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#1820764 As Within, So Without

Posted by Mirvak on 04 July 2018 - 02:22 PM

The wolf seemed eager to kill, swinging his large lightsaber around in front of him in a figure eight pattern with a quick flick of his wrist. But for now, he held back the blood lust, his dilated pupils examining the unknown creature before him. The Worgian raised his chin arrogantly, looking down at him from over his snout as he replied,"I am true Sith, not a rank and file Confederate acolyte weakling or craven witch conspirator." 


The Worgian pulled his lips back and let out another short, annoyed growl at the alien's inquisitive nature,"And I am not here for you to stare at and ponder." Like a dog pulling on the end of a chain, his self control over his rage seemed to be just enough to keep him from outright attacking Dravis. Perhaps Mirvak's curiosity gave that chain a bit more strength than usual. "Who are you? A pawn, or a master?"

#1819808 As Within, So Without

Posted by Mirvak on 03 July 2018 - 06:49 AM

Mirvak's ears twitched as the screeching lightsaber forced the door open. The wolf peeked his scowling face from behind one of the crates, a single furrowed, piercing yellow eye staring into the light. He observed a hooded form step into the darkness with a lightsaber and some other weapon. The beast's ears flattened against his skull, glaring at the stranger from the darkness. The figure commanded him to show himself. Mirvak responded with a low growl, slowly growing into a vicious snarl. The snarl was cut short as he paused to speak, his acidic, hateful voice echoing around the empty warehouse.


"Woe to you, it would have been better for you if you had instead pursued the decadence and filth of this world." Suddenly the beast leaped over the crates, landing 10 meters in front of the Bith and igniting his greatsaber and cutting an arc in the floor in front of him. Bits of concrete were flung towards the Sith, an obvious challenge and sign of disrespect as the disfigured Worgian let out another terrifying snarl. "Why do you follow me?" The beast spat out, curling his head to the side as his dark yellow eyes glared at the Bith with predatory intent.


Dravis Rosilla 

#1818331 As Within, So Without

Posted by Mirvak on 01 July 2018 - 01:31 AM


The beast knelt before the lightsaber components he had 'appropriated' from a black arms dealer, in a place shrouded in complete darkness. There was no privacy on this world of decadence and deceit. But here he had managed to find some meager means of connecting himself to the Force. The pieces swirled together acrobatically, the exceptionally large synthetic saber crystal connecting to the generator, and sliding into the internal lightsaber components. The black durasteel and phrik outer casing of the saber slid over the inner workings of the saber like a glove. Mirvak held out one hand as the greatsaber began to float towards him.


But his mind was elsewhere. His left eye was closed, while his newly acquired synthetic left eye was rolled up behind his head. Dark, foreboding images passed through his mind. Some of the past, some of a future that was yet to be seen. In the blink of an eye he relived the duel with the shadow in the Blood Wastes, his betrayal to Metus, his entire history of pain and suffering. The rage just beneath him gave him strength, and purpose. His place in the galaxy was reaffirmed, with his body rebuilt and his new saber constructed. The plan lay before him. Now all that remained was to enact it. The greatsaber floated into the beast's palm, and his living eye opened, while his synthetic eye quickly rolled to face forward. 


All the sounds and smells of Nar Shadda came back to him at once. The not so distant breathing of the crowded speeder airways, derisive laughter, holo advertisements. A single light flashed through the windows behind him, casting ghastly shadows of the twisted and burnt rubble inside the abandoned building on the walls. It passed, and again left Mirvak in relative darkness. Looking down at the greatsaber, he twisted it in his hand, observing its design. He ignited it, the deeper, brassy hum of the large lightsaber filling the room. Its red hue illuminated the beast, making him seem as if he were alone in a world of darkness. The wolf had seen enough, he put the lightsaber away under his simple robes and pulled up the hood around his disfigured face. 


Making his way out of the condemned building, Mirvak let the force guide him to his escape from this planet. He had no need of it any longer. The beast purposefully walked down the street, passing a couple of cooing Twi'lek dancer girls outside one of Nar Shadda's seedier establishments, and ignoring them completely. The wolf was approaching Dravis Rosilla unconsciously, when an inebriated Rodian approached the Sith and jokingly asked,"He-hey bud, where's the funeral? Check out Master Jedi over here in the black robes, hahaha--" Mirvak instantly turned to snatch the Rodian up by the neck with his powerful cybernetic hand, lifting him off the ground and bringing him to his face, growling like a mad dog. The Rodian kicked and struggled, trying to offer some kind of apology. Mirvak effortlessly tossed him into a dark, dank alleyway. Weighing the option of killing him for his insolence in his head, the wolf came to the conclusion that it would draw attention needlessly.


The wolf gave the Rodian another gruff growl, before turning away to head down the street again. The Rodian's friends stood frozen in fear, making sure Mirvak was completely intent on leaving before rushing to help their friend.

#1817483 Alderaanian Smash and Grab.

Posted by Mirvak on 29 June 2018 - 10:38 AM

Someone responded to Ultimatum over the radio,"Negative, we were all set to trap him at the end of the line here in the spaceport, but it looks like he jumped out as it was slowing down. We got some guys in the tunnels now, looking like he went into one of the service entrances. He's gotta be going for the control room."


Mirvak stood, hunched over in an elevator, listening to some calming music. His eye glanced over the floor indicator, then back to staring at the door with a blank expression. The elevator's lights flickered and suddenly came to a lurching stop. Mirvak steadied himself and regained his balance, looking down with an annoyed glare towards the console and jamming his thumb into the appropriate floor button again. His ears twinged as he heard muffled voices from outside, the shuffling of boots and charging of blasters. The Sith's jaws clamped down so hard in anger his head shook. These weaklings did not know when to give in. He would show them how futile their efforts were. He would unleash the beast they feared.


A crack team of SWAT operatives waited outside, fully geared and ready to take Mirvak down. Roughly 20 in total, lying in wait behind various forms of cover around the decorate hallway of the corporate office level. Two officers advanced, one armed with a keycard, and the other following to cover him. Inside, Mirvak's pupil shrank, his blood coming to a boiling point, clenching his one good fist so hard that blood began to drip from his claws piercing his palms. His lips curled away, revealing his sharp canines, his flared nostrils snorting loudly.


Just as the officer swiped the security keycard to open the elevator, Mirvak bursted through the doors with a deafening roar. The whole floor seemed to shake, the lights flickered and broke, popping loudly one by one and immersing the officers in darkness. He immediately slashed at the closest officer wielding the keycard, the eyes under his helmet and balaclava going wide as the beast sunk his claws into his stomach. The man cried out in pain as Mirvak raised his hand up to his chest, using the officer as cover. Mirvak lifted his left elbow and brought it down on the head of the second officer that was sent to cover him, cracking his helmet and incapacitating him immediately. "NVGs on! Bravo, covering fire!" Blaster bolts rang out down the hallway, giving the men a red tinted slideshow of the horror approaching them. The bolts hit the wounded officer on the beast's claws, as he cried out in pain before he gave up his last breath. 


Mirvak advanced quickly to the first set of policemen, throwing his arm out and sending the wounded officer flying, a force shockwave following him. He slashed, crushed, stomped, and chomped his way with terrifying speed down the line. Assisted by his natural low-light vision and force senses, he made quick work of the squad. The men fell one by one, unable to get a shot off or even secure their NVGs over their head in the time it took for the black terror to descend upon them. Mirvak finally came to the last man, his NVGs over his eyes, teeth gritted as he was raising his rifle from hanging off the sling. The bloodied, enraged Sith gripped the man by the neck and slammed him into the wall. The policeman pulled the trigger, the blaster firing twice into the beast's left quadriceps. Mirvak roared in pain, and in a grand turning motion flung him to the other wall. The officer left a crack in the marble tile as he bounced off the wall and landed on the floor, his lungs stopped from the pain.


Mirvak limped over to him and carelessly pulled his earpiece off, slashing the side of his face as he did. The police officer's lungs were released from shock and he yelled loudly as the side of his face and ear were torn up by the beast's claws. Mirvak gripped the man's carry strap on the back of his armor and dragged him along, limping slowly with the groaning officer in tow. Behind them, a deafening silence. The beast had left but one alive. 


Aten Ramses Ultimatum 

#1816947 Alderaanian Smash and Grab.

Posted by Mirvak on 28 June 2018 - 01:15 PM

A police sergeant called out from the ground over the radio,"Well don't cut the power now! He's gonna be there in less than 4 minutes, just send it back to us so we can use it to pursue!"


Mirvak looked out over the city, a condescending look of disgust across his face as he looked down at the police force on the street. He calmly moved his body away from the window as a blaster bolt slammed through it and burned a hole into the ceiling of the conductor car. Looking ahead, he saw that the spaceport no longer had any activity. Mirvak's upper lip curled back into an annoyed growl, his mind thinking over how he would escape now. Just as he was beginning to focus, he heard the sound of two speeders on either side of the train approaching from the rear. Mirvak looked to the left, then to the right, seeing two police speeders with snipers hanging off the side, secured by special harnesses. 


"Eyes on suspect."


"Open fire, open fire!"


Mirvak's instincts told him to move immediately, and just as the first shot rang out he was sprinting down on all threes down the cars, the powerful blaster bolts ripping through the train cars like paper. Mirvak ran halfway down the train, and flung himself to the floor in a blindspot between the two cars. The two snipers in their excitement began to light up the remainder of the train. 


A superior officer's enraged voice yelled over the sniper team's headset radios,"SIERRA ACTUAL, WHAT THE -HELL- ARE YOU DOING? I SAID TO NEUTRALIZE THE TARGET NOT REENACT A DRIVE-BY!" 


The snipers scanned the train for a moment, signalling to each other with hand motions from across the way that they didn't see the target. "Chief, I think we got him!"


Mirvak leaped up from his hiding place, his eye dilated and an even darker shade of yellow than normal. He raised his right hand, and reached out with the Force to grab onto the police speeder to his right and flip it upside down. The sniper was twisted around in the harness and screamed in terror as the ship was suddenly flipped upside down. The pilot veered off in a panic and corrected himself, pulling away from the train and retreating. Mirvak then turned to his left and gripped the other speeder, closing his fists inward. The speeder's propulsion system began to crumple and crush in on itself, as the sniper frantically loaded another magazine into his rifle. The speeder began to lose speed and altitude, and just as the sniper readied his sights on the Sith, Mirvak pulled his hand down quickly with great strength, and the speeder dipped into a nearby building and collided into it, exploding.




Mirvak panted heavily, not even turning his head to see the smoking wreck he had left behind. He entered a tunnel and was immersed in darkness for a brief moment. The hair on Mirvak's neck suddenly stood on edge, looking in the direction the train was going. The P.A. system on the train rang,"End of the line, Bail Organa Spaceport." The train slowed down to a pristine, train station, full of police officers decked out in police gear behind cover. As the train came to a stop, the police sergeant in charge yelled over a megaphone,"You are surrounded, come out or we WILL shoot!" 


But there was no reply from the train. The police stood on edge for what seemed like an eternity. The police sergeant looked towards his officers with unease, before silently giving the group the hand signal to move in. They all did at once, moving forward tactically with two squads for every car. They bravely entered the cars and stormed the entire train, but did not find any 8 foot tall Worgian Sith. One of the SWAT officers bent over and picked up a single unnoticed credit chit, before looking up to the auto doors that it was left in front of. They were ripped open with large imprints of powerful fingers, and vicious claw marks. 


"Uh, sergeant!"


. . .


Mirvak had 'jumped ship' before he ran into the trap at the train station, clawing his way into a service entrance. He was now walking through the restricted employee area, a dull concrete hallway lit by industrial lights. There were only a few service droids here and there remaining, no humans to be seen. Mirvak stopped, realizing he had no idea where he was going. He closed his eyes, and he channeled his inner rage. He would not be defeated by this persistent humans, not after what he had just been through, not over a mere starting fund to his revenge. More would die if necessary, until they let him off this rock. But he knew there would be fighters posted waiting for him to take off, he would be obliterated as soon as he left the space port.


His eyes opened at once, he knew how he would deceive these weak fools. His senses guided him, and he again went down on all threes, sprinting towards the control room. 

#1816203 Alderaanian Smash and Grab.

Posted by Mirvak on 27 June 2018 - 12:02 PM

Mirvak bounded down the hallway, roaring as he leapt through some straggling groups of people. He passed through a windowed tunnel from the ticketing station into the maglev train terminal, being seen from the outside by police. "There he is! Going for the train! Blast him!" The police on the ground opened fire, blaster bolts shattering the glass all around him as he continued forward, unphased by the blaster fire. He broke through the tunnel to the train station itself, seeing a train halted on the tracks. He slowed down and stood up on his two legs, walking up to one of the set of doors on the train and waving his hand, the simple autodoor opening for him. He turned and quickly moved towards the front of the train, into the conductor's car. 


The beast looked over the console with confusion, seeing the throttle and slamming it all the way forward. A voice beeped at him,"LOCKS NOT RELEASED. RELEASE LOCKS TO PROCEED." Mirvak's clawed hand hovered over the console, his eye darting about until he saw the "MAGNETIC LOCK RELEASE" lever. He pulled it upwards, and the train shuddered. "Next concourse: Bail Organa Spaceport." It began to accelerate out of the station, as police on the ground called out over the radio. "SHUT THE MAGLEV DOWN, SHUT IT DOWN DAMNIT! HE'S ON THE TRAIN!"

#1815524 Alderaanian Smash and Grab.

Posted by Mirvak on 26 June 2018 - 10:18 AM

Mirvak glared down the Jedi silently, standing to his full height. He brought his right hand up, claws outward and palm facing Aten. His one sallow yellow eye burning a hole into the lad as he told the Sith to surrender. Mirvak paused, seeing the crowd of bystanders clear out of the lobby down the front entrance, his ears pricking up as he heard the clattering of gear and voices of the police coming up the stairwell outside. His predatory gaze looked up to the metal support beams around the entrance lobby, supporting the ornate glass walls and roof typical to Alderaanian architecture. The beast's eye darted back to Aten, speaking with a dark, brooding intellect that betrayed his earlier behavior,"The opulent and weak will sacrifice many of the innocent to secure but a mite's worth from their treasures." He raised his hand and clenched it, his fist shaking as his voice strained audibly,"How many more will die for their baubles?"


The large metal beams shuddered for a moment, were crushed inwards, and tore themselves from the glass roof and walls at once, slamming into the three sets of glass autodoors. The citizens escaping were cut off, screaming in terror, and the police were blocked from entering with one move. A foul cracking came from around them, as the entirety of the lobby threatened to cave in. Mirvak began to slink backward with a knowing smirk on his face that he had entrapped the Jedi in his own moral code. He took a brief moment to drink in any dark or passionate emotions that might have been evoked in the Jedi, before sending a quick blast from his good hand towards the roof and turning to sprint down the hallway to the spaceport maglev on his three good limbs. The glass immediately cracked at the roof, and within a moment a single large, sharp, thick shard descended from the top upon the cowering citizens, evoking the rest of the glass roof to the follow suite. 


Aten Ramses Ultimatum

#1815276 Alderaanian Smash and Grab.

Posted by Mirvak on 25 June 2018 - 11:04 PM

Mirvak snorted like a mad reek as he charged towards the maglev train, when he was suddenly blinded. The Worgian grunted, shaking its head from left to right, and forcing him to stand up on his two legs. He was suddenly hit by the stun gun from Ultimatum in his back. His coarse fur and thick skin provided for some protection, not stunning the beast but only giving him a painful shock that lasted a few moments. The beast roared in pain, stopping in his tracks, as the bags were yanked again by Aten Ramses. The wolf was thrown off balance for a moment before regaining it, pulling hard on the bags, not willing to release them. 


He pulled the carbine from his mouth, sensing the young Jedi racing towards him. He snarled,"SUFFER!" before literally opening fire blindly in front of him, letting the Force guide his hand to the acrobatic Aten Ramses. His hand was guided upward as the Jedi made an impressive jump into the air, the carbine's magazine running dry just then. The dropped the blaster and pulled his right hand back, before it was too late he blasted the Jedi with a quick push, but it was too little too late, the Padawan slammed feetfirst into the beast's chest. The Worgian barked, slamming into the neatly tiled floor so hard he cracked it and bounced a couple times. 


The wolf emitted a few dry hacking coughs, pulling himself up onto his knees slowly. His eyesight slowly came back to him, a low growling in his throat accompanied by it as he glared down Aten. 

#1814823 Alderaanian Smash and Grab.

Posted by Mirvak on 25 June 2018 - 11:12 AM

Mirvak leaped into the open street, through the crowd of Alderaanian citizens. Immediately the citizens began to scream and disperse, as the police forming a cordon tried to yell over the din, telling people to get down. "Don't have a clear shot, civillians in the open! Hold fire!" Mirvak huffed and snorted, his one bloodshot eye set on the entrance to the police station. A police officer in SWAT gear and wielding a blaster carbine emerged from the clearing crowd, shouldering the weapon and bringing it to bear on the large beast. Mirvak stood up on his two feet again and raised his right hand, clenching it into a fist and forcing it downward with a roar. The rifle was wrenched from the man's hands and he was forcefully pulled down to the ground. The beast stomped into his spine, causing the man to scream out in pain, as the Worgian pulled his fist upward into his body. The compact rifle slid off the man's body and flung itself into the air, meeting the beast's right hand. 


The rifle, while unwieldy for a human to hold one handed, might as well have been a toy to the Sith. He raised the rifle towards the police at the bottom of the stairwell, as one of the sergeants screamed over the radio,"BLASTER, BLASTER!" It was too late, in a sweeping motion he fired the carbine towards the police, hitting a couple and making the others seek cover. Roaring as he ran through the hasty police cordon, he took advantage of the shocked, suppressed police and charged up the marble staircase. That didn't last for long though, as blaster bolts flew past him into the glass panes of the train entrance ahead of him. The beast charged headfirst into the glass, not even caring enough to shatter it down with the force first. 


His alert, predatory gaze scanned the ticketing area of the train station. He didn't remain in this state for long, the do gooder Jedi, the only person who could possibly keep him from escaping with the remaining two bags, was no doubt not far behind. He raised the carbine to his maw, gripping down on the butt of the gun with his jaws before dropping down again and using his good arm to assist him in sprinting. The beast sprinted towards the space port maglev, the path clearly marked by some signs. He was heading straight for Ultimatum, paying absolutely no attention to him and in his adrenaline induced state figuring him to be some sort of protocol droid.


Aten Ramses

#1814584 Alderaanian Smash and Grab.

Posted by Mirvak on 24 June 2018 - 11:06 PM

Mirvak sprinted down the alleyway, scanning for his next avenue of escape. He felt a presence chasing him again, as the same Padawan called out to him he was suddenly stopped in his tracks. The wolf barked in surprise and frustration, stopped dead in his tracks. His muscles struggling to pull the bags back in towards his body. He looked over his shoulder to see Aten Ramses still in pursuit of him. Only one type of force sensitive would go this far to try and stop him. The beast's pupil shrunk, revealing his burning yellow iris. Mirvak turned his whole body to face him, curling his left forearm inward to keep hold of all the bags. He growled in the back of his throat and uttered one acidic word, sounding more reptilian than mammalian,"JEEEEEDHIIII." Followed by a vicious snarl. 


He let one of the heavy bags release, and using his right arm he pushed the bag with all his might straight for the lad's gut, hoping both the pulling action from the Jedi and the push from the Sith would be too much for him to stop. Anticipating the Jedi to have to release his pull to avoiding the large bag of solid credit chips heading straight for his torso, he turned and began to sprint away again, kneeling down and utilizing his good right arm to help him run. On the other side of the alley, across the street, he saw a maglev train station, its tracks clearly swerving towards the space port. The police were just now arriving on the scene to shut it down. Civilians were in the area, many people moving as reluctantly as a person who was just told their spacecraft was locked down or intergalactic flight was now cancelled. 



#1814312 Alderaanian Smash and Grab.

Posted by Mirvak on 24 June 2018 - 12:59 PM


Mirvak looked up at the sky again, the space port was now maybe two kilometers away judging by the air traffic. The beast rapped his fingers once against the steering wheel, more than satisfied with himself. His ears pricked up as he heard the speeder bike above him, he looked over his shoulder and saw Aten Ramses careening through the air. He watched as the young Jedi leaped off and landed on the hood of his stolen speeder. The machine was jostled, Mirvak's one eye darting to the lad to offer a hateful glare of disbelief before the speeder bike landed in front of him. The speeder bike flipped over itself, as the Jedi offered his smug greeting to the wolf.


Mirvak offered a short annoyed bark, raising his bloodied, destroyed left hand. The crippled hand called on the Force, raising the bike as it was twisting about and flinging it over the Sith's speeder. The Sith tooks his eye off the road to glare at Aten, channeling a powerful force push, when he suddenly looked past the Jedi and noticed flashing lights in the distance. A hasty blockade had been set up with a couple of speeders and policemen armed with blasters behind them. Mirvak pressed down on the accelerator, and flung his crippled hand forward suddenly. The glass of the windshield shattered, sending the shockwave towards the police speeders. 


The speeders were lifted up off the ground a meter or so and parted to either side, allowing just enough entry for the robber's speeder. The policemen were thrown to the ground, not expecting their patrol cars to suddenly give way. Mirvak threaded the needle and sped past them. One of the policemen jumped into his speeder and grabbed his dispatch transmitter. "We gotta 15-12, force user! We got a force user! He just broke through the blockade at the intersection of Organa and Emerald, eastbound towards the spaceport!" 


Mirvak violently swerved the speeder left to right, even tapping on the brakes a few times, trying to through Aten off. The whole time he glared at the lad with his one good, solid yellow eye, not needing to look directly at the road. Again he saw more police lights in the distance, looking past the Jedi to see a much different scene than before. Instead of a few measly speeders there were a couple riot police trucks and several patrol speeders blocking the entire road. Mirvak briefly looked back to the padawan and smirked, his sharp canines briefly appearing from his maw. He pressed the accelerator all the way down, raising his mottled right arm off the steering wheel and using the force to lift the three bags of goods. In a flash he leapt out of the car with amazing speed and height for a beast of his size, executing a rolling landing onto the pavement nearby. He raised his left arm and let the bags fly down, all hooking themselves around his shoulder before he turned and ran off into an alleyway.


The speeder was still going at full speed as it grew closer and closer towards the blockade, several officers screaming to take cover and running out of the way as the driverless vehicle sped towards them. 




#1814116 Alderaanian Smash and Grab.

Posted by Mirvak on 24 June 2018 - 01:14 AM

Mirvak glanced up at the police speeders getting smaller and smaller in the rear view, then down to the three bags chock full of credits in the passenger. His destroyed left hand was curled up into his chest, leaving his hideously burn right arm to steer the speeder. The beast's makeshift hood was flung back in the open top speeder, exposing his head. The same disgusting burn marks shown on the right side of his head, leaving him no fur around the right ear and a destroyed right eye. He was truly a sight to behold. Mirvak swerved between traffic, adeptly weaving through busy intersections with the help of the Force. 


The wolf looked up at the sky, seeing the coming and going spacecraft taxiing in and out of the local space port, maybe only 4-5 kilometers away deeper into the city. His ears twitched, he sensed someone chasing him. He glanced back into the rear view to see Aten Ramses on his speeder bike, clearly tailing him. Narrowing his eyes, he stepped on the accelerator, going even faster. He was coming to a massive intersection, atleast 8 lane in all directions. Taking in a deep breathe through his nostrils, he called on the Force to guide him. Screaming through the intersection at high speeds, many people swerved, honked their horns, took erratic turns. A few speeders collided with each other, creating an obstacle for his pursuer.


He didn't bother looking through the rear view as he continued on his way to the space port, figuring Aten Ramses would not be able to make it through such a calamity he had caused.



#1813766 Alderaanian Smash and Grab.

Posted by Mirvak on 23 June 2018 - 02:34 PM

The banished wolf stood on the bow of the ferry, looking over the city that stood before him. He clothed himself in rags hastily draped over his tall form, hiding his recently acquired disfigurements. Aldera, the capital of Alderaan, in all its glory. He already despised it, he could smell the pomp and circumstance carried over the water from here. It was not going to be easy getting off this planet, almost everyone here was human and he was no stranger to attracting attention. The humans on this ferry were steering clear of him, he would have to expect the same treatment in the city.


The ferry finally docked on the shore, and the denizens began to depart. Mirvak made his way off the boat, when the captain confronted him. "Oi! You have to--" Mirvak turned his head quickly and glared at him with his one good, yellow eye from under his makeshift hood. The captain froze, and Mirvak turned and walked down the plank onto the dock. The wolf snarled silently, catching the eyes of many as he made his way into the city. 


There was no easy way of going about this, Mirvak would have to rob his way off this place. The least he could do, he figured, was get his money's worth. Vengeance isn't cheap. Walking down the pristine streets of Aldera, he was clearly out of place, and he felt it. Police patrols would trail him on and off, before peeling away when they determined he wasn't doing anything illegal. Regardless, there was clearly something suspicious about him. The wolf curled his mottled, burnt arm into his sleeve, trying not to make himself such a spectacle. But even without the burn scars, this was not an easy task.


He stumbled upon what he was looking for: a bank. The Sith had no time, the longer he stayed here the more attention he would draw. The pristine, marble steps of the bank were well guarded. Mirvak was maimed, and without his weapon. But he had no other options. The wolf made his way up the steps slowly, several of the guards looking at him and scanning him over. He passed through a set of doors and a weapons scanner and was cleared to enter. Shuffling in behind a line to one of the tellers, he was given a wide berth by the humans there in the line. 


The beast made it to the teller after some time, the young woman gulped. "How may I help you uh.. sir?" Mirvak began to speak, raising his boiled, pinkish hand out of its sleeve and waving it as he replied,"A withdrawal. I need to see the jewelry vaults. I lost my keys to my deposit box. I have adequate identification." The woman paused, and nodded,"Oh... yes sir, right this way. Happens to the best of us." The woman pressed a button and a holographic "BE RIGHT BACK" sign popped up on the glass separating her from the customers. She stepped away from the teller's desk and walked around, Mirvak trailed her. The guards eyed Mirvak suspiciously as he approached with the teller girl, but didn't say anything after she keyed herself in. 


The girl led Mirvak downstairs, past a few checkpoints with armed guards and into an area with all the deposit boxes. "Which box did you say was yours sir?" Mirvak looked down the hallway, seeing the vault door behind a rayshield with more guards. "Sir?" Mirvak turned back the girl,"I need boxes or bags to hold my possessions. I have many boxes here." The woman paused,"Oh, right.. I'll be right back." As the woman began to walk away, Mirvak spoke up,"And bring your supervisor here. I have need of him." The woman paused again, staring at Mirvak for a long moment. The beast glared, and raised his hand, waving it towards her. She furrowed her brows before her face became neutral, and nodded slowly,"Yes, sir."


 Mirvak looked up to one of the security cameras, raising a hand discretely and using the force to turn it to face one of the corners away from him. He looked back down the hallway, scanning over the vault and the two guards. The two armed guards returned the stare. The wolf, not wanting to draw their attention, turned his head away. The well-dressed manager approached with the teller and squinted at the wolf,"Yes?" The wolf looked to the girl,"Leave us, this is important, personal business." The girl looked to her manager, who nodded to her. She placed a few bags on the metal table between the deposit boxes and left, the manager placed his hands on his hips. "What appears to be the problem, sir?" The wolf waved his mottled, disfigured right hand again,"I need to access the vault." The manager's scrutinizing visage turned into a frown accompanied by an incredulous scoff,"Well, I'm sorry buddy, that ain't happening." 


Mirvak glared at him, glancing down at the security access badge clipped to his silk vest. He waved his hand again, less discreetly than before,"You will give me access to the vault." The manager shook his head, gripping it with one hand,"No--hey what the hell is going on?! No, I'm not giving you access to the--" Mirvak raised his right hand again and pulled the manager into his hand. He gripped him by the neck and and raised him up, as he began to choke and kick his legs. The guards on the other side of the deposit room entrance heard the commotion and entered to check out the disturbance. Mirvak raised his destroyed left hand and flung them into each other, and then back down the hallway. In the same instance he called on the force and pulled the bags off the table towards him, floating them over his shoulder as he moved with a purpose towards the vault. The two guards at the ray shield of the vault screamed, raising their weapons. 


Mirvak smirked, holding up the manager in front of him and forcing them to hold their fire. The manager clawed his hands at the large, pinkish-red, mottled hand that gripped his neck. The guards continued to scream, but the beast only advanced. He flung the manager into the right guard, sending them both to the ground as the left guard flinched and fired off his blaster. Immediately an alarm went off within the bank and the doors sealed behind him, closing him within the entrance to the vault. Mirvak roared and slashed across the guard's neck, sending a crimson spray across the room as he collapsed to the floor. The wolf reached down and snatched the security ID off the manager, as he reflexively raised his hands to show he was no threat. The guard only laid there, too scared to reach for his blaster again. 


Mirvak swiped the manager's ID through the rayshield and it dropped, he approached the vault door controls, swiping the manager's ID again. It beeped,"LOCKDOWN REQUIRES MANAGER BIOMETRICS OVERRIDE TO OPEN." Mirvak growled in his throat, and turned towards the manager, gripping him by the back of his neck and shoving his eyes onto the retinal scanner. His head slammed into the scanner and he cried out in pain. Mirvak screamed,"OPEN YOUR EYES! Or I will tear off your eyelids!"


The manager opened his eyes, tears of pain welling up in them as his head swam. The door control console beeped,"RETINAL SCAN COMPLETE. PLEASE PROVIDE HANDPRINT." A small yellow square lit up with an outline for a hand. Mirvak forcefully gripped his right hand and placed it onto the scanner. It scanned his hand a few times before beeping,"HANDPRINT SCAN COMPLETE. PLEASE PROVIDE VOICE SAMPLE FOR VOCAL RECOGNITION." Mirvak grunted impatiently, giving the manager a quick shove to the back, the man flinched and cleared his voice. "D-Daxter Jerris." The machine beeped again,"MANAGER DAXTER JERRIS IDENTIFIED. ARE YOU UNDER DISTRESS AT THIS TIME?" Mirvak's ears pricked up, hearing many guards gathering outside the sealed door behind him. The manager stammered,"Uhhhh. N-no." The console beeped and clicked,"VAULT LOCKDOWN DISENGAGED." The alarm shut down, the muffled yells of the security officers behind them now very clear.


The vault emitted a loud clank, and began to spin automatically, opening itself slowly. Mirvak beheld several shelves stacked high with massive pallets of credit chits, going back as far as 30 or so meters. The wolf raised his right hand, and the three large bags floated into the room, opening themselves as whole stacks of credits cascaded into them like a waterfall of chips. The manager swallowed, watching on silently as the Sith collected as much as the bags could fill. The bags zipped themselves up again, filled to the brim with what was probably close to 100 to 200 thousand credits. A fine start to funding his vengeance.


The bags floated back towards him, fluidly slinging themselves over his left shoulder. Mirvak grabbed the manager by the leg and dragged him along, as he cried out in protest. He swiped the manager's card into the door console, raising the manager by the leg in front of him. A dozen or so guards stood there, armed with simple blasters. The commander yelled to the menacing beast,"Stop! Drop the manager and put your hands where we can see them!" Mirvak smirked under his hood.


The screams of the guards accompanied by bellowing roars and the sound of blasters rang out from the basement, the people having long left the bank when the alarm was sounded. A few retreating guards emerged from the steps, running for the lives. They burst out the front doors and ran down the steps, past the meager police line that was forming. The police line began to thicken, with more speeder patrol cars arriving. Soon there was enough manpower to cordon off the growing curious crowd of civilians and secure the front entrance. There was a general sense of confusion and misinformation, no one knew truly was was going on. 


Suddenly, Mirvak sped out of the side alley in a very expensive speeder, presumably belonging to the banker he took hostage. The police force, not used to handling such a crime in one of the safest cities in the galaxy, completely neglected to cover all escape routes. This allowed Mirvak to peel out of the alley without running into a blockade, drifting hard and barely missing a few screaming pedestrians. He looked over his shoulder and cackled, the bumbling police force rushing to their speeders. Mirvak's escape from this planet seemed to be secured.


Aten Ramses



#1813578 Looking for someone to 'run into' while stealing from a bank

Posted by Mirvak on 23 June 2018 - 07:45 AM

My character is starting from scratch, going it alone for now, and in desperation needs to rob a bank on the planet he's found himself on, which is Alderaan. Would like 1 maybe 2 people to "run into" during the bank robbery.

#1813510 Through Hell and Back.

Posted by Mirvak on 23 June 2018 - 03:44 AM

It envelopes him, threatening to take his vengeance from him.


His attacks are weak, slow, harmless.


It drags him into eternal blackness, the rift and the spires fading away...


The blood rain awoke Mirvak at once, the hot liquid setting his skin on fire. His eyes shot open and he emitted a pained, angered bark, springing up to his feet and drawing his lightsaber. Even his debilitated state, he was still just as ready to defend himself as before he was cast down here. He sheathed his saber, and held his hand over his brow, shielding his eyes from the burning rain. He looked to the direction he had always gone, and could not believe his eyes. It was the spires, sitting atop a plateau of rock and bone. In disbelief, he looked behind him and all around, the landscape had changed from where he had laid his head to rest. There were no screams of the damned, in fact they were no where to be seen. 


The wolf pushed on, with a newfound confidence and hope that he had never had since he had been banished to this place. He relished in the thought of actualizing his plans of vengeance, eagerly making his way to the plateau with a malicious cackle. The wolf approached the foreboding wall of bone and rock and began to scale it. But his eagerness was soon tempered by his exhaustion, as his malnourished, weakened body struggled to climb. Every time the beast raised his head, the top only seemed farther away. But the scorned Sith only pushed on, his pride would not allow his body to give in. 


His muscles ached and began to go numb, but now he could see the edge. His hand weakly gripped a large leg bone sticking out of the wall, pulling up with all his might, his body trembling. The bone suddenly snapped under his weight, and as his body's weight fell onto the bone his left hand was holding it snapped as well. He began to fall, and the wolf desperately gripped his paws onto the side of the plateau, his left hand catching a sharp, upright rock. It immediately impaled his palm, hooking it like a fish, and he roared in pain, his fingers wrapping around it. Crimson blood poured down on him, but this time it was not the rain, it was his own. The wolf clenched his jaw, his body shaking with pain and exhaustion as he brought up his right hand to grip onto another, sturdy bone, and planting his feet firmly against the wall. He pulled up sharply on the rock, and it released his hand, forcing another pained bark from him. He looked up again, he had only fallen a few meters from where he had lost his grip.


The defiant beast continued on at an even slower pace, forcing his left hand to take on the same weight as before as he climbed. One last meter and he was clear. He threw his right arm over the top, digging his claws into the rock as he pulled himself up, his body quivering like a leaf as it pulled itself onto the rock. He laid on his back for a moment, panting hard, his whole body numb from the severe exhaustion. He gripped his destroyed left hand, and turned his head to look down, over the entire landscape. He marveled at the truly endless hell before him, and the masses of the damned huddled together, moving about aimlessly for a salvation that didn't exist. The thought crossed the wolf's mind again, that perhaps this wasn't a true escape either, he had just climbed the sheer rock face for nothing. 


The beast reluctantly turned his head the other way to see. And it was truly just as the cryptic dreams had foretold. The two spires of bone and rock, before a massive rift in reality. It was blindingly white, a color the beast had not seen in a long time. The beast forgot about his pains and forced himself to stand, limping towards the light. He moved at an agonizingly slow pace, his left hand cradled under his chest as he reached out with his right. The wolf sputtered out,"So this chain too, I will break." He was so close now. The ragged dog could feel a cold, strong wing blasting him through the rift. A sharp smell entered his nostrils, the distinct smell of pine trees, wildlife, water, grass. 


He closed his eyes as he anticipated passing through, when a strong gale knocked him back. The wolf snarled, picking himself up off the ground and looking to the rift again. There stood a formless, obsidian apparition, a dark force guarding the exit, appearing like a large flame clothed in blackness. Mirvak gripped his lightsaber and ignited it, panting as he stared down the spirit. "I will not be denied!" The spirit at once sunk into the rock and bone beneath, and before Mirvak could react it blindsided him, appearing over his left shoulder and scratching him across the chest, leaving three deep gashes. He slashed at it weakly with his saber, missing completely, stumbling as he did. It came again, from behind, slicing across his back, he roared, swinging his lightsaber in an arcing 180 degree turn, but it was gone before he could do anything. 


Mirvak bared his teeth, speaking inbetween pained winces as he scanned his surroundings alertly,"Only the cowardly have beaten me, sorcerers, craven witches, with all their manners of trickery. You are not any different." The apparition came from behind again, shrieking an inhuman bloodcurdling war cry as it did. The wolf, hearing its approach, turned and executed a quick sideways slash with his saber. It connected with the demon, and it recoiled, screeching in pain as it receded back into the rock quickly. A voice came from within his head, sounding something like his own but not quite right, taunting him,"You are no different. A proud Sith warrior that engages in treacherous backstabbing is still a treacherous backstabber. You could not face your master in one on one combat, you let one of the very craven witches you despise distract him for you. And still, you lost." 


Mirvak growled,"Nothing of this past remains here, only the ashes and bones and boiling fury. I am a Sith beyond the measure that Metus can comprehend, I will enact my revenge. No purposeless spirit will keep me from my goal." Suddenly there came a deep slash along his calves and he roared, falling to his knees. Before he could pick himself up it appeared before him and enveloped him, wrenching his lightsaber hand away from itself and above Mirvak's head as it shrieked loudly. An unbearable pain like being burnt alive shot through the entire body of the weakened Sith. He threw his head back and cried out in agony, he could feel it draining the life from him, a sensation he was not unused to. He looked towards his right hand being held in place above his head and slowly began to turn his wrist down towards the apparition, furrowing his brows and grunting in his throat as he forced himself against the spirit's might. The apparition slowly began to shrink away from the lightsaber edging ever so closely towards it, until it could no longer risk remaining in there and released him, slinking away into the rock immediately.


He heard the twisted voice cackle and morph from his voice into Srina Talon 's, a true annoyance to the Sith,"Poor little mutt. Your mind has left you, you look more skeleton than dog. Where are your little tantrums you usually give yourself into? No use to you here I suppose. I gave you an ultimatum, and you refused--" The voice trailed off into something much more sinister, nothing like the woman's voice,"--And now you will suffer for your insolence." Mirvak stood again, his jaw open wide as he panted heavily, his eyes squinted and fluttering. Before he could even get himself in a readied stance, the spirit struck him again, and again, and again, a whirlwind of slashes and slices. Mirvak stumbling about like a drunk, swinging weakly, as if he were fighting underwater. Then there was silence, the slashing stopped. The wolf had lost his focus, he was just barely holding on, and the spirit knew. It appeared a few meters in front of him, menacingly watching him. Mirvak returned the glare, readjusting his stance as his quaking legs began to fail him, his pathetic form dripping with blood. Srina's voice rang out again,"A second chance, Mirvak, Submit. Or die." The wolf still said nothing, only holding his stance. 


The guardian spirit shrieked in anger, charging forward with lightning speed. Mirvak swung his lightsaber, but he was knocked off his feet, tackled by the dark force. His lightsaber went flying from his hand, clattering against the rock and bone. The spirit knocked him straight into a puddle of boiling blood, submerging his entire right arm and the upper right side of his skull. He let out a cracking, agonizing bark. The spirit cackled in many voices familiar to Mirvak all at once, and tossed him like a doll out of the boiling blood puddle onto the steely rock. Mirvak's entire right arm and shoulder now shone bright red, pinkish skin, the thick fur completely boiled away. Burned away also was the skin of his right eye, ear, and scalp, already developing hideous mottled boils. The wolf laid flat, his mind empty. His will was broken, his mind was completely blank. He heard the twisted voice morph into Darth Metus ' in his head,"Death is a release. A validation to his claims. This is a more fitting end." 


The beast's only good eye shot open immediately, his pupils dilating, and his blood running hot. The lightsaber laying a few meters away shifted barely a centimeter. The beast could feel it, what was lost to him being brought back slowly with each word uttered in the Darth's voice. He could feel the Force here, just barely. The apparition raised Mirvak from the ground slowly, setting him on his knees before it. It spoke in the Darth's voice again,"The end of his ambitions. The end of his power." Mirvak's nostrils flared, snorting like a wild reek. His lightsaber shifted again, rolling slowly towards the wolf. The spirit began to envelope him again, preparing to drain his life force completely. "Such is the fate of traitors." It wrapped itself around him, the burning sensation igniting both his nerve endings and his pure battle rage.


Mirvak's right hand flung itself outward, the lightsaber rolling, lifting itself up and bursting through a pile of bone and flying toward his hand. He immediately ignited it and sent it straight into the middle of the spirit, his cries of pain turning into his trademark proud, defiant, furious roar. The spirit's shriek of pain deafened him, as he took his destroyed left hand and supporting his right, shoving it deeper and deeper into the demon. He pulled upward, slicing it in half completely, the momentum knocking him off his feet. His hand lost grip of the lightsaber and it careened over his head, landing somewhere to be forgotten forever. He sat upright, looking at the thing convulse and shriek, before pulling itself apart and dissapearing into nothingness. 


. . .


It was cold. The overpowering scent of pine filled his nostrils. He weakly raised his head, and looked around. He was blinded by such brightness, having lived in darkness for who knows how long. The wolf squinted as his eyes adjusted, finally looking around to find himself in a forest. A thin layer of untouched snow covered the ground. It was completely silent. He did not remember getting here, or how long he had been here, but his muscles seem to have recovered from the duel enough to allow him to stand. With the help of a nearby tree, he did just that. The mauled, skeletal wolf took it all in. He could feel the Force here, something he had not done for some time. It was under his command, and he could feel the world around him. 


But there was no time to sit here and contemplate on the merits of his escape.


He went forward just as a defiant, proud Sith should: like he wasn't maimed, limping, without a lightsaber, and crippled.


He went forward to vengeance.