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Asaraa Vaashe

Asaraa Vaashe

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In Topic: What We Fight For (Asaraa Vaashe)

Today, 07:56 AM

The girl found her arms tightening around his chest as he spoke, feeling the solid warmth of his body, the beat of his heart through his chest. The pink-haired Jedi had never really grown up with a family, she'd grown up with the Jedi. Sure there were other younglings to joke with, to tease and play with but that wasn't really the same. She hadn't felt any kind of connection to them, not truly. Years after they'd all ascended to Padawan, to knight but none of them had really stayed in touch. The younglings were scattered to the farthest corners of the galaxy, to the various orders and callings of a Jedi and she'd never really felt the need to go and hunt them down herself either. 


Caedyn on the other hand, she knew for a fact that if his sister was ever in trouble, if she ever needed him he'd be there in a heartbeat. Wild bantha wouldn't be able to stop him from winging his way across the galaxy to rescue her. It was one of the things she loved about him, that fierce sense of loyalty to family. It was something she'd always been envious before, though now...seeing how torn up he was she wasn't so sure that it was the wonderfully positive thing she'd painted in her head. Not if it could cause someone this much pain, this much anguish, but hte hardest part was she knew that he was suffering through this but she couldn't help, couldn't lighten it, couldn't even understand the stress on him. "You think we might end up fighting your mother, or your sister?" The girl fell silent for a moment, still clinging to her boyfriend's chest as if she could absorb all of his hurt and pain just with her presence. She had to because, "Yeah, I'll be with the rest of the Order." Part of her wanted to assure him of the opposite, that she wouldn't be involved, that she was one person that he didn't need to worry about but the truth, and they both knew it, was that she couldn't just leave the Order to deploy without her. "Please, I've survived fighting a Sith, a Dark Jedi and being kidnapped by the sith...kinda, you think a bunch of Mando's got anything on me?" the girl leaned back, a bright smile flashing up at Caedyn, "you aren't gonna get rid of me that easily buster."


Caedyn Arenais

In Topic: A Pack is Practically a Family (Asaraa and Seth)

Yesterday, 04:42 AM

There were many kinds of silence, there was the cold silence that drew you in and asked you to fill it with your words and thought, and there was the companionable silence, a warm comforting blanket that draped over you and just was. It didn't ask you to fill it with anything, They weren't there but there was no pressure, no need for a sound beyond the soft slap of boots on the floor as the two crossed through corridor and path, through door and hangar till they reached the Sleipnir, "A little bit of home amongst the stars." 


An easy grin touched Asaraa's lips as she gestured Seth ahead of her up the ramp, the portal closing behind them with a soft hiss. "Right so, grand tour, the bedrooms are down there, rec room, gym and bridge." As she spoke the pink haired Jedi shrugged off her jacket, tossing it at a nearby chair as she span on one heel, a bright smile flicking at her companion. "So, then, Fenris right? We'll have you there in two shakes of a Porg's tail, though I have no idea what to do when we get there."


Seth Brackson

In Topic: A Goodwill Hunting Time! (Yuroic/Asa)

17 July 2019 - 12:10 PM

The girl could see the dappled patterns of sunlight breaking through the canopy casting their pattern across the trees around her, trailing over her skin like a tattoo. These far into the Shadowlands there was very little wind, just the lightest touch of air that blew across the treas, just playing on their leaves and branches like a harpist playing their instrument. Closing her eyes Asaraa imagined that she could hear hte instruments, the sharp sweet sound cutting through the melody of the forest around her. 


It was a song, not an orchestra she was all too familiar with. When she'd first arrived on Kashyyyk you couldn't keep her out of the forest, she'd loved to just spend days exploring and just walking, soaking up the natural balance the sheer brightness of the living force that surrounded her. She could breathe in and taste it on the air, feel it filling her entire being, an energy that seemed like a river, pulling her along, it had always just pulled her along. Closing her eyes the girl reached out to that force, not to manipulate it, not to seek anything more than letting the energy flow through her, letting it carry her with it as she span on one foot, cutting a pirouette as her blue eyes flicked open, shining with life as she gave a little push, the leaves surrounding her on the floor of the forest swirling up to surround her, a whirlwind of colour and vibrancy that left her laughing as she remembered the first time she'd ventured into the shadowlands, doing much the same thing. Though, of course, back then her skin was red and well...things changed. 


The thought slowed her, the girl spinning to a stop as she glanced at her hand, clenching it into a fist as she stared down at her fingers. Her human fingers. There were times she forgot, times when she opened herself up to the living force and it's energy carried her away, past the physical into a world of energy...but she had to wonder if someone where to look at her there what would they see. Would they still see a Togruta, or would there be the human. She was them both, as much as she tried do deny it both the Jedi and the Sith who had inhabited this body had played a role in making her who she was. And who she was wan't so bad at all, she had friends, she had a family and that wasn't nothing. Still...she had lost something that day, the day the Jedi came to rescue her. She'd gained something too, a sense of community, a surety that no matter what happened they'd have her back but something was different. The living force no longer called to her every second of every day, now she had to seek it out, open herself to it. It was like an old friend, one who you still got on with but something had changed, the click just wasn't the same as before. Not in a bad way, it wasn't like the force had retreated from her, but her relationship with it had changed. It was still there, the energy surrounding her, but it was more like an ocean surrounding her now,the ebb and flow that moved around her instead of the fast current that pulled her along. It still moved her though, as much as she tried to deny it there was no way around the force's involvement in her life. Sometimes though that was a good thing, the young knight's lips quirked up into a smirk as she slipped into the clearing. "You know, if I get eaten by a giant bear or something, you totally owe me another 10 years work of presents."


Yuroic Xeraic

In Topic: What We Fight For (Asaraa Vaashe)

17 July 2019 - 09:58 AM

Each sentient, each Jedi was different, this was perhaps one of hte basic laws of the galaxy, one of those immutable concept. Everyone had different strengths and weaknesses and Asaraa was no exception to that rule. If you needed someone to telekinetically hold back and avalanche, or face down a horde of Sith then she was your girl. Run an obstacle course, spend a week searching the Shadowlands? Absolutely no problem. Plant an illusion in someone's mind, sense how they were feeling or what they were thinking? That was perhaps a little beyond her. It wasn't like she couldn't do it, but the mental powers associated with the force they had never come so easily to her. 


It had always been one of those things, one of the little that she lived with, watching the other Jedi around her reach out to the minds of others without more than a second thought had always been a small moment of envy for her, that mote under her skin that pushed her to do more, to do better. Yet even she could sense the pain pouring of Caedyn, like a tsunami barely held in check by his self control. The man in front of her wasn't the everyday Caedyn she was used to, the one who joked and laughed as easily as breathing, this was the Caedyn she'd last seen during those days spent on Commenor. The Caedyn who worried and worked at things, at all the little problems of the world and the galaxy working away at him, all the problems of his family. She could feel the worry and frustration spilling past his control, just the smallest waves topping the dam. It was just...that there was anything at all showed how worried he was. Her boyfriend had the tightest control when he wanted to, she knew he didn't like worrying her but, it was at times like this that he really did.


Without thinking about it Asaraa's arms came up, wrapping around Caedyn even as he tried to pull away, her face pressed into his chest. She was no slouch with her physical training, she very much knew her strengths but she knew if he wanted to pull away Caedyn could pull away from her, but she just wanted a moment longer with him, the physical comfort of his warmth, the comfort she could provide. Just a moment when the rest of the galaxy could hold it's breath and leave him alone.


A moment she knew couldn't last anylonger than a heartbeat or two. "It's not just your dad," a quiet muffled voice admitted from his chest, "the whole Order's been walking on eggshells. It's like everyone knows that a hammer's going to drop, it's just no-one really knows where yet."


Caedyn Arenais

In Topic: The Eyes of the Galaxy | SJO Invasion of the UCM's Azure Hex

14 July 2019 - 09:46 AM

Adenn Kyramud



That's the essence of a diplomacy thread :) If you find a partner willing to do it with you that's always a fun story to tell :D