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Doran Ren

Doran Ren

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Armor of The Storm

09 June 2018 - 03:10 PM


​​Intent: To create a unique set of armor for use by Doran Ren.

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  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Doran Ren
  • Affiliation: Doran Ren, The Order of Ren
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique
  • Material: The armor plating itself is a mix of duraplast and laminate. While the fabric and undersuit, cape, and hood are basic fabric weaved with phrik. Electronic devices and power pack for gauntlets.


  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances (For each category choose from:

- Blasters High

- Kinetic: High

- Lightsabers: Average

- Other: 

-Force Lightning: Very High

-EMP blasts: Very Low

The armor of the storm features gauntlets that can discharge small amounts of electricity to add to Doran's force lightning abilities. The gauntlets use electric conductors in thepalm and fingers that can absorb oncoming electric attacks, the energy from said attack can then be discharged from the palm of the gauntlets. Too much lightning or a powerful blast will overwhelm the gauntlets and send a shock through the wearer and disable the suit. The helmet features a basic HUD and comlinks.


Resistance : The armor of the storm features armor plating made of duraplast and laminate. This of course provides some protection but the real protection comes with the cloak and undersuit. The fabric is weaved with phrik, allowing it to block blaster bolts and most shots from kinetic weaponry. If Doran senses a bolt headed his way he can use the cape almost like a shield against the blast. In addition to the strength of the armor it is also very lightweight.

Electro Gauntlets : The gauntlets on this set of armor are connected to a powerpack on the back of the armor, the fingertips of the gloves can discharge electricity from this powerpack. The electricity can be discharged to enhance his force lightning abilities as well as in a fist fight. For example he could place his hand on someone and deliver a powerful but not devastating shock. If another force user uses force lightning against him he can absorb the energy into the gauntlets, not increasing their power, but nullifying the opponents lightning. The same lightning can be discharged back at the attacker. Another notable feature, or deficit depending on the user, is the pain the gauntlets inflict on the wearer. For someone like Doran this is a bonus as the pain increases his anger and dark side ability. 



Painful : Although the armor is somewhat powerful, using the gauntlets does cause a good deal of pain to the user, this does increase anger and dark side ability but takes the focus away from the user and makes the armor difficult to use and limits the number of electric chargers the wearer would use.


Technical issues : If the suit's powerpack is disabled by EMP or ion charges, this will immediately shut down all of the armors functions. However, if the powerpack is destroyed by a saber cut or blaster bolt etc. It will overload the gauntlets and suits functions which has a high chance of electrocuting the user, it may even cause the gauntlets to explode. The gauntlets can only administer around twenty average shocks or five high intensity shocks before a long period of recharging is needed. For this reason the armor is difficult to use in prolonged engagements. Furthermore, if the gauntlets attempt to absorb too much lightning or a very powerful shock they will overload the suits systems and send a powerful shock into the user.

After Doran's duel on the planet Lothal his previous armor was left badly damaged as well as the skin across his chest and torso. This brutal blow was administered by a Sith using force lightning. This caused Doran to become obsessed with the mastery of the ability. He took this into account when designing and building his new armor at the Bastion Of Ren. He created a suit that was light but also defensive against blasters and force lightning itself. The gauntlets of the suit can discharge electricity via a powerpack and conductors running down the arms of the undersuit. The gauntlets can also absorb and nullify an opponents force lightning and help Doran better control and aim his own. However the gauntlets can be disabled if the power pack is destroyed or damaged enough. The basic armor components are forged from duraplast and laminate while the cape, hood, and undersuit are phrik weaved fabric. The helmet also features a basic HUD and comlink.

Long ride home

25 March 2018 - 10:40 PM

Jer'Ord Ar'alano Zyrias Pax



Doran staggered out of the building with his hand grasped around his "prisoner's" binders. Lucky thing a lightsaber slash through that cop's blaster and a force push were enough for him to let Doran take the girl. She was still unaware to her purpose in all of this. The Order decided to invest in her after watching her career as a saboteur and realizing they could use someone with her skills. Although Doran wasn't particularly fond of her, seeing as she wouldn't stop talking. She was the mission, and he'd be damned before he didn't complete it. After the two had reached an elongated platform, out of sight from most he uncuffed her.


   "Calm down you aren't under arrest. Now listen, you don't like me, and I sure as hell don't like you. However The First Order has need of your skills. I'll explain more on our way to Dosuun, for now sit down and shut up." Doran turned away from the girl and activated his wrist comlink BLZZZ " -Jer'Ord, Ive got her lets get out of here. Transmitting the coordinates now." BLZZZ


(BLZZZ means comm static)

Training Day

16 October 2017 - 07:07 PM

Doran stood and stared at the sliding doors leading into the large training hall. The stark white lights filled the grey, empty room with a white hue. Doran sighed and looked down and thought to himself shes late. He had not yet met the newest disciple in the Order, however she had a, well, flirtatious reputation. He smirked at the thought of it. He unclipped his saber from his belt, inspecting the hilt as he paced around the room. The room was large, empty box, used for melee training by stormtroopers. Doran had convinced master Kyrel to let him use the room to train with the new disciple, as long as everything stayed in good condition. He had removed his hood and mask. He wanted the girl to see his face, he didn't want her first impression of him to be shrouded from by a mask. She was his age, and from what he heard quite beautiful. 


He heard the doors hiss open as the new disciple entered the room. Without looking at her he activated his lightsaber, holding it by his side. The crimson blades humming and the girls boots clicking across the floor were the only sounds filling the room. He turned to look into her eyes and smirked "You're late.




Doran Ren

11 October 2017 - 01:58 PM


NAME: Doran Ren 

FACTION: The First Order, The Order Of Ren


RANK: Disciple Of Ren




AGE: 19


SEX: Male 






EYES: Blue 


HAIR: Black


SKIN: Pale white








STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Strengths: ​Doran has an immense power in the force, and a decent understanding of how to use it. He is also rather skilled as duelist even with his minimal training.

​Strengths: ​Doran may not be very physically strong, but he makes up for this with his speed and his cunning.


Weakness: ​Lets face it, Doran is crazy, his psychotic nature tends to distract him from certain goals, this also causes him to spend time taking pleasure in the cruelty of others.

Weakness: ​As said before, Doran lacks physical strength, and physical durability. 


​Doran is 5'8 and is rather slender, he has black hair and blue eyes, with a black beard. He has very pale white skin and often wears a mask with black robes and Ren garb.


Doran was born in a First Order prison on their capital of Dosuun, he never met his force sensitive mother, as he was quickly taken by the Order Of Ren after they sensed his powerful force abilities. He grew up on the planet under foster parents under the watchful eyes of the Order. As soon as he turned 13 he was taken into service by the Order Of Ren and began his training. They focused on his dueling ability and soon learned of the psychotic nature of the boy after he killed a man in spring practice, and laughed. Doran is now 19 and needs a master to take him through the final stages of his training, however he is considered well trained enough to serve and now traverses the galaxy vanquishing the enemies of the Supreme Leader.


mask: tumblr_n9oljb36t41suwy1vo5_500.jpg

saber: il_fullxfull.718535282_e5wg.jpg