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Aryn Teth

Aryn Teth

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Space-trash, why'd it have to be space-trash? (Galactic Alliance Dominion of the Oj...

13 February 2018 - 01:59 AM



The Frozen ocean planet of Ojom, home to the Besalisk species, remains highly inhospitable to life on the surface, with the majority of the population choosing instead to live on large space stations connected by immense space elevators to the world’s surface. These stations harbour the majority of the world’s population, and exist as major trade and communications hubs throughout the deep core.


Following an increasing intensity of piracy in the region, the area around Ojom has become increasingly dense with space debris, which has progressively damaged the stations and their space elevators, even detaching two stations and sending them on dangerous courses, one spiraling out into the depths of space, and one dangerously falling towards the planet where it will inevitably burn up.


Desperate for whatever help they can gather, the Besalisk people have reached out to the Alliance to assist in rescue operations and in helping to combat the still-ongoing threat of piracy throughout the system. With the assistance the Alliance could provide, the Besalisk people may be more amenable to helping the Alliance secure their hold on the Deep Core.


Krell Station: This space station has been detached from its space elevator and flung away from Ojom’s orbit by debris, sending it away where it has become easy prey for pirates who have boarded the station, holding the entire populace hostage from the station’s command center. SIS and Intelligence Operatives are needed to deal with the situation without risking greater loss of life.


Xerius Station: Xerius Station has also been detached from its elevator by debris, but it is now on a collision course with Ojom itself, and not enough shuttles to facilitate evacuation. The clock is ticking, and GADF forces are needed to conduct rescue operations and scuttle the station before it falls into the planet’s atmosphere and risks major damage to settlements on the surface, or other stations.




Welcome to the dominion of Ojom! As you can see from above the dominion is primarily focused on the two civilian space stations which have been damaged by debris, but of course as always anyone and everyone is absolutely welcome to take part in their own objectives or goals on the planet itself or on any of the other space stations which orbit the planet. At the end of the day, just have fun!


Thus Always to Tyrants | Galactic Alliance Invasion of First Order Held Varonat Hex

30 January 2018 - 10:56 AM


Hex I-46 GSM, Near the edge of Hex J-47

Galactic Alliance Assault Fleet 'Starbird'

Present Time


The hold that the First Order had on L-49 and the Hydian Way had remained strong since their initial occupation, despite a number of skirmishes and counter-assaults on the area of space. Knowing that the defences remained strong around the trade route, the Alliance had instead opted for a new tactic to break the First Order's hold on their territory. Admiral Nai (Mathieu Bahreiko) had been the one to note the importance of the First Order-held world of Varonat to their efforts, as the only major naval outpost in the region, ships were regularly moving back and forth to resupply and refuel, but with so much of the surrounding space devoid of inhabited worlds, moving undetected was a boon for Nai's fleet.


The fleet itself had begun to amass near the edge of the hex, equipped with Nebulon B-9 and Stalwart-Class interdictors which would drag reinforcing ships out of hyperspace in a manner not dissimilar to the tactics that the First Order had used themselves against the Alliance. It was a colossal fleet, far larger than any the Alliance had fleeted themselves before, and fearsome even without the monstrous Itsukusk which had been destroyed at the Hydian Way, but Admiral Nai had understood all too well that such a significant show of force was necessary, the First Order was certain to respond in kind to the assault on their territory, their admirals would know that without the line between Varonat and L-49 open, their defences at the Hydian Way would be vulnerable...


As the Gravity Well Projectors on the Interdictors began to engage, the tens of thousands of naval officers waited with baited breath for the First Order to fall into the trap which had been set, the initial flow of supply ships were sure to be destroyed mere moments after being torn from their hyperspace jump, but even then Nai would let enough time past for a message to be dispatched, a distress call to the rest of the First Order letting them know of the blockade which had been set up. An invitation to test the Alliance's strength once more.


Varonat, Anoat Sector, The Outer Rim Territories

Galactic Alliance Task Force 'Sentinel'

Present Time


The Alliance's new allies in the Sovereignty, along with those few Imperial defectors among the Alliance military had already proven invaluable as an Indictor II Frigate entered the Varonat system. The ship itself had been recovered and repaired from the space around Dagobah shortly following the Empire's retreat from the system, and it now housed a number of Alliance Special operatives, equipped in Imperial uniforms which had similarly been recovered from the swamp world, and Eriadu following the Imperial assaults there. Slowly, the ship approached Varonat itself, the communications officer upon the bridge connecting with the First Order's FLEETCOM in system as they approached.


A brief, official conversation and landing codes were transmitted, official codes which had been provided by the former Grand-Inquisitor Regent himself. Normally, had this plan been enacted on an Imperial World, scrutiny would have surrounded the arrival, but even as allies, the First Order was not the Galactic Empire. Nearing the orbit of the world, the smaller craft began to move down into the Atmosphere proper while Coren Starchaser moved among the interior of the craft, briefing those who were joining his task force on the mission at hand. "It won't be long before the First Order contacts the Empire and catches wind of what's happened, getting in touch with the remainders of the Morodin resistance is our first port-of-call, then we can get this assault underway." 


It would be only a few minutes before touchdown would be made and Task Force Sentinel was on the move within the city of Edgefields-on-Varonat, time was not on their side, but they would be sure to move with purpose and certainty, as agents in the uniforms of Imperial Stormtroopers moved out of the Frigate and into the spaceport proper, beginning their incredibly dangerous and daring mission. 


Aryn Teth  

Aboard the Fleetwood, Belsavis Orbit, Bozhnee Sector, The Outer Rim Territories

Objective: Prepare for Landfall

Allies: The Galactic Alliance Assault Force 'Rancor'

Enemies: The First Order


The Supreme Commander of Alliance forces let out a sigh as he moved onto the command deck of Fiolette Yvarro's ship. He wasn't particularly bothered by being on a ship which belonged to a former member of the First Order, Yvarro had been vetted by SIS severely since her capture, and deemed a useful enough asset to the Alliance to assist with the assault on Varonat, indeed, her assistance was proving invaluable to the operation, and he had come to her ship along with the other commanders who would be taking charge in the major assault to learn whatever they could from the woman on their targets at Varonat itself.


What did bother Aryn was the fact that his own troops were upon another ship, it bothered him that Starbird Fleet and Task Force Sentinel were already underway with their parts of the operation, far away from the Supreme Commander and entirely under the command of other officers. Aryn had full confidence in the abilities of Admiral Nai and Coren Starchaser, they had both proven themselves to be skilled tacticians and leaders, it had been the reason that he had specifically placed them in their commands, but knowing that he was not directly involved in their parts of the operation, that he could not assist them if it was absolutely necessary, it flooded the Supreme Commander with concern.


For now though, Aryn forced such thoughts from his mind, there was no point wasting his concern upon the other forces and their operations, he knew he could not help them, he could only trust in the competence and the skill of those leaders he had assigned. For now he had his own goals to worry about, the main assault force needed him to be here and now, they would need him focused upon the goal at hand and he could not afford to disappoint them. 


Approaching the map table where Yvarro stood, Aryn gave her and the other commanders a nod as he leaned forward, setting his hand gently upon the edge of the table. Turning his gaze up towards Yvarro, he cleared his throat. "Alright, let's go over it all again so we're all on the same page, once Landfall starts we're going to be thriving on the chaos, so let's make sure everything's stowed away and worked out now, rather than later." Once they were in the Varonat system proper, Aryn knew speed would be on their side more than anything, there was no room for any doubt among any of those who would be joining him in the primary assault.





Link to the OOC: Click Here!


Start Date: 1/30/18

End Date: 2/13/18




Welcome to the Galactic Alliance's Invasion of Varonat! If you have not already please be sure to check the OOC thread for any art pertaining to the invasion or for any details of the premise and setup aside from this opening post! The First Order still has one ally slot remaining, so if you are interested to join in please head over to the OOC and tag their faction admins if you are interested in getting involved! For this thread itself, be sure to have fun, tell a great story and just enjoy the roleplay as it happens! For any problems that arise, please speak to whoever you may be having the problems with, or don't feel afraid to contact the appropriate faction admins should you believe the issue is serious enough. Never assume that if someone does come to you that they are intending to insult or be offensive, and just be sure to follow Wheaton's Law! (Don't be a dick.)


There are only a few basic rules which have been set out in regards to fleeting in this invasion, and they can be found below, however if there are any questions, feel free to ask in the OOC and tag faction admins appropriately!


  1. The Main Fleeting Engagement surrounding Alliance Fleet Starbird's Blockade has no limit to fleeting meterage! Bring as big or as small a fleet as you'd like and go nuts!
  2. Fleeting Engagements around the Orbit of Varonat itself do have a limit of 50km per writer
  3. The goal of fleeting in this invasion is primarily focused around the Blockade between Varonat and the rest of the Sluis sector, but feel free to jump in with fleeting wherever you might enjoy best!

Pheonix Station

22 January 2018 - 12:02 AM


  • Intent: To develop an interesting way for the Alliance to return to the previously-decimated world of Thyferra
  • ​Image Credit: Image | Citadel Station Wookieepedia
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: N/A


  • Space Station Name: Pheonix Station
  • Station Model: Citadel Station
  • Classification: Civilian, Scientific, Ecology
  • Location: Thyferra
  • Affiliation: The Galactic Alliance
  • Population: Heavily Populated
  • Demographics: Pheonix Station has a varied population of races, but a significant number of Ithorians and Humans make the majority, as those directly involved in Thyferra's Restoration
  • Accessibility: Pheonix Station is heavily protected from outside interference, and usually requires a visa from the Alliance to access, however it is a civilian station first and foremost, and those without ties to the Alliance's enemies are usually able to gain access easily enough.
  • Description: Pheonix station is a vast network consisting of hundreds of fully-enclosd, multi-level modules connected by a series of girders and other support structures. Pheonix station orbits over Thyferra, its sprawling structure covering territory somewhat larger than the world's northern polar region. Three primary module types are found across the station, including residential modules, entertainment modules and dock modules.

The majority of the defenses of Telos station come from Thyferra's local defense fleet, as Pheonix station itself has limited defenses, only a moderate number of turbolaser batteries and point defence systems can be found across the station. The station itself is staffed by a large security force however made up primarily of Thyferra's former planetary defence forces. The Pheonix Station Security Force is also supplemented by a reasonable concentration of droids, allow it to effectively protect the station from criminals, pirates, and if necessary, invading forces.

  • Battle of Thyferra Memorial: The largest residential module on Pheonix station houses a large memorial dedicated to the lives lost in the defence of Thyferra against the Sith Empire, and those killed following the Sith's decimation of the world. 
  • Atmospheric Shield Generator: Pheonix Station casts a shield over sections of Thyferra as it orbits the world. This shield is large enough that restoration teams are able to regularly deploy to the world's surface for clean-up operations and to work on setting up restoration zones across the world.

Following the decimation of Thyferra at the hands of the Sith Empire, the Alliance lost not only a major bacta producer, but their primary base of operations in Thyferra's region of space. Pheonix station was quickly conceived and championed by Supreme Commander Aryn Teth of the Galactic Alliance, and supported strongly enough by Chief of State Caita Xan that the project was stamped as an effective way to not only re-establish an Alliance hold on Thyferra and the space around the world, but to send a message to the Imperial Bloc during the Great Galactic War that the Alliance could easily bounce back from any setback or loss inflicted upon them.


Pheonix Station itself was built and set up by the Alliance, but primarily functions under the autonomy of the former Thyferran planetary government, and private companies who work on the station itself to provide security and assistance. The Galactic Alliance still provides significant aid to the station however, existing as its primary source of materials, funding, and military assistance.

An Offer You Can't Refuse [GA/ORC]

18 January 2018 - 08:24 AM

Aryn Teth  

Coalition Embassy, Terminus, Kallea Sector, The Outer Rim Territories

Interacting With: Bryce Bantam


The trip through Terminus wasn't exactly an easy one for the Alliance delegation. Following the blockade of the Hydian Way and the greater dangers that came with the Alliance providing supplies to its southern territory, dissenting, separatist voices on Terminus had risen up. Riots were common enough to be a problem, and the Alliance had become increasingly less welcome on Terminus as the populace progressively began to see the Outer Rim Coalition as a far safer option for continued supply, especially considering the significant distance between the bulk of Alliance space and Terminus itself.


Luckily, the Outer Rim Coalition also had control of a piece of territory which the Alliance had need of. The Hydian way blockade had badly damaged the capability of the Alliance to trade with its southern territory, but efforts were already underway for the Alliance to create and fortify a new trade lane, but that meant going through territory that the Outer Rim Coalition already held. That was what had brought the Alliance delegates to Terminus, regardless of the efforts of those planet-side to push them off their world. Luckily for Aryn, his arrival to the Coalition's embassy on the world had been relatively uneventful.


With a sigh, Aryn lifted himself from the speeder he'd arrived in, making his way inside and towards the lobby. He'd met with the Coalition only a few times before, and knew he wouldn't be the only one of the Alliance's diplomats to be there, but as he stepped into the lobby, the General couldn't help but feel vaguely intimidated.

Now there are Three of them! | Dagobah Invasion Results GA vs GE

17 January 2018 - 07:20 PM



Congratulations to the Galactic Alliance!

Victory in the Dagobah Hex Invasion!


Many congratulations to the Galactic Alliance for a hard-fought victory in the Invasion of Dagobah! The Alliance keeps hold of the hex, pushing back Imperial Invaders!
A warm thanks to the Galactic Empire for helping us to tell a fantastic bunch of stories in the invasion, and very well-fought to them as well!