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Lady Kay

Lady Kay

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The Price To Pay For An Un-Common Act

Yesterday, 05:25 PM

Kay stood at one of the windows of her office, cradling a cup of tea in her hands. It was raining outside, so the sky was heavy and dark with the low laying clouds. It was rather fitting for her mood, maybe even amplified it. There was a lot on her mind, the Systems Alliance and her responsibilities towards it lay heavy on her shoulders. The attack that Veiere Arenais conducted on Deneba, the murders of Jedi, those couldn't remain unpunished. She knew that now. Rumours had spread that the once-King was above Commenori law, and untouchable. But that couldn't be true. It would create a rift between her government and the people that they served. That was not what the Systems Alliance was about.

A couple of weeks ago Kay had hired some of her best architects and engineers to fashion a special cell within the catacombs of the Royal Palace. It would be comfortable, with a bed, table and chairs, a desk and a shelf for books and holopads. What seperated this cell from most was that it was Force Resistant. Using some of the technologies often used by bounty hunters, she had it implimented onto this particular cell for the sole purpose of not allowing it's future resident to break out. The Force would be unable to penetrate. And that in itself was a sacrifice on her part.

And now to bring Veiere in. Kay summoned Macoda Haberon to her office. He was the Head of Security as well as her friend and needed to know what was happening. And what was going to happen. Whether the arrest was going to be easy or not, she didn't know. But it was going to happen.

Veiere Arenais was an enemy to the Systems Alliance. He needed to pay for his crimes against it. Kay couldn't shield him from it anymore.

And it broke her heart to do it.

A Doctor In A Common House

14 February 2018 - 06:40 PM

With the recent events being what they were, Kay found herself not handling them very well. She was confused and not to mention, hurt. It wasn't as though she had felt unloved, but in some way she felt betrayed; betrayed by the one that loved her the most.

So it was time to interview doctors again, ones that could help with her mental state and to ensure clarity of her mind. Kay wanted to stop making bad choices. It wasn't as though she was making them all the time, but she just wanted to be more sure of herself and more confident.

There was one doctor that used to work for her by the name of Victor Tesla . The heavy smoker had helped her during her recovery from her abduction. The physical and psychological wounds from that event took a long time to disappear, or at least to be buried along with many of her other secrets. Hopefully there was another like him out there.

So now was the day for interviewing candidates. Kay had gone through three already. There was some promise in one of them, but she wasn't so sure.

Her assistant Olivia soon knocked on her door, opening it. "My Lady, your next appointment is here to see you."

Kay looked up from her datapad, a cup of tea cradled in her hand. "Thank you, Olivia. Send them in please."

Olivia gave her a curt nod and then looked to the man sitting in a chair by her desk. "The Lady will see you now."

Uncommon Trust

14 February 2018 - 01:56 PM

She had promised to make it up to him. Macoda Haberon had felt as though Kay didn't trust him, using that as his excuse to explain why she didn't tell him about Veiere's turn to the Darker side of the Force. In truth there were plenty of reasons for it, but with how quickly everything fell apart, it caused her to draw inward and keep everything to herself. She loved her husband dearly. His acts on Deneba still threw her for a loop. In some ways she felt betrayed. It made her wonder if he felt the same way when she went Dark. But she was not herself then, having lost all of her good memories and suffering through months of unending torture. Veiere Arenais had not gone through the same thing. Instead his turmoil was within.

So today she had prepared a little journey. One that could help all three of them. Kay stood at the door to Mac's quarters at the Palace and knocked. She wasn't wearing a gown or dress. Instead she was dressed less formally, in the light armour that Veiere had made for her. It contained a personal cloaking device, something that she had planned on using as she usually did when ventured to the destination that she had in mind. Secrecy was of the utmost importance, something that she hoped she could trust Mac could keep.

As he opened the door, she looked up at him. "I need to show you something. But can I come inside to explain before we go?" There were cameras in the halls and she didn't want her words to be recorded right now.

And the Winner Is....

09 February 2018 - 01:52 AM

Congrats to Eddak Manod and his efforts in our first ever War Games! Jumping into both space and ground battles is quite the feat! And it helped to spur things on.

As promised, you'll get a Commenori Pheonix for your efforts. Great job :)

Dominion of Antar Hex

07 February 2018 - 02:01 PM

It has begun....A girls night out and a boys night out. Let the shenanigans begin!!