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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

Member Since 24 Nov 2017
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About Me

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Name: Mariya Fleischer
Allegiance: Friends
Factions: The Je’daii Order, Order of the Silver Jedi, Commenor
Occupation: Owner of food and beverage company, Soul Brothers and Sisters Ltd
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 28
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Eyes: Emerald green
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Fair
Force Sensitivity: Yes
Tattoos: Yes, on her inner right forearm. A symbol of her gang membership and a reminder of her past.
Hobbies: Boxing, swimming, gunsmithing, wine making, food tasting, tennis


"My name is Mariya Fleischer. This is my life story. Everything is true.


I was an orphan. I had been a drug dealer and a spice addict. I did stuff for the Republic which no one knew. I later became a mercenary and worked in an Underworld cartel. There, I briefly dated an ex Imperial turned pirate captain. I also ran cantina operations under a female pirate queen with fists bigger than your face. Then everything collapsed suddenly. The world around me was gone. Do you understand? I lost my family again. Everything.


So I retired and hung up my rifle for a while. I thought I could go back to a normal life. But trust me, you don't. Once you have seen so much in your life, you will never be the same again. Also, credits do not drop from the sky. So I went back to work.


Work means being a mercenary again. Work means selling my skills to the highest bidders. Work means doing things differently this time round.


I am now the CEO of my own company and will build a new foundation for the future. Do I miss the old times? I do. I missed all of them from the cartel. But they will never come back. Never. All I can do is to carry their dreams on my back. What is our dream? Surely you would have understand by now what is our common dream, won't you?"


Lastly, don't bully my friends. The last thing you will see is my rifle greeting you."



Some old signatures of Mariya Fleischer. Starts off from 2006, lot of pictures to scroll. You are warned.



Thanks. Never really used them but they were good. I wish that you would write again...


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