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Asaraa Vaashe

Asaraa Vaashe

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The Mission Board

17 February 2019 - 04:11 PM



We've all had those times, times when you want to go on a mission, want that adventure but have no idea what story, or who to bring with you, or you have an idea for a mission yourself but you don't know how to get people together for it.


This mission board is a way to unite people in those situations together and provide us all with a chance to interact with new people and make new friends. 


To put up a mission.


To start a mission please make a post in this thread using the template below.


Mission Name: [The name of the mission you want to run]
Outline: [A brief description of what you want to do]
Character Running it: [The name of the character you'll be bringing to the mission so people know who to contact about it]
Number of characters involved: [The maximum number of characters you'd like to have for the mission]
Characters Involved: [The people who have already signed up. This is also an easy way for people to get a list of people to tag in their posts.]
Drop-ins allowed: [Can people just drop into the mission after it's started? Please answer yes or no]
Link to Thread: [Please provide a link to the thread when it goes up]
Thread Status: [What is the status of the mission, pending, started, completed]
Notes: [Any further information you'd like to provide to potential signups]
Once you have completed a mission please tag a faction admin so we can hide the post.
Signing up for a mission
Signing up is easy, if you spot a mission that interests you then just contact whoever is starting the mission letting them know you'd like to join in. If they accept you they'll add you to the tag list. Participation is entirely at the discretion of the mission creator.
Special Missions
Certain ambitious missions will be rewarded with a small prize for the participants. These are missions that are more than the usual. The status of a mission as special or not is at the discretion of the admins. Prizes will be given out after the mission is completed.

Give factions more control of their forums

17 February 2019 - 12:58 PM

Every faction has been there, your leader, or the admin who updates your thread tracker or inventory is on holiday or busy so you get all these posts or adjustments you need to do that just build up and when they come back there's such a huge build up that they can't keep up. Or an Admin steps down and someone needs to take over their duties and copy paste everything over, till they step down and you have to do it all over again. Sometimes it's not even that, sometimes you just have some free time, or someone's busy and you want to help out, but as this currently stand you can't. 


So, I had two possible suggestions for this. 


1) Although the rule is each writer is allowed only 1 writer account allow factions to create a communal writer account. A shared account that anyone authorised can use. That way anyone can log in to update things. This is honestly my least favourite of the two options because of the extra work it would involve bouncing back and forth between the accounts. 


2) Give faction admins the ability to edit posts within their forums, they already have powers to hide and move posts, but RPJs can edit posts throughout the website so if it's possible to give Admins the power to do this within their forums then that would be the easiest and best solution.


Or you know, both, both would be good. I thought I'd toss the idea out there to see what everyone else thought.

Electric Nightmares

12 January 2019 - 06:03 PM

Lightning, it was perhaps one of the most iconic powers in the galaxy, the very trademark of the sith, of all dark side force users, at least all of them that Asaraa had met. But they weren't the only people who had the ability to utilise lightning. Her sword, Kervanos, carried electrical energy up and down the blade, a nasty surprise for anyone who she managed to strike, but technology wasn't the only way a force user on the lightside could harness that power. She'd heard of Electric Judgement, had seen the video's of Josh using it to great effect during the last assault on the Rest, but it wasn't something that was commonly taught, commonly shown to padawans, but she wasn't a Padawan anymore. There was that fact that had been occupying her mind increasingly over the past few weeks, the pink-haired Jedi glanced down at her hands, clenching and unclenching them under the warm Kashyyyk light streaming into the temple. Only, these weren't really her hands, were they? The hands had belonged to the Sith who came before, the Sith whose memories still haunted her when she closed her eyes. She could remember seeing force lightning arching from her fingertips, the screams of her victims as the energy played across their flesh. 


It was one of the sights that continually haunted her, one of the sights that left her screaming at night as the nightmare that was the other woman's memories swamped her at night. It was a situation she couldn't leave the way it was, otherwise she'd end up unable to sleep at all. So how do you deal with a nightmare? Move past it? The only way she could think of was to understand it, to find a way to channel this into something she could use. But, this wasn't something she could do alone...so it was time to turn to someone she trusted and who knew both sides of the balance, it was time to find Yuroic Xeraic...who luckily spent this time most days in the gardens of the temple, and hopefully would be there today.


Yuroic Xeraic

The Force Tradition of the Azure Imperium

04 December 2018 - 11:10 AM

Please Archive - Wrong Character

A Field Full of Stars

30 October 2018 - 10:31 AM

Location: On board the Sleipnir, floating behind the moon of Commenor

On board with: Caedyn Arenais




If she had to pick one feature, just one feature that she had to pick out it was the lounge, in particular, the large transparisteel windows that stretched all the way up the back wall and up to the ceiling. They were transparent right now, an ocean of stars twinkling gently in the darkness of space making it feel like the ship was open to the void between the stars. To be honest, she'd lost count of the number of times she'd stumbled out of her cabin in the middle of the night, only to scare herself half to death walking into the room and just seeing open space. At times like this though, the view was amazing. 


The girl felt a smile tugging up the corner of her lips, the grin spreading unashamedly across her face as she took a deep breath from the bowl clutched between her hands as she padded out from the galley to the couches, "You know, there really isn't much in the galaxy that can beat the smell of freshly cooked popcorn is there?" Without waiting for an answer, or really giving him much of a chance to react she dropped the bowl down in Caedyn's lap, dropping down on the couch next to him. 


It really wasn't the break that she'd been hoping for, but in the aftermath of the battle that had raged across the surface of Commenor getting away for a real break wasn't really on the table. There was just too much to do putting the planet to rights and she didn't really want to drag Caedyn away from his family. But a trip into space, that wasn't so bad, and floating as they were with the bulk of the moon between then and the planet it was almost as if they were all alone up here. The girl shot a glance at the window as she reached for the blanket that had been covering them, her legs folding up beneath her body as she tugged the warm covering over her lap, her shoulder resting against Caedyn's side as she reached across his body for the popcorn, grabbing a handful as her blue eyes glanced over to the holo-screen playing the latest movie they'd grabbed off the holonet.