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Jyoti Nooran

Jyoti Nooran

Member Since 11 Nov 2017
Online Last Active Today, 12:35 PM
  Faction Name Faction Stats
Hapes Consortium

The Hapes Consortium was the ruling government and consortium of the Hapes Cluster.A hereditary monarchy based on the capital world of Hapes, it ruled over the region in isolation since before 3,00...

  • Members: 42
  • Created: 04-September 13
The Order of the Silver Jedi

  The Order of the Silver Jedi   The forest world of Kashyyyk is home to Silver Rest, the temple of the Silver Jedi. The Order of the Silver Jedi is a steadfast beacon of light in a gala...

  • Members: 764
  • Created: 12-May 14
Alliance Remnant

The Last Jedi Welcome to the New Alliance. Once a hunted people, we now shine again as a faint beacon of hope and justice dedicated to the expulsion of the dark side from the galaxy. Led by what re...

  • Members: 668
  • Created: 15-September 15
The Je'daii Order

  The Je'daii Order     There is no ignorance, there is knowledge There is no fear, there is power I am the heart of the Force I am the revealing fire of light I am the mystery of...

  • Members: 68
  • Created: 24-January 16
The Directorate

The Directorate is the culmination of the co-operation between The Mon Calamari Shipyards, Aurora Industries, and Lucerne Labs. Founded by Tian Reshmar, Gir Quee, and Taeli Raaf, The Directorate is...

  • Members: 12
  • Created: 27-January 16
Free Worlds Coalition

  Free Worlds Coalition   In the heart of the galaxy; Alderaan, Kuat, Humbarine, and Balmorra are free from occupation. With the fall of the One Sith and Galactic Republic, these beaten...

  • Members: 102
  • Created: 05-February 16
Sasori Research and Design

Started as a jedi faction and slowly growing into a group. Sasori always set itself by making force items and gear set towards advancing understanding of the force while combining it with technolog...

  • Members: 112
  • Created: 06-February 16
Kiribian Systems Union

  The Kiribian Systems Union is the sovereign government of Kiribian System, centered on the wealthy Core world of Kiribi. 

  • Members: 14
  • Created: 08-March 16
The Galactic Republic

The Democratic People's Republic of the Galaxy, known as the Galactic Republic for short, is a consortium of private interests organized into a corporate republic. Its operation is overseen by a bo...

  • Members: 4
  • Created: 07-March 17
The Confederacy of Independent Systems

Millions are Afraid. They are terrified of being caught in the crossfire as titanic nations go to war. Terrified of being exploited by those less moral...or being sacrificed in the name of the gre...

  • Members: 667
  • Created: 21-July 17
The New Republic

In the aftermath of the fall of the Galactic Republic, not all of her forces went to bolster the Alliance. Some, the brave few, instead chose to head to Wild Space, seeking old worlds that had once...

  • Members: 154
  • Created: 31-December 17
The Admiral's Club

Kick your feet up, grab a seltzer water, and relax.

  • Members: 5
  • Created: 13-January 18
Coruscant First

Coruscant First is an emerging political power in Coruscant, headquartered in the Central District. Founded by its present leaders, Zeradias Mant and Arcann Law, the party's mission is to: reesta...

  • Members: 15
  • Created: 20-January 18
Royal House of Alderaan

The Royal House of Alderaan overseeing the continued reconstruction of Alderaan and reviving the Alderaani Culture.

  • Members: 27
  • Created: 10-February 18
Echani Command

  Echani Command is the government of Eshan and several surrounding systems within the Inner Rim. A matriarchal council of warlords rules Echani Command, led by Queen SpencerVaranin. 

  • Members: 23
  • Created: 04-May 18
Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders is a conglomerate of Healers, Doctors, Medics and individuals who can volunteer their time and effort to provide humanitarian aid to those who are in need. This Organization...

  • Members: 10
  • Created: 12-May 18
The Atrisian Commonwealth

The Atrisian Commonwealth is a union of three planets centered around the world of Atrisia, a trade hub on the Giju Run hyperlane and located in the Core Worlds region. Atrisia was previously a ga...

  • Members: 35
  • Created: 25-May 18
Wyyrlok-Solusar College of the Force

An intellectual and academically focused organization dedicated to the research and teaching of the Force, it's effects on the environment, and how it can be manipulated by sentients. Non-denominat...

  • Members: 5
  • Created: 08-June 18
The Nerfworks

The Nerfworks is a consortium of businesses and scientific bodies that have come together for the development of radical and of bleeding edge technology, as well as serving as an advocacy group for...

  • Members: 1
  • Created: 16-July 18
The Former Republic States

The Former Republic States are a series of worlds who previously were under the influence of the False Republic, who abandoned them in favor of moving to the richer, but more crowded, core. When th...

  • Members: 5
  • Created: 04-August 18