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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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In Topic: A wild Statsberg appears!

Today, 11:24 AM

Whew... *sighs a relief*


So you know, we do have intelligent plant life. I just got a little concerned maybe you were indicating something like wild strawberries or such delicacies. I love wild berries and didn't want to seem to come on too strong...you know, like coming up and sniffing you to see if you were edible or not.

Figured it was more proper to ask, Statsberg . :D

In Topic: The Broken Path

Today, 11:19 AM

" Whew..." A small silent note of relief sounded off behind her queen.


Marina being a pacifist, despite having witnessed the sith and their acolytes tear her world nearly apart, couldn't phantom having Alderaan and its people become aggressors. Not even in the name of peace and not even against the vile sith. To marina, all life was precious, including that of sith. Well, at least beings who potentially possessed some sort of soul, spirit, or whatever the force gave them conscious. All these forms of spirits whatever anyone called them had potential to change...to finally be good.


"Huh?..what?..." Marina got nudged again by Bekka who was walking alongside her and too following their queen. naturally, Bekka was much more well behaved, having been in Queen Faith Organa's court for much longer than Marina. It wasn't that Marina was not well behaved, she most certainly was...just that on occasion she tended to speak her mind or at times get too emotional when talk of war or changing Alderaan's peaceful beliefs, which to Marina was like embedded age old religion. Yes, she was an Alderaani traditionalist.

Bekka didn't reply, other than place a silent index to her lips for Marina to follow.


Bekka communicated to Marina to keep quiet and not speak until their queen asked them to speak. And that meant for Marina not to sigh, snicker or make any audible remark. Of course Marina gave her the ol' one eye lift of a brow and puckering lips. Bekka just shook her head and refused to play games, behind their queen. Of course, Marina's games were innocent and mostly always aimed at Bekka who for the most part took her duties way too seriously. Then again, it should be something by which marina should be following by example. But their queen was anything but an edgy or crabby old monarch... who pretty much treated them like daughters. 


Well the part of them doing their part of helping with supplies and stuff in the front lines was what perked her up more. It was directly in marina's scope to do just that. And she had been doing just that on her own when not keeping court or late appointments like today with her queen. if there was one thing marina did, and that was helping less fortunate systems...whether they were caused from natural catastrophes or during the onslaught/aftermath of battles.She was by all means a humanitarian, besides a pacifist.


With her queen's words ringing out to Harley Fenstermacher , Marina nodded in total agreement. This she herself were committed to. It wasn't just wishful thinking or mere talk by her queen.

In Topic: BEHOLD, and hello.

Today, 10:51 AM

A warm welcome from me too, Dinosauria_Research7



In Topic: Hey!

Today, 10:50 AM



You wouldn't by any chance be the yellow smiley in that bunch of blue sad smileys in your avatar, Triumph ?

Anywho...yellow or blue, welcome to Chaos. :) <---- yellow smiley from me.

In Topic: Hey There!

Today, 10:46 AM

Welcome to Chaos, BeepBot .

I kind of did the same thing...peek in like 2 or three years ago but at the time was loosing momentum in writing, so I passed. Must have been my blue period...or whatever..


Anywho, it passed, and two or 3 years later here I landed again...and now they are stuck with me. :P