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Lady Kay

Lady Kay

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#1735011 Five Year Anniversary

Posted by Lady Kay on Today, 12:10 PM


*raises a cup of tea in toast*

#1734546 The Price To Pay For An Un-Common Act

Posted by Lady Kay on Yesterday, 05:25 PM

Kay stood at one of the windows of her office, cradling a cup of tea in her hands. It was raining outside, so the sky was heavy and dark with the low laying clouds. It was rather fitting for her mood, maybe even amplified it. There was a lot on her mind, the Systems Alliance and her responsibilities towards it lay heavy on her shoulders. The attack that Veiere Arenais conducted on Deneba, the murders of Jedi, those couldn't remain unpunished. She knew that now. Rumours had spread that the once-King was above Commenori law, and untouchable. But that couldn't be true. It would create a rift between her government and the people that they served. That was not what the Systems Alliance was about.

A couple of weeks ago Kay had hired some of her best architects and engineers to fashion a special cell within the catacombs of the Royal Palace. It would be comfortable, with a bed, table and chairs, a desk and a shelf for books and holopads. What seperated this cell from most was that it was Force Resistant. Using some of the technologies often used by bounty hunters, she had it implimented onto this particular cell for the sole purpose of not allowing it's future resident to break out. The Force would be unable to penetrate. And that in itself was a sacrifice on her part.

And now to bring Veiere in. Kay summoned Macoda Haberon to her office. He was the Head of Security as well as her friend and needed to know what was happening. And what was going to happen. Whether the arrest was going to be easy or not, she didn't know. But it was going to happen.

Veiere Arenais was an enemy to the Systems Alliance. He needed to pay for his crimes against it. Kay couldn't shield him from it anymore.

And it broke her heart to do it.

#1733628 My All for the Children (Charity Auction)

Posted by Lady Kay on 16 February 2018 - 01:36 AM

Kay bowed her head to Baiko no Kaho . It seemed as though the lady didn't notice that Gray Raxis had waved her over. But that was alright. Their minds were obviously preoccupied with something.

She didn't sit or anything while Gray excused himself. Instead she just sort of stood there, wondering what was up.

And then he told her. Kay's jaw dropped slightly as she looked from Gray to Baiko and back again. There was a lot of information that she was missing. Afterall it had been well over a decade since she had seen Gray last. "Grand ..parents? You two are married?...Adopted daughter?...W-what?" Kay wasn't sure if she needed to sit down or not. For one thing, she was way, way out of the loop. "I mean, congrats. I'm sure that you'll be great grandparents." She gave them a smile, though her mind was pondering over whenever the time would come that she'd become a grandparent. No doubt she'd really need to sit down on that day.

#1733004 A Common Night Out (CSA Dominion of Antar Hex)

Posted by Lady Kay on 15 February 2018 - 02:22 AM

Kay stepped into the venue, no doubt having Nolan Kitari and Macoda Haberon at her heels. Her children had been invited, she knew that much, and had hoped to find Caedyn Arenais and Loreena Arenais together so that she could see them, hug them and catch up with them. But all that had to come a little later. Right now she had to play her part for this celebration, a small formality before she could relax and avoid media questions.

The crowds parted for her as she approached one of the stages. As she got to the steps, the music was already dying down, her arrival having already been anticipated. Kay made her way up the stage, but instead of going to the mic straight away, she went over to the band and spoke with them quietly. Some nods were given by the members, before Kay finally turned around and approached the mic with a small smile on her face. "Good evening. Thank you all for coming. I promise that this won't be long. " Her eyes wandered through the audience and two spotlights found their targets; the heads of government for both Terrijo and Antar IV. Kay held out her hands to the two gentlemen. "And thank you Prime Minister Bothwal and Lord Hunsrae for hosting this celebration. It is the work of these two gentlemen that have brought us all together in union once again. So everyone, please give them a round of applause." The Commenor Systems Alliance brought not only economic stability in the region, but also security. It was a sanctuary in the Galaxy wrought with war. After their short stint with the Metal Lords, the Prime Minister and Lord were pleased to find out that the CSA held no ill will for their decision to depart the Alliance. Burning bridges wasn't the way to go. So coming back was easy.

Kay knew that Veiere Arenais was probably watching, either live or later on some holonews highlight. So after the applause died down, she looked right to the cameras recording the event. "I've only done this once before, and will do so again. I'm going to end my minutes on stage here not with some boring speech, but with a little music to help get everyone in the mood to dance..." She glanced back to the band and nodded, before looking to the cameras once more as the music started. Veiere might remember it. She was hoping that he would. She sang it on the night that the Commenor Systems Alliance began. And then afterwards, the two of them had danced. It was almost a call to him that she was making, letting him know that he was missed.

Once her performance was over, she quietly stepped off the stage. One song was more than enough for her. It took a lot of bravery to do that. Kay hoped that it was good enough for her Minister of Public Relations. Right now she needed some tea. The next song was already starting as she looked to Mac. "Well, now that that's done, I could use a drink. Then let's keep an eye out for my children. They should be around here somewhere..."

#1732686 The Commenor Systems Alliance

Posted by Lady Kay on 14 February 2018 - 05:45 PM

Kay blinked. Kei Raxis knew the best ship to work as a flagship? Hmmm. "What kind of ship would that be? We don't have one yet our biggest ship is our battle cruiser, the Queensguard. It's not massive in size, but it's done it's job for us so far."

Perhaps this was a good idea afterall, and one that would benefit them both. Hopefully they wouldn't be at war for some time, yet it was nice to know that there were people in charge that knew what they were doing. That gave her a sense of relief. Afterall, she couldn't be expected to handle -everything-. That would just be far too much for her to handle.

Delegation was key.

#1732674 Alchemy of the Light (Alkahest Training)

Posted by Lady Kay on 14 February 2018 - 05:10 PM

Kay smiled a little and bowed her head to Phylis Alince as she concluded the lesson. Already there was homework. Of course there was. But at least it was something that she was capable of doing. Her husband's workshop was going to be put to good use, besides just sitting there collecting dust during his absence.

She gathered the two rings in her hand and pocketed them. Hopefully they'd work well enough. "Thank you once again. I'll be in touch." Kay bowed her head to the other two students; Nima Tann and Sav Elko before turning to leave. Of course this wasn't the only lesson that she'd have on such a skill, but it was the first of many. Hopefully those skills would do well for her in the end. There were many challenges being laid in front of her, which was common with someone in her position. With hope she'd be able to come out on top in the end. Learning Light alchemy was a step towards that.

((Thank you muchly! We'll do a follow-up for sure))

#1732333 Dominion of Antar Hex

Posted by Lady Kay on 14 February 2018 - 12:50 AM

10 posts left :) Shouldn't take us long now. Job well done so far everyone :)

#1730731 I. Magnus. (TAE & Allies)

Posted by Lady Kay on 11 February 2018 - 07:13 PM

Kay raised a brow as she watched Mythos take to the stage. Or rather, his pyramid. Whatever it was, the Silver Tongue was doing what he did best. He gave the audience a performance that was so well done, she believed that Mythos believed in what he was saying himself. In truth Kay saw past all that. Mythos wasn't a being of the Light, no bringer of it either. He had some kindness in him surely, and generosity, but they were for selfish reasons.

As the rain clouds came, Kay drew up her umbrella and opened it, being mindful to not poke Virak Ip with it as he stood nearby. She watched the light show and the sword that descended from the sky. Was that the sword that Mythos had her 'bless?'. No, it couldn't be. It was probably elsewhere.

When it was all over, she just watched the crowds. Mythos had won them over easily enough. It was almost cult-like, with the ceremony and everything involved in it. Nearly everyone pressed forward to catch a better glimpse of him, yet Kay just remained where she was. It'd be too much to try to get through and she didn't want anyone to be cut down by his guards that kept watch over her while she attempted to butt in line. Instead she just reached out to touch his mind. ~The Silver Tongue has returned and been crowned once more. Congratulations are in order. Yet I should depart. You have quite the line before you and plenty on your schedule. I'll see you on another day. Farewell, my friend.~

She looked to Virak. "Shall we go? We'll beat the traffic."

#1730338 No Place Like Home (Lady Kay)

Posted by Lady Kay on 11 February 2018 - 02:24 AM

The Republic was gone, and that was probably a good thing. Kay didn't want to repeat their mistakes. So she put people in power in her government regardless of if they were Force Users or not. In some ways she did it so that others could warm up to the idea. Not all Force Users in power would become like Palpatine. But even then, with how much she has gained since her abduction by Praz, was she really that much different? Sometimes she was teased and called an Empress, and that their government was more like an Empire than anything else. But she didn't want that stigma. She didn't want their people to be abandoned because she dared to be bold. Veiere Arenais partly understood it, but she knew that he didn't really like it. They had spoken about it before. And with revealing such a secret to the Galaxy, if she had decided to do so, she had no way of knowing how to go about it. Was there a Force Users Anonymous group? Was she to make some sort of public statement? All of that was just so silly. And dangerous.

Kay gave him a small smile as he recalled their first meeting. "I won't ever regret that day, nor any day after that that had brought us closer together." Did she always love him? Perhaps. Ever since he had first saved her life during a campaign event, she knew that she wanted him with her, knowing that with the dangers that life threw her way, he would be there to protect her.

And then a change in topic. She let go of her hand as she sipped her tea. Word had gotten to him fast in regards to the Mandalorians. "Ra is dead. I don't know how or why, but he's gone. Gray Raxis has adopted a young lady that is set to be the new leader. So...I guess you can say that we're in good relations with them. We're giving them aid to rebuild and setting up trade deals and contracts. And as for the Silvers...our relations are the same as always. There's a bit of tension there...I don't think that they like us not backing down to their bullying tactics. I don't expect that they'd attack us however. But I've got some of our fleet patrolling the area just in case."

#1730328 Back to School/Study.

Posted by Lady Kay on 11 February 2018 - 01:47 AM

Veiere Arenais

So proud of you :) Guess this means Veiere and Cae will cause less trouble for me...lol :P

#1730325 No Place Like Home (Lady Kay)

Posted by Lady Kay on 11 February 2018 - 01:41 AM

There were reasins that she wssn't on Yutan, one of them being that she wasn't allowed. No one from the Systems Alliance was supposed to be. Yet Veiere Arenais and the Jedi were. She clenched her jaw, her brows furrowed as her loving husband seemed poised to cut her even more. What other stories did he have to tell? What else did he have on her that he would now choose to wound her with?

She waited for it, all the while wondering how this came to be. They were so close to eachother and always supportive. Yet here they were, sitting down at the table at odds with eachother. That wasn't the way that it was supposed to be.

She held her breath for a momentand let it out slowly. No, she didn't agree with his actions on Deneba. Nor did she agree with his statement that he hadn't changed. He had. The Veiere that she knew wouldn't of done that.

Her eyes drew up to his as he mentioned her hiding her Force ability. Politics among Force users indeed. It was because of politics that she hid. "I was arrested by the Jedi and nearly executed because my secret was revealed to them and certain authorities in the Galactic Republic. There are people out there in government that have no trust in Force Users in power. I can't have that happen again..." She knew that there were people on both sides that would pull their support for the CSA if they found out. Her own father Tobias Larr wanted nothing to do with her just because of her Force Sensitivity. When people found out about it, they mostly got angry. Angry at her.

Kay sipped her tea, listening as Veiere let her know what he was doing. She wasn't quite sure how to react. She was feeling defensive, yet didn't want to push him away. Finally she just gave him a little nod. "Alright Veiere... Alright. I will trust...trust that your heart is in the right place." Her hand reached out to take his. "I just worry about you, and I miss you...This house is so empty without you all here. It's too quiet." And she felt quite alone. Even trapped at times. But she couldn't leave their people like Veiere could. War could come to them if she did.

#1730281 My All for the Children (Charity Auction)

Posted by Lady Kay on 11 February 2018 - 12:32 AM

Well that waving certainly caught her attention. But with Gray Raxis having eyes that were covered, she wasn't quite sure if he was trying to flag her down. It looked like he was....Possibly.

The frantic waving continued, looking more comical than anything else. Kay looked over to Nolan Kitari as he was the latest winner. "Congratulations. Looks like you'll be the celebrity getting photos taken tonight. Now if you'll excuse me...Someone seems a bit desperate to talk to me. Hopefully nothing is wrong."

She got to her feet and headed over to Gray's table, bowing her head in greeting to Baiko no Kaho , yet her eyes quickly returned to Gray. "What is it? Is there something wrong? The auction seems to be going well..." Oh he better not be trying to get her up on stage to be bid on. She would quickly refuse if he did.

#1730035 The Commenor Systems Alliance

Posted by Lady Kay on 10 February 2018 - 06:17 PM

Kay smirked as Kei Raxis gave her the answer that she had wanted, but in a way that wasn't how she had expected it. "Well, you could be busy. You could already have command of other fleets. Or you could have wanted to retire. Either way, I'm grateful that you're willing."

She smiled now. Everything was coming together nicely for the expansion. The Commenor Systems Alliance was growing at a pace that was manageable. "We aren't at war with anyone, nor do I plan to be. Yet it doesn't hurt to be prepared to defend ourselves." And with what had happened to Veiere, it was only a matter of time before his future actions sent reactions her way. She was his weakness that some might try to exploit. But hopefully not for a very long time.

#1730002 My All for the Children (Charity Auction)

Posted by Lady Kay on 10 February 2018 - 05:24 PM

Kay breathed a sigh of relief as Nolan Kitari seemed to have understood. A married woman going on a date? She didn't need such a scandal. Veiere would have their head. And given that he has gone quite dark, it wouldn't surprise her if he acted upon such a threat. And the last thing that she needed was lose his trust.

She watched as the rest of the auction went underway. Nolan put in a bid and a good one. Kay would have to keep track of it all as she had promised to match the offers that won their bids.

Her eyes fell to Gray Raxis and Baiko no Kaho for a moment. Were the two in love? It was hard for her to say as she was oblivious to that sometimes. She didn't notice for some time that Veiere was attracted to her. He hid it well until the moment that he kissed her during a spar. Their lives intertwined even further from there. But now he was away, living elsewhere and training others. And causing trouble for himself.

Kay shook her head a little, drawing herself back to the present and where she was. The auction. Right. She sat back and watched quietly. The lots were nearly finished. It'll be over soon.

#1729800 No Place Like Home (Lady Kay)

Posted by Lady Kay on 10 February 2018 - 10:43 AM

"The Jedi Order as a whole may not be innocent. But individually, some of those that you cut down were..." Betrayal was probably the worst part for them. And having to choose between joining him or dying wasn't the type of thing that her husband was known for.

Then his eyes locked on hers, and she suddenly thought about the Elders. Was Veiere Arenais digging for the truth? She clenched her jaw. Surely he remembered what she was like back then; not entirely herself as most of her memories were stolen, leaving her with nothing but pain, fear and hate. It was a completely different scenario. Veiere hadn't gone through what she had. His memories were intact.

Kay sipped her tea as he refered to Deneba as a mistake, breaking his gaze from her. A mistake? "You provided a home and place for people to study. Just because it isn't what you believe anymore, it doesn't mean that you should destroy it..." Already she had teams out there to survey the damage, clean it all up and rebuild. She couldn't leave it in such a way.

Her jaw dropped slightly as he dug at her, insinuating that she was always hunted. Was he really doing this? Was he really trying to hurt her? When she spoke it was quiet as she sat there in disbelief. "That's hitting below the belt, Veiere. I haven't been hunted since I was pregnant with the twins and that wasn't my fault. It was an old bounty put in place by someone that I never knew or did anything to." Someone with an old grudge agains the Republic was all that she could surmise.

Trouble had always found a way to her, going to her as though she was a magnet or a beacon of light in the dark. Looking upon her husband now, she had wondered if he could now be included in that. Did she have the wool pulled over her eyes all this time? Or was this all just something new brought on by his isolation?

Kay looked down to her cup of tea as Veiere brought up Yutan. Of course he brought up that situation. She still wasn't completely herself, and yes, she was desperate and acted solely due to that. "Nobody died then, Veiere..." It was a scare tactic that had worked. The Senator that pushed her didn't like her one bit and she knew that if he had discovered her Force Sensitivity, it would be all over. Fortunately he seemed to have left their sector and politics altogether.

She sipped her tea, letting it's taste and heat sooth her and bring her comfort. Veiere wasn't himself and she was trying to sort out different ways to bring him back. Maybe his holocron would have something there.

"What is it that you plan to do now? Are there any other mistakes that you need to eliminate?" She made no attempt to hide that she was fishing for information.