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John Locke

John Locke

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In Topic: Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Yesterday, 09:04 PM

Location: In space near Eshan

Allies: CIS and Allies | 

Tagging: Derek Dib | Khonsu Amon | Darth Metus | @CIS Fleeters

Enemies: Mandalorians and Enemies

Engaging: Quoron Cadera | Tathra Khaeus | Kaine Australis

Objective: Clear Space of Mandalorian Assets and help secure freedom for Eshan

Unity Fleet:




Silence ruled the bridge, even the mechanical beep and pulse of the electronics seemed muted, seemed to fade away, an answer to the cold icicle that had seemed to grasp John, sliding down his back and freezing him in place. The cyborg wanted to cry out, wanted to scream and beat his hands against the screens infront of him, but he couldn’t move, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight on the viewscreen, the smoke and fire, the sheer devastation that had spread across the city. Unbidden the ensign sitting at the sensor station tapped at his controls, spawning a series of boxes on the screen zooming in on the city. John’s eyes flicked from image to image, watching the fire and smoke billowing out of the wreck of his ship, watching the Mandalorians unleash a bombardment of what looked like miniaturized proton torpedoes on the city, cutting apart troops and the civilians they were trying to rescue. Another screen showed the devastation left in the wake of some of the largest worms he had ever seen. The rest of them though, they showed the debris of the ship where it had fallen.


Not a soundcould be heard on the bridge, each member of the crew staring at the screen , lost in their own thoughts, their own current of panic and horror, unable to find a way out of this nightmare that had seemed to reach out and collectively consume them. They were all trained to use some of the most deadly creations ever made, at their fingertips the kinds of power that their ancestors could only dream of, the power to devastate a world, to wipe it out. Yet the fights they were used to, the way they generally found were carried out at a distance, the vastness of space separating them from the sight, from the reality of their actions. A light blipped off on a screen, somewhere in the numerous computers which ran the ship a number decreased by one. This was the war they were used to, clinical and mechanical, a game of tactics and positioning, of outmanoeuvring their opponent, a battle which mostly resulted in one party surrendering or retreating. Not this, not these bodies lying in the streets, not the callous disregard for life that had seemed to overtake their Mandalorian boarders and the mandalorians on the planet. John glanced down at the picture the security cameras onboard the Hermes had captured. The boarder who had precipitated this whole situation didn’t look like any Mandalorian John had ever seen, but attacking his ship, who else could it be? He’d be watching out for this one in the future though. He knew the image had been broadcast out to the Fortressa, to the rest of the Confederation forces on the planet, maybe one of them could spot the attacker, to let him know what's the man was doing.


Inevitably John’s eyes flicked upto the screen again, unwilling to meet anyone else’s eyes, to see the anger there, to see the accusations waiting there. Yet there was no-where to hid, each sight, each billow of smoke and lick of flame was like a sword driving through his body, pinning him into his seat. He could feel a track of tears rolling down his cheek from his one organic eye, hands clenching at his side.




The voice sounded like it was coming from miles away, muted as if it was coming through water.




John’s head slowly flicked around, staring at the commander standing next to him, the man’s shoulder’s rising as he braced himself, trying to brace against the anger there…the anger that…wasn’t there. In it’s place horror, sadness, a reflection of his own nightmare in another’s eyes.


“They need you, they need something…we’re still in a fight sir.”


It was just a sentence, the single phrasing that the commander used, but it was true all of it. The crewmembers were lost and it was his job to provide some guidance, not hide away feeling sorry for himself. The Hermes…the horror of the crash still weighed on his shoulders, a crushing soulful pressure he wasn’t sure he could ever loose. But for now…John made a gesture on his console, the images on the screen vanishing as he shook his head, opening a open comm channel. “Confederacy Navy, the time to mourn is later, time for tears and recriminations later. Out there, we’ve seen what the Mandalorians will do, the levels they’ll stoop to so they can ensure a victory. You heard their fleet commander claim that we’re destroying their city, but now we see the truth laid bare, when Mandalorians drop a Star Destroyer onto of an inhabited city, when they unleash a barrage of proton torpedoes that had cut down troops and the civilians they were helping. When they leave a city in rubble, this is the truth of the Mandalorian rule, this is the truth of Mandalorian justice.” The man’s fist slammed down on his armrest, “And I say, this will not do! This is not what the people of Eshan deserve. Let’s drive them out so we can bring in the support that the Echani will need to rebuild their home that the Mandalorians have attacked not once, but twice. And to any Mandalorian’s listening, I was once told you were an honourable people, a good people. Look down to the planet now, look at the people suffering and ask yourself if this is what you chose to fight for, what honour demands. I hope it’s true, that honour still exists, but any who would stand behind these crimes, I warn you, we have come to free the Echani from this horror and we will not allow this to continue.” John’s voice fell to an audible whisper, “Innocent lives have been lost, please don’t let it be in vain.”


The man sagged back in his chair, making a cutting motion across his throat as his communications officer shut off the channel. There was still a pressure on the bridge but, horror wasn’t the only emotion there, a spark of anger shone brightly in their eyes as backs straight the crew turned to their duties. Weapons swivelled, lining up a shot as the ships shifted.




John stared at the ships but…he couldn’t see any weapons fire, maybe the sensors were failing under the pressure of the battlefield.


“Enemies to our rear!”


He didn’t think things could get any worse but…they always found a way didn’t they. The man’s eyes dropped to his screen, his breath catching in his throat, blood training from his face as he saw the battlecruiser that had appeared, bisecting the lines of his fleet perfectly.


“Oh god…Alabaster and Hawk are to retreat at full speed, get the Khong, Galileo and Socrates back here. Icarus and Prometheus are to shield the Liminal and get me a gravity well spun up.“ He was actually caught between a rock and a hard place, and he’d always thought that was just a saying. Turn turn turn, all weapons, retarget to new hostile.”


The Mace Windu and the Piranha started to turn as the weapons started to fly, reaching out for his ships, enveloping them in a wave of damage as his own weapons opened fire. The ship shaking as the damage control board lit up.


“Emergency communication to all Naval Assets, let them know we could really use some help here.”




In Topic: Old Member, but New Person.

Yesterday, 05:58 PM



Welcome back to Chaos!


I mean, I can't really top Voph's answer, but if you have any other questions about the site, then feel free to ask. We're a friendly bunch :)

In Topic: The Exodus of Eshan

Yesterday, 01:51 PM

Location: In Orbit above Monastery 

Nearby: Mariya Fleischer




There was a strange quiet that seemed to envelop a ship when it had landed, when the engines had shut off. It felt dead, bereft somehow, the living forces that had possessed it mere moments before. John rested his hands on the side of his chair, pushing himself upright, his footsteps lost in the hubbub of the crew filing out, shutting down the ship and rushing to the exits, to loose themselves in the world, to assuage the pain they all felt, deep in their souls, the scars of seeing the fall of Eshan to the Mandalorian invaders. Yet in the middle of the sea of humanity, there was a small island that developed, the crew moving around the two for a moment as they went about their duties. 


Tilting his head, the man nodding in the direction of the door, his hands sinking into his pockets as he padded in the direction of the portal. "Something tells me you always manage to figure it out, but this time, I think that we can help with that." John fell silent for a few steps as he glanced out of a window, watching the refugees in their camps. "Out there, there are people hurt, people who need help. They might have supported the Mandalorians, some might have fought against them but...in the end, it doesn't matter anymore after the fighting's over the blasters are put down only the hurt remains. If you want to go out there and heal them, well, I can't really gainsay that, I've got nothing but respect for someone who just wants to help people like that." Reaching out John thumbed open the elevator, letting his friend precede him before he followed. "If you're going to try the trial in the middle of an actual warzone...well I can't stop you, I wouldn't want to ever try. I'm pretty sure you'd leave me lying in a heap on the floor if I'd tried. Just, you know, be careful." There were a lot of people out there who didn't take into account the healers, the innocent in combat. The last thing he wanted to see was his friend caught up in the crossfire.

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19 February 2019 - 04:32 AM

Jamie Pyne


Thank you for all your hard work! Good luck on the new job.

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19 February 2019 - 03:52 AM

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