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Jyoti Nooran

Jyoti Nooran

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14 May 2019 - 12:41 AM

Obviously I'm not new, but I've been away for long enough to post something here and catch up. ^^

I was so happy to check up on SJO and see that you guys are still around and going strong (the new map sure is fancy). I shouldn't be surprised - the SJO has always been a good bunch.

I probably won't be as active as I was in the past, but I'm certainly open to some threading if anyone will have me (while also trying to avoid map game shenanigans). If you're interested, then just drop a line here or shoot me a PM.


Sitara (Jyoti Nooran's Lightsaber)

17 November 2018 - 07:00 PM




  • Manufacturer: Jyoti Nooran

  • Affiliation: Jyoti Nooran

  • Model: Sitara

  • Modularity: Yes

  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Common Materials, Force Imbued Materials (Lightsaber Crystals)


  • Classification: Lightsaber

  • Size: Hilt - 28 Centimeters, Blade 145+ Centimeters (Average)

  • Weight: Light

  • Blade Color: Silver (Translucent Blue in Stun Mode)



  • Cutting Strength: The lightsaber can cut through most materials with ease, with the exception being certain lightsaber-resistant materials like Mandalorian Iron and Vonduun Crab Armor, and energy shields.

  • Deflection: Energy bolts, like those fired from a blaster, can be blocked or deflected.

  • Lightside Attunement: Darkside spirits and constructs can be damaged or destroyed with a successful strike. This includes Darksiders and Sithspawn, which can be harmed on a spiritual level as well as physically.

  • Variable Modes: Different modes can be toggled to allow the lightsaber to perform better against certain targets.


  • Double Edge: As the lightsaber “blade” is wholly made up of a deadly plasma shaft, it’s as much a danger to the wielder as their target.

  • Cortosis: When the blade comes in direct contact with pure cortosis, it will short out momentarily until it’s reactivated again.  

  • Projectiles: In its default state, the lightsaber isn’t very good at blocking or deflecting solid projectiles. Its energy output isn’t high enough to vaporize them, especially those forged from lightsaber resistant materials, instead of creating a deadly spray of molten metal to harmful to the wielder.

  • Exotic Energy Weaponry: The lightsaber doesn’t perform well blocking certain kinds of exotic directed energy weapons, like sonic blasters, particle beams, and paddle beamers. To a lesser extent, even blaster weapons can be effective in certain configurations, like a blast cannon.

  • Visibility: The bright silver blade of plasma makes the user easy to track both visually and nonvisually through energy receptors, even if previously stealthed.

  • Force Signature: Due to the Force attunement of its crystals, when removed from its special resin holster, the lightsaber has a particular signature that can be detected through the Force without much difficulty.



Shortly after her promotion to Grandmaster, Jyoti built decided to build a second lightsaber, a reflection of her growth as a craftsman over the years. She also intended to use her new lightsaber as a testbed for technologies she had been working on to deal with the ever-increasing countermeasures against the traditional weapon of the Jedi, on top of previous innovations developed by her predecessors.

Taking inspiration from the Firestorm turbolaser system and disruptor weapons, Jyoti created a new synthetic crystal and special lenses that could modulate the properties of the plasma shaft for different effects. Previously, with different crystal combinations, similar effects could be achieved, but not on the fly like Jyoti wanted.


In addition to those customizations, she also incorporated a nonlethal stun mode to more humanely dispatch opponents instead of simply maiming or killing them.   

The modes are as follows. 

  1. Normal: Sitara’s default state, functioning just like a normal lightsaber.

  2. Training: Operating much like a training saber, the strength of the containment field greatly increases, making it much harder to breach. This prevents the lightsaber from dealing much harm, no more than a painful sting or light burn at worse. As a side effect, Sitara actually becomes effective at blocking and deflecting physical projectiles.

  3. Stun: No plasma blade is created, while the containment field generator emits a looping shaft of blue stunning energy instead, creating the pure energy equivalent of a stun club. In this mode, Sitara has no ability to block or deflect anything.

  4. Ion: The plasma shaft is highly ionized, making it highly effective against droids, cyborgs, and electronics. Sitara has less cutting power than normal mode, but a direct blow can still easily maim a lightly armored target.

  5. Incendiary:  Similar to ion mode, the cutting power of the Sitara is greatly reduced, but in exchange, successful strikes leave a plasma fire that continues to burn for several seconds after contact. Much like an Incinerator plasma railgun, the sustained damage over time can deplete light/personal shielding and melt through armor, even lightsaber resistant materials. The burning effect is also effective at countering organics with extreme regenerative capabilities, like Voxyn or Gen'Dai. 

When toggling between modes, the lightsaber has to be shutdown, requiring a few seconds before the next activation. This makes switching a difficult prospectwhile actively engaged in combat. 


Wild Hunt - SJO Dominion of the Talasea Hex

02 November 2018 - 06:53 AM




Despite its proximity to the Core, Talasea has remained largely unpopulated since the original group human colonists abandoned it centuries ago. More recently, it was again depopulated as the fledgling Talasean government dissolved and the local populace was ravaged by Sith slavers during the fall of the Commenor Systems Alliance.


The Silver Jedi Order and the Refugee Relief Movement have come now come to Talasea with the hopes of resettling and promoting long-term development on the resource-rich world in a favorable position within the Colonies Region. However, it needs a lot of work, plagued by harsh lightning storms during the rainy season and herds of feral Bantha that attack nearly everything on sight. 



1 - Thunderfoot


The Luna Corporation was awarded a contract the SJO to build to build the first of many surface settlements, Spero, on top of the ruins of the old governor’s palace.


However, about halfway under construction, the site came under harassment by a large herd of feral Bantha who moved into the area. Development has been halted since that point, as workers are constantly attacked and their equipment is damaged or destroyed. One Bantha in the herd, the alpha bull, has been noted to be particularly vicious, having leveled several buildings and ruined the foundations of others. During his attacks, unsually powerful tremors are produced, earning him the nickname “Thunderfoot” by workers. 

Deep into development, it would be too costly for Luna to relocate, so the company has requested assistance from the SJO to beef up its barriers around Spero, and to deal with the Bantha herd. Between attacks, the Bantha like to retreat into the nearby Twilight Forest. 

((For those interested in tracking down Thunderfoot and his herd, meet up with a local Luna security officer at the edge of the forest to start. Everyone else can hang out at Spero.))

2 - Panacea


Being a planet largely covered by oceans, Talasea has become a prime destination for some natives fleeing Sith controlled Dac - Mon CalamariDolphinariansWhaladons, and sympathetic Quarren who refused to ally with the Sith Empire.  

Many of the incoming refugees from Dac have had to be held in quarantine on a hospital ship Panacea, afflicted by ailments caused by bioweapons employed by the Sith. The Dolphinarians, in particular, have been hardest hit as their species possesses a weak immune system.  

Either through common medicine or the healing arts, help treat patients to bring immediate relief, and analyze the samples of the bioweapon to develop a future countermeasure.


3 - Lightning in a Bottle


Trying to make lemonade from lemons, engineers in the SEC have devised a scheme to harness the power of Talasea’s powerful lightning storms as a cheap energy source, inspired by molecular shield technology. Help engineers set up a prototype energy collector on Mount Kenali in advance of a projected storm to test out the device. 

4 - BYOO

Don't see what you like? Then feel free to do your own thing!

A Drop in the Water

25 October 2018 - 09:12 PM


The Galene Medical Center of Manaan was a sight to behold, a vast city-sized complex of glittering rounded buildings and lush parks stretching across the entire area of the small island, all ringed by pristine white beaches. From afar, Galene could be mistaken for some kind of fancy resort, but it was so much more. One part trauma center, university, and laboratory, Galene was, in fact, a major medical hub within the Inner Rim on the cutting edge of healthcare.


It represented progress for the Manaanians, who were working aggressively to position themselves as the single largest healthcare provider in the galaxy. So then Galene was a fitting location for the coming conference between the Silver Order and the Confederacy, all about future development to bring on peace and prosperity throughout the galaxy.

One wing of the luxury Gritti Hotel was rented out by the SJO to house both delegations for the week, with the Silver delegates arriving first to set up ahead of their meeting. The CIS delegation wasn’t due to arrive at the island until the first morning of the three-day conference.  

SJO Main Agenda

  • Liber Initiative: A new plan to invest in the inner regions (Deep Core, Core, Colonies) and Hutt Space to encourage the development of free economies and a respect for civil liberties.

  • The Silk Road: Plotting a new superlane that threads through the ORC and CIS to the Core to bypass current and future interdiction measures by common adversaries.

  • Refugee Relief Movement: Consolidating various joint operations and programs for refugee settlement and job training, particularly for freed slaves, into one comprehensive institution.




“Eh, this isn’t turning out so well.”

With a finger flick, she trashed the latest of her drafts she had typed up on her datapad. She had been at this for two days now, and she still hadn’t come up with an introduction she liked.


She sat back in her chair with a sigh, setting down her datapad for her thermos. The pumpkin spice latte within was still steaming, topped with a huge dollop of heavy cream. She just tipped the edge of the thermos over her lips, getting a sip of the hot coffee beverage.

Well, maybe it was coffee at one point, but all the taupe concoction was now was a vehicle for tons of sugar and fat.

It was her guilty pleasure, a sweet treat to enjoy this time of year.

Across from her, Josh was helping Jason cut up some waffles, part of some fancy continental breakfast offered by the hotel. Outside of missions, Josh was rarely seen without the toddler.

She smiled between sips, enjoying the pleasant distraction to forget about her current frustrations

“The munchkin’s growing up,” she noted with an amused huff. “It only seems like yesterday when we were spoonfeeding him baby food."

((For the CIS delegation, please start at the local island spaceport, where Allyson will be waiting to pick you up. :)))



22 October 2018 - 02:59 PM

SIV Phobeter, Alaris Expanse


The cruiser drifted through the outer reaches of the Kashyyyk system, practically indistinguishable from background radiation as it ran silently. It was one of the Silver Order's newest stealth platforms, built in-house by the SEC and off the records. Outside of the Silver Assembly, and the hand-selected crew that man the stealth ship, few knew of its existence.

Four of those people were now locked inside the SCIF with Jyoti. 


"Good evening, and thank you for being here," she started, nursing a mug of pumpkin spice latte in her hands as she paced around the small round table. All around them, a room-wide holoprojector displayed a photorealistic rendering of the gas giant Alaris and its many moons in the background. "Now, it goes without saying, but nothing we discuss leaves this room."

Intuitively, Phobeter's AI generated another rendering of the galaxy map above the table, highlighting the New Republic right above Silver Space. 

"Since its surprise exodus from Hutt Space to the Colonies region, our intelligence services have been keeping a close tab on the Republic Remnant, which has recently rebranded itself as the New Republic. Despite the controversy surrounding their move, we initially determined their presence to be of some benefit as to provide a buff to Mandalorian expansion into the Core." 

"However, recent events prompted we take another look into Republic affairs." 

The rendering over the table zoomed in on the Humbarine system. 

"Recently there was an emergency electioncalled on Humbarine after the system's previous sitting Senator, Yasmeleil Ridall, died by a heart attack. That's practically unheard of for a healthy person of her age. Then comes the special election. Yasmeleil's brother, Sullchiri, looks to be the front-runner with the sympathy vote, but right on his heels comes Ella Nova. A former Jedi Knight running on her war record."

New panes generated showing Nova, and the Ridall siblings along with some basic public factoids about each. 

"My contacts in the IGBC informed that there was apparently a fortune worth of credits pumped into her campaign for a huge media blitz, but even with all the funding, she was still unable to overtake Sullchiri leading up to the election. That was until this happened--" 

Another pane appeared, showing a holorecording of a Sith armada emerging over Humbarine.

"After this incident occurs, Sullchiri is sacked as Humbarine's interim representative and forced to withdrawal from the race over accusations of incompetence. Meanwhile, the Republic and former Jedi Nova are all lauded as heroes and come out smelling like roses. The locals are then practically rolling out the red carpet for Nova to take the Senate seat. Fast forward to now, and both the Republic and these same group of Sith are now seen together at Duro." 

"Individually, all these events would warrant suspicion, but all together, it's all too much to ignore. Both the Galactic Alliance and the Galactic Republic were both prey to infiltration, so it's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility that the same thing can and will happen to the NR. The New Republic Senate provides an easy vector for such sabotage. Now, while it's pretty clear that there is some foul play at work, without evidence, it's all just speculation at this point. This is why I will be launching a covert investigation. We will determine if indeed Humbarine has fallen victim to infiltration and/or corruption by malicious actors, and we will see if this problem is more widespread across the Republic." 

"Questions? Concerns?"

Allyson Locke Drystan Marakos Josh Dragonsflame Sala'dine Ella Nova