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John Locke

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#1862736 State of the Union [OOC Thread]

Posted by John Locke on 21 September 2018 - 01:55 AM

Tobias Dracks


Commodore John Locke of the SJO and CEO of Locke and Key Mechanics wishes to attend the state of the union along with a small group from the Silver Jedi Order.


~ John Locke

#1858669 The Taxman Cometh! (Mandalorian Blockade of Umbara)

Posted by John Locke on 12 September 2018 - 03:02 AM

Location: Ghost Nebula, Arriving 40km away from the West Blockade group.


Allies: Rick Kaloo | Amari Deechi | Sko'saht | Kiso | Gir Quee | Princess Lunafreya Solidor


Enemies: Kaine Australis 


John’s lips compressed into a tight grimace, a look of worry touching his eyes as he stared at the ship on the screen, the light show of the attacks swarming over the ship suddenly curving down into the dark holes that appeared all over the ship. His hand clenched on his armrest, a groan of annoyance slipping from his lips. “Vong tech, he had to have vong tech didn’t he?” The man closed his eyes for a moment sucking in a deep breath before he let his eyes flick open. “Tactical, divert power from weapons to shields.” The firepower pouring off the battlecruiser just abated, the turbolasers falling off as the fire from the Star Destroyer poured out over the Battlecruiser.


“Tactical, fire up the remaining two Aura’sand hit the Adder with them, lets keep that ship as far away from us as possible. All ships to load their missile launchers with Starfall-class rockets, engage the minelayers and start dropping the Fracture Mines between us, if they want to keep coming at us lets make it as difficult as possible.” The man fell silent for a second, his eyes tracking over the position of the other ships spread around the battlespace. “Contact all of our other ships, they’re to use their tractor beams and weapons on full power to wear down the dovin basals and take out those engines.” Tearing his attention away from the situation surrounding his ship the man quickly reviewed the rest of the battlefield punching a button on his comms, “Admiral Quee, good to see you, welcome to the party. We’re just,” his eyes flicked to the Star Destroyer approaching him, “wrapping things up here, then we’ll help mop up the rest of the Mandalorian fleet.” The man glanced over at the icons representing the newest arrivals to the battlefield, nodding at his comms officer, "Judge Lunafreya, thank you for your support. if you could please deploy your ships to assist our forces where you best see fit. We have boarded the Star Destroyer to the north but all other Mandalorian forces are fair game."


Glancing over at his tactical officer John nodded his head, “Engage.” A rain of sparkling missiles shot away from the fleet, all converging on the Star Destroyer as the missiles closed with their target as a carpet of mines spread out between the Adder and the Mace Windu as he settled down in his seat, staring at the oncoming ship, a challenge settling in his eyes.





#1857258 The Taxman Cometh! (Mandalorian Blockade of Umbara)

Posted by John Locke on 09 September 2018 - 06:47 AM

Location: Ghost Nebula, Arriving 40km away from the West Blockade group.


Allies: Rick Kaloo | Amari Deechi | Sko'saht | Kiso


Enemies: Kaine Australis 


"Sir, the Mandalorian Star Destroyer is coming right at us, she doesn't look like she plans to stop!" There was a note of panic in the man's voice as he transferred his gaze to the large screen showing an image of the Star Destroyer barrelling towards them. The fear was infectious, the entire bridge crew shifting unsteadily in their seats. John could understand the fear, the panic that was spreading through his crew, he'd be lying if the idea of being rammed by an enemy ship didn't scare him. It was the fear of every spacer, the exposure to the cold emptiness of space that lay just beyond the bulkhead, a fear that he didn't intend to allow to overwhelm him today.


"All shields forward, the Mace Windu, Yumi and Kyudo will reverse engines and maintain our distance from the Star Destroyer." The gap between the ships had already been eaten up as the Mace Windu came under attack. The enemy ship was pounding them with everything it had but the Krakana Class ships had been designed with just this roll in mind and so far her defences were holding up. "Tactical, hit them with everything we have, helm, if he gets to close prepare to engage forward thrust, we'll try angling away from them as they go for an impact, hopefully, we can glance off their shields." The man took a deep breath, "all other ships, close the circle on the Mandalorians and engage with all weapons. Both horns are to target the Mandalorian's engines, I want that ship dead on the water."


All around the Mace Windu the blue light of the ship's engines lit up, the other elements of the battlegroup closing on the Adder as the Mace Windu and her escorts continued to back away from the oncoming mass. A rain of energy, turbolaser, ion and plasma weapons joining missiles and railguns, unleashed hell on the Adder as the ships under John's command surged forward, closing the trap around the ship, opening up with all their weapons in an attempt to kills the Adder's forward thrust and protect their flagship. A flagship that opened for with every weapon at its disposal. "Tactical, hit them with two of the Aura's lets up their mass and slow them down some to give us more time to work on the ship. Comms, send a message to Commander Deechi, let him know that we have engaged the Star Destroyer and expect to deal with it shortly, ask that he take care of those Inderdictor's so that we can move on to support our forces against the new Mandalorian ships that are just arriving."





#1856245 The Taxman Cometh! (Mandalorian Blockade of Umbara)

Posted by John Locke on 06 September 2018 - 04:06 PM

Location: Ghost Nebula, Arriving 40km away from the West Blockade group.


Allies: Rick Kaloo | Amari Deechi | Sko'saht | Kiso


Enemies: Kaine Australis 


John's lips pursed as he started as his display, teeth showing in an unconscious grin as he watched more and more allied forces flashed in, the map filling up the screen as the sailors working in the CiC started to extract information about the ships in the battlespace drawing from the Silver Jedi's combat database and the ship's sensors. Some of the vessels had information stored away in the system, the allied ships had all been seen multiple times, their characteristics logged away for easy access. Most were Silver Jedi forces, or ships that had come under their command while others were familiar alliance ships under the command of Rick Kaloo They Mandalorian ships though, they were something new, information on their drives, their shields and their visible weapons slowly expanding with each second as they closed with the Mace Windu. Information John was about to add to.


"All ships, reverse thrust, let's keep the distance open between their Star Destroyer and us, have the Yumi and Kyudo move up to flank the Mace Windu and have them spool up their weapons, all ships are to deploy their fighters to act as a screen against anything the Mandos decide to throw at us. It doesn't look like they want to take the easy way out and back down so we'll do this the hard way." 


If the Mandalorians wanted to play this game then John was more than happy to accommodate them. "Get me Captain Deechi." The entrepreneur turned Commodore waited a moment before his communications officer gave him a thumbs up. "Captain Deechi, we recieve you. I'll move to engage the enemy Star Destroyer now and then I'll bring my battlegroup around to support you, try to take out or disable their interdictor cruisers if you can but don't put your ships at risk." John fell silent for a moment, his dark eyes resting on the image of the Adder racing towards them. "Tactical, all long-range weapons from the Mace Windu, the Yumi and Kyudo are to target the enemy vessel, Comms, I want to talk to all allied vessels." Another slight pause. "All Silver Jedi vessel and allies, the Mandalorians are not backing down and refuse to surrender or reply to our communications. At this point I have no choice but to authorise the use of force to deal with these pirates. All commanders you are authorized to engage at your discretion, good luck and keep the communications open if you need any assistance." Gesturing to cut off the communications the man waited for a moment, a long heartbeat before he nodded slowly, "Fire." 


It was just one word, one word that triggers so much more. From the three ships at the centre of the formation, a barrage of long-range fire exploded forth. The Onager-class Plasma Rail Cannons and Angon class Hyper velocity cannons of the Mace Windu joining the Ison surface-to-orbit turbolaserSardun heavy long-range hypervelocity cannon, and long range ion cannon fire thrown out by each of the Lothal-II Artillery Carriers flanking the flagship. A storm of firepower bearing down on the Mandalorian Star Destroyer. 


"All other ships are to take up flanking positions and prepare to encircle the Mandalorian Destroyer when to crosses into firing range." The benefit of this formation to deal with a single enemy ship was that the horns of the encirclement allowed the ships to remain spread out, meaning that the Star Destroyer couldn't turn it's awesome firepower onto multiple ships at the same time while it's headlong charge exposed it to the combined firepower of the entire fleet.






#1855654 Change the Ship Size restrictions for Individuals and Companies

Posted by John Locke on 05 September 2018 - 02:23 PM

Darth Vesper


Well, you guys have made pretty solid points allaying my concerns so I'll happily switch my vote around. I'll trust in the community too. 


Thank you all for the debate and answering my concerns logically :)

#1855557 Change the Ship Size restrictions for Individuals and Companies

Posted by John Locke on 05 September 2018 - 10:49 AM

I'm supportive of continuing this trend of relaxing restrictions - we saw that doing this with Master rank had very few negative consequences. Ultimately, granular mechanical ship size matters very little when it comes down to how much punch a ship packs in actual combat, and I feel like it would be completely good to soften the focus on nitty-gritty mathematics. 


I would disagree, the size of a ship is very important when it comes to how much punch a ship packs in combat. A 500m ship will pack a significantly smaller punch when compared to a 2km ship which packs a smaller punch than a 5km or 10km ship. I don't disagree that the consequences might not be dire, but lets be fair, Darth Vesper, there is a lot of difference when it comes to combat. 


Like Gil said, star destroyers are meant to be "ships capable of destroying entire star systems with their heavy firepower" (x) This is an awesome level of firepower to put in anyone's hands, and at the same time, a massive logistics load to manage. On Chaos we set those same Star Destroyers at 2000m. There is no way that your average individual is able to sustain control of the ship, or supply it by themselves. Like Gil said, only the largest corporations or governments can do that. And I think only Major Factions, governments that span multiple star systems can have more than 1 Star Destroyer. 


So if we come back to the example from Captain Larraq, Admiral Fancypants. If he wants to tell the story of the admiral just flying around with his crew fighting NPCs then no-one is going to care. But the moment other PCs get involved, he might be asked to sub his ship to the factory, and needs to explain where his funds and crew are coming from. As I said before the factory is entirely optional, until it isn't. As people have pointed out, it's very easy to form a minor faction, and if Admiral Fancypants did that he can fly around in his ship to his hearts content. But just the one SD. 


The Minor faction system is an issue for another time, but given how easy it is to justify and let people tell their stories there is no reason to change the rules. If you want to just tell a story then go ahead, I can't think of one person I know who is going to complain about that. Get a few friends and blow up all the NPC pirates you want. But if you want to fight other people, the rules we have exist to balance that system. There is no way an individual person has the resources to match a minor faction's fleet. Just as there is no way a minor faction can match the fleet of a major faction. By relaxing the rules on ship size you're adding an element of chaos into PvP that can be fraught enough as it is. If anyone can turn up with a Stardestroyer, then you're going to see a proliferation of them in PvP. Now I get that fleeting is a part of the play enjoyed by a small element of the community, but the way the rules work now, people can play with their big ships, they just can't attack other people with them without grounding their ownership in something explainable, which really isn't that hard to do.

#1855485 The Taxman Cometh! (Mandalorian Blockade of Umbara)

Posted by John Locke on 05 September 2018 - 05:14 AM



Location: Ghost Nebula, Arriving 40km away from the West Blockade group.


Allies: Rick Kaloo | Amari Deechi | Sko'saht


Enemies: Kaine Australis | Flash Australis


The Silver Jedi Order had clashed with the Mandalorians before, the conflict between the two sides heating up with a series of border skirmishes and a cold state of detente that had culminated in the Mandalorian's ill-fated attempt to assault Silver's Rest of Kashyyyk. Following that battle, both sides had fallen back to lick their wounds and John had thought that would be the end of it. Only to find that no sooner had he taken his fleet out for training manoeuvres than he received a message that the Mandalorian's were back upto their old tricks. Only this time they had decided to avoid any planets, and any fleet concentrations and blockade a trade route through Umbara. The man settled back in his command chair, listening to the muted hubbub of the bridge as his dark eye focused on the display infront of him. The route itself wasn't a crippling loss, the Silver Service Corps had already issued an advisory, warning traders of the disruption but that didn't mean they could let the Mandalorian impingement on their territory last. 


It was interesting to note that failing their attempts to assault the Silver Jedi the Mandalorian's had resorted to economic attacks, a flailing attempt to inflict damage that the Silver Jedi couldn't allow. "10 seconds to reversion, all hands brace for impact." The sound of his navigator's voice cut through John's thoughts as his hands grasped at his armrests with a soft whirring, metal finger digging into the soft armrests as the ship shook as it reverted to realspace under the influence of the interdictor. Based on scout reports John had gathered a small squadron of ships based around his flagship and flown ahead while the rest of his patrol gathered their forces to jump in later. With a burst of light the Mace Windu streaked onto the battlefield, a small squadron of smaller escorts appearing around the ship, giving the appearance of a whale surrounded by minnows. 


"You're on a general band sir," the communications officer nodded his head at John as his fingers flew across the board in front of him, "broadcasting in the clear."


"All Mandalorian forces, this is Commodore John Locke, your presence here is a clear violation of the territory of the Silver Jedi. Your piratical actions are both illegal and immoral. If the economic situation in the Mandalorian Empire is really so dire that you have to resort to waylaying innocent traders and living out your pirate fantasies from childhood then please, send us a peaceful diplomat and we'd be happy to help you, but this is not the way to fix your problems. If this is just a show of power, playing at pirates to hurt the innocent traders on this route then we can not, and will not allow your actions to continue. Power down you weapons and shields and you will be allowed to leave, if not you will be destroyed." The man gestured at his communications offer, one hand passing over his throat as the man cut the broadcast. "Get me all allied forces in the system." "Yes sir." 


"Allied forces, this is John Lock of the Silver Jedi second fleet. I am moving towards the westernmost squadron of Mandalorian ships. All forces, Silver Jedi and Allies please stay in contact and if you need any assistance please let us know. If we watch oneanother's backs we should have no problem handling these pirates."






#1850893 Hyperion Ascendant - SJO Dom of Hex Y32

Posted by John Locke on 26 August 2018 - 03:02 PM



Location: On board the Hyperion Ascendant


Objective: 1


Allies: Varindar AsytErrreembuhrGir QueeTharr HeiYuroic Xeraic


Enemies: Lucent Echo


The man settled back in his chair, spinning to face the holographic display of the battlespace that Zeus had thrown up, the Hegemony fleets highlighted against the blue outline of the planets as he pondered their next move. He could hear Erreembuhr on the comms, the information from his scouts filling the display as he stared at the ships that had dropped down to the security offered by the civilian populations behind them.


"Clever using the civilians as a shield, why do people always have to use civilians as shields?" Gesturing in the air the man activated the comms on his end. "Erreembuhr, your data's coming in clear, thanks for that. It looks like they don't want to risk fighting us in a head-on conflict. But I can't risk coming in close to the planets either, it looks like they have some solid defences on the ground. If I get to close they could threaten my capital ships or even the Hyperion itself. What I propose is to split our forces into 4 parts. If you take Battlegroup Wyyyschokk towards the moon and the remains there you should be able to close on them and take down those shields so we can land the rangers to clear them out. I don't see many ships there, so you'd be the reserve too. I'll hold my fleet around the planets, pinning their forces in place so our fighters and bombers can take care of the ships. They either stay down there while they pick them apart, or they come out to face us."


Glancing at the list of ships under his command John started to sort them, splitting his command into 3 parts. "Zeus, that ECM could get annoying." "On it...it's like they're trying to challenge me." 


The fleet juddered into motion, splitting apart as they streamed towards the planets, settling themselves some distance away from the surface, making sure to set themselves well out of range of the orbital cannons disgorging fighters and bombers like seeds hanging in a loose cloud around them. The Hyperion settled itself in between the two planets as the Erebus arrays and it's ECM thrummed to life, the hologram of Zeus vanishing as he fell into a world of binary ones and zeros, acting like a conductor as he modulated his ECCM to target the enemy jamming, aiming to break through to open up the lines of communication and lock down the position of the ships. "Have all ships switch over to the Harmonia comms, I want constant updates on those ships, the moment they try to break out I want to know about it."




#1849669 Hyperion Ascendant - SJO Dom of Hex Y32

Posted by John Locke on 23 August 2018 - 07:13 PM



Location: On board the Hyperion Ascendant


Objective: 1


There was nothing quite like a new ship, there was a smell to it, fresh and untainted, the air processors not yet loaded with the scent of countless being. The thrum of the engines and the feel of the controls. Everything seemed to have that little bit of extra polish, but it lacked...character. The small build-up of traditions and quirks that built up to define a ship. To make it unique, even within its class. The Hyperion hadn't yet built up those little things yet, the traditions still forming through countless hour of drills and the little tricks and shortcuts. But as for quirks...John glanced to his left as a lightning bolt struck the ground next to him before bursting apart in an explosion of light, leaving an armoured man standing next to him. "A tad melodramatic there." "I do have to have some fun you know." "Zeus...did EX put you up to flashing in behind my crew members?" "I plead the fifth."


The man set back in the command chair as a laugh slipped from his lips as he turned to face the view screen. "What's our status?" "We should be dropping out of hyperspace in...3...2...1..." A bright flash lit up the darkness of space after ship after ship flashed into existance in space one after the other as the second fleet settled into existence. "Ensign, give me an open frequency, let's let people know we're here." 


"To all ships in the area, this is Commodore John Locke of the Silver Jedi. We are here at the request of the Antirian Rangers, all Hegemony forces, stand down and prepare to be boarded by our forces. Your blockade of Antarr is illegal and we do not intend to allow you to prosecute the planet and the civilians there any longer. I repeat, please surrender your vessels and pull back your forces and power down all weapons." With a cutting motion the man turned his head to glance at the avatar standing next to him, "Zeus, link us in with all Silver Jedi forces in the area and start bringing up the tactical net, if The Hegemony forces so much as sneeze I want to know about it and be prepared. All hands, take us to red alert, raise shields and power up our weapons but don't lock any targets yet. I want them to know we mean business but, lets not push them over the edge just yet."




#1846576 Trouble Over Tarhassan [SJO Dominion of Hex Z-31]

Posted by John Locke on 17 August 2018 - 03:14 PM

Objective: 1


"Here, I've got you." John made a waving motion with his hand as if he was flicking something at Kat, a data packet downloading into her comms unit, EX recognised the gesture transmitting the data to the Padawan. The engineer had seen both girls around, the small girl with the pair of hammers at her waist hung around Master Nooran a lot, her Padawan. The other girl he'd seen in the Ranger's bade but not much more than that, luckily EX was more than happy to step in to fill in the space his more technically minded master was less capable at. 


"Padawan's Charlie and Kat I believe, it's nice to see you, thanks for joining us." The droid inclined his head at the girls before John stepped in, "Nice to see you both. They're just fueling up the Luna to take us up there. I've just been reviewing the situation in orbit. It doesn't look like any of our ships are able to get a hold of it with their tractor beams. If we had a capital ship we might try to interpose their mass between the planet and the freighter, but we don't have anything I'd trust to take that hit. If we can't think up anyway to stop it before it gets to the planet we might have to board it and try to shut down the engines, maybe find a way to redirect it." The man stroked his beard in thought, the droid shrugging at the girls, "I'm sorry, he gets this way with an interesting problem." "I'm not all that bad," "Commenor last week." "I hate you EX, you know that." "I'm shivering in my chassis sir I'm sure." 


John shook his head and gestured at the transport, "Where are my manners, ladies first, we've got some projectors in the transport, so see what plans you can come up with by the time we get up there. I get the feeling this isn't gonna be as easy as I'd like."


Kat Decoria | Charlie Nooran

#1845570 Trouble Over Tarhassan [SJO Dominion of Hex Z-31]

Posted by John Locke on 15 August 2018 - 10:57 AM

Location: Spaceport


Objective: 1: Prepare for blast off.


The ride to the spaceport had been a whirl of data, of schematics and damage analysis whirling past the engineer's eyes as he quickly flicked through all the data available. He wouldn't be able to say for sure what the problem was until he actually got up to the ship but at least he could go in prepared for the situation he'd find in space. The more he knew, the faster he could diagnose and get to repairing the problem before it became a problem for the planet. 


"Ahem" John tore his gaze away from the schematics to star at his companion, at the commlink the droid was waving infront of his face. "Oh right," With a guilty start John retrieved the device, raising it to his lips, "This is Commodore John Locke, to any Silver Jedi Forces on Tarhassan, if you are not aware there is a runaway ship headed towards the planet. Any mechanics on the planet, please prepare a Luna for emergency take-off, I'm headed up to the ship, and anyone who wants to join me can meet me there. All other Silver Jedi, please support the authorities dealing with the crowd. I hope we can stop the ship before it hits the planet, but preparation never hurt and they'll need our help to quell a riot." That ought to do it, right? Hopefully, the Luna would be ready in time to take them straight up.


Charlie Nooran | Kat Decoria

#1845516 New Factory Administrator

Posted by John Locke on 15 August 2018 - 09:44 AM

Jamie Pyne


Thank you for everything you've done for us as the factory admin!

#1844532 The Veritas

Posted by John Locke on 13 August 2018 - 02:33 PM





  • Intent: To sub a set of armour for Ra

  • Image Source: Mass effect wiki

  • Canon Link:  (N/a

  • Primary Source: (Please link and cite the sources which you are modifying for your use in your submission.)


  • Manufacturer: Locke and Key Mechanics

  • Affiliation: (Individual Character Name Ra'a'mah

  • Model: The Veritas

  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique (Only One Character)

  • Material: Phrik, electronics


  • Classification: Medium Armour

  • Weight: Average,

  • Resistances (For each category choose from: None, Very Low, Low, Average, High, Very High, Extreme Ratings of High, Very High, and Extreme will need to be added as strengths with elaboration.)

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High

- Kinetic: High

- Lightsabers: Very High

- Other: EMP/ION: Low

- Other: SonicAverage




  • Phrik: The armour is constructed of the extremely durable metal providing it’s wearer superior protection against attacks.

  • Rebreather: The Helmet of the armour contains a rebreather which combined with the airtightness seals on the armour allow it to operate in the middle of a vacuum or other hostile environments.

  • Terminator System: The armour comes with an internalized stealth system which disguises the signature of the user inside, disguising the heat signature as that of a droid. The electronics seeded through the suit act as camouflage acting along with the stealth systems built into the suite to make the armour appear to be a droid rather than a suit of armour.

  • Madonna System: The armour’s gloves come with wireless transmitters built into the palms that allow the suit to interface with any electronics that they touch. Combined with the Apollo control system this allows the entire suit to act as a slicing tool.

  • Blaster and Lightsaber resistance: The incredible resistance of the Phrik provides it with a very high level of resistance against blasters and lightsabers. Although it provides a high level of resistance against kinetic weapons, the impact of the weapon still translates to the suit’s user.

  • Microrepulsors embedded into the gloves and boots of the armour give it enhanced mobility and damage to unarmed attacks.


  • EMP/Ion Weakness: Like most power armour the Veritas is vulnerable to EMP and Ion based attacks which can shut down the armour’s systems leaving it little more than a heavy suit of metal.

  • User is still human: The Veritas is designed at its core to hide its user from sensors, making them appear as if they were a droid. However no system is infallible, and if spotted while the terminator system is down, or if examined by advanced sensors the subterfuge can be easily seen through.

  • Wireless transmitters in the gloves can not function at the same time as the micro-repulsors: Due to the damaging gravity field put created by the microrepulsors the Madonna system is unable to connect with any electronics, anything that they could influence is damaged by the gravity.

  • Wireless transmitters are unable to pierce heavy armour/metal or penetrate shields.

  • Wireless transmitters limited to affecting objects they can touch.



Every engineer loves a challenge, and when Ra’amah came to Locke and Key mechanics looking for a capable suit of armour that would disguise her as a droid they leapt at the challenge.


They approached it by creating the Terminator System, a modified version of their Phantom Cloak, which instead of nullifying sensors instead broadcasts back the sensor image of a droid. This returned image is enough to fool basic sensors but a more detailed scan. When activated the terminator would also seal itself off, using cooling systems to modulate the heat emited by the armour to better match that of a droid rather than a human. Again, a more detailed inspection of a thermal imaging of the suit would spot the cooling, but it was more than capable of passing a cursory inspection.


Not satisfied with just letting Ra pass as a droid, the engineers also included a small wireless transmitter in each palm of the armour allowing Ra to slice into any droid or system she touches. (OOC Note: The Madonna system does not allow the user to bypass any security or defences/firewalls which might be in place. It only provides a means of access, the actual slicing is dependant on user skill. As always opposing writers will always determine the result of slicing into their systems, or those of droidsunder their control) This effectively had the same effect as a normal slicing without the need for wires allowing the slicing to take place on the sly. The system didn’t allow for Mecha Deru, or any enhancement to her skills, just provided another form of access for her to work on the machines.


Overall the armour provide to be a successful creation, that gave John Locke several ideas about potential future directions to focus his research on.


#1843669 Hyperion Ascendant

Posted by John Locke on 11 August 2018 - 07:54 PM







  • Defences: Very High (Extreme when Tera or Cyclonic shields are engaged).

  • Hangar: Low: 21

  • Manoeuvrability Rating: Low (Very Low when Zak Ion Drive is engaged in boost mode)

  • Speed Rating: Low (Very Low when T.E.R.A. is engaged, Average when Zak Ion Drive is engaged in boost mode)

  • Hyperdrive Class: 1



A multitude of heavy tractor beams all over the ship.

Crew Quarters


Flag Bridge


Mess Halls,

Officers Quarters

Socialising rooms



Military sensors

Other locations found on all ships.




Crystal Grav Trap: An advanced sensor that is able to detect cloaked ships by sensing their gravitational signatures.

A.I. - Olympus System: A series of memristor Neural network nodes scattered all over the ship is the hub for a powerful AI focused on helping support the ship's operations and enhancing the Hyperion's EWAR capability as well as providing a tactical assistant to a battlefield commander. (See below for more details)

Metis Sensor Array: A capable capital ship sensor array

T.E.R.A. : A reactive armour system based on a series of tractor/pressor emitters spread across the surface of the ship which drew power from the ship's engines to increase the defences of the ship to repel incoming attacks, robbing them of some of their power. (See description for more details)

Hibridum Cloak: A cloaking device that acts as a double-blind, preventing any electromagnetic waves (sensors or comms) from getting in or out while it is active. 

Molecular shields: Advanced shiels capable of absorbing energy attacks funnelling them back into the ships own systems. 

Phalanx: A shielding system that uses multiple small shield emitters to allow the quick transfer of shielding energy around the ship.

“Hydra” Mesh Networking Program: A networking system that creates networks allowing communications through jamming and the sharing of data within the network. 

Freyja: An advanced comms system capable of creating multiple communications networks while using quantum-based encryption to provide a secure method of communications.

Harmonia: A system plugged into both comms and ECM systems to allow them to access the telepathic means of communication that are normally out of the reach of technology.

Mithril security software: A cloud-based security software that provides protection against slicing and tampering.

Erebus Jamming Array: A powerful Electronic Warfare emitter which can be used to either reduce the accuracy of long-range fire or create a jamming bubble around the ship (not at the same time): 

KP-02 “Hariken” Cyclonic Shields: An advanced shield system drawing power from the engines to counter ramming or extreme physical attacks. Activation of this system, much like T.E.R.A. will reduce the engine output to a very slow crawl.

Saotome Filter: Biological filters capable of protecting the ship and its inhabitants from biologically based attacks.

Zak Ion Drive: A powerful Ion drive that can provide a boost of speed to the Hyperion while sacrificing manoeuvrability.

Skynet Holocontrol System: A command and control system which allows the use of holographic control screens to display data and control ships systems.

Loki Ewar System: An EWAR system that allows the Hyperion the core of its powerful electronic warfare capability, using a variety of methods to degrade enemy comms and sensors while attempting to counter enemy ECM.




  • Tera/Cyclonic Shields: The Hyperion is equipped with two defensive systems which have the ability to boost its defences to help it handle specific threats allowing the commander to turtle up to tank threats to the ship.

  • Powerful offensive armament: Drawing technology from the entire contingent of companies associated with the Silver Jedi, the Hyperion is equipped with the very latest and greatest in technology and weapons systems, giving it a very nasty bite.

  • Highly Automated : Through the use of a largely robotic crew and Zeus many of the ship's functions can be handled by the droids and automated systems, allowing the ship to operate with a much smaller crew than expected.

  • Zeus/Olympus: A powerful AI which supports the crew and is able to enhance the Hyperion's EWAR capacity.



  • Tera/Cyclonic shields: While the TERA and Cyclonic Shield systems provide a boost to the defences they do not do this without a price. Each system draws significantly from the engines, causing the already slow ship to slow even further, meaning that it becomes easier for enemies to escape from and manoeuvre around the ship.

  • Small Hangar Space: Although the Hyperion is one of the largest ships in the galaxy, very little of its space is dedicated to hangars and support for combat craft. This leaves the ship very vulnerable to attack by small craft attack craft.

  • Vulnerable: The Hyperion is a powerful ship with capable defences, but with its low speed and manoeuvrability, combined with the lack of onboard space for fighters the ship can be easily cut out by smaller ships and overwhelmed by numbers, like any larger ship. With it's default stats the Hyperion Ascendent is slower than many other ships of it's class, making it much harder to run for safety.

  • Blind spot: The large engines at the back of the ship harken back to the Star Destroyer design, providing a blind spot in the sensor and weapons loadouts, and necessitating a weaker location in the defences of the ship. 

  • T.E.R.A. and Cyclonic shields cannot be active at the same time, providing a window for a canny opponent to exploit.

  • Highly Automated: The highly automated nature of the Hyperion leaves it vulnerable to situations where it's droid complement are taken offline, such as in the aftermath of an Ion or EMP attack.

  • Zeus: the Hyperion is heavily dependant on Zeus, to both run the ship and work with the ECM systems onboard, however the very nature of the spread out neural networks, while allowing Zeus to focus different neural nets on different tasks. However, should one neural network be compromised by enemies it has the ability to shut down key areas of the ship (taking out the bridge vault will shut down the bridge etc) While Zeus himself is protected in the citadel rerouting the pathways to bypass damaged or compromised networks can take some time.



Design Features


The Hyperion Ascendant is heavily based on the dagger-shaped Imperial Design that is so prevalent in the galaxy with a thin prow flaring out into a thicker rear. Unlike the Imperial designs though it has a more trapezoid shape with the thick armour forming ridges to allow weapons emplacements and hangar bays access to the surface of the ship. The armour stretches back over the main hangar and the engines of the ship, protecting it from glancing attacks.







Unlike its sister ship, The Shining Path, the Hyperion Ascendant lacks the smooth curves and bends of the Mon Calamari designs. The ship instead uses high ceilings, large open spaces and a more luxurious design to create a comfortable operating atmosphere for the crew, many of who will spend months at a time aboard the Hyperion Ascendant. Instead of the normal square utilitarian corridors of most ships, the corridors contain curved ceilings and curved triangular pillars (as the image above) that along with the non-metallic decor and the larger public areas create a more relaxed and welcoming environment rather than a cold artificial environment. Yet even these measures for the comfort of the crew was developed with one eye on defence. The large open spaces of the crews were either set away from the paths to key locations such as the bridge and engineering or set far enough away from the hull of the ship that the defenders can set it up as a killing zone first. Rather than using one large gravity generator, the designers seeded the ship with a multitude of small gravity generators allowing for localised fields. This change allows gravity in specific passages to be switched off, allowing for easier transport of goods and repairs. As with all the design elements of the Hyperion it also has an eye towards defence, allowing for the gravity to be switched on and off to discomfort any invading force and slow their approach. The corridor contains hidden blast doors spaced all around the ship capable of sealing off sections if damaged in battle, or if needed for security.


The focus on defensive systems and setups, while foremost on the mind of the ship’s designers was not their only thought and they introduced a number of systems which were aimed at improving the quality of life of the crew such as the Sabrina waste heat recovery device. The mess rooms scattered around the ship all came equipped with a roto rooter autochef, capable of serving up any meals required, as long as the maintenance droids kept them well stocked. A larger mess area did exist, with actual chefs in a cafe setting, smaller tables for groups to meet at and eat while they relax, as well as a wardroom, and captain and admiral’s messes, each with their own kitchen. The ship is not just seeded with mess halls, social areas and training rooms are also readily available for anyone onboard the ship to use.




The main hangar of the Hyperion Ascendant is located at the rear of the ship, just above the engines, allowing engineering crews to quickly travel back and forth between the hangar and engineering as needed. The ship contains secondary hangars spread out across the rest of the ship, preventing damage to the rear of the ship to stop the ship from launching fighters. The main hub of the Rangers aboard the ship was located near to the hangar, providing a reaction force if any enemy raiders try to enter the ship through the main hangar, of if counter boarding is needed.


The Citadel






The Citadel is a home away from home for the Antirian Rangers, the military branch of the Silver Jedi Forces. An almost self-contained multi-storey base within the Hyperion Ascendant set just off from the main hangar and engineering the Citadel is the hub of security and protection on board the Dreadnought. The walls and doors of the Citadel are constructed from Neutronium, the dense metal provided an additional level of protection for the unit that almost proved to be a self-contained fortress within the ship. The complex had only a few entrances each of which was guarded around the clock, once the doors were closed the Citadel became a completely sealed unit, protected against vacuum, biological and chemical weapons and other more mundane forms off attack through filters such as the Saotome Filter.


While the Citadel contains some barracks and the weapons depots as would be expected of any base, it also houses the primary Vault for Zeus, the neural network that houses his primary mainframe and personality. While the AI is capable of transferring to any other vault, it is the central vault that offers the most security at its most vulnerable. The Citadel also contains the primary armoury for the troops on board the ship. While security stations are scattered along the length of the dreadnought contained small armouries which contain basic weapons and armour, the most powerful and dangerous toys are held within the Citadel, making the protection of both Zeus, and the Ranger’s tools of the utmost importance. In the case of a catastrophic disaster, the Citadel can also double as a lifeboat, allowing those crew who can evacuate to it to survive the destruction of the ship.




Like the Shining Path, the Hyperion Ascendant utilises KSA’s newest source of power, Zero Point Energy. Zero point energy is calculated at being orders magnitude more powerful than nuclear energy, providing the Hyperion with a capable power supply. While not unlimited, the Zero Point energy does provide more than enough energy to run the ships Systems and weapons.






The Hyperion is equipped with a Large Zak ion drive manufactured by Ringovada. By sacrificing some manoeuvrability the Zak is capable of temporarily boosting its speed, letting the Hyperion travel with one further trick up its sleeve.




The Hyperion, although slower than it’s sister ship, the Shining Path, does come equipped with a powerful hyperdrive capable of allowing it to travel through hyperspace at a hyperspeed of 1. Like all over Silver Jedi Ships the Hyperion is outfitted with a HIMS system, allowing it to use it’s momentum in hyperspace to pierce through an Interdiction Field to allow it to arrive at its destination




Due to the sheer size of the ship, one of the largest in the galaxy, normal means of data transmission up and own the ship were not good enough. A normal wire could be easily hacked or interfered with and lacked the speed of data transmission which was really needed to transfer the data as fast as it was needed. For this reason, instead of using normal cabling the Hyperion Ascendant is fitted with photonic circuitry allowing for much faster data transfer, at the cost of requiring specialised adaptors to connect other devices to the system. A wireless system, heavily regulated by Mithril and Zeus, does exist across the ship allowing the crew and guests to easily access data and the systems where allowed.


Olympus System






A ship the size of the Hyperion Ascendant requires an enormous crew to work it,thousands and thousands of sailors and soldiers, technicians and crew working together to move the ship the size of a city through space and keep it running in the middle of one of the most complicated tasks known to man, space combat. Just working any ship is a testament to the training and dedication of the crew, but working the largest of ships, ships designed to dominate the battlefield wherever they’re deployed is something else entirely, something that requires more than just sweat and blood.


The Hyperion Ascendant was always designed as a flagship, a ship designed to act as the core of a fleet, to manage and control the entire battlespace, any battlespace, which it found itself in. To assist in that and with running the ship Locke and Key went back to a previous ship they had designed, albeit one with a vastly different magnitude of scale. The Sleipnir had been Locke and Key’s testbed ship, one which they used to test out a variety of different technical systems. One of those systems proved to be very useful in the building of the Hyperion, the Aesir System, a series of linked droid brains which were able to run the ship and its systems. When designing the Hyperion Locke and Key sought to do something similar, with the Hyperion but scaled up to a much larger ship.


Spread across the ship are secure vaults, with one every kilometre, an additional vault by the Bridge, CIC, Flag Bridge, Engineering and the Citadel. Where the Sleipnir’s vault contained droid brains each linked with one another each vault onboard the Hyperion contains a memristor powered artificial neural network, an advanced computer capable of mimicking the workings of a human brain, allowing for a superior approach to data. Each vault is connected and cross-connected in an optical network that runs the length of the ship allowing the computational power of each system to work together or separately allowing a truly impressive amount of computing power to be ascribed to the various tasks of managing the ship and both commanding the fleets/sectors in any battlespace it finds itself in as well as any droids (fighter or combat) which might be deployed.


The Olympus system was developed at the Locke and Key Mechanics facility on Kiribi over a period of months before being installed in the Hyperion Ascendant, and has been provided with the sum total of the Silver Jedi and their affiliates knowledge on matters of diplomacy, tactics, engineering and science, allowing the superior pattern recognition of the neural networks to work through incoming data, from both the ships own sensors and outside sources to provide the best possible analysis. In addition, the cores are able to supplement and in many places replace the crew of the ship allowing the Hyperion to operate at peak efficiency even if it’s crew complement is reduced. A side effect of the multiple neural networks loaded with data was exactly what the engineers had hoped for, the creation of a true artificial intelligence, named Zeus, capable of governing the computational network which it was born into, using that power to run the ship and provide support to the crew and commanders of the Hyperion Ascendant. Zuest sits at the pinnacle of the Olympus system, commanding the data, and assigning the proto AIs which make up each of the vault bound Neural Nets which make him up to assist with the running of the ship or other operations.






Zeus’ ability to manage the Olympus system allows the commanders of the Hyperion to shorten their reaction time in combat as he is capable of both providing superior tactical analysis and advice as well as helping to highlight data and patterns shortening the time needed to identify and react to new tactics.(OOC Note: Zeus operates much like Romi from Andromeda, or the AIs from the Halo series, both an integral part of the running of the ship and a companion of the crew and commanders.)




If a ship is compared to a living being, a leviathan of battle, then the sensors of the ship are it’s eyes and its ears, without them it wouldn’t be able to do anything, and for a command ship, being able to observe a battle is an integral part of controlling the myriad of moving parts that make up a fleet. The Hyperion Ascendant is no slouch in this area, the sensor package is built around the Metis from Lucerne Lab supplemented by additional sensors such as the Crystal Grav Trap Electromagnetic sensors.



A flagship needs to have the ability to communicate with every ship under its command, something that any communications system on the market could do. But when he sat down to examine the communications system on board the Hyperion Ascendant he wanted to do more than just communicate. Leveraging the Freyja Communications System the Hyperion is able to construct communications networks between various nodes, allowing all the ship or fighters within a squadron to be linked together under the auspices of the Hyperion’s CiC. This has an added advantage since it allows squadrons and ships to be linked into a cohesive whole on the fly in response to the changing tactics required to manage the battlefield.


However, ECM is a constant worry for any communications network so the designers included both the Harmonia System and KSA’s Bio-Comm Module allowing the Hyperion Ascendant to transmit messages via telepathic means if the ship they are communicating with contains a system to receive it. The Harmonia System also allowed the Hyperion to use it’s capable ECM package against telepathic communications, tapping into the normally unblockable communications and using white noise to make transmission of messages more difficult. The Hyperion was also equipped with a Ghostwavetransmitter, allowing it to communicate while stealthed.


Command and Control


The entire length of the Hyperion Ascendant is seeded with projectors for the Skynet Holo Control system which allows the crew to access the ship's controls wherever they are, allowing them to respond as required no matter where they are. The Skynet transmitters have a secondary purpose, they also allow the progress and location of all crew and visitors to be tracked. Especially useful when planning the ships defences or keeping track of visitors and making sure they stayed where they were supposed to.


While Skynet provides an immediate ability to respond, it fails to match the capability of a dedicated control panel such as those found on the bridge of the Hyperion, all three of them. The Hyperion has a main bridge, CiC centre which can function as a secondary bridge and a dedicated flag bridge. The flag bridge is a large room dedicated to communications and analysis that allows a commander or dignitary to examine the data coming into the ship and plan and coordinate a battle both in local space, nearby planets and entire sectors.






The main bridge was a large, open plan room dominated by the holoprojector that took up the centre of the room. This projector could be used to display the ship and its systems or more commonly a depiction of the space around the ship allowing it’s commander to see the situation they found themselves in clear detail at any time. The walls of the room were inset with small alcoves dedicated to each department on the ship, the open plan nature allowing crew members to travel back and forth between the alcoves supporting one another as needed. From his seat at the center of the bridge the Captain is able to view both the holoprojector, and each department’s alcove to ensure his will is being carried out and thanks to Zeus and the Skynet system his able to watch over all the data and track his commands to keep the ship moving towards his goal. The decor of the bridge matches that of the rest of the ship, high ceilings and a comfortable wood and metal design make it easy to feel comfortable when on duty. Unlike most Star Destroyers, the Hyperion does not have an exposed bridge,






The flag bridge is an opulent room, without the focus on managing the ship's systems much of its space is given over to communications and analysis, allowing an admiral or visiting dignitary to perform their tasks in the comfort to which they’re accustomed. The flag bridge contains enough seats for an entire entourage while remaining spacious enough for people to move around and work without feeling cramped. Off to the side of the flag bridge is an office for the admiral/dignitary to work in private or meetings out of the public eye.







The CiC, Combat Information Centre, is the tactical hub of the ship, working in conjunction with Zeus to take the data provided by the ships sensors and that provided by data uplinks from the rest of the fleet and it’s probes to construct and analyze a picture of the battlefield to allow the ship and fleet commanders to plan their next moves. The CiC is also responsible for command and control functions of the fighters and droids assigned to the fleet, providing them with instruction and taking the Captain and Admiral’s orders and making them a reality.


Offensive Systems


The Hyperion Ascendant was equipped with a variety of weapons systems, giving the ship the ability to hit at all ranges, with a multitude of weapons types. The Hyperion’s signature weapon is the Helios Cannon, the custom-made Proton cannon able to reach across the battlefield to strike at any target with their signature yellow beams. The Helios were particularly effective since they could be programmed to fly in a parabola, allowing them to bypass defences and provide a surprise for anyone who faced them.


Outside of the Helios Cannons, the Hyperion Ascendant is equipped with a variety of weapons, beam, rail and missile, that allow it to strike opponents at all ranges. The combat concept of the ship is to use its long range firepower to whittle down an opponent, slowly increasing the level of fire they come under as they get closer and closer to the ship until they close with the ship. The weapons are all situated in ridges within the armour to give them some protection and are drawn from all the Silver Jedi affiliated companies.


The hardpoint weapons of the Hyperion Ascendant are backed up by a collection of fighters, bombers and drones. Although the Dreadnought didn’t carry as many fighters as some ships were capable of the communications systems onboard the ship, and the command and control systems built into the ship allowed it to control a vast number of fighters and droids deployed from all the ships in its fleet, building them into a deadly force capable of reacting to any threat.


Defensive Systems


The Hyperion contains a system of layered defences which make it one of the toughest ships in existence, a match for almost anything out there. The ship's defences are split between Shields, Armour, ECM and Active defence systems (point defence), each part of the defence building and supporting one another to create a tough not for anyone to crack. Even before an enemy fires on the Hyperion, they have to contend with the ship’s powerful ECM, disrupting an opponent’s ability to lock in with their sensors and weapons systems. As attacks close they come into the range of the active defences, while still assailed by the very capable ECM systems of the Hyperion Ascendant, fighter, bomber and missile attacks will then come under attack by the point defences with carpet the outer surface of the ship. Any attacks that pass the active defences then have to contend with the powerful shields that blanket the ship. Locke and Key built the shields around their capable Phalanx Shield System reinforced by molecular shields that had been added to the array of shields available to the Phalanx System. The shields of the Hyperion were also augmented with the KSA’s Cyclonic Shields to help to defend it against possible ramming and powerful kinetic attacks when needed at the cost of slowing the ship.


Finally, any attack that managed to break through all these defences still has to break through the armour of the Hyperion Ascendant. The Ship started off with a Neutronium reinforced Tritanium superstructure. The metals were chosen for their high strength, allowing the ship to more easily absorb the shock of the weapons firing or impacts from enemy actions. The superstructure is then covered by plates of KSA’s Ajax IV Laminate Armour. In the event of an attack being capable of breaching these layered defences, the Hyperion can activate the T.E.R.A. system, transferring power from its engines to a series of tractor generators spread across the surface of the ship as detailed below.


T.E.R.A. - Tractor Energy Reactive Armour


The same system which was introduced by K.S.A. in the Hyperion Ascendant's sister ship, The Shining Path, the system uses a series of powerful tractor pressor’s emitters spread across the surface of the ship to create an energy field which, when used defensively, will actively repel incoming energy and projectile attacks, slowing or turning back the attacks. When used in coordination with the Hyperion Ascendant’s own weapons system it allows the weapons of the ship to be fired off-axis or with increased accuracy (OOC note: the use of T.E.R.A. does not increase the power of ships systems when used). The T.E.R.A. system is based upon the technology used in the Nantex-class Territorial Defense Starfighters taken up to a massive scale.


While the defensive boost provided by the T.E.R.A. system can be a fight changing the system is generally kept deactivated due to the massive power drain which is involved in projecting the tractor repulsion field across the entire surface of the ship. When activated the TERA generally draws its power from the engines, both slowing the ship and it’s manoeuvring systems, making the Hyperion Ascendant, never the fastest ship, into a slow-moving turtle.


Electronic Warfare


The modern battlefield is one where electronic countermeasures reign supreme, the game of deception and slicing is an integral part of combat now, and the fleet with the best ECM often has the best chance of proving victorious on this battlefield. To that end the Hyperion Ascendant is equipped with ECM systems capable of dominating a battlefield, allowing the ship to pressure its enemies without firing a shot. The ECM capability of the ship is built around Locke and Key’s LOKI and Lucerne’s Erebus, the two systems capable of working together to create a powerful ECM system capable of both shrouding the Hyperion and disrupting enemy ships. The ship is also protected by KSA’s Mithril security software, combining with Zeus to provide a protection against slicing attacks from both without the ship, and within.


Internal Defences


Although the Hyperion's internal structure was designed to assist the crew to repel boarders, the ship also boasted a number of active internal defences to help protect from the inevitable boarding as listed below.




Like most Silver Jedi vessels the Hyperion Ascendant is heavily automated, allowing the leviathan to operate with a much smaller crew than expected. In a large part, this is due to the Olympus System and Zeus, and in a large part due to the numbers of droids which were onboard to assist with the maintenance of the ship. The Hyperion contains a wide range of mechanical droids, from the E SM Spider and Tach Series droids of EODD to the Archimedes of Locke and Key. Even the defence of the ship is dependant upon automation, although the Hyperion contains a significant complement of rangers, they are reinforced by a number of combat droids including Marinus and Hoplite droids under the tactical control of Zeus as well as the Inago Battle Biot.


#1842668 Trouble Over Tarhassan [SJO Dominion of Hex Z-31]

Posted by John Locke on 09 August 2018 - 07:04 PM

Location: Tarhassen


Objective: 1


John had always thought that the more he got involved with the Silver Jedi forces he would be involved in larger and more interesting projects. In situations where the fate of the galaxy turned on his decision. Instead, he'd found that it was a lot of paperwork and travelling to different planets showing the flag. This wasn't what he'd signed up for, someone had sold him a bill of goods, and when he found out who it was then... "Then what Sir, you'll thank them profusely?" Oh...he'd been speaking aloud. "Order them beheaded...I can do that...EX, remind me to have a discussion with the Grand Master next time we're n Kashyyyk about obtaining execution privileges." "Because that's just what we need, I'd give you 5 minutes before you go mad with power, it only took you that long to threaten me with a memory wipe." "Well, not everyone has your singular charm." "No, no that's quite true, when you made me you broke the mould." The pair bickered back and forth as the speeder raced towards the spaceport. There had to be some kinda ship that they could requisition there. A runaway ship was never good, especially one that would shower the planet with a blanket of hazardous waste. "Ok, how about this, remind me to find out whose ship thtat is and get n inquiry launched into their maintenance practices." "Gladly sir."