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Lady Kay

Lady Kay

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In Topic: My Big Fat Mandalorian Wedding [ME Dominion of Hex AC-24]

Today, 06:13 PM

Kay hadn't been to many weddings, and even less of them were Mandalorian ones. She just wasn't well known to be invited to them. Most of the people that she had come across that were from other sectors of the Galaxy were business people looking for contracts. They weren't exactly social visits. Her social interactions, especially as of late, were few and far between. With the split of her marriage and the fallout from it, Kay had spent a lot of her time hiding out when she could. It had been through the insistence of her daughter, Loreena Arenais , that she had even showed up here at all. It wasn't as though she knew either the bride or the groom at all, not to mention most of the people here.

And what a wedding it was! She had heard that some weddings were wild and full of drama, and this one sure took the cake. At times it made her wonder if she should have let Lori come here at all. Although exposure to such...displays...was one way to teach her about how different from Commenor the rest of the Galaxy was. Maybe then she'd have a better appreciation for her home.

And if this was what the ceremony was like, it made her wonder just what was in store for them at the reception.

In Topic: The Pen And The Sword (CSA Dominion of Denon)

Today, 05:54 PM

Ravenfire seemed to know what he was doing. For a soldier, he sure knew a lot about broadcasting systems. Of course he wasn't always a soldier. He had done other things too, was a criminal, Kay just wasn't informed of the details.

Macharius Solaire was hanging in there. Jairdain was quick to get to work on him. It had been quite some time since Kay had done any Force Healing. Her Force Sensitivity was a secret and she had mostly used it on herself when she was escaping bounty hunters and the Hutt Cartel. That was a long time ago.

Her thoughts were disrupted when the new voice answered Ravenfire's question. Kay furrowed her brows, trying to determine where it was coming from, and that was when the monitors all lit up showing them the droid that introduced herself as The Marduk. She listened to what she had to say, her eyes dropping to Mach. Just what did he do to piss off so many?

"I want to know what's happened. Why do you need to deal with the Prime Minister? What's he done? I'll have you know that he's under my protection right now. And as citizens of Denon, you and your compatriots are under my protection as well. So cease the hostilities, please. There is no reason for this fight." Well, there weren't any in her mind, anyways.

Einon Caedyn Arenais

In Topic: Event Sign-Up Ad

Today, 05:25 PM

So far I've just heard from Kaine Australis . But what do you all think of the sign up ad? I want to kniw your imput before I post it. We are a team, afterall :P

Jaster of Clan Awaud Ghorua the Shark Marina DeVoe

In Topic: Leaving Common Isolation

Today, 10:54 AM

Well that was a first; Connor Harrison wanting to have something else besides his Blue Milk or water or even caf. But then again this day was full of the two of them getting out of their own little bubbles. Or at least Kay was.

She poured them both some brandy, careful.to only fill the glasses half way and then brought them over to him, handing Connor his own. She gave him a small smile as he once again toasted a salute. To possibilities, again." A quick sip was taken, not planning on getting rid of the entirety of the glass in one fell swoop, before she sat down beside him. As usual, the brandy burned a little on it's way down her throat, but it wasn't overly harsh, and the aftertaste was sweet.

"Not bad...been a while." Her voice was a bit rougher, her throat feeling a little dry, so she coughed a little to clear it. She then turned her head and looked up at him. "You'd of made a good advisor if you had stuck with it. Good for me anyways." Kay patted his shoulder in a friendly gesture and then took another sip of her brandy, watching as the fire was dying down, having used up most of it's fuel.

In Topic: Leaving Common Isolation

Today, 01:54 AM

Kay blinked in surprise. She could do both? Really? That wasn't what she was expecting Connor Harrison to say. And it lifted her spirits, giving her a bit of hope. Of course Connor's version of doing both and her own version could be entirely different. But she'll take what she can get right now.

At his question of a drink, she turned around to look at him as he sat on her bed again. "Well,...what the heck. I have some Commenori Brandy here, and some whiskey. I like to keep some on hand just in case. But I'm not much of a drinker, so it's good that we're not driving speederbikes anywhere." She steps inside and heads over to the little kitchen area. "Did you want any?" Kay was already taking out a couple of glasses and the bottle of brandy for herself. She just waited to see what Connor had felt like having.