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Far Flung Tankers & Shipping Limited

12 October 2017 - 10:57 AM

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UNSC Navy Logo [HALO]
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Far Flung Tankers & Shipping Ltd. [FFTS Ltd.]
Nar Kreeta
Nar Kreeta,
Void Station,
- Product and Natural Resource Shipping
- High Volume Civilian Ferrying 
Tier 2
FFTS Limited is a limited privately owned shipping and tanker corporation operating from its HQ in Nar Kreeta. The corporation was formed by the Throne Holdings, a holding company, who acquired FFTS after taking majority stakeholder share of its previous incarnation as a small shipping firm. The current president of FFTS is Ms. Cthule Throne, a chiss-chataca mix business women from Nar Shaddaa. Its Freighter Fleet is largely made up of TL-Series Freighters from Hutt backed manufacturing.
This information is intended only for Admin reference in approval process, knowledge of this information publicly IC is extremely limited to Imperial Security Bureau Officers with security code clearance from Imperial Special Agent Helwan.
Parent Corporation: 

Best Business Practices [Helwan|Jorus]

12 October 2017 - 10:12 AM

Aboard J-type diplomatic barge Excellence

Docked to the Imperial IV Star Destroyer Black Omega

One Jump Outside Silken Asteroids




The inside of the Naboo Diplomatic Barge was of an excellent make. Imperial Special Agent Helwan paced about its command decks inside the main piloting capsule. The ship was an antique replica that she had acquired during her operations in the illegal shipyard dealings in Hutt Space. She ran her fingers against the table that set in front of the command chair. The barge itself was docked into the under belly dock bay of the Imperial IV Star Destroyer Black Omega, Helwan's personal attache naval vessel. 


Helwan was waiting, waiting for the finalisation of the last preparations for the first stage of her operation to develop a vast human intelligence (HUMINT) network to wrap around target regimes in the Outer Rim. The loose coalition based in and around Demonsgate proved an inciting area to develop a target adjacent network for espionage and intelligence gathering purposes. However, the thought of having to deal with lawless and free bird spacers made Helwan frown. The whole negotiation could sink into tedium and solve nothing. Or worse. 


The imperial Chiss finally stopped her pacing and rested in the command chair. Her red imperial agent uniform was reflected in a crimson shade on the chrome plating of the chair. She tapped her black gloved index finger on the blue pale edge of her chin, ruminating on a thousand scenarios and stratagems. Her pensive trance was broken when an Imperial Staff Officer entered with a TC-SC Infiltration Droid by his side. 


Helwan stood up abruptly and marched to the officer.


"Is it ready?" she growled. 


The officer nodded, he gestured to the droid. "Fully prepped with pre-programmed personality and fabricated memory operating systems. It will competently assume the role you have designed." 


Helwan's dark blue lips thinned into a grin. 


"Droid." Helwan commanded. The TC-SC droid straightened to attention. "Initiate exe. prompt Alice Miller." 


The droid replied, "Voice recognition accepted. Executing Alice Miller Program." The droid convulsed emitting a bright light that somehow looked as if it retained a heavy weight. The droid's appearance was consumed by a sheet of CQ-3.80 multispectrum disguise suite camouflage that transformed it into a beautiful corporate employee with blonde hair and a tall frame - code named Alice Miller.


With her transformation complete, Alice looked up to Helwan. Helwan's grin grew into a larger smile and she nodded. 


"Alice?" Helwan asked.


"Yes Ms. Throne?" Alice replied with a vibrancy calling Helwan by her dummy company alias. 


"Do you know why you are here?" Helwan continued.


"Of course! We have a big deal coming up with the spacers of Demonsgate right?" Alice said. "I think...yes, it' today at the Silken Asteroid Trade Depot Comet's Edge. Right?"


"Yes it is. Now be sure to use your best business practices on our potential business partner. We don't want to loose a big fish like Mr. Merrill?"


"No madam president." Alice laughed. 


Helwan, feeling the personality program was working perfectly then waved for the staff officer to follow as the began to depart. Now she had to put her faith in the Imperial Security Bureau's programmers. Alice had to succeed in luring this Jorus Merrill into the Excellence so that Helwan could make her entrance and initiate the next phase of negotiations. It would be risky but, such vivid characters may appreciate the eventual honesty. As Helwan left the Excellence, a cohort of "corporate" attendants and spy droids disguised as chrome plated protocol droids followed. 


"Begin operation." Helwan declared as she made it to the dock lookout within the Black Omega. The Excellence was released and it ventured off to contact Jorus and initiate a communication to confirm Alice's arrival at Comet's Edge.


Helwan watched the chrome and silver ship jump into hyperspace with narrowed gleaming red eyes.

Imperial Machinations

02 October 2017 - 08:12 PM

Galactic Imperial Space

Outer Orbit of Kamino




The Imperial IV Class Star Destroyer Black Omega, peered from the shadow of Imperial Center World Kamino. The long imperial star destroyer made its way to a pre-hyperspace stationary astrodocking zone. There smaller servicing ships stretched out their connection bay docks to connect with the servicing shafts extending from the side hulls of the star destroyer. 


Aboard the bridge, gazing at the proceedings was Imperial Special Agent Bshivih'helwan'nuruodo - also known as Helwan by her Imperial Profession Name. She was tale and azure, but, with a paler complexion due to her being half Chiss by her human mother. She wore a red imperial tunic beneath a large brown overcoat. In her hands she tapped a closed fan against the open palm of the other. As per her powers the ship was requisitioned to her direct command as her mobile operating base. The Empire as new and was dwarfed by the First Order and the Galactic Alliance - thus the ISB had given certain Naval Intelligence Special Agents the powers to takes star destroyers as their own for far flung operations. 


However, on this day, Helwan had the Black Omega return to Imperial Center to prepare for resupply and as well to greet an old friend who had come upon a new position within the Empire. Tobias Schmitt had been an old friend during her days as a cadet in the Imperial Academy, but, now he was Moff Tobias Schmitt. A cruel thin smile stretched across her blue lips. 


What interesting places you have found yourself Tobias. 


Her musings were interrupted by the star destroyer's commander, Captain Tyvn Vesh. He was a lean, slender, and grim looking man with a permanently fixed military stare. His left eye had been replaced with an empty socket covered by a eye-patch. 


"Madam Helwan" his soft and sharp voice called out, continuing, "...we are prepped for resupply. I have informed Lieutenant Fabian to inform his Commander that we will rendezvous with the vessel in hour's time." 


Helwan rolled her eyes to watch Tyvn. She nodded and smacked her fan into her other palm one final time. "Excellent Captain. I shall deal with requisition of that vessel for our upcoming operation soon." said Helwan before turning about to march down the central isle of the bridge, towering over the bridge crew in their navigation, and sensor-comms pits. As she walked away she waved for Tyvn to continue his duties, saying, "Inform Moff Tobias Schmitt, that I will host him in my quarters when he arrives to the Omega."


"At once, Madam Helwan." Tyvn said before frowning and wandering off to continue the oversight of the Black Omega's functions.

Intelligence Briefing (Helwan Intro Thread)

01 October 2017 - 04:26 PM

Hi all, so I made this ISB Special Agent who has her own ship to conduct Naval Intelligence and Intelligence Operations. 


I am hoping find some Moffs, and Naval Personnel to start a debriefing thread where Moffs can brief Helwan on their system's statuses and talk possible operations - and to act as an intro thread!


If anybody has any ideas go ahead! I plan to make it a Open Faction thread. 



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Butch Mahan Tanomas Graf Gromm Cardan Gida Freetaa


01 October 2017 - 01:09 PM










The Galactic Empire


Chiss-Human Mix







Bsivih'yess'nuruodo (Yess) - Father

Kataryn Novahorn - Mother

Bsivih'chak'nuruodo (Chaknur) - Younger Sister

Bsivih'miraw'nuruodo (Mirawn) - Younger Brother