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Srina Talon

Srina Talon

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In Topic: The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Today, 11:19 AM




Location: [Copero City - Atop a Building - Adjacient to Parliment]

Tags:  Kurenai Yumi | Cardinal Vi'dreya | Darth Metus and so so many more...

Ally: CIS 

Enemy: TJE 




“Yes, Master.”


Srina knew when to obey and when to rebel. This was not a question of if she would guard her mind, only, how quickly. She had asked to be exposed to this raw fear before so that she may learn to defend against it. At first, in concern for her well-being, Darth Metus had refused. Her stubborn nature had led to the reversal of that decision. There was no way she could learn to prepare against mental assaults without experiencing the worst of it. Fear was not foreign to her, however, uncontrollable fear was.


In a hail of light, a hail of fire, and a hail of destruction the Planetary Shield was destroyed before their very eyes. Indeed, the Vicelord had ordered that they break through, and their ships had done so. Her arm raised lightly to block the dust and debris that blew past on the wind but nothing would stop the initial destruction that was leveled. The Confederate Fleet would not continue to barrage the planet for the simple fact that they would have boots on the ground.


As it stood, the Confederacy did not willingly sacrifice their own, nor, did they murder their own out of desperation or a loss of control. That seemed to be the tactic of the enemy.


As Srina stared at the bodies of the Chiss that lay on the steps of the Parliament Building she wondered how many more the CIS would leave behind, simply, by invoking the Force in such a way. The ivory creature breathed deeply, sharply, when the first wave of terror pressed into her being. She could feel it in the deepest corners of her heart. In her mind. In her bones.


For a moment her vision flickered. Fear. The world seemed darker and the edges of her sight blackened, as if tainted, by the wings of crows. She was too close to the epicenter, however, she could not leave. The Vicelord had painted himself, atop the building, a beacon. Anyone with the slightest bit of Force-Sensitivity would be able to find him. Her teeth ground together. Using fear, using emotion, was not something she often indulged. While some would drink it in like elixir and others would buffer the effects with the Light—she had neither luxury.  


Srina would, obstinately, push through—Even if it felt like her Master was peeling away the layers of her mind like an onion. She would stand tall. She would endure.


Copero would fall. Copero, would burn.    


Their electronic sensors spoke of defenses that the Jenari, or the Chiss, were attempting to raise though she did not allow worry to set in. The effects of the Phobis wanted her to. Wanted her to second guess herself, the nation, and everything she served. The Exarch would not. She knew that Allya Vi'Dreya, Rylan Kordel, and a few others were moving in with their mechanical army from the mountains. A distraction. Another, distraction. There were garrisons that seemed intent on trying to keep them out of the capital but for the most part it seemed to be too little too late. The reaction time was achingly slow, even if, the sky had been alight from the space battle for quite some time.


She saw Scherezade deWinter [Madalena Antares] enter the field of engagement just as a building not far away began to fall. Allya. Good. The small creature Cay-Yo that engaged Knight Antares was speaking, it seemed, but Srina was too far away to hear it. Kurenai Yumi was also there, close by, and the Exarch watched. Her gaze was intense. Whether it was the Phobis, or the truth, the Echani felt like something was amiss. The windows of the Parliament Building suddenly burst out and the slender female moved to raise a telekinetic shield, only, to realize that they were not firing at the small group on the building. Instead, they seemed to be firing at the ship Knight Antares had arrived it, and the dark-haired woman herself.


The battle over Copero must have been going well because Srina suddenly knew that Darth Tacitus also now had boots on the ground. She would know the Reaper, her friend, even though the Fear that pressed against all that she was. He brought more troops. More droids. More methods to do what needed to be done. Mercurial eyes flickered, when she realized, he was taking losses. Perhaps the Defenses of the City were timelier than she had assumed.


Still. Tacitus sent no distress call, no beacon for aid, and Srina held her faith.


There was a light in the sky overhead. Bright. Brighter than anything she had ever seen. Her eyes narrowed. What was that? “Report. What was that light?”


The chatter that passed through all at once caused her to tilt her head, to try and listen to it all, but eventually, she got the idea. A reactor in one of the Orbital Shipyards had gone off. No one was really sure what had triggered the event, but, Srina hoped that their fleet had the common sense to get out of the way. “One of the shipyards seems to have been leveled.”, she reported to those present, noting, that Darth Tacitus had come to stand with them.


To her comm, she tried, to figure out if any of their people had been present. “Casualties?”


Cardinal Vi'dreya had taken to the streets of Copero to exact the will of the Vicelord. Srina, actually, hadn’t seen the Dominus disappear—but such was the strength of their cloaking technology. But when an adjacent building began to fall? She knew what caused it. Moreover, she didn’t question it.


The strangest thing happening seemed to be a sudden shift in the Force. Where once Fear seemed to fill her core there was something new, despite the fact that it was a faint, whispering echo. It was the Force at work. Someone was trying to push back the tide of Fear that Darth Metus had rolled mercilessly through Copero City. She focused. Following the blinding lines of light, with gold hewn eyes, she eventually placed the culprits. It made her shift in place, almost uncomfortable, when she discovered the source...Of course. Coren Starchaser and Mishel Noren held pity and compassion in their hearts. Enough, that they would refute the application of Phobis from the Vicelord.


It was interesting, however, it wasn’t a priority. Neither side would be able to wipe the other out and neither side would be able to keep it up forever. If her Master wished for her to add her focus to maintaining the terror, he would of course, let her know. In the interim she remained a stalwart sentinel.


The scent of fresh blood caught her attention. “Kainan…”, she murmured the name of Darth Tacitus, as she knew him, and watched as he dug deeply into his palm with a weapon. Blood. Darth Metus had always told her that there was power in blood. The hair on the back of her neck began to stand on end. It was then that she realized what he was doing and her eyes closed against it for a moment.


She could taste the death. Necromancy.


“Let the Jen’ari feel us, then.”


It was a simple statement as the bodies began to rise. Space superiority was well on its way. The planetary shield was down. Copero City was slowly being disabled and torn apart. The people were already rioting without their efforts. It seemed that everything danced on the edge of a blade.


All they had to do was push it over. 

In Topic: Antebellum | CIS Dominion of Iktotch (U, 38)

15 January 2019 - 12:40 PM



Location: Seedy Cantina

Objective: Meeting A Friend 

Wearing: Inappropriate Exarch Clothing

TagsDarth Tacitus | Scherezade deWinter | Veronika Fleischer


The response was swift. If she were a woman that gambled, or knew how to, she would have placed it to credits. Scherezade deWinter, Madalena Antares, was a paradox but the wintry woman could still read her physical reactions quite well. It was her mind that left the Echani at a loss. Srina was not the most adept when it came to emotion, feelings, or sentiment. Yet, she did know the intimate flavor that imminent violence presented.


If Darth Tacitus did not release the well-endowed Knight immediately, there would be, violence.


It was a blessing that both parties seemed to freeze and step back at her arrival. The young woman never noticed why, though, she did notice the rest of the establishment returning to normalcy once the knife disappeared. Her own awareness about her person was bleak, from her appearance, to her apparent status. Many that were not of her Eshan thought her to be beautiful, exceedingly so, to the point of being referred to as ethereal. There was a touch of otherworldliness about her that was moreso due to her demeanor. No one seemed to understand, that on her homeworld, she wasn’t particularly special.


She looked exactly like her sisters, and her mother, and her mother before that. The Exarch was a dull representation of science gone wrong, and mostly, a case of extremely unoriginal genetics.


The patrons of the bar would not understand this. Kainan, despite their horns, and ruddy skin—seemed demonic. His claws were proof of that. Srina was something else entirely.


‘Do not provoke her, Kainan.’


Her mind brushed against the taller Sith Lord with the grace of a breeze. It was a whisper, a soft prayer, and nothing more. When he moved back sufficiently from the two women she stepped into his personal space to let an arm slide beneath his cloak, and partially around his waist. Compared to his size, she would seem almost childlike, and a starkly different. The half-embrace was touched with more cordiality than she usually expressed though it was still quite business-like until she withdrew. He thanked her for coming and her head inclined…“You are welcome.”  


Mirrored eyes fixated pointedly on a golden-haired female that accompanied Scherezade, silent, for the span of a breath. She had never understood the need to for honorifics but she did recognize why it existed. It took her longer than she would have liked to place the face of the spell-weaver, though, she could not be expected to recall every member of the Confederacy at a glance. They had met in passing once before but Srina did not believe that they had been introduced. She was lucky that she too had been blessed by the Pact of the Jart before the Nightmother took a mysterious leave. “You may both address me by name, Ms. Fleischer, Knight Antares. We are in an establishment where my shoes stick to the floor. Be at ease.”


Her suggestion seemed to entirely ignore that this looked like a place one of them might suffer an attempted robbery. It was a fine place to become a murder victim. Both women suggested a drink in some fashion or another and a ghostly smile crossed her lips when Darth Tacitus seemed to visually recede back into himself. “I—“


She didn’t get the chance to elaborate because the owner of the bar arrived, as if on cue, to bring refreshments. There were a variety of options that were placed on the table and the Echani didn’t immediately know how to respond. She didn’t particularly like being referred to so formally, though, it seemed to happen everywhere she went. “How…Considerate of you. I apologize for the slight disturbance.”  


The owner seemed to wave it off, perhaps, sensing that the danger was over. There had been no actual harm done.


Her focus fell back to Madalena, who still, expressed a measurable amount of displeasure. “Please forgive for the rapid response of Kainan, Knight Antares, but you must know by now that this is no game. You truly do resemble someone many of us once knew. He meant no disrespect.”


She moved to take a seat at the table that all the drinks had been placed at. The seats were higher than normal, and even that, the Exarch managed to lift herself into with a certain level of elegance. Truthfully she couldn't have looked more out of place unless she had arrived in the nude. It might have been an improvement. 


“Let us be seated.”, the slender creature reached out, and gestured for Tacitus to sit beside her. When he did glacier eyes slid over a menu. She was actually a little hungry. “And our dear Emperor will purchase us whatever it is that we desire.”


“Now. What does one eat in a place like this?”


Her gaze would flicker expectantly between Madalena, Veronika, and Kainan. The drink that she chose was a curious one. Mostly, due to the fact that it was something she would have asked for, because much like Tacitus, she did not willingly imbibe. It was a plain fizzy soda with a mint leaf.


Iktotchi really were interesting. 

In Topic: Oh, Hoylin | CIS Dominion of Hoylin [Hex X-39]

15 January 2019 - 02:50 AM



Location: Hoylin~Dojo Near the Lake

Objectives: Hand to Hand Combat Instruction and Limited Force Use

Appearance: Clothing | Hair

Nearby: Adron Malvern | Luna Terrik




Hoylin was unique.


She would not be one to stop and stare at every flower, and every rolling wave of crystalline water, but Srina could not deny that which was blatantly obvious. Elbright City was a beacon. Something about it made her want to stop, relax, and breathe. There was no need to run. No need to move from battle to battle, simply because, war would always exist. It would always be there waiting in the dark.


Peace? Peace was different. Fragile, fleeting, and often a lie.


She would accept this moment of tranquility for what it was. The slender creature moved through the expansive dojo with ease. The wooden floor beneath her bare feet felt natural. The Exarch had set up a few barrels full of water bottles for anyone that chose to stop by, though, most of all she was looking forward to the small chance of reflection. She was slated to share the space with Adron Malvern.


Srina didn’t mind. Her fellow Exarch was welcome to breach her personal space as he pleased, let alone, having a whole dojo to peruse. That didn’t mean she wouldn’t put him through his paces.


“Metus chose me to teach in an area of which he lacks.”


It was a fact. Srina, her first time holding a lightsaber, had put her Master on the ropes before he used a little Sith Magic to restrain her. Mirrored eyes flickered as her gaze fell to the former Imperial with a silent sort of amusement. He seemed to be enjoying the fresh air as well. The diminutive creature was dressed plainly in form-fitting material. Black pants hid toned legs and her torso was wrapped in something she would have at home, a simple white cropped airtex top with cutouts. “Good morning.”, she greeted Adron, reaching out softly to touch his arm. She leaned close, briefly, before withdrawing.  


“I would have liked to fight your instructor. I respect how you hold a sword.”


Respect from the rather dull, lifeless creature, this was high praise. She remained near Adron, orbiting around him for a moment, before she drew toward the middle of the area. The much taller man mentioned that they ought to get started and the Echani felt a ghostly smile spread over her lips. The prospect of combat, rather, the notion of working physically with others placed her at ease.


“Stay on your side of dojo. I do not wish to hurt you, Adron.”


Whether or not she was serious would be difficult to tell. Regardless, a few curious Obsidian Knights entered not long later. One filtered over to Adron while the other decided to speak to Srina regarding technique. “Your stance is too wide. Unbalanced. It leaves you vulnerable.”


One of her first corrections, typically, was incorrect positioning. She had no problem with nudging someone’s foot where she wanted it to be until they got the hang of it. 


Across the sands outside, through the sunlit, beachy weather—A new voice came to join the small chorus of individuals that were slowly streaming in. Most had arrived in the wee hours, so, the barracks had been used appropriately. Mercurial eyes flickered toward the Dauntless Commander and her head tilted slowly. When the young warrior drew close enough the wintry Exarch inclined her head. “You have heard correctly. Please, come in. You may leave your footwear here.”


A true Echani. Less clothing, less armor, was always more.


Her hair was pulled back in a braided ponytail and it swung, just slightly, when she moved toward the marked combat ring. It offended her eyes to see such hardwood touched with paint, however, it was a necessity to maintain rigorous form. This instructional day was meant to teach. To learn—It wasn’t about winning or losing. No, if that was the case, neither she nor Adron would have bothered to temper themselves to make an appearance.


“Come stand with me Luna Terrik.”  

In Topic: Antebellum | CIS Dominion of Iktotch (U, 38)

14 January 2019 - 10:14 AM



Location: Seedy Cantina

Objective: Meeting A Friend 

Wearing: Inappropriate Exarch Clothing

TagsDarth Tacitus | Scherezade deWinter | Veronika Fleischer


For the first time that she could remember Srina was not required to attend the diplomatic needs of one of the newest worlds. No, that duty had been taken up by Adron Malvern. She thought better of his constant distraction with Alessandra Creed since he was essentially taking a blaster bolt to the chest for her. The meaning still held true, though, the Echani knew very well they both preferred taking a sword to the chest. Or to the back, depending.


With the burden lifted from slender shoulders, she found herself moving through streets of Ankhela with some vein of interest. Overall, she liked the Iktotchi people. They were hardy and didn’t seem to waste time with unnecessary trivialities that most of the galaxy seemed so obsessed with. Their buildings were made to last, not, for aesthetics. As were their clothes, their weapons, and even their horns which were capable of regeneration. To the untrained eye, they seemed gruff. Easily displeased.


Almost, xenophobic, though not truly.


Srina saw them differently. She didn’t see their oversized hands, leathery skin, or their apparent stoicism. Echani eyes saw well-preserved emotion. Care. They were respectful of other cultures and rather than to trample on the beliefs of others they simply watched. Waited. Once they had enough information, they acted, both based on experience—and likely their precognitive abilities.


For the diminutive Exarch, they were still too emotional by half, but their sensitivities seemed well-governed. She could respect that, even if, she did not agree.


The ghostly woman had allowed her attendant droids to handle her attire. It was not appropriate for weaponry, however, that did not mean she was unarmed. She merely chose to be creative with her options. The ivory creature wore a combination of deep, burnished gold, and crimson. White-gold hair was swept partially up, braided, and while the rest fell into silken waves.


Though her footsteps seemed idle she was currently following a missive from a friend. He had given her instructions to meet him at specific coordinates, however, this locale did not seem his flavor.


Nevertheless, a familiar presence pulled her toward a place she thought she would have found in the Crimson Corridor on Coruscant before the Sith destroyed the Core. It was not an establishment that she would have regularly frequented, however, she didn’t expect Darth Tacitus to be here either. Yet, this was where her invitation led. Srina bid her ever faithful complement of Magnaguard to wait outside. Rather, in the shadows, and on rooftops.


The nightmarish droids made others feel unsteady thus stealth and discretion served them well.


She moved through the cantina without care. The Exarch was entirely out of place. Her aura was quiet, still, amongst a certain vibe that had started to spread through the patrons. Whilst they fled from her friend Kainan, Srina simply moved around them, barely disturbing the air. The pale beauty saw what she wanted them to see. Nothing more, nothing less. Mercurial eyes fell toward the hulking form of Darth Tacitus, surprised, to see him take hold of Scherezade deWinter [Madalena].




Her voice would be a cooling presence though hedged with a subtle warning. There was a softness to it despite the fact that Echani eyes could guess how this would go. Scherezade had never seemed the type to enjoy her personal space being breeched. Regardless, from experience, she knew that Madalena did not remember her. She did not recall Monastery. She did not recall Haseria. If Madalena did remember these events, in which, Srina had both threatened her very existence and saved it?


It was statistically safe to assume would not remember Kainan either. 

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14 January 2019 - 07:52 AM



O B J E C T I V E S 



Objective One: Camp Star Lake WorkShops – [Elbright City]

Objective One

Objective Two: Camp Star Lake – Elbright City – [Camp Social]

Objective Two

Objective Three: Southern Hemisphere – The Nothing – [Scientific and Healing Exploration]

Objective Three

Objective Four: Hoylin[BYOO]

Objective Four