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Asaraa Vaashe

Asaraa Vaashe

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In Topic: New Challenger approaches!

Today, 03:12 PM

Ashla Saris


Welcome to the Site! 


Like everyone said, but if you have any questions feel free to hit me up too!

In Topic: Midnight Inferno | CIS Dominion of Mechis III

Today, 03:33 AM


Location: Mechis III
Tagging: @Gianna Aegis
Objective: Help with the evacuation.


The Jedi waved a hand to get the attention of the pilots, pointing her gloved hand into the air as she grasped at the wall with her other hand, the commlink floating in the air in front of her face as she used the force to punch the buttons, sending a new command to the flotilla. She could feel more than hear the hum of the repulsors shaking through the transport as it climbed into the air.


“Ok, I’ve redirected our convoy over towards the Dexter Memorial Starport and I’ll arrange for the second and third flights to meet us there.” The pink-haired girl chewed her lip as her blue eyes flicked up to stare at the ceiling of the ship, as if she could see through it, to see into the space above them. “I didn’t come with a lot of transport capacity, but we have some medical ships in orbit that we can start to load the refugees onto for now. It won’t be pretty or comfortable but it’s better than leaving them  stuck down here with the droids.” Asaraa had noo ide awhat could cause a droid rampage like this, but that wasn’t really so important rightnow, what was important was getting as much help to the people who needed it as she could. “Captain, call up to the fleet, let them know that we’ll have to push the transports and see if we can get a conveyor belt rolling, we’ll need to clear you back to the planet as soon as possible.”


As she heard the low murmur of the pilot communicating with the ships overhead, Asaraa padding backwards, both hands pressing against the walls to stabalise herself as her commlink floated behind her, still transmitting so that Gianna, and anyone else on the frequency could hear her plans. “It looks like we’re coming into a disaster. I’m going to need some of you to stay with the shuttles and ride herd with the refugees, especially if we’re going ot be transporting the injured out of here, break into three groups and cycle around with the shuttles. The rest of you, well there’s a spaceport full of hurt and scared sentients down there,” a wry smile touched Asaraa’s lips as she shook her head, “I’m not gonna tell you what to do because well, all of you know better than me, but Gianna Aegis has command on the ground so liase with her, and if you need anything from the ships let me know and I’ll arrange to have it brought down.” She might not have been the greatest healer in existence, but organisation the logistics, that she could do. The young Jedi swallowed nervously as the starport hoved into view, teeming with shapes as people fled for safety from the oncoming droids. “Gianna we’re landing now and I’m sending people your way now.” Even as she spoke the rear doors swung open, the once crowded transport emptying in a heartbeat as the Silver Jedi lost themselves in the crowd. “I’m going to stay by the transports and help to organise the evacuation here. If you need anything from me just let me know.”


The Jedi flinched as a loud explosion sent a smoke cloud billowing outside of the starport, whatever was going down on the planet seemed to be coming closer, to them with each heartbeat. Asaraa knew that what she was doing was important, that the Confederate forces were more than capable of handling this but…well she couldn’t deny that she wanted to be out there, lightsaber in hand as she cut through the droids. It was the arena she was most comfortable in but, maybe it wasn’t where she could do the most good. The Jedi forced her hands to unclench, her thoughts to draw away from the conflict that called to her, as she peered out of the open doors at a sea of hopeful faces, “Umm, all aboard?” As the crowd flowed towards her in a wave of panic the Jedi realised ruefully that she more than enough to do here without worrying about anything else.


In Topic: Discovering Your Own Way

Yesterday, 09:42 AM

If there was one thing you could say about Kashyyyk, you really couldn't fault the weather at all. The pink-haired knight closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the feeling of the golden rays of the midday sun brushing her limbs, a glow behind her closed eyelids as her fingers danced along the warm surface of the stone bench she was laid out on, her free hand cushioning her head. It was days like this that she loved since it gave her a legitimate reason to not be seen in the normal Jedi outfit...not that she was ever found in those robes. 


It was the feeling of a familiar presence in the force that finally pulled her to her feet, the hint of a mischievous smile just touching the corner of her lips as she threw herself to her feet, her boots making a soft thump as they hit hte ground, letting her push herself to her feet, a hand darting out at Kobi's head, ruffling the teenager's hair. "That's true, maybe he can, and i he doesn't I hear his master's a real hard-ass who'll make him run through all the saber drills again till he knows them all by heart." Tilting her head to the side the older Jedi winked at Skylar as she let her hand fall away from her Padawan's head. "I kid I kid...it'll only be till dinner time, that's not so bad right?" Asaraa would never admit it aloud but Kobi was doing pretty well with his training, she just didn't wanna risk giving him a big head...otherwise he'd find a way to fit more sweets into his mouth and she didn't think she could deal with him on a bigger sugar high.


Skylar VikaarKobi Fesser

In Topic: Looking for Jedi

23 May 2019 - 08:41 AM

Keth Nyakobi


Welcome to the site!


If you're looking for a master/training etc then check out the Order of Silver Jedi, we have a lot of Knights and Masters who are always happy to take on or train a Padawan :)

In Topic: Howdy

23 May 2019 - 01:12 AM

Cheers at Charlie Nooran. WB!