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Madison M. Maxwell IV

Madison M. Maxwell IV

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#1826588 Maddie's Art Emporium, Grand Re-Opening

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 14 July 2018 - 02:55 PM

Can do, Sebastian Thel.

#1826072 Maddie's Art Emporium, Grand Re-Opening

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 13 July 2018 - 06:20 PM



Please check the first post before requesting avatars. :D

#1825600 Round Two: Electric Boogaloo

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 12 July 2018 - 10:28 PM

Thanks for the welcome back, gang.:cool:



#1824446 Round Two: Electric Boogaloo

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 11 July 2018 - 12:02 AM

May there be as many mistakes this time around like the first one.


...If you don't remember me, hi. I'm a ghost. Sort of. I kind of died? It's a long personal story but I'm finally free from these chains of love. Anyways -- I did nice art sometimes and some nice writings sometimes a few months ago 'round here. That's sort of all there was to me. But apparently one does not simply leave this forum, so much like a dormant anime or the Spice Girls I'm here for my comeback tour.

#1755493 Species 81-A

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 23 March 2018 - 07:16 PM

Squad goals indeed! Pending final approval :wub:


Arekk / Cassandra Paige

#1746406 Fanaa

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 07 March 2018 - 09:14 PM

Asha Hex slapped a spoiler on that image -- Your question really made me think, and I decided to add another weakness that specifically addresses this.

#1746090 Ashla - Caedyn's Pupper <3

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 07 March 2018 - 10:33 AM

This brightened my day, what a sweetheart. Pending approval!

#1746089 Delka (Cersian Elk)

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 07 March 2018 - 10:32 AM

Kid Starburn Tiny reminder to just poke a Judge in question when you finish a submission modification so we know to take a look at it :D


So, everything is looking good, except one thing. Cersia is a custom planet you said you're submitting, but I don't see it either pending, approved or under review -- You'll need to do a submission for that first and link it on this submission (And link this one on that one) before I can stamp this for approval.

#1743892 Ashla - Caedyn's Pupper <3

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 04 March 2018 - 12:58 PM

Under review :D

#1741054 Imura's Residence

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 28 February 2018 - 08:33 AM

Cozy little house, well done. Pending approval! :D


Ignis Imura / Ria Misrani

#1739762 Delka (Cersian Elk)

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 25 February 2018 - 07:07 PM

Kid Starburn


As it stands you've made too many modifications to the template that I can't feasibly judge this without having difficulty reading. If you could move this submission back on to the default Fauna template without any major modifications I can continue judging :D

#1738486 The League of Voss

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 23 February 2018 - 06:50 PM

Very cool idea, we often see a lot of NPC SIth forces to serve as antagonists so it's definitely refreshing to see a Jedi take on the concept. Pending approval!


Darth Carnifex / Ria Misrani

#1737796 La'ra

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 22 February 2018 - 04:51 PM






  • Planet Name: La'ra
  • Demonym: La'raan
  • Region: Wild Space
  • System Name: Pajaro
  • System Features: The Pajaro System, whilst also being home to La'ra, also features a rather sizeable asteroid field just outside the planet's sphere of influence. Within the field are many Clone Wars era wrecks, ancient Confederacy starship remains to be specific. It's believed that a navigational failure led to a small fleet exiting hyperspace at an unfortunate location. The local Fanaa refer to this area of space as the Wild Graveyard.
  • Coordinates: AI-33
  • Major Imports: Exotic materials & foods, Technology, Building Materials
  • Major Exports: Gold, Music & Entertainment



  • Gravity: A little stronger than Standard, just enough to be slightly noticeable, like a perpetual tightness in your chest if you're not acclimated.
  • Climate: Warm, yet temperate still. The planet is a 'jungle' climate 24/7.
  • Primary Terrain: Grasslands, Oceans, Jungles, Tundras, Mountains, Valleys, Deserts
  • Major Locations:

    • PaxaroLa'ra's capital is a shining canyon metropolis named Paxaro. Constructed in a massive valley, many of the actual buildings perch on the inner walls of the canyon like bats, essentially lining the stone. Various walkways and passages connect the two halves of the city, and many buildings are still built above ground. There are many open balconies and sheer drops in Paxaro and this is because their builders share close connections with open air.

      • The Hall Of Glass: A massive landmark within the capital Paxaro, The Hall Of Glass is the main administrative building on La'ra. The Clywdo, the planet's leaders, gather here for meetings and discussion, but it serves a dual function -- The Hall Of Glass is also the planet's most prestigious art gallery and performance hub. On any given day you may hear choir practice mixing in with litigious discussions. Many consider The Hall Of Glass an essential destination to visit whilst on La'ra.

      • 'The Old Bones': A little outside of Paxaro itself, is what was once the Fanaa's military headquarters, where the Clywdo would orchestrate rebel efforts during the ancient Galactic Civil War. The building has since been abandoned. It is referred to as 'The Old Bones' by the various underworld elements who occupy it now, using it as a stash house and a meeting ground. Many of the locals know to stay away, both due to the risk of visiting, and the general negative connotations such a place has in Fanaa culture.

      • The Elatra Institute: Considered one of the most prestigious schools on the entire planet, the Elatra Institute is a top-ranked school of art, dance, and song. Those trained at the Elatra Institute are said to be experts in their fields, and entrance is highly restricted to only the most talented of Fanaa. The Institute has yet to admit an alien student, citing that none have yet to meet the criteria for entrance.

    • The Golden Wastes: A section of La'ra's exotic landscape is dominated by a large swathe of desert called the Golden Wastes. The Wastes are home to many fierce creatures, and most adventure-minded Fanaa know to stay away. However, those seeking riches within will be rewarded -- Within the canyons and caves of the Wastes are deposits of gold, and this is where the desert gets its name.

      • Vuxlan Prison: 'Vuxlan', in Faan, means 'Hopeless'. This is an apt name for the planetary prison located in the heart of the Golden Wastes, only accessible by shuttle unless you come prepared for a week-long trek in a monster-infested desert. Those who seek to undermine the Fanaa's peaceful culture through acts of terrorism are imprisoned here, and escape is futile. Seeing as Vuxlan is in the center of a massive desert, without water, any escapees will die of dehydration before they get anywhere. Inmates of Vuxlan that are fit enough to work are usually conscripted out to work the gold mines in the Wastes' caverns.



  • Native Species: Fanaa, La'raan Wildlife (List), Barbary Bird, Lizardfly, Kayven whistler
  • Immigrated Species: Humans, Twi'leks, Togruta
  • Population: Heavily Populated
  • Demographics: The planet is dominated by the native Fanaa species, though especially as of late immigrants of all alien species-- Including Humans --have begun to come to La'ra. As it stands, 90% of the planetary population remains firmly Fanaa, whilst 10% is 'alien'. That 10% is a blend of typical large-population species, such as Humans, Twi'leks, Togruta, etc.
  • Primary Languages: Faan, Basic
  • Culture:
    • May This Not Be Our Swan Song:
      Music and avian wildlife play large parts of La'ra's cultural makeup. As the native Fanaa can produce musical noise akin to birds the cities are alive with such noise, which blends beautifully with the natural bird populations they strive to breed and preserve as best as possible. Cities are often fitted with art installations that also function as bird feeders, allowing locals to enjoy and take in the natural beauty of La'raan birds. Those who work in preserving the natural species of La'ra & those who research/study them are highly regarded among the population.

    • We Will Not Say War:
      After the first Galactic Civil War, the Fanaa chose to shy away from warrior and violent tendencies. Weapons are heavily frowned upon in their culture unless absolutely necessary, preferring to use words to settle conflicts. As they are also entirely demilitarized, they are vulnerable to both attack and exploitation. Only in institutions such as prisons are weapons acceptable, and even then, barely.

    • Brighter Than The Sun:
      With the planet's vast gold deposits, came an age of covering every conceivable surface in the material. Gold is very precious to La'ra natives, primarily the Fanaa, who are biologically drawn to the material and anything really that is highly reflective or shiny. Thus, it's a primary material used for embellishment and decoration, and they are hesitant to export it to unfamiliar populations due to their tendency to hoard it.



  • Government: La'ra is governed by a republic power base of high-ranked leaders called Clywdo. Clywdos are elected to their roles and represent various districts across the planet, congregating in Paxaro's Hall of Glass to discuss political affairs. Clywdos have a term limit of 16 years and go up for re-election every 8 years, so elections are usually a big deal planet-wide so that representation can be ideal.
  • Affiliation: La'ra is located in a hex owned by The Sovereignty, but they have not yet made contact with the heavily-military-oriented faction, but the Fanaa are acutely aware of the warmongers in their space. They still owe loyalty only to themselves unless appropriate contact and a resolution between the two groups is made.
  • Wealth: High -- The Fanaa have no desire or need to spend anything on the military, instead choosing to fund their culture and cities instead. It also helps that the Fanaa have ample stores of precious gold on their planet. Thusly, one could consider the planet overall as 'wealthy' -- One doesn't exactly see poverty or neglect among the citizens, with everyone leading idealized lives.
  • Stability: Medium -- Outsiders are not exactly welcomed by the Fanaa, but they are tolerated as guests. With the advent of the Sovereignty in La'ra's space, tensions have begun to rise as the people worry about what such a violent force could bring to their planet, as nobody has a desire to return to a time to chaos and warfare.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Violence and weapons are outright illegal without certain documentation and permits, making La'ra an unpopular destination for criminal-types. Being caught with a weapon that is unlicensed and undocumented can lead to sentencing in Vuxlan Prison, and most don't bother to chance it. The average citizen of La'ra is relatively free, though; unless you're seeking to pursue a life of violence, you're free to make your choices.
  • Military: Fanaa used to have a standing military and navy, but that was over 800 years ago. Such institutions have been abolished by the government, and now there's nothing standing between the Fanaa and potential enemies except their diplomatic skills.
  • Technology: La'ra's people reverse-engineered important technology such as hyperdrives from an ancient crashed Confederacy vessel on their world, which opened the gates to a technological boom. The Fanna have managed to relatively 'catch up' to the rest of the Galaxy, though the planet still primarily imports outside technology to supplement their own -- Things like the unique assistant droid they've developed, however, are their own designs.


La'ra has had quite the history.


A normally small and nondescript planet, it offered more to its native species, the Fanaa, than anyone else. The Fanaa flourished on their beloved homeworld, mining it's gold and building their cities in the planet's sweeping valleys and peaked mountains. Under the guidance of the Clywdo, their planet and government and society found structure, with a relatively strong and respectable military presence back in these days. It would be during the times of great technological advancement that the Fanaa would first experience a meeting with extraterrestrial beings -- During the Clone Wars, a small Confederacy fleet would experience a cataclysmic navigational failure and exit hyperspace right into the asteroid field near La'ra. Needless to say, the fleet was shredded, one of the cruisers being slingshot into La'ra's gravitational pull and sucked down to the planet below. Reports of the event described it as almost religious, many claiming it to be a god descending from the sky instead of a piece of foreign technology. Government salvage crews would recover many things from the broken craft, such as the remains of a captured Republic astromech droid, the cruiser's hyperdrive, and other pieces of key technology that would be reverse-engineered and used as templates and inspiration for all Fanaa space-fairing technology moving forward.


This discovery would be the catalyst that soon drove the Fanaa into their first proper intergalactic war -- The Galactic Civil War. Siding with the Rebellion during the conflict, the Fanaa would do their best to support their allies against the oppressive Empire, who posed a great threat to their way of life. However, the war took its toll on both the planet and its people, as Rebels took refuge there and brought their problems onto Fanaa turf. Discontentment would begin to grow and by the end of the war and the final conflict with the Imperial Remnant, the Fanaa fleet would abandon their allies during the confusion at the battle of Jakku and declared themselves independent from the rising New Republic. With their wishes respected, La'ra regained her independence and began to fall back into relative obscurity.


Things would progress rather smoothly even through the Gulag plague crisis, the 400 Year Darkness and even the Netherworld incident. The Fanaa people languished in their lowkey existence, able to live lavish and ridiculous lifestyles after the military and navy were dismantled in favour of pacifism instead. Except, as much as they may wish otherwise, the wider galaxy's machinations kept moving onwards. The Sovereignty would enter Fanaa space seeking to start their own intergalactic nation and government, with a heavy focus on militarization and combat. Now the Fanaa are in the midst of a crisis -- All they have known is peace for half a millenia. La'ra has been transformed into a haven of tropical delights and they hardly have any ships left worthy of space combat and their weapons are spread thin. They aren't prepared for war if it comes to that, but also don't want to quietly submit to a government of warfare. It appears this planet and her people are at a crossroads and, eventually, a side must be chosen.

#1737613 Jost Cal Dayne

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 22 February 2018 - 11:20 AM



This was a delightful read and I lost my mind at that image. Pending approval!

#1737607 Lupewaurreg

Posted by Madison M. Maxwell IV on 22 February 2018 - 11:07 AM

Well, I'd let him win in Space Chess every time. Pending Approval! B)