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Amilthi Camlenn

Amilthi Camlenn

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In Topic: A Spiritual Journey

06 February 2018 - 09:30 AM

Marina's curt reaction brought a frown onto Amilthi's face. She realised that she had left too many thoughts unsaid, abbreviated her line of thought beyond comprehensibility to another mind. Some ideas just became a matter of course after so many years of training one's own mind that one was liable to forget that they could be quite alien to those who didn't spend so much time in meditation.

Amilthi walked behind her, keeping a bit of distance, for a while. At first the path was easy to follow, then it disintegrated as it reached an area of scree. Marina, quite reasonably, avoided it by scrambling up the not very steep rock by one side that offered no major challenge. They gained altitude quickly and eventually spotted the path again. Amilthi figured that they were almost at the top of the plateau now - the monastery had to appear behind the rocks any minute. She caught up with Marina in the place where the path began anew, now practically even.

Amilthi waited a few moments for her quickened breath to slow down again before she spoke, which it did unnaturally soon.

"I expected you would find the thought comforting. There is no reason why we should allow ourselves to be saddened by something far away that we cannot change", the Jedi pointed out gently, somewhat abruptly picking the conversation up where they had left. "It is terrible that there is so much suffering in the world, but by suffering in impotent commiseration, we only make it so that there is even more suffering. Make no mistake - in these matters, I am just as powerless as you are. I have fought in these wars, and I have fought against them - to no avail at all." A sombre expression rested on Amilthi's face while she paused a several moments.

Then she picked up her train of thought again. "The climbing that you so enjoy is an experience that very much puts your attention on the present moment. To live like this every moment is a way to escape the pain that bigger thoughts are apt to bring."

Marina DeVoe

In Topic: A Spiritual Journey

18 January 2018 - 02:50 AM

Amilthi listened patiently and with a serious, but unmoved expression to Marina's word. These were familiar thoughts to her. Sentients were so susceptible to being lured into conflict by pointless goals that it seemed hopeless at times to try to stand against the tide. And those few who had the privilege of access to the Force were often the most prominent in the conflicts that arose, for the entirely natural reason that they could impose their will on their surroundings more effectively than ordinary beings. It was no surprise that the perception arose that it was them who were steering the conflict, even when in truth they were victims of their own nature just as much as anyone, caught up in the delusion that a victory was attainable that would finally deliver them from suffering and bring satisfaction.

"Tell me about it. When is this going to end, you ask? Who knows. My personal guess is 'never'. I'm less sure what the role of the Force is in all this. I'm inclined to think it'd all happen anyway."

"But let me ask you to consider this: what does any of this have to do with us, here?" She smiled faintly.

Marina DeVoe

In Topic: A Spiritual Journey

09 January 2018 - 04:22 PM

Amilthi gave Marina a quizzical look as she retreated to the edge of the ledge. "Really... ?" she asked with obviously feigned weariness.

"But to answer your questions, I am a Jedi, and I'm here on business of my own. The B'omarr monks are a queer order of mystics who for one reason or another refuse to talk to me. They live on Tatooine now, but a millennium or so ago, they inhabited monasteries like this one, here on Teth. Perhaps I will find something here that will enable me to change their minds."

"What?" she said with an amused look, poised to continue their way on the old path. It was certainly not in good condition, and quite narrow, so that one's steps still required attention, but it was much less steep now and their hands wouldn't have to touch the ground. "You think Jedi can't just go about indulging their curiosity?"

Marina DeVoe

In Topic: A Spiritual Journey

09 January 2018 - 02:53 PM

Amilthi's smile gave way to a neutral expression as she shrugged and turned back to the rock. She had said all she could, and it was for Marina to make a decision. Amilthi hoped that she had a good reason for what she did - perhaps she had pushed the other woman too far and now she wanted to prove something? That was generally more of a danger with men, and she had somewhat neglected to consider the possibility in this instance.

She briefly screwed up her face, unhappy with herself, but then pulled her attention away from these thoughts and back into the moment, to her hand and feet, her sense of balance, and the rock itself. The Jedi continued her ascent through more conventional means, though with preternatural levity. It took her barely half as much time as Marina to reach the old path above.

She threw a glance down at the ship and over the landscape before sitting down cross-legged and turning her attention back inwards, to the feeling of her exerted muscles. It was as if the little stinging sensations that followed one another in rapid succession in different places sought to elude attention, and the more persistently Amilthi chased them, the more rarely they dared to pop into existence at all. By the time Marina's head came into view, her breath had reached its regular slowness and her limbs felt quite fresh again, and she stood up again.

"Thank you", said Amilthi as Marina handed her the water, simply and without a smile, but quite genuinely. She took a gulp of the refreshing liquid and then returned it.

"What about?" she asked innocently. "Now you know why many things don't make me afraid. Or are you wondering why I'm so keen on looking into old buildings in the middle of nowhere? You didn't ask."

Marina DeVoe

In Topic: A Spiritual Journey

09 January 2018 - 12:50 PM

Amilthi smiled briefly, then adopted a serious expression again. "Not when it comes to jeopardising lives. You probably think that's what I'm doing, but I'm not. The next settlement is two or three days that way" - she pointed in the direction opposite to where they had come from - "if my map is not completely worthless. I'm quite confident I'll find it before the jungle manages to kill me, if it should even try."

The Jedi sighed. "Look", she said. "It's your life, and yours to risk. But you really ought to take a rope. I will not tie the rope around myself, so you will not be pulled down if I fall, which I will not. We also won't be switching, so you'll lose no time. None of the reasons for not taking a rope apply. Unless you're doing it for the thrill, in which case I can't stop you."

She hesitated for a moment, then turned away from Marina and towards the rock. "You see... The reason why I'm concerned is that you can't do... this."

At a moment's notice, the scope of her consciousness contracted to her feet as they felt on the ground, her legs as they bent in preparation, and the small plateau some five metres above at the lower end of the chimney she had spotted. As she jumped, the energy released was far greater than was possible for human legs. With seeming effortlessness she sailed up into the air, her arms rising to sustain her balance, and it was as though by lightly stepping out of the air that she gained safe ground higher up.

She turned around to look at Marina below with a fine smile.


Marina DeVoe