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Amilthi Camlenn

Amilthi Camlenn

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In Topic: For Lack of a Doorbell

Today, 07:33 AM

Amilthi smiled softly as through the gap between the opening gates she spotted the young woman hurrying down the steps to meet her. It was quite endearing the way Teynara explained her behaviour, eloquently and without sounding unduly insecure. It was a trait that Amilthi recognised from her own youth, this assumption that understanding could be reached and the felt need to establish it. Experience had tempered this urge, as she had learnt to grasp that many were annoyed rather than comforted by explanations they might deem unnecessary and irrelevant. And indeed, Amilthi had observed the same reaction in herself on occasion. But in this moment, Teynara's words felt like kindness to her.

"I understand", she said reassuringly. "It's what you should be doing." Amilthi folded her hands in front of herself in a humble gesture, letting her robe once more fall freely around her body, and followed Teynara's invitation to enter. "Thank you for your hospitality", she said earnestly, inclining her head.

"You may say I'm from Tatooine. Even we do hear something about what happens in the galaxy, if we keep an open ear." There was something indulging in the softness of her voice and the fine smile on her lips. "Spacers are quite interested in what goes on along the Mara Corridor at least, and the rise of Commenor to the north hasn't remained unnoticed. In fact, your own group has been making a bit of a name for itself, too. And once you hear the word Deneba mentioned - where else would you come to look?" Amilthi explained, closing with a wry smile as she finally lifted her gaze from the ground to look at Teynara. "What about yourself? How long have you been here? With this order, I mean."

Teynara Jeralyr

In Topic: For Lack of a Doorbell

14 October 2017 - 03:17 AM

These Jedi certainly knew how to make a visitor feel appreciated, mused Amilthi as she looked over Teynara's holographic appearance, though one could really only credit them with bothering to install a system for coloured holograms. That the figure it was currently projecting was that of a friendly and appealing young woman was in all probability a mere coincidence; in fact, if it was not, that could be taken to be rather in contradiction to the ideals one could expect a Jedi order to hold, though pragmatic motivations could perhaps be cited when it came to dealing with outsiders.

Amilthi's eyes darted across the wall behind it in search of the emitter. It was where she assumed the camera to be, and where she was going to be looking. "Good evening", she said with a light smile and bowed slightly in the direction. As she did so, she put her hands behind her back, brushing aside her coat and revealing, as though accidentally, but in fact quite deliberately, the lightsabre that was hanging from her belt by her hip, an elegantly crafted device finished in silver metal with a grip covered in braided leather.

"My name is Amilthi Camlenn. I'm afraid I have no appointment. I would like to ask permission to access your archives, perhaps I could speak to a resident master. But if you would shelter me for the night, that can well wait until tomorrow."

Surely she would be giving no offence by assuming that the woman greeting her was not herself a master. And Amilthi wouldn't mind at all starting off with a chat with one of the younger members of the order to learn what life was like here. It was perhaps better even to begin there than to speak immediately to one of the senior members, who would have thought much more explicitly about how to present the order and its goals, but who might at the same time reveal ultimately less. Not to mention the fact that her exhausted state and the time of the day were not at all suited to tending seriously to the business that had brought her here.


Teynara Jeralyr

In Topic: Hyperspeed Tube

16 September 2017 - 05:36 AM

I think hyperlanes are a function of realspace, in that whether or not a route is safe to travel depends on the presence of mass shadows from objects in realspace. So creating hyperspace lanes would basically be bulldozing out of the way the stuff that floats around in space. Meaning planets, stars, white dwarfs, black holes, etc. Not really feasible.