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Jyoti Nooran

Jyoti Nooran

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#1947610 Epicenter: The SJO Dominion of Sev Tok

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 24 May 2019 - 04:46 PM

Location: Sage Hand
Objective: Assist in Search and Rescue operations on the ground (Objective 3)
With: John Locke

"Four minutes," she repeated. "I'll hold you to it. Thank you for the codes." 

In the past, such a digital handshake would have been seamless, but now she was out of the loop. If there was one thing she missed after her resignation it was the ease of coordinating for big operations with vast resources, though independence did come with its own perks.  

"There, that should do it. Everyone on your battle net should be ab--" 

Her voice quavered as she was hit with a ping in the back of her head, and instinctively, she tightened her stance as if she was about to enter a fight. Moments later, an aftershock ripped through the ground splitting an already cracked street in half right down the middle. A few soldiers were knocked off balanced before their semi-powered armored kicked in with auto balancing. She made have been on the ground with them, lurching a few steps, but preternatural senses had braced her. 

A teetering building groaned, its foundations stressed well past limits, and began to sag toward the ruined street. Jyoti steadied herself and raised a hand, halting its progress. She grit her teeth, feeling as though someone had just dropped a platoon's worth of rucks on top of her. She stretched out her arm and pushed back, gradually setting the building back in place. The foundations whined again as she also straightened out the underlying plasteel frame as a crude fix.

As she manipulated the building, rather than finding it harder to do over time, it turned out to be quite the opposite experience. Looking around, she saw why - several of the marines holding out their gravity field disruptors brought for excavation efforts. With their assistance, she was able to reset the building and its foundations with relative ease. Once her hands hand were untied, she offered them a thumbs up for quick thinking. Despite her power, the Jedi would never take her soldiers for granted. 

Soon she was back to frowning. The ground was still volatile, the rescuers being in almost as much danger as the remaining survivors. She was afraid they may end up adding to the number. 



#1947521 Howdy

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 24 May 2019 - 11:03 AM

Stardust Solus Skirae


*Interest continues to accumulate* 

Charlie Nooran

Yes you are the champion. 


Yuroic Xeraic

I certainly would. What's going on with Yuroic these days? 

#1947372 Howdy

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 23 May 2019 - 08:17 PM

Charlie Nooran


You have to be more specific. I've participated in many pie eating contests. 

#1947369 Howdy

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 23 May 2019 - 08:10 PM

Asaraa Vaashe

Everybody gets one. 

Charlie Nooran

New phone, who dis?

Stardust Solus Skirae


No it's the other way around. 

Plus interest. >D 

(Thanks. <3)


It's okay, I'm slow in general. 

Yuroic Xeraic

Howdy, Master Jedi. :0

Samara Raine

Salut ^^

#1946872 Epicenter: The SJO Dominion of Sev Tok

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 22 May 2019 - 11:44 AM

Location: Sage Hand
Objective: Assist in Search and Rescue operations on the ground (Objective 3)
With: John Locke

She perked up at the sound of John's voice over comms. He had been a good business partner and was a gifted engineer, playing a crucial role in the development of the SJO's first dreadnought among other projects. 

"Sorry about that, I embedded with a Kiribian medical mission in the Mid Rim, and this was an unannounced detour from our normal responsibilities. I'll be happy to share our findings, your credentials should allow you to interface with our systems no problem." 

Just as she was speaking about the datalink, her communicator chirped as it had received a large info packet from the Hand. With a flick of a button, a small hologram flashed to life from a miniature projector. It was a 3D projection of Sage Hand, overlayed with a wealth of special plotting . The good news was that hundreds of pockets of survivors had been identified under the rubble. The bad news was that the underlying faults that had now buried the city were still very active. 

She frowned. More tremors were inevitable, and with their current methods she doubt they could make a dent with recovery efforts before then. 

"John, if you could, I'd like you over here sooner rather than later. I need to speak with you in person about current rescue efforts." 

Her message was purposely vague over clear comms, not wanting to cause a panic, but the situation was indeed quite dire. 



#1945501 Epicenter: The SJO Dominion of Sev Tok

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 16 May 2019 - 09:31 PM

Location: Sage Hand
Objective: Assist in Search and Rescue operations on the ground (Objective 3)
With: No one currently, but open to interaction.

After receiving guidance from local authorities, Jyoti made her way down to Sage Hand with a fleet of shuttles, ferrying marines and corpsman. It was hard to tell when the shuttles broke the cloud line, the sky hazy from the metric tons of debris belched into the sky as Sage Hand was swallowed up by the earth. Through her viewing port, she could barely make out the flanking ships nearby. The pilots had to rely wholly on their instruments to avoid collision during their descent. 

As they came down the ridges that marked the beginning of the chasm, shuttles began to split away from the from the pack into smaller flights, each destined for a different sector of the sunken city. Jyoti's craft remained on its original course, however, aiming for the city center where the government district should be. 

"Just get us close enough to rope down," she ordered the lead pilot. "The ground may still be unstable." 

"Aye ma'am." 

"I'll make the first drop alone," she continued, now addressing everyone aboard. "After I test the ground then I'll wave the rest of you down." 

Near their destination, the shuttle leveled off, hovering about 10 meters from the ground. The bay doors opened, inviting unpleasant dust clouds within the interior. None of the soldiers were bothered by it, comfortable in their climate controlled hardsuits, but the dust made Jyoti's nose wriggle. While sneezing, all the dust was blown back outside with a gentle wave of Force energy. On her way to the back of the shuttle, she helped herself to a filtration mask - it would be tedious having to wave her hand every five seconds. One of the marines offered a line for rappelling, but she shook her head. A few meters was only a short hop for the Jedi. 

She walked right over the edge of the ramp and dropped down without a second thought. She landed with the grace of a cat, only a small crunch produced between boots and rubble. 

She remained in place, kneeling and placing a gloved hand flat against the ground. Through Shatterpoint, she surveyed the wreckage and underlying fault-lines deep within the earth. For now, there was relative calm, but the plates still churned against each other. There wasn't much time. 

Even worse, in her heightened state of awareness, she could feel hundreds of survivors all around her, buried deep under ferrocrete and plasteel. Their collective agony was almost palpable, but the veteran remained unnerved, used to such morbid sensations. It wouldn't help them for her to break down now. Focusing, she narrowed her senses upon what she thought was the government should be. She was relieved to discover a large concentration of souls there. Maybe the council had survived? 

"It's clear," she spoke into her com-link. "Start coming down and get these nodes in place." 

In quick time, marines began to fast rope from the shuttle. They streamed around her, but quickly melted into their surroundings as their active camouflage systems kicked in and shifted their armor from black to mottled grey. As they spread out, the staked the ground with sensor spikes, which began to map their surroundings with ground penetrating ultrasound and electromagnetic sensors. All this information would be fed back to the Hand, muxing the localized readouts with its own onboard sensors to create a detailed 3D map of the chasm. Since they were were on an incline that roughly ended in a bowl, she didn't want to accidentally trigger a rock slide by carelessly moving rubble. They had to get this right the first time.

"This is Watchman Nooran," she announced over open comms. "My team has begun our SAR operations to retrieve the mayor and city council. We also have detailed mapping of Sage Hand to pinpoint the location of survivors. Please check in with my team or any of the other Spacy units around the city for access to our datalink." 


#1944556 Epicenter: The SJO Dominion of Sev Tok

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 14 May 2019 - 02:51 AM

Location: KSV Valkyrie's Hand, Low Orbit over Sev Tok
Objective: Assist in Search and Rescue Operations at Sage Edge (Objective 3)

Another hospital ship reverted from hyperspace over Sev Tok, transponders revealing it to be the Valkyrie's Hand, a vessel of the Kiribian Spacy. Staunch allies of the Silver Order, they never were too far behind when it came to major operations.

Tagging along the crew of space borne hospitalers was Jyoti, freshly returned from an extended maternity leave that had morphed into a sabbatical of sorts. The laid-back assignment on the Hand served as a convenient means for the Echani to reacclimate herself to fieldwork while also allowing her regular contact with her family. 


After confirming its identity with planetary authorities, the Hand gradually reoriented itself right over Sage Edge. Even from the open hangar deck in low orbit, she could make out the massive chasm that had once been the city. She frowned slightly as she felt a large disturbance centering over the gaping rift in the ground - it had been the site of a great many deaths caused by natural disaster. Still, amid the blight of death, she could make out a few flickers of life here and there - all was not lost. 

Her silver eyes lingered on the chasm for a few more moments before she finally turned away for the shuttle. It was time to get to work. 

Sylas Taff Sabine Galen

#1944527 Howdy

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 14 May 2019 - 01:05 AM

Veiere Arenais

Hi there, 

Nice to see you around. <3

I noticed Commenor finally joined the gang. I'm glad we could unite under a common cause. 

#1944521 Howdy

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 14 May 2019 - 12:41 AM

Obviously I'm not new, but I've been away for long enough to post something here and catch up. ^^

I was so happy to check up on SJO and see that you guys are still around and going strong (the new map sure is fancy). I shouldn't be surprised - the SJO has always been a good bunch.

I probably won't be as active as I was in the past, but I'm certainly open to some threading if anyone will have me (while also trying to avoid map game shenanigans). If you're interested, then just drop a line here or shoot me a PM.


#1891721 Plz Buff Rebellions

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 16 December 2018 - 06:14 PM

Lok Munin

Full disclosure, I'm mostly responding to the OP, having only skimmed through the responses. 

The last rebellion the board has seen was in June of 2018. I have only seen the Sith Empire and the CIS be bold in doing three dominions a month and complete all three of them, inviting minor factions to rebel them if they dare. Otherwise, they go free and can claim their SSD.

I don't think most people are afraid of doing more than three doms per month, but simply don't have the interest or activity for it. Currently, there's only one faction on track to complete three doms (launched in December) this month. Since the reworked map came out, there have been plenty of opportunities to launch Rebellions (Most Majors have acquired SSDs), but few have been launched. 

I take it that this suggestion is part of an effort to spice up the map game, but it's probably going to have an opposite effect and just make most Majors, especially those more PvE focused, even more tepid and discourage new Majors forming. 

I think the central issue with the map game isn't the lack of mechanics or avenues for PvP, but a matter of culture. 

Right now, there only seems to be only two modes when it comes to Major interactions: 1) ignore or 2) beat into a bloody pulp. In the latter case, this often leads to the employment of various underhanded tactics and collusion. Whatever it takes to win. Rebellions, in particular, were reworked in part because they were being used as vehicles for Majors to troll each other and wear them down through attrition. 

A lot of people invested in the map game like to treat it like they're in a real total war. This inevitably leads to toxicity between groups, and then they don't want anything to do with each other lest they (re)open that can of worms.For instance, Conquests were launched over a year ago as a low pressure means for some kind of meaningful PvP, but all Majors declined to do anything with it. 

I think if Majors and other groups acted a little more chill toward each other and didn't immediately ramp up aggression to level 11, then you might see a spark of activity. We can all hate each other IC, but I don't see why we can't aim for more collaborative experiences and accept that we can't always come out on top in a story. 

On our current trajectory, I just see more and more people checking out of the map game (at least PvP) and retreating to their own little islands unless we change our attitudes.

#1884229 A Common Cause for Celebration

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 22 November 2018 - 08:07 PM


Location: SJO Embassy
Wearing: White Jedi Robes


Jyoti stood on the front lawn of the embassy, on a bench right before a crystalline cylinder about two meters tall, lit up by several memory moths that fluttered within. Every so often, she picked out a new memory moth from a jar under her left arm. She would whisper a name to each one, then release them into the cylinder. 

Each name she whispered was a Silver Jedi, Ranger, or staffer that has perished during the conflict between the Commenori and the Sith Empire. The memory moths, thought to be immortal, would whisper their names for all eternity in remembrance of their service. 

When she was done, she wandered back inside to find Allyson who was supposed to wait for return before leaving for the ceremony later that day. Feeling out the Corellian's familiar aura, it wasn't long before she tracked her down to an empty room. 

"You're looking sharp today, hotshot," she said, picking off Allyson's jacket from the hanger. With a wave of her free hand, she swept away a few odd pieces of lint with invisible tendrils of the Force. "You put in some good work, I'm proud of you."

If it wasn't for Allyson showing up, then Admiral Kaloo and Queen Kay may have ended up as slag by the sudden attacks of a mysterious UFO. To this day, said UFO and its pilot(s) still remained at large. It made her wonder how many other Sith were still stranded on Commenor, hiding. 

It may be time for another hunt. 

Smiling, she held open the jacket to let Allyson slide it right on if she backed up a few steps.

Allyson Locke Tathra Khaeus Rick Kaloo Drystan Marakos Xi Rell Caedyn Arenais Kaine Australis Veiere Arenais Darben Skirae Daxton Bane Drystan Marakos Lady Kay Stardust Australis Skirae

#1884167 To Appease Iamus

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 22 November 2018 - 03:51 PM

As she, had hoped she could feel the woman coming for her, but she held her place in cover, understandably cautious. First contact wasn't always pleasant. She mulled back and forth about wearing her helmet when meeting with the woman and decided to to go without. Things may go better seeing another (near) human face. 

She reached around to the back of her neck to pop open her helmet, and it came undone with a click. Her long silvery hair fell out in cascades as she lifted her helmet away, then began to billow in the wind. It was certainly cold out, but it didn't bother the Echani all that much, her body adapted for such conditions. Still, she definitely wouldn't find it comfortable being out her for too long. 

Now it was back to waiting while munching on a chocolate energy bar. 

Over time, she could feel the woman drawing closer, but she didn't dare move from her spot to inspect her progress visually, lest she spook her. Jyoti's stomach began to turn knots in nervous excitement as she finally felt the woman right below. 

The Echani peaked out from her hidey-hole she observes the woman as she finally climbed over the ledge. Blonde of above average height. Poorly dressed for the environment, wearing something that looked like a cross between robes and a camisole. In fact, she showed the beginning stages of frostbite and hypothermia. 

Just what was her story?

The woman called for her in that strange tongue she didn't understand, but integrated babel droid on her suit was already working to decipher her speech. She just had to keep her talking. 

Slowly, she stepped out from behind her hiding place, holding her free hand and chest level to show that she wasn't a threat. She smiled, radiating with positive aura in the Force to try to put the woman at ease. She took a few moments to think about what to say, then recalled what she first heard.  



#1883972 Wind in the Trees

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 22 November 2018 - 02:48 AM



Expecting Josh and his friend, Jyoti had planted herself in her office, a large spread of tea and refreshments across her desktop. 

Trying to stay productive, she used the time waiting to perform some admin work, which seemed neverending. It always amused seeing how people focused on more of the "glamorous" side of being Grandmaster, but most of the work happened behind the desk. Needless to say, she was quite envious of Josh who still managed to quite active in the field as an Assembly member. It's one thing she missed while working as just another faceless Jedi within the Silver Shadows. 

Her door was open, as usual, as a sign that she was available. She was ready for them whenever they arrived. 

Josh Dragonsflame Riamah

#1883966 To Appease Iamus

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 22 November 2018 - 02:11 AM

Wearing: Flightsuit

Honestly, Jyoti had been half expecting for the woman not to acknowledge her, but she did, the Echani receiving another string of indecipherable thoughts. They were like words, but she couldn't make heads or tails of what was being communicated aside from the underlying emotions of apprehension and need. Without context, those raw feelings meant little to her.

By now, she was determined to see this person. It wasn't protocol, but she had technically already broken it making contact. She couldn't get into any more trouble making some more. She killed the main ion thrusters and shifted completely to her repulsor drives for silent running within the gravity well of the planet, then activated the Talon's active camouflage system. The black fighter then became truly invisible as it melted into the backdrop of space. 

Stealth mode set, she finally guided the fighter down, aiming to set down about a couple kilometers ahead of the woman's path. It would give her a chance to set up and scope out the area. While descending, she found a fairly flat patch of raised ground, and touched down. She made one more sweep with her bioscanners - it was still only the woman nearby. 

Finally, she popped open the hanger, recycled air escaping the pressurized canopy with a loud hiss, then came the howl of winds. She hopped out of the Talon, making a small crunch as her boots broke through a thin layer of hard packed snow upon landing. After trudging several meters through the snow, the Talon's canopy slid back down, rendering the whole fighter nearly invisible again. She turned to inspect the state of the camouflage, then looked down at her footprints. One by one, they began to disappear as particles of snow rolls over to fill them up.

She turned forward, focused back on the woman she had come from. By her estimate, it wouldn't take too long to get here, maybe twenty or thirty minutes at most. In the meantime, she took a position near a stony outcrop as some cover. While she may not see or feel any trouble now, it was never a good idea to remain exposed on an alien planet. 


#1883605 First Annual Confederacy Trade Expo OOC (Sign up for an invite)

Posted by Jyoti Nooran on 21 November 2018 - 01:44 AM

Tmoxin Temi

I'll go.