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#1697598 The Shifting Sands (Exploration of Jakku\Open to All)

Posted by Mirvak on 01 January 2018 - 09:13 PM

Location: Approaching allies

Allies: Er'in Tenel | Beltran Rarr

Enemies: Zesiro | Edric Vanyan | Akabane



Mirvak at once ignited his lightsaber and sunk it into the center locking mechanism of the door. He twisted it and turned it slowly, a small molten circle forming around the lightsaber and gradually growing bigger. 


He glanced down to Er'in briefly, then looked back to the door. "I care not for the weakling's escapades. If he hinders us I will strike him down." 


After a minute of melting through the locking mechanisms, Mirvak pulled his lightsaber out and waved his hand over the door. It shuddered and creaked, but with some persuasion from the force, it opened. As expected, there were rusted sentinel droids in a state of disrepair, waiting on the other end. Mirvak leapt into action, swinging his lightsaber from left to right, cutting three in half from the waist up. 

#1695502 The Shifting Sands (Exploration of Jakku\Open to All)

Posted by Mirvak on 29 December 2017 - 09:09 PM

Location: Approaching allies

Allies: Er'in Tenel | Beltran Rarr

Enemies: Zesiro | Edric Vanyan | Akabane


Mirvak watched as Akabane soared through the air, through the wall of fire. He paused, staring into the wall intently, before approaching it and calling on the force, shooting both of his hands outward to make a hole in the wall. As Edric was retreating and no longer focused, it was broken in half easily and began to wither away. The wolf sensed Er'in and the merc go down one way, and Akabane and the others retreat to elsewhere. He clenched his fists and extinguished his lightsaber, his head quivering as a deep growl permeated from his throat. Cowardice. He could not pursue his prey, he had to accompany Er'in if he wished to have a chance of retrieving these powerful relics. Stomping off angrily towards the pile of rubble that the merc and the witch had gone through, he channeled his anger, raising both of his nasty, clawed hands. The rubble and rocks raised up from the ground slowly, Mirvak holding it for a moment before rolling his arms forward. The rubble pile was suddenly thrown forward and dispersed evenly as a dusty, rocky pathway down the hallway his two fleeing accomplices had retreated to. 


The two could hear the rocks crashing against the floor and walls up the hallway, but what appeared a few silent moments later was Mirvak, skulking out of the dark of the hall into the dimly lit room. The beast seemed to permeate darkness, whether it was simply his fur color or demeanor it wasn't clear. The wolf locked eyes with Er'in, moving in the same meticulous pattern as before, like a shark scoping out its prey. The intense gaze gave off an annoyed an angered attitude, as he turned his head away from her carelessly and walked around her to the door, running his claws against it lightly. He raised his extinguished lightsaber and curtly asked Er'in,"Are you in need of a key, witch?"

#1694539 The Shifting Sands (Exploration of Jakku\Open to All)

Posted by Mirvak on 28 December 2017 - 03:56 PM

Location: Just inside the Observatory

Nearby: Edric Vanyan Alba Talatheen Beltran Rarr @Er'in Tenel

Allies: @Er'in Tenel Beltran Rarr

Engaging: Akabane


Mirvak's attempt to push the wall of fire down only amounting to making the wall shudder momentarily. The beast thought for a moment to just jump straight through it, when his ears perked up at Akabane's clapping. He turned slowly in a menacing fashion, glaring down Akabane wordlessly. As Akabane charged forward he raised his lightsaber and slashed at him, missing and leaving a glowing red mark on the floor. The spry man successfully went under the beasts legs, but as the kick came up the beast raised his right forearm, blocking the kick with his meaty arm. Mirvak then attempted to roll his arm over the leg and grip it under his shoulder, if he was successful he would spin Akabane around him once and throw him through the fire wall. 

#1693667 The Shifting Sands (Exploration of Jakku\Open to All)

Posted by Mirvak on 27 December 2017 - 01:45 PM

Location: Just inside the Observatory

Nearby: Edric Vanyan Alba Talatheen Beltran Rarr @Er'in Tenel

Engaging: Edric Vanyan



 Seeing Er'in cast a spell and step aside for him, Mirvak dropped his shoulders and let his black robe drop to the floor. He ripped the lightsaber from his belt and ignited it instantly, rushing towards Edric Vanyan with a loud roar. He leapt forward, but was immediately cut off by a wall of fire. He raised a hand to shield his face, blinded by the sudden brightness. He lowered his arm and roared in protest, both his arms shooting up again in a sweeping motion, using the force to try and clear a path through the fire. 

#1693502 The Shifting Sands (Exploration of Jakku\Open to All)

Posted by Mirvak on 27 December 2017 - 02:38 AM

Mirvak's ears flattened against the side of his head as he was referred to as "creature," and snarled silently. His anger swelled up within him, he couldn't remain silent for much longer, playing nice with these weaklings. His fingers tightened into a fist, letting the young man finish speaking. He took an authoritative step forward and spoke at once towards Edric Vanyan, a low rumbling,"This is no debate." He paused to quirk his head to one side and let a growl slip out,"The Holocron is leaving with us. Purchased with credits, or with blood." He opened his right hand and gestured with a sweeping motion around the ruins,"We allow you to loot the rest." His eyes, shining in the dark, glared down at Edric. 


Beltran Rarr | Alba Talatheen | Myles Davorak | Akabane | Theo Vereen 

#1692374 The Dark Crystal (CIS - Mandragora / Dark Acolyte)

Posted by Mirvak on 24 December 2017 - 09:54 PM

Mirvak rode in on his speeder, stopping 30 meters short of the slowly forming group. The wolf slid off of the speeder, taking his time to approach the group. He didn't completely mingle with the others, standing off to the side and merely staring down Er'in impatiently, arrogantly wondering why she was chosen to lead this expedition. 

#1692364 The Shifting Sands (Exploration of Jakku\Open to All)

Posted by Mirvak on 24 December 2017 - 09:36 PM

Mirvak played his role well, despite how much he hated it. He stood behind @Er'in Tenel, a massive brute of an alien who's battle scarred features could barely be made out in the dim light. His predatory gaze, his sallow eyes that shone in the light, regarding Beltran Rarr and Edric Vanyan with a dead cold glare. He turned his head quickly to assess Alba Talatheen, giving her the same silent gaze, gauging her quickly, before looking away. The beast's rage was just boiling just underneath the surface, seeing now that he had agreed to diplomatic measures with a few mere weaklings. Despite his anger swelling within him, he said nothing, just standing by Er'in's side. 

#1691703 The Shifting Sands (Exploration of Jakku\Open to All)

Posted by Mirvak on 23 December 2017 - 09:04 PM

Mirvak stopped in his tracks completely as Er'in spoke up in protest again, snarling as she made her sarcastic comment, his upper lip curling up briefly. He turned to face her, his intense gaze practically boring holes into her. Clearly, the wolf didn't care for being told what to do. His gaze followed her finger to the pyrokinetic light, before swiftly looking back to her, his large brows furrowing together tightly. Extinguishing his lightsaber and placing it at his hip, the worgian stepped uncomfortable close and spoke to her quietly. "I will allow this treachery, for now." He looked her over once, growling his throat briefly,"You may pose as the pampered Sith Lord you think you are, if for no other reason than you are dressed for it." The wolf begrudgingly spat out,"And you may call me your servant." He paused, letting her enjoy that if she cared to. He quickly raised a single finger, pressing a single sharpened claw underneath her chin,"This is not a form of supplication. Mirvak does not bow. You speak. I slay." 


He lowered his hand from her chin, impatiently nodding forward towards the end of the hallway,"Servaaaants.. Do not lead. Go, girl."

#1691468 The Shifting Sands (Exploration of Jakku\Open to All)

Posted by Mirvak on 23 December 2017 - 04:09 PM

Mirvak glanced over his shoulder back to @Er'in for a moment as she said this, a quiet glare in his eye. "Fear not, I have in my possession a diplomat." He raised his right hand for her to see the large lightsaber he was gripping. The two were nearing the end of the hallway, getting dangerously close to Edric Vanyan and Beltran Rarr. The two first arrivals could now hear the two Sith quite clearly as Mirvak continued,"The speech craft you have honed in your life of decadence will not be of use here." He ignited his lightsaber, holding it out in front of him, as it was getting too dark even for his canine eyesight. 


Alba Talatheen 

#1691379 The Shifting Sands (Exploration of Jakku\Open to All)

Posted by Mirvak on 23 December 2017 - 02:19 PM

Mirvak could not contain his disdain for @Er'in Tenel now, quirking his head to the side and emitting a quiet, dry growl, angered by the simple fact that he needed her help. "Curses and traps, the tools of the weak and craven." He narrowed his eyes as he leaned in towards her,"Prove your worth with this knowledge and I will permit you to loot the petty baubles, Noblewoman." He stood to his full height again, his ears twitching and flattening to the side of his head as he turned to look down the long hallway. "There are others. Time is fleeting." Taking slow strides deeper into the hallway, he sent quiet, murmuring echoes of rocks being kicked and rolling about as he led on.




Edric Vanyan Alba Talatheen Beltran Rarr

#1690384 The Shifting Sands (Exploration of Jakku\Open to All)

Posted by Mirvak on 21 December 2017 - 07:49 PM

Mirvak slowly made his way down into the observatory, pulling his hood away with his free hand. His dark yellow eyes shone like little moons in the dim light of his lightsaber. Rocks and pebbles left over the centuries shifted and rolled down the hallway as the behemoth attempted to move silently, alerting Edric Vanyan and Beltran Rarr, who were just around the corner. The hairs on the back of his neck protruded underneath his robe, he sensed someone close. 


He heard someone entering the entrance to the ruins behind him, his attention on trying to locate the two was below broken as he turned to growl viciously at the newcomer. The worgian sensed a familiar presence, and lowered his weapon slowly, recognizing @Er'in Tenel. He extinguished his lighsaber, his eyes shining like beacons to Er'in with her light amplifying goggles. The bright orbs closed in and narrowed further than usual, as his bassy voice acknowledged her arrogantly.


"Noblewoman," was the first word the aloof Sith spoke to his fellow apprentice for the first time ever. Followed by a short, subtle growl from his throat, perhaps a subtle worgian speech habit, or an affirmation that his aggression towards her earlier was not lessened by the fact that they were on 'the same side.' He continued, perhaps surprising Er'in with a sentence that was longer than his usual a few words as he mocked her,"There's no ball, wine tasting, nor jewelry store to be found in this place." He chuffed and shook his head, sand cascading from his rough fur around his neck as he circled around her slowly,"The mmmmasterrr..." He spat the word out spitefully as he hunched down his head to her level,"Was not wise with tasking you to this." His circled her once, returning to his full height and standing in front of her again, pausing to allow her to respond.

#1689788 The Shifting Sands (Exploration of Jakku\Open to All)

Posted by Mirvak on 20 December 2017 - 08:30 PM

A massive figure in a thick black robe riding a large speeder crested the dune not a few minutes after Beltran Rarr entered the ruins. Mirvak, the Wolf of the Confederacy, stopped to check his surroundings. Calling on the force, his instincts directed him to a great power ahead of him. He raised his head, his snout protruding from his hood as he scanned in front of him, seeing the entrance to the ruins of the Jakku observatory and a single speeder parked outside. Though to the uninitiated it may have seemed unlikely for such an unceremonious opening to contain such a great power, Mirvak could sense otherwise. This was it. The ruins of the Jakku Observatory that his master had informed him of. While the history behind the legendary Sith, Darth Sidious, was lost on the arrogant Worgian, he still understood the importance of obtaining relics from this place. 


He navigated his speeder to the entrance slowly, refocusing his efforts to ignore his need for water. As instructed by his master in an earlier training, he called on his passions to give him strength, to let him go greater lengths without food or water. Regardless, the large wolf shrouded in the black robe was eager to get out of the oppressive sun of Jakku. As the Worgian approached Edric Vanyan's speeder, he dismounted his own. In a single movement he drew his lightsaber, ignited it, and swung it down the middle of the speeder. The speeder collapsed into the sand, sliced in two, and Mirvak continued on his way. As far as the wolf was concerned, they wouldn't be needing it, whoever they were. 


Stepping into the dark of the entrance, he raised his snout and gave a few deep snorts. He reflexively snarled as he smelled two faint, yet distinct scents. He raised his lightsaber up to face level and continued on, using it as a dim light source as he descended.

#1688154 This is Getting Out of Hand, Now There are Three of Them! | Imperial Inva...

Posted by Mirvak on 18 December 2017 - 12:51 AM

Location: Dagobah Swamps

Allies (GA, CIS, ORC, SJO) | Red Team: Kip HollaranLyra SunfellKatria VekarrDalton KenwaySol StaziPrimeDarth MetusMirvakAkabane Jarvik | Srina Talon @Er’in Tenel
Allies (GA, CIS, ORC, SJO) | Blue Team: Shoma IkeKatrine Van-DerveldAya ClarkeRapaxCoren Starchaser
Enemies: Galactic Empire

Engaging: Ra Vizsla

Equipment: A red acolyte's lightsaber.


The enraged Worgian quickly bounded from tree to tree, coming to the base of the large tree that stood towering over even the AT-ST. Grunting and growling with each leap, he used his claws and upper body strength to easily pull himself onto each branch before jumping to the next. Within a few moments he was level with the cockpit of the AT-ST, too busy shooting down into the Confederate force to notice the angered Sith-wolf clambering up the tree right next to it. Pure instinct took over his decision making, as he looked up and judged within an instant the sturdy branch a few meters above him to be sufficient to leap onto the AT-ST from. Rushing to get to the designated branch, his hairs stood on end, hearing a jetpack behind him. He ignited his lightsaber, looking up just in time to see Ra Vizsla land on the branch above him. Mirvak immediately perceived him as a threat as the Mandalore take a proud stance with his spear. The wolf lurched his head forward and roared, as Ra lunged down at him with his spear. The Worgian took his lightsaber with both hands and swung up at him with a powerful haymaker, but before the lightsaber could make contact Ra collided with the Sith, sending him tumbling down the tree.


He crashed into a few branches, snapping them instantly as he passed through them. His instincts were one with the force, as he turned his body upright without thinking, his feet finding the branch before his mind could even acknowledge it was there. Landing in a kneeling position, he felt a sharp, intense pain in his right side. His hand fell to it and felt it, warmth oozing from his flank. He smelled copper in the air, and brought his hand up to his face just to be sure. Blood. He snarled viciously at his hand, as if it were Ra. Few men had ever made him draw blood since his time in the slave fighting pits.



The intense pain, the humiliation, and his already enraged state culminated into something much worse. Mirvak instantly threw his hand out of his face in disgust and looked up to Ra, followed by an ear shattering, elongated roar. Without breaking eye contact, he ignited his lightsaber and jumped, leaping up many branches with surprising speed. Within a couple of seconds he was already upon Ra, landing on the same branch as him and attacking with unbridled rage. He ungracefully and inaccurately swung his lightsaber like a blind man with the strength of 20 Banthas. A guttural grunt came from his throat each time he swung, his lightsaber sending splintering branches flying with each cleave. Mirvak was lost in his rage, unable to focus on anything but Ra. Depending on how the Mandalore responded to the Sith beast's flurry of brute force attacks and blind rage, the duel could go very poorly for either of them. 


I'm on a business trip until Friday and will not be able to respond that much if at all.

#1685793 This is Getting Out of Hand, Now There are Three of Them! | Imperial Inva...

Posted by Mirvak on 13 December 2017 - 05:24 PM

Location: Dagobah Swamps

Allies (GA, CIS, ORC, SJO) | Red Team: Kip HollaranLyra SunfellKatria VekarrDalton KenwaySol StaziPrimeDarth MetusMirvakAkabane Jarvik | Srina Talon @Er’in Tenel
Allies (GA, CIS, ORC, SJO) | Blue Team: Shoma IkeKatrine Van-DerveldAya ClarkeRapaxCoren Starchaser
Enemies: Galactic Empire

Engaging: DT-2417

Equipment: A red acolyte's lightsaber.


Mirvak hunched his huge form low to the fog and advanced quickly and quietly towards Darth Metus. If his knuckles could turn white, they would, as he gripped his lightsaber tightly, his predatory gaze sweeping the smoke in front of him. He settled behind a tree to the left of the Darth and Srina Talon. He clung to the tree, leaning out slightly to peer into the smoke. His ears pricked up again as he heard the sloshing of footsteps, and blasters being switched off their safeties. Mirvak narrowed his eyes, pulling his head back into cover, his force attuned senses telling him he was vulnerable to being shot. In typical antisocial fashion, he offered nothing to the conversation between his fellow apprentices and his master, regarding them with a furrowed brow. Looking back towards the smoke, he could see some black clad figures moving into cover as it dissipated slowly. He snarled, eager to finally battle after countless bloodless training sessions. 


He looked to his right as Darth Metus suddenly lobbed a sonic grenade, exploding the base of a large tree and crushing several Death Troopers. He sensed Srina Talon go up the right flank as she turned invisible to the naked eye, and hearing his master's call to action, he let out a blood curdling roar. He moved to the left as the droids acted as cannon fodder for the Confederate attack, trying to mirror Srina in order to enact a simple pincer movement on the enemy. He lunged from tree to tree, his right arm swinging erratically as it deflected incoming blaster fire. Within a few moments he reached the edge of the Death Trooper platoon's left flank, and performed a right face, charging headlong into the imperial soldiers. Within a few leaping strides, he was already on top of a trooper, slamming him down into the muck with his lightsaber embedded into his chest. The Worgian sensed danger, a garbled scream coming from his right, and within an instant he turned and stood up from his kneeling position, swinging his lightsaber as he did. He sliced the blaster rifle that was just an instant away from putting a bolt into the back of his head. The wolf swung again with about as much grace that could come from the angered Sith-beast, slicing a deep gash across the trooper's chest plate. 


He raised his foot and kicked the fatally wounded trooper back into the muck carelessly. The Worgian proudly strode forward, a permanent snarl on his face as he looked to slay more death troopers caught up in the fight against the confederate droids. Suddenly, a garbled yell from his left caught his attention. A death trooper came out from behind a tree and lobbed a thermal detonator right at Mirvak. The wolf crouched down and instinctively rose his hands, calling on the force to shield him from the detonator. It went off on top of him as the death trooper had planned, a shockwave throwing water and smoke around his position. The death trooper rose his rifle, approaching the spot where the wolf had been, and as it was impossible to see through the smoke he switched to thermals. Instead of seeing a crumpled mess lying in the muck, he saw a large red and orange form bearing down on him. Before he could fire, Mirvak had struck him, his claws sinking into the death troopers sides as the beast tackled him into a tree, dying bark flying off as the wolf slammed him into it. The wolf's pupils were dilated as he roared so loud it almost blew out the audio receptors in the trooper's helmet. As soon as the roar had subsided, Mirvak proceeded to headbutt the trooper several times, until the helmet gave way and the black blaster proof glass shattered. Mirvak took the trooper by the neck, his claws dripping with the mans blood, and threw him down violently into the muck. The beast allowed his head come back up for air once, before he stomped it viciously back into the mire. 


The beast, barely holding a conscious thought in his primitive, rage induced state, saw the AT-ST being dropped by the shuttle. Perhaps if not enraged, he would avoid it, but now, he was more than beyond that sort of rationale. His eyes caught sight of a tree with many branches, easily climbable by even a huge Worgian like himself. He dropped on all fours, leaping and bounding towards the tree, hoping to climb up it and get an opportunity to drop down onto the top of the AT-ST.

#1682899 This is Getting Out of Hand, Now There are Three of Them! | Imperial Inva...

Posted by Mirvak on 08 December 2017 - 12:55 AM

Location: Dagobah Swamps

Allies (GA, CIS, ORC, SJO) | Red Team: Kip HollaranLyra SunfellKatria VekarrDalton KenwaySol StaziPrimeDarth MetusMirvakAkabane Jarvik | Srina Talon @Er’in Tenel
Allies (GA, CIS, ORC, SJO) | Blue Team: Shoma IkeKatrine Van-DerveldAya ClarkeRapaxCoren Starchaser
Enemies: Galactic Empire

Moving Towards: DT-2417

Equipment: A red acolyte's lightsaber.


The brooding Worgian crouched behind the tangled mess of roots of the swamp tree. He kept his body low, the muck overtaking much of his lower half as the thick fog somewhat concealed his large upper body and head. His piercing yellow eyes stared into the back of Darth Metus and Srina Talon's heads, as they were but 30-40 meters ahead of him. He didn't care much for 'games', whether they were 'war games' or not. His ears perked up as they both made their way deeper into the swamp. As if he was stalking his prey, he waited for them to stand up completely and move out of sight before he stood up to his full height and followed them. Perhaps the ambitious acolyte was testing his master's perceptive, or maybe he was simply following from a respectful distance. In either case, the wolfman kept his distance from the two as he followed them deeper into the swamp.


His eyes bored holes into the back of Srina's head. What he felt was jealousy, though he would not admit it. This simple girl got all her time with the Master, who knew what secrets he had taught her in all their time they had alone. The little silvery worm did not have the attitude of a warrior, she was weak. He snarled, pulling his lightsaber from his hilt, he entertained a thought for a moment, but pushed it aside. Turning his attention away from her to scan his surroundings, he paused, his ears pricking up. The hair on his neck stood on edge and his ears flattened against the side of his skull as he felt it get colder for no apparent reason. He became dead to the world as he hunched his body down, growling quietly as his head darted around, looking for a source for this ominous feeling. 


He closed his eyes briefly as an image flashed before him, a man with an iron band around his eyes. It was there, and then it was gone, but he still felt his presence. It was at that moment that his acute ears picked up on the smoke grenades thrown by @DT-2147's platoon, and he came to his sense. He turned back towards his master and his albino pet, moving forward as quietly as he could.