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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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#1823563 New Members - say hello

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 09 July 2018 - 11:43 AM

Wow, very nice!


I'll have my alt send you a nice welcome, Kira . She's an intern/doctor also, and does much volunteering...

She'll be better at explaining. :) 

#1818880 The Broken Path

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 01 July 2018 - 09:04 PM

Location: Alderaan, getting ready for take off

Post: 1




A sudden anxiety overcame her, as she was plotting a course on her nav comp for a jump to Ciomia.

"Pant, pant, pant...gulp..." She got a hold of her breathing, as she slowly looked over her shoulder.



...Jerrid!" She exclaimed suddenly relieved to find it was her brother not a meter behind her. He had his arm resting on top of the 2nd row seat behind her in the cockpit of her ship, the Mariner IV.


" Why do you keep doing that?....you sneaking up on me all the time, like that?

Seriously...sigh.." She let out a relief, as her brother then began to laugh. He had always had a keen sense of finding her...even when they were young and playing hide and seek. She was always found.Him?..she really had to work on it...with quite a low success rate. 


"Anywho, how the hell did you get on board?...I saw you talking with father when I locked secured the ship." She had spun her seat around to face him. It had been quite some time since they had shared the space in the same vessel. Her brother much like her father when he had come of age had gone off world for studies...much like she had done. Only, she had been the only female in their family to do that. Could have been that she and her brother shared much of what they called a common spirit. They were after all twins. Unbeknownst to Marina, she had been quite unexpected, as she already had an elder sister. Her family had wanted a son so as to carry on the family name. Her mother had not realized she was carrying two until her third semester.  

Jerrid and Marina were the first twins ever born to the DeVoe lineage.


Her brother found it hilarious, as whom could she think would have boarded her ship at their home on Mt Cetril?


"No one...

You! " Yes, a good guess now, but that's not what she had thought first.

"I should have known it was you, without me getting all antsy..."

#1818859 The Good [Ambered Alert Investigation Thread]

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 01 July 2018 - 08:30 PM

Location: Mastera, Miller Park

Interacting with: Trying to stay alive

Post:  11




It wasn't over.

Not with so many casualties that had been gunned down by that monster Simultas ... along with the new victims of the Amber.


Marina had witnessed all, the slaughter and Ambering of innocent right there all around her. The only reason she had not fallen prey had actually been the cape which the assailant that had Ambered Lady Kay had thrown over her after she had passed out due to witnessing the atrocities upon everyone around her.


And as she now peered out from behind the Ambered victim that was currently shielding her from that monster Simultas', she once more spotted the very same man who had Ambered Lady Kay....and his eyes momentarily locked on hers. It was for but a second... but it was enough for her to see his amusement at seeing her. It was surreal, as the man had stuffed what was soil in his wound. The man had been shot, yet he still had given what she perceived as a chuckle in her direction.


"Shiet!...." She darted back, keeping her cover again behind the Ambered victim. There was still some blaster fire rounds, she was hearing, but from what direction, Marina was uncertain. 


"Come on...think, girl...." She was still sweating out the seconds, not knowing what or how she could do anything to help Lady Kay whom she witnessed had been freed by another device of sort...an anti-Amber gun of some sort? It had apparently freed someone...and it stated to make sense as to whom could well have such a device. The same monsters who came up with the Amber weapon..that's who had the freeing device. But was all this on Mastera staged to just capture the Queen of Commoner? All this just couldn't be an elaborate plan to capture the queen..


Marina honestly couldn't figure it all out. Not while in this situation..not hiding for her life. The only thing she could do was stay out of sight. 


Yet Tiali Orazio had not only just spotted her and laughed, but had been the one to have covered her with his cape when she had passed out. It had to have been his cape. The very same cape she vividly now remembered him wearing when he had approached Lady Kay and her. Marina was now starring at the cape, meters away, still on the ground where she had emerged from under it. How could such a man involved with all this mayhem, spare her? 



The only thing Marina could think right now was that if she survived this, she had witnessed the men who were responsible for this current mayhem...and the fact that there existed a freeing device from the Amber. That device...that 'CASM' as she heard it called, had to be acquired by the right people. Then maybe there would be some hope in saving those whom were Ambered. How long could they remain alive, if they were at all still alive in that stuff?... she could only hope 'long enough'. 

#1817077 Picnic

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 28 June 2018 - 05:14 PM

I'm feeling a little freed up...unless one of my moody alts starts up her shiet. But I'm in with Marina and maybe another good natured alt to attend this food festival you are planning @Ra'a'mah . I love trying out new food.:D

#1817009 RHOA: The High Council Meets

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 28 June 2018 - 03:20 PM

"Eeeek!..." She let out a shocking scream...or one she tried to suppress.


Marina was still in her thoughts and sitting in the ornate chair outside the Council chambers when Andulf Nicholas Teraan came out. At first she hadn't taken notice..the double doors were so whisper quiet despite their massive size.


It were a shadow cast which passed to her left, that drew her attention to his person. His footsteps were almost feline in sound...silent, as she watched him walk over a bit down the Great Hall.

Wiping her laden cheek of tears, she made to compose herself before the young Duke Teraan would notice her sitting there sulking, should he turn. But to her shock and she certainly wasn't expecting it.

THUMP!...he stuck the alabaster pillar with his fist. She swore she heard boneand flesh smack the stonework with all of its might. It sent a shock wave to her core and she bleeped out a small shriek...


"Oh my God...are you alright?!" She rose up on her feet to ask, as she made towards him.

#1816814 Evening Everyone!

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 28 June 2018 - 08:32 AM

Welcome to CHAOS, Vilka Pharro


#1814408 Day of Demand Approaches

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 24 June 2018 - 04:32 PM

Whet go ov ma twag... :(

#1814373 The Good [Ambered Alert Investigation Thread]

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 24 June 2018 - 03:29 PM

Location: Mastera, Miller Park

Interacting with: Observing

Post:  10




How much worse could it get?

The thugs which seemed to be in working with the horrid creature Simultas had brought out to what looked like to Marina as another horrid weapon..or the same kind of Amber weapon that had enveloped Miller Park. 

"Oh no..." She couldn't help but whimper those words to herself as the huge weapon...what those thugs had called out for, the 'CASM' was positioned and soon powered up. Marina didn't know whether to continue to stay hidden behind one of the other Ambered victims or make a run for it. She knew if she ran, that she'd most likely blow her cover and then blasted to pieces by that horrid monster...or whomever. It was difficult to know or even guess as to who was who and who were shooting at who or for what rhyme or reason. Nothing made sense. The park had gotten Ambered and just a moment ago when all Hell of Mastera broke loose, everyone was either shooting, blasted or Ambered. It was a melee!


"Frak.... Oh God...help me..." She shivered as the CASM suddenly fired, letting loose a bone tingling reverberation.

Marina was certain this was the weapon they must have used on the Park days ago. The individual Amber slugs they were shooting from smaller weapons may not have encapsulated enough victims. Not knowing if she should take a deep breath or exhale before the entire area would be encased in Amber, she did neither and just closed her eyes wrapping her hands tightly around her knees as she tightened up into a smaller sitting fetal position.


The sound of electric plasma along with the smell of ozone would certainly bury her deep inside the Amber any second now...


...any second now...


Uhm...was she inside the Amber and didn't know it?...the sound had stopped and so did the vibration.

Marina dared try to move her head, raise it maybe to see?


Oh hell yes, she could move. And no, to her relief, she wasn't encapsulated in the Amber. If she wasn't hurt, as far as she could tell at the moment, then what was that CASM?..or what the frak did they get that ominous contraption out for and to do what?


Catching her first breath since the CASM was fired, she dared peek back around the Ambered victim she was hiding behind.


"Gasp!..." to her shock and still horror...although it was currently her only reaction; she couldn't believe her eyes.

Lady Kay was out of the Amber!...unconscious..but out!

But who were these thugs and why did their leader, the horrid monster Simultas first Ambered people, besides plainly blasting them with a rapid cycling repeater...to then free the Ambered?


Oh wait-

"What the-?"  ...no, he wasn't freeing anyone. Not in the sense of saving them, no. The monster had freed Queen Arenais to only have his thugs retrieve her...no, kidnap her! It was clear, that aspect at least. They wanted the Queen...Cessy..her friend.

Marina couldn't understand why. Why all this to kidnap her? How could they even have guessed that the queen would even come to Mastera on account of the Amber?

And of the others? Would they use that CASM to set everyone else free too?...or would they leave them encased in Amber like that forever?...


Marina watched as the monster Simultas was engaged with some resistance. Who they were and if they were even good or some other underworld group...it was all still up in the air. But one thing was certain, they had Lady Kay and were bringing her on board the monster's ship.

Marina could do nothing but watch...Her eyes went from the thugs disappearing inside the ship with the queen, to the men, including the one who Ambered Lady Kay in the first place...to the other poor unfortunate souls that were still Ambered around her. Her tear soaked eyed could make out some faces. One was of a woman not much older than herself... Beth Australis-Mantis , one of the unfortunate victims that had apparently been flash Ambered right there on the spot during the melee. Marina had been unconscious during the initial strike, following Lady Kay getting Ambered along with some others. It had been too much for marina and she had passed out from shock.



"So there is a device that can free people out of the Amber..." She then said, turning from the poor encased girl back to the ship which Simultas had dropped down from and where the CASM was. It was now adding up. The Amber was a weapon...and they had a means of freeing those encased in it. But what good would knowing this, if she couldn't do anything about it...or get that info to some good authority. It was difficult to know among the few still duking it out, who could be trusted....if she got up enough nerve to stop cowering under cover and maybe do something to help....

#1812394 Mission of Mercy

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 21 June 2018 - 11:18 AM

Not more than a glance over to Bekka let marina know the girl was disappointing in her...her comment on their queen's appetite.

Marina slightly shook her head acknowledging her own momentary lapse of reason. Bekka was right, despite Queen Faith Organa chalking it up to marina having a silly girl comment. But Faith was her queen and despite being granted much liberties as speaking one's mind, Marina should have given it some though and restraint. But the moment had passed...or so it seemed for all. But not so for Marina. With her queen and Lady Russo conversing and connecting through their pregnancy, there wasn't much more than being awed about it that she could be part of. Maybe tea?


Well, Faith was keen on going out into the garden...even for a sitdown.

marina kept quiet...at least momentarily. Difficult as it was, she did manage to follow her queen and Bekka to where Faith decided to rest a moment.

"I...I'll get some tea...." Marina soft spoke to her queen.


"Lady Russo...Bekka...." She then started to ask as her thoughts kept lingering on the past moment.

Right now as she thought more of her slip up, it did keep her lips somewhat tight...except of course for the tea part. Best she at least do her part as her queen's handmaiden, as she had not quite shone herself to be anything more at this moment.


Maybe... perhaps when they would commence to speak about the Aid package, then she'd have something constructive to add. But right now....

That wasn't the first or only time she had spoken so absent mindlessly, and she knew it weren't going to the the last either. She had to curb her lips from speaking her silly mind like that. She was raised proper...right?

"Lord..what a bad start..." She thought. She were thinking of the new royal child she so much wanted to be part of, but had stepped up with the wrong foot forward.

Still...the hope that if it were a male heir... There would be hope that he would not be so much like his elder brother Theo.


"Shoot.." her thoughts silently reprimanded her. Had she not learned her lesson? Even thinking like that was not real proper..even for her. But why was she so uptight about her queen's son Theo? 

"Uhg..." There she went again silently to herself, as she though about him.

Clearly, he rubbed her in the worst way. As such, she made note..extensive note not to ever, EVER, let her queen know that she disliked her son so. 


"...you wish for something also?I don't mind getting it."  She finished asking. Maybe for now, she best serve her queen better as her handmaiden.




Alexandra Russo Porte

#1812352 The Good [Ambered Alert Investigation Thread]

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 21 June 2018 - 10:31 AM

Location: Mastera, Miller Park

Interacting with: Well, at the moment trying not to get Ambered or shot by that monster Silmutas

Post:  9




For the first initial moment of transition from unconsciousness to the reality which had taken over the park, Marina awakened to what she thought was a new morning.

Quite comfy awakening from what she thought was sleep... wrapped up in a warm blanket too-

Wait!...what the hell was grass doing in her bed?!


The cool smell of green grass which she suddenly found herself laying on, opened her eyes wide open. She were sprawled out on a lawn?...and about that comfy blanket...a cloak?! Where the frak was she?!

The sounds of what she slowly became attuned to, which followed her initial belief of waking up to a new morning having left her holo-monitor on playing some action movie was in actuality real.

The sudden rush of her last recollection of what had transpired made her sit up, dispensing with the cloakthat she had been covered with ( Tiali Orazio cloak), flicking it off her as she shockingly realized her surroundings.

They had gotten worse!


Before her lay not just Lady Kay 's Ambered tomb, but many more!. It was like she were in the midst of monuments... graveyard monuments! And they seemed to be the lucky ones.

In horror her eyes were witnessing the atrocity of the others who had escaped the Amber, but had been cut down by what had obviously been blaster fire.They seemed to be a varied of people...some security from before. Theylay there between the Ambered and herself..all dead. There was no coming back for these unfortunate souls.


And then the full scope of her situation came in full blaring stereoscopic reality. The clear sound of what her full consciousness was now picking up.

"Oh my God!.." Marina was still on her butt looking about her, not knowing where the blaster fire was coming from, nor who or what was behind all that were happening around her.

The many that were Ambered, like tall tombstones in actuality was providing cover, unbeknownst to her. What had initially saved her from being Ambered like the many around her, and saved her from being shot indiscriminately, had indeed been Tiali's cloak. That man who AmberedLady Kayhad for one reason or another thrown his cloak over Marina when she had lost consciousness. Now, it were the Ambered mounds that were hiding her from whomever was massacring everyone in the park.


And with the sound of blaster fire suddenly seizing, came the sound of engines descending not to far from her. Had the authorities finally broken through this madness and had come down to rescue survivors?..her too?


Marina crawled weakly to see. It was a daunting task to even do that, for she had to go around the many dead... but she had no choice. Marina didn't even realize she were in tears as she made it to one of the Ambered entombed peering around to see what exactly was that craft. Something was telling her to stay down..stay small and hidden. And she did, for many times her intuition served her right...saving her ass countless times.


"Who the frak-..." It wasn't a rescue team. They were not friendlies at all and what came out of the ship certainly struck even more fear in her heart. It was a monster!

Not so much by the looks of the giant, but by his indiscriminate enjoyment of laying strafe, decimating anyone in his line of sight.

"Ahg...oh God..."Marina closed her eyes, turning away, well hidden behind one of the Ambered. 

But not before catching a glimpse of some poor girl ( Beth Australis-Mantis ) getting gassed to then suddenly be encased in hardened Amber. 

Marina suppressed her scream, as the blaster rounds were not only heard but then felt on her back. She had turned away and pressed herself up with her back to the Amber and the source of the blaster fire.The blaster fire made a few strafe rounds across from her and she could see it's searing impact on the ground, then on the Amber behind her and then once more on the ground as it moved away. She plainly was one lucky girl, as the beast ( Simultas ) continued for a few more rounds of killing anything that seemed to move...indiscriminately. Lucky that she was well hidden behind his line of sight behind one of the Ambered victims.

#1812264 One More Week

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 21 June 2018 - 06:38 AM

Some pretty awesome posts I'm reading.

Sorry was out IRL all of yesterday and catching up on the reads.

Thank the gods my charrie fainted. She'll have her post up today.Wow so many Ambered peeps. I'm guessing they're lucky in a way... as if they weren't encased in Amber, Mr Personality (Simultas) would have gunned them down... :P

#1810351 The Good [Ambered Alert Investigation Thread]

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 18 June 2018 - 09:04 AM

Location: Mastera, Miller Park

Interacting with: Oh poodoo...all Hell broke out!

Post:  8





She had indeed picked up some commotion around what she could construe as the bend...of the Amber mound that is, while lady Kay and her friend Tiali Orazio were conversing.Naturally, she were distracted when the man properly introduced his self, with her following through with a nod of acknowledgement and a 'A pleasure to meet you, Mr Orazio' reply.

How is one to recount the very moment when all Hell breaks loose? Seems every witness had a certain perspective on the unfolding events. Who was to know the man was playing them both?

She rightly were presenting Tiali whom Lady Kay had been ecstatic on meeting up with, a friendly smile. Marina's first impression were that he was perhaps someone of the queen's past whom had good merit. Why else would the Queen of Commenor be so happy to see him?


Not a moment more ticked off by her account before the sounds of blaster fire rang out from somewhere amidst the nearby crowd. 

As such, in the first moment of sudden panic, for there was no way to assert whom were shooting and where exactly the shots were coming from. But they were close and progressively getting closer...

It were Lady Kay who once more took the initiative for them to scramble...just like she had back in Juniper Canyon when they were faced with whom at the time they took as marauders. Marina whom for the most part had little experience with such civil disruptions first hand as she were Alderaani, took the cue to do as Lady Kay instructually shouted and followed her and her entourage to get the hell out of there.



Only to be stopped by Lady Kay's friend Tiali Orazio , whom also seemed to be armed and quickly instructed her to hit the ground...hard?

No it wasn't for her to hit the ground hard. It was for her not to make it hard for the man.

This momentarily confused Marina making her turn to the man as she ran behind lady Kay. 

"W...huh...what?..." She gave him a confusing look, as the man not only stopped in his tracks but in the same instant took hold of her jacket and made her hit the ground...hard.


Marina slammed to the grass with a 'Umf!' as the very same man..Lady Kay's friend raised anotherweapon of sort and 'Lord and Behold' fired in the same direction as his friend; Lady Kay!


It were at that moment, among the screams and shouts..among the blaster fire all around that she bared witness to the horror that was the Amber. It had been a weapon!

The shot...or perhaps several that Orazio seemed to fire...as marina couldn't be sure in recollection... hit or seemed to detonate near Lady Kay.

It gassed out immediately to her horror.Marina couldn't believe what she had just seen, let alone what had went down. Her view despite from grass level stunned her with disbelief. It were as if everything seemed to play out in slow motion...so much detail..so little sound.


"N...no!" She managed to utter as the gas instantaneously solidified, freezing Lady Kay just a few meters from her in mid stride..

The immediate carnage, if one were to hear it described by her own words was devastating. By the time her senses de-scrambled as to what had just gone down, it were too late. being a pacifist normally reserved her from ever even thinking of striking at anyone..but somehow that got overwritten and managing to get back up on her feet, and despite everyone darting away from Tiali, she feebly swung her fist into thin air...centimeters from even grazing the assailant's shirt. But what would one expect from a pacifist who never used her fists?

"S...S...Stop it!...what are you doing?!" She shouted, even after the very fact that she seen with her own eyes that what sinister plan this man had, had already come to fruit.


And it was without say that despite 4 other gunmen bearing down their blasters on her, Marina was too horrified and focused on the main man...the man who had come as a friend, and was now nothing more than a treacherous assailant. For what purpose or reason had he entombed Lady Kay in the same Amber that they were here for, was beyond her reckoning. Nothing at the moment made any sense... the the assault, not its use on innocents.

"You thug you...you...you bastard!..." Ok, so she couldn't assault anyone with fists of fury ..but she certainly could fling out some words of anger and frustration. Not the strongest words either mind you, but she was after all brought up properly...


To her dismay, words did little to even graze such men..or monsters as she now bared witness too. EvenInspector Gracchus a mere stone trow away had been encapsulated.And another..and another..

It was all so fast..so quick and at a mere blink of an eye...the entire world of Mastera seemed to be topsy- turvy....spinning....tunneling into darkness...


Lights out.


Marina didn't need to be manhandled back down hard on the ground...she seemed to have done that all on her own, as she passed out do to the horror all around she had bared witness to.

#1807431 500 or -500?

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 13 June 2018 - 02:26 PM



Aww...I didn't mean it to be mean, Matador.

I was more going for you being beastly...er, no wait that didn't come out right either.


Oh boy... *sighs*

Ahem....*clears throat and starts over*


Lion pride.

You boasted that you would mate with two females simultaneously. Well, I don't know if male lions have ever had two lionesses at the same time, but they do mate with their pride...with all females that is.

So yea, I was meaning that I didn't see your presence in the safari park...among the lions that is.:)

#1807342 The Good [Ambered Alert Investigation Thread]

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 13 June 2018 - 11:29 AM

Location: Mastera, Miller Park

Post:  6




"Thank you, Inspector Gracchus..." Marina replied, hinting a respectful bow to the magistrate. He was after all looking out for not only the welfare of his trust, but of off worlders. She took his concern to be genuine for as the moments passed, it was apparent that other than officials and authorized personnel, the incident had attracted many curiosity seekers.

There had been no reports thus far that anyone had found the answers to this Amber substance, nor how it had gotten to be deployed on Mastera and still not clear for what sinister purposes...


The inspector motioned to his men to give them right of way and Lady Kay's entourage along with Marina were given pass. The Amber seemed to encompass the entire scope of Miller park from their perspective. How far or deep it was, Marina herself hadn't a clue. As a matter of fact, she hadn't noticed the mound, for she had followed the landing instruction upon coming down planet side, missing the Amber encapsulating Miller Park. Then again, diverting air traffic away was an attempt at keeping it on the down low.  

But video clips, word of mouth and even some unauthorized news media had gotten the word out. Seemed that as the hours passed, more and more of what had appeared on Mastera was getting out, despite authorities trying to censor it to prevent mass hysteria.


"It's.... its so massive..." Marina exclaimed as they approached it.


The Amber that she and Lady Kay had come upon had been inside a deep cavern...a sort of underground labyrinth of some ancient and forgotten ruins of Commenor's past. They had come upon it unexpectedly while they were exploring the subterranean old ruins. And the Amber had seemed to encapsulate two individuals as far as they could make out. But the extent of the Amber underground was difficult to asses as far as its mass. For all they could guess the Amber underground could well have filled up a massive cavity. But all they could see at the time was that it blocked what appeared to be an entrance way into another chamber.


Here now out in the open, it was almost unbelievable as to how something of this volume could have come to entomb everything and every unfortunate individual in like a blink of an eye.

Marina was certainly getting the jitters again, just like when they came upon what appeared to be the same thing back on Commenor.

And again, she got just close enough to see through the refraction of its translucency the poor souls seemingly frozen within. her heart sank, making out an individual..then two..then more who had seemed to go about in their normal routines just immediately frozen like that. It was mind blowing as to take a guess as to how many more, possibly in the hundreds that were trapped as such. The little that she could make out were pretty close, giving the volume of the Amber...it was frightening to think of the possible calculation of individuals in the park.


Marina was asked if she thought the Amber could be of the same as the one they had found on Commenor.


It looks like it is.... " She replied seeing Lady Kay touching it..feeling its texture.


One thing Marina didn't do back on Commenor was touch the Amber. She had enough trouble holding the light as Lady Kay tried her best to get a sample of it..scratching only something that maybe could have been analysed...only apparently it wasn't enough scratched.

"I just never felt it...I didn't touch it." Marina reminded Queen Arenais.


"But the light refracting through it seems to have the same effect. 

And the ground coming in contact with it doesn't seem to be bearing any weight, as its not sunk in.." She pointed to the bottom of the Amber.

Sure enough as seen through the transparency of the Amber, it didn't seem to have disturbed the ground..had not compressed it, as it seemed as level inside as outside.

Even the grass had not bent, but partially was encapsulated while parts of it was still on the outside.


Marina knelt down, not close enough to touch the Amber...gods forbid...but close enough to observe the blades of grass. 


Lady Kay... the part of the blades of grass on the inside seems to be preserved. The part of the blades are as healthy as the part that is not entombed." Ok, so that was apparent. But so what?


Marina turned to look up to lady Kay as the queen knelt down next to her to see for herself.

"This part of the blade....see..." she pointed to the plant that was half in and half still out.. 


"..like this stem... and these other blades half in and half out...

Could it be a means for say some kind of probe?...something that can go through the blade of grass and see how the blade inside the amber is doing?..if it's alive or just preserved?

I mean, it is a sort of entry point for a probe to see if life in a blade of grass encased in the substance is faring." It was nothing more than an observation and an idea. After all, she and Cessy, or rather Queen Arenais had just arrived and what Marina was suggesting may have already been touched upon. 


It was at that very same moment that someone called out to Lady Kay, giving rise to both the queen and Marina to see. 

Apparently it was someone that the queen knew. Marina just took a step back and followed protocol. It was not her place to introduce herself. As thus, she took to waiting...yes, much like a handmaiden. 






Tiali Orazio


Lady Kay

#1806340 What are you drinking?

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 11 June 2018 - 02:50 PM

Is La auga concentrated or do you have to mix it with water, Dax Fyre ?..?? :huh:


Anywho...just plain water for me at the moment. :)