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Katria Vekarr

Katria Vekarr

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Fragmenting the Time

24 May 2018 - 11:54 PM

Time was fickle, time was cruel, but still she persisted. For years she had wandered the galaxy in search of the next job and meal, her home her chariot across a galaxy unyielding. It was when she arrived in Confederate space, on the doorstep of the dominion of Darth Metus, that she came face to face with the choice that would profoundly change her career; and her life.


That was a different twist of tale in itself.


Pulling herself away from the control console of the Vekarr's Pride, heaving a sigh in the absence of both June and Skiss, the young brunette turned her attention from her thoughts to more important matters. Namely the repairs, upkeep and improvements of both the ship and her weapons. As she picked up the box of tools sitting by the pilot's chair, and the rifle standing near the entrance to the cargo bay, the expression on her face told her desires.


In spite of this, with her hands working away at the barrel of her rifle, her thoughts wandered to the blonde she knew was likely to once again steal her time with her unending stream of questions. While her mind described it openly in such a manner, there was little to deny that there were other ways she would describe the blonde outside of the inquisitive manner she often knew her for.


Tilting her head towards the rifle, closing her eyes and heaving out a breath through her nostrils, the half epicanthix once again tore herself away from her thoughts and threw herself into the work at hand.


There was no sense lingering on thoughts that would only drown her in unsavory and inactive manner.

Hydra Aquatic Aerial Carrier

05 March 2018 - 03:47 AM



In action:




  • Intent: To create a air to water vehicle to carry and deploy a submersible and tow floating facilities.
  • Image Source: Both Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Albatross Submersible


  • Manufacturer: Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Model: Air to Water Carrier
  • Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Modularity: Parts and weapons are replaceable.
  • ProductionLimited

  • Material: Durasteel (Hull Structure), Quadranium (Hull Plating) and Transparisteel (Viewports)


  • Classification: Air to Water Gunship Carrier
  • Role: Gunship Carrier
  • Size:  Extreme
  • Weight: Extreme
  • Minimum Crew: 0
  • Optimal Crew: 20,000
  • Propulsion: Repulsorlift or Thrusters via Ion Engines
  • Speed: Very Slow
    Air: 100 km/hr
    Water: 50 km/hr
  • Maneuverability: Low
  • Armaments: High
    - Hypervelocity Cannon (4) [One emplacement per topside of each thruster/repulsorlift branch]
    - Flak Cannons (50) [25 along each side of the underside]
  • Defenses: Average
    - Military Grade Deflector Shield
    - Military Grade Particle Shield
    - EWAR/Anti-EWAR
  • Squadron Count: None: 1
  • Passenger Capacity: 10,000 (B1) or 5,000 (B2) war droids or 5,000 organics
  • Cargo Capacity: Large - Excluding deployable submersible

Repulsor Lift Engines
Ascension Thrusters
Advanced Droid Brain

Targeting Systems

Radar Locating Systems

Tow Cables


  • Equipped with a landing strip on which a corvette or a number of fighters could land and redeploy.
  • Equipped with military grade shields for defense against starfighters and offenses.
  • Houses and can deploy a Albatross-Class Submersible Carrier.
  • Due to incorporation of a droid brain it can operate via automation rather than requiring a full scale crew; though this is reserved for low personnel emergencies.


  • Due to it's purpose and size it is extremely slow in both water and air.
  • If the water is choppy it will be difficult for anything to land on it, let alone the cannons finding their mark.
  • While it possesses the armament and shielding to act as a space vessel it is NOT a vessel built for space due to it's exposed topside.
  • While the vehicle is capable of towing immobile structures across water surfaces there is a chance that the cables could snap.
  • Should it operate via automation from the droid brain ion and emp damage become even more severe of a threat.

This air to water carrier is a work of splendid function wrapped in simplicity. This vehicle was designed, specifically, to tow the CIS Aqua Base since it lacks it own locomotive capabilities. Seeing the opportunity to give it a dual purpose it was also made to house and deploy a 900 meter submersible. It has been described as ‘unmercifully’ slow but it is durable enough to withstand enemy attacks, for the most part, long enough to accomplish desired goals. Much like the watery fortress that it was created to haul around, it can be considered an eyesore, but aesthetics were not truly thought of at the time of construction. The tow cable is retractable and durable with every aspect of the weight it will be enduring kept in mind during the creation process, but, few things in life are perfect and it is possible that it could break.

ASF-PFC "Aqua Systems Fortress - Prefabricated Complex"

04 March 2018 - 07:11 AM






  • Intent: To create a deploy-able prefabricated fortress to be used on a future water planet.
  • Image Source: Here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Model: Aqua Base
  • Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Modularity: Replaceable parts ranging from engines, support structures and weapons.
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Durasteel (support structure), Quadranium (plating), Transparisteel (windows) and boyant materials (flotation systems)


  • Armament: - Weapons inoperable until fully deployed.
    - Turbolaser (3) [1 per extension]
    - Hypervelocity Cannon (3) [1 per extension]
    - Laser Cannon Turret (15) [5 per extension]
    - Shield Generator [Located in the center]
  • Compliment: - All droids are inactive until activated.
    - Combat Droids (1000 B1s / 350 B2s)
    - Sentry Droids (20 B3s)
    - AATs (10)
    - Operation Personnel (50)
    - Aqua Droids (3000) [Compartment on underside of central structure]
  • Support Structures:
    - Duraplast fibermesh flotation sacks (in a ring around the underside of the structures center as well as under each external arm)
    - Repulsor lift emplacements (under each external point as well as in a circle around the underside of the center of the structure's base)
    - Water displacement plant (in base of central structure to pull in water and push it out the extensions)
    - Landing pads for small transports on extended arms
    - Towing docks for aquatic transports to tow the station.
    - Anchor to drop should the facility to be rooted against the currents until it's brought back up.
  • Systems:
    - Advanced Droid Brain
    - Targeting Systems
    - Proximity Radar rigged with alarms linked to the Aqua Droids activation protocols.


  • Quick and easy to deploy with it's compliment already in place in inactive storage.
  • Well defended with a hypervelocity cannon, a turblolaser turret and a shield generator.
  • Possesses an army of aqua droids that can be deployed for defense below the surface of the facility.
  • Able to be towed by other water craft once deployed and can also be held in place by dropping its anchor.


  • While the facility is sturdy and useful, if the flotation sacks go the repulsor lift structures will not be powerful enough to hold the facility up by themselves.
  • While the structure is defended well enough, it is still easily accessible once the shield goes down as it is large and has a lot of surface space to fight on.
  • The three extension platforms are folded up upon deployment and must be lowered into position in order to be properly utilized.
  • Once deployed the facility cannot be brought back up from the waters surface; on the same note if the anchor is dropped the facility cannot be towed until it is brought back up.
    - If a part is damaged the new part must be transported to the facility and applied on the spot.
  • While well armed the facility's weapons are useless until the facility has fully deployed.


The Confederacy has been making great strides in their expansion efforts, and with the possibility of coming across worlds without definitive land masses, they created a naval platform to facilitate their needs. Some cultures may consider it a technological curiosity while others may find the massive floating fortress a monstrosity. In friendly environments, it can be used as an outpost with safe places to land ships under 100 meters, while in more dangerous scenarios it can be a defensible stronghold.


This massive mobile island is large enough to store droid forces, offer barracks to weary CIS personnel, and hosts a moderately sized cache of emergency supplies. It is the largest naval structure that the Confederacy currently has at their disposal. The fortress is free floating unless the anchor is dropped to allow it a stationary position and additional stability. It has no nautical locomotion capabilities of its own, and if it doesn’t get carried by the current it must be tugged along by a specifically designed aquatic vessel.


Due to the fact that it may occasionally be used for nautical combat, Aqua Droids were introduced to the design, and are kept deactivated in a compartment beneath the structure. They do not activate unless the fortress is in immediate danger and are not utilized for general fighting. They serve only as a defensive measure should automated systems pick up a potential enemy on the proximity radar.


This fortress was created with the notion of one being capable of sustaining CIS forces for a finite amount of time, unless, replenishment supplies are provided. The floating structure could be used in a place with land masses, so long as adequate water is present, but it would likely be more useful on a planet that is predominantly aquatic such as Maramere.

June Tal

14 February 2018 - 07:02 PM




  • Intent: To put a face and name to Katria's romantic partner and pilot for the "Vekarr's Pride".
  • ​Image Credit: Here
  • Role: The Pilot of the "Vekarr's Prideand romantic partner of Katria Vekarr.
  • Links: @Katria Vekarr | Skiss Iskiss


  • Age: Twenty Five galactic standard years
  • Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
  • Species: Corellian Human
  • Appearance: Standing at five feet and eight inches, weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds, June sports a figure befitting her age complimented with curves in all the right places without breaching any imbalances in weight. As well, with long blonde highlighted brown hair, fair skin and dark grey eyes she brings a soft beauty to a toughened physique; toned, fit and exercised with very few blemishes on part of her dedication to the pilots chair over standing on the battle field.


  • Name: June Tal
  • Loyalties: Companion and romantic partner of Katria Vekarr, crew mate of Skiss Iskiss, CIS contract holder and, at times, other Vekarrs
  • Wealth: June has access to Katria's vast mercenary fortune within reason but has far less of her own in the way of monetary value due to having less experience.
  • Notable Possessions: An Astromech droids named R7-D1, a modified DL-44 blaster pistol and a tauzin amutlet keepsake necklace given to her by Katria.
  • Skills:
    - Capable Marksman: June was taught how to handle a pistol and rifle by Katria.

    - Ace Pilot: While she is no where as good as Shaden Vekarr or other famous pilots she boasts considerable skill flying ships.
    - Sensitive Charm: She boasts a tenderness that allows her to be much more empathetic to others around her.
  • Personality: Fiery spitfire with a tender empathy is one way one could describe the pilot June Tal. Confident in her skills as a pilot and a lover, public and private, June carries herself with the fire and determination of a Corellian but with the tenderness of a woman swayed by the damage that has been done by the galaxy.

    While she is confident and virtually fearless, she suffers from a crippling fear of abandonment brought about by being left to fend for herself after the collapse of Corellia. She is hardly outspoken, but will speak up when she must and will stand up for the people and things she cares about to the point of raising her blaster to make her point.


  • Weapon of Choice: "Vekarr's Pride"s cannons or her modified DL-44 blaster pistol
  • Combat Function: Pilot of the "Vekarr's Pride" and battle companion of Katria Vekarr when necessary.
    + Capable Marksman: June is capable of hitting most targets with a very small margin for error.
    Multi-tasking Pilot: June is able to manage navigation and combat systems of the "Vekarr's Pride" with relative ease.
    - Force Fault: Due to being non-Force June suffers just as Katria does in the area of Force use or Force combat.
    Gun to a knife fight: June has no experience with blades and if one were to be put in her hands she would not know what to do with it outside of wildly slashing or stabbing with hopes of striking her target.


In a galaxy as vast as the one known to those living around Corellia and Coruscant space easily became lonely and desolate. Thus was the case of June Tal following the collapse of Corellia. With little in the way of money and property following the destruction of their home, June's parents abandoned her; leaving her to survive in a harsh, cold galaxy while they sought new avenues without the burden of caring for a young child.


For years she wandered the galaxy, bouncing from willing care taker to kind soul, until she finally reached the breaking point. It was on the planet of Tatooine at the age of twenty that she stumbled upon Katria Vekarr. Alone, desperate and starving the girl took up with the young mercenary with little more in mind than survival. In time, however, she would discover the softer side of her 'rescuer' and find a romantic bond with the woman.


A rough five years came and passed, June becoming the acting pilot of the "Vekarr's Pride" while she comforted Katria on and off. She wasn't sure what to make of Katria's advancement quickly through the ranks of the Confederacy but one thing remained true for the young Corellian: She would follow Katria to the ends of the known universe.

Katria's personal Railgun Sniper Rifle

13 February 2018 - 07:57 AM




  • Intent: To provide the specs for Katria's personal railgun sniper rifle.
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Katria Vekarr and Skiss Iskiss
  • Model: Railgun Rifle
  • Affiliation: Katria Vekarr
  • Modularity: Replaceable components for potential degradation or damage as well as modular rounds.
  • ProductionUnique
  • Material: Denscris and Dallorian Alloy with synthetic bonding agent (barrel and rail components), Duraplast (reinforcement for body, stock and barrel) and Duranium (coating over all but the barrel)


  • Classification: Rail
  • Size:  Very Large
  • Weight: Very Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Modular Rounds
  • Ammunition Capacity: Eight Rounds
  • Reload Speed: Very Low
  • Effective Range: Average
  • Rate of Fire: Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil: High



  • Big Bullets: This weapon possesses the ability to fire custom 7.62mm rounds that paired with the alarming speeds of a rail gun pack a ridiculous punch capable of piercing some heavy armored vehicles and most lightly armored vehicles.
  • Modular Ammo: Due to the high cost of materials this weapon utilizes a variety of round types. More often than not it will employ the use of rounds specialized to penetrate more than one individual at a time than to pierce heavy armor.
  • Inertia Shminertia: Built with inertia compensators this weapon is capable of dispelling a vast majority of the weapons recoil.
  • Material Suite: While the weapon experiences natural railgun degradation, the materials used make components easy to replace should they begin to degrade.
  • Verpine Ingeniuity: This weapon utilizes custom bullets created with the heavy application of Verpine microscopic sight on the part of the Verpine Skiss Iskiss. As such each round is custom refined by the Verpine for maximum efficiency.
    - Each bullet is built with the shape, size and aerodynamics needed to perform it's specific function; applied carefully by Skiss.


  • Built Bulky: Inertia capacitors, a capacitor bank, energy monitor and large rounds make for a verylarge weapon. This weapon sports no expenses left unpaid in the size or weight department.
  • Power Hungry: Like any rail gun this weapon is power hungry, it's size demanding even more power than normal and the reasoning for incorporating a small capacitor bank.
  • Reload Time: Eight round clips and capacitor replacements take much more time than reloading a simple auto rifle of a similar design. It takes a long time to fully reload and continue using this weapon.
  • Common Metals: While the weapon is constructed of common metals, this also makes them more vulnerable to varieties of damage that more unique and specialized metals would otherwise resist.
  • Time is Money: The amount of time and effort it takes to create the rounds for this weapon is exhausting and often considered more of a chore than a task. This leads to very few being created at any given time leading to limited use of this weapon.
    - This leads to the weapon being considered a Necessity Only Weapon.

It was time for an upgrade. For a sniper and agent like Katria Vekarr the newest, biggest weapon was always on her mind. In light of the war with the Galactic Empire and their utilization of heavily armored vehicles and soldiers, the young agent decided to utilize her verpine companion's microscopic vision and her own weapon skills to build something truly unique; and just as dangerous.


Turning her sights to the likes of a railgun, deadly for it's precision and unfathomable speeds, the agent went to work building herself a weapon that could contend with that of a downsized cannon when utilized properly. There was nothing more deadly than taking ones unique sniping skills and putting them to the test with a weapon capable of greatly damaging an armored vehicle; and very rarely a tank.