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Asaraa Vaashe

Asaraa Vaashe

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#1947854 New Challenger approaches!

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on Today, 03:12 PM

Ashla Saris


Welcome to the Site! 


Like everyone said, but if you have any questions feel free to hit me up too!

#1947495 Discovering Your Own Way

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on Yesterday, 09:42 AM

If there was one thing you could say about Kashyyyk, you really couldn't fault the weather at all. The pink-haired knight closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the feeling of the golden rays of the midday sun brushing her limbs, a glow behind her closed eyelids as her fingers danced along the warm surface of the stone bench she was laid out on, her free hand cushioning her head. It was days like this that she loved since it gave her a legitimate reason to not be seen in the normal Jedi outfit...not that she was ever found in those robes. 


It was the feeling of a familiar presence in the force that finally pulled her to her feet, the hint of a mischievous smile just touching the corner of her lips as she threw herself to her feet, her boots making a soft thump as they hit hte ground, letting her push herself to her feet, a hand darting out at Kobi's head, ruffling the teenager's hair. "That's true, maybe he can, and i he doesn't I hear his master's a real hard-ass who'll make him run through all the saber drills again till he knows them all by heart." Tilting her head to the side the older Jedi winked at Skylar as she let her hand fall away from her Padawan's head. "I kid I kid...it'll only be till dinner time, that's not so bad right?" Asaraa would never admit it aloud but Kobi was doing pretty well with his training, she just didn't wanna risk giving him a big head...otherwise he'd find a way to fit more sweets into his mouth and she didn't think she could deal with him on a bigger sugar high.


Skylar VikaarKobi Fesser

#1947071 Howdy

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 23 May 2019 - 01:12 AM

Cheers at Charlie Nooran. WB!

#1946409 A Familiar Silver Face

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 20 May 2019 - 04:00 PM

To think, she almost hadn't answered the call, she'd almost let is slide thinking it would just be another cold caller, another message from the assembly sending her hurtling off into the cold depths of space once more. Once, just once Asaraa would have liked the council to issue her with a mission on a nice tropical planet, maybe a mission practising a technique to communicate with dolphins or some other marine life, that sounded perfect. As it was the girl threw her commling into the air, a gesture of her hand freezing it in place as she stared at the armoured figure glaring at her as her hands settled on her hips. 



"Excuse me? Can you repeat that with the help files enabled? Cause let me see how this story goes, your sister you said right?" Her hand came up as she started to count of points, "Your sister and her friend kidnapped me, then she tore me out of my body and stuffed me in hers and then decided to use my body to attack and betray my friends. Ohh and then for good measure she managed to screw up so royally that she got us trapped like this." Asaraa glared at the man on the screen before taking a deep breath, he wasn't his sister and there was no point screaming at him, although it had been his family...maybe trying to strangle the hologram would be therapeutic. "So...it's not a measure of the fact that I wanted to keep this body...your sister managed to get us trapped like this and then ran off somewhere during a jailbreak. I have no idea where she is, and frankly I don't really much care. I have to live with her screw up, and random calls from...I don't even know how you got this number."


Sebastian Sebita

#1945844 Sup

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 18 May 2019 - 02:49 AM

Lynette Lykova


Welcome back! Look forward to seeing you around as time allows :D

#1945623 The Blood Games - Uthixo Nazim vs. Asaraa Vaashe vs. Alkor Centaris

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 17 May 2019 - 09:08 AM

Location: Petranaki Arena, Nelvaan

Opponent: Alkor Centaris | @Uthixo Nazim





The snap-hiss of a lightsaber was a familiar sound, drawing Asaraa's attention to the stands where she saw Alkor pacing towards her, the crowd starting to scrabble away from him as the man relentlessly pushed through the onlookers. For a moment the Jedi hesitated, unwilling to take the fight into the stands, of dragging the onlookers into a situation where they might end up caught in a fight. Alkor, however, didn't seem to have the same restraint, although most of the spectators seemed to be clearing out of the impending clash. Asaraa closed her eyes for a moment, a soft sigh of relief slipping from her lips as her eyes flicked open her blue gaze settling on Alkor's frame as she bent, scooping her sword off the icy ground she'd thrown it onto. A flick of her blade sent minute shards of ice fluttering through the air like a breath of snow, the crystals sparking in the air as the girl pressed on hand onto the nearest pillar, flicking herself up and to the side vaulting over the fence separating the arena from the stands as she bounded clear of the first few rows of seating, dropping her gait, shield presented face first towards the Mandalorian, her blade angled down towards the ground at her side as she took a step towards him and then another, a slow measured step to give the crowd time to back off. 


The teenager waited just a moment, long enough for the final stragglers to clear a path between them as she dashed towards the lightsaber wielder, leading with her shield as she cut her blade towards his feet. While a foot strike was normally less than effective against an opponent using a lightsaber, the force that normally gave them the speed and agility he'd have normally used to avoid the strike was regulated, disallowed. Against an opponent like this Asaraa knew she'd need every advantage she could get, and if she could throw off his tempo from the start? Well that's all she could ask. 

#1945335 Midnight Inferno | CIS Dominion of Mechis III

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 16 May 2019 - 11:24 AM



Location: Mechis III

Tagging: Gianna Aegis


Objective: Deliver supplies...better late than never?




It was rare for Asaraa to find herself called out on a humanitarian mission in Confederacy space, but when been asked to help oversee a convoy put together to assist their friends she’d been more than happy to deliver the doctors of the silver circle and their supplies to Mechis-III. Only…well no-one had exactly accounted for the Jedi’s utter lack of ability to navigate. She swore that they’d ended up over Tatooine before she actually manage to guide them to their actual destination. The sight of the planet filling vision as the shuttles began banking, slowing for their descent into the atmosphere filled the young Jedi Knight with a relief like you wouldn’t believe. The truth of it was they were running late, and wouldn’t she just hear about that from the council when she got home, but if they’d never arrived? She might as well turn in her Jedi card, give up her badge and forget the secret handshake, it’d be nicer than what the Assembly would do, at least none of them were here so she’d have the ride home to…”Ma’am we’re receiving the landing instructions and have located the comms beacons of Jedi Aegis and Master Dragonsflame.” Dragonsflame…of course Josh had to be here, Asaraa could feel the blood draining from her face as she gave a shallow nod, teeth sinking into the soft flesh of her lip. "Oh good…excellent umm, I’ll just coordinate with them with the supplies.” Maybe, if she was very very lucky Josh wouldn’t notice how late she was running.


As the shuttle hit the atmosphere Asaraa padded out of the cockpit, one hand bracing herself on the wall as the other reached for her commlink. Despite being a Jedi, despite all the training and focus that brought with it, she couldn’t deny there was a spike of uncertainty, of trepidation. He just had to be on the planet didn’t he, the pink-haired Jedi let out a sigh as she opened her palm, her commlink flipping off her belt to slap into her hand as her fingers reflexively closed around the metallic cylinder. The girl’s blue eyes were drawn to a window as the fiery aura that had surrounded the shuttled receded and fell away, not that the view left behind was any better, all mountains and volcanoes as far as the eye could see. The shuttle continued on its inexorable path, gliding in towards the designated landing zone with an almost smooth path. Almost, Asaraa could hear the grumbling of the doctors from the passenger hold as they shook their way through turbulence. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she triggered the commlink, her eyes screwing up against the harsh sunlight flooding in as the rear doors opened. “Gianna Aegis? This is Asaraa Vaashe with the Silver Circle relief force, we just landed our first shuttles and I have a bunch of antsy healers and supplies just waiting for somewhere to go. Think you could find a use for them?”


#1945311 Hello

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 16 May 2019 - 09:12 AM



Welcome to Chaos :D


#1944621 Howdy

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 14 May 2019 - 09:07 AM

Jyoti Nooran


See what you've done Arisa :P

#1944550 Mission and Lesson Board

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 14 May 2019 - 02:19 AM



Missions Sign-Up:


We've all had those times, times when you want to go on a mission, want that adventure but have no idea what story, or who to bring with you, or you have an idea for a mission yourself but you don't know how to get people together for it.


This mission board is a way to unite people in those situations together and provide us all with a chance to interact with new people and make new friends.


To put up a mission.


To start a mission please make a post in this thread using the template below.


Mission Name: [The name of the mission you want to run]

Outline: [A brief description of what you want to do]

Character Running it: [The name of the character you'll be bringing to the mission so people know who to contact about it]

Number of characters involved: [The maximum number of characters you'd like to have for the mission]

Characters Involved: [The people who have already signed up. This is also an easy way for people to get a list of people to tag in their posts.]

Drop-ins allowed: [Can people just drop into the mission after it's started? Please answer yes or no]

Link to Thread: [Please provide a link to the thread when it goes up]

Thread Status: [What is the status of the mission, pending, started, completed]

Notes: [Any further information you'd like to provide to potential signups]


Once you have completed a mission please tag a faction admin so we can hide the post.


Signing up for a mission


Signing up is easy, if you spot a mission that interests you then just contact whoever is starting the mission letting them know you'd like to join in. If they accept you they'll add you to the tag list. Participation is entirely at the discretion of the mission creator.


Special Missions


Certain ambitious missions will be rewarded with a small prize for the participants. These are missions that are more than the usual. The status of a mission as special or not is at the discretion of the admins. Prizes will be given out after the mission is completed.



Scheduled Lessons & Classes:


The lifestyle and path of a Silver Jedi requires a great deal of time, commitment and learning, all of which begins within the Silver Jedi Temple.


As students (Padawan Learners and Prospective Knights), you will be expected to attend regular classes if you are to grow in mind and body, in your ability to wield a Lightsaber or to practice the Force, to learn the mentality and world views required to serve the Galaxy and the Force with virtue and integrity.


The Mentor Body of the Silver Jedi Order (Silver Jedi Knights and Masters of the Silver Rest), are responsible for holding these lessons and will regularly inform all of you of their next scheduled class using this Sign-Up Board.


Joining these lessons is voluntary, and the Silver Assembly understands that the commitment of their personnel is widespread in such an active and vast Galaxy. As such, your progress will depend upon your learning and personal growth, something that will be left in the hands of you and your Mentor (should you have one).


Class/Lesson Name: [The name of the Lesson you want to run]

Outline: [A brief description of what you want to do]

Tutor/Lecturer: [The name of the character teaching this lesson]

Attendance: [The number of students desired for a successful lesson, able to be edited as students sign on]

Drop-ins allowed: [Can people just drop into the Lesson after it's started? Please answer yes or no]

Link to Thread: [Please provide a link to the thread when it goes up]

Thread Status: [What is the status of the mission, pending, started, completed]

Notes: [Any further information you'd like to provide to potential signups]


Signing up for a Class:


Signing up is easy, if you spot a Lesson or Subject that interests you then just contact the tutor, letting them know you'd like to join in. If they accept you they'll add you to the tag list.


Off-World Lessons


Some lessons may require a trip off-world and may take longer than the standard duration of a class. These lessons require Mentor Consent, and if you do not yet have a Mentor, require the authorization of the Tutor themselves. These lessons can sometimes result in rewards for extra-curricular activities and achievements.


Advanced Learning


Certain subjects require more than a single class to be taught and are categorized as a “Course” of lessons with an end-goal of qualifying in that specific field (Jedi Ambassador/Silver Navy/Silver Shadows, for example). These subjects can and will embolden your path to becoming a full-fledged member of the Silver Jedi, by promoting your chosen, invested expertise becoming an asset in the field.


Requests can be made for these lessons, yet require the prerequisite of having learned the basics of the Silver Jedi Curriculum (Telekinesis, Sense, Force Jump - Padawan Tier Skills/Maturity).


Requested Subject/Course: [The name of the profession you wish to explore/study]

Outline: [A brief description of what you want to learn]

Mentor Approval: [Signature of Students Mentor, or persons of equal rank and authority, if currently without one]


#1944537 Howdy

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 14 May 2019 - 01:28 AM

Jyoti Nooran


Hey! Welcome back!


It's always good to have you around :) 


(Also the common puns continue it seems :P)

#1944385 The Blood Games - Uthixo Nazim vs. Asaraa Vaashe vs. Alkor Centaris

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 13 May 2019 - 04:18 PM

Location: Petranaki Arena, Nelvaan

Opponent: Alkor Centaris | Uthixo Nazim


A smile curled up the corners of Asaraa's face as she watched the Sandali close with Alkor driving his weapon at the Corellian, only Alkor was a little too wily for that as he dodged, hiding within a cloud of steam. Try as she might the girl couldn't spot him through the billowing steam. The jedi clenched her fist around the blade of her sword, a moue of annoyance flitting over her face as she glared at the featureless cloud of steam. If she could just use the force locating the Mandalorian would be so much easier, she could reach out to find him, or sweep away the steam surrounding him. But that was hte very reason she'd joined this tournament in the first place, to learn to fight without using the force as a crutch. 
A sigh escaped her lips as she rolled her shoulders, shrugging as she threw her sword and shield to the side as she unwound like a spring, charging straight forward towards the cloud of steam, the muscles in her legs folding as she bent triggering the microrepulsors in her boots as she leapt into the air, microrepulsors in her gloves coming online as she slammed into the dangerously cracked ice near the hole Alkor had driven through the ice with a loud crash, a shock-wave travelling through the ice from her impact. The noise preceded a spiderweb of cracks spreading through the ice as shards of ice flew up into the air around her. Without hte force, without shields she couldn't stop the ice slapping at her exposed flesh, blood dripping slowly from a small scratch in her cheek, her arm as she threw herself backwards, scrambling to avoid the ice that was coming apart all around her. A hasty microrepulsor powered jump carried her far enough to send Asaraa head over heels, rolling through the snow, landing in an undignified heap before she ended up in an undignified pile, unable to stop the laugh spilling from her lips as she forced herself up to her feet, rubbing at the bruised shoulder she'd first hit the ice with as she started moving to collect her weapons, eyes scanning across the battlefield for her opponents' next moves.

#1944275 Epicenter: The SJO Dominion of Sev Tok

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 13 May 2019 - 05:42 AM

Location: Sev Tok

Objective: 1

Tagging: Kobi Fesser




The dust slewing off stones created a fine mist around Asaraa, she could feel the minute particles coating her hair and skin, settling in her clothes as rock after rock flew over head as if drawn along on a conveyor belt, dancing in a ballet above their heads as the Jedi turned to address her Padawan as he bounced at her side, eyes still closed against the cascading dust. With her senses extended she could feel everything, all the stone and the people around her as she held out a hand, pointing the rescue workers towards one of the trapped individuals as she shook dust out of her face. “Well, you’re never going to get a better example of size matters not,” she allowed, “it’s not something a lot of Jedi do, but something that can help so much, helping to find people, or even lifting the rocks off them to let the workers get to the people trapped beneath. It’s something you might find especially easy, just try to spot them, see who you can locate and we can clear out the rocks around them.”


Her masters had always taught her that the best way to teach someone was in the field,and it was a technique she’d found pretty effective…when they weren’t mutilating themselves to panic her like some dads out there. She wanted to take the chance ahead of her to help Kobi, provide him with a lesson that would show him a way his powers could help people in the real world. It was a noble cause, just…not one that actually turned out to be that effective. The rocks held in the air quivered, freezing in place as she felt a spike of panic from the young boy next to her, her head snapping around , blue eyes flicking open in time to see Kobi crouch clutching his head desperately. She could recognise the look, it was one shed worn not that long ago as she gestured in the air, the rocks flying through the air, thumping into the ground nearby, the rocks making the ground shake as they impacted the ground, forgotten as the girl dropped to her knees as her arms wrapped around her Padawan, pulling him closer. “Hey hey, it’s ok, you’re ok. Look at me, focus on me.” She could reach out through the force, even out his emotions but, she didn’t wanna be a crutch for him. “Just breathe, you’re ok,” the girl rocked him, her eyes wrapped around the boy’s frame as she murmured support quietly.


#1943439 Step into the Light [Jedi/LS Training]

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 10 May 2019 - 02:57 PM

As a member of the Jedi it wasn't hard to find a class, the orders were well known for teaching them, on expanding the horizons of their students and members. However, it wasn't often that a legend offered the chance to learn at his feet so to speak, to taste a little bit of the experience which the man had experienced over the years and years that he'd spent exploring the force, becoming one with the energy that united them. There was no way she wasn't coming to the lecture, although leaning against the wall in the corner might not exactly be seen as stepping out to the front of the class, it was just...how do you stand in the presence of your heroes without disappointing them? 


Still, she couldn't hide in the shadows forever could she. A flick of a finger sent a chair skating across the room so she could drop into it, crossing her legs as she tilted her head to the side as another of hte students present quizzed the teacher. "You know that's a pretty good question." 


Auteme Denko-DurrenCoren StarchaserCotan Sar'andorLaertia Io 

#1942816 Sound of the Drums, Beating in my heart.

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 09 May 2019 - 05:44 AM

“Well I’m here, so your attempts to dissuade and get rid of me have been woefully ineffective. You're really going to have to try harder next time you wanna get rid of me.” The girl stepped away from the doorframe, her hands held out to her sides as she padded towards the middle of the room, letthing her hands drop to her waist, hooking her thumbs through her belt as she fell into a relaxed pose, head tilted slightly to the side. The girl’s blue eyes flicked over Zephyr’s fame, curiosity warring with caution for a moment before one hand came up, gesturing to him, “Go ahead, let’s hear the proposition, I can at least promise to hear you out, after all, we’ve shared water in the desert, that forges a bond that’s deeper than even the shedding of blood.” Asaraa’s crystal blue eyes twinkled with amusement as her lips curled up into a soft smile. The truth of it was the man had raised a lot of questions, and not many answers for the young Jedi…which made him like most of the masters she’d met. She knew these were supposed to be the questions that haunted, the questions that drove you forward and kept you on your toes, but still…it would be nice if some of the questions that plagued had an easier answer. Still, she couldn’t deny the curiosity the man’s words had elicited so…”What’s on your mind?” 


Zephyr Carrick