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Srina Talon

Srina Talon

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In Topic: The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Yesterday, 09:54 AM

Location: Kuat City Space Port [Headed Toward the City Center]
Accompanying: Chekīta AwaudSankt Yora | Aryn Teth..And possibly others?
Allies: CIS + Allies, etc 



Even though the Confederacy had recently embarked on a motion for friendly relations with the CIC on Coruscant the little Exarch would forever dislike being so close to the Core. She missed Geonosis already. Life on the blisteringly hot world was simple, predictable, and she rarely had to worry about offending someone due to her blunt disposition. Nothing good ever came from traveling North. Nothing.


Yet, she had made a promise. She had sworn to Sankt Yora that she would arrive to Kuat in person. Thus, she would keep her word.  


The atmosphere in the Ferocity during the trip was somber. The frigate had more in common with a tomb than it did a space fairing vessel, despite, the pair of rabbit droids that sprinted through the color-coded halls at breakneck speed. Srina seemed to weave around them without difficulty. Either they avoided her on purpose or her reflexes were so cultivated, that they seemed to be made of liquid, over soft tissue and protein filaments. “Do not leave your playthings in the corridor.”, she warned them, clearly, seeing little glow rods laying about that they both pretended to utilize as lightsabers.


While Srina would not fall, as Echani eyes missed nothing, she was not alone on her personal vessel. Aryn Teth, the former Supreme Commander of the Galactic Alliance, was ever at her side. He had recently relocated to Geonosis from Naboo so they could see one another more frequently. It made the pain and loss that she had endured on Eshan…Bearable. Between the man that had somehow wormed his way past her emotional walls and the Master that easily made her feel safe and protected—She was healing. Day by day, she was doing better, well enough, that she could care for her sister Tellu Talon.


The descent to the depressingly ailing world was uneventful. The rings were obviously suffering. A few ships were docked at certain points, but otherwise, it didn’t seem to have been used in half a decade. When the time came Srina provided the clearance codes from her contact within House Kuat and they easily let her frigate through. There were multiple other vessels that followed her, however, they were all cargo freighters. It seemed that unless the goods were relinquished to an existing institution they would not be allowed to pass down to the world that desperately needed them. They were loaded with the supplies that the current, or former Senator, had specifically asked for. Srina did not understand the politics on Kuat very well…Nor this. But, she would ask the green-hued woman upon her arrival.


Without the bulk of the supplies, there would be a large portion of the Confederacy, waiting, on the streets of Kuat with nothing to do. Why a governing body would not allow aid delivered directly to their citizens was confounding, however, there may have been some unseen reason for it. In the meantime her people could focus on the investigation, and or, set general contracting droids to work and aid the populace. There were likely many tasks that needed done and many tired people that were sick of doing them.


Other ships would be following to directly take a look at the orbital shipyard, while teams, would be deployed to the streets of Kuat to begin the groundwork. The transmission that was sent after their vessel was blown away was sent to Kuat. Specifically, the Wastes, but that didn’t mean that people on the ground, in the thick of it, couldn’t provide valuable details.


Her eyes closed and her stomach slowly twisted.


Was this the right call? Would it have been more prudent simply to react as they had with the Jen’ari and attack their perceived enemy with wanton abandon? Srina couldn’t help but recall how well that had worked out with the Chiss Ascendancy. They were butchers in their eyes, even though, the CIS had been given the impression that the blue-hued nation followed the word of their new Emperor whole-heartedly. That seemed not to have been entirely true. The last thing the Exarch wanted was another gray area. Another slip up.


Another military action that crushed a populace. Eshan…Eshan was free. However, it was also devastated.


Srina did not want that for Kuat. Sith or not…She did not want it. But would she be able to stop it? The young woman didn’t know.


As she walked down the ramp, swathed in the blue and silver armor that Darth Tacitus had created for her—she accessed her holo-comm to address the Confederates that were patiently waiting for orders.


“Confederacy…You are here to ascertain the truth of what has transpired. Use your instincts, your skills, and make sure to check in with anything you find. Those of you working on the rings…Be careful.”   


With that small notice, she continued on through the spaceport to meet with the delegation. She had minimal weaponry on her person and lacked any sort of obvious support in the form of offensive technology. Magnaguard were usually her go to in delicate situations, however, this was not a scenario in which she expected to encounter obvious enemy combatants. Wearing her armor, moving among friends, would need to suffice.


Upon spotting Sankt Yora, in the presence of security Chekīta Awaud , she inclined her head politely and silver eyes dusted over the rest of the company the formidable woman met.


“It is a pleasure to meet you face to face. I have many things for you to peruse...And a few questions. Would you prefer to discuss it here? Or somewhere more private?”  



In Topic: The 11th Hour

21 March 2019 - 11:35 PM



Location: Geonosis - Golbah City - The Citadel 

Tag: Sankt Yora



The relationship that the Confederacy had with the Sith was one based on a need to avoid mutually assured destruction. They held a Pact of Non-Aggression with the refugees that they had taken in from the Core after the fall of the Alliance. It was specific, however, it ensured that their people would not feel threatened or hunted for once being part of the enemy. It was the only umbrella the Confederacy could offer the lost souls when all was said and done. They could give credits, homes, food, water, and clothing—which was all well and good. But security? It was priceless.


Srina did not know what planeta non grata meant straight away, but context clues, helped her put things together reasonably enough. The more she heard from Sankt Yora the more she felt confusion grow and bubble in the hollows of her chest. “I am at a loss. That is not the way that the Confederacy handles their relationship with member worlds. I am not naïve enough to believe that all nations operate in the same capacity that we do…But that is an error. The more evolved and successful a world becomes the better off the governing body is.”


“To aid a planet within our sphere, if I may be truthful, is an obligation. It is non-negotiable. Our strength lies in our people. With their support—a nation grows. Without it…”


The Exarch did not feel that further explanation was necessary. It would be obvious to any leader, from Senator, to King, that maintaining the people was a number one priority. They were the lifeblood and backbone of all that they held dear.  


Well, that, and the Droid Army that was sitting in storage. Having the support of their people was half the reason they were taking the long walk back to the Core. If they simply returned to their desks and continued on their way without dealing with the loss of civilian lives, the Confederacy, would lose faith. It was easier to rebuild broken ships, to spend from the treasury, and aid in rebuilding that which had been destroyed than it was to win over the heart of a disillusioned populace.


“The Confederacy can offer many things. Our droid soldiers do not have the same price, not like an organic, or clone army would. They do not require salary. Housing. For that alone we can afford to provide. Especially, if Kuat is, as you say, willing to become a port to call.”, Srina spoke up, nodding her head, when it was requested that she loop the Vicelord in. In all honesty, there was no need. They were connected through the Force. When he wished it, he could see through her eyes, he could hear with her ears. He would know this discussion had taken place. She could already feel his approval. “Our forces will not be small, however, I will arrive personally to greet you, or a delegation of your choosing, as we deliver on our promise of aid. We will accept the invitation provided by House Kuat.”


If they worked together, perhaps, they could solve this before it was too late. It was a chance they were both taking. Srina, very well, could have the Viceroyalty boxing her ears the next day for believing that Kuat wanted a peaceful resolution. The Senator…The Senator had far more to lose than she did. Srina recognized that, and her head inclined, when it was again painted that Kuat was not the untouchable titan it had once been.


“I worry, Senator. Kuat is not what the rest of the galaxy believes it to be…And I worry, that while my intent is to stay bloodshed, that it may be too little too late. It is a race against time now…”, she trailed off, gently, as silver eyes flickered back toward the window, where rain still fell. “But, if it is a race, we will run. We will do what we can. As best we can…”


It was clear that the Echani did not wish to turn Kuat into a battleground. Already, her mind was whirling, looking for ways, that would still the reaction of the Confederacy. This was one step. The fact that Kuat was willing to open their borders to allow the droid nation entry would go a long way. Still. Her expression remained tight. Quiet. “I will have my offices forward you a full list of relief efforts that we can provide. We will need many minds to take a look at your ring, and if possible, the original blueprints.”


Another leap of faith. But honestly? The ring was already broken. What could the Confederacy do? Break it more? “Aside from that…I believe that we have come to an understanding. Have you further questions that you would wish that I answer?”, she questioned, a silvery visage, from the other side of the holo-call. Srina made no attempts to hide anything. In truth…The cards of the CIS were already all on the table. If they had a clue what was happening? She wouldn’t be seeing this armistice with House Kuat now. If they had the full picture, and the Republic was guilty, beyond the shadow of a doubt…There would be no reason to scrutinize the attacks.


It would simply be fire. Fire, and blood.  


Srina hoped, flashing back to Eshan City, that it would not come to that.


In Topic: Of Monsters and Men | CIS & CA

21 March 2019 - 04:15 AM



Location: Denon Space [Corvette CR90] - Meeting Room

Wearing: XoXoXo

Objective: Bridge the Divide

Tags: Eternal MuseDezoti



Ah, politics.


Where in the galaxy would they be without being required to maneuver minefields the size of a small starship every other day? Sometimes she regretted taking this sort of position over that of a soldier. She was good at fighting. Good with her hands. She understood trading physical blows. Verbal dialogue? It was a different sort of arena…But she did her best. The young Echani, to be frank, was fatigued. Her travels between Eshan and Confederate space were not stolen moments in which rest could be found. It was time that required her focus, her full attention, so that she could carve out the necessary effort for both places she called home. The two nations held her past, present, and future. With that in mind—The Exarch didn’t stop, didn’t take a break, between traveling from Geonosis to Denon.


Srina took a small shuttle to the CR90 Corvette that held the mutually agreed upon clandestine meeting. Even if she wasn’t required to attend every single summit, or, every single discussion in regards to the remnants of the first location the Jen’ari Empire had occupied—she wished to be present. The young woman could imagine how this olive branch would be perceived. Potentially, too little, too late. Regardless, it needed to be made. The Chiss, as they were, had never been the target of the Confederacy.


Only those that stood in their way, siding, with the filth the Jen’ari spewed. As to whom the Chiss Ascendency truly sided with at the time…It was tumultuous. There were differing opinions from anyone who could speak. Of course, it was ugly. All of it. War, filled with collateral damage, was never appealing. It was never fair. Seldom, did it hinge on any sort of morality, and rarely, would it be solved through words alone. She had many colleagues in the Silver Jedi that would vehemently disagree with her ideology. Srina was had been born with combat twined in her blood, which, made it so that she could never see it that way.


That didn’t mean, however, that she couldn’t see the damage. The grief, the loss.   


Intent would make no difference to those that were grieving, or, who were already dead. The diminutive creature had seen nightmarish things on Copero. From the fallen Eternal Empire soldiers returning to life, to continue fighting, to the Jen’ari executing Chiss civilians en masse on the steps of parliament just to quell a riot. With the imperative to rid the galaxy of a newborn Empire at any cost, the destruction of infrastructure, pivotal buildings, and even a means of production had been the end result.


The blue-hued natives had a right to be wary on any standpoint possible. A right to be scared. A right to be angry—If they so wished. Such was the measure of their pain. Their pain. Of which, the Exarch did not have the hubris, to try and understand.  


The nearly albino Echani moved through the halls of the Corvette in complete silence. She didn’t bring a small army of Droids, Knights, or Dauntless. There was no need. The Confederacy had already done harm, by proxy, and it didn’t make any sense to wish for more. Her elegant brow furrowed, slightly, as she thought over the upcoming proceedings. It was…Grim. Though, she would not complain.  


Instead, she headed toward the meeting room, clad in a gray mourning cloak and a pale traveling dress.


Despite her schedule…She hoped very much not to be late. 



In Topic: The Dawn Will Come | CIS & CIC

21 March 2019 - 03:26 AM



Location: Coruscant - Spaceport [Landing Platform]

Wearing: XoXoXo

Objective: Diplomacy

CIS Tag: Darth Metus | Adron Malvern

CIC Tag: Tanomas Graf, Varian Alaric, Marriskcal Lati, Seto Du Couteau Kyli DT-6767



She loathed Coruscant.


She did not like this place, not at all, not even a little bit.


The darkest memory she had, of the darkest day, belonged to this world. This achingly ill-equipped ecumenopolis of lights, pointed towers, and sky lanes. It was built upon the remnants of the old. Built on the backs of dead. Literally. This newly made version, this recreation of the gilded Pearl of the Galaxy, left something to be desired. Srina used to look upon the bustling city-scape with hope. There was something peaceful in watching speeders pass by, lights flaring, without a care in the world.


At least, it was peaceful, until the underbelly became exposed. Peaceful—Until the Core was rendered to pain, blood, and dust. When she closed her eyes she could see it. She could hear the war, smell the decay, and knew…Knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that ash fell like snow. Flashbacks of a ten-kilometer ship breaking in half and falling into the Archives almost made her flinch at the first blush of sunlight that kissed her skin.




Coruscant had sunlight? Not burning black clouds and plumes of smoke that choked the life from everything it touched? Srina Talon blinked as mercurial eyes adjusted slowly to the new reality. Likely, it had been “new” for quite some time but the young woman hadn’t set foot on this planet after taking a slew of refugees off of it. She raised her hand to the level of her eye to give a little shade as delicate footsteps brought her down the ramp of the Ferocity. She seemed to float, rather than walk, and moved with all the grace of a little Queen. It wasn’t due to noble birth. Or high-born upbringing. It was simply the way she was. Pristine—Perfect. At all times. In all things.


The diminutive creature was wrapped in white shimmersilk that held to her form as if she had been poured into it. A gray cloak, made for mourning, flowed with her movements as if it were part of her. The thin gossamer that it was made from seemed as if it had been stolen from the wing of a butterfly. It was a cruel comparison, but in the moment, ever so accurate. Much like her fellow Exarch, Adron Malvern, she was flanked by two Magnaguard.


They did not remain visible. Her hand moved, a faint gesture, and their stealth tech spun up in a hurry. The metal monstrosities disappeared from sight as if they had never existed in the first place. Good. Causing a panic was the last thing she wanted, however, the Vicelord preferred that they not travel completely unprepared. Beyond that she was scarcely armed. She was slated to meet with Darth Metus and Adron Malvern further down on the landing platforms. While she waited she let her gaze flicker over the people in the area. There were so many faces. All smiling. Happy. It was so surreal.


Perhaps this Confederation would be good for the Core. It was the first nation that dared to claim Coruscant after all had fallen, nearly lost, and it was with the sense of a misbegotten lost puppy that she felt obligated to at least oversee the proceedings. These were politicians and sought to become the phoenix that rose from the ashes of the Galactic Alliance. Did she not owe it to her former allegiances, to her future husband, to see this through? For all they had lost…Yes. She did.


Glancing around the sunlit pathways she eventually let a sigh pass through primrose tinted lips. It was sight. Were it not for the fact that she shoulders moved, signifying that she drew breath, the flaxen-haired Sith could have easily been mistaken with a statue. Lithe fingers brushed over her Holo-Comm and the Apprentice of Darth Metus chided both figures that she had waited so patiently for.


“Gentlemen. You are late. This will make me late.”


Srina despised being tardy. 

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21 March 2019 - 02:13 AM

Marcellus Decker #722 - The Sandali - [Completed]


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Note: I did a lot of subs in one go, so please, if I made a mistake let me know. Thanks!