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The Tomb of Jedi Knight Kroran

22 January 2018 - 03:21 PM

Tython a somewhat peaceful planet and the location of the Jedi Order's very first temple which was reflected on the various structures that ranged from statues of Jedi Master's from old and Temples many of which have been reclaimed by the vegetation of the planet. And damaged by past battles with bits and pieces of the stone structures missing and the faces of the statues faded away no longer resembling the Jedi Masters that they originally we're made to look like. However many of the Temples and Statues had been reconstructed to a certain degree as new Jedi visited the planet, Though only one structure had yet to be fixed by the Jedi nor have been discovered yet and that was an ancient Tomb that held a once powerful Jedi of the Old Republic known as "Kroran" Only rumors of it's location and history had been spread through the galaxy, Including the idea that the Tomb actually houses a Sith Jedi one of if not the last of his own kind.


However they are just rumors right?, Various maps had been spread through cantina's and brothels on different planets to anyone who wished to either rob the Tomb or dare to awaken the Jedi that slept soundly inside of it the large golden structure. The Tomb itself was covered in various different forms of vegetation, which hadn't been touched for thousands of years as the large fence lined the Tomb was closed tightly as it was thousands of years. The only thing that had stopped anyone from trespassing was a flimsy lock that kept the main gate of the Tomb closed, if one we're to open it they would be greeted by a beautiful garden which despite having no one enter the premises looked well kept with ancient plants and naturally formed springs around.



Tomb of Jedi Knight Kroran

12 January 2018 - 10:44 AM





  • Structure Name: Tomb of Jedi Knight Kroran
  • Classification: Tomb
  • Location: Tython
  • Affiliation: Jedi Order
  • Accessibility: The Tomb is situated in a remote part of Tython away from any form of civilization even the Jedi did not go near the large Tomb out of respect of the one who rests inside of it. The Tomb was sealed for thousands of years and only one strong enough in the Force could open the two large doors that prevent any non force sensitive beings from entering.
  • Security: While the outside of the Tomb is peaceful with little security the inside of the Tomb is filled with various traps of different types, such as but not limited to are Dioxis filled chambers, Motion activated battle droids and many others.
  • Description: The Tomb when first erected was a beautiful sight to see as it was made out of precious metals such as gold which was requested by Kroran who appreciated the fine arts. However over the thousands of years of laying dormant the Tomb's exterior has deteriorated with much of the structure being retaken by the wild life, once a shining golden Tomb now simply another ruin in Tython. One could mistaken the structure as a hill from glance.


The large doors that lead to the rest of the large Tomb show two jedi knight's in the Soresu pose facing one another, their saber's we're decorated in precious gems from blue and green. And when activated using the Force these Gems would glow imitating the igniting of a Light Saber. However to get to the Doors one must first traverse through the large courtyard filled with beautiful flowers and natural springs.

The Tomb was first erected in 3000 BBY on the Planet of Tython, after Kroran who was a Sith Pure Blood had a vision of the Sith's extinction. To protect his species Kroran would place himself in Cryostasis where the Tomb would then be built around him for several years. Until it was finally completed the two golden doors that led to the Tomb finally being shut for thousands of years with no Jedi or Sith attempting to awaken him. The Tomb gradually over time had much vegetation grow over it making it's location even more secret as not even the locals can seem to find it as the exterior now resembles a large hill and not a Tomb.

A Jedi Grave Robbing.

12 January 2018 - 08:20 AM

The tomb of Sith Jedi Knight Kroran has been sealed and unopened for thousands of years, covered in vegetation and surrounded by countless dangerous wildlife it's no wonder no one has heard about this tomb for many years. Until now it is as the location of the Tomb has been revealed along with the many treasures inside of it...as well as booby traps. Will you be the one to uncover the secrets of this tomb? Only time will tell...


This RP will involve several key areas that a group of who ever wishes to enter the tomb will have to traverse, these areas consist of...


-The Courtyard: The beautiful courtyard that situated outside of the Tomb's entrance, filled with various forms of vegetation and natural waterfalls an inviting start to a dangerous journey.


-The Entrance: The entrance of the tomb contains various beautiful works of art varying from different artists of the time as well as statues of former Jedi Knight's of old and pillars made of precious metals and jewels. And three doors leading to three different sections of the large Tomb, each door being labeled with the ancient sith language with being named "Peace" "Knowledge" and "Force" one can only know what this will bring...


-The Garden: The door that leads to Peace is a beautiful garden filled with various forms of vegetation many of which have been extinct for many years, and a river filled with precious gems that shine brightly which would grab anyone's attention. However if one wishes to enjoy these pleasure one must know "Peace"


-The Library: The door that leads to Knowledge has large library filled with vasts amount of knowledge from the ancient Jedi and while they may not be as pretty to look at as say a Gem they are precious none the less, and being the hands of someone who is ignorant or of darkness will face a terrifying foe...


-The Arena: The door that leads to Force will lead one to a large Arena made of precious metals and gems as well as several coffins lining the Arena filled with deactivated battle droids and a force ghost or two, To truly make it to the tomb itself one must master The Force.


-The Tomb: The final room is the Tomb itself that contains the cryostasis body of Kroran the last of pure blood Sith, and while it may look the easiest of all the rooms there are several traps inside that acts as a last line of defense for the sith jedi's unconscious body.


Are you up for the challenge? Will you master the rooms and awaken the Sith Jedi or return to the Force itself?...



Awakening a Jedi (RP Idea)

19 December 2017 - 08:59 PM

Kroran has been in Cryostasis sleep for decades, the world around him changing and the Tomb that he was buried in those many years ago on Tython has remained abandoned reclaimed by the wild life. Would any Jedi or Sith dare to awaken this ancient Sith Jedi?


(If you wish to join this RP just comment down and i will set up a RP on the Open Roleplays!)


09 December 2017 - 11:40 AM


FACTION: Jedi Order


RANK: Jedi Consular




AGE: 45


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 6'7"


WEIGHT: 203 lbs


EYES: Crimson Red and Yellow


HAIR: Black








STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :



Form III Soresu

Unlike most Sith of his kind who preferred the more brutal and fast paced Ataru or Juyo, Kroran used Soresu as a way of tiring out his opponent and using the opponent's fatigue to his advantage. And to avoid having to kill them when he can, because the form uses defensive over offensive very few forms can break it so it is advised to use VII Juyo against him.



Being born and taught vigorously to fight was one of the advantages the Jedi had being born as a war prone species such as the Sith, and over the years from his constant and brutal training in the toughest of environments made the Sith Jedi far more resilient to pain than the average warrior.




Form VII Juyo

One of the very few forms that can break Soresu is form VII Juyo it's brutal style along with the users strong emotions could over power the Jedi.



Despite the many teachings of the Jedi Order, Kroran is still susceptible to being overconfident in his abilities going into battle without much of a plan and using his force abilities and saber fighting instead. This overconfidence can lead this Jedi to his eventual downfall and any enemy could use this to their advantage.


Kroran like many Sith was born with bright red skin, later in life the Sith would grow a few small tentacles around his mouth which resembled a mustache. When joining the Jedi Order the Sith would begin to wear plain white robes as opposed to the standard brown robes that most Jedi wore it was ,Made from the finest materials the Republic could afford. He would also wear chrome like piercings around his nose and his ears which we're decorated with beautiful carvings.







Kroran's current lightsaber was modeled after Satele Shan's sparring lightsaber, with several engravings across the chrome hilt however instead of a yellow kaiburr crystal the saber used a white kaiburr crystal which the Sith still uses to this very day.




Kroran, was born 3699 BBY originally on the planet Dagobah inside of the Dark Side Cave where the Bpfasshi Dark Jedi Leader was slain, tainting the cave with his dark essence a perfect place of birth for the Sith. Shortly after his birth Kroran's parents we're slain by a group of Jedi as they we're attempting to depart the planet. Before the young Kroran was slain by one of the Jedi Knights they we're interrupted by a Jedi Master that had accompanied them on their trip to kill the former Sith Lords. The Jedi Master decided to keep the young Sith infant hoping to train him the ways of the Jedi, Kroran was later taken to the planet of Tython where he was raised by the Jedi Master until he was a youngling where he began his training.


Years later and before becoming a fully fledged Jedi the Sith would return to the planet Dagobah where his parents we're killed in order to make peace with his past and to find forgiveness to the Jedi who had slain them. While the Order had thought that this would simply lead the Sith towards the dark side of the Force, Kroran had surprised them by returning from his trip seeming to have made peace and from then on would turn into a Jedi Counselor.For years the Jedi would offer council to various Jedi from Padawans to Jedi knights until one day the Jedi Counselor had a vision while meditating on Tython, the vision involved the extinction of his race the Sith.


To avoid this vision from coming true the Jedi would freeze himself into a Cryostasis chamber where a Tomb would be built around the chamber, attempting to fake the Jedi's death. To make the death of the Jedi much more convincing the Jedi's personal craft would be destroyed remotely from a distance blaming the explosion on human error. Kroran still resides in his Cryostasis chamber awaiting for someone to discover his tomb and awaken the Jedi from his slumber.