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Lady Kay

Lady Kay

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*raises a cup of tea in toast*

In Topic: Looking to the Fleet

Today, 12:57 AM

Kay raised a brow. Amelia Sorenn-Syrush had clones? So how would she know which one she was talking to at any given time? The only clones that she had ever come across were soldiers. But delegation, she knew of that well enough. It was why Kay wasn't doing everything by herself. She delegated tasks to Ministers and others.

She looked over to Amelia as she explained things in more detail. The woman was older and had seen a lot, been through a lot. Kay was but a child in comparison. There were a few people that had that affect on her.

"Mac...takes the security of the Royal Palace and myself very personally. Allow him to lead the security team there, under your overall command as you suggested, then I will grant you your request." Kay had another sip of her tea and looked out the window once again, hoping that she was making the right choices. Only time would tell.

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Today, 12:07 AM

Kay furrowed her brows as she heard the voices. But of course they were too far away for her to really be able to tell what it was that was being argued. Whatever it was, angry people weren't good to confront. It was always better if people were happy.

She looked up the rock face as Marina DeVoe asked her if she knew how to climb. "I used to climb up trees when I was little, and I've done a little bit of climbing." Would she be able to manage this? Perhaps. There was only one way to know for sure. "I'll let you take the lead this time." This way she could follow the right path to go on. Walking a path was one thing, scaling a rock wall was another.

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Yesterday, 08:42 PM




In Topic: Uncommon Trust

Yesterday, 06:28 PM

Kay had expected Macoda Haberon to have questions. It was normal. She had them as well when she was first brought in, and more than likely there'd be plenty of others that had them too.

She gestured to the three thrones at the top of the steps. "The Elders. The Three Brothers. No one knows how old they were, but they built Chasin City at some point after Palpatine fell and the Empire had collapsed. It is through their efforts that Commenor survived the One Sith's occupation. It was through their gift of remaining hidden that the One Sith couldn't rule over Commenor completely. Our flag, the symbol of the bird stands for our freedom. It has four parts, three to symbolize the Elders and the fourth to symbolize the elected leader that rests on their shoulders. Commenor Survives. That is our motto that they had penned and as long as we stay true to our ideals, our laws and our culture, it remains true."

Kay stepped forward now, giving him an indication to follow her as she began towards the steps. She completely skipped over Mac's question of how the Elders died on purpose and instead addressed one of his other questions. "Since no one knows about this place besides...well, the two of us, I thought it was perfect to hide what I wished. Most would think that I'd hide things at the Palace or at the Estate, but to a thief, that'd be too easy and obvious. So I brought them here." She reached the top of the steps and moved towards the back of the thrones, in particular the one to the right. Kay crouched down and encouraged him to do the same before bringing out a small dagger and using it's tip to remove a stone block from underneath. Inside she brought out a few bundles. "This is my hiding spot. I have here the King's crown, Veiere's Jedi Robes and his Holocron. Of all the things here, his Holocron is the most valuable to me." Kay handed it over to him so that he could see. "As a last resort I will use it to try to get my husband back. There would be many that would try to destroy it, including himself. If ever I ask you to bring it for me; this is where it is. As my Head of Security, my bodyguard and my friend...I ask that you keep this secret and above all, keep this safe....Please."