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Silfe Sosuri

Silfe Sosuri

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#1932957 Conga (Valor Training)

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 12 April 2019 - 09:57 PM

A rollercoaster... that was what her life had become. Her teenage years had been marked by sudden outbursts of physical and emotional abuse by her father. It was a wonder she was sane, much less the kind person she was. Silfe had then been ordered to Commenor, to serve Cyrillia's population there as Senator. THough the position had been short lived, her friendships there had given her the strength to remain despite her father's orders for her to return home. She accomplished a measure of growth as Senator, as Minister of Foreign Affairs and then finally as Lady Silfe of Alcuin. Now all that was done. The people of Commenor were voting for their leadership and she was now on Kashyyyk with the Order of the Silver Jedi.


She would always be of service to the people of Commenor should they need her, but she felt a change of place and space would help clear her head and give her the room she needed to make some very important decisions. Kashyyyk was a beautiful planet, full of natural resources and massive trees. The air smelled crisp and pure and she found herself truly loving it here. There was such a sense of peace here that she found herself relaxing in a way she had not in a long time. The tension that lived perpetually in her body was gone as she looked out among the fog and tree limbs from her small balcony.


The SJO had been very welcoming to those of the Commenori government who had wanted the change. They had given her a place, small but fairly luxurious and the view could not possibly be beaten. It was with some reluctance that she left that view, grabbing her cloak to pull over her dress and making her way towards Jairdain's class where she wished to observe the woman teaching. Once she walked in, she realized she was not alone. 




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#1931431 Dominion of Lannik

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 08 April 2019 - 04:01 PM

I can do Objective Two!

#1924843 A Thing Or Two In Common (SJO Dominion of Commenor Hex)

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 19 March 2019 - 09:34 PM

Objective: 1
Location: Palace

Wearing: Gown
Commenor: Veiere Arenais Kay Arenais Jairdain Darlyn Excron Shoden Moz
SJO: Josh Dragonsflame Asaraa Vaashe Cassius Droma Aida Aquila




Truth be told, Silfe found it very difficult to watch her King renounce his title. She completely understood his reasoning and she agreed with him. Still, she had come to love his family through Lady Kay and it was an end of an era for her. She had come to this planet in hopes of becoming a Senator to represent Cyrillia. Instead she had become a Minister and eventually a proper Lady in charge of Acuin. She had found friends and started living her life. Now she was watching the fall of her friend's family. They must be disappointed in the circumstances even as they might welcome the change. 


She had done much work since Lady Kay's announcement. It had been constant. Fights had broken out in many places, not just Chasin City. There had been some protest on her continent, but Commenor was still recovering from the Sith Occupation and her country was the main food supply. The protests had thankfully been small and manageable. Silfe herself had met with many leaders of her communities to communicate that the people were not alone and assist in soothing fears. The people were justifiably angry and after the emotional tumoil of a Sith occupation and then the liberation, they were feeling raw. She stood to the side and behind Veiere, her show of support absolute. 


When he left, the delegation of government officials left with him. She touched Jairdain's shoulder. "I will see to some details for the Press and join you in a few moments." Then she left her blind friend to find her way with the rest of the representatives of the Silver Jedi Order and the remnants of her government. As she helped organize the exodus of press, she thought about the SJO. Silfe knew very little about them except that they knew the Royal family. They were Jedi which was sometimes good, but not always. They came when needed however and she had to love them for that. The planet she called home was in dire need. 


When she was able to join the SJO representatives, Veiere, Shoden, and Jairdain, the dark haired woman smiled pleasantly, coming just as Shoden made a proposal. "According to my research, you are correct. I think a similar system of government to what they had before is a good idea. They also had a system of checks and balances between the President and the Elders.. My assistant has pulled the necessary data that can be looked at at your leisure." She lifted a hand to indicate the long table with chairs all around it. At each seat was a datapad with the pertinent information she described. SIlfe had also taken the liberty to add a dossier on each of the remaining government officials, including herself, smaller government leaders who might be good choices for countries that no longer had Lords, and other ministers like Darlyn. 


She looked to Aida. "I also agree that campaigning should happen soon and a date in the very near future be set for Elections. Is the Silver Jedi Order going to be a remaining presence here on Commenor to ensure the elections are run with as little corruption as possible?" 

#1923135 Dominion of Commenor

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 13 March 2019 - 02:47 PM

Im objective 1 :D

#1923129 The End of a Common Monarchy

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 13 March 2019 - 02:40 PM

Her personal comm bleeped, indicating she had a message. She turned and opened the message on her desk console and watched as Darlyn spoke. There was a great deal on her mind, and he was only a small part of it.She finished the video call and then turned, slipping out of her chair so she could begin to pace. Her mind felt crammed with infinite possibilities; Commenor, Silfe's place on it, her relationship with Darlyn, but also Veiere Arenais, and the children of her first friend, Kay Arenais


Commenor was likely in an uproar or would be soon. On the heels of Kay's disappearance, it would be rough times. How many of the House of Lords would be around to make sure order still reigned. Would they become a democracy? Probably the best option. Even then, Silfe had no idea what had come before or how to set it up. There would need to be research. Who would run? Could they be vetted in any way before running? Would Silfe take on the Presidency... She stopped walking and shook her head vehemently. That was just too much for her life at this point. She would be so busy, she would never be able to do anything else and she had found that she very much wanted to live her life fully. Being Lady of Acuin had been wonderful and perfect for her wants. Now that would likely change. 


She went to the door and opened it, looking to her assistant. "I need any and all remaining House of Lords to come here immediately as well as our military and police district leaders. Also, find someone who can brief me on what the Commenori system of government was like before the Royal Family was put in place." Her assistant nodded and began making the calls while she walked back into her office, letting her door close behind her. Silfe began pacing again. 


Her fingers reached up to touch her lip absently as her mind calculated the problems out one or two at a time. Then she came to Darlyn Excron and his message. She believed him when he said his hiring had just been poor timing so she didn't see any reason why she had to stop seeing him. They were yet in the early phases of their relationship and so far she was fine with how it was turning out. However, right now she had a great deal on her plate to be handling. She sent him a message back, a quick letter.




Don't worry. I'm sure it will be fine. Tell Veiere I am sorry for him and his family and I am here if he needs me.






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#1923116 Looking for help with Sig and Ava

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 13 March 2019 - 01:50 PM

You are absolutely THE BEST! Thank you so much for rocking this for me. I appreciate every bit of effort you put in and I LOVE IT!


Can you tell I'm excited. 

#1920596 Much Needed Vacation

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 05 March 2019 - 10:57 AM

She returned his smile with one of her own. She really enjoyed watching someone talk about something for which they had significant passion. This seemed to be one of Voph's passions. She had heard of many differing types of lightsabers but it was still a bit dizzying to think of so many. They seemed to be like trophies one is given when one reaches a certain level as much as it was a right of passage for some. A politician all her short adult life, she had never thought to wield anything more powerful than a blaster. Darlyn had been teaching her hand to hand combat for months though and she was feeling more confident every day in her abilities to protect herself bodily. Yet, to hold a lightsaber, she practically shivered at the thought. It was a bit frightening. Once one held that weapon, there was no going back to a simple life. 


"Is the classic saber your favorite to make or do you prefer one of the more non traditional weapons?" She asked conversationally as they strolled up the beach and made their way to her hotel. No doubt her room was ready for her.

#1920594 The End of a Common Monarchy

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 05 March 2019 - 10:51 AM

Silfe sat in her office of the House of Lords, processing paperwork and enabling more funds towards agricultural needs on Acuin. Several large machines had finally broken down post invasion and had needed replacing. There was a group of farmers asking for better working conditions and she had been working with the company to ensure their needs were met. Really, it was all Silfe knew how to do.... to work while the search for Lady Kay continued. She wasn't an investigator. She wasn't a spy with a vast network of contacts. She wasn't anybody really except what Kay had made her here on Commenor. Even that was on shaky ground. 


She sighed softly and set down her datapad when the vision of Lady Kay caught her eye on the holovid. Silfe turned it up and watched in utter shock. 


"My fellow Commenori....I know that efforts were made to fake my death and I was disappeared. Some might blame the Sith or slavers or any number of enemies that I have. But no. It was an elaborate plot, a back up plan, if you will, to ensure that the wrongs done be made right. I have a confession to make..."


Her mouth dropped open of its own volition. Granted, there had been a limited time in which she had come to know the Monarch, but she had always envisioned that Lady Kay was a fair and honest person. It was a bit incongruous to match the woman she knew with the woman confessing on the screen. Her hand, delicate and shaking, closed over her open mouth. 


"My final act as Queen is to dissolve the Monarchy, returning Commenor to a democratic state. Do not look to my children as heirs, for they too have now lost their titles.The dark chapter now closes and a brighter future for Commenor begins. Goodbye."


The silence in the wake of the transmission lasted for a full minute before Silfe could even begin to process what had happened. Of all the things they had brainstormed in the course of the aftermath of Kay going missing, this was not even in the realm of possibility. She sat back and dropped her hand to her heart. Poor Veiere. She felt for him and their children. She wanted to go to them and ... and what? They barely knew her. They wouldn't want a practical stranger coming to their home and barging in on this emotional announcement. And god, what if Bradshaw Ku came back? How would he feel? 


Then too was Commenor. The monarchy was dissolved. Undoubtedly, the people of Commenor would want to hold elections. Surely the honorific House of Lords would be dissolved too in due time to allow for the democracy. Would she stay? Or should she explore the galaxy some? For what purpose and would she do it all by herself? Would Darlyn want to do something specific? Would she tie herself to him and his choices or would she decide to break away from everything and start fresh? Silfe felt terribly alone, as though the announcement of Lady Kay's had somehow truly severed her connection to everything. She felt adrift and monumentally sad. Where did she go from here? 


Veiere Arenais | Jairdain | Darlyn Excron 

#1920570 Stepping Down

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 05 March 2019 - 09:49 AM

That is incredibly sad to hear. I'm sorry you guys feel so unhappy. *hugs* Commenor was my first home on Chaos and I have loved it. Thank you for being my family here. 

#1918530 Much Needed Vacation

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 26 February 2019 - 01:37 PM

She took note of the cafe, having enjoyed its refreshing fruit juice before. It was nice to know that it had good breakfast options. Her vacation plans were nebulous with only a few key things she wanted to do during her stay. There were massages and sleep and pampering of all kinds planned. The rest of the time was for whatever she felt in the moment. She hadn't wanted to inconvenience the leader of Bralor but his company was good and she was enjoying herself. 


"Good. Although, I am curious. I can understand the pull of work. It forever piles up when we are not on top of it, but why would you decline to go swimming with a friend because you want to build another lightsaber. I presume you have one already?" She asked curiously. 

#1917130 Looking for help with Sig and Ava

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 22 February 2019 - 11:42 AM

Yes Thank you!!!

#1917128 Greetings from Commenor, Folks (Again?)

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 22 February 2019 - 11:39 AM

Thanks Aida Aquila I LOVE Cate Blanchett with an unholy passion. *stares off dreamily*


#1916855 Greetings from Commenor, Folks (Again?)

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 21 February 2019 - 04:46 PM

Hello! I am Amber and I play Silfe, Lady of Acuin (mostly agricultural continent on Commenor). Ummm Char profile is pretty up to date. Got some mysteries for her. Love drama. Ignore my Sig, I need to get a new one, but Mariya Fleischer is helping me with my Ava! *points at the pretty shiny new avatar with pizzazz* 

#1916854 Much Needed Vacation

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 21 February 2019 - 04:39 PM

Silfe took the offered hand to stand. The sand could sometimes put one off balance and she didn't mind the extra help, though she did not put her full weight into lifting herself as she was still keenly aware of his injuries. She dusted off her dress so that the sand fell back to her feet where it belonged and then took the offered arm to continue their walk, this time back the way they had come. Somehow she had not noticed how low the sun had been getting. This really was a beautiful place and envied Voph for being in charge of it. What did she know about agriculture and horticulture? There was a steep learning curve there indeed. 


This was a nice break from that heavy expectation and she had vowed to herself that she would not work unless an emergency popped up. Hopefully there would be none while she was de-stressing. She looked at the children when he pointed to them. It was a stirring scene; mother and father rounding up the kids and their belongings, juggling everything and trying to make their way back to their cabin... wherever that was. The kids were running around still, reluctant to leave the fun of the beach though they didn't dare completely disobey their father. They ran around him as though he were the sun and they were the planets orbiting him. They strayed but never too far to get into trouble. Perhaps they did not wish to ruin the perfect day by tainting it with yelling and frustration. She smiled warmly. Maybe one day, she would have children of her own and they would come here to vacation. 


"I hope your son did. I really do." 


They walked in silence for a time. The families leaving almost en masse. Couples stayed to enjoy the sunset, basking in the darker glow as the sun crept towards the horizon and cast a gold glow over the world. Silfe, normally pale, looked more like a bronze goddess than she could ever have before. At the change of subject she turned her attention back to her companion. "I would, but I am very tired from my journey and I think enjoying a nice hot bubble bath and room service is a better option for me. Maybe tomorrow we could ..." She paused and seemed curious as she asked Voph, "Do you swim?"

#1916850 Have I missed something...? (Veiere Arenais' return to Commenor)

Posted by Silfe Sosuri on 21 February 2019 - 04:20 PM

Silfe set her datapad down in order to fully listen to Darlyn Excron update them on all that had happened since Kay's disappearance and the clone's death. She made quick notes to add to the speech she was preparing for Loreena Arenais as he spoke, picking a few key things that would mollify the public and give them enough information so that they felt informed and considered in all this. It was a lot of information to process, but Darlyn was good about keeping things to facts. He was succinct enough that he gave what was necessary and a little extra to help Veiere Arenais understand the situation. The update was appreciated and not just by the King. 


She gave a small appreciative smile to Darlyn and continued to make notes until Jairdain started speaking. Again she listened. Jair had been an adviser long before Silfe had come to Commenor. They would all be wise to listen to her council even if she had little to add other than support. Surely the kidnapping had to be the work of someone who wished Commenor, the royal family, or specifically Lady Kay ill will. She hoped that the mysterious person would find out more information and soon. 


Sensing Jairdain looking at her more than seeing the movement for herself, Silfe turned automatically to the woman. They had not spoken since the Commenori Liberation Ball where Silfe had found out that her friend had lied to her. For good or ill reasoning, it had still caused a rift and Silfe had not been keen to mend it. Perhaps it was petty to have withheld her friendship from Jairdain for seemingly so little a reason, but Silfe was hurt and for once, she allowed herself to wallow in it. She had been hurt all her life by her father and his friends. She had been hurt by Brad after coming to Commenor. She had been hurt to find him engaged to be married and had never been able to sit down and talk with him since he had disappeared. None of her inquiries into his disappearance had come to fruition. So when Jairdain's deception had been revealed, Silfe had not wanted to forgive her or even discuss it. 


Now Jair was apologizing in a place where she could not really leave since her duty required she stay here. But no matter how much Silfe wished to hold onto her pain and shy away from people and forming friendships and attachments, she couldn't look at Jairdain now and continue to be upset. The look on her face was so affecting, Silfe swallowed the newly developed lump in her throat and looked quickly down at her datapad. She nodded and closed her eyes, saying, "I know." in a soft but emotionally charged voice. She looked up, dark eyes resting on her friend's familiar face. "I understand why you did it... I just couldn..." 


"Dad! Uncle Darlyn! I think that I got something!"


Silfe stopped mid-sentence and looked over at the stairs to see Lori come bounding down them with the datapad in hand. She was obviously excited. Silfe stood, eager to hear what Lori had found.