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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

Member Since 11 Dec 2017
Offline Last Active Today, 11:24 AM
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Free Worlds Coalition

  Free Worlds Coalition   In the heart of the galaxy; Alderaan, Kuat, Humbarine, and Balmorra are free from occupation. With the fall of the One Sith and Galactic Republic, these beaten...

  • Members: 115
  • Created: 05-February 16
Royal House of Alderaan

The Royal House of Alderaan overseeing the continued reconstruction of Alderaan and reviving the Alderaani Culture.

  • Members: 25
  • Created: 10-February 18
Ambered Alert

Forum page for the brilliant minds behind the Ambered Alert Event.

  • Members: 6
  • Created: 09-May 18