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Kor Vexen

Kor Vexen

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#1936178 Unban 'Realistic' Mechs

Posted by Kor Vexen on Yesterday, 10:49 PM

The fact that this is still being argued shows ineffectiveness on the staff side in coming to a decisive conclusion and lack of understanding the larger picture. The line could have simply been drawn at "If it has hands and fingers, it won't be accepted" and that will be good enough. At this point the argument for whether or not the Atlas or the Aegis is approved/denied has long since passed and it's just coming down to a matter of "Don't make me spend x amount of days or weeks on something only for you to hate the fact that it has hands" which is basically what the issue is here from the Factory staff side. It was never an issue with the function, the armor, or even the weapons, it was an issue with the appearance and whether or not it fits. But if this rule of "its aesthetics need to fit Star Wars" is going to persist, you best be willing to look at starships, weapons, droids and everything else with just as much scrutiny.

#1936048 Mandates Refresh 2019

Posted by Kor Vexen on Yesterday, 05:30 PM

Voidborne Crusaders

  • Strength: This Major Faction has an infinite number of Requesting Aid slots when launching an Invasion of an Enemy Hex.
  • Weakness: This Major Faction has no Requesting Aid slots when defending a Hex that they own.



Infinite Request Aid when ATTACKING is currently seen as very overpowered. On defense, not so much. This is because most factions only attack when they know they have an upper hand. Also, I personally view it as much funner to be on offense here than it is to be on defense, because it happens so seldom due to reasons this would exacerbate. If everyone can join in on ONE invasion, other Invasions are much less likely to happen.

I would prefer MORE Invasions that are smaller, not less Invasions that are bigger. And again, Invaders likely already have the upper hand at Chaos.


Lucius Varad


I've made a suggestion similar to this and the reverse for Defensive Stronghold [here], and it's simply put a hard cap on how many people can join in both the offensive and defensive. We already have a base of 5 ally slots per side given that they aren't using Defensive Stronghold which would grant them none if said faction tries to go on the offensive. I see no point in allowing entire Major factions come to the aid of another faction using either Voidborne Crusaders or Defensive Stronghold, and an additional 5 ally slots for each would be sufficient enough to make a clusterkark of a story. That'd either be 10 total ally slots for Voidborne Crusaders + whoever in the faction is participating (Which would also be a minimum of 5 to fulfill the invasion requirements) with no ally slots requested when defending, or 10 total ally slots for Defensive Stronghold + whoever in the faction is participating (Which would also have a minum of 5 to fulfill the invasion requirements) with no ally slots while attacking.


Given the state of how Ally slots work too and how horribly exploitable it is, a faction can theoretically still get an infinite number of allies without either of these mandates because of the loophole of "As long as I join a participating faction, I do not need to sign up for an ally slot because I am technically a part of the faction". Either fix that and introduce a system or set of guidelines that prevent this or start introducing hard caps on participants. I just in general think Defensive Stronghold needs to be better balanced because the weakness is honestly not even a weakness for how good its strength is.



Criminal Enterprise

1. Once a month, sacrifice a hex, then choose one:

- Swap influence clouds with a faction that has fewer hexes.


- Gain control of target Dominion thread by another Major Faction.


- Join a Rebellion you would not normally be able to join.


This meme has a special place in my heart, but please Tefka, as much as I love you, don't try this. We all know that this would be the only thing people ever use.


Industrial Magnate

  • Strength: When this faction completes an Invasion, a new Victory Condition is to be taken into consideration by the presiding Roleplay Judge:

    Factory Presence
    The addition and numerical value of player-created starships, vehicles, weapons and droids are to be taken into consideration and leverage in favor of all Industrial Magnate Factions when determining victory of an Invasion.

  • Strength: Droid character posts in Dominions count for double when determining the completion of Dominions.


Sounds fairly neat, but when it comes down to it, then we end up with a faction potentially being able to upscale the production of stuff that were balanced due to their production limitations. Also the addition of Droid PC's buffing dominion progression would just result in factions who have significantly more droid characters (ie CIS) being able to pump out dominions while more or less telling other factions that they should only use droid characters for dominions. The artificial boosting of speed for a dominion is arbitrary and encourages nothing with no suitable weakness to balance it out.



New Spawn

  • Strengths: This faction cannot be invaded or rebelled.
  • Weaknesses: Only available as a first Mandate for newly minted Major Factions. Lasts only for the first 30 days of the Major Faction's existence. Cannot be re-used if Faction goes minor or gets recalled, and then becomes Major again. Faction cannot invade during the 30 day window.


Scherezade deWinter


I'd like to think there is an unspoken rule on leaving the new Major factions alone for a short while so that we as the other map incumbents can respect that they too are trying to write and develop a story. We've seen what happens to Majorfactions that try too hastily to invade other people and be a dick about it (ie The Jen'ari), and we've seen what happens when a Major faction tries to hit a new one without thinking it through or even attempt to contact the other faction to write up a mutually beneficial story of some sort (ie The New Republic). I don't think this is necessary assuming the new Major faction was doing something stupid like trying to hit a larger faction and not expect to be hit back.  


Population Control

  • Strengths: Once every 60 days, this faction can choose to give up on of its hexes and hand the option to choose a hex to another faction.
  • Weaknesses: Receiving faction is still limited to gaining 3 hexes total per month. Receiving faction must have a smaller amount of hexes than the giving faction. Received hex is open to rebellion for 10 days.


It's a neat idea, but at the same time, one has to ask the question of why? This would be under the assumption that the two factions have touching borders. At that point it would be a matter of why not just do diplomacy threads while having the benefits of a different mandate? 




Contagious Assault

  • Strengths: When this faction invades, it can choose an additional neighboring hex that will be included in the invasion.
  • Weaknesses: When this faction gets invaded, the invading factions can automatically choose one additional neighboring hex that will be counted in the same manner.


This is not a bad idea, but this is very nice in my opinion. If you wanted to include a neighboring hex, what benefit does this provide apart from giving a more spread out invasion where there are less people delegated to a planet. There is no benefit in targeting another hex unless the stipulation is that the attacker if they win the invasion takes both hexes. This applies for the opposite as far as the weaknesses go. What benefit or point is there?




Passive Expansion

  • Strengths: Every 3 months, gain a hex without needing to do a dominion for it.
  • Weaknesses: You may gain the hex passively only if your faction did not participate in invasions, skirmishes, or fights against other factions within those three months (regardless of whether your faction is the aggressor or the defender).


As was demonstrated in some past suggestions, some people were not very receptive to the idea of passive hex gain. This just encourages turtling like no tomorrow for the addition of a single hex every 3 months key factor here being over 90 days just to get 1 hex while basically telling your entire faction they aren't allowed to write any stories with other factions. This needs extensive rework before even being remotely considered as useful or beneficial, not just to the map game, but to storytelling in general.




Unconventional Warfare

  • Strength: When invading another Major Faction, this Major Faction can designate up to 5 members of an opposing faction that cannot participate
  • Weakness: This Major Faction is limited to TWO dominions per month. (and thus no SSD)


Kaine Australis


No. Just no. This just screams default win against any faction that has an inactive member base by basically telling the best 5 (Or in some cases the only 5) to go kark themselves in a corner. Even against active factions, you essentially are telling 5 people who can potentially write the best stories or progression of invasions to sit it out. This is unfun, uninteresting, and poor sportsmanship.





Asymmetric Warfare
When invaded, a faction may refuse to meet their opponent in open battle, opting instead to use asymmetric or guerilla tactics to engage the enemy. 

Strength: Allows faction to preserve fleet and troop strength on less vital worlds. Instead, they mobiliize indigenous forces to engage the enemy with ambush tactics, striking at weak points and fading away into the civilian population. 

Weakness: Defending faction cedes the initiative, fighting without air or technological superiority. 




Like the issue I have with some being from more of a fairness perspective, this one just makes no sense to me from an IC one. For the record, there is nothing stopping a faction from pursuing guerilla tactics to begin with, in some cases it is what some Major factions solely rely on. For example, if some faction comes along and sets up shop next to the Sith Empire and they have this mandate and the Sith Empire decides they want to go invade them, there is nothing stopping us from leveling the "civilian populace' that you've tacked on, and in some cases, Major factions just don't give a flying kark about civilian casualties whether it be dropping star destroyers on cities, burning them alive with Force Light, etc. As for the weakness, this is way too much micromanagement for the faction to have to deal with and basically tells allies that they cannot do anything apart from running around and having to deal with an invading faction coming along with their big old armies and fleets that will raze anything and everything to the ground. Again, it's a fun storytelling suggestion, but not one that needs to be made into a mandate form when any other mandate could provide better effects.




Racial Supremacists


Strengths: Characters belonging to the major faction's parent species have their posts count for twice as much in dominions, and have unlimited ally slots for members of the parent race in defending invasions.


Weaknesses: Characters outside of the parent species must have their posts count for half a post in dominions, non-members of the parent species cannot be allies in invasions.


Calico Tal'verda


Like the Industrial Magnate, I don't think the artificial boosting of post counts via doubling the worth of any specific trait/species is arbitrary. And again with having unlimited ally slots for defense, assuming that you take Gilmar Skirata's advice and change it to cultures instead of species, results in this being basically a better version of Defensive Stronghold for Mandalorians essentially where they can also just turn in 25 posts and call it a finished dominion. No.



Holy Nation


Strengths: This major faction may designate a planet within their faction as a holy world for every five hexes it controls. Holy worlds are treated like secondary capital worlds, (10 defensive slots, must control an adjacent hex to invade, etc)


Weaknesses: If the Holy World is invaded and the invasion is won by the opposing faction, it becomes a desecrated world. The hexes adjacent to the desecrated world can be invaded with a maximum of twelve allies rather than five to reflect the faction's IC morale loss. This debuff remains until the desecrated world is reclaimed.



This is more or less a suggestion I made back on this thread as far as the strength goes. A planet can be designated as a defensive stronghold and gains allies equal to the number of hexes it is connected to and effectively 'taunts' in MMO terms the invading faction into only being able to attack the stronghold hex, effectively giving you the chance to protect up to 7 total hexes, though this came at the expense of not being able to submit a Super Star Destroyer at the end of the month. The weakness for yours is also arbitrary because some factions can speed dom the 'desecrated world' faster than you can start and complete an invasion on a hex nearby it unless the invading faction is on an absolute warpath and cranking through invasions like there's no tomorrow.



Never Tell Me The Odds

  • Strength: Being outnumbered when Invaded counts towards your defensive victory. (5% chance per person. D20 Discord roll by RPJ upon thread completion.)
  • Weaknesses: If you don't field at least 10 writers within the a week of the start of your defense, you forfeit.
  • Note: Drop outs mid-thread by your team don't count against your invader.


Jay Scott Clark


Leaving invasion results up to chance or solely on the fact that your opponent is significantly bigger than you to doesn't make much sense. While it's neat in concept as we have stories of overcoming impossible odds all over the place, the results of an invasion are not based on who has done the most damage to the opposing faction, it comes down to quality of storytelling, sportsmanship, and lack of drama as well as participation. There is no dice rolling to decide who wins and who loses. Again, neat concept from an IC perspective as a storytelling element, but not a good enough execution to warrant it being a balanced mandate.




#1935833 MandalArms SR-2020 Assault Beamer

Posted by Kor Vexen on Yesterday, 02:34 AM

You've basically got the infantry equivalent of an LAAT's ball turret laser without the stipulation that it's mounted on a vehicle, on a large scale production level on top of the destructive potential by channeling the laser through multiple kyber crystals focusing it. You are more or less asking to be allowed miniature death star cannons that can be wielded by infantry with your wording of this cannon using multiple crystals to focus and intensify the laser's power output. You may as well just use a standard solar ionization cannon and you'd still get the same effect without going overkill. You also utilize both Coaxium and Antimatter, both of which I would assume are used to fuel and power the weapon. In case you weren't already aware, both small amounts of coaxium and antimatter would result in a massive output of energy, neither of which is suitable or practical for being carried around by infantry, let alone in a backpack that can easily be shot and breached. You are basically carrying around miniature nukes on the back of your troops with this, which would beg the question of "Why would this be a good idea to bring to the battlefield?" .


Kaine Australis

#1935689 MandalArms SR-2020 Assault Beamer

Posted by Kor Vexen on 20 April 2019 - 03:20 PM

The difference between ionized light and a kyber enhanced laser are pretty significant though. Your primary sources are also large scale weapons meant for use on starfighters and starships, for targets with thicker armor and overall better defenses than anything on an infantry scale. While I think the use of kyber crystals on things like turbolasers are fine, having them on a minor production infantry scale seems to be a bit much.


Kaine Australis

#1935364 MandalArms SR-2020 Assault Beamer

Posted by Kor Vexen on 19 April 2019 - 04:01 PM

I don't know about you, but this sounds an awful lot like a lightsaber rifle (Which are banned) to me, especially with that last bit on its description. 


Kaine Australis

#1935116 Upping the Map Game

Posted by Kor Vexen on 18 April 2019 - 09:24 PM

So I was kind of thinking on how to perhaps maybe 'spice' up some things for the map and interactions between factions. I like to see the map game a bit like Stellaris, in this manner where certain planets will have resources/exotic materials/etc. And for simplicity's sake we'll just say this applies to things that are of Limited-Mass Produced in nature for the following suggestion. So take that as you will and don't see this as an infringement on your ability to be a special snowflake with your Unique and Semi-Unique stuff.


One of the things that crossed my mind was the control of resource/infrastructure worlds. More or less resources that planets that had unique resources to them, or possession of a hex that contains a shipyard world to produce starships and such. This was more something that came up when a lot of the restricted materials were made openly available to everyone, and for no logical purpose or reasoning other than letting people make awesome or broken submissions. The thought was to basically add another layer onto the map game and reduce the mass production of things that would have otherwise difficult to acquire materials. Perhaps start some threads where you open up a trade agreement with other factions to acquire resources and materials that they might have. Because I'll be honest, it peeves me just a tad when I see someone outside the Mandalorians mass producing Beskar vehicles/equipment when possession of Beskar on that size or scale would be ridiculous, especially if said people producing things with Beskar are not on friendly terms with the Mandalorians. You get the idea on why that wouldn't make much sense.


Now before you go grab your torches and pitchforks and start a riot claiming that this is only going to make things harder for the Factory, stifling your creative freedoms, there is an alternative to this in the form of the Codex. If you don't have a planet that has a shipyard or an exotic resource, then go and make one as long as its reasonable. If anything, this encourages more creativity while providing your faction with a stable source of that resource/infrastructure to use.


The same really goes for shipyard worlds. It would make sense that a faction has a go to planet that would be a prime production for ships rather than them just popping up out of nowhere. And if you don't have such a hex? Make one, slap it in an empty hex you might want to dominion and then give yourself another neat little dominion objective.


This also would make for interesting invasion targets as these resource/infrastructure hexes can be used to cripple the means of production for a time being and add another layer of depth. It would stand to reason that they are more likely to be targets for invasion and should these circumstances happen, production of a resource/infrastructure might be halted/slowed. Now why do I bring up that last bit you might ask? Well let's say a faction only has one planet for a certain resource/infrastructure, it would stand to reason that if it were being invaded, or they lost that hex, it would be a pretty heavy blow to production, resulting in them not being able to produce stuff in the Factory for a time until they've regained control of that specific resource/infrastructure hex. While you won't have problems with some more freely available material like durasteel/duraplast/etc. this would more so apply to things that are more unique to a certain region of space or certain conditions.


For clarity here's an example with less words - If I have a faction that has one shipyard planet that gets invaded and I lose that hex, I won't be able to construct starships until I have regained control of that hex.


That more or less is what I'm thinking at the current moment, and for some of the higher ups to consider. And for those of you who really hate the idea, that's fine, but to me that just comes to an issue of a person being lazy, angry and not wanting to make a simple submission in the Codex designating X planet as something like an exotic resource planet or vital to a certain kind of infrastructure, whether it be droids, vehicles, starships, etc.

#1935060 The Rise Of Chungus: A Star Wars Story

Posted by Kor Vexen on 18 April 2019 - 04:48 PM

Welcome to the board Luke Chungus. Nice to have you come along and find us, we're a friendly and helpful bunch Most of the time. If you have any questions, we are all willing to answer them and help you along to get you acclimated and comfortable here. I will answer your questions.


1) It's consistent and it's long term. A lot of roleplays I've been a part of have died off due to too few members being able to generate stories or people losing interest. Chaos does not have that issue and I've been apart of this board for about 2.5 years now, though some of the older faces have been here for a long, long time. It's a fun take on Star Wars that brings like minded folk together.


2) I've mostly been a fan of the Clone Wars aspect of Star Wars. Chalk it down to the aesthetic or the characters, but I've generally found them to be more likable and diverse compared to some of the other Star Wars movies/series. I also do enjoy the 


3) Hard to say really. I just enjoy writing up stories with other writers and developing their characters whether it be as a nemesis or a mentor. I've made a lot of great friends though, so there is that.




But let me pose a few questions in return. How'd you find us, what got you interested, and what kind of character do you plan to write (If you have any off the top of your head)?

#1935046 Looking for a new Triumvir of Knowledge

Posted by Kor Vexen on 18 April 2019 - 03:20 PM

I'll throw Vexen into the pool for consideration. He's been active for over 800 years, a lot of time spent fighting, learning and evolving. Though he is a fighter by nature, knowledge has always been something that Vexen has craved over his physical hunger. His title as Lord of Assimilation isn't just for show either since he gains the knowledge of whoever he feeds off of.

#1934655 Perhaps the archives are incomplete

Posted by Kor Vexen on 17 April 2019 - 03:39 PM

Welcome to the board. Curious how you found yourself here and compelled you to join, always fun to know how new members arrive. If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to ask to your heart's content, we're a helpful bunch (most of the time). If you are looking for anything in particular, there will definitely be at least one person who can point you in the right direction.



#1934456 Unban 'Realistic' Mechs

Posted by Kor Vexen on 17 April 2019 - 02:30 AM

Cyrus Tregessar


But the same could be said for any of the other sections of the Factory. We have Halo Spartans, Warhammer marines, Mass Effect weapons, hell even real life weapons can be argued that they don't fit the Star Wars aesthetic. Literally anything from any other franchise has more or less been used as an aesthetic at this point. I am not even of the belief that any submission should be judged based upon its aesthetic design unless it is very clearly the core inspiration and a cut and paste from where it originated from. 

#1934454 Unban 'Realistic' Mechs

Posted by Kor Vexen on 17 April 2019 - 02:22 AM

While I am kind of skeptical about mechs in general being a more commonly seen thing being on the board if it were to ever be officially 'unbanned' (I'd much rather see battles being fought with troops and vehicles like tanks and such), I do think that the rules are outdated and need to be updated to outline what will classify or be perceived as a mech so that people don't invest a lot of time and effort into making something only for it to be shot down based on opinion. You can't really preach allowing for 'creative freedom' only to say no even though there is literally a canon article in the Wookiepedia labeled as Mechs.


Especially with some recent events in the factory making me look back on previous submissions approved that are more or less mech while others are denied, I think that if someone is going to be selective about what is considered or classified as a mech needs to be greatly detailed so that everyone is on the same page. Just like how no one wants to deal with head canon when it comes to roleplaying with someone, the same should apply for rules, so any sort of thought process that is going behind it should be detailed for anyone who is attempting to make anything.


I have seen "walkers" that were approved even though they are easily perceived as mechs. I have seen "droids" that are piloted and manned by crews passed as walkers, even though they are extremely humanoid and large in appearance. And recently while I was looking back through approved submissions, I saw a very similar submission get denied even though something very similar in both aesthetics and function were approved. 


Even if the ban on mechs were never to be lifted (In which case 'realistic mechs' should be no more than limited production at best), I definitely think that the rule needs to be updated with some parameters because there are clear instances in canon where 'vehicles' move with the dexterity and speed of animals which would constitute them being mechs. We have AT-RT's that have the speed and maneuverability unmatched by anything else of its size and class, we have Impeding Assault Tanks which are just giant Umbaraan centipedes, Trident Class Assault Ships which are not only capable of hyperspace travel but terrestrial movement on both land and water. Even this guy could be considered a mech because he isn't even using his 'armored suit' as it's called like a suit where your arms and legs are operating each limb; he literally operates it from a cockpit in the chest with levers and consoles.


Just my thoughts and issues with what we currently have in place.



#1933184 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Trailer

Posted by Kor Vexen on 13 April 2019 - 03:26 PM

I was surprised when I saw Respawn taking up the project, but it was in a good way. Titanfall 2 had an amazing single player campaign story so the fact that Fallen Order is going to be a single player experience with no multiplayer or microtransactions, I am extremely hyped to say the very least.

#1933029 IL-MDD Magnetic Disruption Device

Posted by Kor Vexen on 13 April 2019 - 04:26 AM








  • Manufacturer | Sith Imperial Research and Development / Kor Vexen
  • Affiliation | Closed-Market The Sith Empire
  • Model | IL-MDD Magnetic Disruption Device
  • Modularity Yes, Smaller variants meant to be fired from grenade launchers or Landmines.
  • Production | Mass-Produced

  • Material Reinforced Duraplast / Titanium / Circuitry / Magnets / Explosive Components




  • Classification Magnetic Disruption Device
  • Size Very Small
  • Weight Very Light
  • Ammunition Type Electric Payload / Shaped Charge
  • Ammunition Capacity | N/A
  • Reload Speed None

  • Effective Range | Point Blank
  • Rate of Fire | Very Low
  • Stopping Power | Very High
  • Recoil None




  • Armor Lock
  • Lethality Setting
  • Shield Disruption Field Setting


Strengths |

  • Lethality Setting ] | The IL-MDD is equipped with alternate settings that can either attach to the target and stun them in place or be set to explode after it latches onto a surface, with more or less the same devastating effects as a miniature thermal detonator.
  • Shield Disruption Field ] | When primed and thrown, the IL-MDD can be programmed to emit waves of ion pulses that can disable particle shields that it comes into range, allowing it to bypass them and latch onto a unit before summarily delivering its disruptive payload.
  • Your Own Coffin ] | The IL-MDD is designed to immobilize armored infantry, specifically ones that wear motorized combat suits by shutting down systems that assist in movement. This can potentially be used for smaller vehicles, but was designed with emphasis to use against armored and shielded infantry.

Weaknesses |

  • [ Wind-Up ] | There is a brief window where the IL-MDD is inactive. It only activates and starts its short countdown to detonation after it makes contact. Once it makes contact, it will magnetize or suction itself to the surface after a couple of seconds before delivering its payloads. This allows the target a small window of time to rip it off before they get immobilized and get clear of it.
  • Dud ] | There is a small possibility that the initial shield disrupting ion pulses the IL-MDD emits breaches the protective casing of the actual device itself, thus rendering it as a dud that won't function. Attempts to mitigate this from frequently happening have been made, but have not been completely nullified.
  • [ Single Target ] | The IL-MDD was designed specifically for a singular target to mitigate any collateral damage done to nearby friendly forces from both EMP effects and explosive damage. This also works to the benefit of the enemy as it is not meant to take out large swathes of enemies.




The IL-MDD is designed as a niche but effective weapon, specifically designed for use against mechanized infantry or small vehicles. Several variations of it have been designed in order to effectively use it across a larger spectrum on the battlefield. The basic design is a small disc shaped device that is meant to be thrown at the target. Once it makes contact, the device will magnetize and/or suction itself to the surface it has made contact with, effectively sticking to them before summarily priming itself for detonation and delivering whatever payload it was set to deliver. Smaller versions have been designed that can be launched from grenade launcher or grenade launcher attachments that can hit a target more accurately and from a farther distance. Landmine variants were designed as a more effective version to handle with light walkers with the explosive capability to blow a walker's leg off.


The IL-MDD are in essence, sticky EMP grenades that can be set to deliver a lethal explosive payload, without the concern for friendlies getting caught in either the EMP wave or explosive detonation as both are meant to be delivered within a very limited range with high single target damage using a controlled charge directed to the surface of the individual or object it has latched onto. With the increase of motorized or powered combat suits, the IL-MDD would serve to be a solid option for use against them as it effectively locked down motor functions for those who used suits designed to assist with mobility or strength, instead turning the suit of armor in question into a coffin that the individual is stuck inside of. It can be either used in a non-lethal manner by freezing them with the EMP wave, or killing them with a point blank shaped charge.


Another function that the IL-MDD brings to the battlefield is the Ion Pulse Waves it is capable of generating, allowing it to neutralize shield generators that might be protecting the intended target and allowing for the IL-MDD to get through without being stopped by a shield. However, Sith Imperial Research and Development have come across the issue of the IL-MDD effectively neutralizing itself if it employs the shield disruption pulses. While efforts have been taken to mitigate or prevent it by protecting the delivery system with Ion resistance, the size of thrown or launched IL-MDD does not allow for additional protection simply because there is no room. The landmine variants of the IL-MDD do not suffer this problem because it simply waits for a target to step on it, without needing to worry about needing to bypass a shield.

#1932987 The Lion's Den

Posted by Kor Vexen on 13 April 2019 - 12:48 AM

Hunger. That was the raw instinct that began to course through Vexen's conscious as soon as he had activated his lightsaber. It was its own living creature in and of itself, possessing the desire to consume the life force of anyone around it and anyone it inflicted injuries to. The crimson blade thrummed with energy as if eager for a meal, a starved beast ready to lash out and bite at anything that came near it. The longer it was active the more it drained. But the blade was a fickle creature, needing its hunger sated by the wounds of its foes and those around him, lest the beast bite back at the hand that feeds and start draining Vexen's own life energy and memories. Luckily Vexen had enough in his Sea of Memories for the blade to feed off of for the saber to feed off of. It was a symbiotic parasitic relationship in that sense, the blade alleviating the burden of antiquated or useless memories to feed off of while Vexen reaped the benefits of the blade by providing it bodies. This male Gurlanin would be no different than a meal.


Sith Acolytes and Knights continued to feel their life force drain from their bodies, causing those who had been engaged in combat against the Akguza guard droids soon falling from the lack of energy or ability to stand. They would be summarily be beaten unconscious by the droids till they were more or less beaten within an inch of their life and dragged out, having the shame of being defeated left to grow and fester like an infected wound. Their pain and defeat would only drive them to become stronger, or they would be culled for being weak. The Pit served as a place to forge formidable Sith warriors, to overcome adversity and leave behind a refined weapon, meant to be unleashed upon the galaxy and the enemies of their Empire. A weak tool had no place with them, nor would they be of any use to the Empire; one of the few reasons Vexen frequented the Pit, to see if there were any potential prospects.


O'Doran would begin to move at Vexen, swinging their saber at his torso with two hands. Vexen would step forward to meet him as he raised his own saber. The tip of it dragged along the ground, cutting through stone as Vexen swung his saber with a single hand. Their blades would clash and the instant that they made contact, Vexen knew that O'Doran possessed a fair amount of raw strength. However, Vexen was equally if not more physically powerful, not only just from his racial traits as an Anzati, but also from the years of training to train his body and the assistance of his armor. These factors allowed Vexen to stagnate the momentum of O'Doran's attack with a single hand. Vexen would hold his blade for a few moments, giving the Gurlanin time to think over the foolishness of the move he had just made.


The Gurlanin knew that Vexen was capable of stopping the blade of a lightsaber with simply his armor, yet still chose to take a direct and frontal approach at Vexen. All he had to do was hold his saber at bay while he drove his own saber right into the man's chest. Would he realize that Vexen could have killed him based on that opening attack alone? Maybe. Or perhaps he was simply too simple minded that he did not take these into consideration. Vexen would deflect O'Doran's lightsaber off to the side to force the Gurlanin on the defensive as the momentum of his strike allowed him to raise his saber above his head to bring it down like the blade of a guillotine with a devastating overhead strike as a counter.



Kaine O'Doran

#1932474 Searchers After Horror Haunt Strange, Far Places - TSE Netherworld Exploration

Posted by Kor Vexen on 11 April 2019 - 11:44 AM

o r _ V e x e n


Finalize Preparations for Expedition

On-Site | Warlock Gate, Dathomir


Vexen would have his arms crossed in front of his chest as he watched the Sith Emperor make his speech. The Netherworld was a large unknown in Vexen's vast expanse of knowledge. He had heard of it through distant memories of those he had consumed and made one with his own conscience, but never experienced it for himself or through the eyes of one he had assimilated into his own mind. He did not know what to expect once they passed into the other realm, merely that he should expect the worst. If anything he would take this as an opportunity to strengthen himself. He would turn to a small group of Legionnaires that had volunteered themselves as escort, though they would likely be little more than fodder to whatever creatures they may encounter. He gave them a nod as they would split themselves amongst those that were exploring the Netherworld, more or less as escorts.


Once the Emperor's speech had concluded he would lower his arms from his chest as he unsheathed his lightsaber and held it in one hand, ready for whatever they might encounter as soon as they had passed through the Warlock Gate. He was curious what the Netherworld had to offer, and even more curious if it could be weaponized. With the amulet he had on him, he knew the ability to create portals was possible, even if they were temporary. If the beasts in the Netherworld were as nightmarish as their reputation was, they would make for potential beasts of war to be unleashed upon the enemies of the Sith Empire.


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