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Asaraa Vaashe

Asaraa Vaashe

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#1915618 Super Special Awesome Secret Atrisian Celebration Gift Exchange........ in 3D

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on Yesterday, 04:00 AM

As the woman spoke Asaraa found herself drawn into the image, her ever-fertile imagination painting a picture as Kyoko Ike spoke. She knew that it probably wasn't really how it was but she couldn't help but imagine the catacombs as a small tunnel, the kind you saw in the dramas about ancient times. Branching off the tunnel small torchlight rooms stacked high with goods, with the artefacts that the woman was describing. In truth, a planet that was used to acting as a storehouse wouldn't risk anything in such a poorly planned storage, she had little doubt that the actual storage was something that could put any archive to shame but still, there was something...romantic about that torchlight picture. 


"Honestly, I'm kinda surprised that you ever left Ahch-To, if it's as packed with history and artefacts as you make it sound like then it'd be a lifetime, no a families entire work just to go through everything and sort it out. Not even take it apart and see what works there, just to catalogue it. When you were there, did anything jump out at you, anything really really cool? Anything you decided to bring back with you, or anything you wish you could?" 


The pink-haired Jedi leaned back, reaching for her drink, "So, those Silvers of the past, did they come up with anything useful? I remember that things didn't end up going all that well for them in the end, and there's probably a lesson there, but did you find anything that we can use...no that's not right, there's always something to use or to learn." Asaraa sighed, giving Kyoko a wry shrug, "You get what I mean?"

#1915445 Give factions more control of their forums

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 17 February 2019 - 04:21 PM

Dax Fyresabrina


You're both right, there is potential for abuse, but at the same time we promote people to faction admins because we trust them. They already have a lot of power within the faction so I'd hope that they would be less prone to abusing this. As you say it's a concern but weighing it up against the benefits and the fact that if someone's posts are altered they have a recourse to complain about abuse of power to the FO or the site staff I'd feel overall it'd be ok.


And yeah Dax, changing the password every time someone steps down would be annoying, but it's the best other idea I could come up with to make everyone's life easier. Compromises 

#1915444 The Mission Board

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 17 February 2019 - 04:11 PM



We've all had those times, times when you want to go on a mission, want that adventure but have no idea what story, or who to bring with you, or you have an idea for a mission yourself but you don't know how to get people together for it.


This mission board is a way to unite people in those situations together and provide us all with a chance to interact with new people and make new friends. 


To put up a mission.


To start a mission please make a post in this thread using the template below.


Mission Name: [The name of the mission you want to run]
Outline: [A brief description of what you want to do]
Character Running it: [The name of the character you'll be bringing to the mission so people know who to contact about it]
Number of characters involved: [The maximum number of characters you'd like to have for the mission]
Characters Involved: [The people who have already signed up. This is also an easy way for people to get a list of people to tag in their posts.]
Drop-ins allowed: [Can people just drop into the mission after it's started? Please answer yes or no]
Link to Thread: [Please provide a link to the thread when it goes up]
Thread Status: [What is the status of the mission, pending, started, completed]
Notes: [Any further information you'd like to provide to potential signups]
Once you have completed a mission please tag a faction admin so we can hide the post.
Signing up for a mission
Signing up is easy, if you spot a mission that interests you then just contact whoever is starting the mission letting them know you'd like to join in. If they accept you they'll add you to the tag list. Participation is entirely at the discretion of the mission creator.
Special Missions
Certain ambitious missions will be rewarded with a small prize for the participants. These are missions that are more than the usual. The status of a mission as special or not is at the discretion of the admins. Prizes will be given out after the mission is completed.

#1915396 Give factions more control of their forums

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 17 February 2019 - 12:58 PM

Every faction has been there, your leader, or the admin who updates your thread tracker or inventory is on holiday or busy so you get all these posts or adjustments you need to do that just build up and when they come back there's such a huge build up that they can't keep up. Or an Admin steps down and someone needs to take over their duties and copy paste everything over, till they step down and you have to do it all over again. Sometimes it's not even that, sometimes you just have some free time, or someone's busy and you want to help out, but as this currently stand you can't. 


So, I had two possible suggestions for this. 


1) Although the rule is each writer is allowed only 1 writer account allow factions to create a communal writer account. A shared account that anyone authorised can use. That way anyone can log in to update things. This is honestly my least favourite of the two options because of the extra work it would involve bouncing back and forth between the accounts. 


2) Give faction admins the ability to edit posts within their forums, they already have powers to hide and move posts, but RPJs can edit posts throughout the website so if it's possible to give Admins the power to do this within their forums then that would be the easiest and best solution.


Or you know, both, both would be good. I thought I'd toss the idea out there to see what everyone else thought.

#1915122 Bloody Crown - SJO Dominion of Drogheda

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 16 February 2019 - 06:14 PM

Location: Drogheda

Objective: 3

With: Jairdain | Yuroic Xeraic




Forests, it was always forests. It was like the universe had decided that the tree-filled spaces were her weakness and so decided to throw them at her everywhere she went, and to be honest, the Jedi Knight didn't have the best of luck when it came to time spent in forests. She'd been thrown out of crashing shuttles, shot at and stabbed. To say that the sight of a forest brought back a wellspring of bad memories was an understatement but...well they seemed to keep creeping up on her. Now some prince had managed to get themselves lost, running from the cultists who had assaulted his planet, who had killed his parents. The Silver Jedi had unleashed the shadows on the planet who had found a trail of clues, so now the Jedi were coming in to try to find him within the area. Even so, the girl gave Yuroic a long look, eyeing his bow before she shook her head, glancing over at her blind friend. "Well, between the two of you, we should be able to find this guy pretty quickly, right?" 

#1914058 A Gathering in the Light

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 14 February 2019 - 11:25 AM

"Yeah, something to do with his Je'daii training, he has to go and visit the various temples to learn skills from the masters there. Well, he's either there or travelling around somewhere, it's kinda hard to keep track on him sometimes." The pink-haired girl smiled, "as long as he's ok, that's the most important thing really right?" Or at least that's what she thought, but then this was her boyfriend they were talking about who made a habit of flying around. Still, as long as he stayed away from any war zones she couldn't complain too much, after all, it wasn't like she was great with her missions. It made the times they did manage to spend together more special for its fleeting rarity. 


"Hey at least you know one trick, that's way better than me when I was in your shoes. When I started training I was the absolute worst, I could barely move a coin on the table," as she spoke a line of 5 coins slid out of Asaraa's pocket, just floating above her hand, rotating round and round the girl's wrist. just floating a few millimetres above her skin. "It's just a matter of practice, before you know it you'll be tearing up mountains and teleporting all around the galaxy...well ok, maybe not quite that much, but still, the tricks will come." With a flick of her wrist, the coins slid back into Asaraa's pocket, a smile touching the girl's face, "I kinda brought myself. My old master's over there," she noted nodding at Josh DragonsFlame, "someone's gotta be here to keep him out of trouble right?" More of the fact that wherever the man went something fun was bound to happen, he was always interesting that way. 


 "Have you met Asaraa yet?"


The sound of a familiar voice behind her came as a surprise to Asaraa, although it really shouldn't. After all, if you were going to a meeting of the Jedi who else would you expect to meet but a Jedi, and despite the numbers in the galaxy she was bound to run into someone she knew. "Allya from the poker right, you're the girl with the cards right? Hey! Nice to see you again. This is Lori, we were just talking about you know all this and exchanging stories about our masters. We don't have any fries or milkshakes here but," she gestured at the buffet tables a plate of brownies speeding towards them, "anyone fancy a snack?"


Jerek Zenduu | Allya Vi'DreyaLoreena Arenais


#1913677 A Gathering in the Light

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 13 February 2019 - 10:47 AM

"Hey. Where's Snotface?" 


Well, there was a familiar face, a smile touched Asaraa's lips as she twisted slightly, swivelling on her heel as she grinned at Lori. "Hey!" A pink-haired Jedi raised a hand in greeting, blue eyes flicking past Lori to stare at her father for a moment before returning to the girl. "Dad dragged you out here huh?" Asaraa let her hand drop, thumb slipping into one pocket, just resting there as her other hand gestured up to the sky. "He's off doing his journey thing," the girl's shoulders lifting in a small shrug, "You know how he is, pretty stubborn about doing things his own way." Luckily, for the most part, the trials weren't dangerous, but some of them...well she couldn't help but worry, but then something told her Lori wasn't all that different from her there. A pair of blue eyes flicked around, examining the crowd of Jedi before glancing over at her companion. "What do you think of the meeting so far?" This was one of the duties that she guessed got easier with time, but the master's had already started debating, trying to shape the future of the order, the future of the galaxy they all lived in. It was an interesting place to be, but the history, the arguments were so far beyond a Padawan, a newly knighted Knight so as to be in another world. "So, what's it like having your dad as a master?" If she was honest Asaraa was still a little scared of their parents, they were both such well-known characters and both seemed so...put together while half the time she was winging things on a hope and a prayer.


Loreena Arenais

#1913059 Will You Be My Space-Valentine?

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 11 February 2019 - 09:28 PM

Asaraa grinned, clasping her hands together to bat her eyes at Caedyn playfully, "So what I'm hearing here is you're volunteering to do all the cooking while we're here then? My hero!" While there was no hiding the playful light that danced through the girl's blue eyes, if Caedyn did do all the cooking well she wasn't exactly going to complain very loudly. She was at best an eager pair of hands, but...it was probably best to leave that part of the trip in his capable hands besides, the girl's nose twitched as she raised it into the air, "Cities are awesome, all the basic human amenities, like food you don't have to catch and cook and air conditioning, right there at your fingertips." The pink-haired one let her head drop, smirking as she glanced at the firepit, you know, getting just a little pampered by her boyfriend would be pretty nice, she wasn't going to complain at all. 


Still, that wasn't the real question of the day was it? The one that seemed to have Caedyn on edge. Asaraa glanced back at the tend for a moment before nodding and turning to face Caedyn straight on traces of a pink flush still painted onto her cheeks as she reached out for Caedyn's hands, entwining her fingers with his as she offered him a small, almost shy smile. She couldn't stop herself, stop the way her gaze cut away from the boy to the tent and back again, that flush rising against ever so slightly as she just shook her head, not quite willing to trust her voice. Yet....she could see the uncertainty in his eyes, the hesitation and near panic that lay there, it was one of the things she loved about him his openness, the lack of any desire to disassemble and...one of the things she loved about him. Well, that was all the answer she needed right there, "No I mean," the girl's voice was soft, as if speaking too loudly would shatter the moment, "I think it'll be fine, this whole thing is just great." And it was, there was no denying the sheer romance of the gesture, the beauty of the planet was one thing, but it was the quiet, the distance and separation from the rest of the galaxy, from the stresses and the duties that pulled at them, that was something else, that was a gift that was priceless. She knew what it meant, that worry that had come into her boyfriend's eye, the flush on her cheeks, they had both had the same thought. It was surprising, she couldn't say she hadn't thought about it but, this had brought it into the open and well, a small but genuine smile touched her lips. That wasn't the worst thing, it had certainly made some things clear for her today. 


Letting go of Caedyn's hand's Asaraa took a step closer to him, slipped one arm around his back, pulling him into a half hug where she could rest her head on his chest for a moment, feeling the warmth of his body, hearing the beat of his heart for that moment before she tilted her head back to smile up at him. "I mean it Cae, thank you all this, it's perfect, amazing." The arm squeezed for a moment before she nodded back at the ship, "So, let's get our stuff and settle in...then lock it. I'm serious we're out here, so no comms, no way anyone can just happen to find a mission for us...I've got you all to myself for a week, I plan to make the most of it."


Caedyn Arenais

#1913001 No Jedi Left Behind [Jedi/Sith and allies]

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 11 February 2019 - 06:51 PM

Location: On a prison train

Nearby:Jerek Zenduu Lance Claw

Gear: Lightsaber | 6 x Shiva Knives | Kervanos | Svalinn | Fate's Dance | Murr Earings | 




This was...new, it certainly was the last thing that Asaraa had been expecting. One of the prisoners, the prisoners they'd just freed no less, had somehow managed to get his hands on a sword, a sword which ended up pointing at Asaraa and Jerek now. This was totally not how she had expected the rescue mission to turn out, the prisoners were supposed to be grateful to them, not turn on them with weapons drawn. Still after everything they'd been through Asaraa couldn't blame them too much for reacting with hostility. Still, with a waving flaming sword bouncing around in front of her...it was probably best not to risk anything too much. The girl took a deep breath, stepping forward and to the side, just inching in front of Jerek, enough to be able to cover him if the situation went bad as she reached out to touch the force. She didn't want to do anything with it, hoped it wouldn't come to that but, just in case things went badly she wanted to be prepared. 


"Do we look like Sith?" So maybe she was a little put out by that question, who wouldn't be but still, the girl let out her breath, turning to glance over her shoulder. "Kasari, can you get the others, gather them all together at the back of the carriage please?" She could see the other prisoners all starting to gather together, all of them still a little confused and unsure of themselves. Whoever had chosen those drugs had really done a good job, if she ever got her hands on them...Asaraa let out a deep breath, letting the tense uncertainty go as she glanced back at the blue-haired man threatening them. "Look, I get you're scared and confused, but I promise, we're the good guys and now we need to find a way to get all these people off a speeding train and out to safety before the Sith realise what's going on." As the man's blade pulled back, the pink-haired Jedi gave him a quick smile before squeezing past, pulling open the carriage door as she glanced down, teeth working nervously at the soft flesh of her lower lip before turning to Jerek. "You know, I don't think we've got a lot of options here. I don't really wanna try fighting our way up to the engine, too much chance someone gets behind us and goes for them so...we detach the carriage. We can slow down and abandon the train here, see if we can get out or we can call in a lift to get all of them out of here, or find some transport and get them out of here ourselves."

#1912520 Will You Be My Space-Valentine?

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 10 February 2019 - 04:59 PM

The girl felt her lips curl up into a smile as she slipped her fingers between Caedyn's tightening her grip on his hand as she use the grip to pull him closer, rocking up onto her tiptoes to press her lips against his cheek. "You know, if you keep coming up with surprises like this Mr Arenais then I might just have to think about keeping you around." An amused light danced through the girl's eyes as she fell back onto the soles of her boots, grinning up at him. She had to admit that the entire set up was like something out of a romance novel...not that she ever ready any of those books of course. Still, Asaraa couldn't deny the thrill of excitement that seemed to build inside of her as she took an eager step towards the campsite, tugging Caedyn after her. 


On the grass, away from the ship it was suddenly apparent just how alone they were, a slight breeze kicking up sent waves dancing across the surface of the lake, the grass shivering in the breeze. She could hear some birds in the distance, but aside from that the two of them were completely and utterly alone. The girl almost danced as she span on one leg, twisting in front of Caedyn as she leaned up for a proper kiss this time, her free arm wrapping around his neck as she used it to steady herself against him. The one problem with dating someone that much taller than you was she found herself stretching up against him a lot, but then luckily she didn't mind that and he was pretty nice to lean against. "A week," she noted with finality as she broke off the kiss, remaining where she was leaning against her boyfriend as she pulled her head back to look him in the eyes, "I mean, since you've paid for it and all...we might as well get the most out of it right? A week with you and no-one else around." she grinned as she made a gesture with her finger, her commlink and Caedyn's floating off their belts to zip back up the ship's ramp. "No one else around," she repeated leaning in to give him a quick kiss against before resuming the, relatively short, journey to the campsite. "Umm...so...you know how to cook in one of these right?" She could see the coolers and the supplies that had been prepared, but actually using them was...well it would probably be an adventure of its own to be fair. She was pretty sure she would find a way to burn anything she tried to make, but then cooking with an actual campfire might be fun, and at least it didn't look like there was any chance she'd burn down the campsite. 


Ducking down the girl peered through the door of the tent, nodding at the little dining room, and the bedroom beyond it...the one bedroom. All of a sudden Asaraa was very glad she wasn't looking at Caedyn right then, glad she had a few moments to gather herself before she turned back to face him. "So...I guess we better get settled in then?" Part of her wanted to race off towards the lake, or run over to the nearest hill to see what they could see but, they had a week, plenty of time for that and, for right now, she was pretty happy with the idea of getting their stuff and just relaxing at the campsite with Caedyn, besides, the lake was just right there.


Caedyn Arenais

#1912413 Greetings from Commenor, Folks (Again?)

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 10 February 2019 - 02:12 PM

Welcome back...kinda not really....this is confusing and hurts my head. 


But glad to have you around and I'm looking forward to all the RP opportunities in the future :)

#1912408 Ummm...Hi

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 10 February 2019 - 02:03 PM

See now I feel like a pirate with the hidden treasure :)


But welcome to the Faction! Glad to have you here.

#1912304 Fated Dual on Nar Shaadda

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 10 February 2019 - 08:45 AM

Her opponent tottered, for a moment, slumping down towards the arena floor before he managed to catch himself with his sword, pushing himself to his feet. The girl shook her head, an annoyed hiss escaping her lips which turned into a pained cough as her shield hand came up to probe at her bruised ribs. She was really going to feel this one tomorrow, and yet, despite the cut her opponent seemed more than happy to continue the fight, to press on with the engagement. A sigh escaped her lips as Asaraa took a step back, settling her shield infront of her as her blade came up to rest on the top edge of her shield as she peered at Masaru down the length her blade at the warrior. "You know, no-one out there would blame you for stepping back, taking the loss and going to see a medic now before it's too late," her head nodded at the red line of the cut in his flesh, "otherwise that's just gonna ebb and drain and slow you down." She had to at least try to convince him to step back, to end this without any further conflict, without anyone else getting hurt. 


Masaru Varga

#1912170 A Gathering in the Light

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 09 February 2019 - 07:25 PM

Tython, the very name conjured images of the past, a world steeped in history and in significance. It was a world drenched in light and dark, in history and meaning. Yet, surprisingly enough, Asaraa had never visited the planet before, oh she'd studied it in her classes, knew about the planet and it's history, but none of that prepared you for your reality of being her, of smelling the air, of seeing all the other Jedi congregating together. It was actually quite a sight, Jedi from all the orders of the galaxy mingling with one another, talking and chatting. It was the kind of vision that filled you with hope and..."You're scared aren't you?" The girl blinked, staring down at the hologram projected from her console as she spluttered in mock shock, "What no, never." "If you weren't then why are you standing on the ship instead o going outside." When they'd made her ship the engineers might have made an AI that was slightly less...observant.


"Fine, just to show you." Before she knew it the pink-haired Jedi was outside, striding towards the other Jedi...well they were Jedi right? How bad could this be? Besides, she'd promised to put on a good show and represent the Order she loved. The girl's hands came up, smoothing down her skirt before she took a deep breath and pressed on into the crowd. She was bound to find a familiar face or two and who knows, perhaps an unfamiliar face. It was a huge galaxy filled with all sorts of people, all sorts of Jedi. That was perhaps the thing she'd been most excited about when she'd heard about the meeting for the first time. The Silver Jedi were great, she couldn't describe how thankful she was that her old trainers had sent her to them, but she'd met a few other Jedi and it had always been fun, and now in this place there were so many Jedi, so many people who had their own relationships with the force that she couldn't wait to meet them, to see what differences they had, what she could learn from them too.


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#1911787 Rangers Lead the Way - SJO Dominion of Antar

Posted by Asaraa Vaashe on 08 February 2019 - 05:22 PM

Location: Somewhere on Antar

Objective: 3

Feeling: It really isn't my fault we got lost this time!




It ached, every part of her body hurt, the fabric of her harness cutting into her shoulders, as a groan slipped from the Jedi's lips as her eyes fluttered open. The pain might be the first thing she noticed, but the tree branch driven through the front of their transport registered pretty quickly. The next thing that registered was the gaping hole in the side of the transport, and the fact that she was looking at it from the outside, not exactly the comfortable view she'd been enjoying moments before their altercation with the ground. That didn't look like it was planned, this whole situation didn't look like it was any good at all. Asaraa's ears were still ringing from the impact, as she sucked in a tortured breath, wincing at the pain in her chest. So, crash-landing, that wasn't a good start to the excursion at all, definitely not what she'd been hoping for.


The girl reached up with one hand, scrabbling with the buckle on her harness desperately as tears of pain clouded her vision, transforming her view into a blurred mess of shapes pressing at one another. A groan of exasperation slipped from the pink-haired Jedi's lips as she gave up, letting her hand fall away as she reached you through the force, grasping at the harness and pulling at it, hearing it tear away with a tortured screech of metal. The way was clear and the girl slid forward, a decision she immediately came to regret as pain shot through her body, a louder cry of pain escaping her this time. Still, at least she could move right now, and there were still the voice-over by the shuttle. Forcing herself to her feet Asaraa wrapped one arm around her chest, staggering forward, just focusing on putting one foot in front of the other. Blinking the tears away she staggered into the clearing, giving the survivors gathered there a small nod as she rested her back against the side of the shuttle, sliding down to the ground, "So yeah that healing...I think I'm just...broken ribs...just gonna lie here for a while." Maybe she'd take a nap, sleep sounded pretty good right now.


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