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In Topic: Villains?

14 July 2018 - 02:25 PM

I'm probably not notable enough, but recently did steal from an Alderaanian bank.

In Topic: As Within, So Without

07 July 2018 - 03:21 PM

Mirvak's head reared back, his upper lip curling back in a show of disgust as Dravis led the men about like a puppeteer. Mirvak's eyes flitted back to Dravis, watching him cautiously as he heard him out. The beast's rage seems to have died down completely now as he contemplated the prospective ally. The hunched, aggressive stance, and probing gaze had faded away. Again the wolf looked down at the men being controlled with disdain, then back to the Bith. His sallow, orange eyes stared directly into the dark Jedi's void filled orbs. "Yes, I see now. My plans for revenge--I have too little resources to enact them. The Force has truly brought us together for a greater purpose."


"I know how he will be broken, I never intended to simply kill him, to cast him away. I will drink from his suffering, he shall die within himself long before he falls to the saber. Your..." The Worgian's eyes narrowed and glanced at the men briefly,"Skills.. They will be of great use to me." Mirvak paused, clenching his cybernetic hand into a fist and raising it to his chest,"Our wills fulfill each other. The Confederacy shall burn, Metus shall suffer. But beware, lest you think to abuse my power to your own ends. All the masters in my life have been defeated or slain, save for one. Do not attempt to assume this role over me, either through trickery or this sorcery you lay before me." The wolf's eyes burned with a passionate fury, a newfound zeal to destroy. The beast introduced himself,"You may call me Meeeerrr-vakh, fated ally."


Dravis Rosilla

In Topic: As Within, So Without

06 July 2018 - 12:48 PM

The Worgian chuffed incredulously at the Bith lowering his defenses, perhaps hoping for a duel after all. He switched his lightsaber off and hunched his neck forward, slowly pacing in a circle around the dark Jedi as he listened to his proposal. All the while his eyes remained narrow, his ears flat against his thick skull, seemingly ready to reignite the blade at any moment. Mirvak contemplated what he was saying, he normally didn't work well with others, but he knew he would need more bodies to enact his plans of revenge. 


He snarled quietly at the Bith's comment, an insult to his intelligence. "What need do I have of you? What use?" The Worgian twisted his head to one side and lowered his head to the Bith's eye level. He stood to his full height again,"My goals are but one man, yours a federation of systems. Anything I do to the Confederacy is collateral, to draw out the Darth. It is a means to an end, not the object of my vengeance." 


Dravis Rosilla

In Topic: As Within, So Without

05 July 2018 - 02:10 PM

The wolf's wide, predatory gaze seemed to dissipate slightly, his bestial instincts fading somewhat. Mirvak's tensed face muscles began to relax slightly, the permanent snarl on his face melting into a lesser state of rage. The Worgian wore a stern scowl, accompanied by a steady glare underneath a furrowed brow. 


Mirvak was still half expecting the Bith to be an assassin of sorts, but he allowed this parlay to drag on for the moment. His eyes narrowed sharply when the odd creature asked him if he was set free. The Worgian's maw cracked open and he let loose another growl, reflexively to the question the dark Jedi had just asked him. "Banished, imprisoned by the weakling, the -master.- Metus, the coward. He banished me to a place of ash and bone, boiling fury, and terror." The Worgian's train of thought trailed off, his eyes 'seeing past' Dravis Rosilla as he continued on,"No prison can contain me, not even the blackness. Once committed to the void, you must too become ash, rock, and bone." 


The beast's clawed cybernetic hand balled into a fist as he recounted the cryptic description of this mysterious prison. Mirvak's eyes refocused on the Bith again, and he continued speaking as if he hadn't mentioned this prison,"I freed myself. Now, I seek the true freedom: Vengeance. Knowing he still lives and breathes weighs heavy on me, and I must release myself from this burden."


05 July 2018 - 01:50 PM

I'm interested.