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John Locke

John Locke

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In Topic: MandalArms MS-I Assault Shield

Today, 11:58 AM

Kaine Australis


That does look a lot better, there are just 2 things that come to mind. 


The first is my error, I forgot about this rule on my first read through this morning.


  • The Armor Rating Extreme will require the submission to be UNIQUE. This armor rating is considered very strong and are usually dealing with unique items that should be restricted to Player Characters only.

Since this is a non unique submission we can't hold it at Extreme, but have to drop it to very high. I would recommend that you temper the language ever so slightly to accomodate the reduced rating since an extreme powered blaster would be expected to overcome the shield. 


The second is in regards to your text on the limited production. 


Production: Limited (One specific Clan Australis NPC unit or PCs only)


This sounds like you're saying the Unit, and any other PCs, could you alter it to specify the PC characters should be part of the unit?

In Topic: MandalArms MS-I Assault Shield

Today, 06:44 AM

Kaine Australis We don't see many shields, but they're always an interesting concept to see how people have approached it. That said, I do have some point i want to raise with you. 


Production: Limited (Named Clan Australis NPC units or other Mando PCs only)


I'm quoting the template below. 


Limited (Only one small group of characters. IE: Small task force, not entire factions.)


As you can see, a limited production item should only be provided to a small group, but the definition you have here is too broad and is more akin to a minor rating rather than a limited rating. I'd suggest you eather drop the production down, or alter the people who can use the shield. 


Allows the user to resist Force throws and other forceful attacks

I assume by forceful attacks you mean attacks with the force? How does the shield do this? and which powers does this apply to? The wording is a little unclear, and it might be better to clarify rather than run int issues later. 


Disperses blasterbolts within the immediate area with aerosols


Dispersal of blasterbolts is rather more than the high defense rating you have given, I'd suggest taht this is actually an extreme rating since it completely negates the attacks. How capable are the aerosols, how long do they last etc.


In addition you have stated the weight to be the following,


Weight: Extreme


But go on to say that the shield is


Extremely heavy and designed for one hand, not conducive to rapid movement


 While later stating 

The shield is heavy, produced in a barely portable form, able to be used only by the strongest of species, or other enhanced humanoids.


This is a little confusing, especially since you appear to want to make it available to all Mandalorians. An extreme rating is just hat, extremely heavy, yet it's designed to be wielded one handed. As with all my notes, I am just suggesting that you come back to this and clarify these details.

In Topic: MandalArms MS-I Assault Shield

Today, 05:21 AM

Under Review.

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Yesterday, 12:22 PM


In Topic: Nagato-class Battleship

Yesterday, 12:22 PM

Kimiko Taiyo


That's perfect. Enjoy your ships!