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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

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#1752382 A New Cantina in Azar City

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 18 March 2018 - 11:46 AM

Location: Azar City, Aurum

Time: 6:15 pm, Standard Galactic Time


She had come to Azar City to learn about the Force ever since her sensitivity was unlocked. Since then, she had spent her time learning more about the mysterious power that held the galaxy together. Meditation. Lightsaber practice. Levitating objects. The lessons kept her busy during the day, but night time was the period where she had time for herself. She found herself exploring the night life in the city every now and then, trying to figure out what made the citizens tick. Apparently most of them had simple expectations. Food, drinks and music was sufficient to pull a crowd, even though the quality was questionable at times. 

That meant a business opportunity for Mariya.


Her business acumen decided to spend some of her company resources to build up a cantina in Azar City itself. She had selected a location which was near the city center, ideal for people who had finished their day to drop by for a drink or two. The rental price was cheaper than what she had paid in Coruscant or Alderaan, planets which were already well developed. Other challenges were present though. Food supplies had to be imported in. Brewery machines had to be ordered from her company head office and delivered over. Workers needed to be hired. Lighting needed to be installed. Security needed to be in place.


The whole setup took her a couple of months, but finally the cantina was almost ready for business. The owner had came in early to inspect the renovation work done by the contractors. The furnishing was set up to be similar to her own cantinas. She went through the checklist, ticking things off once she was satisfied with the setup. The waiting line was present, with a newly hired staff trained to handle the desk. The payment counter was tested to make sure the transactional systems were working. The music stage had the sound checked, with a karaoke holo system in place. Alcohol and spirits were stocked up properly at the bar counter. The kitchen was spotless and clean, with sample dishes cooked by the chefs for her taste test. By the time she finished her inspection, it was already slightly after six. The cantina would be open for business tomorrow. Tonight, it was reserved for some very special guests.


The Je'daii Order had been invited by the blonde to drop by for a chill out session. The cantina offered the same menu as her other branches, with special food and drinksavailable for orders if the customers decided to do so. The Je'daii Order was going to be her first customers to test out the system. Mariya expected flaws and mistakes to happen, despite all the training and preparations. So to even out the possibility of poor service, Mariya had made it clear that everything was on the house tonight.


"The tables are ready, Madam," a tall looking Togorian in a slick uniform approached the owner with a nod. "Including the kitchen. Shall I also ask for the band to come in?"


"Yes, some live music will be good," Mariya nodded. The band soon came in and started off with a soft melody of piano and saxaphone.

#1751422 The Great Gathering | The Je'daii Order

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 16 March 2018 - 11:20 AM

The waters felt cold. Salty even. Not exactly the most inviting thing in the world, but she did not care. This was her chance to catch up with Captain Marcus Grey. So she swam, paddling quickly towards the captain who was in just treading water in front of her. Just a few strokes and she would reach him. She surfaced, smiling at Marcus who grinned back. As he leaned forward, she broke into a giggle and reached her hand out towards him. As her hand rested on his shoulder, she closed her eyes and waited.


She waited for a good minute and felt nothing.


Unable to wait any longer, she opened her eyes and found herself greeted by two twin babies in her arms again. One of them was crying.


"What the-"


The sound of fire rang out near her position. She cloaked, slipping away under the cover of the debris and ran. The sound of the baby cries were enough to betray her invisibility, with bolts flying at her general direction. Luckily, her shields were effective against blaster fire. She took a beating and hopped onto a nearby speeder, placing the babies at the empty seat and drove off.


"I'll get you both to safety," she muttered to herself, starting the engine and sped off. As the vehicle sped off, a mist overtook the area. She gritted her teeth, driving into the unknown. The sounds of blaster fire seemed to have died, though she had no idea where she was going. She carried on, taking a careful glance at the babies on her right who had continued crying. Both of them now. She could smell the unmistakable scent of urine. Uh oh.


"poodoo," she cursed and stopped the vehicle by the roadside. Mariya had never changed diapers before. In fact, where on earth would she find diapers?


"You look like you need help," a voice rang out. She looked up, glancing at the unmistakable tall figure with red fiery hair and silver cybernetic eyes. Mariya blinked. 


"Saede? Where the hell are you guys? Where have all of you gone? Do you know that I have looking for all of you all these years? I missed you all!" The blonde got out of the vehicle and walked over to Saede Taggart. Yes, there she was. The brawler. The Pirate Queen. The original owner of The Galactic Underworld. She ran up and hugged her friend, her big sister. "You guys are all the family I had! Don't you know that?"


A rush of emotions flooded the blonde. Happiness, sadness, anger, relief and regret. She fought back the wetness in her eyes, but decided to let them flow.


The red hair merely smiled and shook her head. "We may be gone, but we will always be a part of you," she said, pointing to the crying babies in her vehicle. "Instead of chasing the ghosts of your past, why not pursue the present? Go and look for your sister. She is your true family afterall."


"What do you mean, gone? What do you mean my sister?" There was no way Saede was gone. She was too tough for that.


"Good bye, Mariya. Stay strong, we will be watching you."


"Wait! Don't go!" the blonde cried, feeling Saede fading away from her touch. The pirate queen had vanished completely, leaving her with the babies who had stopped crying. She turned her head back to the vehicle, seeing a familiar figure was helping to change the wet diapers with new ones. Mariya squirmed her eyes at the figure, who cut a similar height with long flowing golden locks. 


"Hello sister," the other blonde turned her head towards the mercenary and giggled.




Mariya opened her eyes, finding herself lying on the floor with her rifle resting on her. Somehow she had fallen asleep. Where was she? She got up from the floor, remembering that she had been told to meditate by Mr Force Ghost. True enough, Kyle Katarn was there, floating in the air. Apparently Cecilia Wissen had fallen down into a hole while she was lost in her consciousness. 


"Cecilia, are you alive? I can help you get out."


She walked over to the hole where her friend had fallen, relieved to see the young woman unharmed. Mariya unravelled the grappling hook from her utility belt and tossed it down, letting Cecilia hold onto the rope. Then she began pulling.

#1751001 Two Blonde Besties in Alderaan

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 15 March 2018 - 11:18 AM

"I didn't know you were at the kitchen," Mariya said, munching on her toast and glancing at her friend who had wandered in and found her seat at the table. Her hair was not exactly messy, but Marina DeVoe probably decided otherwise with the quick hair brushing. "Haha, thanks. Though I think the hair will get messy again when we head off." 


She tackled the food head on, now that her friend was sitting with her. Scrambled eggs with cream, mushrooms and bacon on her plate. The servants had also brought out jars of jam with different flavours. Alderaan strawberries. Pineapple. Starbloom. The latter was ingenious to Alderaan, which Mariya had been trying ever since she stepped foot on the planet. She spread the jam onto her toast and topped it up with blue milk butter, giving it a sweet and savoury taste with each bite.


"Print equipment? If you are talking about skiing stuff, I think we have some readily available," she said, casting her glance at Gordon who gave a assuring nod. "See, there's no need for printing. As for visiting your grandfather, I reckon we still have that case of wines somewhere."


"Indeed, mistress. The case is kept securely in the cellar. I'll load them up with the ski equipment on the speeder later before you go," the middle aged man said, his voice not betraying a hint of emotion. 


"Good. It's not her grandfather's birthday, but we should still bring a gift along," Mariya on the other hand, could barely stop herself from grinning.  Emerald eyes glanced at her friend's face for a moment, wondering if Marina would react to the topic. She could still remember the commotion that happened.

#1748500 Two Blonde Besties in Alderaan

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 11 March 2018 - 10:27 AM

Someone had opened the windows.


Mariya felt it, the cold air rushing into the room. She groaned sleepily, grabbing her blanket and covered it over her head. Cool mornings were good for sleeping, but this was too much. She almost wanted to drag herself up to close the darn windows when someone else did it. Murmuring softly, she drifted back to sleep as the temperature became bearable once more. More time to laze around, which was always good. She slept on, content for another hour of rest or so.





The familiar sound of her alarm. She slapped the alarm off and rubbed her eyes. A glance at the clock read eight. Marina was no longer around, probably leaving the room earlier. Mariya yawned, dragging herself out of bed and headed to the bathroom. The usual business of brushing teeth, washing face and taking a shower. She was glad the room temperature maintained a level that was warmer than the outside, which allowed her to shower and walk out of the bathroom without feeling the chills. She slipped on a new outfit suitable for colder weather and headed downstairs.


Breakfast was served, a good spread. Gordon was standing nearby, ready for instructions and looking as fresh as usual.


"Good morning, madam. I have told your guest to join us."


The blonde nodded her head and poured herself a glass of blue milk. A maid came and served the tea. She took a stab at the toast and started off with something light. With luck, Marina DeVoe should be coming down as well.

#1745972 An Acquaintance Of The Past

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 07 March 2018 - 04:35 AM

It was time to leave the place. The blonde had questions in her mind, such as who was the Wolf and what was his relationship with Rekha Kaarde. But that would have to wait till they had gotten out of the building alive. The guards were already suspicious by the whole meetup, and it did not take long for them to discover their unconscious leader. Shouts were heard, weapons were loaded and alarm was triggered.

By then, Mariya was already out of the window, still cloaked. A quick descent from the fourth floor to the ground via fast rope. The rope sounds were covered by the alarm, but her exit was blocked by the guards who had began their lookout for the intruders.

Time to kill the power.

The effect was instanteous. The EMP charge knocked out the lights and the alarm. Darkness replaced the spotlights and the guards had to fumble with their flashlights. She slipped through the area, avoiding the guards just as they found their bearings. The distinct sound of blaster fire was heard as she approached the speeder. Rekha had reached more than the halfway mark to the speeder but the guards were pursuing. The mercenary unclipped the flashbang from her belt and tossed it towards the angry mob. As the area lit up with a brilliant flash of white, she took off and raced after her friend.

"We need to go now!"

That was all she could shout as the two ladies made their way towards their vehicle.

#1742494 Congratulations Kirie Ito - March MOTM!

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 02 March 2018 - 12:38 PM


Congrats :)

#1739004 The Great Gathering | The Je'daii Order

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 24 February 2018 - 02:52 PM

She stood there, twins in her arms. The sound of blaster fire reminded her that she needed to get them to safety. Angry shouts followed behind her as she raced off in the opposite direction to avoid the fighting. Shots rang out, pebbling the ground as she dived behind a collapsed building. She looked down the babies, who stared back at her again with those lovely greens. One of them was smiling at her, while the other began to cry. 
"Oh hush hush... don't cry..."


Where's the babies? I'm back at the beach again?
True enough, she was back in Velusia. Captain Marcus Gray had lost the swimming challenge and owed her a favour. Mariya remembered this scene very well. The captain had asked her to bring a nice bathing suit to join him in his new yacht next time, because she had been wearing her military swimwear.
"Well, luv, I got nothin' against military issued gear." he teased with a grin and a twinkle, "Just figured you'd enjoy some civvies?" 

He stood and stretched like a runner before a race. A few groans of protest as he touched his toes from various angles but he actually seemed to be in deceptively better shape than his appearance would suggest. 

"Of course," he said, rotating his torso back and fourth, "Skyclad works too." 

And with that, he took a running start toward the end of the dock, launching himself up and off, pulling off a swan dive before plunging back into the warm water. His ragged pants were on the dock.
Mariya blinked. And blinked again in total disbelief, with her jaws dropping.
I didn't jump in. Why didn't I? Because I was too shy?


The last moments with Marcus had just unfolded in front of her eyes. How many times did this memory replay itself in her mind? She had no idea. All she knew was that she would not make the same mistake again. She stood up and leaped into the waters. As she swam next to the pirate, she smiled shyly...



"Looks like our little friend here is lost in her memories."


Kyle Katarn looked concerned at the mercenary who had been lying on the ground. He closed his eyes, sensing the pain and regret coming from her thoughts and shook his head. "Poor girl. She has been keeping everything to herself for such a long time. This... is going to take a while. As for you, young lady," he gestured to Cecilia Wissen, "You have found your crystal. Good. Now you need to retrieve and tune it to follow your energies. Should be easy right?"

#1738903 The Je'daii Order

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 24 February 2018 - 12:14 PM

Always nice to have more people joining :)

#1738887 LOA till 9 March

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 24 February 2018 - 11:24 AM

Will be away from home from 26 Feb to 9 Mar. Expect little or no replies to threads during this period. Will still be on Discord when possible.


Affected personnel: Sol Damerin | Marina DeVoe | Dr. Aes'ona Terrani | Rekha Kaarde | John Locke | Cecilia WissenKatrine Van-Derveld | Maple Harte

#1738883 An Acquaintance Of The Past

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 24 February 2018 - 11:18 AM

More thugs, this time emerging from the room where Rekha Kaarde had entered. The conversation was heated, but Mariya was unable to hear clearly. Her biggest worry was the large number of guards outside the room. There was no way she would be able to make it through the direct approach. She sneaked back to the toilet and climbed out of the window, exiting the building from her original entry.


Her legs stood on the window ledge. Time for some more climbing. Slow and steady shuffling of feet against the wall. One leg forward to step on the next window ledge. She made the crossing safely, her body close to the wall again as she moved slowly. A few more steps to the next ledge, with a pipe in the way. Mariya tossed the grappling hook onto the roof again, her body leaning back to hang her weight on the rope. Feet on the wall, slowly moving towards her left and crossing over the pipe.


"I'd hate to see that pretty little head of yours laying on a slab somewhere. So listen up. You help me with two trips and we call it even."


Mariya could hear the conversation clearly now. She clung onto the window ledge and pulled herself up. The Mon Loup dude was still talking, a few feet away. 


"Yes Mon Cher you want peace...do as I ask or I leave you in pieces."


That was the last thing he spoke before the mercenary squeezed her arms around his neck, her armoured gauntlets pressing against his throat to choke him alive. It was quite a sight, the man suddenly being dragged downwards by an near invisible opponent. He gasped for air, crawling desperately with his hands.


"Should I kill him?"

#1737672 The Great Gathering | The Je'daii Order

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 22 February 2018 - 01:24 PM

Mariya had been practicing her meditation ever since she joined the Order. She had a restless mind, never someone who could sit still for long. There were too many interesting things to do, thoughts to ponder about and conversations to talk about. But she also learnt the importance of clearing her thoughts. If she could stick to her exercise and gym regime dutifully, she could do the same for her mind. Meditation was the exercise to clear her thoughts, to improve her concentration and clarity of thought. 


So it was no surprise when Kyle Katarn asked the two young Je'daii members to start off with meditation, the most basic exercise any Je'daii or Jedi would learn. The blonde was now capable of focusing her thoughts for a short period without drifting off to more interesting topics, but she was unsure if she could successfully locate the right crystal within her limited time frame. She sat down on a piece of rock, making herself comfortable in the usual meditation posture. There was another rock nearby, suitable for Cecilia Wissen to meditate as well. Before she could close her eyes, Kyle was already onto her, shaking his head.


"What is the posture that you usually find the most comfortable and focused with?"


The mercenary was startled. Was Kyle telling her to...

"Yes, I'm asking you to meditate in your favourite position."


She looked at the Jedi Master cynically, getting off the rock and adopted a prone position instead just a few meters away. Her rifle butt rested against her cheek, the barrel pointing at an imaginary target. Slow deep breathing, like how she was taught years ago in the sniping course. She continued her improvisation, closing her eyes and scanned the rest of the body mentally with her mind, telling her muscles to relax. The Force Ghost nodded his head in approval. An unorthodox method, but since when did Kyle Katarn ever follow traditional Jedi teachings?


1... 2... 3... 4...


Counting of breaths. Her consciousness expanded outwards, scanning her surroundings for that elusive crystal. The crystals hummed loudly now, singing a lullaby, telling her to rest. 


I don't feel any crystal that fits my bill. All I can feel is...


The mist grew thicker, concealing the mercenary completely.





She recognised those waves anytime. The last time she was here, she was at a beach party. So were the pirates. The infamous Captain Marcus Gray and his first mate, Saede Taggart. The pirate captain was standing there with his hat and golden capped teeth, hugging two trashy looking girls.


Marcus might have been blind, or had been drinking too much, but Mariya certainly noticed the captain when he stepped in with two other girls. She said nothing since her mouth was occupied with her harmonica and her mind was mostly spent on getting the right notes. Her emerald eyes merely narrowed to give Marcus a slight look of disapproval. She kept up with Yalin for Saede's next request, before finally giving in and let him carry on with the rest of the songs. Playing a harmonica was different from strumming a mandoviol, and her mouth was getting pretty tired from all the blowing of notes. 


"Been enjoying yourself much, Captain? I see that you have got yourself some company..." 


"Now now," Marcus said with a grin, catching Mariya's chin for one moment between his thumb and forefinger, "This shade of green be unflatterin' fer ya. And I been enjoying meself jus' fine, love! Though of course better for your company." he amended with a small bow, "What's your poison tonight?" 

For a moment, Marcus wondered if Mariya was scented like Velusia because the planet rubbed off on her. Does that actually happen? He eyed her somewhat as he tried to guess. 
"And, um, you play the harmonica?!"
The blonde leapt into the pirate's arms.

Where am I?


The mercenary found herself staring at a skirmish. Gamorrean thugs engaged in battle against a private security force. Screams in the air. Babies crying from inside the convoy. A bounty hunter, presumably the leader of the thugs, cut down the guard protecting the babies and grabbed the nearest wailing infant. The masked hunter gave a triumphant laugh and tried to take the second baby, but he was beaten by the renewed efforts of the security forces.


Mariya gave a shout, but no voice came out of her throat. 


She leapt forward. Knuckle plate vibro blade out of her right fist, smashing its way through the visor. The leader screamed, collapsing onto the floor while she grabbed the infant from his arm. Triumphant, she turned her attention back to the convoy and picked up the other baby. Two pairs of tiny emerald eyes stared back at her. The babies had stopped crying.




She gasped in surprise and blinked. 



#1736379 Two Blonde Besties in Alderaan

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 20 February 2018 - 01:22 PM

Mariya looked up, sweeping her wet locks backwards with her hand. Marina DeVoe had been calling out at her, making sure she was alright. "I'm alright. No, it's not about Marcus or Saede," she shook her head again. She had been floating in her own pool when that strange phenomenon happened. A surreal experience. She could sense her surroundings without looking around. Had she developed some form of sixth sense? Some mercenaries and bounty hunters were known to have an instinct for danger. 


"I had a dream, to be honest."


The mercenary decided that was the most logical answer. How else could she explain to her her friend? Declare that she could sense her surroundings while she was floating in the pool? That would make her sound like a nutcase. No, a dream was an easier and more plausible explanation.


"I dreamed that I was floating in the air. I could see you next to me. I saw the grapes in the fields. I saw the nebula too. Then I saw my own face and got startled."'


Was it really her? Mariya was uncertain. The face looked like her, no doubt about it. But she had never worn that lipstick colour or painted her nails. Emerald eyes glanced at her fingers. Her nails were natural and she buffed them occasionally. 


"Let's call it a night? It's getting late and tomorrow we will be traveling."


She would leave the dream sequence for another time to ponder about. For now, it was time to wash up.

#1735798 Two Blonde Besties in Alderaan

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 19 February 2018 - 03:44 PM

"Alright, I'll try..." the mercenary was floating somewhat. So all she needed to do was to relax? Easier said than done, though Marina DeVoe was certainly helping with her advice. Mariya took a deep breath, telling her body to relax in the calming waters. The music helped too, the soothing voice that crooned a soft melody. The mercenary stared at the sky, admiring the stars twinkling in the darkness. Marina was right, there were just too many to count. Like infinity.


"I think I am getting the hang of it," she relaxed further, her legs no longer sinking as much. Slow breaths, she reminded herself. This was just like meditation in a different form. She remembered the words of another friend, an older mercenary whom she met in her recent assignment. He had taught her how to mediate. Just like this, breathing in and out.


"Lights out then, I wanna see the nebula."


The colourful lights dimmed, leaving the two blondes floating gently in the waters. The sky looked darker now, the stars still twinkling in the heavens above them. Emerald eyes glanced upwards, trying to pick out the nebula that Marina had told her about. A couple of breaths, deep and slow. Mariya took a cue from her meditation and performed the simple breathing technique, slowing down the chatter in her mind. No nebula, but she felt her consciousness reaching out. 


"The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together."


What? Hello? What is happening to me?


She could feel her friend's life energy. Marina just an arm's length away. Time to reach out further. Now the maid joined in, an energy flowing through her. The maid was feeling bored, which made her smile in amusement. She expanded her reach again. The chef was busy cleaning the BBQ pit and the dishes. Her butler was preparing new bedsheets for the night and packing their bags for the skiing trip. The grapes in the fields rattled softly against the vines. The insects crawling on the earth. Frogs croaking. 


Nebula. There it was. The colourful gases in the darkness of the sky. They twisted and turned, forming an image of a familiar face. Her face. The blonde was dressed up, a fancy lipstick colour on her pouting lips and painted nails on her fingers. The face smirked at her, making a haughty taunt before disappearing.




Reality returned. Mariya found herself sinking and swiftly swam towards the surface. A few strokes to the ledge. She pulled herself up and sat on the edge of the pool, shaking her head in confusion.

#1735766 An Acquaintance Of The Past

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 19 February 2018 - 02:47 PM

Mariya was indeed on the top floor. She was still at the corridor, using her stealth as much as possible but there were simply too many guards around to explore properly. She was going to have to slowly take them out one by one to proceed. And that she did, with the second guard who was smoking. She tapped his shoulder and gave him a taser on his neck, knocking him out cold. His body was dragged across the floor, back into the usual toilet cubicle with the other guard was.


She snucked out again, this time hearing the lift going upwards. It appeared that Rekha Kaarde had cleared the security check and was heading upwards. The good news was that the guards were now focused on the lift. The bad news was that they were all on alert due to the arrival of the smuggler. At least the corridor was now clear. She scanned the closest door, noticing nothing interesting. The next one was the power generator.


The blonde smiled, deciding to sabotage the power to make her life easier. She heard the lift door open and stole a glance out of the door. Yup, her friend had just stepped out. She placed a remote EMP charge behind the generator, slipping out into the shadows. Now all she needed to do was to wait for her friend to meet the gang leader and waited for the right chance to create her distraction.

#1735730 Rank Tags

Posted by Mariya Fleischer on 19 February 2018 - 01:49 PM

Been making some. Thought these are relevant for the Collective. Feel free to use them :)