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Aryn Teth

Aryn Teth

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#1751410 Space-trash, why'd it have to be space-trash? (Galactic Alliance Dominion...

Posted by Aryn Teth on 16 March 2018 - 09:46 AM

Aryn Teth  

Krell Station, Ojom Orbit, Ojom System, The Deep Core

Interacting With: Srina Talon


Silence surrounded Aryn as he watched the crumbled body in the doorway, and for a few brief moments the hand he had used to snuff the life away shook at his side. it was only as he felt the tender feeling of Srina's hand upon his cheek that sound and sense returned to him, his gaze turned in her direction as he focused upon her face and her words. Srina's explanation cut with the kind of cool logic she had commonly mustered when dealing with him, and he understood well enough that she was right, there was little that Aryn could truly be blamed for given the situation, the Besalisks had certainly not shown much care as to the fate of the pirates, and the Alliance itself had committed crimes within its own borders and abroad that some would consider equally nefarious. 


Regardless of that however, the guilt still nagged at Aryn, he had believed himself a Jedi, and from her words it was evident that Srina and perhaps a thousand more viewed him as such. Yet, it was a title that Aryn felt was becoming increasingly unbecoming of himself. "You're right." His tone was plain and flat, Aryn knew that Srina would still feel the lingering guilt he held, but he stepped away from he before she might push him on it.


Moving further within the security control room, Aryn found the primary control panel, dragging the body which had slumped over it off and onto the floor as he activated the holographic controls. Considering the relative surprise that the two force users had caught the room in, the console remained open, meaning that they would not need to work through a slice to gain access, and soon what camera feeds remained across the station came into view, including the cargo hold, where a number of patrolling pirates wandered among the crowds of sitting and kneeling prisoners.


As he looked over the scene, the guilt in Aryn's gut twisted into anger once more, and he began to work on altering the commands provided by the pirates to the station's defense systems. Setting the parameters for the automated defences, Aryn ensured only those armed would be targeted, and without a moment's hestitation, he activated the new routines, watching as almost instantaneously bodies began to fall on the feed. There was an initial panic on the hand of the prisoners, so palpable and absolute that even across the station Aryn felt it surge through the force as they cowered lower, the pirates systematically crumpling and falling to the floor across the station as automated turrets and drones 'neutralized' them. 


Within the space of a few moments, silence echoed through the halls once more, the pirates across the interior of Krell Station completely and utterly devastated. "Come on, we should get those prisoners out of here." 

#1748874 The Fire That Beckons

Posted by Aryn Teth on 11 March 2018 - 08:36 PM

Aryn Teth  

Hall of Knowledge, The Great Jedi Library, Ossus, Ossus System, The Outer Rim Territories

Interacting With: Jorryn Fordyce, Daeron


Mild amusement was all that Aryn really felt as the Echani woman began to speak, indeed, it was a genuine effort on his part to not let that amusement show as she addressed him, her mocking having limited effect on the man as he stood and watched the woman, only momentarily noting a second presence, but not lingering upon it as he focused on Jorryn. Aryn could feel as she began to inspect him properly, as he latched onto her mind, he felt the confusion radiating through her as to who he was, the confusion in and of itself briefly confusing Aryn, considering the events transpiring elsewhere, he had expected that there would have been a far greater degree of readiness within the library itself. Or perhaps there was simply a great degree of confidence on the Echani's end, either way, it would matter little once things got underway.


As she spoke again, his gaze flicked briefly beneath the mask towards the focus, but his attention was drawn again by the second voice the second she finished speaking. Turning his head over his shoulder, his gaze settled upon the new figure, those same tendrils which had latched onto Jorryn now reaching out through the force to find him, they would ensure the man was not able to sneak up on Teth again.


He focused his gaze on the man for a moment, before looking back to the woman, briefly shifting his lightsaber in his hand into a reverse-grip as he shrugged his shoulders. "Well, I can't say I didn't warn you." In a flash of movement, Aryn called upon the force and launched himself across the room, past the Echani woman and atop one of the many shelves that lined the halls. He was well aware that the Sith were only one concern, and his major focus was the focus itself, if he was able to dispatch of the device before engaging with the two Sith, he would have a much easier time of things.

#1746437 The Fire That Beckons

Posted by Aryn Teth on 07 March 2018 - 10:23 PM

Aryn Teth  

Hall of Knowledge, The Great Jedi Library, Ossus, Ossus System, The Outer Rim Territories

Interacting With: Jorryn Fordyce


Aryn couldn't help but feel vaguely nostalgic as he moved through the halls of the library on Ossus. He had not been to the library or the planet itself for a number of years now, but it was where his journey had properly begun, plundering the shelves for books of knowledge on the Jedi, and even stealing his first crystal from the depths of the library itself. Perhaps the only good thing about the library's properly abandoned state was that no one would be hounding him to return what he'd 'borrowed'. Yet, time was not on the Supreme Commander's side enough that he could linger on nostalgia, the Sith had developed quite a presence on Ossus, and the Alliance would be damned if it would let them corrupt the ancient library unchallenged. 


As he stepped into the Hall of Knowledge, Aryn felt the twisted mask shift briefly as he settled it upon his face, his gaze shifting around as he felt the ebbs and flows of the force within the room. Aryn had developed a habit in recent years of getting places he didn't exactly belong, and it seemed that today this was just such a place. He had sensed the central point of the ritual, but what had drawn Aryn's attention was the tendrils which connected to the focus of the ritual, to the focus which altered the light side energy within the hall itself.


Setting his gaze upon the focus within the hall, Aryn took a step into the room before he noticed the other presence. It was clearly dark in its energy, and it didn't take long for Aryn to note that it was a Sith, of course, they wouldn't have left such a focus unguarded. As he shifted his grip down to take his lightsaber from his belt, Aryn reached out through the force, the sinister tendrils which lashed out from him connecting to the presence in question, wrapping around the signature of the Sith as he probed into her mind and her very being. It was a power that he had learned not to utilize, one not of a Jedi, but habits of the Jedi were growing increasingly uncommon for the Supreme Commander.


As he rounded a bookcase, his gaze firmly settled upon the Echani woman who sat reading, his own expression and face hidden behind the twisted imagery of his mask. For now, Aryn kept his lightsaber deactivated and at his side as he took a few steps closer, stopping a good twenty feet from the woman still as he watched her. "You can take the book if you'd like, but i'm sure you know I can't let you stay here." He commented in an official and firm manner, as if he were some security guard that had caught someone sneaking about where they didn't belong. His voice was flat, but she would feel as he continued to probe at her mind, those same tendrils latching on and solidifying with each passing second like a leech.

#1745148 The Fire That Beckons (TSE v. GA Skirmish OOC)

Posted by Aryn Teth on 06 March 2018 - 01:05 AM

Got a lot on today but will be aiming to get a post up either late tonight or tomorrow, friends!

Jorryn Fordyce, still down for a fight?

#1743397 The Fire That Beckons (TSE v. GA Skirmish OOC)

Posted by Aryn Teth on 03 March 2018 - 07:49 PM



Down to clown if anyone's interested.

#1743082 Space-trash, why'd it have to be space-trash? (Galactic Alliance Dominion...

Posted by Aryn Teth on 03 March 2018 - 08:43 AM

Aryn Teth  

Krell Station, Ojom Orbit, Ojom System, The Deep Core

Interacting With: Srina Talon


There had been no reason for Aryn to hold even the most remote of concerns for Srina or even for himself so long as she was there. In the time that the two had known eachother, which was now verging on a significant piece of time, they had managed to drag one another out of several scrapes, and he had observed quite easily that they were a rather effective team when things called for it. As he moved, so did she, her movements were quick and deliberate and though each action was thought through with a careful degree of calculation, Aryn feeling as her blast of the force passed him by, it was only a few seconds before things fell into silence once more.


Holding his hand back out to the pirate he had last dispatched, he heard the sharp hiss of his saber deactivating as it flew to his hand, the body which had been impaled against the wall now crumpling in a twisted heap upon the floor as Aryn gently let his saber rest gently upon the magnetic plates on his armour, allowing his helmet to retract properly into his armour as hers had. He made to search the area for any more pirates but Srina was ahead of him, announcing that the room was clear before he even had a chance. He had moved to set about their business when he set his gaze instead upon her, closing the distance as he reached up, and gently let a trio of fingers take hold of her chin without word, lightly tilting her head to the side as he examined her graze, before turning her head back straight to face him.


"You were hurt." The words were more fact than anything, and the man had to attempt to fight down the concern from his voice as he looked her over. Whether it was the lingering adrenaline from their combat or something else, Aryn felt a strange, nagging feeling. He had felt it before, in moments such as this, back on Kubindi it came to mind, in brief flashes here and there when the two were alone, what it was he had no real idea, he had never experienced its type before, through any of his bonds, of which there were many by now. Still, he could tell that whatever it was, it was behind the concern he'd felt, the drive to inspect her injury even as minimal as it was. He found himself leaning closer.


A flash, red and hot cut right between the two of them, for a moment it almost blinded Aryn as he staggered from Srina, a hot pain and anger flaring up within the man as he turned his gaze to the door. Another pirate had arrived, whether they were a patrol returning or someone that had heard the commotion and come running, he didn't know, nor did he care. Aryn's hand flew upward, a palpable tightening was felt through the air as the man lifted off his feet, scratching and writhing at his neck as he gasped for air. He was there for only a few brief moments before Aryn clenched his fist, hearing the audible snap of the man's spinal cord as his body crumpled upon the floor.


It was only seconds later that Aryn noticed the youthful features on the pirate, it had been a boy, no more than seventeen. He may have been among the pirates and he may have held a blaster as them but one thing was clear, in his anger, Aryn had lashed out, and the one he had killed was still far from a true man, he had once held a whole life before him, and now, it had been snuffed out.


Aryn could not help but feel sick.

#1742938 The Areta: Never A Dull Moment (Open For Business / Passengers Welcome)

Posted by Aryn Teth on 03 March 2018 - 01:29 AM

Aryn Teth  

CoCo Town, Coruscant, Corusca Sector, The Core Worlds

Interacting With: DewbaccaLyla Quinn


The number of passengers and visitors to the ship had been much greater than Aryn had initially anticipated when he contacted the crew, luckily there were precious few among those passengers that Aryn truly recognized at all. Perhaps, travelling incognito has he had desired would still be possible. Watching as the Twi'lek woman began to approach, he smiled in a polite manner, chuckling softly at her words as he glanced up to his Wookiee friend, giving him a gentle slap on the arm. "This big one and I were hoping for some passage down to Eriadu, if you are able to provide it. Don't mind paying some extra if it's out of your way, either." He explained simply, turning his gaze back so that his eyes met the captain's. 


"And, if it's any consolation..." He took a half-step closer, lowering his tone to an almost conspiratorial one. "We would prefer to travel incognito as well, if possible, though I can assure you, we're not going to be trouble for the Alliance." He commented, giving her something of a knowing look. Whether or not the woman would actually recognize him was beyond Aryn at that moment, the galaxy was a big place, and although Aryn had been quite involved in galactic affairs recently, he didn't have such an ego to assume he was so well known. Still, things would be easiest if Aryn were able to avoid the possibility of any recognition entirely. 

#1741657 Seven Seas | CIS Dominion of Leritor

Posted by Aryn Teth on 01 March 2018 - 06:16 AM

Aryn Teth  

Promenade of The Seven Seas Resort, Leritor, Yucrales Sector, The Mid Rim

Interacting With: Srina Talon


"You're always welcome to simply say no, Srina." He chuckled, the jest in his tone clear as Aryn watched Srina slip away following his offer. He smiled simply, turning his gaze away to the others present around the room as he tucked both of his hands gently behind his back. Hidden behind the visage of his mask, Aryn winced momentarily as his head turned, feeling the interior of it momentarily shift against the fresh scar running along his face. Though the events of the evening might have taken his focus away from it for even the briefest of moments, the subtle pains and shifts would be a constant reminder for some time to the Supreme Commander of the war that was ongoing throughout the galaxy. 


Everything here was just a distraction, and pretty and enjoyable as it may have been, it obscured the reality of things, it was little more than a front, a facade. The fact that almost everyone inside wore a mask seemed only more testament to this fact, and Aryn's gaze eventually ceased shifting from figure to figure, settling instead upon an empty spot in the middle of the room, his thoughts suddenly taken far from the room itself.


Even as Srina returned, Aryn took a few moments before he even recognized her presence, his mask turning to face her, the man infinitely pleased that his face was hidden of any embarrassment or anything else that might give him away as he mulled over her words in his head. It was a distraction, all of it, but he was there and in it whether or not he may have been pleased about it, he may as well have at least tried to enjoy himself. "I would say that if anything it's the kind of thing a tabloid on Coruscant could use to show just how well the Confederate-Alliance ties really are." He chuckled briefly, it was a fake one.


He couldn't remember the last time he'd really laughed.


"Yet, if you do not wish for a dance, I won't take offence." He assured her, his blue eyes focused upon her own gently, yet another brief pain flashing through him as his mask shifted once more. 

#1741027 Space-trash, why'd it have to be space-trash? (Galactic Alliance Dominion...

Posted by Aryn Teth on 28 February 2018 - 06:33 AM

Aryn Teth  

Krell Station, Ojom Orbit, Ojom System, The Deep Core

Interacting With: Srina Talon


Briefly, Aryn's gaze shifted downwards as he felt the back of Srina's hand brush idly against his chestplate, it was the first time he noticed the blood, not that it particularly bothered him. Around anyone else, particularly anyone from the Jedi order, Teth might've been scolded for his brutality, or at the very least reminded it wasn't necessarily the way of a Jedi, though Aryn was progressively learning that he was certainly not the Jedi he once was or even that he aspired to be. Instead, as Srina spoke he couldn't help but let the smile grace his lips, lingering for only a few moments before he shifted his gaze downward once more to focus it upon the map he displayed.


Watching as she turned and began to make her way off, Aryn began to follow close behind, eyes and ears focused for any more intruders that might've crossed their path as they made their way down towards the security control center. He watched the eerie grace with which Srina dispatched the two pirates, and his ears began to pick up the murmers and shifting of the pirates in the next room. He knew that their window of surprise was now rapidly sinking, but luckily it seemed as though his partner had a plan.


Hearing her words echo within the hallways of his mind, Aryn did not need to think nor question the woman as he did exactly as she requested, closing his eyes as he moved towards the large room. He heard the click of the pin, saw through the force as the grenade flew through the air, and heard the groans and random blaster fire that came as the pirates within the room were caught by its blast. He closed in a flash, a flurry of movement erupting from the Supreme Commander as he reversed his lightsaber grip. 


His blade cut across the chest of the first pirate that had been by the door, and using the momentum of his movement he continued to swing into the next, continuing to turn as he drew his blaster and fired two shots which landed squarely at the torso of a third, knocking the man back into the wall but not fatally wounding him with his armour. Pulling back over his head with his lightsaber, Aryn threw it as though it were a huttball, the blue blade shimmering as it rotated in the air before piercing firmly into the man and pinning him to the wall.


Certainly, Teth was defenseless now, but he had the utmost confidence that she would be able to dispatch the remaining pirates within the room.

#1740954 Seven Seas | CIS Dominion of Leritor

Posted by Aryn Teth on 28 February 2018 - 01:41 AM

Aryn Teth  

Promenade of The Seven Seas Resort, Leritor, Yucrales Sector, The Mid Rim

Interacting With: Srina Talon


The sudden storm had not remotely been expected by the Supreme Commander as he mingled and spoke with the figures outside the Seven Seas that had been already speaking with Srina. Shifting his hand out as he heard her voice, he smirked as he felt her palm gently rest in his own, lifting her up with a careful movement as if she were as delicate as a flower, something that Aryn himself knew was far from the truth. Srina was far from delicate, she was a raging storm, and yet she seemed equally as comfortable in the gown and mask she wore this evening, content to be lifted gently to her feet once more.


As she spoke, he couldn't help but utter a soft chuckle at the words, with wit sharp as always, Aryn didn't bother searching for a response, content to let their banter linger as she turned her attention back towards the others. As he felt the first raindrops begin to fall, Aryn briefly turned his gaze upwards, eyes searching the dark clouds which had rather suddenly formed above, it certainly wasn't what the man had expected, but he held little concern in regards to it, he had always preferred the rain, so long as a warm hearth was nearby.


Turning to follow Srina into the resort proper, his gaze flicked over familiar faces throughout the ballroom as they made their way within. There were numerous faces Aryn recognized, it was almost amusing to him seeing so many familiar figures he had fought alongside during the war now dressed up and enjoying an evening of near-regal festivities. Tucking his hands idly into his pocket, his masked face turned again to settle upon the visage of Srina, his eyes settling upon her own through her mask as he tilted his head towards the dance floor, holding a hand up towards her in offering.


"I can't promise that I won't step on your toes."

#1739976 Space-trash, why'd it have to be space-trash? (Galactic Alliance Dominion...

Posted by Aryn Teth on 26 February 2018 - 03:46 AM

Aryn Teth  

Krell Station, Ojom Orbit, Ojom System, The Deep Core

Interacting With: Srina Talon


Getting onto the station had not exactly been the easy part of this plan, honestly, Aryn wasn't sure that there would really be any easy part of the plan, but they had done it, Srina had brought along a fair degree of weaponry, but Aryn was far less equipped, only having his lightsaber and a blaster mag-locked to the plates on his armour. Once gravity kicked in and he felt hard metal below his feet, he finally felt comfortable, quickly bringing up his wrist-computer as he ducked against a wall for cover, bringing up the maps that had been provided by the Besalisks. 


He knew as Srina did that at least that intel would be accurate, and indeed invaluable to their mission as he started to move along with her. "It's not far." He said simply before she hushed him, he paused as she did, ducking into the shadows and watching as the pirates moved to pass by. Under old circumstances, with less of the Sith's influence around him and less time spent amongst the more unsavoury in the Alliance and indeed across the galaxy, Aryn would've made every effort to keep their presence unknown and unseen, even keeping the pirates alive as well as he could.


Yet as they made their way past, Aryn drew both weapons from his armour, moving up behind a pirate, he activated his saber, in a flurry of movement bringing up his blaster to fire a shot towards the head of a second, watching the body fall as he shifted the body of the first still mounted on his saber, pushing forward with them as a human shield. The third pirate moved, but he was not fast enough in getting his weapon up as the chest of the first pirate slammed against the torso of the third, the blade of his saber piercing through both bodies before Aryn deactivated it, letting the three bodies fall in a pile. 


"Cmon, better to move before they have any check-ins." He commented as he shifted the weapons back to his side, not noticing the blood which now slightly adorned his armour, adrenaline still coursing through his veins at the flurry of movement that he accompanied his attack, turning his gaze towards Srina as he displayed the map from his wrist computer. "The security control center is just down this hallway, we should get there soon enough, and it will probably be well-guarded."

#1739474 Aftermath

Posted by Aryn Teth on 25 February 2018 - 08:01 AM

Aryn Teth  

Sinner's Well, Ryloth, Gaulus Sector, The Outer Rim Territories

Interacting With: Srina Talon, Darth Metus, The Matador, Katrine Van-Derveld


Aryn was tired, exhausted, really. He had not yet slept aside from about two hours dozing off in the same seat he now sat in, since the battle of Tatooine he had been almost constantly on the move, bringing Srina here in the first place and since then ensuring he could help provide her with the care she needed, though the amount of assistance he had really been able to provide in the residence of Darth Metus was minimal. He was surprised that he had actually been permitted access to the secret sanctum of the Vicelord himself, and Aryn assumed it was likely only due to the case that he had brought Srina there himself, but still, he appreciated that he had been permitted to remain and watch over Srina along with the Vicelord.


Srina had become a close friend of Aryn's, one he was willing to protect and indeed, one who's own pain and suffering was directly linked to his own. When she had been hurt he had felt pain, concern and fury in equal measure, none of it had been the Jedi way, what was appropriate of the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance, but it had been all that he could feel in the time, it all flowed through his mind and would not permit any calmer thoughts to break through. He had enough time since ensuring she was safe however, to let that fade, to let it settle far at the back of his mind, far from his mind's eye as he worked to keep his calm.


That anger threatened to return briefly as he saw the heavily armour-clad figure of the Matador move through the door, the man who he had seen initially over Srina. Aryn had taken her from his grip to escape, and the threat that he had uttered in the moment had been true and meaningful, even though Aryn perhaps now regret uttering the words. He gave the man a silent nod of his head but otherwise remained silent, settled into his seat as he turned his gaze cautiously to focus on the image of Srina within the bacta tank. He heard the words of Katrine as she came in, and knew there was little more that could be done in the moment, time would only tell if Srina would make her recovery, and so for now Aryn would sit in utter silence, his gaze lingering upon the figure of Srina within the bacta tank.


Waiting, and watching.

#1736969 Can't Get Enough

Posted by Aryn Teth on 21 February 2018 - 09:42 AM

Aryn Teth  

Aboard the Carrion Sunrise, Arkanis Sector, The Outer Rim Territories

Interacting With: Koda Fett


Aryn was tired, very tired. His regular trips back and forth from Confederate and Alliance space were usually ones that resulted in a great deal of work and danger, and it had quickly become the case where these journeys back and forth were the only times in which the man was actually able to gain some rest. So of course, despite the immense speed behind Aryn's new ship, he was far too exhausted to pilot effectively, his engines too badly damaged to carry him away from the Firespray which he could only assume belonged to a long-running and immensely irritating enemy of his.


Still, as the ship stopped short of destroying his ship, and made no effort to board him, Aryn's curiosity was momentarily piqued as he heard the sound of a hail incoming from his cockpit console, letting out an exasperated sigh more than anything as he made his way to the pilot's seat, settling down in it as he looked out at the firespray hovering in space before his viewport. He watched it for a moment, almost as if he were willing the force to crush the ship into a tiny speck or wave it far, far away where Aryn no longer had to deal with it.


Yet, after a few long moments, Aryn sighed as he opened the comm. "Surely, they must pay you extra if they're actually making you talk to targets, now." 

#1736965 Convivencia

Posted by Aryn Teth on 21 February 2018 - 09:34 AM

Aryn Teth  

Coruscant Jedi Temple, Archives, Coruscant, Corusca Sector, The Core Worlds

Interacting With: Inyri Takan

Turning his gaze to see Inyri as she approached, a slight smile split Aryn's lips as the woman approached, the Jedi giving her a polite nod as he watched her draw near, shaking his head towards her query. "Not at all, I arrived only a short while before you did." He explained in a polite manner, chuckling softly at her next comment as he shrugged, gently clasping his hands behind his back as he turned over his shoulder to begin walked into the archives proper, his head turned over his shoulder briefly to look back at her as he spoke up again. "I often get lost myself to be perfectly honest, i'm convinced it's all part of the tests for the Jedi who are trained here, if you can get around the temple, you must have the force on your side." 
Chuckling softly at his comment, Aryn shrugged again as he made his way through the immense cases and servers which held the seemingly endless knowledge of the Jedi, leading Inyri to a small table towards the back where a number of datapads had been set aside. "I spoke to the archivist here, and they put aside these for you, supposedly they are what new students going into their trials are provided with to study." 

#1736240 Total War | The Confederacy Invasion of Galactic Empire held Tatooine Hex

Posted by Aryn Teth on 20 February 2018 - 09:26 AM


Aryn Teth  

Tatooine, Arkanis Sector, The Outer Rim Territories

Objective: Save a Life

Allies: The Confederacy, Task Force Hurricane

Enemies: The Galactic Empire


The push over the wall had been slow but sure, reinforced by the Confederacy, the tentative position Aryn and his troops had gained atop the walls of the base had grown and before too long the Alliance troops along with Aryn had been able to push into the base proper. The defences in the base proved formidable, but the Empire was vastly outnumbered on the ground by the Confederacy, slowly but surely they continued to force their way past the defences and into the garrison proper. 


Securing the command center was the goal that Teth and his troops had in mind, it was what most of his allies' efforts were converging towards, and he wouldn't stop for a moment during his push. It wasn't long before Aryn lost sight of his closer allies, Srina moved into the interior of the garrison, and though the Jedi held a desire to follow her, he knew she would be safe within the base, she could more than hold her own when it was necessary, and he had to keep focused on his own goals.


It was a decision he came to regret.


As his fight continued, Aryn felt what had happened before he heard it. Within the hallways of the garrison, nearing the command center proper, Aryn felt the searing stab as if the very same blade that had pierced Srina slid through his flesh without leaving a mark. Deactivating his lightsaber for a moment, Aryn buckled, dropping to his knees and then to the ground as he curled up, unable to even summon forth a scream of agony as the breath left him, eyes wide and pain coursing through his body, but he knew the source was not his own body, he knew who it was.


Though the initial pain was intense, and it remained, Aryn forced the thoughts from his mind, setting a palm down on the ground as he pushed himself up, coughing and looking to his troops. "Continue... Pushing... Secure the Command Center..." He ordered, waiting for affirmation as he stood and staggered down the halls, still forcing pain from his body. When he reached the room he knew Srina was in, he saw that he was not the first to arrive there, the door was torn off and he could see the armoured figure within with Srina in his arms. 


Aryn knew the figure was an ally of the Confederacy, though he couldn't recall ever meeting the person properly before, not that it was a concern of his in that moment, the pain which had coursed through his body had now subsided and been replaced with a significant and immense rage. It was a rage unlike any he had felt before and even this man who was helping Srina would not be free of it, Aryn's purpose was singular in that moment, and he could not allow anyone to stand in his way. 


"Let go of her. Or I will kill you."


There was no wavering in his tone, no hint of reproach or invitation to test the man's word. Stepping closer, Aryn practically tore Srina from the man's grip, eyes never leaving the armoured figure of the man who held her, fury still burning in his gaze, judgement, suspicion, all of it rolled through his mind. Aryn had no allies among the Ancient Eye, and without any others there, as far as Aryn knew the man could have been responsible for Srina's state. Yet, now that he had taken hold of her, revenge was the last thing on Aryn's mind, Srina's safety now took priority.


The battle left his mind, things were well in hand enough as Aryn ran, holding Srina Talon firmly in his grip as he ran back to the resupplying lines of the Confederate troops. His own ship had been brought down after the initial deployment, and considering its relative proximity, the journey from the Garrison to his ship took only the span of minutes, not even enough time for Aryn to notice that he had knocked the wind out of himself by running so quickly.


Carefully, Aryn worked to place Srina into the bacta tank on board, hooking her up to it and ensuring she would remain stable as he made his way towards the cockpit, opening his comms channel to Darth Metus as he sat down in the pilot's chair. "Srina is injured, badly. I'm taking her back to Confederate space for treatment, if you've got a spot you want her, tell me." And like that, he sat, activated his engines, and took off, leaving the sands of Tatooine far, far behind.