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#1817613 Planet Registry 2.0

Posted by Cira on 29 June 2018 - 04:52 PM


Someone took the initiative to do this unofficially.

#1804378 Should Major Factions Be Provided Incentives For Winning Rebellions?

Posted by Cira on 08 June 2018 - 08:01 PM


Major factions already not only get the pros of being a major faction but also major factions should already be doing their best if they want to keep their territory.

Plus, how would this affect recalled factions if they win rebellions beyond staying on the map?

I’d say one needs to give minor factions even more incentive to win. Allow them to not only be able to bump up to major but give them an SSD. Let the winnining minor factions be able to strike another rebellion back to back.

Why not give minor factions their own mandates they can activate for a rebellion one time only?

1) mandate rebellion of wealth: they are able to field a fleet as large as a major faction during a rebellion
2) mandate rebellion of the hunter: allow them to gather unlimited allies of mercenaries or bounty huntress
3) mandate rebellion of ally clout; allow them to use the resources of another major faction for that single rebellion
4) mandate of rebellion of infiltration: allow them to use embedded spies from within to start a rebellion as infiltrators
5) mandate of rebellion of Hope: if the rebellion is successful, able to ride the morale boost to attack yet another hex within the major factions cloud.
6) mandate of rebellion Leroy Jenkins: one shot rebellion that can potentially gain three hexes if won, but if they lose the major faction can gain two more adjoins hexes due to the PR of smiting said rebellion

I dunno. Stuff is already heavily pro major factions; I don’t see why we should grant them any more boons.

Also where are the flash points?

#1801751 Balancing Reportabellions

Posted by Cira on 05 June 2018 - 08:33 AM


Why not just remove influence clouds entirely?

I mean, keep a blank map with no influence clouds for reference but just remove the influence clouds.

That way major factions and minor factions and whoever wants to actually fight or whatever can have their own fights without all this drama over a map game.

We don’t really need influence clouds to do what we need to do. You can still have invasions threads as a neat prefix title where folk clash. And you can still do dominons but they are open public threads where anyone can attempt to crash the party.

All this drama back and forth over rebellions, invasions, and ultimately, these rules can easily be toned down simply by removing the influence cloud claim and fear of losing what was worked for.

#1797522 Chaos Canon Substance Index - LIVE and updating!

Posted by Cira on 30 May 2018 - 10:17 PM


#1796641 Make a maximum image standard for codex images

Posted by Cira on 29 May 2018 - 06:28 PM

From the Codex Patch 2.1.1



2) Images: Please, massively large images either spoiler them or resize them. Thank you.


Is it possible to have an actual maximum size in the guidelines if this is to be a rule? Otherwise, "massively large images" is entirely subjective.Having a max value provides a distinct reference that can prevent any misunderstandings from the get-go that a submitter can edit down.



#1788505 Lift the Ban on Hypergates

Posted by Cira on 18 May 2018 - 07:24 PM

It's not like players don't already show up everywhere IC with fleets and such.
Might as well.

That’s what I said!

#1783219 Lift the Ban on Nanotechnology & Lightsaber Rifles

Posted by Cira on 10 May 2018 - 05:52 AM

I tried twice as factory admin to remove the ban on nano tech. Every time I was outvoted and told no because it was op.

Ultimately it isn’t the factory admins decision. It’s the rest of the admin staff that votes on this.

#1739470 Where are the Invasion rule changes our members wanted in a landslide voting...

Posted by Cira on 25 February 2018 - 07:47 AM



No catnip but skittles works wonders at the early hours of the morning! 


Nonetheless, to your inquiry on tagging,I ask because, after four years of being a chaos admin, I know what happens. I know exactly how this works out.  


The staff go gungo with change and then they get busy and then they forget to keep the discussions going.I had to the the same thing and ask them when I was an admin to please keep on it so that such changes can go into effect.


It isn't to be rude, it is because I know that the admins and the RPJ's are all a part of this discussion, and odds are, if it hasn't come out yet, it is because someone needs to poke them to please get back into the discussion. 

#1739451 Where are the Invasion rule changes our members wanted in a landslide voting...

Posted by Cira on 25 February 2018 - 07:18 AM

Allyson Locke Arekk Jamie Pyne Matsu Xiangu Nadja Keto Samka Derith Tefka Therran Graush Valiens Nantaris Vela Kryss Yarva Adisu Zeradias Mant


Whatever happened to those invasion changes that got a majority of the boards approval? 



This one here:Where 39 members voted in a staggering majority vote that details that change is needed. 


Where is this change?This poll was posted by Valiens Nantaris on February 5, 2018.How soon will it be before we see these changes in action?









The following will be considered when judging an Invasion.

  1. Presence. Based on the participating characters, which faction demonstrated a greater presence throughout the course of the invasion? This should be measured by steady, active responses by those involved, not the total number of participants or number of total posts. Similarly, of those participating, were any conflicts between writers that arose handled in a professional manner?
  2. Story. Invasions are conflict. Whether through war or diplomacy, those involved will gain and lose. When it comes to judging the story of an invasion, a victor will not be decided solely based on who ticks the most boxes in terms of duel victories, or buildings captured, but by the merit of the story as a whole. Which faction wrote their victories and defeats most consistently? Their strengths and weaknesses? Which faction explored and expanded upon the lore surrounding them? From a general overview, which faction unfolded their story at a steady pace to its climax and inevitable denouement? Victory cannot be achieved without actively engaging and collaborating with the opposing faction.
  3. Rallying. During an invasion there will be climactic events. Perhaps a fleet's dreadnought has just been destroyed, how well do the characters belonging to the faction on the receiving side rally together to handle these crippling moments? How do the members of the opposing faction take advantage of their successes while continuing to push forward? This objective ties directly into the story, but is deserving of a closer review of each side during these key moments.




#1669154 Map Update - November

Posted by Cira on 13 November 2017 - 12:48 AM




Alright folks,


A little delayed but here is your map update for November.Lots of changes and we once again welcome the Mandos into the ring. 


Nice to see the map filling out with other banners and interested to see where they go.  


For now, enjoy this map update!


As always, link for the lazy.






Staff Notes

#1668307 The Kingsglaive of Commenor

Posted by Cira on 11 November 2017 - 12:02 PM


#1668295 The Training Lightsaber

Posted by Cira on 11 November 2017 - 11:43 AM


#1668288 Xayinas-Class Slicer Droid

Posted by Cira on 11 November 2017 - 11:39 AM

The Slave Atlas Kane


Please add the weaknesses and strengths of your materials


  • [+] Tunnel - The TunnelNet VPN provides all applicable users with a facet to access the greater HoloNet. Using tunneling protocols to bypass censorship laws and encryption to prevent unauthorized viewing and alteration of data, the TunnelNet offers ample protection and peace of mind to all of its users.
  • [+] Flexible - It's software; able to be installed on a number of communication systems, often being comlinks, laptops, computers, and other mobile devices that access the HoloNet.


  • [-] Latency - Due to the extra hoops and bounds the TunnelNet has to get through, there's oftentimes some degradation of network performance. Comlink applications might have messages sent or received a few seconds later, streaming videos may take longer, etc. More often than not, this is just a minor inconvenience but its uses in law enforcement and the military can have dire consequences.
  • [-] Jamming - Just because someone can't view or access your data doesn't mean they can't deny your access to it. The TunnelNet will have absolutely no effect on comlink or communications jammers of any kind.



  • [+] Community-based Protection - Once a single SH13LD that's connected to the HoloNet thwarts a threat, that data is processed by the network ops and security center operated by Aegis Systems, turned into an update or hot fix, and is then distributed to all connected users.
  • [+] Twin Engines - Contains both a heuristic and signature based engine. The heuristic is quite good at detecting zero day exploits while the signature engine contains a database of common threats and the 
  • [+] Anywhere - You can put this software on nearly anything. A datapad, computer terminals, servers, mainframes, AI cores, droids, starship computers; if it's an information system that processes or stores data, you can put the SH13LD on it.
  • [-] Basic - It's a fairly basic anti-virus program. Nothing that is going to stop extremely complex viruses or malware. It's meant to help provide that basic layer of security to all computer systems.
  • [-] False Positive - The drawback to using a heuristic-based engine is the chance that a perfectly clean and normal program or runtime could be labeled as malware and quarantined. While a minor inconvenience to most users as they can simply unmark it, it can occur in the most dire of times when users least expect it.
  • [-] Definitions/Uplink - While there's an option to actually download the signature-based detection engine, the SH13LD loses an immense part of its detection and removal functions. Without a HoloNet uplink to utilize the heuristic-based engine and updated signatures, the host system becomes susceptible to more zero day threats.

#1668281 I.M.D. Pipistrelle MkI

Posted by Cira on 11 November 2017 - 11:34 AM


#1667421 YVHa-60

Posted by Cira on 09 November 2017 - 09:29 PM