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Lady Kay

Lady Kay

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#1790261 My Big Fat Mandalorian Wedding [ME Dominion of Hex AC-24]

Posted by Lady Kay on Today, 06:13 PM

Kay hadn't been to many weddings, and even less of them were Mandalorian ones. She just wasn't well known to be invited to them. Most of the people that she had come across that were from other sectors of the Galaxy were business people looking for contracts. They weren't exactly social visits. Her social interactions, especially as of late, were few and far between. With the split of her marriage and the fallout from it, Kay had spent a lot of her time hiding out when she could. It had been through the insistence of her daughter, Loreena Arenais , that she had even showed up here at all. It wasn't as though she knew either the bride or the groom at all, not to mention most of the people here.

And what a wedding it was! She had heard that some weddings were wild and full of drama, and this one sure took the cake. At times it made her wonder if she should have let Lori come here at all. Although exposure to such...displays...was one way to teach her about how different from Commenor the rest of the Galaxy was. Maybe then she'd have a better appreciation for her home.

And if this was what the ceremony was like, it made her wonder just what was in store for them at the reception.

#1790244 The Pen And The Sword (CSA Dominion of Denon)

Posted by Lady Kay on Today, 05:54 PM

Ravenfire seemed to know what he was doing. For a soldier, he sure knew a lot about broadcasting systems. Of course he wasn't always a soldier. He had done other things too, was a criminal, Kay just wasn't informed of the details.

Macharius Solaire was hanging in there. Jairdain was quick to get to work on him. It had been quite some time since Kay had done any Force Healing. Her Force Sensitivity was a secret and she had mostly used it on herself when she was escaping bounty hunters and the Hutt Cartel. That was a long time ago.

Her thoughts were disrupted when the new voice answered Ravenfire's question. Kay furrowed her brows, trying to determine where it was coming from, and that was when the monitors all lit up showing them the droid that introduced herself as The Marduk. She listened to what she had to say, her eyes dropping to Mach. Just what did he do to piss off so many?

"I want to know what's happened. Why do you need to deal with the Prime Minister? What's he done? I'll have you know that he's under my protection right now. And as citizens of Denon, you and your compatriots are under my protection as well. So cease the hostilities, please. There is no reason for this fight." Well, there weren't any in her mind, anyways.

Einon Caedyn Arenais

#1790214 Event Sign-Up Ad

Posted by Lady Kay on Today, 05:25 PM

So far I've just heard from Kaine Australis . But what do you all think of the sign up ad? I want to kniw your imput before I post it. We are a team, afterall :P

Jaster of Clan Awaud Ghorua the Shark Marina DeVoe

#1789775 Event Sign-Up Ad

Posted by Lady Kay on Today, 01:15 AM

((Audio clip here))



As the Galactic wars are waged around them, Masterra chose to protect itself with isolation and neutrality, having very little contact with other planets and governments. Doing so did protect them from war, but it was also their downfall. An unsavoury crimelord named Terrance Olavi took it upon himself to use Masterra for a testing ground for a new product to sell on the black market. It went beyond what mere carbonite could do. In seconds whole cities and their inhabitants could become entombed if he manages to continue to have success with his experiments. It was a great method to control the masses through fear and to get rid of opponents. Even Force Users became trapped. Once the tests on Masterra are completed, the ingredients for this new chemical weapon would become available to the highest bidder at auction.



There are three threads available for this event.

1.THE GOOD (Investigation) - Some startling information about a mysterious AMBER has begun to leak outside of Masterra. It's government, for more reasons than one, had been trying to handle the situation themselves and keep it under wraps. Yet the situation had gotten out of hand.

Players can come to investigate the AMBER and then decide whether to try to stop what's happening, or to side with Terrance and help it along. This thread is open to PvP and there is an inherant risk that your character could become AMBERED. If you're lucky, it won't be permanent. (I accept bribes of Sapir tea!)

2. THE BAD (Research Base Seige) - The recent spread of AMBER has kept many of Masterra's scientists and doctors busy. They've even called in for help from outsiders. One of the Research Bases at Prospect Point believes that they are close to discovering a way to reverse the AMBER. However a traitor in their midst has informed Terrance Olavi, so he has sent his people there to seige the place and get his hands on the scientist close to the breakthrough by any means necessary.

Players here can arrive at the base and either try to help those trapped inside, or join Terrance Olavi's goons and capture the scientist. This thread will be PvE, as well as have some PvP elements. Again there is a risk of being AMBERED.

3. THE UGLY (Anonymous Auction) - Being very happy with the results of his AMBER experiments so far, Terrance Olavi has decided to put it to auction. Although he won't reveal both Catalyst ingredients (unless he's given an offer he simply cannot refuse), he will put up the capsules containing the catalysts for sale. There will also be some AMBER 'art' pieces up for sale.

Players will be able to have their characters bid anonymously as this is a virtual auction taking place on the Holonet on a heavily secured site. The entrance fee is very high, so each character must have considerable funds and/or government or company support. This thread is open to Slicers as well to try to work their way into breaking through the firewalls, security and other means of keeping the bidders' identities a secret, as well as Terrance's location where he has the items to be auctioned off on hand. There is a slight chance for PvP in this thread.



This event becomes LIVE on JUNE 6th (JUNE 7th for some living in the future) and will end no later than JUNE 27th (JUNE 28th)

Players may only use one character in each thread. That character cannot be in any of the other event threads as they are happening near simultaneously. If players are taking part in more than one thread, please sign up in each character account.

The Event Team reserves the right to ask for edits for posts which are disruptive and/or ignore vital points.

All technology, weapons, vehicles and other items must have been approved by the Factory or Codex before the event begins.


Sign Ups:

Thread: (The Good, the Bad or the Ugly?)
Character Name:(Which character are you using?)
Team: (Which team is your character siding with? Masterra? Terrance Olavi's? Or is your character in it for themselves or their faction/company?)


Kaine Australis Jaster of Clan Awaud Ghorua the Shark Marina DeVoe

#1789185 The Pen And The Sword (CSA Dominion of Denon)

Posted by Lady Kay on Yesterday, 01:12 AM

Kay agreed with Ravenfire . Having Macharius Solaire and herself shown to all of Denon would not only raise morale, but prove that even through danger, they were able to succeed in doing what was best for their citizens. At least that was her hope.

She followed Mach's instructions, letting Ravenfire lead the way as she listened to Jairdain ask her question. Kay glanced over her shoulder at the two, spotting Einon as he kept watch behind them. "It won't be long till we're there and then we can sit you down. Our message shouldn't take long to make either and then you'll be looked after until help arrives." Hopefully that won't take long.

Once they reached the door, Kay opened it and let Ravenfire go in first before she too, walked in. Her eyes searched the room, looking for any and all broadcasting or communications equipment. Fortunately there was a table and chairs and what looked like emergency rations as well. "This'll do nicely." She stepped aside to let the others through.

#1789173 Event Sign-Up Ad

Posted by Lady Kay on Yesterday, 12:24 AM

Jaster of Clan Awaud Ghorua the Shark Kaine Australis Marina DeVoe

The opening bids for the auction would be high, as Terrance would be selling some of the things contained in the AMBER as well, considering them art pieces ;)

For the reward in the investigation thread, it could be one of the AMBER pistols with some capsules. Or the CASM, as that too would be valuable.

As far as I can tell, your thread idea is a go, Jaster. And you've already got a great write up for it.

As for the time limit, the rules state 2-3 weeks. Starting June 6, that puts our end date at June 27 :)

#1788881 Event Sign-Up Ad

Posted by Lady Kay on 19 May 2018 - 12:49 PM

Ghorua the Shark

Yes, we'll be splitting up the sign ups in the threads in regards to which team people will be on, or if they are independant.

Good question on the time frame. I've been mulling that one over myself. Obviously the auction part will be taking place at the same time as the investigation. Given that the auction is virtual, people can be in both of those at the same time. And the others are near enough in time together that they can't have multiple. Yet if we don't get a lot of people signing up, then we can modify those rules. In my last event I had limited it to 6-8 people at the sign up, but a dozen or so wanted in on it, so I just kept it open after that.

#1788696 Event Sign-Up Ad

Posted by Lady Kay on 19 May 2018 - 01:39 AM


Putting this link up here as a reference for our sign-ups templates.

#1788692 C.A.S.M.

Posted by Lady Kay on 19 May 2018 - 01:15 AM


Intent: To create a device to 'reverse'the effects of the AMBER in the mini-event.
Image Source: Pintrest
Canon Link: n/a
Restricted Missions: Limited to the Ambered Alert mini-event and possibly as an award.
Primary Source: n/a

Manufacturer: Terrance Olavi
Model: C.A.S.M. (Current And Sound Modulator)
Affiliation: Terrance Olavi, Closed Market
Modularity: No
Production: Semi-Unique
Material: Re-inforced Durasteel, electric components, battery, tuning fork

¤ Combined Electric Current and Sound Wave
¤ Sturdy
¤ Able to 'reverse' the effects of AMBER.

+Well Made: Given that 'reversing' the AMBER effects sends out a shockwave, the CASM is able to withstand a bit of a beating from being thrown back if it's bearer is unable to maintain a grip on it.
+Counter-Device: Using both sound and an electric current, the CASM is able to stimulate Catalyst B molecules into disconnecting with Catalyst A molecules, 'reversing' the solidifying effects of the AMBER and turning them into a vapour that dissipates into the air.
+Easy to Use: Just aim at the AMBER and press the two buttons on it's side, holding them down for three seconds.
-Bad Recoil: Due to the effects of the AMBER 'reversing', the shockwave that it produces can fling back anything in it's radius that is lighter than the weight of the AMBER.
-Energy Hog: Given that it uses both electric current and sound, the amount required to 'reverse' the AMBER can drain the battery quickly. Depending on the size of the AMBERED object, the battery could take up to 60 minutes to recharge.
-Bad Range: Given that the discharge must be high, CASM's reach must be no more than 15 feet away from the AMBER that it is aimed at.

The C.A.S.M. was designed by Terrance Olavi to specifically 'reverse' the effects of the AMBER. Once the combined electric current and sound waves hit the AMBER, it separates the two Catalysts and turns them into a harmless vapour that dissipates into the air. Only Terrance knows the specific tone of sound that is required for the device to work, so one must be careful to keep the tuning fork tuned. It's been a useful item during his experiments and to help keep his goons and others in line. Only 3 CASM devices had been made and for the most part, their existence is unknown.

#1788559 Event Sign-Up Ad

Posted by Lady Kay on 18 May 2018 - 08:52 PM

Ghorua the Shark Kaine Australis Marina DeVoe Jaster of Clan Awaud

I'm going to work on this tonight, hashing out a little bit of the scenarios for each thread, as well as adding the audio. I still have another sub to do as well, one for the device that'll reverse the AMBER's effects.

If you guys have any points that you think should be included for the sign up, please let me know here.

#1788480 AMBER Pistol

Posted by Lady Kay on 18 May 2018 - 06:51 PM



Intent: To create a blaster for firing the AMBER in the Ambered Alert mini-event
Image Source: Aaron de Leon
Canon Link: n/a
Restricted Missions: Ambered Alert event
Primary Source: n/a

Manufacturer: Terrance Olavi
Model: Pistol
Affiliation: Only Olavi and his crew will have these on hand (unless they are killed and someone steals it)
Modularity: No
Production: Semi-Unique
Material: Durasteel, pistol components

Classification: Blaster pistol
Size: Small
Weight: Light
Ammunition Type: Tiny two-part capsules that carry Catalyst A and Catalyst B within them.
Ammunition Capacity: 20
Reload Speed: Average
Effective Range: Personal
Rate of Fire: Average
Stopping Power: Very High
Recoil: Low

¤Small capsules for bullets
¤Minimal recoil

+Powerful Impact: The specialized capsules keep the ingredients of the AMBER separate until it hits the target.
+Minimal Recoil: Given that the capsules are small and lightweight, there is less energy needed to fire them, giving the weapon a minimum recoil.
-Short Range: This is not meant for the battlefield, but for ambush and personal purposes.
-Dangerous Ammo: You do NOT want to get hit by the capsules yourself, less you run the risk of getting AMBERED. So try to avoid accidental firings.
-Not Compatible: Designed specifically to fire the specialized capsules, this pistol cannot be modified to fire any other type of ammo.

The AMBER Pistol is the safest way to carry the latest creation by Terrance Olavi. It's small size and light weight makes it easy to use. The chamber itself is designed to keep the capsules safe, so that if dropped or hit by a small impact, the capsules would remain intact. However it is useless at firing any other type of ammo. Depending on the type of capsules inside (small, medium, large), the targets struck would become AMBERED. The more capsules fired in quick succession, the larger the field of AMBER created. It could be used for anything from AMBERING someone's hand or foot, to an entire room full of people. As this is meant to be very unique to sell for the highest of prices, there is only 7 in existence.

#1788307 Script

Posted by Lady Kay on 18 May 2018 - 12:37 PM

Finished!Have a listen:



Should we put it up as part of the sign-up?Or should we just save it as an intro to one of the event threads?


Kaine Australis Jaster of Clan Awaud Ghorua the Shark Marina DeVoe

#1788030 It was a long and winding road....

Posted by Lady Kay on 18 May 2018 - 12:20 AM

Kay watched as Rys'sya went straight to work, her fingers tapping so quickly on the datapad that you'd think that she was born with the ability to do it. Her confidence in her young assistant was very strong, as the woman seemed very adamant about serving her well, almost as though she owed her something. But that would smooth over in time, she was sure.

"Thank you, Rys. Now let us pack. We should bring a few days worth of clothing with us at least. And by we, I of course mean that I'd like for you to come along. Plus we need some food, water, tea and a med kit. I would hope that I will be allowed to go on this search and not be forced to stay behind. If this message is genuine...then my friend needs me..." It was good to be needed for something other than politics. Rys offered some of that as well in the sense that she had plenty to learn about the Commenori way of life, something that Kay was happy to teach her.

She turned around and went back into her office, calling over her shoulder as she began to head to the metallic spiral staircase that led up to her bedchambers. "Come on, Rys. And if any of those that you messaged are meeting us here at the Palace, tell them to meet us at the hanger by the landing pad." By now she was at the bottom of the stair and was making her way up it, skipping over every other step, as she was quite used to the dimensions of it. "You're going to have to borrow some of my trousers as I've only seen you wearing dresses so far. And in this venture, a dress isn't going to cut it." Most especially if they have to go through difficult terrain.

Caedyn Arenais Jairdain Bradshaw Ku Rahn Haaku Gideon Lenn

#1787417 Events and Changes

Posted by Lady Kay on 17 May 2018 - 12:55 AM

Another month has gone by and still the dust hasn't settled both IC and OOC. Mostly OOC though.

My board event had been approved and work is well under way for it to go live on June 6th (7th for those living in the future). I was kind of surprised that I am the sole CSA member working on it, but hopefully I won't be the only CSA member taking part. Fingers crossed.

The character of Veiere is being merged with Caedyn, so don't worry, we aren't losing an admin. The account is just being changed. It will be odd to look back at old threads and see Caedyn there instead of Veiere however >.<

We've gained a new Minister of Foreign Affairs! But sadly our Head of the Naval fleet has been killed. So once again our military curse has lived on with those that take up the post being killed off.

Let's hope that May can end on a high note :)

#1787189 When to Start?

Posted by Lady Kay on 16 May 2018 - 06:38 PM

Ghorua the Shark

One thread is the auction.

Second thread is investigating/rescuing the AMBERED.

Third is people confronting or teaming up with Terrance and his goons.

I may have Kay ending up getting AMBERED for a time. Haven't quite decided yet. Hopefully she could be freed at the end of the event ;)

Kaine Australis Jaster of Clan Awaud Marina DeVoe