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Amilthi Camlenn

Amilthi Camlenn

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Infelicitous Predation

27 December 2017 - 01:36 PM

Amilthi was travelling along the Triellus Trade Route on a civilian liner for people of modest means, and as such the journey was anything but luxurious. She cared little for material comfort, however, and found it easy enough to blank out unpleasant sensations and retreat into her own mind by way of meditation. Her simple attire suggested, if anything, a station below that of most of the other passengers, and those who inevitably approached a lone woman travelling by herself were always met with an unresponsive sort of politeness that had them come away thinking her odd and not very interesting.

Lunch was being eaten in some sort of mass when the ship dropped out of hyperspace once more, presumably to adjust course. Amilthi noticed an ominous feeling rising inside her. She looked around, but naturally none of the other passengers paid much attention to the perfectly regular event, and there was no sign of anything unusual. The feeling did not recede, but grew further, a sure sign that something unfortunate was about to happen. After a few seconds, Amilthi rose from her seat and with swift, purposeful strides walked over to the counter where the food was served.

"I need to talk to the captain, now", she told the server sternly, the fingers of her right hand tracing and arc in the air before her. She would do the same to the captain to make him jump the ship out of the system, no matter the course. If she was to do anything effective to prevent the imminent calamity, rather than stand by, bound by propriety and social rules, then these people's self-determination didn't matter now. "I see, you need to talk to the captain..." "Hurry!" hissed Amilthi. People frowned and then looked at each other in alarm as the server suddenly started to run towards the door, followed with swift strides by a woman in a flowing skirt.

The bridge was a few stairs away, and they were only a few metres away from the door when suddenly an alarm began to blare, red lights flashed above the door, and a second layer of metal closed over it, sealing it shut. A blink of an eye later, a jolt went through the ship, accompanied by the noise of an explosion.

A question came to the fore in Amilthi's mind: was there anything she could have done, how many seconds faster would she have had to be? By an act of will, she pushed it aside as unproductive and irrelevant. Now she needed to remain calm and wait for the events to unfold to react as was appropriate. The past was already settled.

The terrified server looked at Amilthi as if she wanted to be told what to do. The fact that she had just done what Amilthi told her seemed to have triggered a general presumption in the young woman that Amilthi was a person to look to for directions. "Get -" The Jedi was interrupted by a voice suddenly bursting from speakers, drowning out the alarm. "This is the captain, get the passengers to the life pods!" He sounded shaken, and as if to comment his words, a second explosion followed.

It had been no more than a few seconds since the alarm had begun, and now, suddenly, that was the only thing that remained audible. No further explosions followed, and from her position, Amilthi couldn't see any signs of damage to the ship.

It could all have been a critical failure of the engine or some other component of the ship, but somehow this didn't feel right to Amilthi. She felt menaced, as if there was some indeterminate external source of threat. She waited, and the silence, or rather, the alarm, continued uninterrupted. If whoever was there wanted to blow up this ship, they would have done so already - the half-minute or so that had passed was plenty of time for that. If Amilthi was right that this was someone else's doing, and no an internal problem, then whoever that was was going to board the ship.

She suddenly sprung into action and ran down the stairs they had come, back towards the mass. As she entered it, people were scurrying out at the other end. There were anxious screams and the cries of children that made it more difficult to keep calm. Instead, Amilthi was growing impatient and annoyed at the fact that she couldn't do anything as long as she didn't know where the hull would be breached. Not that she was exactly looking forward to a fight, inevitable as it now felt. But she experienced a certain indignation at the idea that someone would target a completely defenceless civilian liner, and that made her want to deal with that someone.

Suddenly, her eyes widened in horror at the scene she witnessed: a metal thorn of some sort ripped through the hull of the transport and hit right in the middle of the corridor at the other side of the mass, through which the passengers were trying to escape. One was smashed into the opposite wall, others were hit hard and thrown to the side. The few who had remained on her side of it were turning back and running at her in panic. Amilthi reached for the lightsaber at her hip under her robe as the metal thorn retreated slightly and then suddenly split, opening a passage to the vessel it had come from, and in the process ripping apart parts of the floor and a hapless man who lying on it, unconscious from the initial impact.

The blue blade sprung forward from her lightsaber hilt with the familiar faint buzzing sound as the Jedi advanced toward the opening. There was no satisfaction in her feelings having been entirely correct. A cold, eerie calm descended upon Amilthi as she stood right next to the hole in the wall, her lightsaber raised, in anticipation of what would emerge from there. Her mind was razor sharp and she was acutely conscious of so many things at once. The feeling of the grip of her sword in her hands, of the soles of her feet in the boot on the ground, of the position of her legs that would allow her to step forward and retreat swiftly, of the smell of heated metal that emanated from the damaged parts of the ship - and, finally, of the approach of something not yet visible behind the outer wall.

Inyri Takan

Sand Gets Everywhere

27 December 2017 - 07:59 AM

The humid, tropical heat on Teth was much different from that on Tatooine, and Amilthi had eventually surrendered to it and stopped wearing the heavy clothes that were more appropriate in the desert. Now she was dressed in just a skirt and a sleeveless top that on Tatooine would have drawn embarrassed looks for being considered underwear. The lightsaber by her hip was clearly visible now, but fortunately most people here didn't pay attention to it and probably didn't even know what it was. The rest of hear meagre belongings were stuffed into a cloth bag that was hanging around her shoulder. It was indeed an admission of defeat on her part: keeping up the regulation of her body temperature had required constant concentration that had eventually proved too much to maintain. It had put aa drain on her mental resources that had made it much more difficult to think clearly and engage with the world, but too long a lapse would have carried the risk of fainting from the heat.

Not that she was planning to continue her stay much longer. A door slid open, and the slow, but intensely rhythmic music from inside the cantina mixed with the erratic rustling of leaves and the strange calls emerging from the depths of the crepuscular jungle that kept so many off-worlders awake at night here. The place was badly lit and not particularly busy. Amilthi could spot a few couples dancing, a handful of people sitting and standing around the bar, and, as she stepped inside, a few others huddled in more comfortable seats by the walls. It didn't escape her attention that most of them were armed, even the young lad embracing his date on the dance floor. An elderly pair of a rodian and a gran were playing some sort of game on a low table between their armchairs, dressed in loose-fitting shirts with colourful, flowery patterns. Perhaps this was their idea of a relaxed retirement. Still, the place was probably Amilthi's best bet for finding a ride off this planet, and perhaps it was simply too early in the evening yet.

She walked up to the bar, and the bartender, a human of dark complexion, looked her over appraisingly when she ordered a glass of sashin-leaf mead. "<Not from around here, are you?>" he asked in Huttese while pouring the drink. "<Not planning to stay, either.>" "<Ah.>" "<Get much traffic around here?>" In Galactic Basic, Amilthi could never hide her native Core world accent, but the informal Huttese she had acquired was quite congruent with her outward appearance.



Rina-Jan Getchell

A Spiritual Journey

26 December 2017 - 04:21 PM

Chalacta was as far as Amilthi had managed to get, as it was difficult to find transportation from the Core directly into Hutt space, where her destination lay. Not that Chalacta was a disagreeable place. Its people were serious, but not unwelcoming, and heirs to a rich spiritual tradition that Amilthi would have liked to inspire into at one point or another. But now, she had reason to lose no time to pursue her interests on Teth. The mission she had set for herself had the ulterior purpose of facilitating contact with the B'omarr monks on Tatooine, and with that planet now situated in Imperial space, and right at the border with the Confederacy of Independent systems, with whom the Empire did not enjoy warm relations, it was not clear how long it would remain easily accessible, and it seemed likely that the monks would make even greater efforts to shut themselves off from the world at large the more the situation destabilised.

And so, Amilthi was looking to get off Chalacta by way of catching a ride into Hutt space; not in the capital Jordir, which entertained relations with the more civilised parts of the galaxy, but one of the smaller cities, where she could expect more varied and unusual opportunities.

The small spaceport wasn't extraordinarily busy, and indeed someone used to the hustle and bustle of the bigger places would have found it positively slumbering. People and a few isolated droids were hauling cargo off and onto smaller freighters, others could be spotted on top or underneath their ships, muttering to themselves in every language, cursing, and exclaiming with satisfaction as their attempts at maintenance and repairs failed or succeeded.

In her coarse blue skirt, beige tunic, and roomy grey robe, the Jedi wasn't turning many eyes. She looked very much the part of the impoverished foreigner stranded in this place, perhaps someone who had come to Chalacta on an idealistic spiritual search. It made her uninteresting to all but the most exploitatively inclined.

There was only one thing that, on closer examination, didn't quite fit the picture was that she didn't appear in the least dejected or worried. She carried herself in the way of someone who was calm, happy, and confidently resting in herself. Her eyes, very awake, took in her surroundings observantly, but not nervously. It was more like she was simply interested in what was going on, rather than guarding against some unfavourable eventuality she was concerned about.

Amilthi tried to open herself up to the scene and let her feelings guide her to a place where she might perhaps find what she sought.

Marina DeVoe

Unable to Log Out

14 November 2017 - 01:38 PM

What it says: When I click "Sign Out", the main page reloads, but I'm still logged in. Happens with all of Firefox 56.0.2, Safari 11.0.1 and Chrome 62.0.

Life, Death, and the Force

28 October 2017 - 03:20 AM

The Jedi Order had received reports, or rather complaints, of an altercation on Metalorn. Local security had attempted and failed to apprehend two recently arrived off-worlders as suspects for abduction. Lightsabres had been involved. Representatives of the mining corporation in whose sector this had transpired had presented themselves as rather aggrieved that the Jedi had not kept under control such rogues. And so the order had dispatched two knights to investigate and remedy the situation.

The mission briefing had been the first time Amilthi met the other Jedi, which, given the recency of her own arrival, wasn't to say much. Her first impression had been quite confusing, and she had not yet had the opportunity to deepen it. While Amilthi looked like a mere peasant woman from a poor desert planet such a Tatooine or, indeed, Deneba itself, the other woman cultivated an appearance that was, while not beyond the bounds of tastefulness, apt to make an impression on the wealthier classes of the galaxy, and carried herself in a corresponding way. It was unlikely to be an act, as there would have been no reason to keep it up in the Jedi Enclave, which set Amilthi wondering what mindset the knight had achieved that made this compatible with the ways of a Jedi. Amilthi's own parents had been successful mathematicians in the financial world of Ralltiir, but her spiritual pursuits had transformed her to such an extent that she doubted she could still have passed as someone of corresponding social station. It appeared to her that she had essentially lost the ability to relate to the concerns that drove the lives of the scientific and economic elite of this sort. Her understanding of how such people functioned had been reduced to a purely intellectual level. She could not truly grasp why they cared about the things they cared about. Or so, at least, it she thought.

The trip to Metalorn itself would not present her with much opportunity to unravel this mystery. The Jedi Order was apparently short on more traditional personal transports and relied on a fleet of advanced starfighters with hyperspace capability for much of the mobility of its members. Two of these ships had been readied for the knights in the hangar, and upon arrival, Amilthi wasted no time with waiting and busied herself with the pre-flight checks.

Veleera Ta'al