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#1915264 IL-XV9 'Predator' Sensor

Posted by Kor Vexen on 17 February 2019 - 01:46 AM



Weapon Mounted Predator Sensor




  • Intent | To create an advanced sensor suite that assists Imperial Legionnaires better combat enemy forces in low visibility/close-quarter environments.
  • Image Source | Source - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • Canon Link | N/A
  • Primary Source | N/A




  • Manufacturer | Sith Imperial Research and Development
  • Affiliation | Closed-Market The Sith Empire
  • Model | IL-XV9 'Predator' Sensor
  • Modularity | Yes - Weapon Mounted/HUD System/Wrist Mounted Device
  • Production | Mass-Produced
  • Material | Reinforced Duraplast / Electronics



  • Heartbeat Sensor
  • Thermal Vision


  • [ Urban Wall Hacks ] - The Predator Sensor excels in urban combat, providing critical information of potential hostile contacts hidden behind doors and corners. 
  • [ Nowhere to Hide ] - Cloaked enemies are unable to escape the Predator's sight, as it will highlight heartbeats and reveal them once they come into range. The frequency of pings on the scanner correlates to the frequency of heartbeats from targets. Higher heart rates result in more frequent and accurate positions while lower heart rates result in less frequent pings and less accurate positions.


  • [ Jungle Environments ] - While built and designed to help in virtually all environments, the Predator Sensor's ability to identify organisms in environments such as rain forests and jungles is greatly hindered as local wildlife can wreak havoc on ones ability to discern an enemy from an animal.
  • [ Short Range ] - The Predator's advantage of being able to spot potential hostiles in close quarters is outweighed by the fact that it is a short range sensor that has an effective range of 10 meters.
  • [ Stay Frosty ] - Since the Predator relies on high heart rates to provide accurate data, an individual who is capable of lowering their heart rate and keeping it low while on the move will make it difficult to keep track of them.




The IL-XV9 'Predator' Sensor is a line of military sensors to be used by infantry in The Sith Empire's Legion. It is compatible with all systems and weapons used by the Imperial Legion in several forms. A weapon mount version can be attached to the side of a weapon that can provide information while a weapon is raised. A wrist-mounted variant allows the same information to be displayed while still being able to hold up smaller weapons/sidearms. The final variant is installed into advanced helmet systems and displays information in an internal HUD sensor and will highlight hearbeats and lifeforms through terrain and obstructions as they come into range. 


The Predator was designed to excel in close quarter, urban environments where line of sight is typically obstructed especially behind doors and around corners. The ability to detect is outweighed by its short range, but makes up for it with its portability and ease of use. The data is provided based on a system similar to sonar. Higher heart rates will ping the location of the individual more frequently and provide an accurate position. 

#1915253 XR-Hellpyre

Posted by Kor Vexen on 17 February 2019 - 12:46 AM






  • Intent | To create a unique and specialized substance for use with flamethrowers.
  • Image Source | Source
  • Primary Source | N/A




  • Name | XR - Hellpyre
  • Manufacturer | Sith Imperial Research and Development
  • Affiliation | Closed-Market The Sith Empire
  • Homeworld | N/A
  • Production | Mass-Produced

  • Modularity | N/A
  • Legal Status | Legal [Military use] - Illegal [Commercial use] 
  • Ingredients | The Hellpyre is a synthesized formula, deriving from no naturally occurring ingredients.




  • Classification | Corrosive Napalm
  • Method of Consumption | N/A 
  • Average Life | Indefinite
  • Purpose | Lethal flamethrower fuel




  • Caustic Napalm
  • Corrodes armor when ignited


  • [ Burning Acid ] - The Hellpyre is a highly corrosive and toxic substance to biological/organic targets in its natural state. It will stick and eat away at organic material such as skin and melt its way through things like trees, making it excellent for not only clearing swaths of enemies in the most excruciating way imaginable but cutting through foliage.
  • [ Caustic Melt ] - The Hellpyre is not only useful against biological and organic targets, but also extremely effective against armored ones as well. When the __ is ignited, it causes a chemical reaction that causes the substance to corrode and eat away through metal.


  • [ Electricity ] - The Hellpyre becomes a highly volatile and explosive formula when exposed to electrical currents, thus resulting in a devastating explosion that can wipe out anyone in close proximity, as well as releasing a highly toxic cloud of vapor that will melt anything exposed to it.




The Hellpyre formula was a fuel designed to assist in the always growing and moving war machine of the Sith Empire. A highly toxic and caustic fuel designed for use by flame troopers that would not only be effective against infantry and terrain, but with the potential to deal with armored targets as well.


The production of Hellpyre resulted in a niche trooper role being more commonly used as a way of dealing with enemies in all manner of environments, and with results that exceed those of its archaic predecessors that were limited in its uses and results.


Hellpyre is a synthetic formula that is kept tightly under wraps. Its use out of the military is highly illegal and as such, precautions have been taken to keep the formula from leaving the military. Containers of Hellpyre are keyed to the biotic signature of the carrier, should they die or the proper disarm codes are not provided, the containers automatically run an electric current through the formula, resulting in its complete and utter destruction.

#1912711 KVX 'Preceptor' Battle Armor

Posted by Kor Vexen on 10 February 2019 - 11:10 PM



Victory through annihilation



  • Intent | To create a new set of armor for Kor Vexen as an alternative set to his original.
  • Image Source | Source - Anthem 
  • Canon Link | N/A
  • Primary Source | Original





  • Classification | Personal Battle Armor
  • Weight | Heavy
  • Resistances | 

- Blasters | Very High

- Kinetic | Average

- Lightsabers | Very High

- Other 

Sonic | High

Environmental | High

EMP/Ion | High



Strengths |

  • Crushing Grip ] | The Phrik crushgaunts on either hand do as what one would expect from a crushgraunt. A majority of objects or creatures caught in its grip can be crushed and broken with little effort. The micronized Phrik it is made from also allows the wearer to grab a lightsaber blade with minimal harm as well as block lightsaber blades with the arm making it both a fearsome tool of destruction or defense at close ranges against lightsaber users.
  • Nowhere to Hide ] | The Preceptor class armor is outfitted with 360° field of vision and several forms of sensors, capable of detecting across a large spectrum; from thermal, motion, and lifeform scanners, there are few things that can evade the detection of the wearer within a 20m radius around them.
  • Electric Dynamo ] | The forearms of the suit are integrated with energy capacitors beneath the protective cover, allowing for storage of a vast amount of electrical power. This can be used to feed the power of suit systems or one of two offensive functions; discharged in a powerful electric shock with enough kinetic force to send targets flying akin to stronger variations of Force Lightning or electrocute anything caught in the wearer's grasp. The capacitors also allows the wearer to 'capture' Force Lightning or any other forms of electricity hurled at them and absorb its energy.

Weaknesses |

  • Slow Doom ] | Like it's predecessor, the Preceptor armor is not one designed to be maneuvering at high speeds and as a result, makes the user much slower than a more nimble opponent. While it is lighter than the original set of armor, it remains poor in terms of mobility. In addition, the more kinetic damage Vexen takes, the less mobile he becomes due to the hardening of the thermal gel layer.
  • [ Large Target ] | The suit is large, fitted to suit Kor Vexen's six foot five height, while providing over an additional two feet in height from the suit. This makes Vexen an over eight-foot tall walking target that is both easy to spot and easy to hit from a distance.




The Preceptor is designed as a Mk.II version of General Kor Vexen's original suit, updated to improve existing systems as well as incorporate additional ones. Some features of the design have been improved upon to enhance their functions to a greater degree than the original armor and addressed previous design flaws. For starters, the suit improved upon several defensive areas, now including resistance to sonic attacks which the previous suit had no resistances to as well as EMP and Ionic to prevent the shutdown of a majority of the suit's functions. The suit's resistance to environmental elements remains the same as no environment thus far has proved too taxing on its original state with the thermal gel and life support systems incorporated.


Additional helmet functions have been introduced and now incorporates a suite of sensors that can detect lifeforms and the like in a 360° field around the wearer, making it difficult to sneak up on them. All aspects of the suit from functions and regulation are operated from the internal HUD. Simple movements of the eyes operate controls for suit functions, allowing for quick and rapid response to a combat environment. The HUD highlights objectives or hostile targets for simple acquisition of enemies in low visibility environments. The visor of the suit self polarizes to protect the user from bright exposures of light while the sonic nullifiers protect the wearer from sonic-based attacks. An encrypted comm suit is also a function that allows the wearer to communicate over secure frequencies.


The bulk of the suit is constructed around a reinforced duraplast exo-skeletal frame with Phrik plating for added durability and protection against lightsabers. While there is significantly less Phrik used in the construction of this variation of the armor, there is still a considerable amount to provide exceptional protection from slashes. The suit is protected from ranged attacks primarily through the SI-PES Defender Energy Shield integrated just under the chest piece with Vitafiber fabrics to provide a flexible yet durable material in defending against blasters with added protection from energy sinks. Combat de-ionizers add an additional layer of protection from EMP or Ion attacks.


Beneath the protective exterior is a layer of thermal gel to provide protection from kinetic energy as well as regulating body temperature. Beneath the thermal gel layer is a moisture-wicking fabric as an added comfort that prevents excessive sweating while wearing the suit. The suit comes with its own life support, providing up to three hours of oxygen in vacuum or hazardous environments. Magnetic storage plates allow for the wearer to easily store objects or their lightsaber to their side. Magboots allow the user to stand firmly planted to any metallic surfaces without fear of falling or being thrown about in low gravity environments.


The arms of the suit are integrated with energy capacitors, allowing the suit to have an additional supply of power that can be used to power the suit in the event that the primary power systems have failed or to supply additional energy in charging features like an electric overlord or recharging the SI-PES shield. Energy can be accumulated from any source and stored and discharged at will with powerful electric bursts or shocks and functions almost like lightning rods, drawing any electrical attack towards them. The crushgaunts are constructed from micronized Phrik, giving them the capability of deflecting or grabbing lightsaber blades with little harm to the wearer. It also allows the wearer to easily crush bone or objects with ease.




#1910198 Karaash's Lightsaber Gauntlets

Posted by Kor Vexen on 04 February 2019 - 04:25 PM





  • Intent | To create a pair of lightsaber gauntlets for an NPC
  • Image Source | Image Source | Character by Blizzard Entertainment
  • Canon Link | N/A
  • Primary Source: Lightsaber Gauntlet




  • Manufacturer | Lord Karaash
  • Affiliation | Lord Karaash / The Sith Empire
  • Model | N/A
  • Modularity | N/A
  • Production | Unique
  • Material | Phrik / Duraplast / Lightsaber components




  • Classification | Lightsaber Gauntlets
  • Size | Large
  • Weight | Average




  • Red Kyber crystal
  • Bladed Gauntlet



Lord Karaash utilizes lightsaber gauntlets as his primary means of combat. Over the years and as he accumulated experience he opted for a weapon that suited his method of underhanded dueling more. Instead of the typical lightsaber gauntlet that utilized two lightsaber blades he opted for each gauntlet to emit just one, with a second being a curved and sharpened phrik gauntlet. This feature would serve two purposes - Provide Karaash a weapon to use without needing his lightsaber active that could slice through flesh and puncture armor as well as being able to catch a lightsaber between the phrik blade and his lightsaber's blade when activated, giving him the ability to forcefully direct the direction of his opponent's blade. The lightsaber is activated by clenching one's hand into a grip and a secondary trigger being activated so that the blade is not accidentally turned on while the hand is clenched in a grip.


  • [ Surprise ] | A favorable method of underhanded combat - When lightsaber blades meet, the gauntlet's blade can be deactivated, causing the opponent's to fall through and collide with the phrik blade where it gets caught when the gauntlet's blade is quickly reactivated, grabbing the opponent's blade in a claw-like grip.


  • [ Durability ] | Like most lightsabers, the lightsaber blade is ineffective against metals resistant to lightsabers, but with the added issue that those metals are capable of dulling or even breaking the bladed portion of the gauntlet.
  • [ Disarmament ] | Though it appears the entirety of the gauntlet is made of Phrik, only the bladed portion of it is forged from Phrik. The rest is duraplast and can be cut through, resulting in the potential of being literally disarmed as a lightsaber can slice through both the lightsaber mechanisms and the wearer's arm.

#1908012 The Pact of Black and Blue [Sith Empire & Chiss Ascendancy]

Posted by Kor Vexen on 29 January 2019 - 07:19 PM

K O R _ V E X E N




Vexen walked with his hands clasped behind his back, keeping pace with the entourage of Sith and Chiss as they discussed the future of those who sided and aided with the Jen'ari. While public execution and absolute extermination were a much-preferred way of dealing with the heretical Sith as the Sith Emperor suggested, Vexen respected the means in which Thorne sought to deal with them. Having lived for a long time, Vexen knew well of the Chiss and their method of thinking over the centuries. Simple to some, but the Chiss prided themselves on their titles, and stripping it from them would be the greatest blow to one's psyche. Honor and reputation were things that Vexen cared little for though they mean everything to others.


The Chiss' relationship with the Sith Empire would be a valuable start to them becoming potential allies for the future. Their military and naval prowess was something that has never been grossly overestimated throughout time. It would be in the interests of the Chiss to heavily consider the wishes of the Sith Emperor, even entertaining the notion of his suggestions to keep themselves in good graces and ensure that the two parties saw eye to eye. 


Vexen would turn his head to the direction of Joycelyn, having sensed her displeasure in the matter. She was young, yet accomplished in her career, with much potential to grow. Yet in Vexen's eyes, she was still amateur to the endless possibilities and methods of breaking an individual apart from physical it seemed. She had much to learn, but also much time to learn for the future. It would come as a valuable skill on the battlefield as a leader to see what the enemy held most dear and precious to them, and to rip it from their hands to completely and utterly demoralize them. Vexen's head would turn to focus ahead as he remained silent.





Darth Carnifex | Joycelyn Zambrano | Thorne | Aedan Miles | Karisa | Dezoti | Tehkyram


#1907273 Forum IContest

Posted by Kor Vexen on 28 January 2019 - 07:45 AM

I'll leave this post here and edit/add to it if I decide to do more.


[ Looking For Group ]




[ Pre-Factory ]




[ Lore Creation ]


bXKfBg8.png -  wKi0lRq.png

#1905299 End the Passive Hex Gain in the Galactic Nomads Mandate

Posted by Kor Vexen on 22 January 2019 - 04:28 PM

Couldn't we all agree that Galactic Nomads is a pretty bad mandate to begin with for any faction that isn't a pirate one or one that makes sense moving around? I'd much rather hear suggestions of a mandate that could just replace it entirely.

#1904849 The Pact of Black and Blue [Sith Empire & Chiss Ascendancy]

Posted by Kor Vexen on 21 January 2019 - 07:01 PM

K O R _ V E X E N


Marching on the Capital


It was a swift and decisive victory on the ground for the Sith Empire's hordes and Legions. The lack of proper ground commanders from the Jen'ari to organize and direct their forces in a proper defense resulted in their positions being overrun and subsequently slaughtered. With Vexen's assault on one of the main tunnel entrances that led beneath the surface to the capital city, much of their internal defenses had been diverted away to keep Vexen from breaking down the figurative front door, allowing for the tunneling Sithspawn and strike teams to breach through the ice and flank the enemy. While the Jen'ari did attempt to muster up a proper defense, it ultimately crumbled before the charge led by Vexen and the tunnel was seized. Sloppy on the part of the Jen'ari, but something that worked entirely to the Sith General's benefit.


It was no contest that they would fall before the combined effort of the elite Legion that he commanded and the Chiss that defied the rule of the Jen'ari. The Chiss were not a people who took well to being under the control of another, especially those seen as inferior, and recognized strength and power where due. Their assistance in the taking of Csilla would be the start of a mutually beneficial relationship between them and the Sith Empire.


After the city had been breached it had been nothing short of a slaughter, with Vexen's forces taking the front by storm. Those who surrendered were spared and taken into custody, all else who opposed them were subsequently executed or worse, handed off to the Sithspawn or hyal'hask hordes. As Vexen marched upon the capital, he dispatched troops to aid in the scouring of the city and rooting out of Jen'ari sympathizers to be made an example of. Any weeds were to be rooted out and dealt with to prevent the Chiss from regaining their space.


The sound of thrusters could be heard as nearly two dozen armored troopers outfitted with prototype armored suits floated down from rooftops before assembling in front of the General. Vexen's elite unit had done well in not only recovering valuable agents from the field but assisting with the strike teams that helped in crippling whatever defenses were in place. He would give them a simple nod as they saluted and moved off to the side to follow the General as he arrived at his destination. Just ahead stood the Sith Emperor, Darth Carnifex himself as well as Joycelyn Zambrano. He would shake their hands on a victory well earned with few words spoken, as the results spoke for themselves.


It would not be long before they would be greeted by the driving force of Chiss who chose to rise up against the Jen'ari and provide valuable intelligence as well as sabotage, Vice Admiral ThorneVexen would simply follow after his Emperor, leaving the politics and discussion of diplomacy to Darth Carnifex. Matters of military importance were the only point of discussion for Vexen.





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#1904596 Annual Faction Elections

Posted by Kor Vexen on 21 January 2019 - 12:28 AM

Speaking as a person who is unbiased.


If there is no problem with the existing leadership, then there is no need for worry if this rule were to ever be implemented. The fact of the matter is, if you get voted off by a majority vote from your faction, perhaps that is cause for some red flags and a change of guard is needed to handle the responsibility of the faction. I personally see no issue with a rule like this being added because if there is no issue, then there is no need for any of the faction owners to be concerned about being removed unless it is justified. You can't just point at something and say "Abuse" when a majority vote means a majority of its members need to agree to it. If anything such elections can raise discussion within factions - Those who do not like the way things are being handled can make suggestions to the current leadership so that their concerns can be put to rest. All this rule does is add an option to remove those who cling and abuse their power to the detriment of the faction or the unwritten Vote of No Confidence that Fiolette mentioned.

#1904542 Annual Faction Elections

Posted by Kor Vexen on 20 January 2019 - 11:04 PM


#1903613 Summit of Governments OOC

Posted by Kor Vexen on 18 January 2019 - 06:16 PM



I'm not even a part of this thread but have been keeping an eye on it.

#1901749 Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

Posted by Kor Vexen on 14 January 2019 - 11:07 AM

K O R _ V E X E N


Planetside, Surface of Csilla

Assault Csaplar, Assault Preparations


After the attempted push back against the Sith Empire's forces, Vexen now led the assault that was pushing the Jen'ari ground forces back, leading a charge of troops assisted by droids wielding large durasteel tower shields as mobile cover for his infantry at the front as well as armored unit division providing supporting fire from walkers and artillery. The exchange of blaster bolts left ghostly spirals in the frigid cold air as bodies, twisted chassis and destroyed vehicles littered the frozen wasteland. Vexen swung his lightsaber as blaster bolts were scattered left and right, an aura of authority and command emanating from the Sith General who led his troops against the enemy. Despite all the bloodshed and ceaseless combat, he did not feel hatred for the Jen'ari in this very instant, but he did feel one other thing - pity, for an enemy he looked down upon as inferior in every aspect. A Legionnaire would run to his side, dropping to one knee and swiftly taking aim with a shouldered rocket launcher before squeezing the trigger, letting a column of exhaust fly out and spiral a rocket out towards a frozen outcropping that the Jen'ari were using as cover. While some dove for cover, others were not quick enough to react and in an instant became practically vaporized by the blast.


Vexen's slow but diligent push had a singular focus in mind; one of the many entrances scattered across the planet that would lead below the surface of the ice to the cities that were nestled closer to the core of the planet, and the prize being the capital of Csaplar. Heavily armored assault walkers trodded behind, softening up the enemy lines with their mass driver cannons as a detachment of troops from the established forward landing base were coming to bolster the front and strengthen the spearhead assault to the tunnel entrance, giving the Sith Empire an extra push. This process would continue as additional reinforcements would come in waves to control the flow of battle. Vexen was keeping in close contact with the other ground commanders to coordinate their assault that would tighten an ironclad grip around the city. Simultaneous strikes from several points made for a much more difficult defense when no point could divert defenders to another.


The sounds of battle raged on as Vexen lifted his saber and spoke with a commanding vocoded voice, " O N W A R D! " Legion soldiers would move behind the shieldbearing droids who were now practically charging forward, blasters pinging uselessly off their thick durasteel tower shields. It was waves of metal and flesh coming fast at the enemy whilst walker fire softened up targets such as enemy armor or emplacements that would pose threats. Of course, there was the occasional explosion as rockets and grenades were employed against the attack, crumpling droids and sending bodies flying. Shouts were heard as orders were barked, cries for medic were heard and insults that could cut into a zilobeast were flung at the enemy. Vexen would stand back a bit, standing in front of the line of assault walkers pelting the enemy fortifications. A series of muffled explosions could be heard as Vexen turned back to see a series of turbolaser fire raining down on distant targets, making a beeline towards large organized areas set up by the Sith Empires. Dozens of vehicles and an exceptional number of troops were instantly vaporized by the last ditch orbital bombardment of the surface. Large energy shields deployed by mobile shield generators would flare to life to cover the surviving troops and armored vehicles around the forward landing zone in a protective cocoon of energy as the orbital bombardment passed over.


The orbital strike was a minor set back as it had wiped out a wave of reinforcements to Vexen's front, but he would make do with the troops he had and use his superior forces to not only attack the entrance but seize it by the time the next wave arrived. It would just require a shift in plans, though the charge already in play would need to be adjusted. Vexen would key his comms to the attacking forces, " Divert all droid forces down the center, arrowhead formation. Squads Aurek and Gundark divert to flanks and walkers one through six focus fire on their defensive line. The rest focus fire on enemy armor. " Like a unified body, troops would move to their reassigned positions as the droid shieldbearers armed with their rifles moved into an arrowhead formation that blocked all small arms fire directed at the infantry coming in behind them whilst flanking squads moved into position to catch any enemy out in the open not behind cover in an aggressive crossfire that would later focus on the defenders at the tunnel entrance.




 Joycelyn Zambrano | Darth Carnifex 

#1901551 My Thoughts on the "Sith Civil War"

Posted by Kor Vexen on 14 January 2019 - 03:25 AM

Every point you've brought up in your initial post was contradicted by something said shortly after. You're making a mountain of a molehill in what can only be characterized as a mess of seemingly contradictory statements in an attempt to fill out some unknown wordcount. All for something that doesn't particularly need to warrant a post for everyone to look at and roll their eyes over. Because that's what this is to both me and a number of people who have looked this over. 


So what is the point of this long-winded post that you labeled as "not a complaint" but sounds strangely like a massive complaint? And why put it in roleplay discussion rather than an OOC blog? There is no discussion here, it's just you seem to provide a number of irrelevant "if" points when it comes back to your core statement of CONCENTRATE ON THE ROLEPLAY; which is literally all you could have just said for this from the beginning instead of turning four words into over a thousand. I don't know if any literature teacher has ever told you to be concise when writing something, but quality over quantity. Which begs the question - Why bother with all this to begin with?



#1901451 My Thoughts on the "Sith Civil War"

Posted by Kor Vexen on 14 January 2019 - 12:03 AM


#1901337 Rule Tweaks

Posted by Kor Vexen on 13 January 2019 - 08:47 PM

Because Faith isn't a canon character. There's no rule saying you can't use a House Name. The fact that we're some 800+ years in the future makes any relevance to any canon character completely useless because your bloodline would have been messed with over so many generations. That's like saying you're the descendant of Genghis Khan just because you have Khan as a last name and ambiguous genetics that would have been mixed with others over the course of hundreds of years. 


Ella Nova