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Katria Vekarr

Katria Vekarr

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In Topic: Looking to join a group

13 March 2018 - 05:14 PM

Sentus Olan


Peace is what you make it.


Fighting for what you believe in and not taking the sides that are painted for you, but those that you make for yourself.


We in the CIS believe in fighting for what we believe in and bringing it together under one umbrella to spread throughout our influence. We are anti-slavery and only fight the battles we must, but we could always use people who are willing to bring their own cards to the table.

In Topic: Forthwith from Legend | CIS Dominion of the Zhar Hex

13 March 2018 - 03:08 PM


Location: Above Temple Pavillion.

Objective: 3 Establish a Foothold




Watching each group clear from the passenger area, feeling the atmosphere in the ship change with each departing body, the half epicanthix choked down surge of frustration with the uniformity of it all. It felt only normal that the organics would move after the droids, and as she watched them follow suit she couldn't help scoffing a bit at the ungraceful display. It was when a particularly well dressed blonde witch stepped forward that she flushed away any unnecessary emotion.
"Kat," she breathed as the blonde presented her question, the agent choking down a number of remarks her mind screamed at her to make. Instead she stepped towards the blonde, eyeing June for a moment to see a small amused smile on the other woman's face; one all too knowing of unspoken thoughts. "First off? Don't get yourself killed."
She paused as she spoke, stepping over towards a table covered with mechanical nick knacks and picking up a small communication device. Weighing it in her hand for a moment, receiving another knowing look from June, the agent drew in a breath and let any showing anxiety or hesitation fold under her typical layered demeanor; neither wanting Katrine nor June to the vulnerability either of them elicited.
"I need you down there," she breathed, placing the device in Katrine's hand and curling her fingers over it. Her grip on the girl's hand lingered for a bit longer than she'd have liked, eventually withdrawing it and rolling her eyes a bit at her own behavior before returning a serious gaze to the blonde. "We'll cover you from up here, but I need you to, if you can, make sure those ships don't go down. The BXs will do their job, lead and support them as you see fit.


And," she paused, taking the woman's arm briefly as she stepped forward and positioned herself next to the blonde so that only the blonde would hear her. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."


Releasing her arm as she finished speaking she stepped back and cycled a quick breath. She knew she'd wanted to say something different, but she'd said what she needed to.


Katrine Van-Derveld

In Topic: You wake up next to them.

12 March 2018 - 02:06 PM

Well, she's not June... But I won't complain.

In Topic: Forthwith from Legend | CIS Dominion of the Zhar Hex

11 March 2018 - 05:20 AM


Location: Approaching Taivas from high orbit.

Objective: 3 Establish a Foothold




She'd heard the legends, read about the myth, but she could not help but feel her jaw fall a bit slack as the Vekarr's Pride dropped from hyperspace. It was a moment short lived, however, as she caught a glimpse of a number of ships floating ominously in low orbit of the wayward system. Whoever was down there was intent, the information was on the mark and she had a mission to perform.


Giving a small, silent nod to the June as she turned her attention to the droids, and others, gathered in the Pride's common area the half epicanthix made drew in a deep breath.


"I know they said this was going to be a simple op," she began with a small flick of a glance towards the standard BX Commando Droid closest to her with signifying colors of rank. The droid didn't move, even the slightest flinch, but she knew that it had heard her before she turned to the rest of them. "We have three goals here, and our job is to complete the third. We need that data, to clear out whoever is causing trouble down there and to make it possible for the others to make sure they don't come back."


Thumbing the stock of her rail-rifle, tilting it back and forth a bit, she tapped the bud in her ear and gave a small nod towards the group she'd just addressed. With a violent shake of the ship, though one she knew not to be one of hostile deterrence, the Pride descended through the planet's atmosphere towards it's destination. What the others didn't know was that she'd taken a gamble, a risk that only she believed June could pull off. Transmitting a set of archaic scavenger codes they had breached the collective of ships above the planet.


"Once we're close June and I won't be able to stay too close for long. You'll be on your own until we the rest of our forces arrive in the dropships.We're the first on the ground and so let's make it count." Her voice soft but stern, the agent stepped towards the docking ramp and punched it into gear so that the BXs and other crew on board could see the Temple Pavillion platform coming into view. The BXs dropped first, plummeting to the platform below unceremoniously but unseen or heard over the moderate hum of mechanical metal against metal. Little more was left to be said as she turned back to the group still waiting. "Once you're in, we'll turn the guns on our uninvited friends down there.


Do what you need to do."

In Topic: Hydra Aquatic Aerial Carrier

05 March 2018 - 06:16 PM

Iona Immarya


Changes made! Hope that works.