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Asaraa Vaashe

Asaraa Vaashe

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In Topic: Super Special Awesome Secret Atrisian Celebration Gift Exchange........ in 3D

Yesterday, 04:00 AM

As the woman spoke Asaraa found herself drawn into the image, her ever-fertile imagination painting a picture as Kyoko Ike spoke. She knew that it probably wasn't really how it was but she couldn't help but imagine the catacombs as a small tunnel, the kind you saw in the dramas about ancient times. Branching off the tunnel small torchlight rooms stacked high with goods, with the artefacts that the woman was describing. In truth, a planet that was used to acting as a storehouse wouldn't risk anything in such a poorly planned storage, she had little doubt that the actual storage was something that could put any archive to shame but still, there was something...romantic about that torchlight picture. 


"Honestly, I'm kinda surprised that you ever left Ahch-To, if it's as packed with history and artefacts as you make it sound like then it'd be a lifetime, no a families entire work just to go through everything and sort it out. Not even take it apart and see what works there, just to catalogue it. When you were there, did anything jump out at you, anything really really cool? Anything you decided to bring back with you, or anything you wish you could?" 


The pink-haired Jedi leaned back, reaching for her drink, "So, those Silvers of the past, did they come up with anything useful? I remember that things didn't end up going all that well for them in the end, and there's probably a lesson there, but did you find anything that we can use...no that's not right, there's always something to use or to learn." Asaraa sighed, giving Kyoko a wry shrug, "You get what I mean?"

In Topic: Give factions more control of their forums

17 February 2019 - 04:21 PM

Dax Fyresabrina


You're both right, there is potential for abuse, but at the same time we promote people to faction admins because we trust them. They already have a lot of power within the faction so I'd hope that they would be less prone to abusing this. As you say it's a concern but weighing it up against the benefits and the fact that if someone's posts are altered they have a recourse to complain about abuse of power to the FO or the site staff I'd feel overall it'd be ok.


And yeah Dax, changing the password every time someone steps down would be annoying, but it's the best other idea I could come up with to make everyone's life easier. Compromises 

In Topic: Bloody Crown - SJO Dominion of Drogheda

16 February 2019 - 06:14 PM

Location: Drogheda

Objective: 3

With: Jairdain | Yuroic Xeraic




Forests, it was always forests. It was like the universe had decided that the tree-filled spaces were her weakness and so decided to throw them at her everywhere she went, and to be honest, the Jedi Knight didn't have the best of luck when it came to time spent in forests. She'd been thrown out of crashing shuttles, shot at and stabbed. To say that the sight of a forest brought back a wellspring of bad memories was an understatement but...well they seemed to keep creeping up on her. Now some prince had managed to get themselves lost, running from the cultists who had assaulted his planet, who had killed his parents. The Silver Jedi had unleashed the shadows on the planet who had found a trail of clues, so now the Jedi were coming in to try to find him within the area. Even so, the girl gave Yuroic a long look, eyeing his bow before she shook her head, glancing over at her blind friend. "Well, between the two of you, we should be able to find this guy pretty quickly, right?" 

In Topic: I am finally back

15 February 2019 - 04:13 PM



Welcome back :D You picked a good time to come back :)

In Topic: Hey howdy hey

15 February 2019 - 01:47 AM


Welcome to Chaos! There's a lot to take in but its well worth it. If you do have any questions please ask.