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#1963956 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab [ OOC ]

Posted by Kor Vexen on Yesterday, 02:02 PM

Adenn Kyramud


No need to apologize, it was a simple misunderstanding. However going forth, and let this be known to everyone, that a person/faction is not permitted use or free reign to the Sith Empire's armory and equipment without express permission from a member of the faction staff or the original creator's approval at the very least, regardless if it is an open market submission. This stipulation is null if it says anywhere in the affiliations that another individual/faction is permitted to use said submission. No member in the faction is permitted authority to make the call on whether or not a person/faction can freely use our technology unless it is their own personal factory submissions. Thank you for your understanding in this situation (and inconvenience) and I hope we can avoid this issue in the future.

#1963852 Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

Posted by Kor Vexen on Yesterday, 01:22 AM

K O R _ V E X E N


Location | Bogden System

Objective | Assess the Situation

The UCM | Allies

The CIC | Adversaries

Khonsu Amon & Vilaz Munin | Direct Interaction


Vexen's fleet would soon arrive into the Bogden system, having been in close communication with the defensive forces over Obora-Skai and ascertaining the readiness of their defenses, which were in poor condition to be handling an invasion force with its half ready defenses. This was welcome news to the Sith General as it made striking down military targets and cutting down defenses much simpler and quick. Gehenna Fleet would drift along in space, not making any offensive maneuvers against any present forces, both hostile and friendly, rather just sitting there like a large bear waiting to be poked at. Given the circumstances of the situation, he could not technically attack anyone involved due to the intricate web of alliances and non-aggression pacts put in place, so assuming no one wanted to incur the wrath of the Sith Empire, and the Anzati General, he was more or less free to observe at his own leisure. Given all the chatter on allied frequencies being received, there was quite a few choices that the Anzati General could take into consideration for this conflict, all of which would ultimately benefit him in the larger picture.


As it turned out, the Lady of Secrets herself was reported to be arriving in the system soon. While Vexen held much respect for Taeli Raaf for her past actions, her arrival would make little impact on the situation at hand. Vexen turned to his Vice Admiral as he spoke, " Maintain neutral standing until conflict comes to us, I have matters to attend to. Ensure I am not disturbed unless your lives depend on it. " The Vice Admiral would offer an overdramatic little bow as he spoke with a grin, " Of course Lord General. " Vexen would turn on his heels as he began to depart from the bridge, making way for his own personal quarters. The solid steps of his metal boots against the metal floor could be heard as a daunting echo as he entered his private chamber and had the door seal behind him. The room would dim as he activated a terminal, and the Thyrsian Sun Guard had a heavily encrypted back channel provided to him as a Shadowcloak concealed his identity, making it impossible to identify the Sith General even if anyone managed to intercept the communication. An elaborate plot from the shadows was soon reaching fruition as the Galaxy found itself being thrown into an era of conflict and bloodshed once more, for the sake of those who thrive in battle and those who sought more powerful prey. All it took was a few zealots, coaxing the major powers at play and forcing their hands.


A disembodied voice would speak from a shadowy mass to Khonsu, with an identical message being directed to Vilaz " And so fortune smiles upon those of the Sun and War. Though I cannot directly aid in your...Slaughter, I am able to provide you with valuable intelligence. Fortunately for you, Obroa-Skai's defenses are sub-par at best and likely not in any condition to repel a full force assault. Strike hard and swift and they shall fall before you. Locations will be provided to you where they are most vulnerable to exploitation and being overwhelmed. Do with this information as you see fit. It may also intrigue you that the daughter of a certain mutually despised ruler is in the system as well at these coordinates. Consider her a potential high value target that you can cast your vengeance and hatred upon. This conflict will provide much boon for those who seek blood and power. Relish it...Thrive in it...Profit from the atrocities of war... Let them know how true wolves fight and tear their enemies apart. Remind them that you are to be feared.  "



#1962771 Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

Posted by Kor Vexen on 11 July 2019 - 03:21 PM

K O R _ V E X E N


Location | Approaching Bogden System

Objective | Assess the Situation

The UCM | Allies

The CIC | Adversaries

Flash Australis | Direct Interaction


Vexen continued to stare out into the void of hyperspace as an officer approached him and the Vice Admiral, informing them that he Gehenna Fleet would soon find itself coming within range of scanners to the Bogden system. They were finalizing preparations as communications were sent out to the Mandalorians in charge of defenses. Vexen and his fleet came under the guise of investigating a disturbance that had set off the Sith Imperial battlenet, playing it off as allies coming to the aid of their allies. Mission parameters had already been given to his subordinates, namely the Red Legion who followed his commands without question for their arrival, though their use in the coming battle would be largely set to information and intelligence gathering from the shadows.


The Vice Admiral at his side would look over to Vexen before speaking, " Hmm...The Bogden system. From what the officer informed me, it appears that a hostile fleet is on approach. I'd say our arrival would be greatly appreciated. " The Vice Admiral offered a small smirk as he returned to glancing at the datapad given to him. Vexen merely responded with a subtle nod, before speaking, " And so the gears are set in motion Vice Admiral. We will be keeping our hostilities to a minimum till we have fully ascertained the situation. None of our own are to fire unless fired upon, lest they suffer my wrath. We will provide supplementary aid where required, not our military power unless all other options have been exhausted. Is that understood? " Vexen would turn his head to look down at the Vice Admiral, who was calm despite being in the presence of one of the most daunting Sith in the Imperial Military. The Vice Admiral simply smiled and nodded, " Of course Lord General. "


With that, a direct line of communication would be opened to Obroa-Skai, the planet regarded as the most defended in the system, and Vexen's ghostly hologram appearing to the young Australis who had taken it upon himself to take charge of the defenses that were not fully operational, " This is Lord General Kor Vexen of the Imperial Legion, coming to investigate a disturbance within the space of our allies in the United Clans of Mandalore. We are approaching the Bogden system and will be arriving shortly. For your sake, I hope you will fully inform us of the situation so that we may be of assistance in dealing with this issue swiftly.



#1962237 Amaryllis Tansea

Posted by Kor Vexen on 09 July 2019 - 10:30 PM

Neeko is best deci- I mean, welcome.

#1962105 Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

Posted by Kor Vexen on 09 July 2019 - 03:52 PM

K O R _ V E X E N


Location | En Route to Bogden System

Objective | Assess the Situation

The UCM | Allies

The CIC | Adversaries


The Anzati Sith General stood on the bridge, his arms crossed over his chest as he stood next Vice Admiral Koruuna that commanded Gehenna Fleet, who was staring out into hyperspace alongside the Sith. Preparations were being made across the entire fleet to be on standby once they exited hyperspace once Vexen had fully analyzed the situation at hand upon their arrival over Bogden. Given the circumstances, it came as little to no surprise why the Mandalorians were being invaded by the Core Imperial Confederation, especially with how things on Umbara and Eshan went as he had observed. Then there was the Mandalorian attack on H'ratth which further provoked the relatively quiet and stagnant galactic powers into action. Things seemed to just slide into place perfectly as he had expected them to though it would be to the detriment of many; Something he had little regard for with his ulterior motives - to him, everyone was equally beneath him, mere pawns in a greater game of shadows. Of course he was fully aware of what would soon come to befall the unsuspecting Mandalorians via his vast network of agents and contacts that operated behind the scenes. Given the time, things would be set to start off a bloody battle promptly before they arrived in the system.


The silence apart from background chatter from bridge officers and technicians would be broken by the Vice Admiral who spoke while stroking at his beard; Koruuna was one of a small handful of military officers that Vexen held some degree of respect for, which was something earned and seldom given. The two had operated together on numerous campaigns under the banner of the Sith Empire, with few, if any failures. They had seen powers fall to their knees in the face of the Imperial Legion and Armada, and it was this respect that Vexen had for the Vice Admiral that he allowed the Atrisian to speak freely in his presence. " What are your thoughts about the Mandalorians General? You've been quite silent over the matter ever since our announced full military alliance with them. " Vexen would stare into the void, his posture unchanged as the Vice Admiral spoke, only responding after a lengthy silence had passed, " Make no mistake Vice Admiral, I do not believe the Mandalorians to be particularly reliable allies given how soft they have become since the days of old. But further judgement will be reserved until I have seen their full potential in battle. Rest assured, I will bring the full might of the Red Legion upon our enemies where I deem fit. "


The Vice Admiral seemed content with the answer, having developed a keen sense of judgement after having fought alongside the Sith General for so long, he was quite capable of understanding the surface of Vexen's mind, though no one could possibly ever comprehend what other sinister thoughts lurked in the depths of his mind. This conflict would serve to be a potential stepping stone that could drastically change the future, whether it be for the betterment of those involved or their detriment. It mattered little to Vexen whether it became better or worse for the people involved, only that whatever followed resulted in stronger individuals being produced, something worth invigorating the centuries old Sith and providing him with an essence that would be worthy to be added to his own. The wolf was growing hungry, and a flock of sheep had unknowingly let him into their midst.



#1961497 Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

Posted by Kor Vexen on 07 July 2019 - 03:52 PM

Might as well make use of the Defensive Stronghold mandate they have and the defensive alliance in effect with the Sith Empire. Requesting UCM ally slot, not that it really needs to be requested unless for whatever reason you choose to bar me from this invasion.

#1960663 Fanning The Flame - Dogpilie Invasions

Posted by Kor Vexen on 04 July 2019 - 09:50 PM



You've raised some solid points that I can understand and agree with, but I will rebut with my own.


1- Unfortunately, the efforts and actions of an individual will reflect on the faction they belong to, whether or not it is treated as the act of an individual isn't up to them to decide but how the rest of the board perceives it. This is wishful thinking, but alas we don't live in a perfect world, nor is any world (real or written) like that. For example, if my character (A high ranking Sith General) went out of his way to go raze an SJO planet to the ground just for the sake of razing it to the ground, and he did not do it at the behest of the Sith Empire, it wouldn't be just my character that the SJO would retaliate against, it would be against the Sith Empire as a whole. Another example that many are familiar with was the invasion of Mirial. An ally of the SJO rode a Rancor into a civilian capital building and proceeded to tear apart civilians and combatants alike. Once again, this was the action of an individual that without the consent of the faction they were assisting was acting out that reflected poorly on the SJO during this invasion. 


2- Yes


3- Harassment and bullying is something taken quite seriously, granted evidence is provided and not just pointing at someone and accusing them of bullying. That is something that can be easily exploited, hence why cohesive proof of issue is provided and proper disciplinary action given out.


4- Niches are just that; niches. It caters to very specific groups that are hard to find new and interested folk in, nothing about this will change.


5- No one is forcing writers on either side to interact with each other directly, you are free to write your own narrative for the invasion as you see fit. I primarily write a lot of battlefield background noise without directly interacting with another writer as an opposing commander, and whatever I write the opposition is free to take bits off of and react to. I blew up that building? The opposition can either react to me blowing up that building and work around/away from it as they see fit or just not interact with me at all. Again it's about the story you write and whether or not it builds suspense and makes people feel like they're their and what they would be experiencing.


6- While this can be perceived as intentional burnout a lot of the times, sometimes circumstances just line up poorly for one of the parties involved and there's not much that can be done about it unless there is blatant evidence proving otherwise.

#1960614 Fanning The Flame - Dogpilie Invasions

Posted by Kor Vexen on 04 July 2019 - 07:32 PM

Yula Perl


While I appreciate the sentiment and thought for newer factions, none of the factions currently involved (Save for the CIC, which I think is doing exceptionally well despite being young) in this topic are ones I would consider new, particularly the UCM which is just a renamed version of the Mandalorian Empire which has been around for over two years and longer than I have been on this site. They are by no stretch of the imagination new. But again this isn't a thread about discussing potential new mandates/amending old ones.

#1960579 Fanning The Flame - Dogpilie Invasions

Posted by Kor Vexen on 04 July 2019 - 06:32 PM

Kahlil Zambrano


Chalk it up to being a matter of time. It's summer and a lot of the writers have a lot more free time that they can afford to spend writing. A lot of writers in the months before were simply too busy to right because of things like school/finals/etc. The more that can be packed into the summer the better, that is how I interpret it as. If these invasions were to be petered out one after the other rather than concurrently, then it will result in a lot less getting done while people are available to.



Tathra Khaeus


Be that as it may, it still doesn't change that the results of the invasions are solely based on who writes the better story and maintains minimal drama outside the thread during the invasion. For the ME it is an opportunity to show that they can shine and thrive in the face of adversity, as should be expected of Mandalorians who are proud and ready to fight to uphold their culture/beliefs. For the opposition it is a chance to get back at them for the crimes they believe the ME has committed. 

#1960572 Fanning The Flame - Dogpilie Invasions

Posted by Kor Vexen on 04 July 2019 - 06:20 PM

Tathra Khaeus


Often times it is as simple as black and white. People lurk in other faction's discords all the time just to see if they say anything bad or try to stir poodoo against another faction/writer, it's why people have been exposed for the things they've said and are asked to be held accountable. IC and OOC should never be taken as interchangeable as it is being interpreted now. I haven't seen an invasion done for purely OOC reasons(Hehe let's go kark on these guys because we feel like it) as a result of OOC politics in a long time if at all. There has always been an IC catalyst or reason to result in an invasion being declared. 


Counter invasions against smaller factions is, I agree in poor taste, but it serves to not let someone off scott free into thinking they can get away with something with no repercussions. Take the CIS counter invasion against the UCM made. They only declared that invasion because they are allies to the SJO whom the UCM have declared an invasion against as well as the results of prior threads. It would reflect poorly on them to not come to their allies aid while also having the reason of attacking one of the few factions they are in hostile relations with. Retaliation comes swiftly and the Jen'ari should have been example enough to not try prodding at the CIS or its allies less they suffer the potential for retaliation. But this also raises another point - It still doesn't matter who is the bigger faction because invasions are never judged based on who has the bigger army/better fighters. It is judged upon who wrote the better story which anyone is capable of. Take the TSE/ORC invasion - The TSE have a significantly larger IC army and fleet, but we still lost because the ORC managed to write a slightly better story than we did. And to that I say that is a victory well deserved.


I for one see this as an opportunity for the more politically inclined characters from either faction to run a negotiation thread/plotline to broker a temporary or lasting peace between them (During the invasion) so that in the future, once the invasion ends or it can be agreed to a stalemate as a result of these negotiations will help pad involved factions for the future.

#1960548 Fanning The Flame - Dogpilie Invasions

Posted by Kor Vexen on 04 July 2019 - 05:52 PM

Tathra Khaeus


I don't recall reading any of these invasions being for OOC reasons. I don't see what's difficult to understand here when they are being written as a result of IC actions with IC consequences. The Map game is brutal and unforgiving, and the only ones that have died as a result of it are factions that were either at the end of the line to the point where inactivity was going to remove them or they simply just did a poor job of maintaining proper political relations with others. OOC sportsmanship is how the writers from each faction interact with each other during threads like knowing not to just post 30 times before the opposition has an opportunity to post or being a dick to one another in DMs or publicly, not surrounding the declarations made over IC reasons.


If there is ever any clear evidence that can be provided for such poor behavior, that is already taken into account for the invasion results and will negatively affect the ones responsible. Like if Graf, Metus, Locke or Yasha decided to call each other retarded degenerates and we're going to invade you for being X, Y, or Z OOCly, then I believe a report to the admin team is in order, but unless it's that case I see no reasoning to make amends to the current system unless the Admin team themselves deem it to need heavy revisions on their own part rather than at the suggestion of a few people. If there is no such evidence, then there is no foul.



Kahlil Zambrano


Your character hates Sith, therefore he should ICly hate my Sith for being a Sith. OOC hate would be your character hating even my Mandalorian/SJO characters as well because I also write a Sith.

#1960538 Fanning The Flame - Dogpilie Invasions

Posted by Kor Vexen on 04 July 2019 - 05:42 PM

Poor sportmanship during war. I'm sure the folks at Pearl Harbor or Poland would have wished the enemy were good sports.

#1960530 Fanning The Flame - Dogpilie Invasions

Posted by Kor Vexen on 04 July 2019 - 05:30 PM

First of all - Charge yo goddamn phone.


Secondly (On a more serious note) - I have always considered invasions to have been far more for IC reasons than OOC reason, so dogpiling invasions never really seemed much of a concern to me unless they were clearly just made completely off of OOC reasoning as opposed to IC ones. While I cannot speak to what happened during the One Sith/Galactic Republic incidents, I can speak a bit to the time the Jen'ari were swarmed by invasions. During that time there were two issues that resulted in them being hit by the CIS and TSE, both of which were wholeheartedly IC reasons; They declared an invasion on CIS held Kamino to which they responded with a retaliatory invasion, which ICly makes a whole lot of sense considering the CIS is much larger and can afford to throw a counter offensive back at them while still being able to hold their own. Then the TSE joined in because an IC opportunity was seen to hit those they viewed as heretics from another front, with the intention of wiping them out. Was it driven by OOC reasoning? Maybe just a little bit on behalf of Vyrassu picking a fight with everyone for whatever reason, but I for one and many others were given more than enough IC reasoning to warrant attacking them at the same time as the CIS. It's just a strategically sound move to jump a common enemy, why wouldn't anyone with a modicum of sense not seize that opportunity? 


With the current invasion season I see no difference to the time as the Jen'ari. The UCM declared an invasion against the SJO, the CIC has more than enough IC reasoning to hate the UCM because they were led to believe the daughter of Graf was killed by Mandalorians (Even if she wasn't killed she was still severely wounded as a result), and the CIS saw an opportunity to strike at one of the few enemies they have left on the Map.




I know you made a remark on it before, but I still stand by the belief that if you are not actively ready to defend your territory on the Map as a Major Faction, you have no business staying on the map. IC wars aren't stopped because people decide they are tired, they either result in the subjugation of the enemy or their complete and utter annihilation. If you want to have some sort of 'time of peace' then go do some politic threads seeking armistice rather than pointing fingers and crying OOC foul. This is one of the caveats to being on the map and one that shouldn't be amended. My only comment on this going forward for any Major Faction or one looking to make a Major Faction is make friends with everyone and don't piss off the others who have big friends. Politics play a heavy hand in the map game, and it is a very slippery slope.

#1952271 Bounty Rewards: In game system or roleplay?

Posted by Kor Vexen on 06 June 2019 - 04:23 PM

Roleplay. There has never really been an in-game system as Credits are more or less casually thrown as random numbers to make something look more important - They have never had any other real value outside that. The only other rewards are whatever the poster assigns to it (Usually a factory submission). Really the only thing you get out of bounty hunting is recognition.


Voska Naudir

#1943033 [Netherworld] The Valley of the Lost and Forgotten

Posted by Kor Vexen on 09 May 2019 - 03:32 PM



" Who...Are...You...? "




  • | Intent | To submit an interesting location in the Netherworld for potential people looking to either overcome their fears or be lost to the mists.

  • ​| Image CreditSource

  • | Canon | N/A

  • | Links | N/A




  • | Landmark Name | Valley of the Lost and Forgotten
  • | Classification | Valley
  • | Location | Netherworld
  • | Size Large

  • | Population Sparse
  • | Demographics |

​The Valley of the Lost and Forgotten is a place sparsely populated by the souls or bodies of those lost to its mists. It is a place where spirits unable to find peace are drawn to, and typically where they come to permanently reside. For those who still possess their physical forms, it is a place where they wander endlessly for those who come to the Valley meet, some being mere husks of what they once were, or often just shambling bodies wandering about aimlessly without sanity.

  • | Accessibility

​The Valley is a place that one would wander into by chance or mistake most of the time. It is only until it is too late that one realizes they have stumbled upon a place of purgatory and limbo in the Netherworld that can become extremely difficult to both navigate and escape. Only those with a strong willpower and strong enough resolve seem to be able to navigate the Valley with little issue.

  • | Description

​The Valley of the Lost and Forgotten is an enigma in and of itself. Upon finding themselves in the Valley, individuals are often greeted with a mist, not unlike any found anywhere else in the Galaxy. As one progresses through the Valley, or rather the longer they stay in it, the mist thickens until one can barely see more than a few feet ahead of themselves, at which point the effects of the Valley begin to take effect. The Valley is filled with a number of trees and different kinds of shrubbery nestled between sheer cliffs, and due to the thick nature of the mist, even travel in groups can quickly become difficult. The mist itself almost seems to actively attempt to separate individuals from groups.




  • | The Endless Mist | The defining feature of the Valley is the presence of its mist. While it appears as ordinary mist, it is infused with a powerful hallucinogenic that is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. It more or less is impossible to detect or perceive. The mist's effects intensify from extended exposure and immersion to it, building up to semi-real manifestations projecting themselves before an individual. The effects of the mist draw out the deepest, darkest thoughts in one's subconscious, bringing their greatest fears and despairs into a reality, very similar in a way to Chagrin. The mist also echoes whispers of the lost, adding to a paranoid environment. This effect gradually wears off once an individual is no longer exposed to the mist.
  • | Spiritual Possession | As the Valley is a place that beckons for nearby spirits to come to, it is not uncommon that the spirit of a particularly powerful deceased individual is found roaming. For those who have been lost to the mist that still possess a physical form, the spirits are often able to take possession of that body, though this typically only works on those who possessed a weak will and have lost their minds completely from wandering the mists.
  • | Mirrored Alignment | Though it is technically 'neutral' as far as Force alignment goes, an odd quality about the Valley is its ability to mirror the alignment of anyone who is able to perceive its atmosphere. Those attuned with the light side of the Force are beckoned by the light that it radiates whereas those attuned to the dark side of the Force are enticed by the dark energies that it emits. This likely is the reason why the Valley is a beacon for wandering spirits in the Netherworld, and why many are often drawn to it.
  • | Time Distortion | The Valley's mists seem to distort time, though likely as a result of the hallucinogenic atmosphere it possesses slowing the mind's perception of time down to a crawl. Hours in real world time turn into days while within the Valley, thus warping the perception of eternity while one is in the Valley.




  • N/A




  • | Gate | Not Applicable - Internal Netherworld Access
  • | Lucidity |

Nothing about The Valley comes off as supernatural or odd at a glance from a distance, rather it appears as a safe haven for individuals of either side of the Force. However, once exposed to the mists, and found wandering its depths, everything that one seems to know can be distorted into a horrible reality. Their mind projects manifestations in the mists, hearing whispers all around them like a paranoid schizophrenic. Friend can become foe very easily while exposed to the hallucinogenic effects of the mist as the individual that one fears or hates the most can be projected on anyone else within the mist, the words of friends becoming warped to evil sayings of those that reside in the deepest, darkest parts of one's mind.

  • | Hostility |

Varied - The denizens of the Valley are...Odd to say the very least, bordering either totally insane or just completely inert. Some may attack newcomers out of sheer desperation, or they'll simply mumble warnings to those who find themselves in the mist. The spirits of particularly powerful individuals caught in the Valley may lash out angrily, particularly those attuned to the Dark side, angry that they have been trapped in a place where there is nothing to gain. It is instances such as these that the Valley can become a very, very dangerous place to be.





The Valley of the Lost and Forgotten - a peculiar and dangerous location within the Netherworld. Characterized by its appearance as a misty valley from afar with few treetops barely able to poke through the mist. It is an oddity as far as its alignment to the Force and everything around it. Many mistake it expecting it to be a safe haven or a place where perhaps hidden secrets may reside due to the atmosphere it gives off to those who can perceive the Force, generally speaking it gives off the essence of what one would hope to find. In this regard it functions much like a predatory plant, luring in unsuspecting travelers of the Netherworld as well as wandering spirits. By the time those who venture into its depths realize that it is a very dangerous place to be, it is often too late.


The Valley brings forth the worst in a person's mind, unlocking the depths of their subconscious and bringing forth their fears into a semi-corporeal reality. This image that it projects can apply itself to any other individuals that still possess a physical form within the mist; a friend may appear as what a person fears or hates the most, their words being warped to further solidify an image that causes them to run or fight. Spirits, while unaffected by the properties of the mist, are capable of possessing bodies of those who have lost their sanity and minds from extended exposure to the mist.


Many who come to the mists find themselves losing their minds to it, and their bodies just shamble around till they wear themselves down and eventually die, becoming permanent residents of the Valley. However, those who are able to persist through its effects, overcome their fears and conquer it, generally come out of it with an even stronger mind and spirit, while being unaffected by the properties of the mist.