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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

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In Topic: The Great Gathering | The Je'daii Order

16 March 2018 - 11:20 AM

The waters felt cold. Salty even. Not exactly the most inviting thing in the world, but she did not care. This was her chance to catch up with Captain Marcus Grey. So she swam, paddling quickly towards the captain who was in just treading water in front of her. Just a few strokes and she would reach him. She surfaced, smiling at Marcus who grinned back. As he leaned forward, she broke into a giggle and reached her hand out towards him. As her hand rested on his shoulder, she closed her eyes and waited.


She waited for a good minute and felt nothing.


Unable to wait any longer, she opened her eyes and found herself greeted by two twin babies in her arms again. One of them was crying.


"What the-"


The sound of fire rang out near her position. She cloaked, slipping away under the cover of the debris and ran. The sound of the baby cries were enough to betray her invisibility, with bolts flying at her general direction. Luckily, her shields were effective against blaster fire. She took a beating and hopped onto a nearby speeder, placing the babies at the empty seat and drove off.


"I'll get you both to safety," she muttered to herself, starting the engine and sped off. As the vehicle sped off, a mist overtook the area. She gritted her teeth, driving into the unknown. The sounds of blaster fire seemed to have died, though she had no idea where she was going. She carried on, taking a careful glance at the babies on her right who had continued crying. Both of them now. She could smell the unmistakable scent of urine. Uh oh.


"poodoo," she cursed and stopped the vehicle by the roadside. Mariya had never changed diapers before. In fact, where on earth would she find diapers?


"You look like you need help," a voice rang out. She looked up, glancing at the unmistakable tall figure with red fiery hair and silver cybernetic eyes. Mariya blinked. 


"Saede? Where the hell are you guys? Where have all of you gone? Do you know that I have looking for all of you all these years? I missed you all!" The blonde got out of the vehicle and walked over to Saede Taggart. Yes, there she was. The brawler. The Pirate Queen. The original owner of The Galactic Underworld. She ran up and hugged her friend, her big sister. "You guys are all the family I had! Don't you know that?"


A rush of emotions flooded the blonde. Happiness, sadness, anger, relief and regret. She fought back the wetness in her eyes, but decided to let them flow.


The red hair merely smiled and shook her head. "We may be gone, but we will always be a part of you," she said, pointing to the crying babies in her vehicle. "Instead of chasing the ghosts of your past, why not pursue the present? Go and look for your sister. She is your true family afterall."


"What do you mean, gone? What do you mean my sister?" There was no way Saede was gone. She was too tough for that.


"Good bye, Mariya. Stay strong, we will be watching you."


"Wait! Don't go!" the blonde cried, feeling Saede fading away from her touch. The pirate queen had vanished completely, leaving her with the babies who had stopped crying. She turned her head back to the vehicle, seeing a familiar figure was helping to change the wet diapers with new ones. Mariya squirmed her eyes at the figure, who cut a similar height with long flowing golden locks. 


"Hello sister," the other blonde turned her head towards the mercenary and giggled.




Mariya opened her eyes, finding herself lying on the floor with her rifle resting on her. Somehow she had fallen asleep. Where was she? She got up from the floor, remembering that she had been told to meditate by Mr Force Ghost. True enough, Kyle Katarn was there, floating in the air. Apparently Cecilia Wissen had fallen down into a hole while she was lost in her consciousness. 


"Cecilia, are you alive? I can help you get out."


She walked over to the hole where her friend had fallen, relieved to see the young woman unharmed. Mariya unravelled the grappling hook from her utility belt and tossed it down, letting Cecilia hold onto the rope. Then she began pulling.

In Topic: Seeing if there is interest in this idea

15 March 2018 - 11:50 PM

*waves at Arumi Zy*


Looks like you are alive :)

In Topic: Two Blonde Besties in Alderaan

15 March 2018 - 11:18 AM

"I didn't know you were at the kitchen," Mariya said, munching on her toast and glancing at her friend who had wandered in and found her seat at the table. Her hair was not exactly messy, but Marina DeVoe probably decided otherwise with the quick hair brushing. "Haha, thanks. Though I think the hair will get messy again when we head off." 


She tackled the food head on, now that her friend was sitting with her. Scrambled eggs with cream, mushrooms and bacon on her plate. The servants had also brought out jars of jam with different flavours. Alderaan strawberries. Pineapple. Starbloom. The latter was ingenious to Alderaan, which Mariya had been trying ever since she stepped foot on the planet. She spread the jam onto her toast and topped it up with blue milk butter, giving it a sweet and savoury taste with each bite.


"Print equipment? If you are talking about skiing stuff, I think we have some readily available," she said, casting her glance at Gordon who gave a assuring nod. "See, there's no need for printing. As for visiting your grandfather, I reckon we still have that case of wines somewhere."


"Indeed, mistress. The case is kept securely in the cellar. I'll load them up with the ski equipment on the speeder later before you go," the middle aged man said, his voice not betraying a hint of emotion. 


"Good. It's not her grandfather's birthday, but we should still bring a gift along," Mariya on the other hand, could barely stop herself from grinning.  Emerald eyes glanced at her friend's face for a moment, wondering if Marina would react to the topic. She could still remember the commotion that happened.

In Topic: Practice Your Strokes

15 March 2018 - 09:14 AM

"I don't know, I am still feeling my way around golf. But I do see myself coming for a few more tries in the future," she said, making another swing. A couple of balls left and she should be done for the round, unless she wanted to pick up another set. Maybe another a break.


"Working lunch is perfect," she nodded. It was her original idea, no? Until the talk of the sunday burger event. She was still interested in going, but probably not this Sunday. So when John Locke suggested lunch, she was more than willing to accept it. Now all they needed to work out the logistics. Things like time and location.


"Where's your office located? If it's nearby we could meet up again something this week for the lunch," she said enthusiastically, knocking away another ball and made a quick glance at her calendar using her wrist hololink. "I'm free on this Thursday. Just need to finish the meeting in the morning."

In Topic: Welcome To The Jungle

15 March 2018 - 09:03 AM

"I sure hope that's the last thing we need to kill," Mariya said, riding her her speeder over. She was glad to see Sol Damerin pretty much alive, standing next to the dead Zakkeg. Judging from the look on his face, it had been a tiring fight. Considering the man did not sleep a wink last night, it was probably in his best interest to get some rest soon. The other mercenaries approached the corpse cautiously as well, wary of their surroundings for another sudden beast to appear. 


"A drink? You sure look like you need one," she pulled out the spare canteen from the speeder, still chilled and handed over to the man who had just defeated the ferocious beast. The weather was hot and humid. Mariya was positive that the chilled water would be a welcome gift for Sol. She helped herself to her own bottle strapped on her belt. Meanwhile, the scientists had decided it was enough danger for the time being and called it a day.


"I guess research's over. If you want some rest, feel free to hop on and I'll ride us back with the convoy," she said, making a gesture at the back seat.