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Katria Vekarr

Katria Vekarr

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#1809639 Witch Trials | Knights Obsidian & Mandragora (CIS)

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 17 June 2018 - 03:25 AM



The name of the world didn't stick. There wasn't the slightest inkling of contemplation in her mind as to whether or not the world held any meaning to her. All she knew was what she had dredged up from the archives of the Confederacy, and it was a dredge of nothing but superstition, ridicule and barbaric ridiculousness. Even still there was a call from the Mandragora to have the Knights Obsidian assist them and the Nightmother in freeing innocents from Witch Trials.


Questions and feelings still running rampant in her mind, lost to her in a sea of confusion and potential disappointment, Katria strode towards the village in question. Towards a mission she knew hardly anything about, following orders she hardly understood, with only the thoughts lacking in understanding throbbing at the back of her mind. What was simpler to a troubled mind that slaughtering those doing wrong towards innocents? Putting those miserable ingrates into a grave they didn't deserve.


She didn't try to communicate with Katrine, nor with any other witch for that matter, as she approached the village. The sound of a wolf rang out on the wind, a sound she twitched her head at momentarily, before the brunettes eyes fell on the first of many men characterized for her. With a draw of her arm, a cock of her verpine and a squeeze of the trigger the man fell dead with a stunned look on his face. Then another and another until she found herself standing amidst a crowd of people, a small litter of corpses strewn behind her, the expression on her face one of callous discontent.


She could see desperation, fear, hatred and joy mixed among the faces of those who stood before her. It was then that a thought came to her mind that captivated her focus: Where was Katrine and who was the Lupine she had become involved with? Pushing through the crowd of people before her, holding her verpine forward to deter interception, the former mercenary pursued the more important notion. Up until she finally reached the section of the village in question. No Katrine in sight, witches here and there as radicals continued to fight against the intervention, the brunette heaved a sigh.


Once again she raised her arm and fired at one of the men she'd been ordered to cut down.


She'd find Katrine later, along with some kind of explanation.


Katrine Van-Derveld

#1799361 Into the Hellmouth | Knights Obsidian

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 02 June 2018 - 05:03 PM


Location: Hellmouth Entrance

Loadout: Check Bio Equipment Section




She'd only heard tell of what had occurred upon Secundus Ando.


Yet, as the Vekarr's Pride came to rest in a low hang above the Scimitar landing grounds, the very thought slipped from her mind. Replaced in full with a signature stoicism that the brunette knew all too well. Metus' voice boomed through the comm tucked into her ear, the weight of her gear solidified her mission and she slowly approached the docking ramp as it lay open in a direct drop into the pit below.


Hooking up the drop cable, latching it tightly to her belt and the clip above her head, the brunette drew in a breath and thrust herself forward; a carefully orchestrated and controlled free fall towards the enemies that awaited below. She was met by a mix of the arid climate of the planet, the smell culminating in the pit below and the feeling of fervent determination consuming her. Her mission was clear and the others had already begin to make their mark.


Even before her feet touched down, mere moments of her descent, she deactivated her cloak and peered out into the crowd of Knights and soldiers to locate significant personnel. Scraping her boots against the ground, adjusting herself to the terrain, the young woman flicked against the vambrace on her right arm and unleashed the four drones into the air and into the depths of the cavern holding their plethora of enemies. Only then did she pull forth one of her verpine hand cannons and the Inferos Disruptor holstered on her back.


Words beyond her, her visage hidden beneath the hood and taozin amulet she wore, the brunette immediately opened fire on the Spirveralda that hadn't already been cut down. It was as she moved, however, that the method of her assault became clear. Shots rang out, but even as she fired she moved to utilize the armor she wore, a duck and a weave given grace by the litheness of the gear while the armor clad upon her arms and shins acted as a deterrent from attacks. Moving as if she each step determined her fate, none but the warriors at her back mattered to the half epicanthix.


It was as the enemies around her, including those cut down by the other Knights and soldiers, lay strewn dead that she finally came to a stop and turned her attention to locating the Vicelord. One drone watched her back, another the depths of the caves, the third the around around her and the forth the position of the Vicelord those closest to him. Lifting her left arm as the Vicelord approached, her posture reflecting the very stoicism she practiced, she raised her arm in a snap motion to an area in her would be blind spot and fired.


Eyes rising from the screen as her arm dropped, a dead Spirveralda crumbling behind her as she lowered her hand cannon, she lowered her hood and peered deeper into the caverns.


Darth Metus | Nine Lives | Kurenai Yumi | Razelle Breuner | Darth Tacitus | Darth Rixas | Rylan Kordel | Sor-Jan Xantha | Anastasia Vi'dreya | Marek Starchaser

#1798985 Fragmenting the Time

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 02 June 2018 - 03:52 AM



A word the woman hardly knew, and one she hardly trusted.


Even still, there was no doubting that everything that happened since she set foot on the Vekarr's Pride had culminated in a semblance of bliss. The very idea terrifying in the mind of a woman consigned to the tragedy of the galaxy; the damage of her past.


She could not, however, deny that her proximity with Katrine eased away the fears and doubts she felt. Keeping her hands on the other girl, holding her close even as they once again ceased kissing and she'd cast the amulet around her neck to the table. The pieces fell into place and for the first time in years she felt as though she was free to be every bit of the woman she was.


Shaking her head gently at the blonde's apology, Katria pondered the next words that came from the girl's mouth moments ago. Each word rang true with her emotions until a confession poured forth from her lips, the blonde's characteristic lack of filter tapping against her conscious patience. Though it was hardly her patience that needed defending as the realization of what the girl was saying set in.


She had met another like herself; and they were involved.


For a moment she was stunned into silence, her body losing it's ability to respond in kind with her thoughts as she furrowed her brow, shifted her weight and parted her lips briefly. In the next moment her eyes were cast down, her hands slid from Katrine's back to her hips and her fingers subconsciously clung to the girl's dress instinctively. And finally she flicked her eyes up from their distant downward gaze and pursed her lips to speak the thoughts that were slowly coming to mind.


"I can't say that I understand," she breathed, her voice hushed but audible, with an air to her tone that reflected anxiety; doubt. "I don't understand."


She contemplated each word as she spoke it, alongside the very idea that the innocent, and charmingly, oblivious Katrine could have been involved with another individual; least of all in any fashion she could surmise from what little had been said. Before her thoughts could wander too far, however, she tore herself back to reality.


"What does this mean? I-" she paused and hesitated upon the very thought of finishing the sentence that hung at the tip of her tongue. "I can't continue to deny that I need you, Katrine, I won't."


She continued, her voice almost cracking as she grappled with herself to keep her emotions balanced.


"I'm not good at sharing, I'm selfish, but the only way I can safely push through this- keep you in my life," the words came with a slight quiver of her lip as she lifted her head and dredged up a tender light to her features she knew the blonde needed to see; hope that the brunette often kept so avidly repressed. "Is to do what I should have done months ago as I am doing now.


Put my heart in your hand," she explained as she took one of the girl's hands in hers and placed it against her chest. "And trust that you won't make the wrong choice."


Love sure was a cruel mistress.


Katrine Van-Derveld

#1796178 Fragmenting the Time

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 29 May 2018 - 03:16 AM

Corporal? The word rattled around in the brunette's head for a moment as she contemplated where Kat was going with the question. Drawn a few feet from the blonde, she tilted her head slightly and rolled her eyes upwards as she tried to make sense of the thought before looking back down and meeting the girl's piercing blue eyes. Somewhere, somehow, the girl's definition of the term had gone far astray from the traditional sense; very far.


"That's the point, sweetheart," she muttered as she used her hands on Katrine's hips to pull her closer to her, stopping her just inches away before she continued her thought. "They won't get through me, though no I'm not into Hutts; I'm into much more attractive and approachable things."


With that said she tilted her and glanced back at a pile of clothes behind her that had sat unnoticed for the time they'd spent on her dresses for the blonde. The question that came as she glanced back caught her off guard as she, for the briefest of moments, until she remembered just what Katrine was; a thought that made the remark of scent quite a bit less confusing. Chuckling lightly on a breath and closing her eyes for a brief moment, Katria contemplated her answer.


"You would be right," she murmured and, after slowly opening her eyes, silently went into a cycle of admiring the blonde's features. "I'm half Epicanthix on my mother's side. But no one's ever described it quite like that before."


And really she wouldn't have wanted it described any other way.


"How cross would you be if I wanted to put off changing for just a bit longer to do something else?" She asked, shifting impatiently as she kept close to the blonde as she spoke. While it was slightly uncharacteristic for her to play into a more timid mannerism, she poised on a notion that she felt would be more appropriate if she approached it calmly; a sentiment that vanished almost as quickly as it had appeared. "Though, I imagine you'd expect as much, I'd make it up to you."


Without giving the blonde much time to process what she'd stated and asked, given her own pace of comprehension, Katria sloughed away her caution and leaned in to brush her lips against Katrine's. The intent and drive had been for an experimental gesture, instinctively pulling the smaller blonde into her as she took the initiative, but intent gave way entirely to instinct and a brushing became full contact with a fervor fueled by pent up emotion.


It wasn't long, nor was it short, as she drew back once more and bit her lip. For the first time since Rodia she was afraid.


Katrine Van-Derveld

#1795737 Fragmenting the Time

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 28 May 2018 - 04:27 PM

"Not in the slightest," the brunette breathed as the blonde pulled away to turn back to the dresses and pile of various other objects. Folding her arms, tilting her head slightly with a shift of her hips, Katria watched in earnest as the blonde used the Force to remove the article she was currently wearing. For a brief moment the brunette's breath hitched in her throat, a twinge of that same eagerness that clung to her once again surfacing, until Kat pulled the red dress down over her form and began to display it for the both of them.


While she was surprised by the Kat's lack of concern with her body in front of her, she was not about to say a word until this little show was over. Or ever.


"Even if he did come looking for it, he'd have to go through me first," the brunette added to the blonde's comment as she took a step forward and confidently ventured a hand to the girl's side. Perhaps equal to the blondes lack of any shame in exposing her body to others, there was little caution or reservation in Katria's desire to be hands on with the women she found herself drawn to. And Katrine was no different. Without further contemplation the brunette traced her hand along the contours of Kat's side with the leather making it effortless. "Of course, I can't imagine anything looking bad on you, beautiful."


Taking a moment to let the words sink in, and stealing a moment to place her other hand on the girl's other side, she tilted her head back and drew in a long, deep breath.


"I think this one might be my favorite, and I still haven't even seen the others on you yet." She stated as she leaned forward, once again pressing into Katrine's personal space and practically against her. Peering at the closet behind the blonde, then remembering the collection she'd found for herself, the brunette traced an idea slipping into the forefront of her mind as she leaned her head forward close enough to the blonde's neck for her to whisper again. "Which one should I try on?"


She breathed against the blonde's neck, her lips brushing the skin briefly before she withdrew enough to look at the girl's face. A wry smile had begun to creep onto her features, and she was hoping that she wouldn't be met with yet another question.


Not that she disliked the inquisitive nature, but something had to give.


Katrine Van-Derveld

#1795378 Fragmenting the Time

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 28 May 2018 - 03:28 AM

The blonde's response was well within what she'd expected. The second she lifted her hand to reveal the clothes and various adornments, something she'd spent weeks gathering, she could practically feel the vibe of positive energy rolling off the blonde as she opened her mouth to react. Making the words that pooled out of Katrine's mouth that much more satisfying and enough to bring a smug smirk to the brunette's face as she remained poised as close to the blonde as she did; not that she would try to hide her contentment in the slightest.


As Katrine turned to look at her and then back to the clothes Katria took the time to wander her eyes over the blondes figure. Drinking in the other woman's form as she took a moment to glance at the clothes herself, she couldn't help but imagine what the other would look like in the clothes that were carefully selected.


"The red one was a little number I swiped from a Hutt's personal dancer collection," she mused quietly but with enough volume for the blonde to hear her. "He still has no idea that it's missing."


When Katrine finally turned and extended to embrace her, Katria was readily willing to pull the blonde into a warm embrace. Tugging her close, the brunette closed her eyes and drew in a slow but deep breath of the other woman's scent. It never changed, nor would she want it to, but each time only made the sensation more appealing; to the extent that she was starting to think that she couldn't go the day without at least getting some hint of it even if it meant lingering around the Nightmother's fellow witches.


"I think you should model some of them for me," the brunette whispered as she brought her lips close to the blonde's ear, her voice hinted with an air of eagerness diluted with a loving intrigue. She was one for obvious ulterior motives, but she had no doubt in her mind that she wanted to see just how good Katrine would look in the clothes she'd bought for her. As such, without even the slightest hesitation, she slipped herself free of the blondes hug, turned her around and stepped forward with her closer to the wardrobe. "Who knows, you might even convince me to try on some that I found for myself."


Drawing away from having her face and body within very close proximity of the blonde, Katria gave her a light nudge and withdrew to a small but reasonable distance from the blonde's stage.


This was a show she wasn't going to miss for the world.


Katrine Van-Derveld

#1794120 Fragmenting the Time

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 26 May 2018 - 04:56 AM

It had never been a question of actively hiding herself from a great many she worked with. Never, had it been an intention to unsettle them either. While it had, perhaps, been an option or angle once upon a time, she hadn't counted on meeting Katrine Van-Derveld; the killer blonde with eyes that, Force or not, felt like they could pierce into ones soul with merely a glance. So, as it stood, actively hiding from the others in her company, and without, came as a welcome side effect of holding tight to the keepsake that dangled around her neck.


As the message came over the communicator, causing the young brunette to jerk ever so slightly without pulling her hands free from her work, she tilted her head and took a due breath. Lifting a hand away finally, having finished the designated hands task, she tapped the receiver on the headset near her and pursed her lips. There was no need to pick it up, but she was quick to respond.


"I'd say that depends on which Vekarr's pride you're talking about," she mused, smirking to herself momentarily, before speaking once again before Katrine was allowed a chance to step in with one of her infamous inquisitive moments. "I'll open the hatch, help yourself to whatever's in the passenger cabin, but I'm in the middle of something; unless you're feeling like incentivizing me to take a break."


She finished her comment, a small smirk lingering on her face as she continued to work, and for a moment she remembered all the banter she'd exchanged with Katrine the last times she'd seen her. With a tilt of her neck and a welcome pop, she ceased her work on the rifle sitting before her and rose to her feet to go and surprise her friend. It was as she came to stand by the doorway to the docking ramp that she moved just out of sight and hid the hand full of bantha strips she'd brought with her to her mid day session. None of her fellow crew mates would be back any time soon and she was feeling adventurous.


What was life without a risk or two?


Katrine Van-Derveld

#1793088 Fragmenting the Time

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 24 May 2018 - 11:54 PM

Time was fickle, time was cruel, but still she persisted. For years she had wandered the galaxy in search of the next job and meal, her home her chariot across a galaxy unyielding. It was when she arrived in Confederate space, on the doorstep of the dominion of Darth Metus, that she came face to face with the choice that would profoundly change her career; and her life.


That was a different twist of tale in itself.


Pulling herself away from the control console of the Vekarr's Pride, heaving a sigh in the absence of both June and Skiss, the young brunette turned her attention from her thoughts to more important matters. Namely the repairs, upkeep and improvements of both the ship and her weapons. As she picked up the box of tools sitting by the pilot's chair, and the rifle standing near the entrance to the cargo bay, the expression on her face told her desires.


In spite of this, with her hands working away at the barrel of her rifle, her thoughts wandered to the blonde she knew was likely to once again steal her time with her unending stream of questions. While her mind described it openly in such a manner, there was little to deny that there were other ways she would describe the blonde outside of the inquisitive manner she often knew her for.


Tilting her head towards the rifle, closing her eyes and heaving out a breath through her nostrils, the half epicanthix once again tore herself away from her thoughts and threw herself into the work at hand.


There was no sense lingering on thoughts that would only drown her in unsavory and inactive manner.

#1749936 Forthwith from Legend | CIS Dominion of the Zhar Hex

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 13 March 2018 - 03:08 PM


Location: Above Temple Pavillion.

Objective: 3 Establish a Foothold




Watching each group clear from the passenger area, feeling the atmosphere in the ship change with each departing body, the half epicanthix choked down surge of frustration with the uniformity of it all. It felt only normal that the organics would move after the droids, and as she watched them follow suit she couldn't help scoffing a bit at the ungraceful display. It was when a particularly well dressed blonde witch stepped forward that she flushed away any unnecessary emotion.
"Kat," she breathed as the blonde presented her question, the agent choking down a number of remarks her mind screamed at her to make. Instead she stepped towards the blonde, eyeing June for a moment to see a small amused smile on the other woman's face; one all too knowing of unspoken thoughts. "First off? Don't get yourself killed."
She paused as she spoke, stepping over towards a table covered with mechanical nick knacks and picking up a small communication device. Weighing it in her hand for a moment, receiving another knowing look from June, the agent drew in a breath and let any showing anxiety or hesitation fold under her typical layered demeanor; neither wanting Katrine nor June to the vulnerability either of them elicited.
"I need you down there," she breathed, placing the device in Katrine's hand and curling her fingers over it. Her grip on the girl's hand lingered for a bit longer than she'd have liked, eventually withdrawing it and rolling her eyes a bit at her own behavior before returning a serious gaze to the blonde. "We'll cover you from up here, but I need you to, if you can, make sure those ships don't go down. The BXs will do their job, lead and support them as you see fit.


And," she paused, taking the woman's arm briefly as she stepped forward and positioned herself next to the blonde so that only the blonde would hear her. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do."


Releasing her arm as she finished speaking she stepped back and cycled a quick breath. She knew she'd wanted to say something different, but she'd said what she needed to.


Katrine Van-Derveld

#1748410 Forthwith from Legend | CIS Dominion of the Zhar Hex

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 11 March 2018 - 05:20 AM


Location: Approaching Taivas from high orbit.

Objective: 3 Establish a Foothold




She'd heard the legends, read about the myth, but she could not help but feel her jaw fall a bit slack as the Vekarr's Pride dropped from hyperspace. It was a moment short lived, however, as she caught a glimpse of a number of ships floating ominously in low orbit of the wayward system. Whoever was down there was intent, the information was on the mark and she had a mission to perform.


Giving a small, silent nod to the June as she turned her attention to the droids, and others, gathered in the Pride's common area the half epicanthix made drew in a deep breath.


"I know they said this was going to be a simple op," she began with a small flick of a glance towards the standard BX Commando Droid closest to her with signifying colors of rank. The droid didn't move, even the slightest flinch, but she knew that it had heard her before she turned to the rest of them. "We have three goals here, and our job is to complete the third. We need that data, to clear out whoever is causing trouble down there and to make it possible for the others to make sure they don't come back."


Thumbing the stock of her rail-rifle, tilting it back and forth a bit, she tapped the bud in her ear and gave a small nod towards the group she'd just addressed. With a violent shake of the ship, though one she knew not to be one of hostile deterrence, the Pride descended through the planet's atmosphere towards it's destination. What the others didn't know was that she'd taken a gamble, a risk that only she believed June could pull off. Transmitting a set of archaic scavenger codes they had breached the collective of ships above the planet.


"Once we're close June and I won't be able to stay too close for long. You'll be on your own until we the rest of our forces arrive in the dropships.We're the first on the ground and so let's make it count." Her voice soft but stern, the agent stepped towards the docking ramp and punched it into gear so that the BXs and other crew on board could see the Temple Pavillion platform coming into view. The BXs dropped first, plummeting to the platform below unceremoniously but unseen or heard over the moderate hum of mechanical metal against metal. Little more was left to be said as she turned back to the group still waiting. "Once you're in, we'll turn the guns on our uninvited friends down there.


Do what you need to do."

#1744525 Hydra Aquatic Aerial Carrier

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 05 March 2018 - 03:47 AM



In action:




  • Intent: To create a air to water vehicle to carry and deploy a submersible and tow floating facilities.
  • Image Source: Both Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Albatross Submersible


  • Manufacturer: Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Model: Air to Water Carrier
  • Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Modularity: Parts and weapons are replaceable.
  • ProductionLimited

  • Material: Durasteel (Hull Structure), Quadranium (Hull Plating) and Transparisteel (Viewports)


  • Classification: Air to Water Gunship Carrier
  • Role: Gunship Carrier
  • Size:  Extreme
  • Weight: Extreme
  • Minimum Crew: 0
  • Optimal Crew: 20,000
  • Propulsion: Repulsorlift or Thrusters via Ion Engines
  • Speed: Very Slow
    Air: 100 km/hr
    Water: 50 km/hr
  • Maneuverability: Low
  • Armaments: High
    - Hypervelocity Cannon (4) [One emplacement per topside of each thruster/repulsorlift branch]
    - Flak Cannons (50) [25 along each side of the underside]
  • Defenses: Average
    - Military Grade Deflector Shield
    - Military Grade Particle Shield
    - EWAR/Anti-EWAR
  • Squadron Count: None: 1
  • Passenger Capacity: 10,000 (B1) or 5,000 (B2) war droids or 5,000 organics
  • Cargo Capacity: Large - Excluding deployable submersible

Repulsor Lift Engines
Ascension Thrusters
Advanced Droid Brain

Targeting Systems

Radar Locating Systems

Tow Cables


  • Equipped with a landing strip on which a corvette or a number of fighters could land and redeploy.
  • Equipped with military grade shields for defense against starfighters and offenses.
  • Houses and can deploy a Albatross-Class Submersible Carrier.
  • Due to incorporation of a droid brain it can operate via automation rather than requiring a full scale crew; though this is reserved for low personnel emergencies.


  • Due to it's purpose and size it is extremely slow in both water and air.
  • If the water is choppy it will be difficult for anything to land on it, let alone the cannons finding their mark.
  • While it possesses the armament and shielding to act as a space vessel it is NOT a vessel built for space due to it's exposed topside.
  • While the vehicle is capable of towing immobile structures across water surfaces there is a chance that the cables could snap.
  • Should it operate via automation from the droid brain ion and emp damage become even more severe of a threat.

This air to water carrier is a work of splendid function wrapped in simplicity. This vehicle was designed, specifically, to tow the CIS Aqua Base since it lacks it own locomotive capabilities. Seeing the opportunity to give it a dual purpose it was also made to house and deploy a 900 meter submersible. It has been described as ‘unmercifully’ slow but it is durable enough to withstand enemy attacks, for the most part, long enough to accomplish desired goals. Much like the watery fortress that it was created to haul around, it can be considered an eyesore, but aesthetics were not truly thought of at the time of construction. The tow cable is retractable and durable with every aspect of the weight it will be enduring kept in mind during the creation process, but, few things in life are perfect and it is possible that it could break.

#1743710 ASF-PFC "Aqua Systems Fortress - Prefabricated Complex"

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 04 March 2018 - 07:11 AM






  • Intent: To create a deploy-able prefabricated fortress to be used on a future water planet.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Model: Aqua Base
  • Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Modularity: Replaceable parts ranging from engines, support structures and weapons.
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Durasteel (support structure), Quadranium (plating), Transparisteel (windows) and boyant materials (flotation systems)


  • Armament: - Weapons inoperable until fully deployed.
    - Turbolaser (3) [1 per extension]
    - Hypervelocity Cannon (3) [1 per extension]
    - Laser Cannon Turret (15) [5 per extension]
    - Shield Generator [Located in the center]
  • Compliment: - All droids are inactive until activated.
    - Combat Droids (1000 B1s / 350 B2s)
    - Sentry Droids (20 B3s)
    - AATs (10)
    - Operation Personnel (50)
    - Aqua Droids (3000) [Compartment on underside of central structure]
  • Support Structures:
    - Duraplast fibermesh flotation sacks (in a ring around the underside of the structures center as well as under each external arm)
    - Repulsor lift emplacements (under each external point as well as in a circle around the underside of the center of the structure's base)
    - Water displacement plant (in base of central structure to pull in water and push it out the extensions)
    - Landing pads for small transports on extended arms
    - Towing docks for aquatic transports to tow the station.
    - Anchor to drop should the facility to be rooted against the currents until it's brought back up.
  • Systems:
    - Advanced Droid Brain
    - Targeting Systems
    - Proximity Radar rigged with alarms linked to the Aqua Droids activation protocols.


  • Quick and easy to deploy with it's compliment already in place in inactive storage.
  • Well defended with a hypervelocity cannon, a turblolaser turret and a shield generator.
  • Possesses an army of aqua droids that can be deployed for defense below the surface of the facility.
  • Able to be towed by other water craft once deployed and can also be held in place by dropping its anchor.


  • While the facility is sturdy and useful, if the flotation sacks go the repulsor lift structures will not be powerful enough to hold the facility up by themselves.
  • While the structure is defended well enough, it is still easily accessible once the shield goes down as it is large and has a lot of surface space to fight on.
  • The three extension platforms are folded up upon deployment and must be lowered into position in order to be properly utilized.
  • Once deployed the facility cannot be brought back up from the waters surface; on the same note if the anchor is dropped the facility cannot be towed until it is brought back up.
    - If a part is damaged the new part must be transported to the facility and applied on the spot.
  • While well armed the facility's weapons are useless until the facility has fully deployed.


The Confederacy has been making great strides in their expansion efforts, and with the possibility of coming across worlds without definitive land masses, they created a naval platform to facilitate their needs. Some cultures may consider it a technological curiosity while others may find the massive floating fortress a monstrosity. In friendly environments, it can be used as an outpost with safe places to land ships under 100 meters, while in more dangerous scenarios it can be a defensible stronghold.


This massive mobile island is large enough to store droid forces, offer barracks to weary CIS personnel, and hosts a moderately sized cache of emergency supplies. It is the largest naval structure that the Confederacy currently has at their disposal. The fortress is free floating unless the anchor is dropped to allow it a stationary position and additional stability. It has no nautical locomotion capabilities of its own, and if it doesn’t get carried by the current it must be tugged along by a specifically designed aquatic vessel.


Due to the fact that it may occasionally be used for nautical combat, Aqua Droids were introduced to the design, and are kept deactivated in a compartment beneath the structure. They do not activate unless the fortress is in immediate danger and are not utilized for general fighting. They serve only as a defensive measure should automated systems pick up a potential enemy on the proximity radar.


This fortress was created with the notion of one being capable of sustaining CIS forces for a finite amount of time, unless, replenishment supplies are provided. The floating structure could be used in a place with land masses, so long as adequate water is present, but it would likely be more useful on a planet that is predominantly aquatic such as Maramere.

#1736834 Aftermath

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 21 February 2018 - 04:12 AM

Sinner's Well.


It was a name that she had never given much thought to in all her months with the Confederacy. The reason was perhaps the fact that, despite being a member of the prestigious group, the young woman had never felt like she was a direct and indoctrinated member of the Dark Acolytes of the Vicelord, Darth Metus. So it went without saying that even approaching the monolithic style structure went against a modicum of safety conditions she'd set for herself.


Even still, peering out the cockpit of the "Vekarr's Pride", the agent held her composure in the face of the proverbial monstrosity. She wouldn't say she was readily pleased with being anywhere near the Vicelord so soon after the events that had brought her there, only the loyalty she stipulated upon herself to Srina Talon keeping her at the helm of her determination as June brought the freighter to rest at her typical landing pad. With a lean and a gentle brush of her lips against the curve of June's jaw the woman twisted out of the co-pilots chair.


"I hate this place," she breathed as she stood straight and lingered a hand at the back of her lover's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze as she felt her mind zero in on the chill that always ran down her spine when she focused on the locale. "Stay here and keep an eye on the ship, I'll be back as soon as I find out just how bad- complicated the situation is."


"Are you karking, kidding me?" The seated woman's voice piped up almost an instant after the agent had finished speaking; a gesture that had the agent twisting in her spot to look down at her with a quizzical expression on her face. She was met by the stern, and relatively aggravated expression on her lover's face. "You're delusional if you think I'm letting you go in there acting like this. Force be damned, you're not playing the thick skull card here."


Pursed lips, a furrowed brow and a sharp inhale met the outburst. Closing her eyes and letting her hand slid down from the back of the pilot's chair, the half epicanthix took a pair of evenly timed breaths before blinking her eyes open to meet the other woman's gaze; her eyes betraying a modicum of emotion before she made an attempt to turn away. It was never outside the realm of obvious that she was hard pressed to feel.


"We've had this fight before," she mused as she closed her eyes again and tilted her head towards the ground, her arms falling limp to her sides as the memory flooded back into the forefront of her mind. Crystalline images of June's anger contorted face accompanying colored words about the Vicelord and his countenance"This is the last situation I'd want you to meet him in, especially in a place like this."


Her voice cracked, her posture quaked and June was against her, arms encircling under her own in a stubborn embrace. The agent clenched her teeth, clenched her fists and drew another sharp breath but in the end allowed herself to reciprocate the affectionate gesture. Resting her chin against the Corellian's shoulder, the agent quietly shook with the fear she was feeling beneath her bravado; only pursing her lips to speak after she'd had a minute to collect herself.


"The longer we stand here, with you protecting me, the longer you have to wait to do what you came to do," the Corellian woman breathed into the agent's chest before pulling away and angling herself to place a light kiss on the woman's lips. "I want to meet this Metus and I want to see this woman you're so dedicated to, it's only fair.


Besides, you could use the air." She couldn't be sure if it was the words, the kiss or the devotion, or if it was the combination of all of them, but the moment June's words trailed off the woman met the other's gaze with a sparking confidence. Without another word she took June's hand in hers, grabbed her verpine, June's DL-44 and made for the hall to the docking ramp.


"You win this time, gorgeous," she breathed, squeezing her lover's hand, and stopped short of the ramp. "Let's find us a Vicelord."


That said, words beyond her for the next indefinite period, the agent made for the massive structure and for where she could only guess any others would be. If they crossed the Vicelord or any of his allies, they would cross that bridge when it came.


This wasn't about him.


#1735844 Total War | The Confederacy Invasion of Galactic Empire held Tatooine Hex

Posted by Katria Vekarr on 19 February 2018 - 05:23 PM


Allies: Confederacy and allies
Enemies: Galactic Empire and allies

Objective: Secure Task Force Windstorm safety and keep an eye on the suspicious speeder.

Location: Passing up the Crawler and making way to the palace.

Relevant NPCs: Shadow Furiae



It was easy to lose track of time staring down a scope. While the young agent would have disagreed with the statement, having adapted over the years to use the motions of her targets as an indicator of the flow of time, there was a truth in it. Even as the skiff moved out of range and view of the cliff side tuskens the Furiae were quick to note that the crawler had made good time and cleared the canyon and the sarlaac pit.


Flinching with the motion of the skiff, training her rifle on a speeder that had precariously continued to follow them despite the onslaught of cycler rifle fire, the brunette kept herself steady. With a squeeze of her trigger she let loose a single shot from her verpine to head off and clip the engine structure. Then, with one single fluid motion, she pulled away position and set the rifle beside her as she steadied herself next to the piloting furiae.


"We need to catch up, those tuskens won't keep them busy for long," the woman breathed as she placed a hand on the other woman's shoulder, her eyes drifting through the line of the other five as they readied their Inferos rifles. "If we out strip them we'll head up to the cliff ourselves and give them the cover they need to get to the palace unchallenged. Obviously it's easier said than done, but if there are any troopers waiting for them up there.


Well you get the picture, ladies." She finished and moved to the front of the skiff where she lifted her rifle and angled it towards the cliffs and palace ahead of them. Lifting her hand to her ear, pressing gently as she trained her eye over the scenery in front of her for any signs of imperial activity, the woman pursed her lips. "Katrine,(Katrine Van-Derveld) sweetheart, you're going to have company at the palace. We're going to pass you and give you the cover you need. I have a little surprise if we need it."


Even as she lowered her hand, the sight of troops armor showing visibly in the desert sunlight, she couldn't help but smile with a visible confidence. She watched quietly as the skiff passed the crawler easily, her eyes strafing over a pod of twenty AATs gliding behind it, then turned her attention back to once again find the speeder that had been following them.


She had her target, the Furiae had theirs and they were on the home stretch. And what a rancid hot home stretch it was.


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#1733013 Sidon Eshe

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Nice to see someone else values Jaeger and Aegis tech. Unfortunate that they're being used for a greedy trade. Suppose as long as the job gets done, eh?


Sidon Eshe