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#1691208 Brief LOA due to technical difficulties

Posted by Davakin on 23 December 2017 - 08:15 AM

Hello all!


I'm going to be taking a brief LOA because of keyboard technical issues. Once they're solved I should be back and up and running. Sorry to everyone for the inconvenience! My keyboard starting acting up tonight and I don't know how to[ fix it.


This will affect directly: Mitth'rae'leios, Katria Vekarr, Dinah Vekarr, Tera-Zulia and a few others of my characters.


I hope to be back soon!

#1688179 Overdue hello!

Posted by Davakin on 18 December 2017 - 01:42 AM

So, I've been bouncing around getting this done since I joined and figured now was as good a time as any. So, without further ado, hello everyone on Chaos that I have and haven't met, have and haven't written with and have and haven't had the chance to get to know! I'm new, but not really all that new since this is long overdue, and I want to extend a hello!

#1677700 Winter Sereta

Posted by Davakin on 29 November 2017 - 06:41 PM








NAME: I've gone by many names over the years, but you may call me Winter Tiali Sereta.



RANK: I have no ranks so to speak, but I perform as a dancer.




AGE: I am six hundred and seventy two standard years old.


SEX: All you need to know is that I'm female.


HEIGHT: I'm five feet eight inches tall.


WEIGHT: My weight, thought it's hardly your business, is one hundred and forty five.


EYES: While it may seem strange I have bright blue eyes.


HAIR: My hair is a soft tone of brown.


SKIN: Like most of my species I have grayish hued skin that can be fairly easily distinguished.


FORCE SENSITIVE: I am Force Sensitive though I am not traditionally trained.







+ Long Lived: Being an Anzat I have lived for hundreds of years, younger than most of my kind who are closer to six or seven hundred. I have seen things that most others cannot claim to have and experienced even more.

Performer: I make my living performing, feed using my performing art and have learned to survive by acting as something I am not when I must. I do what I must to survive, more often than not those being acts.

Anzat: While I am not one for participating in combat I am more than capable due to my species strengths. Namely those being heightened physical strength and reflexes as well as hypnotic abilities to subdue victims on which I might feed.

- AncientWhen one has lived for over six hundred years events tend to become trivial. I have seen many things in my long life and very little tends to surprise me anymore. While I react in kind, there is little chance that my impressions of something will be approved of by a great many.

Commitment Issues: For six hundred years I've maintained keeping myself unattached to any individuals romantically. While I have had many romantic entanglements over the years, I do not intend to seek any permanent bonding with any for the foreseeable future.

- Distant: In the time I have lived in this galaxy I have come become distant from the plights and concerns of beings far younger than myself. While I haven't come to the point of lacking in the ability of caring, I do not find myself investing a significant amount of emotion in the affairs and feelings of others.


As stated above I stand at five feet eight inches and am fairly slender for my height. I have short brown hair and a fairly lithe form that come with my profession. Despite my age, and the many scuffles I have participated in, I show very little in the way of aging and physical damage. I have scars, but a great many of them are hidden well or have faded with my age. It is my more human like appearance that makes me stand out from others of my kind, as it is a rare occurrence within my species.


As far as my attire comes and goes, I have a preference to dress to fit my career. Dresses, skirts, heels and the like are my preference.



Will be expending on this later as it's going to be fairly extensive.


None to speak of.


None to speak of.


None to list.




To come...

#1673526 (OOC) On the topic of your character's Knowledge

Posted by Davakin on 21 November 2017 - 03:38 PM

I can say with mild certainty that Nihilus has been a matter of cultists for hundreds/thousands of years. That and his armor is entombed on Korriban which is known as the home world of the Sith as well as place to find ancient sith tombs.

#1672462 Veskasa "Ves" Montari

Posted by Davakin on 19 November 2017 - 04:53 AM







NAME: I was born Veskasa Aryss Montari, but now I mostly go by Ves.

FACTION: Currently working for/with the Silver Jedi Order.


RANK: I consider myself an explorer and I classify as a merely Force Sensitive.


SPECIES: I am a Firrerreo.


AGE: I am twenty seven standard years of age though I have experienced enough for a life time.


SEX: I am female and identify as such. My preference is still undecided.


HEIGHT: I stand at five feet and ten inches tall.


WEIGHT: I weigh roughly one hundred and forty eight pounds by galactic standard.


EYES: I have brown eyes that have nictitating membranes over them.


HAIR: My hair is brown and white, two-toned like others of my kind.


SKIN: Typically I have gold hued skin, like my kind. However, when I get angry it tends to flush silver. I also have silver scar tissue.


FORCE SENSITIVE: I am moderately Force Sensitive.






+ Nictitating membranes over the eyes protect me from bright flashes of light and a range of debris or shrapnel.

+ I am able to see a variable level of the UV spectrum in most lighting.

+ Where most beings take hours to days to recover from most wounds, I can recover from similar wounds within minutes to hours.
+ I have prominent canine teeth, which can be used for intimidation or biting an opponent in combat.

+ My hearing is better than most other species, being able to hear some things on higher spectrum of sound waves.

- While I have an extremely efficient healing factor, wounds that effect the heart or brain are not likely to recover more quickly than a standard human.

- My hearing might be good, but it's not perfect. Loud, abrupt noises of higher spectrum, or even that catch me off guard, tend to overwhelm my sensitive hearing.

- I don't give out my given name for a reason. My kind are known to be driven to compulsion when their given name is used to address them.

- I may be Force Sensitive but I do not boast the same prominence in it as my peers. I am adept at best.


Like humans, I have features of my body that make me stand out as near human. Aside from those that make me stand out similar to a Firrerreo, there are some features to my body that stand out even more. When not wearing a shirt, mind all those with dung brains, a variety of scars can be seen across my back and upper arms. Among these scars on my left arm you can barely see a set of markings that are the cover marks for an implant in my upper left arm.


I have long brown and white hair and tend to wear it down rather than up and out of my face. I wear casual clothing almost ninety percent of the time and prefer to dress casual to formal. Rarely do I wear robes, for the sake of maintaining appearance, and have an ear piece in my right ear at almost all times. In addition to all of this I have a variety of piercings in my ears to accompany a few modifications on my collar, lips and eyebrows.


To compliment the complexity of my appearance I often wear boots and carry bags to carry my findings in. I own a variety of necklaces from my clan and the parents I lost years ago.


It is easy enough to say that the Firrerreo species has been 'wiped out' more than once. First by the Galactic Empire and then by the Yuuzhan Vong. But what most do not know is that it takes more than destroying a home planet or wiping out a civilization to erase a species from the galaxy. And that's where my clan comes in.


We're survivors. Spacers, hunters, scrappers, you name it and I guarantee my clan has done it. Though not without the cost of a few limbs, eyes and other body parts to survive to the next day. I myself am not excused from this notion as I lost a large chunk of my upper left arm as a child while my parents were on a salvaging mission in the Ryloth system. But I'm getting ahead of myself.


My story begins in the stray reaches of the outer rim. On the planet of Hoth to be precise. It was there that my family had decided to settle down with what was left of my clan some fifty years ago. There was plenty of space to settle within the caverns that were remotely hospitable, and there was plenty of food if you knew where and how to look for it. Though it's easy enough to say that my family sent members off world to collect food and bring it back to last us months at a time.


For years this lifestyle went on until my parents decided they wanted to explore deeper into the core worlds. Against it as they were my parents were permitted to leave by the clan leaders and not long after their departure I was born. As expected, in any instance involving children, I changed everything. My father lost an arm, a leg and a shoulder protecting me from pirates and my mother lost a hand and part of her torso. Even still they survived.


It wasn't until I was young that I fully understood the sacrifices they'd made and the dangers we were in, and was naive enough to explore on my own from time to time. My very first exploration lost me that chunk of my arm I told you about, and that wasn't the only thing I lost. If it weren't for quick action on my parents parts I would have lost the use of my lower right leg. It would seem that getting into a fight with a gundark was not the smartest choice for a child Firrerreo despite their immensely useful healing factor.


An implant in my spine to reinforce it and an implant in my thigh to maintain use of my leg were the price to pay for my naivety. A price I have come to pay in way of taxing my stamina when relying on moving more than one's body might typically allow. I never did fully come to accommodate for the replacements but in time I came to accept them and their restrictions on my abilities.


In a way, years later, I can say that of all the things I've experienced nothing will beat my last encounter with members of the Vong genus. Bitterness is a dangerous game, but I have to thank them for the work they did to restore a reasonable connection with my body's weaker parts, though I dare say I left on bad terms. It's been years since then, but even now I fear a reprisal on their part for treating them as badly as I did.


Which brings me to the present. I could spend all day recollecting the various adventures I have been through. But I find it would be easier if you experienced me for yourself. Sadly there's only one story that I doubt many would care to hear, and a story that I prefer to explain in person. His name is far to complex to spell and harder to convey. In short...


I grew up a survivor, lived an explorer and even now I continue to consider myself fit and capable. With a galaxy to explore and many a mission at my disposal, and an Order I find myself comfortable with, the only thing that could stand in my way now is the Force.


Self trained at best, we'll see how this goes.



Ship: A solid modern model freighter with top grade hyperdrive technology and a great deal of storage space.

Equipment: Basic yellow lightsaber and a slug thrower pistol.

Companions: A Maelibus she encountered and somehow befriended on her travels to the planet of Iego. He's far from friendly with aggressors against her and fiercely loyal.








To come.

#1656972 Amaris Saar

Posted by Davakin on 22 October 2017 - 01:36 AM








NAME: My name is Amaris Saar. Saar is not my given name.

FACTION: I have no faction, but a loyalty to the dark side and the sith.


RANK: I am a sith, even if I have much to learn.


SPECIES: While I do not know my homeworld I am half Kiffar.


AGE: I do not see why this matters but, if you must know, I am twenty five by galactic standard.


SEX: I am female, and that is all you need to know.


HEIGHT: I stand tall at five feet and nine inches.


WEIGHT: You ask infuriating questions, but I will humor you. One hundred thirty seven pounds.


EYES: Can you not see them? Clearly they are red and gold.


HAIR: My hair is black with red highlights.


SKIN: My skin is fair, but with a hint of tanning.


FORCE SENSITIVE: I am, though I had thought that would be obvious.







I am what you see, but not entirely what you perceive. While my mind may be tainted and unhinged, my body is refined. Unlike those who took me in as a child I am prone to violent thoughts and actions. Though this may be, I am proficient in using weapons and my body as a means of avoiding repercussions for my outbursts; most of the time. While it bothers me little to admit it, I find myself unable to resist the temptations to love and envy the things others have that I do not. Power, love, desire, I will not hesitate to kill for those things; and kill them if I cannot have them.


While I may be proficient with a blade and the use of martial combat arts, I find the Force to be as much an enemy as an adversary with a blade. I have learned my share of minor powers, such as telekinesis and lightning, but I am far from capable of using them extensively. In part this is due to my not having a master, however this is also due to my inexperience with use of the Force. Perhaps another flaw is that I simply do not care for the emotions of those I've hurt. It's quite the opposite if I love someone or something, however. Everything and more for that which I crave.



Force Lightning




Form II Makashi

Form VII Juyo - Untamed





Take a good look and hopefully you won't forget. At an early age I was a scrawny, long haired brat with little to show for my stature. Now, decades later, I've grown into my body. However, unlike what you would likely expect, I did this to myself. Numerous piercings to accompany scars or simply display my desire to embolden myself, they all fall under the same reason I dress and wear my hair the way I do.


I like my hair short, but for an edge I shaved it completely off the left side of my head because it appealed to me. You might say that was the same reason I died part of my hair red. As for my clothing? If what I said above isn't enough for you, perhaps I might entice you to come a little closer and explore the reasoning for yourself? Unless you're too shy, then perhaps another time. I dress to represent my feelings and desires, because if I like to get what I want. Besides, it makes me feel bold and powerful.


If you need a list of materials perhaps you might say I prefer leathers, chains and cloth to go with my boots and gloves. The more I expose the less likely you are to take me seriously. Am I mistaken?


And so begins the sad story of a girl who thought she could be me.


Amaris Kyral was born on the planet Kiffex to a Kiffar scavenger and a human former slave, an odd combination to say the least but one that did not escape the watchful eye of the Jedi Order. For months she lived happily with those parents, like any child should, until her father was approached by a string of Jedi Knights seeking to take his gifted daughter away.


With no way to feed the child, she being the newest of five, he gave her up willingly to give her a 'better life'. Perhaps the choice was the right one then, but in time others would come to learn the mistake. For it was not long after she had been indoctrinated into the Jedi Order that she began to show signs of yearning and desire to distance herself from those who sought to teach her.


As the years passed the girl took a keen interest in a much older, much wiser Jedi Master. A man who, by all means, was not only easy on the eyes but powerful beyond words. With great interest the girl took to attempts to impress the Master; the man she desired so greatly to be hers. But with each advance and display she only found him drifting further and further away. And so, rather than focus on the disbelief and shame of being abandoned, she turned to friendship.


The girl met another girl, a human, and sought to remedy her pains with the joys of moderated companionship. A remedy that lasted for some time as both girls grew to understand the lightsaber and the Force, but one that would not completely suffice as a filler for the gaping hole in her heart for the Jedi Master she craved. In fact her friendship with the girl only fed into the jealousy and envy that would bubble over in the years to come.


For, when it came time for the Master to make a final decision of which padawan he wanted to take as his own, he chose the human girl. At first the girl was devastated, unable to comprehend what had just happened. Within days she became unable to cope with the reality, falling victim to the twisting effects of jealousy and envy of the girl who had taken everything she desired most from her; even if unwittingly. For several days the girl allowed for this Master and apprentice bond to flourish and unfold it's measures, hoping that she might still be able to win his heart.


However, a terrible reality came in the form of the man doting after his apprentice in ways she wished he would do with her alone. An atrocity she could not forgive. Forgetting herself, her love, her compassion, even her friendship, the girl stole into her former friend's room in the night. All that could be said of the incident days later was that the girl had disappeared and the Master's apprentice was found dead in her bed; apparently beaten and strangled before she could fully rouse herself to call for help.


In the years following the incident, the girl sought out new avenues to learn the ways of the Force. Darker, more seductive ways. It was during those years that she met and came to tutelage under a wandering Sith. He did not give her his name, nor did he grant her even the hint of something that might bind her to his allure. Instead, he taught her what little she needed to know to become the most basic of warriors and left her to survive on her own.


For a time the girl struggled to come to terms with what she'd become. Often times turning to her blade work to make the time pass when she could not muster more powerful abilities from her connection to the Force. Settling on the work of lightning and telekinesis the girl focused her efforts on perfecting her ability with a lightsaber; eventually constructing a variety of sabers from crystals she had stolen from the Jedi Enclave and her former friend. Though she had little in the way of written knowledge and spoken word, she found enough in the lingering avenues of the galaxy to teach herself the art of lightsaber combat.


For a time she disappeared, not a trace of her whereabouts and endeavors to be found. But in time she returned. As lustful and eager as she had ever been, but with a skill and drive she knew few could possibly understand.


She would need a master. A true master. Only then would she be able to fully realize her power in the dark side of the Force.


While it is not my preference I fly a hyperdrive and shield equipped imperial TIE Phantom


As for equipment I have two red single bladed lightsabers and an unstable red double bladed lightsaber.


None as of yet.


None as of yet.




To come...