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#1916611 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by John Locke on Yesterday, 09:04 PM

Location: In space near Eshan

Allies: CIS and Allies | 

Tagging: Derek Dib | Khonsu Amon | Darth Metus | @CIS Fleeters

Enemies: Mandalorians and Enemies

Engaging: Quoron Cadera | Tathra Khaeus | Kaine Australis

Objective: Clear Space of Mandalorian Assets and help secure freedom for Eshan

Unity Fleet:




Silence ruled the bridge, even the mechanical beep and pulse of the electronics seemed muted, seemed to fade away, an answer to the cold icicle that had seemed to grasp John, sliding down his back and freezing him in place. The cyborg wanted to cry out, wanted to scream and beat his hands against the screens infront of him, but he couldn’t move, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the sight on the viewscreen, the smoke and fire, the sheer devastation that had spread across the city. Unbidden the ensign sitting at the sensor station tapped at his controls, spawning a series of boxes on the screen zooming in on the city. John’s eyes flicked from image to image, watching the fire and smoke billowing out of the wreck of his ship, watching the Mandalorians unleash a bombardment of what looked like miniaturized proton torpedoes on the city, cutting apart troops and the civilians they were trying to rescue. Another screen showed the devastation left in the wake of some of the largest worms he had ever seen. The rest of them though, they showed the debris of the ship where it had fallen.


Not a soundcould be heard on the bridge, each member of the crew staring at the screen , lost in their own thoughts, their own current of panic and horror, unable to find a way out of this nightmare that had seemed to reach out and collectively consume them. They were all trained to use some of the most deadly creations ever made, at their fingertips the kinds of power that their ancestors could only dream of, the power to devastate a world, to wipe it out. Yet the fights they were used to, the way they generally found were carried out at a distance, the vastness of space separating them from the sight, from the reality of their actions. A light blipped off on a screen, somewhere in the numerous computers which ran the ship a number decreased by one. This was the war they were used to, clinical and mechanical, a game of tactics and positioning, of outmanoeuvring their opponent, a battle which mostly resulted in one party surrendering or retreating. Not this, not these bodies lying in the streets, not the callous disregard for life that had seemed to overtake their Mandalorian boarders and the mandalorians on the planet. John glanced down at the picture the security cameras onboard the Hermes had captured. The boarder who had precipitated this whole situation didn’t look like any Mandalorian John had ever seen, but attacking his ship, who else could it be? He’d be watching out for this one in the future though. He knew the image had been broadcast out to the Fortressa, to the rest of the Confederation forces on the planet, maybe one of them could spot the attacker, to let him know what's the man was doing.


Inevitably John’s eyes flicked upto the screen again, unwilling to meet anyone else’s eyes, to see the anger there, to see the accusations waiting there. Yet there was no-where to hid, each sight, each billow of smoke and lick of flame was like a sword driving through his body, pinning him into his seat. He could feel a track of tears rolling down his cheek from his one organic eye, hands clenching at his side.




The voice sounded like it was coming from miles away, muted as if it was coming through water.




John’s head slowly flicked around, staring at the commander standing next to him, the man’s shoulder’s rising as he braced himself, trying to brace against the anger there…the anger that…wasn’t there. In it’s place horror, sadness, a reflection of his own nightmare in another’s eyes.


“They need you, they need something…we’re still in a fight sir.”


It was just a sentence, the single phrasing that the commander used, but it was true all of it. The crewmembers were lost and it was his job to provide some guidance, not hide away feeling sorry for himself. The Hermes…the horror of the crash still weighed on his shoulders, a crushing soulful pressure he wasn’t sure he could ever loose. But for now…John made a gesture on his console, the images on the screen vanishing as he shook his head, opening a open comm channel. “Confederacy Navy, the time to mourn is later, time for tears and recriminations later. Out there, we’ve seen what the Mandalorians will do, the levels they’ll stoop to so they can ensure a victory. You heard their fleet commander claim that we’re destroying their city, but now we see the truth laid bare, when Mandalorians drop a Star Destroyer onto of an inhabited city, when they unleash a barrage of proton torpedoes that had cut down troops and the civilians they were helping. When they leave a city in rubble, this is the truth of the Mandalorian rule, this is the truth of Mandalorian justice.” The man’s fist slammed down on his armrest, “And I say, this will not do! This is not what the people of Eshan deserve. Let’s drive them out so we can bring in the support that the Echani will need to rebuild their home that the Mandalorians have attacked not once, but twice. And to any Mandalorian’s listening, I was once told you were an honourable people, a good people. Look down to the planet now, look at the people suffering and ask yourself if this is what you chose to fight for, what honour demands. I hope it’s true, that honour still exists, but any who would stand behind these crimes, I warn you, we have come to free the Echani from this horror and we will not allow this to continue.” John’s voice fell to an audible whisper, “Innocent lives have been lost, please don’t let it be in vain.”


The man sagged back in his chair, making a cutting motion across his throat as his communications officer shut off the channel. There was still a pressure on the bridge but, horror wasn’t the only emotion there, a spark of anger shone brightly in their eyes as backs straight the crew turned to their duties. Weapons swivelled, lining up a shot as the ships shifted.




John stared at the ships but…he couldn’t see any weapons fire, maybe the sensors were failing under the pressure of the battlefield.


“Enemies to our rear!”


He didn’t think things could get any worse but…they always found a way didn’t they. The man’s eyes dropped to his screen, his breath catching in his throat, blood training from his face as he saw the battlecruiser that had appeared, bisecting the lines of his fleet perfectly.


“Oh god…Alabaster and Hawk are to retreat at full speed, get the Khong, Galileo and Socrates back here. Icarus and Prometheus are to shield the Liminal and get me a gravity well spun up.“ He was actually caught between a rock and a hard place, and he’d always thought that was just a saying. Turn turn turn, all weapons, retarget to new hostile.”


The Mace Windu and the Piranha started to turn as the weapons started to fly, reaching out for his ships, enveloping them in a wave of damage as his own weapons opened fire. The ship shaking as the damage control board lit up.


“Emergency communication to all Naval Assets, let them know we could really use some help here.”




#1916395 The Exodus of Eshan

Posted by John Locke on Yesterday, 01:51 PM

Location: In Orbit above Monastery 

Nearby: Mariya Fleischer




There was a strange quiet that seemed to envelop a ship when it had landed, when the engines had shut off. It felt dead, bereft somehow, the living forces that had possessed it mere moments before. John rested his hands on the side of his chair, pushing himself upright, his footsteps lost in the hubbub of the crew filing out, shutting down the ship and rushing to the exits, to loose themselves in the world, to assuage the pain they all felt, deep in their souls, the scars of seeing the fall of Eshan to the Mandalorian invaders. Yet in the middle of the sea of humanity, there was a small island that developed, the crew moving around the two for a moment as they went about their duties. 


Tilting his head, the man nodding in the direction of the door, his hands sinking into his pockets as he padded in the direction of the portal. "Something tells me you always manage to figure it out, but this time, I think that we can help with that." John fell silent for a few steps as he glanced out of a window, watching the refugees in their camps. "Out there, there are people hurt, people who need help. They might have supported the Mandalorians, some might have fought against them but...in the end, it doesn't matter anymore after the fighting's over the blasters are put down only the hurt remains. If you want to go out there and heal them, well, I can't really gainsay that, I've got nothing but respect for someone who just wants to help people like that." Reaching out John thumbed open the elevator, letting his friend precede him before he followed. "If you're going to try the trial in the middle of an actual warzone...well I can't stop you, I wouldn't want to ever try. I'm pretty sure you'd leave me lying in a heap on the floor if I'd tried. Just, you know, be careful." There were a lot of people out there who didn't take into account the healers, the innocent in combat. The last thing he wanted to see was his friend caught up in the crossfire.

#1914592 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by John Locke on 15 February 2019 - 04:03 PM

Location: In space near Eshan

Allies: CIS and Allies | 

Assisting: Amelia von Sorenn

Enemies: Mandalorians and Enemies

Engaging: Quoron Cadera | Tathra Khaeus | Kaine Australis

Objective: Clear Space of Mandalorian Assets and help secure freedom for Eshan

Unity Fleet:




When things went wrong, they went so very wrong all at once. The Confederacy fleet had deployed against the Mandalorian defenders, Fleet Marshal von Sorenn racing ahead to engage the enemy while the rest of the fleet proceeded in her wake to take control of the planet, only the Mandalorian's had different ideas about that. Fleet after fleet of Mandalorian's had shown up, throwing themselves at the Confederacy as they claimed the forces of liberation that had arrived along with the Queen of Eshan. John wasn't exactly sure how the Mandalorian's could claim that the people were free when the Mandalorian's had installed their own leadership on a planet that already had leaders, had been willing to carve apart the citizens of the capital, to unleash the devastation of an orbital strike on the unsuspecting populace. Everyone, every military commander knew that it was impossible to fully clear out a city. It was why they all hated urban conflict, it was impossible to keep innocent civilians from getting caught in the crossfire. That the Mandalorians who had so blithely unleashed that horror on the city dared accuse them of that same travesty was almost too much for John to bear. He could see it in the cold looks of his bridge crew, the way their posture's shifted, their eyes hardened. This was an insult too far, revealing the desperation of the Mandalorian forces to try to justify the attack they had participated, and there didn't seem to be a single sentient on his crew who didn't feel the sting of that insult. Their commander was no exception, the urge to reach out there, to see the Mandalorian commander was strong, almost overwhelming, but the vast distances of cold space made that impossible, the logistics of war had taken that chance for revenge beyond Unity Fleet and they would have to trust in their comrades to answer for them. The rag tag collection of ships had other problems to deal with. 


The vast bulk of the Preserver had appeared from space right on the tail of the Fortressa and John and his crews were left scrambling to answer the appearance of the Dreadnought this far into the gravity well. Yet no sooner thad they redirected their attention to that ships than another pair of Mandalorian ships had appeared off their flank, weapons coming to life, throwing a hail of fire at them, couruscing through space. 


"Admiral please," that first hapless lieutenant who had come bearing the forgotten datapad bent down, plucking the forgotten pad off the floor, "please, Captain Nome..."


She didn't get a chance to get any further before another officer spoke over her, overbearing her with a voice of alarm, their eyes glued to the sensor screen. "Admiral, we're tracking the new enemy fleet firing, they're coming to bear on our position." John could feel his heart skip a beat at that, thus far the orbital defences had been silent, but he could see the damage they would be able to inflict on a stationary target, luckily Unity fleet was anything but stationary. "All ships DIVE! Full speed!" The cyborg leaned forward in his seat as if he could make the Mace Windu move faster by a sheer force of will as if he could protect the fleet from the silent death racing towards them. It was the struggle of every commander, you had to put the people who looked to you for guidance into harm's way and yet, who wanted to carry the weight of those deaths on your head? It was moments like this, that uncertainty, not knowing if you'd reacted fast enough if you'd been good enough kept him up at night. No matter how good your reactions a military starship was a massive piece of metal, and couldn't react in an instant, couldn't turn on a dime. The screen in front of him showed the accelerating fleet diving under the plane of the star system in a desperate move to avoid the attack. 


Sometimes though, sometimes you got lucky, the fleet's movements had saved them from the worst of the attack, the worst of it. No matter how lucky you were though it was impossible to avoid all damage. The enemy's turbolasers splashed off the shields, reduced by the distance to little more than a light show, barely causing a fluctuation on the shields. However the same couldn't be said of the long-range hypervelocity rounds launched by the Crusader class ship, crashing in at the cruisers. Where the Khong had gotten lucky, the Galileo and the Socrates hadn't been so lucky, both sustaining hits. John's teeth bared in anger, glaring at the screen. There were times, relatively few, but there were times when he really really wished he had the force, that he could reach out through the darkness of space and...well shake someone repeatedly. Only that wasn't going to help anybody. "Inform the Khong, Galileo and Socrates that they should withdraw and link up with Fleet Marshal von Sorenn's forces and assist with the assault on the Preserver. The Mace Windu, Hermes and the Piranha will engage the enemy ships, the Alabaster and the Hawk will back us up." 


The man stopped talking as the datapad was thrust in front of his face by the exasperated crew member, "Admiral you really need to see this." "I'm kinda in the middle of." "Admiral, Captain Nome reports that he's been boarded, and it doesn't look like he's going to be able to stop the assault. They're carving a line through the defenders." There was a saying John had heard once as his father was staring at yet another bill, misfortune comes in threes, that seemed to very much be the case here. The man could see his carefully constructed plans falling apart as he nodded at the lieutenant who withdrew to her station leaving John alone in the centre of the bridge. It was like everything that had been happening had built up around him, into a flood that threatened to swamp over him, leaving the man feeling helpless to stop it. "Get...get me Captain Nemo."  That datapad, that small datapad. If he'd been faster, if he'd taken the time to read it, maybe he could have gotten troops shuttled over to the Hermes, maybe they could have stopped the assault before it started.


The viewscreen lit up with the face of the captain, one hand tugging nervously at the white hair of his handlebar as he stared at the screen. 




"Admiral please, I've sent our complement of troops, the Xi-Charrian marines we were transporting to stop him." 




"Yes sir, him. there's just one of them, tearing through our defences. I don't know if we can stop him but." The man swallowed nervously glancing at the door. "I've locked it down, the bridge, every blast door. Just to buy us time. Admiral...however long we have, we're with you. All of us, as long as we can. Please, sir, we all knew the risks coming in...I've ordered all non-essential hands to abandon ship. We came here to free Eshan, all of us...we came here because we believe in that. Nothing the Mandalorian's have done has changed our minds. I...we...we don't want to leave the planet in the hands of people who would bombard it. Whose first reaction to a problem is to charge in all guns blazing to kill everyone they don't like. It's tantamount to a war crime and we refuse to let it stand, if we didn't give our all, we'd be no better than any of them were." 


What could you say to that, to that resolve? That level of dedication? The bridge of the Mace Windu was silent, John's eyes staring at the screen as he found himself on his feet, hand by his head in a silent salute. A salute that was echoed in the posture of every member of the bridge. A wave of salutes that the man on the other side of the screen answered in silence before he turned away, the screen shutting off leaving John to turn to his crew, his entire posture rigid with anger. "New orders, the Munificent's are to collect all the life pods before they and the liminal will return to the Fortressa and engage the enemy along with the Fleet Marshall. All remaining ships are to engage the enemy at long range. If he wants to play this game with us, we've got a lot more weapons to bring the pain. Helm, be sure to keep us at long range." Order's given, the fleet sprang into action, weapons blazing as the fire from the Mandalorian ships was answered by Railgun and plasma, by turbolaser and ion cannon, the long-range weapons that studded the sides of the ship. Where the Mandalorians had just two weapons that could reach over the gap, Unity Fleet answered with an entire arsenal designed to destroy ships at these ranges, all of that fire focused upon the Crusader class ship.


--Onboard the Hermes--


Captain Nome was true to his word, the blast doors had swung shut as a squadron of rangers and marines settled themselves in doorways and behind bulkheads, weapons aimed at the doorway. They'd heard the screams of pain, they could hear the ominous thump of footsteps getting closer. Yet how could they run, how could one of them turn tail when the captain of the ship was waiting on the bridge, determined to fight his vessel to the last minute. They all knew they were a sacrifice, that each drop of their blood would be a second a minute that the ship would continue firing, to support the rest of the Confederacy as they fought to liberate the planet from the Mandalorians who had struck the world like a bolt ouf of the blue.



#1913651 I.M.D. Lawgiver

Posted by John Locke on 13 February 2019 - 08:59 AM


#1913644 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by John Locke on 13 February 2019 - 07:59 AM

Location: Dropping out of Hyperspace with Unity Fleet

Allies: CIS and Allies | 

Assisting: Amelia von Sorenn

Enemies: Mandalorians and Enemies

Engaging: Adenn Kyramud | Tathra Khaeus | Kaine Australis

Objective: Clear Space of Mandalorian Assets and help secure freedom for Eshan

Unity Fleet:

"The Fortressa has arrived to join the party, brought a few plus ones, hope you don't mind."
"Comms, please contact the Fortressa and acknowledge their command and set up a feed from our sensors to their CIC." Establishing a network of sensors, an expanded map of the battlefield always gave the commander more information, the currency of command, and the least that he could to price John could pay to support his commander. Besides, he had more than enough to worry about just handling his little fleet without worrying about managing the entire battlefield, for example. "Contact the Hawk, let them know they're starting to lag behind and need to tighten up in the formation." The Mace Windu held the point of the formation flanked on either side by the Star Destroyers. In the safe spot formed by the larger ships the Alabaster and Hawk, forming a smaller triangle of their own with the Liminal. Bringing up the rear were the three Munificent Cruisers, the Khong, Galileo and Socrates. The fleet was as secure as he could make it, and that was hardly a bad thing because...well they'd come under attack already. The Mandalorian defences were incredible, Unity fleet had barely arrived in the battlefield and there were already coming under attack. "Someone reroute a squadron of Fangs to support the Hermes and pick off those Mandalorian fighters. Sensors, lock down their carrier, I want to know who we need to return the favour to." 
It was the standard response to any fighter attack, motes of bring energy spat out by the point defences attempting to swamp the incoming Hel Fighters, the turrets tracking around as the nimble craft span and danced. It took the crews manning the guns a moment to realise that the small craft weren't Mandalorian fighters, but something else. The Mandalorian's had a huge range of fighters and ships available to them so the self-defence crew could be forgiven for not twigging onto that sooner, but if they had then who knows how different things could have been if they'd realised sooner. It was only when a hapless ensign caught sight of something that he thought things were wrong, a minute more till he worked up the courage to speak to his commander. That commander wanted to see it for himself before be passed it up the chain of command. All the way up to the captain of the Hermes before he passed it over to the Mace Windu. 
"Admiral..." John tore his attention away from the viewscreen to stare at the ensign standing next to him, a datapad held in her hands as she bit her lip nervously. No officer, from the lowliest ensign to a rear admiral ever wanted to be the one to interrupt a fleet commander in thought. "The Hermes is reporting that there's something different about the fighters assailing it." "They said what?" It was times like this John wished he could do three or four things all at once, his hands reaching for the datapad as a movement on the screen caught his attention. Infernal Fleet had moved up, starting to engage the Mandalorian forces, and like that the battle was joined, the datapad settling in his lap as he turned to his overworked communications officer. "Contact Fleet Marshal Von Sorenn, let her know Unity fleet will be moving in to support her, and inform the Fortressa that we will be moving up on its flank to provide aid." The command propagated through the fleet, the tons of ships sliding forward in space, gliding along the flank of the Fortressa as light lit up on John's screen. "Have the Hermes and the Piranha use their long-range weapons to assist Infernal Fleet's attack on the Mandalorian Escort Carrier. Artillery Cruisers target one of their Mandalorian Star Destroyers. The Mace Windu and the Liminal will engage their other Star Destroyer. Inform the Fleet Admiral that our Bomber Wing is at her disposal." 
He knew it was in his head, but John imagined the ship seemed to shudder as the weapons emplaced across his ship came to life, tracking onto their targets as the ships moved into long range. "Remember everyone, we're engaging with long-range weapons, so make your you take your time and make sure you have your shots locked in before firing. We're here to liberate Eshan, we're not here to repeat the Mandalorian's attack and hit the surface of the planet. Be very careful, and if you don't have a sure shot don't take it." It was better to take their time chewing up the Mandalorians than risk a single rail shot, a single turbolaser breaching the planet's surface. "All ships...engage." That was it, the one word that unleashed a hail of fire as the long-range weapons of the fleet came to life, a storm of fire reaching out towards the Mandalorian ships. Turblolasers, Railguns and Ion Cannons, a cacophony of weaponry with just one goal, leaving the Mandalorian ships shattered and broken, leaving them as no threat to the other assets of the Confederacy fleet, or to the civilians and troops on the ground. 
Yet even as the fleet engaged, tracking fire across the Mandalorian fleet in front of them a piercing alarm tore through the air, John span in his seat, the datapad lying forgotten in his lap as he stared at the screen, the blood draining from his face as he saw a new Mandalorian fleet jumping in, opening fire on the Fortressa. "All ships, redirect all untasked weapons to engage the Mandalorian fleet. Hit them with everything we have." A second wave of fire lifted away from the fleet, stretching out towards the Preserver as Unity Fleet desperately opened fire to defend their theatre commander.

#1913174 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by John Locke on 12 February 2019 - 04:57 AM

Location: Dropping out of Hyperspace with Unity Fleet

Allies: CIS and Allies

Enemies: Mandalorians and Enemies

Objective: Clear Space of Mandalorian Assets and help secure freedom for Eshan

Unity Fleet:




There were some moments in life that were crystallized in your memory, some moments that were so profoundly moving, so profoundly shocking that you can never let them go, you can never forget. That day in the factory when it all came tumbling down was one of them, perhaps the worst moment of John's life. This had been one of those moments. He'd been in a board meeting when EX, his executive assistant had bustled in, normally the droid knew better than to interrupt meetings so John knew it must have been important. Imagine his surprise when the droid walked right past him, past all of them to press a hand against the room controls, a holo-screen appearing showing GNN's broadcast of the Mandalorian attach on Eshan. An attack based on what? The claim that the Echani were slavers? John knew Echani, counted some of his best friends as Echani and this is what the Mandalorians were claiming? The entire room had fallen silent, hands clenching into fists, clasping at tables, anything to provide some release, some way to hold back the anger the pathos that was sweeping the room. Images of the Mandalorians cutting down civilians who wanted nothing more than to defend their homes from these aggressors. It was an understandable reaction, of armed troops rampaging through the streets asking you for something you couldn't give what other choice did a warrior culture have but to try to drive them away as best as they can. It was unnecessary, it was all utterly unnecessary, they didn't need to do this, to kill so many. Then came the kicker, the Orbital Bombardment, that indiscriminate wave of death that swept over the city. Orbital Bombardments were never precision attacks, the sheer distance made that impossible. John's hand had clenched right through the table at that, the pictures were all that needed to speak, no need for words. Even the newscaster had been stunned into silence by the attack, civilized governments just didn't do things like that. 


Were there words of outrage? Maybe, but nothing in public, no trials for war crimes and that's what an Orbital Bombardment was, that's what that entire attack had been. A galaxy cried out in pain and shock...and there was no answer. The Mandalorians had attacked the Silver Jedi repeatedly, and John had helped drive them off and let it slide, but this, this was too much. When Darth Metus had called out to answer it was as if the Galaxy was giving an answer to that outrage that they were all feeling. Which is how he found himself here. 


The Command Deck of the Mace Windu felt like an old glove, this was his command ship, the crew moving like cogs in a well-oiled machine, an efficiency born of practice and experience, countless hours of drilling and actual conflict. If only he could say the same about the rest of the fleet. It's not that anyone was bad but Unity Fleet was drawn as a mish-mash from the CIS and the SJO. It was a miracle that the two sides were meshing as well as they were, different command structures, different tactics, all sorts of headaches trying to make it work. It was a massive nod to the professionalism of both fleets that they'd kind of managed to meld into a whole. Hopefully, they could keep this up, stop any cracks from appearing, at least any cracks that anyone else could exploit. 


"Sir, we're dropping out of Hyperspace in 3...2...1..."


The entry an exit from hyperspace was always smooth the lines of stars twirling and shortening. Ahead of him, John could see the planet, it looked almost peaceful, calm when seen all the way from here. What didn't look calm at all was the fleets of ships already starting their dance around one another. It was almost a ballet, thousands of tons of metal twirling through the heavens, it was almost poetic, or would have been if not for the fact that the dance was one of death. At the end of the day, there would be no winners, the devastation these ships could unleash on one another would see to that, but they could do nothing less. The galaxy cried out for justice, and they would answer. 


The cyborg glanced down at his screen, the crew in the Mace Windu's CIC already tagging friends and enemies, fulling the screen with more and more information as the rest of his fleet flashed into space around him. Fighters filled the space around them, the squadrons of small ships almost forming a mist around the fleet as it turned onto a prearranged heading. Not quite as fast as John would have liked, but nothing to complain about at all. 


"Comms, contact the Fortressa and the other Confederacy Naval assets." He could see Fleet Marshal von Sorren deploying, along with a very familiar ship. "Let them know that Unity fleet has arrived and will be deploying to support them now, ask if there are any instructions for us...in the meantime get be a direct line to The Arbitration please." John sat back in his chair, waiting until the lieutenant gave him a thumbs up, "Voph, good to see you out here...don't even think about scratching that ship, I just got done updating it." A small smile touched John's lips, dying away as he glanced back towards the planet. What would come wouldn't be pretty but it had to be done. "Helm, take us in, for all the lost souls, for the innocents that have suffered, we will now give answer."




#1912810 Do I need to sub it?

Posted by John Locke on 11 February 2019 - 08:20 AM

Jayce Pryde


The first thing to note is that Factory and Codex submissions are entirely voluntary. However, as Cyrus Tregessar mentioned, if you feel there is ever going to be a question of a doubt or someone will want to know the exact abilities of the mask then yes it's often worth getting it out there so that everyone knows what they're dealing with. 

#1911395 Mantle of the High Justice

Posted by John Locke on 07 February 2019 - 05:20 PM

Ecthelion Aiglos


Thank you for making the changes. Enjoy your new armour!

#1911238 The Exodus of Eshan

Posted by John Locke on 07 February 2019 - 05:49 AM

Location: In Orbit above Monastery 

Nearby: Mariya Fleischer




"Well you heard the lady," The cyborg sat back in his seat, hands coming down to nod at his communications officer. "Please inform the fleet of our destination, and alert all our aid workers as to their rally points." In addition to the Silver Circle Healers he had brought all the mechanics and engineers he could spare...and then probably a few more besides. Profit could take a temporary drop in the name of aid and support for the refugees, and besides, it was the perfect test of the new Squib technicians he'd been training up. 


A quick glance at the viewscreen showed the planet growing ever larger the closer they got to it, dots representing the fleet shifting position, stretching out into a line that would make life just that little bit easier for Vitali control to manage the incoming fleet. The rest of the journey though, well that was out of his hands now, all that John had to worry about was the tasks that lay ahead of them on the ground. It was a different feeling, to be able to step away from the pressure and stress of his day to day life, and just focus on the day in front of him and how to help the next person. It was actually kind of nostalgic, this is where he'd started off life, trying to help those who were unable to help themselves, hopefully successfully. 


Shaking of the webs of nostalgia that threatened to ensnare him John twisted ever so slightly to look over at the robe-clad woman standing next to him. It seemed like a lifetime ago they'd been negotiating over a round of golf, it was a little funny how life had turned out for both of them now. "Of course, you're more than welcome to tag along for as long as you want to, it's always nice to have a familiar face around. I'll probably try to see if I can sneak off over to the engineer's rally point if I can. It'd be kinda nice to get stuck in and get my hands dirty." He fell silent for a moment as his eyes were drawn to the viewscreen, to the refugee ships still arriving, he knew as much as he wanted to sneak away he'd probably, eventually, have to help to organise the unloading and liaise with the rest of the aid workers who had arrived to help the Echani. "As you said, they've been through enough, anything we can do to help, even a small thing well...how can we not?" He'd only heard of the trials vaguely before but to offer succour to an enemy like that...a wry look touched John's face as he shook his head, "I mean, I don't think you'll run into too much trouble down there but...I honestly don't know how you do that. Offer to healan enemy, how you can just look past everything that's happened." Perhaps it was just the business mindset or a military one but, he had to admit, even in the safety of his own head, that he was more than a little jealous of the woman's serenity right now.

#1910927 Imperial Super Commando Armor

Posted by John Locke on 06 February 2019 - 04:22 PM


#1910926 Imperial Super Commando Armor

Posted by John Locke on 06 February 2019 - 04:18 PM

Desmond C'artyom


Awesome, thanks so much for being so accommodating. Enjoy the armour!

#1910880 Imperial Super Commando Armor

Posted by John Locke on 06 February 2019 - 12:46 PM

Desmond C'artyom


Excellent. Thank you very much. We're pretty much done, just one final thing struck me before I approve the submission. 


Production: Limited


Could you specify who the armour is limited to please? 

#1910879 Dragon's Frame

Posted by John Locke on 06 February 2019 - 12:43 PM

Firnen Tharos


I like this submission but I have to admit that I had to double take and think about the submission. As it stands I'm going to say that the resistances do balance across the whole bodyglove. 


There are just a few points I wish to raise. 


Manufacturer: Fírnen Oak Tharos | Clan Tharos


Please link to the manufacturer, if clan Tharosdoesn'tt yet have a codex sub then please link to the character profile page. 


Production: Limited


The limited rating is meant to be focused down to one small group as per the template. Could you please specify who the use of this submission is limited to?


The beskar has been combined with the use of carbon to make the substance significantly lighter,


Just out of curiosity, does the mixing of Carbon into the Beskar make any difference to the strength of the material? Carbon not being as strong as Beskar.


increase in arm strength allows one to lift many tons above one's weight.


Just an observation and a potential weakness, but most species bodies are not capable of lifting this weight, and their bones would come apart under the pressure. I would recommend you add some mention of this. 


Please tag me back when you have read through this and decided how you with to proceed. 

#1910871 Imperial Super Commando Armor

Posted by John Locke on 06 February 2019 - 12:21 PM

Desmond C'artyom


My apologies for not being more clear.


Due to the weight, you can increase 2 ratings on your armour if you would like.

#1910291 Whimbamba

Posted by John Locke on 04 February 2019 - 08:27 PM