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Make a maximum image standard for codex images

29 May 2018 - 06:28 PM

From the Codex Patch 2.1.1



2) Images: Please, massively large images either spoiler them or resize them. Thank you.


Is it possible to have an actual maximum size in the guidelines if this is to be a rule? Otherwise, "massively large images" is entirely subjective.Having a max value provides a distinct reference that can prevent any misunderstandings from the get-go that a submitter can edit down.



Where are the Invasion rule changes our members wanted in a landslide voting poll?

25 February 2018 - 07:18 AM

Allyson Locke Arekk Jamie Pyne Matsu Xiangu Nadja Keto Samka Derith Tefka Therran Graush Valiens Nantaris Vela Kryss Yarva Adisu Zeradias Mant


Whatever happened to those invasion changes that got a majority of the boards approval? 



This one here:Where 39 members voted in a staggering majority vote that details that change is needed. 


Where is this change?This poll was posted by Valiens Nantaris on February 5, 2018.How soon will it be before we see these changes in action?









The following will be considered when judging an Invasion.

  1. Presence. Based on the participating characters, which faction demonstrated a greater presence throughout the course of the invasion? This should be measured by steady, active responses by those involved, not the total number of participants or number of total posts. Similarly, of those participating, were any conflicts between writers that arose handled in a professional manner?
  2. Story. Invasions are conflict. Whether through war or diplomacy, those involved will gain and lose. When it comes to judging the story of an invasion, a victor will not be decided solely based on who ticks the most boxes in terms of duel victories, or buildings captured, but by the merit of the story as a whole. Which faction wrote their victories and defeats most consistently? Their strengths and weaknesses? Which faction explored and expanded upon the lore surrounding them? From a general overview, which faction unfolded their story at a steady pace to its climax and inevitable denouement? Victory cannot be achieved without actively engaging and collaborating with the opposing faction.
  3. Rallying. During an invasion there will be climactic events. Perhaps a fleet's dreadnought has just been destroyed, how well do the characters belonging to the faction on the receiving side rally together to handle these crippling moments? How do the members of the opposing faction take advantage of their successes while continuing to push forward? This objective ties directly into the story, but is deserving of a closer review of each side during these key moments.




Map Update - November

13 November 2017 - 12:48 AM




Alright folks,


A little delayed but here is your map update for November.Lots of changes and we once again welcome the Mandos into the ring. 


Nice to see the map filling out with other banners and interested to see where they go.  


For now, enjoy this map update!


As always, link for the lazy.






Staff Notes

Swamped with work and holidays

06 November 2017 - 08:49 PM

Things got a lot more hectic than I thought they would be.I joined a few faction threads, but I am sorry I am unable to keep up. 


So people don't wait for me, please continue on.I will slowly post to the private threads I have and maintain factory as usual, but odds are, I am unable to join new threads until I finish the ones I have. 

RM update

16 October 2017 - 10:43 AM

Good morning, Chaos,


Just a quick update. Took a bit as it had to pass through staff vote. We are adding free at unique the lightsaber resistance qualities for alchemy/artifacts, force imbuement.However, we are still keeping the fixed mission objective for "major force benefits". Changes in green below. 



To add free a unique in the technology forum for the following: 




Alchemized Artifacts/Items [including methods of Force Imbuement, Alkahest, Jal Shey, etc] that provide only Major Force Benefits

  • Embark on a quest to research, locate and recover or create the alchemized, Force Imbued, Force artifact/item in question. There is no set post limit, though you should tell a complete story.


Edit: Forgot that we changed the previous rule of:


  • The Armor Rating 8 and 9  will require the submission to be UNIQUE. These armor ratings are considered very strong and are usually dealing with unique items that should be restricted to Player Characters only.




  • The Armor Rating Extreme will require the submission to be UNIQUE. This armor rating is considered very strong and are usually dealing with unique items that should be restricted to Player Characters only.