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Aryn Teth

Aryn Teth

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16 March 2018 - 09:46 AM

Aryn Teth  

Krell Station, Ojom Orbit, Ojom System, The Deep Core

Interacting With: Srina Talon


Silence surrounded Aryn as he watched the crumbled body in the doorway, and for a few brief moments the hand he had used to snuff the life away shook at his side. it was only as he felt the tender feeling of Srina's hand upon his cheek that sound and sense returned to him, his gaze turned in her direction as he focused upon her face and her words. Srina's explanation cut with the kind of cool logic she had commonly mustered when dealing with him, and he understood well enough that she was right, there was little that Aryn could truly be blamed for given the situation, the Besalisks had certainly not shown much care as to the fate of the pirates, and the Alliance itself had committed crimes within its own borders and abroad that some would consider equally nefarious. 


Regardless of that however, the guilt still nagged at Aryn, he had believed himself a Jedi, and from her words it was evident that Srina and perhaps a thousand more viewed him as such. Yet, it was a title that Aryn felt was becoming increasingly unbecoming of himself. "You're right." His tone was plain and flat, Aryn knew that Srina would still feel the lingering guilt he held, but he stepped away from he before she might push him on it.


Moving further within the security control room, Aryn found the primary control panel, dragging the body which had slumped over it off and onto the floor as he activated the holographic controls. Considering the relative surprise that the two force users had caught the room in, the console remained open, meaning that they would not need to work through a slice to gain access, and soon what camera feeds remained across the station came into view, including the cargo hold, where a number of patrolling pirates wandered among the crowds of sitting and kneeling prisoners.


As he looked over the scene, the guilt in Aryn's gut twisted into anger once more, and he began to work on altering the commands provided by the pirates to the station's defense systems. Setting the parameters for the automated defences, Aryn ensured only those armed would be targeted, and without a moment's hestitation, he activated the new routines, watching as almost instantaneously bodies began to fall on the feed. There was an initial panic on the hand of the prisoners, so palpable and absolute that even across the station Aryn felt it surge through the force as they cowered lower, the pirates systematically crumpling and falling to the floor across the station as automated turrets and drones 'neutralized' them. 


Within the space of a few moments, silence echoed through the halls once more, the pirates across the interior of Krell Station completely and utterly devastated. "Come on, we should get those prisoners out of here." 

In Topic: The Fire That Beckons

11 March 2018 - 08:36 PM

Aryn Teth  

Hall of Knowledge, The Great Jedi Library, Ossus, Ossus System, The Outer Rim Territories

Interacting With: Jorryn Fordyce, Daeron


Mild amusement was all that Aryn really felt as the Echani woman began to speak, indeed, it was a genuine effort on his part to not let that amusement show as she addressed him, her mocking having limited effect on the man as he stood and watched the woman, only momentarily noting a second presence, but not lingering upon it as he focused on Jorryn. Aryn could feel as she began to inspect him properly, as he latched onto her mind, he felt the confusion radiating through her as to who he was, the confusion in and of itself briefly confusing Aryn, considering the events transpiring elsewhere, he had expected that there would have been a far greater degree of readiness within the library itself. Or perhaps there was simply a great degree of confidence on the Echani's end, either way, it would matter little once things got underway.


As she spoke again, his gaze flicked briefly beneath the mask towards the focus, but his attention was drawn again by the second voice the second she finished speaking. Turning his head over his shoulder, his gaze settled upon the new figure, those same tendrils which had latched onto Jorryn now reaching out through the force to find him, they would ensure the man was not able to sneak up on Teth again.


He focused his gaze on the man for a moment, before looking back to the woman, briefly shifting his lightsaber in his hand into a reverse-grip as he shrugged his shoulders. "Well, I can't say I didn't warn you." In a flash of movement, Aryn called upon the force and launched himself across the room, past the Echani woman and atop one of the many shelves that lined the halls. He was well aware that the Sith were only one concern, and his major focus was the focus itself, if he was able to dispatch of the device before engaging with the two Sith, he would have a much easier time of things.

In Topic: The Fire That Beckons

07 March 2018 - 10:23 PM

Aryn Teth  

Hall of Knowledge, The Great Jedi Library, Ossus, Ossus System, The Outer Rim Territories

Interacting With: Jorryn Fordyce


Aryn couldn't help but feel vaguely nostalgic as he moved through the halls of the library on Ossus. He had not been to the library or the planet itself for a number of years now, but it was where his journey had properly begun, plundering the shelves for books of knowledge on the Jedi, and even stealing his first crystal from the depths of the library itself. Perhaps the only good thing about the library's properly abandoned state was that no one would be hounding him to return what he'd 'borrowed'. Yet, time was not on the Supreme Commander's side enough that he could linger on nostalgia, the Sith had developed quite a presence on Ossus, and the Alliance would be damned if it would let them corrupt the ancient library unchallenged. 


As he stepped into the Hall of Knowledge, Aryn felt the twisted mask shift briefly as he settled it upon his face, his gaze shifting around as he felt the ebbs and flows of the force within the room. Aryn had developed a habit in recent years of getting places he didn't exactly belong, and it seemed that today this was just such a place. He had sensed the central point of the ritual, but what had drawn Aryn's attention was the tendrils which connected to the focus of the ritual, to the focus which altered the light side energy within the hall itself.


Setting his gaze upon the focus within the hall, Aryn took a step into the room before he noticed the other presence. It was clearly dark in its energy, and it didn't take long for Aryn to note that it was a Sith, of course, they wouldn't have left such a focus unguarded. As he shifted his grip down to take his lightsaber from his belt, Aryn reached out through the force, the sinister tendrils which lashed out from him connecting to the presence in question, wrapping around the signature of the Sith as he probed into her mind and her very being. It was a power that he had learned not to utilize, one not of a Jedi, but habits of the Jedi were growing increasingly uncommon for the Supreme Commander.


As he rounded a bookcase, his gaze firmly settled upon the Echani woman who sat reading, his own expression and face hidden behind the twisted imagery of his mask. For now, Aryn kept his lightsaber deactivated and at his side as he took a few steps closer, stopping a good twenty feet from the woman still as he watched her. "You can take the book if you'd like, but i'm sure you know I can't let you stay here." He commented in an official and firm manner, as if he were some security guard that had caught someone sneaking about where they didn't belong. His voice was flat, but she would feel as he continued to probe at her mind, those same tendrils latching on and solidifying with each passing second like a leech.

In Topic: The Fire That Beckons (TSE v. GA Skirmish OOC)

06 March 2018 - 01:05 AM

Got a lot on today but will be aiming to get a post up either late tonight or tomorrow, friends!

Jorryn Fordyce, still down for a fight?

In Topic: Describe the character above you in one GIF

04 March 2018 - 07:55 PM