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#1963600 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab

Posted by Srina Talon on 14 July 2019 - 06:54 AM



Location: Taanab - Ground [Middle of Nowhere-Good Clip from Pandath]

Tags: [OPEN] + Garza

Allies: CIS + Friends

Enemies: UCM + And Friends

Quote: "Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and disaster."



The silvery Exarch never heard the rebuttals that were made toward her final statements. She didn’t need, or want, to hear the keening shrieks of those that were too muddled in their own self-righteousness to know up from down let alone right from wrong. These were not the Mandalorians of old. They were a new breed. Vicious, as wild dogs when they had the advantage, but when cornered? Helpless, mewling beasts.


Strange. But, not unexpected.


They had burned her world from the skies. Dropped a capital ship on it. Ravaged it with worms.


They had a full and robust marriage to the Sith Empire.


And now—They hid within hospital walls, with the sick, with the injured, after evacuating an entire planet. The scans that Adron Malvern had taken confirmed that the largest concentration of life seemed to be there. They collapsed on the location under the guise of protection when it was truly an act of provocation. She could see it. No doubt, the rest of her peers knew it as well, especially, those with boots on the ground. Human shields were a disturbance. The Confederacy were not the Jedi. They were not forgiving, or kind. But…this? Human shields?


There were no words. She simply saw red.


The Confederacy could not afford to be hamstrung with Mandalorians that were willing to draw their own civilians into a battle that didn’t concern them. It represented a gross violation of any moral compass she knew, yet, on a battlefield? They should have expected it. War was never made to be fair.


There were two desired effects. The Clans were either seeking to cause the Confederacy to hold back, or, in a far more sinister method—Egging them on. The hospital had been announced and dangled before their noses as if its destruction were some sort of prize. Was there an invisible rumor going around that a Confederate couldn’t bare to leave a hospital standing? They spoke as if they knew.


They did not.    


The Clans only needed to accept that the Confederacy had come due to their own actions. The method of their arrival, the show of force, was all proportionate to the threat level that the Mandalorians themselves had provided. Enough, was enough. They would spare what they could, but, war was war. It was not made to be kind. It was not a delicate game of handshakes and empty platitudes.


It was bloody. Painful, and final.


By the time her starfighter made it to Taanab there were only six Ghosts left. The space battle was going a lot differently than they had anticipated. No one could have known that the Clans knew they were coming. But, entering into a full minefield? That told the rest of the story quite easily. The subsequent arrival of a variety of fleets? She had kept track as much as she could. But, her goal had to be to get to ground. It had to be.


She could feel her little one waking up.


By the time she landed the number of Ghosts had decreased to four. Srina pulled out her datapad and activated her systems. She had to be quick. Her signal would probably be picked up sooner rather than later. First, she surveyed the area. Mostly flatlands. Not a soul, no homes, and nothing to really impede the process. She sent her slightly altered coordinates up to the waiting drop pod, so it wouldn’t land on her head, before she prepared a brief report. She tuned into the channel that she shared with Darth Metus and Adron Malvern. “Reporting in. My team is planet side, but, there’s only four of us left.”


“Titanfall is still a go. Stats holding.”, she began, briefly, checking on Garza. Srina was bothered. The travel through hyperspace and subsequently, the battle overhead, could cause harm to the massive beast that she had somehow bonded with. Kuat had left her feeling…Bereft. Empty. As if her purpose had been snatched from her fingers. Taking care of someone, or something, that didn’t really need her to do so fit the bill. Garza could handle himself. He had for decades before her. He would for years to come. He had chosen her. He chose, to need her.


He had chosen to call her mother—When clearly, nothing else ever would.


“Your scans were accurate as far as the chatter goes. The Mandalorians are, for the most part, centered on a hospital. We’ll work on the outer shield and start mapping defenses until we can bring down the turbolaser towers. Critical supply lines have already been targeted. More, will follow.”


Srina fell silent after that. She had more to report, but first, she needed her little one. The drop pod was speeding down quickly. At first, it was just a speck in the sky. Every second it grew larger still.


She switched the feed. He was awake. Waiting, and more than ready, to escape captivity. “I’m here.”


Silver eyes flickered. She still had eyes in the sky in the form of the few fighters she had left. They would help her pave the way, but, she couldn't have them destroyed by her child. It was with that in mind that she gave a warning. 


“Pilots. Prepare for Titanfall.”     




#1963277 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab

Posted by Srina Talon on 13 July 2019 - 02:23 AM



Location: The Veil - Hangar Bay [By the End of Post - Space]

Tags: [OPEN]

Allies: CIS + Friends

Enemies: UCM + And Friends

Quote: "The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on."






The dawn had come. With that brightness came a sudden flurry of activity and the sound of screaming klaxons. The abrupt movement into realspace was always jarring, regardless, the fact that the Confederate Armada she traveled with had done it time and time again. It wasn’t a lack of experience on the part of the pilots or the crew—It was a field of explosive mines that they arrived in. Her body was tossed backward, despite her crash webbing, and it knocked the breath from her lungs. When she caught her breath, her fingers found her Holo-Comm. Most would ask for a systems report. Damages. Losses. Instead, she murmured two words.


“…Don’t die.”


This was the only taciturn phrase spoken across a private line on the Confederate Comm System. An order, despite her rank, for those she refused to lose. It was a transmission that went to the people that were aware, beneath her chilled exterior, that they were her family. Blood. Darth Metus, Adron Malvern, Darth Tacitus, and a few others. It was a rare moment of weakness. A display of the emotion that she crushed, destroyed, and subsequently threw away. The young woman remembered…She remembered how those she loved, often, paid the final price. She remembered the deaths on Eshan. The deaths on Kuat. Her following words held the tenor of cold steel. “I forbid it.”


As if she could. As if she could command a Vicelord. Another Exarch. An Emperor. As if she could. Yet, she did. Death was as inevitable. Fear…Fear for her companions? For her family? That was a choice. She would feel it no longer.


Srina stood up and rubbed her shoulder while crew hands checked on the ships. The mines had done a number on the Super Star Destroyer, even if, she was a hardy ship. One of the tethers had come loose in the hangar and one of their own was pinned by a ship. He was screaming, in pain, and mercurial eyes flickered. Already. The pain, the blood, was beginning. The Force moved in her being like a wave and the fighter slid, squealing, back into place. Again, she spoke into her comm. “We have injured in the lower hangar. Send medical to sector twelve immediately. Port nine. We will be deploying shortly.”  


The Exarch loathed this. Loathed, watching her people, Eshan, the Confederacy and more, come to harm. But this fight…This was a battle that the Galaxy could not survive without. The Mandalorian presence had grown to a point in which her nation could rest no longer. They pushed. They tested Confederate allies. Through fire and blood, they were threatened, and it caused an undeniable ripple effect. The Mandalorian Empire was a cancer. A tumor. They would be cut away—As any malignant collection of cells should be.     


Her arms crossed while she allowed the final checks to be made to her Ghost Starfighter. It ran by the name of nickname of “Argis” for day to day adventures. If only, this was one of those. An adventure. This was anything, anything, but that. This was cold, hard, war. The stealth unit was a G-1 that was entirely identical in every way to the dozen that were lined up in rows beside it. The Veil had ample space for a variety of ships, but, this unit would serve her best. In a field full of significant defenses—She would need every leg up she could get.


It was as invisible as she was going to get in a battle where the enemy knew they were coming.


Hesitantly, she reached for her data-pad, and checked on her companion. He had traveled a long way, sleeping dreamless things, unaware, that he would soon be freed from captivity. Srina pressed a button. She didn’t know if he was awake yet, but, her tone was chillingly apologetic nonetheless. “Forgive me. We’ll be together soon.”


The data-pad was summarily tucked away.


A barely imperceptive sigh passed through pale primrose lips while she listened to the other speeches and rhetoric going through the public channels. Some of it from the Clans. Some of it from her own people. Her ears picked up infantile, overly dramatic, and certainly theatrical speeches from a few of the Clan members on the ground. A welcoming to Taanab. Twice. [Taozi Fuyuan & Adenn Kyramud]


Her own Scherezade deWinter responded to the public jab and her lips quirked darkly. Briefly. The young woman was brash, but, she had a way with words. Her response to the public lambasting was vibrant and laced with disdain. “The memory of a Mandalorian is said to be long. Clearly, it is also convenient. We do what needs to be done. We act when the situation requires it. We are not heroes, we are not saints, and unlike yourselves—We are also not deluded.”


“While you bring the woes of innocents to the forefront, you also, use your wounded as human shields. Is this how the Mandalore prefers to fight? Behind her injured? Behind children? It’s clear that you knew we were coming. It’s clear that you had ample time to raise defenses. Why it is that you surrounded yourselves in a place of healing in which incapacitated parties were left behind? We live in an age of space travel and bacta tanks. You had time for everything, save, to consider protecting those that needed it most.”


“I will say…A few of your points are correct, Mandalorians. You let us do nothing. We choose to. We will remove the presence of the Clans from this world, by force, if necessary. Your warnings have been noted. Stay hidden behind your shields, in the shadows, and remain the small sycophants that you are. Hide the fact that you have no true regard for life, that your serpentine tongues are twisted, and that your people are cowards. Call us what you will, while your people destroy peaceful Jedi Temples, and orbitally bombard planets. Every nation has a list of sordid deeds. It does not change the fact that we are here because you have threatened and attacked our allies. We will stand for it no longer. We will wait, no longer. If we need to be the villain, the monsters, so be it.”


Srina cut the comm and switched to the appropriate channel. Her voice filled the hangar and the organic crew stared while droids continued working. It wasn’t so much the words that had flowed from the silvery creature, moreover, the fact that she had spoken so much in one setting. Most of them heard the briefest of orders, the quietest of requests, but this? It was more than that Exarch tended to say in a week. Her eyes flickered over them and they immediately got back to work. For the Confederacy, for their Allies, they could not fail.


“Your squadron is ready, Exarch.”


She nodded and prepared. All of her gear was present. At best…She was a rookie pilot. But, that wasn’t her endgame. She needed to make it to Taanab intact. This squad of skilled young men and women were charged with ensuring that happened. The Mandalorians had their spies, their surprises, but so did the Confederacy. The instrument panel inside the fighter lit up and Srina prepared for the cue to depart. The Holo-Heads-Up-Display told her what she needed to. The engine came to life and she peeled out of the hangar, taking a wide arc, while the rest of the squad took standard defensive positions around her.


They were radio silent. Intent, on avoiding most of the battle that raged on.


The Mandalorians were so fond of bellowing, bleating, that the Confederacy was comprised of Monsters.


Srina would give them one. 




#1963202 Freehold

Posted by Srina Talon on 12 July 2019 - 08:30 PM

Gilamar Skirata | Atlas Drake | Approval Pending

#1962733 Which fictional character death have you never gotten over? (GIF Response)

Posted by Srina Talon on 11 July 2019 - 01:22 PM

Darth Prazutis I've been dead inside ever since. 


#1962575 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab [ OOC ]

Posted by Srina Talon on 11 July 2019 - 01:08 AM

Mav Vohaloveer Happy to oblige. Nice hat. 


Orn Pharr Tree Papi <3 - May we heal many wounds. 


Kat Decoria Good to have you! 

#1962504 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab [ OOC ]

Posted by Srina Talon on 10 July 2019 - 08:29 PM

Mav Vohaloveer I picked up what you are putting down. Let's continue our talks. Something about...Noons? 

#1961047 Xen

Posted by Srina Talon on 06 July 2019 - 02:37 AM

Tykar Valkroin


Greetings! This is a lovely idea to want to bring to Chaos, but, I'm afraid this submission is a little bit too close to Xandar from the Marvelverse. We don't allow cross overs as one of the Standardized Codex Rules (The rule itself is here) and while we all emulate the things that we like--We have to be careful not to draw too much inspiration from it. 
As is stands this submission takes too much material from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These references need to be changed to something original--Including the name of the submission. Examples, though there may be others, are as follows: 
- Xandar
- Capital of the Nova Empire
- Xandarian People
- "Xandar's solar system contains three stars..."--Wiki Quote Unfortunately, so does this submission. I would suggest changing that up a little. 
"Major Location" of Nova Prime
- Nova Prime as the Monarch/Leader 
- Nova Empire
- References to presumably the "Nova Headquarters"  
- Nova Corps/Nova Navy/Nova Police 
Once you have altered the contents of this submission to something that is more your own we need to take a look at the rest of the content. Planets can be added to the map. Due to that, we need to make sure that each world gets fleshed out a fair amount. As it stands this is a little incomplete and rather bare bones. Since this can be used by the player base it will need some polishing and there is at least one point we need to address regarding general submission rules. 
1.) Historical Info: The nods to Rakata Technology will need to be removed as they are on the Banned Items listing. All reference to this such as "After discovring an ancient Rakatam Technolgy and stores of Phrik she orderd that the tech be reverse engineerd" needs to be removed from the submission.  
2.) System Name: This was left blank. You'll have to fill that out. 
3.) Major Imports: "Everything?" This section will need to be given a little bit of attention. What does this planet frequently need from other places? Water? Fresh Produce? Some sort of rare metals or even textiles?
4.) Major Exports: "Nothing?" How does the planet manage to Import everything but export nothing? Essentially, they're spending, but not selling. This would directly affect the wealth of the world. 
5.) Wealth: "Wealthy, in their own right. They fo not recognize any other form of currency beyond their own. Each citizen is awarded 5000 credits every month in order to--" If they don't recognize any currency but their own, and they don't export anything for trade, how are they importing? How are they wealthy? How are they awarding credits? What are the credits for? Is it their own version of a credit? Or the typical Galactic Standard Credit that is generally the main currency? This sentence is incomplete.  
6.) Climate: "Temparate" & Primary Terrain: "Artificial"- Please elaborate. The notes on the template are just suggestions of where to start for these sections. What do you mean by temperate and artificial? Especially, artificial? That's unusual for a world that people randomly landed on with no explanation.
7.) Unexploited Resources: This category should not have been removed from the template. The noticethat you have about Phrik next to Major Exports "It should be noted that the planet does have ancient stores of Phirk in its possession" should be under this section. Not Major Exports, unless, you intend to have it be an Export. It would be a good idea if it were. 
Please add Unexploited Resources back into the template where it belongs. 
8.) Planetary Features: "Xi Xos are two interconnected cities that make the Capital" - This is a good start but you need to elaborate more. What is the rest of the world like? Again, the notes on this section of the template are suggestions. You should put this in your own words, as it doesn't need to be super specific, but it's currently only offering information two cities. Not the planet as a whole. Is it windy? Sunny all the time? Is the planet wild like a jungle? The sky is the limit. 
9.) Major Locations: The notes to it being the "Nova Prime Palace/Nova Empire" will obviously need to be removed but you'll also need to tone down the wording. "This palace is heavily guarded and taking it is completely put of the question. Puting ot Simply." Nothing is completely impervious. You could say that the people "believe" it cannot be taken. But, that doesn't mean it's actually true. Major Locations should also be fleshed out with more detail and descriptive information. 
10.) Culture: Please elaborate. What is it like for the everyday Joe? Are they hard workers? Do they appreciate art or are they very militaristic? 
11.) Freedom and Oppression:  "The planet is sort of Free" - This section needs some reworking or clarifying. Generally, one is either free, or they aren't. The concept is one of those things that are best described so that that there's no confusion. With the way this submission displays the current climate 55% of citizens are mostly free and 45% of the populace the are the furthest thing from free. They are openly oppressed. Examples:
 "This planet is ruled by a tolitarian known in the public as only Nova Prime." Please see Totalitarianism. It generally means that the people are only as free as the military and or ruling power lets them be. So, even the 55% of "Free" humans are still facing some sort of oppression/conformity. 
-"Xenophobia is high as Humans created the Nova Empire as a way to force the Rodians and Nemldians living there to submit to their rule." 
- "Through the Course of thosansds of years they were molded by each monarch to hate all alien races unless they were allies of the Empire. They were all taught to be dominat. Even alien socities on the planet are taught to act as if they were human."
- "Aliens are slighty oppresed by the police agency because of the History of the Empire."Slightly? They can't be citizens until they're adults and they're made to act human? That seems...Pretty oppressed. 
12.) Military: You might not want to use the Confederacy's Armada sizes as your base. Unless the reader in intimately aware of the faction you're referencing it won't make sense to them. Perhaps hunt for a canon source? 
13.) History: This needs to be fleshed out a little more and cleaned up so that it makes sense. Especially, references to the Canon Timeline versus the Chaos Timeline. Coruscant was sacked by the Yuuzhan Vong in about 27ABY. Chaos is at about 856ABY. What has happened since? 
14.) Please do your best to sweep this submission for spelling errors. A few typos here and there are totally fine, however, there are occasions where it makes the submission hard to read as the misspelled words/unfinished sentences give a different meaning than what was actually intended.  
Now, I realize that this is a lot to take in. I'm sorry for that. Would you like me to move this to the Pre-Codex so that you can make the necessary adjustments at your leisure? 
Please tag me and let me know when you have a moment, and as always, if you need help, or have a question don't hesitate to ask. 
Thank you! 

#1961033 Things You Do To Reduce Invasion Stress?

Posted by Srina Talon on 06 July 2019 - 12:55 AM








I did good?

#1961015 Things You Do To Reduce Invasion Stress?

Posted by Srina Talon on 05 July 2019 - 11:54 PM

I'm going to need to learn to say no in different languages or else this is going to be a looooong year. 

#1960832 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab [ OOC ]

Posted by Srina Talon on 05 July 2019 - 12:01 PM

Kaine Australis Always ^_^

#1960458 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab [ OOC ]

Posted by Srina Talon on 04 July 2019 - 01:45 PM

Darth Metus One more Destiny meme and you're in trouble buddy xD

#1958381 Giving the Givin [CIS Dominion of Yag'Dhul]

Posted by Srina Talon on 29 June 2019 - 09:13 AM



Objective: Strangers in a Strange Place
Location: Yag'Dhul Orbit


Her focus slipped from Julius Rhein to inspect his crew. They were quiet. Afraid? Her head tilted while eyes of mercurial steel bore holes through them. Unclear. The Exarch did not have enough data to make the assumption of fear yet. Instead, the more correct term, wisely adhered to considering their current position, would have been apprehension. It was required for self-preservation. They were smart, at least, though the rest of her deductions would have to wait.    


Their leader was removing his helmet. Finally. Armor was unnerving, in that, facial features were hidden. She couldn’t read the autonomic responses that gave away what people were feeling, thinking, or planning without ever saying a word. Starlit orbs swept over the well-bred features of the operative and noted what she could. It amused her when she realized he was trying to do the same thing she was. Figure out a puzzle. Acclimate to something new.


He would find it far more difficult than she did.


“Greetings, Lieutenant Commander Julius Rhein. You—”, she trailed off, taking a step closer, as if to see more clearly,”—Are very far from home.”


Srina fell still whilst primrose lips pressed together to allow silence to momentarily pervade. The operative, no, the soldier, began to comment on their treatment of the Givin and for the first time her eyes moved. There was something in them, a shattered glimmer, that could have been mistaken for laughter. The small breaching pod would dock with the Resolve soon. “There is nothing noble in being superior to an entire world while the remains of their people float outside the viewport.”


There was gamble. A good deed, often, failed to go unpunished. They took a very real risk that the Givin could rise up again to take revenge. Hopefully, that wouldn’t be the case once the Confederacy made the appropriate overtures.


“My companion wishes to spare them. To forgive their oversight. At this time, I do not disagree with his initial assessment.”


It was, strangely enough, that simple. Lieutenant Rhein might have pushed to eradicate the Givin from their homeworld. Her Master might have. If the Givin managed to incur her wrath on this venture there was still a chance that the bloodletting had not yet ended. The decision to live or die had been placed in their hands. Should the people of Yag’Dul choose incorrectly? Nothing would stay her hand, not, when she was already bending what sins the Confederacy was willing to accept. The Exarch would place the lives of her people above anything else in all things. If the Givin attacked anew once they licked their wounds… There would be no mercy. No more.


“The bench beneath your friend. There are water packs.”


She could hear Voph behind her and turned away from their Humbarine guests as he spoke. A medpack made its way into the Councilors hands and Srina shook her head slowly. He could not see as the rest of the individuals in the small pod could, however, he would know she was there. He asked the questions she held, and grateful for it, she reached out to lay a hand flat to his chest. “Inhale.”, she uttered, pulling on the Force, to bring his injuries to repair themselves. Dark Transfer was a skill that Srina had picked up long ago. On Monastery, of all places. She would heal his hurt. Take away the blaster burns. They were wiped away—As if they had never been. “Exhale.”


The ivory haired woman pulled away without looking. Instead, she took a seat on a spare spot of the bench. It wasn’t comfortable in the slightest but from her position, none would know, while she leaned against the wall. She was slight of frame, wearing armor, but for some reason seemed almost as if she were holding court. Her expression flickered while she waited for a response from the soldiers. So far, they had been amenable, but the Confederacy would expect a reply.  


#1958121 This! Is! Wroona! | CIS Dominion of Wroona

Posted by Srina Talon on 28 June 2019 - 02:43 AM



Location: Balcony 

Wearing: XoXoXo




The report that came through from on the dirty business with the Emperor before Ms. Estain could begin to reply to her less than subtle inquiries. The snowy-haired creature listened through her earpiece while Voph first described the ending of the unloved Tyrant. It was better than such a mottled, spoiled soul, ever deserved. The notes on the mercenary was surprising. “Left something to be desired?”, her question was plain. Alluding to the truth of a matter with this Exarch would not due.


She would not be able to reach such subtleties, even if, someone hit her in the face with it.


“Who could have possibly sold her out?”


It was such a petty thing. What price could someone have been paid, more than what the Confederacy paid, to oust one of their own, during a mission? The idea was ludicrous and counterproductive to the lifespan of the perpetrator. “Find the leak, Councilor.”


The Minister of Commerce would pay the bill the mercenary due. If there was a leak, it couldn’t be helped now, but for services rendered, their agreement would be honored. Especially, because the Emperor was dead. A feminine voice chimed in on her comms next. Not Scherezade deWinter, as she had expected, but another woman. Her voice was softer. Less abrasive. The database in her holo-comm filled in the detail she lacked. Isadora Lycinius. “Fine work, Ms. Lycinius.”


“Remove yourselves from the scene.”


No doubt, they would oblige. The fighting in the area was coming to a close. Obviously, the Confederacy was proving superior to the best that Wroona had to offer. From creatures to men, they could not compare with their soldiers, nor could they hold a candle to the beasts they kept within the Arena on Geonosis. The slender creature looked up to the silent Adron and offered him a small smirk. It was tiny. So inestimably small, that he would only know it was there because he could feel it, rather than actually know it existed. “I believe they call this…Check mate.”


Srina pulled from the side of Adron Malvern and looked toward the assembled Lords that they’d been assigned to keep track off. Silver eyes held strong while she raised her fingers to her lips and released a shrill whistle. When the eyes of the assembled fell to her form, her expression was deadened, and not unlike that of a fish on ice. “Rejoice. Your Tyrant of an Emperor is dead.”


Some of the Lords stared, shocked, while others seemed to sag in relief. Not all of the spoiled noblemen were damaged, ruined, by their own gluttony. Some of them had been filled with just as much outrage as the people that had cried out for help. This was their chance to retain their power. To retain that which had become important, only, they would be required to do right by their citizens. “One of you…One of you must have a moral bone in your body. Decide amongst yourselves who will lead this nation out of the black cesspool it has become. You have one week to elect a suitable replacement.”


“Should you fail to do so a Viceroy of the Confederacy will be assigned for you. I advise you to choose wisely.”     


The Exarch turned from the assembled crown and reached out for Krystal Estain. Slender fingers wrapped around the wrist that was free, and Srina pulled her softly, toward the exit. Their work here was done, for now, as Confederate dignitaries would keep an eye on things to ensure the world didn’t crumble with the abrupt loss of its ruling power. “Now. We may go. You will come with me, yes?”


“You have not yet answered my questions.”


If anyone saw the Exarch they would think the behavior…Interesting. She didn’t often reach out to others, save, for those whom she trusted to understand her history. It would be strange that she could deliver threats, dark promises, and in the same breath essentially invite a new friend to tea.


Wroona…Wroona had a long way to go before it would be whole. But, since the Emperor was gone?


It was a start.  

#1958102 Giving the Givin [CIS Dominion of Yag'Dhul]

Posted by Srina Talon on 28 June 2019 - 12:57 AM



Objective: Givin Dreadnought [Calculus Prime] Went Bye-Bye
Location: Yag'Dhul Orbit


Srina’s expression remained firm when Voph confirmed what she felt. She didn’t know why she’d thought to question it. The Force had been a cruel blessing, however, it had never lied to her. She nodded her head slowly when the Miralukan man insinuated they had time to, perhaps not, butcher the people that were potentially in the wrong place at the wrong time. “We do what we must.”, she murmured, her tone soft, though easily carried.


She took no joy, no comfort, in any of this. It was her job to ensure victory.


No matter the cost.


The young Exarch followed Voph as they moved through the corridors at a decent clip. She trailed after the white-haired man like a shadow, a wraith, as if she were a second skin. Her training made it so that when he stopped, she stopped, when he breathed, she breathed. When they approached the unknown on the vessel, she allowed the Councilor to do the talking. Echani were not known for speaking, and if anything, she preferred it that way.


A singular eyebrow rose at the notion of a deal. Really. She had half a mind to call what she could only assume to be a bluff. Why demand passage from the ship while simultaneously threatening to make sure it couldn’t happen. No quarrel. Yes, they had no quarrel. It was in the very same way that a boot had no quarrel with an ant. It seemed that Voph also saw through whatever it was that the stranger was playing at and came out of cover. Her hands raised, holding her Verpine Hand Canon at average height for the chest of a male human, though, she stayed along the wall.


If the man fired on Voph—She would fire back.


There was a tense moment…Then, as if the entire corridor exhaled, tension eased. Srina lowered her firearm toward the floor as they all began to move around the corner. Silver eyes, bright in the shadows, like small stars sized up the potentially hostile operative. Her gaze would be nothing short of fierce. Yet, it was fierce, with purpose. Echani could read body language as easily as a healthy heart continued to beat. He [Julius Rhein] told his people not to fire. Srina looked for the falsehood. Looked, for the lie.


The much smaller woman said nothing. The Octarchy soldiers were moving with the weapon they needed to bring this world to its knees, and that, was all that mattered. She fell in line betwixt their people and Voph, blending, as if she wasn’t an Exarch, or anything, but one of the men that Voph commanded. It was habit. Who called the shots, who took the glory, was of none of her concern. She only needed to see the job done.


After the death of the Dreadnaught she expected the weapons of the Resolve to blaze to life. Instead…There was silence. Communications sent. Mercy, offered.  


Her eyes flickered over Voph. It was…Unexpected. Though, not displeasing.


“The planet will be ours within hours.”, she commented, ignoring the obvious gentleness, with a point of fact. There was no hubris in her tone. No gloating, or anything that would signal a dictator, but a simple statement of fact. Their largest ship was offline. Their major defenses would soon be taken by their ground teams. The collection of this planet, the conclusion of an unintended war, would happen one way or the other. They had not come for blood. She brought her holo-comm to her lips and ordered that droid envoys depart for the planet. If Voph wished for this route over damnation—She would grant it. “Entreat the remaining surviving powers. See, if they will bend. If they value their people, they will hold, and take your offer.”     


Instead of ordering a change in direction, she supported the peaceful act, and turned her focus on their guests. The white-haired woman pulled the hood of her Obsidian Strike armor down and she turned her gaze back to Julius Rhein and the people he had absconded with. They wore matching uniforms. Right. Not pirates, then.


“I am Srina Talon. Exarch of the Confederacy of Independent Systems—Who are you?”

#1957974 Sleep, No More

Posted by Srina Talon on 27 June 2019 - 01:45 PM



Location: The Desert Rose

Wearing: Tungsten + Argon


CIS: Scherezade deWinter | Darth Metus | Alden Akaran | Luna Terrik | Derek Dib | Voph | Alkor Centaris | Madalena Antares


The ivory-haired woman remained silent while the room spilled into a torrent of opinion and recollections. Her unfeeling gaze remained on Veiere Arenais, pointed, and unflinching. Throughout every declaration, every statement, they did not leave the Jedi Master. She could not find any fault in his standpoint. Not from that of a war effort, or, that of the maintaining his loyalty to the Silver Jedi. Still. Her jaw tensed, something that was present, though, almost imperceptible. Could Veiere Arenais truly fight the woman he had called his Queen? Could he fight someone he had wed, slept beside, the mother of his children?  


From his words—It seemed so. He claimed that he would do what was right. What was necessary. How Jedi of him.  


The holo-projector held the desired effect. Though, perhaps unnecessary. The Silvers and the Core Imperial Confederation knew acutely what it was like to be the target of aggression. Her focus shifted, briefly, as Gianna Aegis spoke plainly in regards to the stance of the Outer Rim. A pale eyebrow rose, baleful, when the two parties began to bandy about stances and opinion. It reminded her of why she loathed politics. “The eternal battle between Dark and Light is not the war the Confederacy is waging. This is not a holy crusade nor have we suddenly decided to slide one way or the other on the cosmic scale. Neutrality is a thin line to walk, though, we do keep our own council of right and wrong. This is why all people are welcome across our borders. Even—”, she nodded her head toward Alkor Centaris, “—those with a Mandalorian background. We have plenty in our space that do not follow or condone the actions of this Sole Ruler. One person is not our enemy. We fight far more than that. Our current enemy, by their own deeds, are the Clans of Mandalore and those that stand with them.”


An altercation with the Sith Empire would come. Perhaps not today, nor tomorrow, but it was an eventuality. After the fall of the Galactic Alliance, and the destruction of the Core, they had done what was necessary to put their people, and thousands of refugees, at ease. Going to war with an ally of another nation was the quickest way to ensure tensions rose—And rise they did.


Defeating the Clans of Mandalore was strategic just as much as it was a necessity. No one wanted to admit it. No one wanted to say it out loud. But, she could feel it lingering the back of the minds of the people she was closest to. It was written on the back of their hearts, etched, where the light of day would never see. When it came to securing safety for their people? The First Order had broken into shambles. The Jen’ari were dust. The New Republic? Gone. The Chiss…They were content, for now, to rebuild. What was left? The Clans, and their ever watchful, ever present parent, the Sith Empire.


The Clans of Mandalore, as vicious, and irritating as they had proven themselves to be had a larger problem. They were in the way.


Srina remained silent while her Master brought the slight bickering and discussion to a close. The phrase “What say you” again entered her ears. If the Echani could have smiled, and if it wouldn’t have broken her face, she might have. Darth Metus was never one to mince words, to tear them apart, or to imagine slights that weren’t there. In her opinion—The nations had already spoken. It was not a matter of intent. It was a matter of resources. Speaking of resources, there was one other thing to adjust. The Outer Rim had already retained several of their brightest for their war efforts. The attack on the Core was new. “Before we adjourn—”


The young woman paused when an aid entered. The woman was light of frame, with tan skin, and tight curls to her hair. It was clear that she worked for the communications services that the Vanguard offered by the neatly pressed uniform. The Exarch did not react visibly, but, there was a certain level of concern that wound around the base of her spine. They were not to be interrupted.


A holo-doc was pressed into her hand before the woman summarily departed. Possibly, quicker than she had arrived. When Srina read the contents of the missive she knew why. Eshan. Her homeworld was under attack, just as Umbara had been, by men claiming to be part of Clan Cadera. Again. “It seems that the Mandalorians have once again moved. This time, returning to Eshan. Details are still inbound but our forces are already moving to intercept with the permission of Echani Command.”


If there was any anger in her tone—It would be missed. She read it as if she was reading from a dictionary. Lifeless. Straight and to the point. The force-sensitives in the room would know differently. Srina excelled in many things, even, at keeping her emotions buried. But the darkside responded. Ever since Kuat…It rang in her ears louder than it ever had. The Confederacy would go to war. This Summit was not a question. It was rally. They would move, regardless. “As I was saying previously, before we adjourn, we do have an asset to add to the edges of Silver Jedi space with the Silver Assembly signing off. A Confederate super star destroyerwill be assembled in the asteroid fields of Roche. The Silver Jedi is welcome to choose any sort of embassy, or stronghold, that they may wish to create in our space. From the Light Sided Nexus on Monastery to a space station, or ship, or anything they perceive as equivalent exchange. Once complete the primary function of this asset will be to patrol the border between the Silvers and the Mandalorians to allow early warning, and, a quicker response time in the event of an attack.”


Umbara...It would forever be a reminder, of a time, when they'd simply arrived too late. 


“As the Core Imperial Confederation was just dealing with an altercation, we would like to offer assistance, if it is required. Scherezade deWinter and others of our nation have already pledged to aid the Outer Rim in their battles with the Sith. They will have all they need at their disposal.”


Srina fell silent after that. Her notice of an SSD in Silver Jedi space should have been a high note. It would be a reason for all of the allied nations to gather, again, though hopefully with good news instead of dark tidings. Instead, with the sudden news of Eshan, it felt like ash, burning her throat. Nevertheless…She would serve her purpose. She had a responsibility to fulfill, a role to play, and with that in mind she would calm her heart. Silence it, if need be. It had no place here.