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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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In Topic: It's in the eyes

Yesterday, 03:11 PM

She could understand the girl's frustration and confusion. But what choice did she have or were given?

It would have been quite different if the girl hadn't been so adamant about bounty hunters and all.

Then of course, if the said troopers for what ever reason hadn't gone commando dropping on her ship...sure, she wouldn't have done what she did.

Not if they had come knocking at her door, she wouldn't. There would have been no justification in shaking them off like she did and taking off.


But what was done was done and most likely the poor girl was now as much a wanted outlaw in her own system as Marina was.

Did she feel bad? of course she did. But she wasn't a daughter of a Duke made just to wear party gowns and get all dolled up, no.

Even her brother had not only studied abroad...but had gone to some traditional family male heir monastery thingy, or what-not, for Lord-knows-what, to some undisclosed sector of the galaxy. But her brother had come back all ready to take on his father's responsibility. It was some kind of a male bloodline thingy that the females in the House just accepted through tradition. It was never talked about. Or at least the males never did...not to the females.


But as far as Marina and her sister, including her mother and supposedly her late grandmother too, had all been through extensive training in avoiding kidnapping or just being forcibly taken. This although took place on their system, Alderaan. They didn't go away for years like the men in the family did.

Her family would not have allowed Marina to go star hopping and exploring on her own without some extensive counter measure training tactics on the matter.


"Skye, I'm really sorry. 

If the authorities wanted to just talk, they would have come knocking. They gave me no choice....Honestly, I didn't want you to get into trouble. I'm sorry. " Marina couldn't apologize enough to the girl, as she had in many ways turned her known world upside down.


But it were obvious that Skye was not only ticked off on account of the accident, but of the fact that she was now a fugitive in her own system.

"I don't know how to fix it, Skye...you have to believe me. if I could I would." Marina kept talking as the girl gulped her thirst away.


Then out of the blue...or so it seemed at first; the ship seemed to have hit that strange turbulence again. Only this time, the items weren't randomly being shaken, they were oblivious to the ship's generated gravitational field. they were floating like they were being-


"Gasp... Oh shoot!..." Marina realized what was happening and quickly almost jumped backwards. 


"Oh dear lord.... oh my...." She then got hold of her nerves and approached the girl again, putting her hand on her shoulder. 


But the girl replied it was fine, that she would take care of it....before the floating items gave way to the gravity once more.

"Frak, me!..." Marina cursed nearly under her breath. But it wasn't to hide it from the girl...just that she rarely dished outbursts like that. 


"What kind of talk is that?!....

...and do you know you're force connected?.... " It was rather quite funny as to how Marina went from shock to asking if the girl knew she was connected somehow to the force. So was this how it happened when someone found out they were force sensitive? Marina didn't know that Skye knew what she had done, as the girl was in many ways, still somewhat distraught.


"Gah...this is crazy..." She then said, fixing a loose lock of hair from near the girl's eyes.

"All of this...last night's (they had been in a jump for hours) mugging...the troopers...now this force thingy...too, too much!" Marina didn't know what to say or do really, say for picking up the items on the floor again.

They were going to come out of the jump any time now, and frankly anything was up for grabs as to what was going to happen next. 


"Well for one thing.... you're in no condition to do anything, should we somehow be boarded. And listen to me...and listen carefully. If the First order should discover that you're a force user...they will surely take you away...somewhere...they'll want to exploit you..your abilities to suit them. Skye...listen to me...I won't let them get that chance...I won't." She said that almost sounding like an oath. It was obvious that she was set on protecting the poor child.

No way was she going to have the First Order or anyone exploit the girl...not on her watch.

In Topic: Dawn of a new day (FWC/ask to join)

18 March 2018 - 10:00 PM

"Yes, then I'll call you Nicky as long as we're not in the presence of our queen, dignitaries or court..." She replied, giving him one of the flutes she had brought over for them.


"The evening, for as early as it is has been quite well for me. I've spoken to quite a few interesting people." Marina spoke, taking a quick look to as where her former companions were. 

She had certainly thought she made a good connection with Chekīta Awaud , the young Mandelorean woman, whom she had found fascinating. To think, a young woman warrior that were up to par with her male counterparts both in skill and battle. It was something quite different than what she were used to. Yet, both cultures thrived and survived against many odds. Both cultures were nearly wiped out in the past, making Mandoloreans and Alderaani similar in that respect. But it were strange that no one ever thought of the similarities in that manner.

In Topic: RHOA: The High Council Meets

18 March 2018 - 09:45 PM

"No, your majesty.... I were not privi of that fact...no." She were somehow caught off guard, by her queens confidence in her.

No, marina had not been informed as to how Faith had taken her duty up as queen. It weren't something that marina had to know. House DeVoe had been loyal to the Royal House of Organa even before the reign of Palpatine and the destruction of their ancestral Alderaan. So the succession of how the Royal House put on the throne, was not questioned. And this also meant that at least House DeVoe wasn't talking or gossiping about the Royal House.


This kind of put Marina off balance, as her father had just taken leave to get his queen some refreshments and he wasn't present to take this awkward moment and make it right. Marina for a rare few, was actually lost for words. Literally, she didn't know what to say or if she should say something. 


But the gods must have taken mercy on her, as her heart found the means of staying in tune, when she spotted the young Count Andulf Nicholas Teraan . entering the Council chambers. A smile graced her features as her eyes gave way for Queen Faith Organa to also notice where Marina had momentarily been distracted.


"Your majesty, if I may so point out; Count Teraan has arrived." She beamed a smile.

She had not thought the Count would make the first meeting, but she had hoped he would. Now besides her father, and not officially the son of Horis, the head of House Teraan had come to be present at the first Council in generations.

Hopefully, House Alde would soon see about representing their House in the Council also.  


As the Count made his way over to first greet his queen, Marina eyed her father Duke Kyle DeVoe returning with not just the queen's refreshment in hand, but a small tray of refreshment, seemingly for all.

In Topic: Return of the Metal Lords (FWC Dominion of Denon - Hex U-33

18 March 2018 - 09:18 PM

Unlike her father, who was militaristic, she like her mother and late grandmother were traditional pacifists. As much a contrast it were between the male DeVoes and females, there was a sense of balance that it brought withing House DeVoe. It were no different than the checks and balances of power within a Democratic government. The DeVoes had that down for quite a few centuries already.


Marina descended down the ramp of the Mariner IV, coming face to face with the son of the Royal House whom she had never met. It were strange in some ways, but unavoidable as far as circumstances, as she had been home schooled til about 10 years of age , before she were sent throughout many parts of the galaxy to study. Her only time home were during holidays and family traditions. This kept her from attending many of the Royal events, surrounding the Houses on Alderaan.


So it was both an opportunity for them to finally meet, and having the next generation of their two Houses find the means of working together.Only again, she were presented with one (Theo) having military power at his disposal, while she were here on a humanitarian mission. It was no different between Theo and his own mother. One had the means of military strength, while the other always sought to seek a peaceful means of settling matters. 


"Greetings Captain Vereen, I were sent here by her majesty Queen Faith Organa ..." She began, not mentioning that she were his mother. After all, that was obvious, but also that this was a military vessel and Marina knew to keep it formal, as this was no backyard picnic.

"My ship the Mariner IV is a civilian registered vessel and completely unarmed. I believe her majesty had thought that perhaps a non-military vessel could breech the lines and provide some humanitarian aid to some populace down below that are in desperate need of both medical supplies and emergency food.

My ship can transport your medical personnel planet side, along with said medical aid and food, which I hold in my cargo bay. " She figured on giving him the quick run down as to her presence here if he had not been fully contacted.


This of course meant many things for the Mariner. Marina as a civilian pilot could help with organics that were too close to the possible hot zones and evacuate them off planet or to a safer location elsewhere below.

As long as no side fired the first round, she could go down there and start helping and giving much needed aid to the organics.


"I am just puzzled as to why my ship was requested to land inside. Am I to transfer the supplies on board the Mariner IV to your personnel?" She asked.

Not knowing if the situation down on Denon may havedeteriorated, and maybe the Captain thought it best if she unload the supplies to his ship. 

In Topic: The Red Plom Bloom Charity Gala (FWC, Open to everyone)

18 March 2018 - 08:31 PM

"I can only commend Alex for her willingness to help the refugees at their time of need, your majesty." Marina replied to her queen, pertaining to the notion of reminding those who had the power to help, that the refugees were as much in need of support as that of a child in a mother's womb.  


The willingness of Lady Russo to do what she could on behalf of her people was what this Gala was about. The ideas were valid and quite feasibly workable. All that one were required to make them concrete, was to put their foot forward themselves. And not wait for councils, politicians or in Lady Russo's case, board-members to bring them forth as recommendations to be debated over. As Alex had pointed out, it should happen as soon as possible, for the refugees were suffering at this very moment. 


"Your compassion for helping others is greatly appreciated by those who at this time in their lives cannot help themselves...or more importantly, their family...their loved ones...their own children. 

I only know my mother and of my late grandmother's love for me, Alex..." Marina reflected a moment on that before continuing.


"I can only imagine the helpless refugee mothers who can only provide their children with their love and hope. It calls on us all to come to their side and provide them with all the necessary aid and means of making their hope come to bear fruit." She then said with greater understanding.