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John Locke

John Locke

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#1937642 MandalArms MS-I Assault Shield

Posted by John Locke on Today, 06:44 AM

Kaine Australis We don't see many shields, but they're always an interesting concept to see how people have approached it. That said, I do have some point i want to raise with you. 


Production: Limited (Named Clan Australis NPC units or other Mando PCs only)


I'm quoting the template below. 


Limited (Only one small group of characters. IE: Small task force, not entire factions.)


As you can see, a limited production item should only be provided to a small group, but the definition you have here is too broad and is more akin to a minor rating rather than a limited rating. I'd suggest you eather drop the production down, or alter the people who can use the shield. 


Allows the user to resist Force throws and other forceful attacks

I assume by forceful attacks you mean attacks with the force? How does the shield do this? and which powers does this apply to? The wording is a little unclear, and it might be better to clarify rather than run int issues later. 


Disperses blasterbolts within the immediate area with aerosols


Dispersal of blasterbolts is rather more than the high defense rating you have given, I'd suggest taht this is actually an extreme rating since it completely negates the attacks. How capable are the aerosols, how long do they last etc.


In addition you have stated the weight to be the following,


Weight: Extreme


But go on to say that the shield is


Extremely heavy and designed for one hand, not conducive to rapid movement


 While later stating 

The shield is heavy, produced in a barely portable form, able to be used only by the strongest of species, or other enhanced humanoids.


This is a little confusing, especially since you appear to want to make it available to all Mandalorians. An extreme rating is just hat, extremely heavy, yet it's designed to be wielded one handed. As with all my notes, I am just suggesting that you come back to this and clarify these details.

#1937622 MandalArms MS-I Assault Shield

Posted by John Locke on Today, 05:21 AM

Under Review.

#1935881 MandalArms Gravitic Vambraces

Posted by John Locke on 21 April 2019 - 09:39 AM

Kaine Australis


This is an interesting submission, but I feel that perhaps you might need to provide a few more details about this submission. 


In particular


Repulsor arrays allow for the user to repel incoming kinetic projectiles or utilize a form of repulsor attack


What level of kinetic attack will they be able to repel. Are we talking about waving a hand to stop a single bullet, a barrage of bullets? Does this mean a sword attack against them is now pointless? The actual capabilities of the system are very vague right now, and it'll make it hard for people to get a true idea of what you're after. 


The assault mode of the Gauntlet allows for a user to blast out a gravitic wave from both bands at once, capable of significant damage.


Since there is a ability to blast that does significant damage, I'd suggest that you also include elements of the ranged weapon template to specify those damages. Just saying significant damage is very open to interpretation. 


Of course, you don't have to, however I feel this might be a way to get ahead of any future issues. Please let me know what you choose to do. 

#1935852 Invest in Kuat.

Posted by John Locke on 21 April 2019 - 06:18 AM

Quintus Kuat


Investment? I'm there! :D

#1934172 Umsindo weLanga - Wrath of the Sun

Posted by John Locke on 16 April 2019 - 05:51 AM


#1934171 Umsindo weLanga - Wrath of the Sun

Posted by John Locke on 16 April 2019 - 05:50 AM

A very specific and limited use, well written and researched. I love this submission, and it perfectly adheres to how Nanotechnology should be used. 


Enjoy the protection against Khonsu clones...or you know any future children working against you. Looks like I'll need to find another warrior to use as the template for my clone army.


Khonsu Amon

#1934169 Umsindo weLanga - Wrath of the Sun

Posted by John Locke on 16 April 2019 - 05:46 AM

Under Review.

#1932364 Metal Gear Silver: SJO Dominion of Nixor

Posted by John Locke on 11 April 2019 - 03:04 AM

Objective: 2

Nearby: Josh Dragonsflame | Wu Yeoh-Mei


"I imagine because they are worried we'll figure out they work with the clearing house."


It took a moment for John to really process that before he span around, but Josh had already accepted it, so it must have been something that was accepted, something that everybody did. It's boggled the mind that anyone would willingly work with slavers, but then, to defend their world what else could they do? The man sat there for a moment, his hands resting still on the keyboard as he tried to imagine himself in their shoes. It was...terrifying but at the same time, it was events like that that you found a measure of who you were, and if you had no ability to defend yourself. "Josh is right," John turned back to the computer, pulling up more data files, dark eyes flicking across the screen as he pulled up wave after wave of historical records. "If they don't want to be involved with the galaxy, that's great but it sounds like they already are. Even by making a deal with the owners of the Clearinghouse up there, they've gotten involved in the goings on of the galaxy. As you say Master Wu, by not informing the Hutts they'd make it harder for them to find the clearinghouse." The man span around to stare at his companions, "but we all know that the Hutt's would have found it eventually, and when that happens the clearinghouse will just run. But the planet that didn't inform them about competitors setting up shop in their space? I think that might be a more immediate concern for our hosts than the Sith. We all know what an angry Hutt is capable of doing to a planetary population."


It all came down to the spaceport, John didn't think that there would be much in the way of arrival and departure records, not for a spaceport, but if you had such...important guests coming you'd want to appease them slightly, so maybe if he examined the records of government vehicles. "I think we're onto a solid line of negotiation there, if we offer to treat with them, to protect them just as the pirates did, but at least this way they don't need to worry about Sith or Hutt retaliation, we're known for not budging or giving up our territory or letting others do as they will to those under our protection, and unlike the Hutts or some other governments who might have come across them, we don't even ask for anything in return. Seems like the perfect deal for them." And there it was, a government vehicle, a luxury government vehicle being dispatched out to teh spaceport, only a small iota of information, but hopefully it would help Master Wu with teh rest of her negotiations.

#1931409 Metal Gear Silver: SJO Dominion of Nixor

Posted by John Locke on 08 April 2019 - 02:56 PM

Objective 2:


John nodded at Josh as he padded across the room to drop into one of the chairs, spinning it around to face his companions, "You're not wrong, I expected it to be a tough meeting, but not this tough. Being escorted through the city under guard was...well a pretty unique experience for me. I've never actually met someone who hated me for just being the moment I met them, normally they have a plethora of reasons." The cyborg sighed, "Oh, I know that they don't actually hate me for no reason," one hand came up to wave at the banks of computers filling the room they were in, "I'm sure there are plenty of reasons in here but still, it's a little shocking. What did I ever do to them? Everything that happened to them happened so long ago, the galaxy has changed so much since then, we've risen and fallen, shone with the light and been cloaked by the dark. But it means nothing to them does it? All that matters is what happened in the past, an almost institution in its own right now. They might have a doctor here who could cure a Cathar illness we don't know yet, a politician who could fix the core, a technician who might see the work we're doing and revolutionise the world. But they won't." The man's shoulders lifted in a shrug, "I can respect their wish to remain separate from the galaxy, from the troubles that ail us but still...it's just such a shame. The loss of potential here." He glanced over to Wu, "I'm not gonna try to change them, or force anything on them...it's just a shame is all I guess."


Taking a deep breath John span around in his chair, resting his fingers on the keyboard, the digits almost blurring as they flew across the keys. "I'd love to meet some of their engineers and architects, did you see the park we crossed on the way here? Whoever designed it knew what they were doing, the way they kept the sightlines open for the cameras but also provided enough of a break in the set up to afford people the feeling of privacy. That's the kind of thing we're still trying to get right." He may never meet them, but John could appreciate technical excellence no matter where it was, unlike the cybersecurity team shadowing their searches. he wouldn't try to lose them though he decided as he pulled up a list of historical events. "Let's see what they've been upto since Palpatine's Empire." That was centuries of history to learn, now that research was something he could do.


Josh Dragonsflame | Wu Yeoh-Mei

#1931407 RPJ Recruitment Call

Posted by John Locke on 08 April 2019 - 02:50 PM

Runi Verin Congrats!! 


#1931263 Securing the future now

Posted by John Locke on 08 April 2019 - 05:26 AM

John raised a hand in greeting to the armoured woman who had just joined them, beckoning her over to the table, "You're not too late, we're just getting started on the introductions now." It was interesting, it looked like it was true, Mandalorians always wore their armour, ever to friendly talks, it made him wonder where else they wore it and how he could make armour more comfortable, perhaps some kind of softer inner suit designed for extended periods of wear. The man shook his head, quickly trying to refocus his thoughts before he spent the rest of hte meeting designing a new, better armour system, it had happened before more than once. It was a little disconcerting, but then he assumed that was the point, and he thought that he'd seen it written somewhere that it was part o their code to always be in armour which he could respect from a warrior people. Better to be prepared. 


"So, shall we? I was, interested," yes interested was the right word, "to receive the invitation to come and meet you here. I don't actually think I've met a Mandalorian face to face before, although it appears Josh might have the advantage on me there." A smile played across the cyborg's lips as he inclined his head towards the Jedi Master. "So please pardon me if this is rude but...who's a Riduur? Did I say that right?" He'd learnt enough to know that making a hash of someone's language wasn't a great plan. The man gestured at Stardust, "Maybe it'd be a good starting point if you laid out what you were hoping to get out of the treaty first? That way we're all on the same page."



#1930922 Daikoku Cannon

Posted by John Locke on 07 April 2019 - 06:34 AM

Intent:  To flesh out a piece of canon tech and submit a specialized weapon for use on later submissions
Image Source: ArtStation
Primary Source: N/a
Affiliation: Company Name: Locke and Key Mechanics
Model: Daikoku Cannon 
Modularity: No
Production: Limited 
Material: Electronics, Matrix armour
Classification: Energy Transference Weapon
Size: Average
Weight: Average
Ammunition Type: Energy leech
Ammunition Capacity: Effectively unlimited
Reload Speed: None
Effective Range: Average
Rate of Fire: High
Stopping Power: High
  • Can drain energy from ships to be used to sustain the ships shields
  • Can transfer energy from the ship using the weapon to reinforce the shields of an enemy. 
  • When used on a ship without shields can drain energy directly from the ship being targeted. 
  • All your shields are belong to me: The Daikoku Cannon can strip away a ships shields, using the energy sucked away to reinforce the ship’s own shields even as it strips away yours. 
  • Pick you up: If an allies shields drop, the Daikoku allows for the transfer of shield energy from the host ship to be transferred to another ship.
  • No Shield? No Problem!: The Daikoku is a pure shield manipulator, if a ship has lost its shields, or have no shields then the ships hull prevents the energy drain from affecting the internal systems unless battle damage opens up the ship's internals to the outside.
The inspiration for the Daikoku started, as so much does, with a trip to the historical archives, a look back through history for any references or ideas which had the potential to change the course of a war, or at least provide Locke and Key mechanics with an advantage in the ever-changing and shifting field. A shield is, in the end, a shell of energy projected into space to wrap around a ship or space station, a shell which the Shield Leech Weapon of the Zann Consortium 
This was a weapon that had...potential, a lot of potential and John decided to look more into it. It was during this study that he realised that what he had on his hands was not a shield drain exactly, it was an energy leech. It was that discovery that lies at the core of the weapon, in order to strip shield energy from another ship the basic weapon has to be able to drain energy from a shield, but if it can drain energy from a shield, then the same technology would allow energy to flow the other way when the polarity was reversed. Taking energy from the ship the weapon was mounted on and transferring it to another ship to shore up its shields. 

#1930740 CC/ FWB Frontline

Posted by John Locke on 06 April 2019 - 06:37 PM


#1930234 Metal Gear Silver: SJO Dominion of Nixor

Posted by John Locke on 04 April 2019 - 03:35 PM

Objective 2: 

Nearby: Wu Yeoh-Mei


John glanced down at the woman as she breezed past him without a word, lips curling up into a smile as the cyborg fell into pace behind her, letting the woman lead the way into the meeting as his hands slipped up to tug at his jacket one more time. It was all about the first impression, he'd learned that the hard way when he was first getting started, that that had stood him in good stead all his life, until now. Letting out a deep breath he twisted on a foot, letting the door close behind him as he stepped into the room. "We're glad you could all take the time to meet with us today," the smile on his face was genuine as he bowed his head respectfully. There was no harm starting off the negotiations with a sign of respect, it would, hopefully, establish a tone for the rest of the meeting. "Please, everyone take a seat."

#1929502 Metal Gear Silver: SJO Dominion of Nixor

Posted by John Locke on 02 April 2019 - 03:25 AM

Location: Nixor

Objective: 2

Nearby: Matsu Ike


It felt odd to him, to take a shuttle to the ground, to meet with the politicians on the ground while at the same time there were fleets engaging in the space ahead. The man turned his eyes up to stare at the wall, as if he could see through it to view the battle he knew was unfolding in space. John knew that the fleet would inform them the moment there was a breakthrough of some kind, but he couldn't help it as if it were an itch at the back of his head, a need to be up on the bridge commanding a vessel as it raced towards the enemy. The cyborg sighed, reaching up to adjust his jacket as his nose twitched, turning the corner to spot Wu waiting by the airlock with...a tray that smelt absolutely heavenly. "Certainly not, I didn't think the flight down would be that long...but since you went to all the trouble to prepare it I wouldn't say no at all."A small teasing smile touched his face as the man reached for the airlock, the heavy door hissing open as he stepped back and inclined his head. "After you." They'd been lucky to just get the meeting, let alone anything further, but then that was no different from any business negotiation, everything they had to do was all about finding the right lever to move people, the more time he spent on it the more John was realising how many similarities there were between business and governance.