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Doran Ren

Doran Ren

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#1834499 Shall the Cherry Blossoms Burn? (First Order Dominion of Atrisia [P-29])

Posted by Doran Ren on 27 July 2018 - 02:14 PM

Location / Entering the tunnels into the Xiwangmu temple

Equipment / Armor Of The Storm  Lightsaber

Allies / Kyrel Ren / Primat Ren / Seto Du Couteau / Marriskcal Lati / All FO personal

Music / x /


Doran felt a cold, dark presence as he entered the cave system leading into the temple of Xiwangmu. He was trailing directly behind the Steward of Ren, Master Kyrel, the father of his master. As the light faded master Kyrel ignited his saber to illuminate the darkness. Doran followed and activated his purple blade with a snap hiss, holding it into the air and casting a purple hue across the other Ren near him. This feeling of evil was most likely attributed to the ever present darkness that filled the planet. Doran's mind started to wonder as they traversed the vast tunnels. Perhaps this planet was sith controlled, or maybe they fought a great battle here. The young Ren had always been curious about the history of the other Dark Side warriors.


The young Ren almost bumped into Master Kyrel as he stopped cold after hearing something someone had mumbled. Doran shook his head and sighed Uh oh. To his surprise the group continued, however Master Kyrel would not pass up the opportunity to scold the newly appointed Ren. Doran nodded with every sentence and felt the dark presence of their motives wash over him as Kyrel spoke about The Supreme Leader. As the light of day returned Doran deactivated his saber and returned it to his belt. As the group stopped at the steps of the temple he looked to the former Inquisitor and whispered "Do not question Master Kyrel again..." 


Doran would admit, he enjoyed conflict. Fighting was the most exhilarating thing he could ever experience. His metallic clawed gauntlets clanking as he clipped his saber back onto his belt, he breathed in deep and exhaled. Letting the need for violence consume his mind. He was no fool however, he would not engage anyone without provocation or orders from his superiors. But that didn't mean he couldn't either of those scenarios to come to fruition. He grinned under his mask and prepared himself for what might come next...

#1832919 Fog of War

Posted by Doran Ren on 24 July 2018 - 09:43 PM

 Doran grunted as he lifted a charred corpse onto a stake, it left a cracking sound rather than a squelch of flesh. He was quite a ways away from the other Ren, he was further up a hill overlooking the valley of mounted corpses. In his insanity he hummed a tune he was making up as he went along all while jamming another stake into the ground. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, for now. He had partially dreaded his return to the planet considering his failure there. However the feeling of powerlessness on the planet drove him to become stronger with the dark side. He started to breath heavily as he felt the lightning against his skin once more, he could even smell his own charring flesh as if it was happening right then. He snapped back to reality when he heard shouting below. He was too far to tell what they were saying but the different Ren were spread around the field.


 With a few agile bounds the young psychopath was at the bottom of the hill, standing next to his recently appointed master, Varas Ren. He crouched down beside her and removed his mask which let out a hiss as the mechanical joints separated. "What is happening master? I feel something is wrong here. I feel fear and surprise, strong in those two." The Ren pointed to a senior Ren and a girl beside him carrying a corpse in the distance. He looked to his master with concerned eyes as she called out to them and asked what they were doing.


Primat Ren | Doran Ren | Varas Ren

Eighth Guard | Seto Du Couteau | Marriskcal Lati

#1831011 You should have let me sleep (ORC raid on Dagobah, ATTN: FO, OPEN)

Posted by Doran Ren on 22 July 2018 - 12:58 AM

Location: Entering orbit above Dagobah

Allies: All FO personal, Kyrel Ren Marriskcal Lati



 Doran had actually never been to the Dagobah system before. He thought to himself about the recent events in his life as he stared into the brilliant blue of lightspeed. He had a new master, the daughter of Master Kyrel, Varas. He had also received significant wounds from the battle of lothal, and the conflict at the bastion of Ren. After his hands on experience with force lightning he was now obsessed with the force ability, even bringing it into the creation of his brand new armor. The young Ren grinned as his claw like gauntlets clanked against the control board on his TIE Silencer.He laid back in his sleep and allowed himself to close his eyes and drift to sleep.


 What seemed like moments later, Doran's fighter lurched out of hyperspace into the vast darkness above the swamp planet. The young Ren groaned and sat up, quickly feeling some form of disturbance. He looked far into the distance to see a cluster of capital ships, and the green and red bolts of plasma being flung at each ship. He quickly accelerated and began to move towards the apparent battle. He opened his Ren comms and contacted master Kyrel who had summoned him to Dagobah, as well as the young praetorian who's presence he could sense. "Master, sister, what is going on here? Who are we engaging?"

#1809467 From the Ashes we Rise (Order of Ren)

Posted by Doran Ren on 16 June 2018 - 09:29 PM

Location: Bastion of Ren, Virgillia

Nearby: Kyrel Ren Eighth Guard Varas Ren Racosidae ghostwrite


 Doran grinned as the girl let her guard down and began to approach him. With that his right arm jutted outward as he attempted to take hold of her trachea to incapacitate the girl. "I don't plan on dying just yet." As he tried to fend off his attacker he looked to his right to see what seemed like a full scale war. He gawked as what seemed like more Praetorians dueled with Kyrel and Varas. 


 The other few Ren were either trying to figure out their next move or was attacking Kyrel's loyalists. His goal changed as he sought a way to escape from the Praetorian hopeful so he could rush to his masters aid. He had to think fast and used his free hand to lift the two knives from before off of the floor and hurl them towards his Master's attacker. He called out to Varas so she wouldn't accidentally be hit by the soaring blades. "Master! Move!" He hoped with all his being that the projectiles would at least hinder the Ren trying to kill his new master.

#1808328 From the Ashes we Rise (Order of Ren)

Posted by Doran Ren on 15 June 2018 - 12:15 AM

Location: Bastion of Ren, Virgillia

Nearby: Kyrel Ren Eighth Guard Varas Ren Racosidae ghostwrite




 Doran frowned as he lifted both of his hands into the air with his palms open. Two knives were flying towards him at incredible speeds. He channeled as much force power as he could to stop both blades and allow them to drop to floor."Decision made, and I'm not going to fight you child." The young Ren lowered his hands and breathed heavily as he exerted himself and felt the pain in his chest. He was right, he wasn't going to fight the kid, he couldn't. He backed up to the cold cobblestone wall and lowered himself to the floor and wheezed, coughing up a little blood from his burning chest. He looked up at the girl and chuckled as she sauntered towards him with more knives at the ready.


 He weakly smiled and held up his hands in a shrug. "Huh, go on then kid. Kill me." He was bluffing of course, hopefully a child wouldn't kill his pitiful self propped up against the wall. At least he hoped, for all he knew she could be a cold blooded killer going to jab a knife in his jugular. He laughed again and coughed hard, spitting blood into his hand and feeling the hot liquid on his gloves. He suddenly yelled at the girl and tried to get up "I SAID KILL ME GIRL!" He collapsed again and fell into psychotic laughter.

#1806818 Cam's Art Museum

Posted by Doran Ren on 12 June 2018 - 10:12 AM

Perfect! Thank you! Zahori Denko

#1806535 From the Ashes we Rise (Order of Ren)

Posted by Doran Ren on 11 June 2018 - 07:59 PM

Location: Bastion of Ren, Virgillia

Nearby: Kyrel Ren Eighth Guard Varas Ren Racosidae ghostwrite Primat Ren


Doran looked to the Knight of Ren with surprised eyes, A master? A teacher? Finally. The young Ren lowered himself to one knee once more before Varas. "It would be my honor Master Varas." Doran's happiness was cut short as another Ren entered the room. One he had never seen before. At about that time the this Ren entered Doran stood again to see and hear the crack of a Bilari electro sword crackling against the Praetorian's laminate and falling to the cobblestone floor.

Now this new Ren and the Praetorian were both challenging Master Kyrel. Fools, how could they want to cause such turmoil at a time like this. Doran wouldn't stand for it. He grunted as he stepped forward anc clutched his chest, breathing heavily. He still hadn't received the medical assistance he really needed. He limped over to put himself between the challengers and Master Kyrel. He wasn't very powerful to begin with and especially not in his wounded state. He lifted a shaky hand in front of the of the Ren and the praetorian, attempting to stop them. "You must stop! We cannot fight each other at a moment like this, we are weaker than we have ever been and this will solve nothing. Master Kyrel is just trying to keep us together, and you are trying to divide us!"

#1805622 From the Ashes we Rise (Order of Ren)

Posted by Doran Ren on 10 June 2018 - 02:58 PM

Location: Bastion of Ren, Virgillia

Nearby: Kyrel Ren Eighth Guard Varas Ren Racosidae ghostwrite





 Doran stood to face Master Kyrel as more Ren began to enter the room. There was a praetorian as well, and a girl no older than thirteen it seemed. Maybe this was all that was left. The thought sent a chill down Doran's spine. He looked up to realize something he was to preoccupied to notice when he first entered. Kyrel, was on the throne of the Supreme Leader. Doran felt a sense of anger and betrayal for a moment but quickly realized, maybe this was the Supreme Leaders plan. Although he had come to his senses he could feel hatred and anger overwhelming the room.


He could mostly sense the anger from the lone praetorian. Doran groaned as he felt the scarred leather of his suit where it had been thoroughly electrocuted. He needed a new suit, a new saber, a new helmet. His mind swirled with the thoughts of his defeat. And every time he blinked or closed his eyes he saw nothing but the purple lightning of the dark side illuminating the darkness. 


 It was taking over his mind, corrupting him, all he could ever think of was. Lightning. He shuddered as he came to his senses and looked around the room, now Varas was here as well. She stood beside him and listened to Kyrel as he began to address the gathered Ren. As Master Kyrel spoke he could see the Praetorian gripping his sword tighter and tighter. the young Ren could see what was about to happen, in a concerned voice he whispered to himself "No, dont." This caught the attention of Varas and the two locked eyes in preparation for the fight that was about to ensue.

#1804168 From the Ashes we Rise (Order of Ren)

Posted by Doran Ren on 08 June 2018 - 02:34 PM

 Doran winced as he climbed into his starfighter and plunged into the TIE/VN's seat. He breathed heavily felt his still burning chestplate which had been seared by the force lightning of the Sith on Lothal. "I would have slaughtered that bloody fool if I had some karking training!" The young Ren slammed his gloved hand onto the control console of his ship and began to grumble to himself. He had barely managed to escape his adversary and return to his ship, hopefully to go find some medical assistance. As he was going over what he had done wrong in his head as a device in his gauntlet chirped. He read the message with complete surprise, had something happened during my duel?


Priority Message: Come to the Bastion of Ren Immediately! 


Without hesitation the Ren's fighter lifted into the air and began to cut through the atmosphere into the cold darkness of space. He punched in the coordinates to Virgillia and laid his head back into his seat as the ship lurched forward into hyperspace. He had lost his mask, his saber, and for now. His dignity. His hands balled into fists as he breathed heavily once more as he thought of the encounter. He attempted to reassure himself that maybe it could have given him the attention he needed to finally gain a master and learn the techniques so constantly used against him. 


His ship pulled out of hyperspace and elegantly soared into the hangar at the temple alongside another TIE, a heavily damaged one. The young Ren entered the barren temple, there was no one there? However he could sense darkness brewing nearby, he closed his eyes and attempted to feel the presence. His lips barely opened as he whispered the name. "Master Kyrel..." Doran rushed down the corridor to find him there, seated in the throne of the Supreme Leader. Doran quickly knelt on one knee after approaching the Master of Ren. "My Lord, I came as quickly as I could, I was hurt on Lothal and had some difficulty. What has happened? I can no longer sense our brothers and sisters?"


Kyrel Ren Varas Ren Oregano Racosidae Marriskcal Lati

#1801134 [ENDGAME] Ghosts of Lothal

Posted by Doran Ren on 04 June 2018 - 02:33 PM

Location: ​Jedi temple

Objective: ​Kill the Jedi, establish our order in the temple

​Allies: ​All FO personal, Samka Derith Varas Ren Kyrel Ren Sieger Ren

Enemies: ​All Jedi (dueling) Iturizu Yuvie

Music: (X)


Doran was slightly surprised at the Jedi's reaction time, he grinned as he followed through the attack and stopped himself to get into a striking position. His saber skidded against hers as she dodged him, causing him to stumble past her and quickly turn in an aggressive stance. As the two force users clashed back and forth seemingly balanced in their combat skill, Doran stopped and stepped backwards. Grunting as he clutched the side of his head with his free hand. It felt as if some horrible, painful darkness was boring into his mind. He momentarily cried out and clutched his head, then suddenly falling silent and standing straight. A voice was in his head calling him to go forth and destroy his enemy. He felt faster, stronger... darker. 


Darkness began to flow through the young Ren as he held his saber tight, his muscles clenching and his eye twitching. He felt cold, yet powerful. A beautiful voice caressed and eased his mind, telling him to show his true power. Doran spoke back and hissed "Yessss, master." He looked up to lock eyes with the Jedi once more. His hatred was seeping out of him and the cold of his darkness reached out to touch the Jedi. He removed his mask and hood, dropping them to the ground, grinning at his adversary. "You will all burn Jedi, every last one of you. The Supreme Leader is here there is nothing you can do to stop us anymore." The young Ren rushed forward with his overwhelming darkness, charging the Jedi and swinging his crimson saber towards her neck with all his might.

#1798826 [ENDGAME] Ghosts of Lothal

Posted by Doran Ren on 01 June 2018 - 09:15 PM

Location: ​Landing zone, moving to Jedi temple

Objective: ​Kill the Jedi, establish our order in the temple

​Allies: ​All FO personal, Samka Derith Varas Ren Kyrel Ren Sieger Ren

Enemies: ​All Jedi (attacking) Iturizu Yuvie

Music: (X)


 Doran's crimson saber gleamed as its tore through one alliance trooper after another. The disciple grunted as he advanced through the crowd of battling troopers, Jedi, and Ren while his saber blocked laser bolts. As he was charging towards the temple and cutting down Galactic Alliance scum he was shocked by a hard hit to the left side of his temple. The dark warrior fell to the ground and grunted as he turned to see another Jedi charging him while he was on the ground. The Ren let out an enraged scream as he lept forward and used his left hand to grab the young Jedi by the throat and drive his saber deep into their chest. They must have been caught off guard by his quick recovery and surprising aggressiveness. He grinned at the Jedi as they fell to the dirt feeling the burning hole where their left lung had been. Doran continued running toward the temple, dodging blasters left and right when he was yet again impaired by more Jedi, one charging him head on, the other from his left. The young Ren both of his hands to grip the Jedi in front of him with the force, placing on a vice on their body and slinging them to the side towards the Jedi to the left. Impaling the first Jedi on the seconds saber. Doran laughed demonically as he threw his saber which decapitated both at once. 


His enjoyment faded as his saber returned to his hand and he turned to see a female Jedi standing resolute at the entrance to the temple. She appeared to be composed in the face of battle, and Doran wouldn't stand for that. As a disciple his skills were limited, but he always had an idiotic confidence about him which tended to get him into situations he couldn't handle. He began to sprint at full speed towards the Jedi, grinning as he traversed the ground closing the distance between himself and his opponent. He turned for a brief moment towards his fellow Ren and yelled out to anyone listening, "I might need some help with this one!" 


 Doran flew past the many obstacles in his way, his eyes burning with fury as his crimson saber hummed in his right hand. He could only hope another Ren was going to assist him here. The Ren let out a maniacal cackle as he jumped near ten feet in the air gripping his saber with both hands and bringing it down as hard as he could towards the aqaulish. The sabers of the two foes clashed and Doran peered into her eyes through the sparks of the two blades and grinned behind his mask, 


"Hello love. Your life ends here."

#1796380 [ENDGAME] Ghosts of Lothal

Posted by Doran Ren on 29 May 2018 - 12:09 PM

Location: ​Landing zone, moving to Jedi temple

Objective: ​Kill the Jedi, establish our order in the temple

​Allies: ​All FO personal, Samka Derith Varas Ren Kyrel Ren Sieger Ren

Enemies: ​All Jedi

Music: (X)


 Doran hummed an old tune as his TIE V/N jolted through the atmosphere of lothal, his gloved hands gripping the steering yoke. He couldn't help but grin as he approached the large grassy clearing where he could see a group of dead Jedi. He smirked and brought the ship to the surface and whispered to himself "Come on lads save some for the rest of us." ​The TIE's engines rumbled and shook the grass below as the ships wings touched down into the soft dirt. Doran leaped from the open cockpit and attached his mask to his face and pulled his hood over his dark hair. His eyes surveyed the field of fallen force users. He began to stride towards the ranking Ren, Decitus.


 He smiled as he stepped over the corpses of young Jedi, he nearly tripped over the arm of one which was coldly grasping his leg. In an act that took less than a second he activated his saber, severed the corpses arm in anger, and deactivated the saber.He gave a short bow and approached the master of Ren, placing his lightsaber back on his belt. "Master Decitus, I don't believe I've made your acquaintance. Doran Ren at your service, I see its time to bring an end to the Jedi's presence here? Maybe we can finally end this once and for all."

#1756846 Long ride home

Posted by Doran Ren on 25 March 2018 - 10:40 PM

Jer'Ord Ar'alano Zyrias Pax



Doran staggered out of the building with his hand grasped around his "prisoner's" binders. Lucky thing a lightsaber slash through that cop's blaster and a force push were enough for him to let Doran take the girl. She was still unaware to her purpose in all of this. The Order decided to invest in her after watching her career as a saboteur and realizing they could use someone with her skills. Although Doran wasn't particularly fond of her, seeing as she wouldn't stop talking. She was the mission, and he'd be damned before he didn't complete it. After the two had reached an elongated platform, out of sight from most he uncuffed her.


   "Calm down you aren't under arrest. Now listen, you don't like me, and I sure as hell don't like you. However The First Order has need of your skills. I'll explain more on our way to Dosuun, for now sit down and shut up." Doran turned away from the girl and activated his wrist comlink BLZZZ " -Jer'Ord, Ive got her lets get out of here. Transmitting the coordinates now." BLZZZ


(BLZZZ means comm static)

#1755535 Cantonica Noir (Open)

Posted by Doran Ren on 23 March 2018 - 08:44 PM

Doran snarled and whirled around to the girl, extending his hand out and gripping her with the power of the force. He held her throat closed to a point where she could barely breath but could by no means speak, and was certainly in no comfort. He didn't lift her off the ground but kept her laying there grasping her throat. Doran turned back to the man and barked back at him "The Alliance has no jurisdiction here! And even if they did, the First Order wouldn't pay any mind, we are at war remember? The girl has committed acts of terrorism and treason across the galaxy! The Order will stand for this no longer..." Doran's patience was thinning, and he wanted this girl in his custody now. He took a moment to peer around the room, whatever patrons had remained were frozen in fear scattered about the casino. The only sounds in the room were their quiet whimpers, the crackling of his saber, and the gagging of a tyrannical teenager. 


Doran knew how this would end, he didn't want violence. However this seemed inevitable, he was not leaving Cantonica without her. "Im taking her, back away and return to your pile of filth Coruscant."


Zyrias Pax Terrek Reese

#1754922 Cantonica Noir (Open)

Posted by Doran Ren on 22 March 2018 - 10:13 PM

 "Sigh, what a drag." Doran peered down at his all black tailored suit. In full honesty he very much preferred his disciple of Ren armor. It felt weird to not be wearing his hood and mask, especially when parties were not his forte. So a planet that was entirely made of parties, suits, and fanciness was not an exciting time. But work was work. And Doran had been assigned to track down and kill or capture a terrorist. The Order wouldn't usually pay much attention to small time insurgents but when they received word of Canto Bight as a target, Doran was sent to intercept. He knew her look and could sense her presence from across the room but waited for opportunity. She seemed to be chatting up some old creep. Doran sighed and sipped his drink as he watched the two. He felt his crimson lightsaber safely tucked in his coat pocket for reassurance. This wouldn't be too difficult, all he had to do was wait for her to separate herself from the man and detain her. Local authorities wouldn't interfere with First Order affairs.


 Suddenly the girl began to walk away from the man. With that Doran rose from his seat and buttoned his jacket, moving toward the two. His smile disappeared as the girl headed for the restrooms. His mouth crept to a frown as he took a seat and waited for her to emerge once more, and after minutes of waiting she returned. At a very much faster pace. As soon Doran started walking toward her a blast lit up the room from a bin in the corner. Doran's head went into a whirl as his eyes traced the room, the target was in a sprint running for the door. He gritted his teeth as he ran after her pulling his saber from his jacket. His senses brought him to a halt and barely missed a stun blast which floored the young terrorist. He grunted in frustration as he turned to see the man from before cuffing HIS target. He brought up his hand and used the force to push the man several feet away from the girl. Brandishing his saber and stepping between him and the girl calling out "Stand back sir! I am taking this prisoner on authority of The First Order!"


Zyrias Pax Terrek Reese