a slave to being a mother. 


She loved her little Alraune who she called Allie from time to time. She spent her days with her, helped her to learn to start talking and walking. She taught her hugs and snugs and mommy kisses. Her heart ached with how much she loved the baby. Her hands stroked her belly as it grew, knowing she would love this one just as much. She spent her nights with her wife. The pleased each other, they lived for each other. Pandi was just as attached as she was, Silfe was sure. No one could love and lust so intensely as they did. The first few months were harder on Silfe this time. Significantly harder, but she pressed on, insisted that she was fine and that she wanted this baby. The next few months were still hard, but not as much and she felt herself turn the corner to something better. She was uncomfortable far more than before. Her body was slower to heal from things. She didn't eat as much. She had fainted on several occasions for no reason that could be found. She slept restlessly unless Pandi had worn her out in bed beforehand. Something was troubling Pandeima's wife but even her wife didn't know or understand. And this pregnancy, though just as loved as it could ever be, had been so much more work. 


When Silfe was 9 months pregnant, Alecard sent out word through some of his most trusted contacts to find a sith assassin... or two, or ten. 


Vanessa Vantai

#1902695 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Today, 02:54 PM

Silfe answered the call when Pandeima wanted to alert her of her success. She smiled wide and shared the news with her father who seemed so happy for her. A boy. A little baby boy. Silfe said goodbye to her father and left immediately to go home. She had enjoyed the last implantation process and expected this to be the same. Silfe greeted her wife overjoyed and unharmed. Alecard had not touched her at all. No bruises, no marks of any kind. It would be at least two days before Silfe allowed her wife to emerge from their bedroom save spending time with their baby who was still sleeping in small batches. She didn't care that she was tired. It was all worth it to let her wife know how happy she was. 


Now Alecard continued to plan. Let the boy be born. Let Pandeima continue to see his "improvement". All would be satisfaction in the end. He would get them both back and then some and then his assassins would kill Pandeima and he would kill Silfe and the children would be his. 



Vanessa Vantai


#1902660 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Today, 12:50 PM

The time, didn't come. Silfe smiled and left with her father and when she returned later that evening, she was all smiles and completely unharmed. Alecard had been cautious, only talking about how happy and proud he was. He had been nothing but the supportive father he should have been. Later that night, two more women went missing. Bodies wouldn't be found until years later, mutilated, violated, and left to the elements in some manufacturing facility used only by droids who couldn't tell the difference. There would be many bodies found that day... many. 


At the six week mark, when Silfe had fully recovered and the baby was satisfactorily growing, he came to visit her. By this time, he had been seemingly serious about being a good grandfather and father to Silfe. He had said so many times in Vanessa's presence, expressing remorse and the hope that everyone could move past his old ways. 


Silfe had taken to staying with the baby through the day while Pandeima worked on developing the embryo that would become their second child. She was laying in the rocking chair when her father came to visit. She smiled up at him but hushed him as the baby was sleeping in her arms. He smiled in return and whispered. "Where is Pandeima?"


"Oh she is in her Lab working on your second grandchild." she said and stood to put Alraune in her crib safe and sound. 


"Well, I would like you to come spend some time with me. Let the nanny take the baby for the day." he suggested. 


Silfe smiled warmly and nodded, sending a message to the nanny that she wished to go out. After her arrival, Silfe and Alecard left. The idea she got to spend time with her father, after he had been treating her so well, was a good one and Silfe had been flying high when she got on the ship. It was a surprise he said as they left home behind and Pandeima locked in her lab concentrating on important things....


And yet, he still did not raise his hand to his daughter. He held onto the remote but he did not use it. Instead, they toured some of his new manufacturing facilities and he told her of the plans he had. When they returned home 6 hours later, she was happy and refreshed and Pandeima would be left wondering just what Alecard was up to. 


Vanessa Vantai



#1902646 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Today, 12:08 PM

The baby was born after many hours of intense labor Silfe was only too happy too endure for Pandi and the life they were creating. They held tight to one another as waves of pain and exhaustive effort brought forth life. The moment Silfe held the pale green skinned baby in her arms, reassured that this was normal by Pandeima, she felt a surge of love. The little girl squirmed until she was placed on her chest and though as if she recognized her mothers voice, she relaxed and snuggled close. She cried and kissed her wife in utter joy. The baby, a tiny girl who they named Alraune, was healthy and took to his mother's breast for nourishment easily. After a few weeks, they went back home to Cyrillia to begin their life together as a family. 


The nursery at home had been prepared in their absence. It was a fairly large room, connected to Silfe and Vanessa's master suite through a door. Two nanny's were on hand to assist, having been picked by Pandeima and Silfe themselves. Neither trusted her father's input. The nursery was filled with creams and softest pastels to be gentle on baby's brand new developing eyes. The crib was large and round. A bed was set up nearby with optional railings for if Mommy and baby sleep together. An incredibly comfortable overly stuffed rocking chair, big enough for the two mommies to be together with the baby simultaneously lay near the crib. Everything was soft surfaces, velvets and light lace. Natural light flooded in the massive floor to ceiling windows. When it was time for a nap, they could be covered with electronic descending shudders. Outside those doors were handpicked guards, just in case. 


Her father, when they got home seemed overjoyed as they exited the ship, coming down the ramp with baby in Silfe's arms. He was smiling ear to ear and even Vanessa would not have detected any dubiousness within him. He just wanted his grandchild. Oh so carefully with Silfe's permission, he took the little bundle from her arms and cradled it in his own. "A little girl?" He frowned a bit but it was quickly gone. "Of course. The first of many. She shall rule the household like a queen no doubt." 


Vanessa Vantai

#1902633 Much Needed Vacation

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Today, 11:36 AM

Her eyebrows rose in surprise as he spoke of a ]near-feral Zabraak biting him. People had such... interesting lives. She had to wonder what could have possibly led to all of those exciting but terrifying things and found that she would spend hours imagining. The Galaxy was a strange place but she liked it regardless of the negative things that could happen. Perhaps Silfe was an optimist, or maybe she just really hated being stuck in a series of rooms and only brought out as a trophy for people to ogle at. No, this life was better, come what may. 


He seemed to want to say something and Silfe was one to allow people to say what they will. Sometimes silence was best and now was such a time. His revelation that he was a Darth, therefore Sith was less impactful than he might have imagined. She was glad that he wasn't allied with the Empire, but she would have guessed that considering Kay put him as Lord of Brelor. She sipped her fruity drink and then placed it on the table before her. 


Silfe leaned forward, resting her arms on the table and crossing them over one another. "I appreciate your Candor Lord @Voph. I hope that you will always trust me and speak your mind. If you wish for me to call you Darth Voph, then I can do that. But you are hardly the only Sith I know. Hell, I am taking lessons from Darlyn on how to protect myself. I have been friends with him for quite some time now. Lady Kay acquainted me with a lot of dark side force users though I am afraid most are not around anymore. The fact of the matter is, while I was Minister of Foreign Affairs, I had a lot of dealings with a lot of people. Commenor was neutral back then and we took in all sorts." She smiled softly, trying to reassure him. "I suppose what I am saying that as long as your allegiance is to Commenor and it's people, I have no problems with you being who you are."



#1902274 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Yesterday, 04:49 PM

There was something to be said about being at home, in the comforts of one's own space in preparation of their new little life coming into the galaxy. But there too was a very real appeal in going now to Zeltros and spending months more time in bliss and out from under the thumb of her father. The kiss was enough to convince her. Honestly, just the idea of having more alone time with Pandeima was enough before they were both filled with the duties of being parents. 


"Well," She said against her wife's lips. "There is always remote ways of designing the nursery and having it built while we are away." She laughed softly and submitted as always to her wife. 


As she had suspected, her father had been furious though he had not shown it on their video conference call from Zeltros. He acted pleased that they would have more time together and promised that Cyrillia would miss them both. After the call was done however, he strangled one of his servants until she passed out, took advantage of her prone state and then left her there, a mess for someone else to clean up. He had to get control of this situation. Meanwhile his daughter was getting oiled up and doing that whore of a wife as though she were Silfe's entire world. That definitely had to stop. He began to research reputable Sith Assassins and began to plan. The baby would be here in a few months. Then a few more weeks for Silfe to recover before he taught her who the hell was in charge here. 

#1902269 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Yesterday, 04:34 PM

Zeltros, an opulent world of hedonism and pheromones. She could imagine being there with Pandeima, bringing life into the world with joyous rapture. Once again Vanessa was tying in pleasure and pain for Silfe. The two were so intwined, she would feel pain no longer from Vanessa, but rather from herself for disappointing her wife in any way. For it to be better than their honeymoon would definitely be a feat of epic proportions. She laughed lightly and then frowned. Everything came back to her father and his disapproval. Something stirred but was quickly quieted within her. 


"Oh, but Father will forbid it surely. He will not want to be so far away while the baby is being born." She turned, worried, to her wife. "He will be angry." And there it was, fear, gone almost as soon as it began to light her eyes. Again, something stirred and was gone. 


Vanessa Vantai

#1902261 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Yesterday, 04:13 PM

The old Silfe would have chafed at someone taking care of everything but breeding. But this Silfe was left in a constant state of bliss as long as she did what she knew would make her father and Pandeima happy. She smiled wider, feeling Pandeima's lips on the sensitive skin of her ear and felt parts of her stir in response as they always did. She let out a moan unintentionally. 


"Really?" She asked, hopeful. While she would no doubt love any children made of her body or adopted by her and her wife, she did hope to give Pandeima more children if her body could take it. 


Vanessa Vantai

#1902253 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Yesterday, 03:55 PM

Silfe looked on at the glowing glass jars and computer screens and sighed contentedly as Pandeima's arms wrapped around her from behind. She closed her eyes and leaned back into her wife, holding tight to this precious moment together. "I think I will love being the maker of the tiny humans." She said with a cute smile. The idea of many children running around her feet as Pandeima looked on in the Mansion back home was an alluring thought. 


"But if it would be very burdening to me, we should find other ways of having children Pandeima. There is adoption you know. We don't have to put me at risk to have more. You would know best of course, but one is more than enough for me made of my own body." She replied, not understanding what Pandeima was saying but swaying with her wife as the hands of the two women clasped over her larger belly. 


Vanessa Vantai

#1902241 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Yesterday, 03:20 PM

Silfe had not meant to join her wife, wanting to give her privacy to conduct her affairs, but Pandeima had been adamant and Silfe had found that she could deny her wife nothing that she wished. Of course they had enjoyed each other's company on a whole other level during the voyage to Malachor V where Vanessa's lab was. They were joyous together, happy to be away from Alecard and his expectations, happy to be away from men who sought to kill them for daring to reject all the suitors there had been, happy to just be the two of them; no guards, only servants who came when needed. 


The fact she was pregnant did nothing to lessen her ardor for her wife and she spent much of her time convincing Pandeima to come to bed... not that it took much. It was as though they were on a second honeymoon. 


It had been fascinating, to see the lab where Pandeima had created their child, though Silfe didn't understand why there was a need for her to see it. She turned to her wife with a curious expression. "Not much. I know it exists and that some people use it either in lieu of science or with science to achieve ends." Subconsciously, she touched her belly now another month bigger. 



Vanessa Vantai

#1902222 Three years and a lifetime ago

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on Yesterday, 02:21 PM

The men stopped. All three had looks of shock on their faces, knowing by what they were experiencing that Pandeima was NOT just a human. They knew they had made a grievous error. None of them had realized that she was a Force User. They stood, choking and gasping for air, clawing at a non existent hand. 


Silfe stood, shaking with the knife in her hand and a protective hand over her belly and the baby within. She would have fought like a tiger to protect herself and the baby. Surely they would have known that. Surely they would have known that there were guards, guards now behind them and behind Silfe. They could never have made it out of here alive had they touched the daughter of Alecard Sosuri, but they wouldn't have even gotten that far with her wife here. They had been stupid and even though she had been terrified as they had approached, she had no sympathy for them now that their plan had fallen so flat. 


At Pandeima's question, she looked at the men and contemplated with a heavy heart what needed to be done. It was obvious that she could not allow them to live. They would just attack her some other day when the stakes weren't quite as high. Besides, she doubted very much either Pandeima or the guards would let them live. She looked to the ring leader, his pants half undone and a snarl still on his face as though he could some how get out of this and finish his attack. 


Silfe straightened and adjusted her tousled dress and hair. She placed the knife back on the table and held out her hand to her guard. He placed a blaster in it and without preamble, she shot the man in the genitalia. Just as coldly, as the man shrieked loudly, she placed the gun back in her guard's hand. "You may kill them how you like, but do it slowly and with a great deal of pain my love." Then she sat down and began eating her food as though she were bored of the men's presence and feeling the pleasant sensation that came from doing what she knew Pandeima would like. 


Vanessa Vantai