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Katria Vekarr

Katria Vekarr

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In Topic: Witch Trials | Knights Obsidian & Mandragora (CIS)

17 June 2018 - 03:25 AM



The name of the world didn't stick. There wasn't the slightest inkling of contemplation in her mind as to whether or not the world held any meaning to her. All she knew was what she had dredged up from the archives of the Confederacy, and it was a dredge of nothing but superstition, ridicule and barbaric ridiculousness. Even still there was a call from the Mandragora to have the Knights Obsidian assist them and the Nightmother in freeing innocents from Witch Trials.


Questions and feelings still running rampant in her mind, lost to her in a sea of confusion and potential disappointment, Katria strode towards the village in question. Towards a mission she knew hardly anything about, following orders she hardly understood, with only the thoughts lacking in understanding throbbing at the back of her mind. What was simpler to a troubled mind that slaughtering those doing wrong towards innocents? Putting those miserable ingrates into a grave they didn't deserve.


She didn't try to communicate with Katrine, nor with any other witch for that matter, as she approached the village. The sound of a wolf rang out on the wind, a sound she twitched her head at momentarily, before the brunettes eyes fell on the first of many men characterized for her. With a draw of her arm, a cock of her verpine and a squeeze of the trigger the man fell dead with a stunned look on his face. Then another and another until she found herself standing amidst a crowd of people, a small litter of corpses strewn behind her, the expression on her face one of callous discontent.


She could see desperation, fear, hatred and joy mixed among the faces of those who stood before her. It was then that a thought came to her mind that captivated her focus: Where was Katrine and who was the Lupine she had become involved with? Pushing through the crowd of people before her, holding her verpine forward to deter interception, the former mercenary pursued the more important notion. Up until she finally reached the section of the village in question. No Katrine in sight, witches here and there as radicals continued to fight against the intervention, the brunette heaved a sigh.


Once again she raised her arm and fired at one of the men she'd been ordered to cut down.


She'd find Katrine later, along with some kind of explanation.


Katrine Van-Derveld

In Topic: Into the Hellmouth | Knights Obsidian

02 June 2018 - 05:03 PM


Location: Hellmouth Entrance

Loadout: Check Bio Equipment Section




She'd only heard tell of what had occurred upon Secundus Ando.


Yet, as the Vekarr's Pride came to rest in a low hang above the Scimitar landing grounds, the very thought slipped from her mind. Replaced in full with a signature stoicism that the brunette knew all too well. Metus' voice boomed through the comm tucked into her ear, the weight of her gear solidified her mission and she slowly approached the docking ramp as it lay open in a direct drop into the pit below.


Hooking up the drop cable, latching it tightly to her belt and the clip above her head, the brunette drew in a breath and thrust herself forward; a carefully orchestrated and controlled free fall towards the enemies that awaited below. She was met by a mix of the arid climate of the planet, the smell culminating in the pit below and the feeling of fervent determination consuming her. Her mission was clear and the others had already begin to make their mark.


Even before her feet touched down, mere moments of her descent, she deactivated her cloak and peered out into the crowd of Knights and soldiers to locate significant personnel. Scraping her boots against the ground, adjusting herself to the terrain, the young woman flicked against the vambrace on her right arm and unleashed the four drones into the air and into the depths of the cavern holding their plethora of enemies. Only then did she pull forth one of her verpine hand cannons and the Inferos Disruptor holstered on her back.


Words beyond her, her visage hidden beneath the hood and taozin amulet she wore, the brunette immediately opened fire on the Spirveralda that hadn't already been cut down. It was as she moved, however, that the method of her assault became clear. Shots rang out, but even as she fired she moved to utilize the armor she wore, a duck and a weave given grace by the litheness of the gear while the armor clad upon her arms and shins acted as a deterrent from attacks. Moving as if she each step determined her fate, none but the warriors at her back mattered to the half epicanthix.


It was as the enemies around her, including those cut down by the other Knights and soldiers, lay strewn dead that she finally came to a stop and turned her attention to locating the Vicelord. One drone watched her back, another the depths of the caves, the third the around around her and the forth the position of the Vicelord those closest to him. Lifting her left arm as the Vicelord approached, her posture reflecting the very stoicism she practiced, she raised her arm in a snap motion to an area in her would be blind spot and fired.


Eyes rising from the screen as her arm dropped, a dead Spirveralda crumbling behind her as she lowered her hand cannon, she lowered her hood and peered deeper into the caverns.


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In Topic: Fragmenting the Time

02 June 2018 - 03:52 AM



A word the woman hardly knew, and one she hardly trusted.


Even still, there was no doubting that everything that happened since she set foot on the Vekarr's Pride had culminated in a semblance of bliss. The very idea terrifying in the mind of a woman consigned to the tragedy of the galaxy; the damage of her past.


She could not, however, deny that her proximity with Katrine eased away the fears and doubts she felt. Keeping her hands on the other girl, holding her close even as they once again ceased kissing and she'd cast the amulet around her neck to the table. The pieces fell into place and for the first time in years she felt as though she was free to be every bit of the woman she was.


Shaking her head gently at the blonde's apology, Katria pondered the next words that came from the girl's mouth moments ago. Each word rang true with her emotions until a confession poured forth from her lips, the blonde's characteristic lack of filter tapping against her conscious patience. Though it was hardly her patience that needed defending as the realization of what the girl was saying set in.


She had met another like herself; and they were involved.


For a moment she was stunned into silence, her body losing it's ability to respond in kind with her thoughts as she furrowed her brow, shifted her weight and parted her lips briefly. In the next moment her eyes were cast down, her hands slid from Katrine's back to her hips and her fingers subconsciously clung to the girl's dress instinctively. And finally she flicked her eyes up from their distant downward gaze and pursed her lips to speak the thoughts that were slowly coming to mind.


"I can't say that I understand," she breathed, her voice hushed but audible, with an air to her tone that reflected anxiety; doubt. "I don't understand."


She contemplated each word as she spoke it, alongside the very idea that the innocent, and charmingly, oblivious Katrine could have been involved with another individual; least of all in any fashion she could surmise from what little had been said. Before her thoughts could wander too far, however, she tore herself back to reality.


"What does this mean? I-" she paused and hesitated upon the very thought of finishing the sentence that hung at the tip of her tongue. "I can't continue to deny that I need you, Katrine, I won't."


She continued, her voice almost cracking as she grappled with herself to keep her emotions balanced.


"I'm not good at sharing, I'm selfish, but the only way I can safely push through this- keep you in my life," the words came with a slight quiver of her lip as she lifted her head and dredged up a tender light to her features she knew the blonde needed to see; hope that the brunette often kept so avidly repressed. "Is to do what I should have done months ago as I am doing now.


Put my heart in your hand," she explained as she took one of the girl's hands in hers and placed it against her chest. "And trust that you won't make the wrong choice."


Love sure was a cruel mistress.


Katrine Van-Derveld

In Topic: Fragmenting the Time

30 May 2018 - 03:38 AM

Her mind was alight.


While none of the aforementioned topics held any further relevance in her active brain, the crevices of her mind continued to ponder the thoughts Katrine had poured back to her. For one, approachability had never been something she'd really explored in great excess when it came to Hutts; she wasn't attracted to them and would have sooner dumped irritant salts on them than hold an extensive conversation. For another, she knew that it was time for her to fully explain why the blonde was unable to see her in the Force let alone sense her at all.


The only issue? She was entirely immersed in the experience she now flung herself into wholly.


Biting her lip, Katria watched in complete silence as the briefest of moments passed between them. She felt Katrine's hands on her hips, the girl telling her physically she wasn't ready to move away, and felt her heart begin to pound harder than it had when she'd first spent time alone with the blonde. She'd barely been able to draw in a sharp breath before she found Katrine's lips against hers once more; the feeling of the blonde's soft lips entrancing her as she ventured her hands further onto the back of the girl's hips to grip her firmly against her.


While she could not be certain as to every single thing that the blonde was thinking or feeling, she knew that there was a small act she could make to escalate the moment just that much further. Leaning into the kiss for but a few more moments, granting Katrine what she felt she desired from the continued contact, Katria slid her hands downward and tugged just a bit harder before breaking away once more with a soft gasp.


"This," she breathed heavily as she began to tug at the amulet that hung around her neck, lifting the necklace it was attached to up and around her head and tossing it off to the table near them; finally freeing her presence to be sensed by any within the closest vicinity of the Vekarr's Pride. "Might be the source of that little problem."


Once again she allowed for the smallest of moments, time for the blonde to process what she'd said and done, before going back to what she desired. She didn't want to overwhelm the girl, to drive her away with an excessive level of lust or desire. But there was a part of her, comprised of entirely raw emotion and desire, that craved every minute of it that drew her back in once more. As such she locked lips with Katrine yet again for long enough to communicate everything she was feeling until she could actively invite the blonde into her mind like she'd done for no other.


"You make me do crazy things, Katrine," she breathed against the blonde's lips as she paused once more, again drawing back only slightly in hopes of meeting the blonde's piercing blue eyes. "But I'll never shut you out."


If her words didn't say it, the well of counter characteristic emotion in her eyes issued the notion in volumes.


Katrine Van-Derveld

In Topic: Fragmenting the Time

29 May 2018 - 03:16 AM

Corporal? The word rattled around in the brunette's head for a moment as she contemplated where Kat was going with the question. Drawn a few feet from the blonde, she tilted her head slightly and rolled her eyes upwards as she tried to make sense of the thought before looking back down and meeting the girl's piercing blue eyes. Somewhere, somehow, the girl's definition of the term had gone far astray from the traditional sense; very far.


"That's the point, sweetheart," she muttered as she used her hands on Katrine's hips to pull her closer to her, stopping her just inches away before she continued her thought. "They won't get through me, though no I'm not into Hutts; I'm into much more attractive and approachable things."


With that said she tilted her and glanced back at a pile of clothes behind her that had sat unnoticed for the time they'd spent on her dresses for the blonde. The question that came as she glanced back caught her off guard as she, for the briefest of moments, until she remembered just what Katrine was; a thought that made the remark of scent quite a bit less confusing. Chuckling lightly on a breath and closing her eyes for a brief moment, Katria contemplated her answer.


"You would be right," she murmured and, after slowly opening her eyes, silently went into a cycle of admiring the blonde's features. "I'm half Epicanthix on my mother's side. But no one's ever described it quite like that before."


And really she wouldn't have wanted it described any other way.


"How cross would you be if I wanted to put off changing for just a bit longer to do something else?" She asked, shifting impatiently as she kept close to the blonde as she spoke. While it was slightly uncharacteristic for her to play into a more timid mannerism, she poised on a notion that she felt would be more appropriate if she approached it calmly; a sentiment that vanished almost as quickly as it had appeared. "Though, I imagine you'd expect as much, I'd make it up to you."


Without giving the blonde much time to process what she'd stated and asked, given her own pace of comprehension, Katria sloughed away her caution and leaned in to brush her lips against Katrine's. The intent and drive had been for an experimental gesture, instinctively pulling the smaller blonde into her as she took the initiative, but intent gave way entirely to instinct and a brushing became full contact with a fervor fueled by pent up emotion.


It wasn't long, nor was it short, as she drew back once more and bit her lip. For the first time since Rodia she was afraid.


Katrine Van-Derveld