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Zardu Hasselfrau

Zardu Hasselfrau

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#1652650 What Ales You [Antarian Rangers Pub Crawl]

Posted by Zardu Hasselfrau on 14 October 2017 - 11:41 AM

"Think about it," Zardu said, the pistol digging in the man's ribs beside him, "a room full of potential Jedi and soldiers in the middle of Silver Jedi space? Not really the best place for a wanted kidnapper and stalker to start a fuss, right?"

The man, a sly looking weasel of a man, turned to Zardu amidst the chatter of Keegan's Pub at peak time.

"Zardu Hasselfrau. Looking good, my friend..."

"I'm not your friend, Krilencu. You're a wanted man. I got to you first. I bring you in, take the credits and get outta here and you serve time for the girls you kidnapped, brutalised and left for dead." He jabbed the pistol. "Now MOVE."

Zardu wasn't in the mood for small talk. It had taken months to get here and find the man in question, wanted by a family on the other side of the Galactic Empire system, an Empire who wouldn't want their own mixing with Jedi. So they found Zardu, and Zardu made a deal and now Zardu had found their man. The 'Procyon Lotor' was outside and ready to take the bounty back.

Krilencu scoffed and moved away with Zardu, but the way he did it was too easy. Zardu was ready for the retaliation. Krilencu span around and made a grab for the arm holding the blaster and shouted for help. He moved far too slow and cumbersome.

With a faster reflex, Zardu brought up his left hand, grabbed the man's greasy brown hair, pulled him back - near dragged him back - and flung him over a table and kicked said table over with a crash of glass and Krilencu.

Of course, the pub seemed to stop for a second, seeing the scuffle, but then brushed it off. Zardu quickly slipped away the pistol. Two armed guards muscled through to suss the situation, but Zardu simply waved his hand to groaning man on the floor.

"He tried to hassle me, and steal my credits. You'll see he has a knife on his hip."

He stood back, hands up and the guards nodded and grabbed up Krilencu to take him away.

"I'm not done with you Hasselfrau!" Krilencu shouted.

With a smile, Zardu nodded to him. "I certainly hope not." He turned to the bar. "Sorry about the disturbance folks."

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#1651937 Looking To Get Started!

Posted by Zardu Hasselfrau on 12 October 2017 - 12:41 PM


Zardu Hasselfrau is here - a non-Force user, former GIA agent turned bounty hunter and all round rogue.

Looking to get him into various adventures crossing light and dark, but seeing where he can go and what he can do and who he can help or hinder.

He's got his own ship, a blaster, a life of experience and an eye-patch. What more do you want.

PM or message if you'd like to thread with the Frau....and I assure you this ISN'T a novelty character. I'm in it for the long run hopefully.

#1651864 Zardu Hasselfrau

Posted by Zardu Hasselfrau on 12 October 2017 - 10:19 AM


Name: Zardu Hasselfrau
Faction: None
Occupation: Ex-Special Forces / Bounty Hunter
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 44
Height: 6ft 2
Weight: 184lb
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Force Sensitive: No
Voice & Playby: David Hasselhoff

+ Zardu hasn’t forgotten what it means to be alive – he understands the social drive of humanity and can blend into crowds to suit the need. He can fix engines, he can sing, he can socialise and he can shoot. His mind and body is a weapon and just as deadly as his blaster.

+ The job is key, and a good reputation is crucial. He will do what he can to help, and never forgets a face. He’ll always return a favour, or provide one if he can for a price. While not attached to anyone, he values being seen as important and not cast aside.

+ Zardu is trained in hand to hand combat and can use melee weapons, as well as a short range blaster to hold his own. He also understands that everything and everyone has weak spots and will aim to take them out quickly for exposure.

- No friends, no family – nobody. Zardu lost his family at a young age and has been surviving with others where the work, and the war, takes him. There is a quest for revenge inside him, but will it get him killed in the process?

- Stubborn and selfish. Thinks about himself all of the time which has helped him survive numerous dangerous situations. However this means Zardu can appear untrustworthy to people who value more than just a gun for hire.

- Blinded in his left eye by a knife attack, so while nothing new to him, it obviously impairs his wider vision.

~ PAC20 Visual Wrist Comlink A hands free communication device on the left wrist capable of video and audio transmission.

~ Blaster A personal medium-power blaster with 15 shots per clip.

'The Procyon Lotor'


Basic – Speak and understand | Mando'a - Speak (broken) and understand | Binary – Understand | Rodian – Understand

Huttese - Understand 

Zardu was born in sprawling Galactic City, Coruscant. He never knew his father as he died in a galactic expedition before Zardu’s birth, but his mother, Killian Hasselfrau, sacrificed her career as an officer in the Coruscant Security Force to bring up her son.

Enjoying a carefree childhood with good education and decent friends, Zardu enjoyed the culture surrounding him and never left Coruscant in all of his years as a young boy and teenager. He broke some hearts and had his broken a few times as a young man, but used his dedication to work hard in a few jobs here and there to bring in a small income and help his mother as best he could who found work as a Metrocab driver when Zardu was old enough to be left alone whilst he worked,

On his 21st birthday, Zardu wanted to continue a career his mother sacrificed for him and enrolled with the Coruscant Security Force. He learnt as much as he could about criminal factions, the history of the CSF spawning decades from their formation, their role in galactic control under Emperor Palpatine and even the Yuuzhan Vong invasion and the numerous confrontations over the decades following.

Zardu took to wanting to be active as much as he could, not depending on droids as he didn’t trust something that had no heart or brain to make judgement on others in a fair and just manner. He participated in regular patrols on graduation to the CSF and escalated to crowd control, diplomatic protection and crime scene investigations. Turning 30 and with a steady career ahead of him and a solid foundation of colleagues and successful operations backing him up, Zardu moved to the specialized Anti-Terrorism Unit, one of the most powerful departments in the CSF where he continued to work, lead and learn.

It was during a number of operations in and around Coruscant he crossed paths with Galactic Intelligence Agent Ronda Roshu, much like him in her attitude to law enforcement. With a good friendship made, Ronda opened the door for Zardu to transfer from the CSF to the GIA in order to enable him to continue a more intense, more rewarding career spanning the wider galaxy battling crime and corruption.

The new move to the GIA entangled him in the affairs of The Republic and the battle between mighty Force users such as Jedi and Sith but it continued to open his eyes to what was out there beyond the stars. Zardu even started to form a strong relationship with Ronda, showing him a friendship and loving relationship he hadn't experienced before. Things were looking good for him with a healthy and active lifestyle with a rewarding outcome for the job he loved and planet he admired.

Zardu Hasselfrau continued to serve as a dedicated agent, working with strong allies, friends and partners over the years in career full of ups and downs. However all of that changed when The Republic fell apart – the Sith and Jedi brought their war to Coruscant. While making an investigation with Ronda in Treasureship Row after a riot broke out, twisted Jedi and Sith supporters attacked anyone and anything against their religions.

In the fray, Ronda was shot at point-blank range and died before she hit the ground. Zardu was assaulted, and stabbed in the face, resulting in the loss of his left eye, even though he kept fighting and pushing them away. With surrounding GIA agents moving in, Zardu used the distraction to turn a vibroblade on one of his attackers, killing them, and fled into the night as the Jedi and Sith war claimed the city and, soon after, the planet.

No-one saw Agent Hasselfrau again. The GIA couldn’t locate him and he never reported back the next day. Even his mother didn’t hear from her son after the attack and she simply presumed the worst. She took her own life months later with nothing left to live for as the galaxy changed forever.

But Zardu is still alive and active again.

With an intimidating frame dressed in his old thermoguard bodysuit, utility belt, jacket and flak vest to help him blend in with the darkness, out of the public light, Zardu travels without a fixed home on his stolen GIA ship, the Procyon Lotor, with a new career – gun for hire and bounty hunter.

Making a small name for himself in bringing down criminals that the law can’t touch, and also roughing up corrupt officials in all walks of life, Zardu eats away at the Jedi and Sith plague that destroyed his world with their way. His new life is a way to make money and to keep living, but the time is coming when he will need to make a stand, the biggest he ever has, to continue the fight and look to make a difference.

One thing is certain; you don’t fool with the ‘Frau.