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Halcyon Storm

25 June 2019 - 07:43 PM



H A L C Y O N | S T O R M






Intent: To create a very visceral symbol of friendship between The Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) and the Order of Silver Jedi (SJO)

Image Source: Drock Nicotine [Art Station] [Edited by Srina Talon] [Big Divider Darth Tacitus] [Section Dividers Darth Metus

Co-Author: John Locke

Canon Link: N/A

Restricted Missions [Sept 2018]

Primary Source: N/A





Valnora Enterprise  

The Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) 

Locke and Key Mechanics



Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS)


Model: Defiant-Class Star Dreadnought

Production: Unique





Classification: Dreadnaught [Super Star Destroyer]

Length: 10,000 Meters

Width: 1,214 Meters

Height: 1,322 Meters


Armament: Extreme

Defenses: Very High 


External Defenses [Armor and Shielding]

Internal Defenses [Droids, Etc…]


Hangar: Low

  • 39 Squadrons

Hangar Allocation:

  • Info (Fighter): 14 Squadrons
  • Info (Support): 25 Squadrons

Maneuverability Rating: Low

Speed Rating: Low

Hyperdrive Class: Average

  • Hyperdrive speed 1.0

Crew Divison [Approximates]: 

  • 50% Organic [Note: There are both SJO and CIS Crew on board.] 
  • 50% Inorganic [Droid]



  • Droid Brain Automation Systems
  • Standard Communications Array
  • Standard Navigational Systems
  • Standard Life Support Systems
  • Standard Targeting Systems
  • Standard Sensory Array
  • Life Form Sensor
  • HoloNet Transceiver
  • Encryption Network
  • Meditation Chamber
  • Grand Meeting Hall
  • Detention Cells
  • Escape Pods
  • Distress Beacon
  • Tractor Beams
  • Relief Kits [Storage] 
  • Medical Droids
  • Protocol Droids 





  • Metal Maelstrom: The Halcyon Storm’s weaponry is heavily based on railgun technology, giving the ship the ability to throw a scary amount of metal at its enemies. It allows this lovely lady a distinct advantage in a galaxy full of turbolasers and energy defenses. 


  • Hospital Ship: The CIS, despite loading the ship with weaponry, always remembers that the primary function of the Silver Jedi focuses on healing over causing harm. With this in mind, there is an entire deck devoted to the treatment of a wide variety of lifeforms, specializing in an equally wide variety of ailments. The organic staff are chosen from among the most knowledgeable practitioners available from SJO/CIS territory and tend to rotate out every few months to keep their ideas fresh. They have the most advanced medical treatments available to both nations and focus on all aspects of physical and mental health. This can range from natural causes of illness to unnatural.      


  • Green Living: This SSD features a fully self-sustaining ecosystem that aids in providing the most advanced and natural life support possible during long journeys or extended stays. There is an entire deck dedicated to providing a beautiful space for relaxation, comprised of rare flowers, and trees that boost not only oxygen production—But mental health. There are redundancies in place to ensure the well-being of those on the ship in case the "Green" way becomes compromised, such as, typical life support systems. 


There are many features utilized here to make the crew and staff feel more at home. This can be seen in holo-projectors that are utilized to make passengers feel as if they have an open sky above their heads instead of metal. There are turbines to create a breeze. Pools of water, greenery, benches, and picnic areas, and designated areas for orchards. Fresh produce is important when the ship tends not to leave it's designated route very often. The use of artificial sunlight keeps the plantlife alive and provides light therapy to those who live and work on the ship. This area serves the dual purpose of providing enjoyment and the practical application of recycling.


Since the main purpose of this area is to maintain hundreds, to thousands of lifeforms, waste products such as carbon dioxide, feces, and urine are converted safely and painlessly into oxygen, food, and water. Scientists are constantly running calculations to ensure that there are ample resources for all aboard.  


  • Aurora Borealis: The Halcyon Storm is equipped with a newly made weapon from Locke and Key Mechanics. It is the first ship to utilize this technology, and with successful results, will likely be the example so it can be added to other models. This weapon lacks destructive power, however, with this unique unit the SSD can effectively send a magnetic field across an enemy ship in an attempt to disable, overload, or interrupt weapon systems. If successful, the target could find themselves in a very difficult, and deeply, vulnerable position. 

[Note: As stated in the submission this feature is designed to affect only the weapons on a ship which are always exposed. However, if the defending writer wants to write more systems being affected that is their choice. However, systems like life support and engines are generally too deep within the ship to be affected. The larger the target ship is the more diminishing the returns are.]


  • Protective Shell: The ship will typically follow a flight plan on the edge of Silver Jedi territory. The Halcyon is not designed to initiate engagements, however, it is designed to defend against them and act as an early warning system. The crew should anticipate potential threats since the majority of the operation is close to hostile territory. With this in mind, there is a variety of shielding, and quite a few armaments designed to give it more than just a fighting chance in combat. 


These protections do not only stem from obvious weaponry and defenses, but, the litany of internal security measures as well. There are laser grids protecting sensitive areas and a variety of cyber-security systems in play to keep slicers from getting any big ideas. There are also JK-13 Droids hidden in the walls of the ship in the event of boarding, or, if unauthorized personnel are detected. While these spider-like droids intrinsically cannot kill, they can stun, and could subdue an enemy. This method is preferable to the Silver Jedi.  


If that method proves unsuccessful there are Emergency Armory Stations at several crucial locations, also, hidden within the walls of the ship. There, passengers can find weapons, armor, rations, and even back access to emergency communication channels if the main system should become compromised.


If all else fails the Confederacy has provided a sufficient selection of droids that can be deployed.        




  • Chronic Ataxia: In many ways, the Halcyon Storm is superior to some of the sister ships that Confederacy has designed, but speed and coordination is not one of them. The ship has plenty of thrusters but they can only do so much to mitigate the sheer weight of this vessel. The path that it takes is dangerous and most assuredly made worse because of how ponderous the Halcyon moves. It is not only achingly slow in velocity, but, turns quite sluggishly as well. This is especially evident in combat scenarios. 


  • You Have No Friends: Due to prioritizing other necessities this vessel is lacking in available hangar capacity. Rather than to fill it with fighters and ships the space was allocated to the "Green Deck" and also to the "Hospital Deck" to provide more support for those sections. Due to the size of the ship and the lack of anti-fighter defenses as well as a lack of point defense, the Halcyon is vulnerable to attacks from swarms of smaller craft.  

  •  Collateral Damage: This ship will often have patients in need of critical care and civilians on board for several reasons. It follows strict navigational coordinates along the edge of Silver Jedi territory and often picks up groups that have been injured, stranded, or otherwise left in need. With recent raids on Silver space increasing in a rather barren area, a "No Man's Land" so-to-speak, between nations, there are more and more survivors being picked up every day.

This leaves the Halcyon with a plethora of individuals that could easily be targeted. People that should be protected, or safe, could easily be made victims if enemy forces made their way inside the ship.  


The fact that this SSD takes in wandering and lost souls, despite identity verification, poses a significant security risk. It would be relatively simple to feign an emergency and thus gain access to the ship.   


  • Blind Duchess: Like many vessels of this size the Halcyon suffers from a lack of awareness when it comes to the rear portion of the ship. This fair SSD has a mighty backside, but, she can't really see it. Since she has no friends [please see above] she does not always have the luxury of knowing that an enemy is trying to creep up behind her. Thusly, her engines are exposed.

  • Solar Burn: As powerful as the Solar Ionization cannon can be it is not without steady drawbacks. It definitely takes time for the weapon to spin up, even more than it usually would on other ships, because the crew is half organic. The precision required to ready this weapon between attacks cannot be achieved properly by any vessel that is not exclusively crewed by droids. [On a good day the crew is split about 50/50.]

All other weaknesses of this weapon are still observed as they are written. Especially, those which pertain to the potential of friendly fire.  




The whole of the galaxy stands in a constant state of flux. There have been moments in recent history that show the strong dichotomy between the light, the dark, and everything else in-between. The CIS is a well-oiled machine, built on expansion, and a fast-paced drive that often leads to heavy-handed responses. They typically attack first and ask questions later with a distinctive motto that revolves around eradicating their enemies in the most brutally efficient way possible. The SJO are quite the opposite. Their humanitarian efforts, peaceful crusades, and endless endeavors to right wrongs and triumph over evil are a tribute to general society.    


The governing body of the Confederacy is aware of this. They are more than aware of the fact that while they react with a sword, the Silver Jedi, would prefer to respond with negotiation and perhaps even amicable resolution. But, while this is their stance, it is of the opinion of the Viceroyalty that it leaves their closest ally, too often, unprotected, and at the mercy of those who would wish them harm. 


This cannot stand. Most recently, during the events on Umbara, the Confederacy found that the largest hurdle in their way was not inherent differences about alignment between their people but a simple matter of distance. Geonosis is fairly far away from the edges of Silver Space and in the hours after the massacre began, most charged with safeguarding their ally, felt that gap acutely.      


By the time Srina Talon and Adron Malvern arrived with reinforcements the majority of the altercation seemed to be winding down. The invading, malevolent forces, had done all the damage that they intended to do to that particular world and disappeared to destinations unknown. Perhaps, if the Confederacy were closer, they might have been able to reduce some of the losses. This realization prompted the Exarchs to approach the Vicelord, Darth Metus, with a viable solution. 


At first, the shrewd pair suggested a space station. Then an embassy, if, the Jedi would allow them to settle on one of their worlds. There were concerns of encroachment and of becoming a drain in the populace. That idea was placed to the wayside. Finally, it was decided that a self-sustaining Super Star Destroyer would be planned and brought to fruition as soon as possible—Pending approval from their allies.  


Before the idea of a mobile Confederate Unit could be brought to the Silver Assembly for consideration, disaster struck again, this time, on the Planet of H'ratth, and at the heart of a peaceful Jedi Temple. News of the attack spread wide and fast. 


The Confederacy was not amused. 


Thusly, after the Core Imperial Confederation was subsequently attacked, by the same group, a Summit between the Confederacy and her Allies was arranged. There were many topics to go over, yet, as the conditions of the Super Star Destroyer had already been discussed prior to the engagement...It would formally be announced at that venue. In the same discussion, a place among the worlds of the Confederacy would also be offered to the Silver Jedi. It was only fair. 


Any nation could view the deployment of a 10kilometer Destroyer as an act of aggression. An act of war. The Confederacy endeavored to leave the Silver Jedi without any sense of confusion. There is only one purpose for the Halcyon Storm. Not to harm their allies, their brothers and sisters, but to provide a layer of protection. 


What affected one of them—Affected them all. 


Since the Summit the construction of the Halcyon Storm has been debated upon by the greatest minds the Confederacy and the Silver Jedi have to offer. Most pieces of the unit were custom made, requiring long, laborious hours of work and weeks of sleepless nights. Creation began within Confederate Shipyards, such as those on Druckenwell, with the aid of Valnora Enterprises, but, it was kept in small transportable parts. 


Once everything was ready to go, almost like a jigsaw puzzle, multiple cargo carriers left Confederate space and traveled all the way to Korpil G62, located, within the Roche Asteroid Field. From here, under the direction of John Locke, the SSD was assembled to accommodate many of the integral systems that were provided by Locke and Key Mechanics. Even though the components of the Halcyon Storm could be considered "plug and play" there were still quite a few hiccups that needed to be sorted due to the partial construction. 


Regardless, through hard work, and no small amount of good-natured bribes to ensure that the Vicelord didn't bring his Exarch's to visit his investment too early—Everything eventually fell into place. The massive undertaking had a completion date in sight and all involved were able to breathe a little easier. Tentatively, John Locke informed the Confederacy of his expected timetable and consistently kept the Silver Assembly up to date. The Halcyon Storm was as complete, dangerous, and beautiful. 


As both nations are well-known for their social gatherings, the pair of galactic powers, decided that an unveiling would serve their people. A sign to the Confederacy that their friendship remained strong, and a sign to the Silvers, that no matter the difficulty, nor the enemy, they would never be forgotten. 

To the Moon & Never Back

25 May 2019 - 01:42 PM


To the Moon & Never Back



. . .Eshan. . .


Srina stepped down from the Ferocity with practiced ease. The ramp had only just lowered to the grasslands, before the ship began to withdraw, so as not to disturb the area. She had little doubt that her entry to the area had been silent. It was of little consequence as she didn’t intent to hide. She wore the soft colors of her House over the darker tones that she preferred while operating within the Confederacy. Not armor. Not the clothing of an Exarch…Simply, something she might have worn while home, among her siblings, and extended family.


“Shhh…”, she murmured to the restless creatures that were hiding neatly in a wicker basket. There was the occasional growl, scuffle, or whine but overall—the non-sentient pups seemed to understand. The now eldest Talon had always had a way with beasts. The diminutive companion’s that she had originally obtained from Leritor were no different. They settled, mewling, but mostly for attention. “…It won’t be long.”


She had placed a soft blanket beneath them for comfort and partially enclosed the top of the basket with another. Space, despite the comfort of her frigate, could be a cold place.  


For that matter—So could Eshan.


Much of her time had been split between her duties to the Confederacy and the restoration of Eshan. She coordinated efforts to ensure that the Droid Nation didn’t infringe on the sovereignty of her homeworld. It was difficult to do, while maintaining an exclusion zone, and often required taking a shortcut through Silver Jedi space. Still. When Echani Command ordered their forces to withdraw they would have no other response but to oblige. They were not conquerors, here. Not oppressors.


Srina would give her life, gladly, before ever letting that happen.


Pale blue fabric swept behind her while she walked, bending blades of grass her and there, but otherwise, she seemed to leave the area undisturbed. The blue cloak she wore had white fur lining the hood and a metallic silver belt that cinched it tight around her waist. She wore a white top beneath it with silver stitching, and tan protective leggings, that tucked unto knee high traveling boots.


She didn’t seem to be carrying any weapons—But that was never true. She was Echani, born and raised, which meant that her very being was bred for combat. In places like Geonosis they found her security, her inherent grace, strange and otherworldly. On Eshan? It was typical. Normal. Expected.


Srina wore the same face of her mother. The same face of her mother’s mother—And so on and so forth. It was easy to know she belonged to House Vail for someone that lived in the area. Especially, for someone like Spencer Jacobs. It was her property that she approached. There were no visible guards for their Queen but that didn’t mean there weren’t any. Hiding, blending with the tree line, and observing from a distance. There was no need for sprawling castle but touched the clouds, but instead, a modest estate meant for peace. There was enough housing for domestic staff and varying workshops…But otherwise? A small retreat from the hustle and bustle of the main cities.


Eventually grass gave way to lovingly laid stone pathways and flowerbeds as far as the eye could see. This was the Eshan she remembered. Not, the one that rolled in ash and flame.


Eventually she was stopped by a pair of well-meaning guards that patrolled near the edge of the fresh water that ran through the property. They had watched and waited long enough, though, upon inspection they seemed to recognize her. Srina wasn’t sure if the Queen had foreseen her unannounced arrival or if it was something else. They requested to see what was in the basket, and she lifted the blanket, to reveal three sets of bejeweled eyes. “Gifts.”, she spoke softly, failing to elaborate, though there was no need.


They already knew she meant no harm. It was just their duty to ask.


The lightly armed guards allowed her to pass. It didn’t seem that they bothered the Queen much. Mostly, they kept an eye on the perimeter. Even if their ruler wished for a normal life of quiet anonymity, there were certain customs to be observed, especially, when it came to her well-being. They gave her the illusion of space and freedom as best they could.


The young Echani made her way to one of many gazebos that dotted the area and approached the woman she had come so far to see. “My Lady Queen.”, she announced herself lightly, respectfully, while coming to stand beside her. Srina had no eye for art, nor beauty, but it was quiet here. For just a moment, just a small moment, she could forget the drums of war and the call of duty.


She could not go home. The memory of her elder sister was still too poignant. The grief of her parents was too visceral. She had to be strong, remain strong, and she could not do so when she had to hold their hearts aloft as well as her own. Srina had never been gifted with understand emotion. She could scarcely keep her own sentiments under control these days.


“Restoration to Eshan City is progressing. It is slow, though as you predicted, conditions are improving day by day.”     

Name in the Sky

08 April 2019 - 09:08 AM




"Name in the Sky"



Location: Coruscant - Galactic City - [Absolute Clock Tower]

Tag: Voph | Anne Markel


In the lowest levels, in the abyssal urban depths of the ecumenopolis that was Coruscant, it was a rare thing indeed to see sunlight. For the inhabitants of the baroque and gleaming cloudcutters, skytowers and newly made superskytowers—the latter reaching as far as the eye could see—the sun was something taken for granted, just as were the other comforts of life. The jewel of the galaxy had been heavily repaired since the Sith had rained all manner of destruction down on the overpopulated world.


Srina stared out from the balcony of one of the diplomatic acquisitions that the Core Imperial Confederation had lent them for their temporary stay. They had observed all of the requirements that the Confederate ally had made, upon their arrival, and the Exarch was rather relieved that they’d only glanced over her personal effects. It wasn’t as if she planned any harm for Coruscant. Hardly. She respected what it was that the High Chancellor was trying to do for the once bruised and damaged planet.       


This place always filled her with a sense of déjà vu. Silver eyes, pierced with starlight, took in as much as they could while she eyed the dark spaces beneath the walkways. There were places, hundreds of stories below, that she remembered running through blindly. Looking. Chasing ghosts….Ghosts, whispers, and visions, that lead her to Darth Metus. Her Master. His presence soothed her visions to a point where they were finally manageable. Finally, she wasn’t losing her mind.


A soft wind blew the gossamer curtains that trailed the open doorway of the great tower. It wasn’t 500 Republica, but, it was still very nice. She would have to thank the CIC properly.


Voph…”, she called softly, through the open air, as she expected that the Miralukan wouldn’t be far. He was often quiet, she had observed, but very nearly her shadow these days. “Has our friend arrived?”  


It wasn’t as if she could blame him. The white-haired Exarch had half of her face hidden by a pearlescent mask. It was expressionless. Empty. Beneath the softly painted porcelain lay bacta soaked bandages that was slowly repairing the damage that had been done to her face on Kuat. She had been spared death, likely a painful one, by Voph, but that didn’t mean she’d escaped unharmed.


The litany of dressings that were hidden on her body beneath the pale traveling dress that she wore to conceal it all told a story of misfortune. The young woman would have healed better, faster, had she not poured every drop of focus into stabilizing her fiancée. He was still unconscious. Trapped in a tank of bacta that he could not be released from, until, some of the damage to his internal organs was mended.


For that alone, she could not stop, she could not stay idle.


There was work to be done.


She pulled away from the light and a wave of moonlit hair floated thoughtlessly behind her. Srina had searched long and heart for a resident of Coruscant that might fit the details of the mission. She required some street savvy, familiar with the lower levels, and easily paid to keep anything she heard or saw to herself. There were a few pieces of technology, unofficially, that Srina required. Officially she was searching for an old Holocron that had been lost since the Great War, that ended, all true war. Her Master required it. So, she would find it. “What was her name?”


Silver eyes flickered. “Anne?”


Yes, it was Anne. Anne Markel. It was such an assuming name for a seemingly charming and stubborn individual. Srina found herself found of it. Too often did those in the galaxy have names that were entirely unable to be pronounced, unless, one jammed their knuckles in their mouth and tried to talk around a fist. Only then, might it the close. “We will need to ensure she is armed appropriately to be our guide. The remains of the Red Corridor after the Sith attack are…”




Truth be told, it had been unseemly beforehand. Now? Now that the Sith had ripped giant warships from the belly of Coruscant? It was worse. Many places, especially the tall towers, were lovely and well-maintained. The lower levels were better. But the Red Corridor? No.


No. Not at all.


There would be a porter waiting just outside the entrance to the diplomatic residential tower for Ms. Markel. It appeared human, human enough, but it was actually an HRD that Srina had brought along to blend in. It was a hidden soldier that would keep their rooms secure when they were out. When the smuggler arrived, she would be ushered to the hundred-and-seventy-first floor without delay.


The daylight was fading, but Srina, and Voph would wait. 

The 11th Hour

19 March 2019 - 04:38 AM



Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth;

without rain, there would be no life.

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain.


Location: Geonosis - Golbah City - The Citadel 

Tag: Sankt Yora




Srina stood quietly near the transparisteel window that overlooked the front of the Citadel. The WeatherNet that they used was similar to the unit that governed Coruscant. It even had some of the same old rules. ‘The rain may never fall until after sundown, and by eight in the morning, the fog must disappear.’ Then came the warmth. Then came the heat. For the first time in the last hundred hours since one of their civilian ships had gone down in Republic space—the world was quiet. 

There were no pings on the holo-net. Her comm had been silenced and her lines had been rerouted so that her automated secretarial services could answer the call first. She watched the rainfall, causing the windows to steam, and tried to imagine standing in the same place a week prior. The Exarch had been grieving Eshan. She was still grieving for her people, for her world, but it mattered not. 
Her emotions could not be trusted. 
Instead, she sought logical solutions. There had to be a reason for this. The higher echelon of the government of the Confederacy knew and or hoped that there was something causing this nightmare. They just didn’t know what. Or who. In the darkest corners of their hearts, they wondered if the Republic and the remnants of the Alliance could have misunderstood them so badly that their distrust of a Sith led nation had turned to hate. In the meantime, their people were getting upset. They were scared. Angry. They wanted answers just as much as bloodshed. Srina aimed to find out the truth. Hopefully, before it was too late.  
“Exarch…You have a holo-call on your private line. It is Senator Yora of Kuat.” 
Srina blinked and pulled back from the window. Her heart seemed to grind to a stop, barely able to beat, at the notion of yet another war lingering on their doorstep. The white-haired woman smoothed the front of her muted gray gown and approached the holo-projector. Although voice would be sufficient, it would be better, if they could see one another face to face. 
A blue-tinged female, crossed with faint lines from technology, appeared before her. The Exarch had done her homework. She knew who the Falleen female was, however, Srina didn’t know where she stood in the political sphere. Things in that sector seemed murky. It was one of the reasons she was reaching out. Ships going down left and right in Kuat space was not only a tragedy on a moral scale but a blow against any economy. “Greetings, Senator Yora.” 
“My name is Srina Talon. I am an Exarch within the Confederacy of Independent Systems. I am the right hand of the Vicelord, Darth Metus, and I’ve called for you in…Desperate times.”
She did not lie. Her voice was plain, quiet, and formal. There was no noble upbringing in her blood but the slender Echani carried herself with the grace of a little Queen. Anyone who knew her, would also realize, that it was far from deliberate. It was simply her way. 
“I’m sure that you’re aware of the events that have recently taken place. The Confederacy wishes to get to the bottom of it before things escalate further. Our people are anxious. We need to do something, as a nation, before outright hostility becomes inevitable.”  

The Vanguard of Polaris

17 March 2019 - 02:34 AM



"We do things the Vanguard way—The right way."




  • Intent: To create an exclusive and completely over the top tower for both temporary and permanent lodgings to Confederate citizens and guests.

  • Image Credit:
    • Main Header: X [Giorgio Grecu] and X [JOnasDeRo]
    • Dividers: Srina Talon
    • Ground Floor: X - Pinterest
    • Indigo Gardens: Pinterest
    • Pool: X [The Langham Hotel]
    • Sports Arena: X [Emanshiu]
    • Holo-Cinema: X
    • Conference Hall: X
    • Event Hall: X
    • Grand Ballroom: X
    • Dining Hall: X
    • Guest Suite: X
    • Residential Suite: X
    • Private Hangar: X [Bastien Grivet]
    • Allies Suites: X
    • CIS Suites: X
    • Observation Deck: X
  • Canon: Geonosis

  • Links: Golbah City [Capital of the Confederacy]



  • Structure Name: The Vanguard of Polaris

  • Classification: Residential Tower and Entertainment Complex

  • LocationGeonosis,Golbah City [Capital of the Confederacy]

  • Affiliation: The Confederacy of Independent Systems

  • Accessibility: The Vanguard of Polaris is located within Golbah City, more specifically, within the center of the Crown and subsequently the Royal Sector. People can pass the tower and surrounding area as easily as the would the other governmental buildings, however, there are restrictions in actually gaining entry. Many of the privileged class do call this location home so there is a certain standard of privacy and safety to be upheld for many of the floors. The hangar bays and skydocks are always kept clear for those who need them and the paths that lead to the entrances and exits are always monitored and well lit. [Note: There are some areas that can be accessed more easily than others. Day passes for locals can be acquired to utilize the "Entertainment" aspects. The Shopping Center, the Holo-Cinema, etc. While the location is heavily monitored, it is not, barred from the common people. They simply have to register appropriately to visit for security reasons.]

  • Description: Aside from the Citadel, also located with the Crown of Golbah City, the Vanguard is one of the tallest structures in the area. At night the building seems to have an almost grim aesthetic, although, some creative lighting causes it to stand out and illuminate the dark. During the day it can be noted to seem less ostentatious although it is no less mystifying. The Vanguard is a monolith, a monument to the modern age, and a symbol of progress in the Southern Systems.

Masterful Drapery: It should be noted that throughout the Vanguard there are panels of beautiful fabric that envelop most of the large windows. So majestic, so beautiful, it appears almost ethereal when the spotlights highlight the obviously high thread count at twilight. This description is attributed to one Valiens Nantaris who found them most appealing.  




Sub-Level 1 [Vanguard Staff Access Only-Restricted]

Domestic Staff Training and Office Space

On-Demand Customer Tech Repair Center

Detention Center - Holding Area

Laundry Services

Hospitality Supplies

Sub Level 2  [Vanguard Staff Access Only-Restricted]

Droid Re-Charge Stations and Droid Storage [Custodial, Maintenance, General Labor and Servant Variety]

Droid Repair Stations

Primary Servers


Sub Level 3  [Vanguard Staff Access Only-Restricted]

Emergency Medical Bay

Emergency Supplies and General Storage

Emergency Bunker

Emergency Escape Route - Executive shuttles that transport residents and guests to a safe location in the Hub via light rail.  


Sub Level 4  [Vanguard Staff Access Only-Restricted]

Backup Servers

Utility Support Machinery [Provides Water, power, and climate control independent of the rest of the City]




Ground Floor/1st Floor [General Access]

  • Main Reception Area -  The first thing that a resident or guest would see would be one of the warm, welcoming, and friendly Reception Areas. Surprisingly helpful members of security will check over credentials and hand out day passes before letting anyone through. The design of the interior is immaculate and much of the systems available are entirely automated for convenience. It is the powerhouse of the tower and clearly reflects the quality and ethos of the Vanguard brand. Staff are a mix of organic and robotic as no Confederate establishment is complete without a full complement of active and attentive droids.

  • Public Hangar Bay - A valet system is in place, if needed, for busy guests to come and go at a moments notice. It is clean, organized, and packed with security personnel that check personal entry chits and day passes to ensure that no one enters the complex that shouldn't be present.

  • Shopping Center - Full of the latest and greatest innovations that Geonosis has to offer, select shops, geared toward entertainment, have been given outlet locations to appeal to the wide variety of residents that populate the tower. Guests will find it comprehensive and locals not of the tower treat it as a fun tourist attraction. Many permanent residents rarely feel the need to leave the Vanguard because everything they require is located within.

  • Security Hub - A building this impressive demands equally impressive safety and security systems. AI surveillance monitors every inch of the building 24/7. Residents and guests can choose to toggle the system on and off within their own dwellings to preserve privacy, although, it is incredibly intuitive and noninvasive. Many simply leave it running. From this well-equipped office, both droid and organic staff ensure the property is secure. They also have control of general building defenses.

2nd Floor  [General Access]

  • Indigo Park - Geonosis, while it has come a long way from excrement spires and flying insects, is still mostly barren in many places. The heat can be unbearable and plant life is usually not long for the world. With that in mind, the Vanguard offers acres of well-kept, imported flowers, fruit, and vegetables. It is more than just a scenic green space but a provider of fresh produce for the residents and guests. Patrons are encouraged to visit one of twenty fountains and take a moment to appreciate natural art that most citizens are denied. There are plenty of areas to lounge and enjoy the simulated breeze and artificially tempered sunlight.     

3rd Floor  [General Access]

  • Health Club, Spa, and Indoor Pool - For the health conscious individuals, the Vanguard of Polaris has something for everyone. For many people, the word "Spa" only conjures up images of mud packs, pedicures, and facials. While those things are available the Vanguard strives to offer more. Trained coaches see to the general well-being of long term residents and try to give guests a fitness plan that they can take home with them.   

4th Floor  [General Access]

  • Shockball, Grav-Ball, and Greenputt Courts - Sports! Who doesn't like to try stunning their friends and family members with a rousing game of Shockball? The low gravity fields for Grav-Ball can make even the clumsiest guest feel like a professional. There are referees that can be paged twenty-four-seven and even stand-in staff available for when your companions had a few too many and can't be bothered.    

5th Floor  [General Access]

  • Holo-Cinema/Library, Bar, and Casino - See your favorite Holo-Stars and Holo-Dramas in the best-projected quality on all of Geonosis! There are many older holo-films available for viewing in one of several theaters. The Vanguard has stocked up on all the classics as well as anything new that can be added to the collection. There is also a small Casino available for those that enjoy a good game of chance.

  • When you lose most of your money, and possibly a hand, you can commiserate your misfortune by having an overpriced, incredibly strong drink, at the bar.      

6th Floor  [General Access]

  • Conference Rooms - We attempt to cater to every sort of every or occasion. From business meetings to covert discussions that impact state secrets—The Vanguard has it covered. We provide services at all hours and space can be reserved at a moments notice.  

7th Floor  [General Access]

  • Small Event Halls - Perfect for family gatherings and a variety of close-knit venues. From birthdays to bridal showers we know exactly what to do to make your event a success. There is a fully customizable menu and a private bar in each hall.    

8th Floor [General Access]

  • Grand Ballroom - Larger than both the Conference Rooms and Event Halls the Grand Ballroom is suitable for anyone that wants to take an event to the next level. It's a beautiful spot for a wedding and is often used for first-class parties and holiday celebrations. With the amount of glamorous space provided any gathering will turn out exactly as imagined. Better, even. Get your reservations in early because this space fills up fast.      

9th Floor  [General Access]

  • Main Dining Hall - Even thought all suites can be catered to, or, guests can cook for themselves if they so choose the Vanguard has a Dining Hall that is open seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. It is an all-you-care-to-eat cafeteria-style dining experience. A 450-item salad bar with imports from all over the galaxy, a deli bar, and made-from-scratch soup is only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of entrees for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even second breakfast. And snack time. We cater to people from all walks of life. Vegetarian, vegan, organic non-gmo cereal, gluten-free and kosher entrées also are available. All meal plans are accepted at all times.

10th Floor - 50th Floor  [Restricted Access]

  • Temporary Guest Suites - Guest Kitchens [1 Per Floor], Guest Medical Services [1 Per Floor] - These availabilities are a hot commodity. If a suite needs to be booked in a guest capacity, it should be done so at least two to three months in advance to avoid ghastly upcharges. The Vanguard prides itself on providing the most comfortable and versatile services available. Guest Suites have access to all areas of the tower, however, their individual dimensions are significantly smaller than the residential areas. Typically, these are utilized by people who are on vacation or visiting for business reasons.  


Studio [Bedroom, Refresher, Kitchenette, and Living Room are all clustered together-Small Space]

1-2 Bedroom Guest Suite [1-2 Bedrooms (Up to two beds per room), Double-Sink Refresher, Kitchenette, Living Room-Larger Space]  


51st Floor - 146th Floor [Highly Restricted Access]

  • Permanent Residential Suites - Residential Kitchens [1 Per Floor], Residential Medical Services [1 Per Floor] - Exclusive is the appropriate word for these luxury apartments. For the price, there are perks, pampering, protection, armored doors, and a slew of other amenities. Entire families, typically upper class, stay here year round. They feel safe here among ornate furnishings and eclectic decor. This is their home and they intend to stay. Turn over is very low and the waiting list extends into the following fiscal year.     


1-4 Bedrooms Available/Family Unit (Single Beds only), Double Sinks in Each Refresher, a full jacuzzi bath, shower, and auto-styler access, full kitchen, living room, dining area, sitting area, balcony access, and office space. Very large square footage. 


147th Floor [Highly Restricted Access]

  • Private Hangar Bay and Skydocks  - This hangar bay is only available to certain guests and residential clients. The security level is much higher and all patrons can make it where they need to go via utilizing the turbo-lifts appropriately. It is an extremely restricted area.

148th Floor [Highly Restricted Access]

  • Private Reserved Suites -  These suites technically don't seem to exist on any official ledger. Commissioned by the Vicelord, the residents that are registered to these units retain diplomatic immunity and are not subject to full security checks. They need only to flash the appropriate chit and will pass through checks quite easily. This floor is more heavily reinforced than many of the others. The residents are specified by name, and many times, the floor seems to be a ghost town as the listed residents come and go.

Secret Resident List:

Kat Decoria



1-2 Bedroom Units Available (Single Beds only), Double Sinks in Each Refresher, a full jacuzzi bath, shower, and auto-styler access, full kitchen, living room, dining area, sitting area, balcony access, and office space. Very large square footage. Double the size of the typical residential suite. 

Additional Services:

Private Kitchen and Waitstaff  

Private, discrete, Medical Services

Private, discrete, Banking Options

Secret Turbolifts that bring the resident directly from the hangar bay to the unit. This allows them to come and go without notice.


149th Floor [Highly Restricted Access]

  • CIS Governmental Reserved Suites - These suites are intended for High-Ranking Confederate Personnel. These residents retain diplomatic immunity and are not subject to full security checks. They need only flash the appropriate chit and pass through. This floor is more heavily reinforced than many of the others. The private residences have been re-imagined as sumptuous apartments with classic furniture and pops of contemporary color accent.  


1-6 Bedroom Units Available (Single Beds only), Double Sinks in Each Refresher, a full jacuzzi bath, shower, and auto-styler access, full kitchen, living room, formal dining area, sitting area, balcony access, and office space. Very large square footage. Triple the size of the typical residential suite. There is also a large foyer, floor to ceiling windows, and a panoramic view that is to die for. Many of these lavish apartments are set with darker colors, or, a telltale shade of amethyst. There are high ceilings and naturally capable droid butlers that dote on their every need.  

Additional Services:

Private Kitchen and Waitstaff  

Private, discrete, Medical Services

Private, discrete, Banking Options

Secret Turbolifts that bring the resident directly from the hangar bay to the unit. This allows them to come and go without notice.


150th Floor [General Access]

  • Observation Deck - Get inspired. This is where a lot of dreams come together. Power, politics, and people can be seen surveying Golbah City from atop the tallest tower. It offers a new perspective and a sense of peace to those that venture to the top-most floor. There are interactive holo-displays that can be scrolled through easily to give a deeper understanding of what is being observed. You can even watch historical figures come to life and tell their stories. There are guard rails to keep anyone from toppling over, however, do bring sunblock. The Geonosis sun is truly unforgiving.  



Security: [HIGH]


As previously mentioned, the Vanguard takes the safety and care of their guests very seriously. There are additional layers of protection due to the caliber of guests that that frequent the well-decorated halls of the tower. It has some internal defenses, however, it is more focused on preventative measures and defense.    


Internal Defenses

  • KC-VISR Thermomagnetic Optics System installed at all access points with the intention of scanning for unwanted parties.

  • KC-249 General Purpose Repeating Blasters mounted as automated internal turrets that are hidden at strategic points within the walls of the building. No resident, inspector, or guest should ever realize they exist if glanced at with the naked eye.

  • Force Fields, or basic energy fields, are also hidden within the walls so that that they can lock down individual floors and or corridors as needed.  

  • Various Scanners and Sensors: Life-Form ScannerMotion Sensor, Infrared Motion Sensors

  • Surveillance System with simple AI to Monitor Building and Systems

  • Basic Fire Suppression System    

  • Basic Facial Recognition System

  • Basic Emergency Intercom Systems on Every Floor

  • ID Card/Chit Card System

  • Turbolifts that run parallel to every floor that are strictly for droids so that they can be dispensed as needed. This is both used for catering to the needs of guests and emergent situations.   

  • Vanguard Security Team


External Defenses

  • Impervium-334 armor plating was used to cover the entirety of the building.

  • External Civilian Shield is a basic shield designed to provide a thin layer of additional protection.  

  • Magnaguard units are sprinkled delicately around the perimeter of the shield and tend to utilize their stealth capability to stay out of sight. The exception to this, are the very few, that are stationed near entrances and exits as a general deterrent.




Once upon a time, the Vicelord, had a dream. He dreamed of a place where he might be able to find all of his favorite people, all of his favorite things, in one place. From imported Ne'tra gal that could flow freely in a bar to crunchy snacks that could be delivered day or night to his domicile, to having his friends, family, and allies close at hand...It was all a wonderful and lofty aspiration. Until, it wasn't. The initial construction of the Vanguard began slowly. It was a concept, an idea, that took millions of credits and no small amount of effort from the personal reserves of Darth Metus and a few other investors. The residential tower was finally completed shortly after the Confederacy took a long, however, much-needed walk to the world of Eshan. Many that had been involved in the project seemed to dive deeper into the workload to distract themselves from the nightmarish reports of violence that plagued the Holo-Net.  


Golbah City is home to many things. It is the beating heart of the CIS and the Vanguard is known to be known as a shining jewel of accomplishment. Within the capital the Royal Sector boasts a variety of governmental structures that provide housing to those that pass through, however, there is nothing so grand as the this. It is the first tower of it's kind on the extremely arid world although it will likely not be the last. There is an air of intended exclusivity about it, however, there is still a certain level of openness where it can be allowed. It has become home to a variety of individuals, from Viceroyalty to local celebrities, merchants, and many more.


All levels are connected through a series of intricately woven turbolifts.


Levels 1 through 9 are an example of the less private features. Though the "Entertainment" levels are primarily designed to provide residents and guests with easy distractions and comfort they can still be accessed by the public. There are enough automated security measures in place to keep out the majority of the more alarming elements, though, the crime rate in the Crown is already low. Through this effort, the common Geonosian can also enjoy the sights and features that the Vanguard offers, though, on occasion, some floors may be entirely reserved for special events. The 150th floor, the Observation Deck, is also open for visitors to take in the dusky skyline.  


Guest Suites can be rented by anyone with an acceptable background check, and, the credits to support the stay. Some are more expensive than others but none are overpriced to the point in which the working class could not find it feasible to afford it. All of the amenities are open to them. The only notable differences are the rooming packages and the lack of accessibility to the Private Hangar.


The long term Residential Suites can be rented by anyone with an acceptable background check, and once again, the credits to support the stay. These are luxury apartments that have flexible occupancies and the option of choosing a family unit if it is required. From politicians, businessmen, to local celebrities all manner of well-to-do individuals can be found on these floors. These suites are meant to be lived in year round, however, some residents just keep these locations reserved as a second or third home. The cost far exceeds that of the Guest Suites but any that stay in the lavishly decorated spaces will agree that they are well worth the price.


The 148th floor is comprised of extensively modified apartments that technically doesn't exist on any blueprint. These suites are private in every sense of the word. Specific droids handle the general maintenance and ensure that no matter when these units are used, they are kept in pristine condition. There are whispers that about a secret, haunted level, but it's not something that the everyday individual would be able to confirm. While all of the other apartments have designated numbers these intensely hidden units have a letter. This gives the illusion that there are no 'missing' numbers when choosing a floor.


In reality, the 148th floor is not haunted. There are no ghosts of construction droids that perished in the building of the Vanguard. There are no secret lovers that tossed themselves from a balcony when their parents forbade them from being together. In short, this level is reserved for individuals that have proven themselves worthy allies of the Confederacy in their most recent conquests. The Vicelord has taken the names of those he knows for certain and has sent a missive out that they will always be welcome on Geonosis. While within these walls they can maintain their privacy, even, if they need to make it a temporary hideout. The allies that have their names assigned to these units can modify the suite as they please and they also retain diplomatic immunity while on the premises. They have a variety of options that typical guests won't have access to, mostly, because the casual resident wouldn't have a need for it.


So, to Confederate Allies, with love from the Vicelord—Please enjoy your stay.


The 149th floor is reserved for high-ranking Confederate officials. Exarch's, Ministers, and even select members of the Viceroyalty would all be offered this courtesy depending on their needs. These units are expansive. There are fewer on this floor simply due to the sheer square footage they take up. They are furnished with the tastes of the resident in mind, typically, with data mined through general surveillance. They can choose to exchange anything they dislike, such as furniture, or bedding, and domestics will ensure that it is handled as quickly and privately as possible.


The general goal of the Vanguard is to ensure that all guests are well taken care of, entertained, and protected at all times. The staff are excellent at knowing when to be present and when to stay absent. Many bookings do require a down payment.



No Refunds