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#1752782 Dawn of a new day (FWC/ask to join)

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 18 March 2018 - 10:00 PM

"Yes, then I'll call you Nicky as long as we're not in the presence of our queen, dignitaries or court..." She replied, giving him one of the flutes she had brought over for them.


"The evening, for as early as it is has been quite well for me. I've spoken to quite a few interesting people." Marina spoke, taking a quick look to as where her former companions were. 

She had certainly thought she made a good connection with Chekīta Awaud , the young Mandelorean woman, whom she had found fascinating. To think, a young woman warrior that were up to par with her male counterparts both in skill and battle. It was something quite different than what she were used to. Yet, both cultures thrived and survived against many odds. Both cultures were nearly wiped out in the past, making Mandoloreans and Alderaani similar in that respect. But it were strange that no one ever thought of the similarities in that manner.

#1752758 Return of the Metal Lords (FWC Dominion of Denon - Hex U-33

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 18 March 2018 - 09:18 PM

Unlike her father, who was militaristic, she like her mother and late grandmother were traditional pacifists. As much a contrast it were between the male DeVoes and females, there was a sense of balance that it brought withing House DeVoe. It were no different than the checks and balances of power within a Democratic government. The DeVoes had that down for quite a few centuries already.


Marina descended down the ramp of the Mariner IV, coming face to face with the son of the Royal House whom she had never met. It were strange in some ways, but unavoidable as far as circumstances, as she had been home schooled til about 10 years of age , before she were sent throughout many parts of the galaxy to study. Her only time home were during holidays and family traditions. This kept her from attending many of the Royal events, surrounding the Houses on Alderaan.


So it was both an opportunity for them to finally meet, and having the next generation of their two Houses find the means of working together.Only again, she were presented with one (Theo) having military power at his disposal, while she were here on a humanitarian mission. It was no different between Theo and his own mother. One had the means of military strength, while the other always sought to seek a peaceful means of settling matters. 


"Greetings Captain Vereen, I were sent here by her majesty Queen Faith Organa ..." She began, not mentioning that she were his mother. After all, that was obvious, but also that this was a military vessel and Marina knew to keep it formal, as this was no backyard picnic.

"My ship the Mariner IV is a civilian registered vessel and completely unarmed. I believe her majesty had thought that perhaps a non-military vessel could breech the lines and provide some humanitarian aid to some populace down below that are in desperate need of both medical supplies and emergency food.

My ship can transport your medical personnel planet side, along with said medical aid and food, which I hold in my cargo bay. " She figured on giving him the quick run down as to her presence here if he had not been fully contacted.


This of course meant many things for the Mariner. Marina as a civilian pilot could help with organics that were too close to the possible hot zones and evacuate them off planet or to a safer location elsewhere below.

As long as no side fired the first round, she could go down there and start helping and giving much needed aid to the organics.


"I am just puzzled as to why my ship was requested to land inside. Am I to transfer the supplies on board the Mariner IV to your personnel?" She asked.

Not knowing if the situation down on Denon may havedeteriorated, and maybe the Captain thought it best if she unload the supplies to his ship. 

#1752743 The Red Plom Bloom Charity Gala (FWC, Open to everyone)

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 18 March 2018 - 08:31 PM

"I can only commend Alex for her willingness to help the refugees at their time of need, your majesty." Marina replied to her queen, pertaining to the notion of reminding those who had the power to help, that the refugees were as much in need of support as that of a child in a mother's womb.  


The willingness of Lady Russo to do what she could on behalf of her people was what this Gala was about. The ideas were valid and quite feasibly workable. All that one were required to make them concrete, was to put their foot forward themselves. And not wait for councils, politicians or in Lady Russo's case, board-members to bring them forth as recommendations to be debated over. As Alex had pointed out, it should happen as soon as possible, for the refugees were suffering at this very moment. 


"Your compassion for helping others is greatly appreciated by those who at this time in their lives cannot help themselves...or more importantly, their family...their loved ones...their own children. 

I only know my mother and of my late grandmother's love for me, Alex..." Marina reflected a moment on that before continuing.


"I can only imagine the helpless refugee mothers who can only provide their children with their love and hope. It calls on us all to come to their side and provide them with all the necessary aid and means of making their hope come to bear fruit." She then said with greater understanding. 

#1751990 Where to Begin

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 17 March 2018 - 04:35 PM

It were true, Marina hadn't caught up with all of the Galactic politics surrounding the FWC and it's standing among all the various factions throughout the galaxy. She knew that most of Alderaani core values were reflected upon the coalition, but still didn't know all the doctrines and standing treaties. She did however study galactic law, business ethics and politics. After all,besides her own personal interest in exploring the galaxy, she did acquire a doctorate in political sciences, as per her family tradition.

Marina was certainly new at this, per applied practice...reason she were under her queen's internship.


"Ah, I think I've a better understanding now." She replied, now more set on listening than cutting in on mere impulse. But the young daughter of the Duke could be said she had quite an enthusiasm in trying to do her best in helping. Just that sometimes, she would dive head first without feeling the temperament of the water with her feet. 


"So, we do have a good relation with Commenor systems... but if I or anyone representing the FWC can strengthen that, it's all for the better...for both systems....yes." Seems like she did get it, as she beamed a smile to her queen.

Marina would certainly represent not only her friend's wines, but also the Coalition of Free Worlds. 


"I may have met HK along some line, but I do know of SN-1411 . He is quite an intelligent sentient droid with a pleasant personality. Has anyone seen him of late? Perhaps he may have some insight on how the Metal Lords current conditions have affected their autonomy as a whole." She added, wondering as to what happened to her droid friend she had met at the Red Plum Gala, just weeks before.

#1751560 Return of the Metal Lords (FWC Dominion of Denon - Hex U-33

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 16 March 2018 - 06:13 PM

It didn't take long for her to get a responce. Her ship the Mariner IV must have been in their data banks, as Marina had not been required to transmit more verification. She had permission to proceed and vector her landing to the specified hanger deck.


"Come again?..." This request to land took her by surprise, as she hadn't intended nor asked to dock, but provide assistance. But the communication from the bridge had been transmitted to her in a form of an order to land her ship inside. "....did you wish for me to land inside?"


That was affirmative. 

Marina had no recourse but to comply, and land her ship inside. After all she knew she'd be under the command somewhat of the queen's son in this en-devour.

"Roger that...Mariner IV proceeding with approach to hangar bay.." She had been on a impulse speed before getting permission to approach, and punched her sub-drives. The 13,000 km distance narrowed quickly and she was soon vectoring her ship into the hanger in a smooth one point landing.


"Shut her down, TK. No one likes a ship idling in their hanger bay" She instructed her droid to handle the drives, as she got up from her seat.

Why had she been ordered to land inside, she didn't know. But as she was about to leave the cockpit, she spotted Theo Vereen heading toward her in the hangar. 

"Hmm..." looked like she was going to get her answer.

#1751546 Dawn of a new day (FWC/ask to join)

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 16 March 2018 - 05:19 PM

The young Mandolorean woman indeed took her information, progressing their effort of meeting other guests and acquaintances. 

Marina bid her a good farewell also, but not before downloading Chekīta Awaud 's contact info. After all, despite everyone here for the most part had been invited for the coronation, they were all diplomats and in this peaceful atmosphere, there were opportunities to open dialogue with representatives that otherwise were difficult to meet under normal circumstances. 


Marina looked over her flute, then taking a small sip and once more tried to spy Andulf. She spotted him casually overlooking the guest and seemed open for the moment. Marina thought it a good moment for her to head on over to him, passing a servant with a tray of fresh champagne filled flutes. She casually put her near empty glass on a spent tray and motioned to take one from the server. He graciously lowered it for her to easily take one. Giving him a 'thank you' smile, she took two.


"Well hello Count Andulf Nicholas Teraan..." , she came up next to him, bearing two flutes of champagne.

"... or can I still call you Nicky? " Marina extended one of the flutes for him to take.


"I noticed your glass was nearing empty, and thought you may want to share a drink with me." Her smile was quite inviting.



#1751395 It's in the eyes

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 16 March 2018 - 08:57 AM

"Ok... yes, sure.....just know that we're alright for now..."Marina replied, not sure what to make of the girl's confusion.


Ok sure, she could tell it all as to what all happened, but maybe that should wait till the girl got more of her bearings. What Skye didn't need was an overload. The girl had to first get her head straightened out before she could process new information...the missing puzzle pieces.


"...I can explain everything...but first lets get you to relax a moment. You've been out cold awhile. Letstake it slow....

Breathe, rest a moment and clear your head. Let me do the worrying for now..." And worried Marina was still.


Sure, it was good that the girl had finaly come around. The scans didn't indicate any head injuries or swelling going on. But Skye had sustained a shock and then her body slammed into the console due to the G-forces Marina's ship had generated in the gyro spin. Yes, all bad...but not life threatening.


"I'm not going to go anywhere... not leaving you..." Marina got the girl to release her hold on her.

"...I'm just going to get you some water...Ok?...stay put." She patted the girl on her shoulders.

"I'm going to get you some ice water....don't try getting up on your own...hear?"


Marina then scurried out of the Med bay and not more than a few skip's distance she was in the galley, retrieving a glass and some ice water. It was then that she noticed the other bottle on the table. It was the one she herself had opened not an hour ago. her eyes then went over to the counter... her glass, still half full. She looked over to the open med bay door and could partially see Skye still laying on the bed. Some items that had been spewed to the floor, were still there. How could they have hit turbulence just minutes before, and only the med bay had been affected...tossed about?

Nothing else on the ship seemed out of place or knocked over...


"Here, you go..." She re-entered the med bay, bringing Skye a drink of water. If anything water was good for headaches. Well, if the girl were a bit dehydrated, it would help. But water couldn't hurt and besides, the girl's lips were a bit parched. Marina was certain she could use a drink.


Sure enough she didn't meet resistance and Skye nearly emptied the glass. After all, she had been out quite a few hours. marina had brought her water bottle with her and she too took a much needed drink. 

Putting Skye's glass on the table, she went ahead and felt the girl's head again. She did seem much calmer and their eyes met. 

"You gave me quite a scare. ..." she then said, sighing.


"Ok....sigh....what happened..." Marina nodded, as the girl's piercing eyes wanted to know now.

"As you last recalled.... some troopers were on top of the ship.

Yea...I think there were about three...

...yea, three were on top before I discharged 100k or so volts to the hull plates. Low amperes though....non-lethal. Anyway.. I then lifted off and did about a 4-G spin...I think... not sure, as I wasn't watching the data, just the proximity clearances...yea.

Anywho, that spun the troopers or whomever else was clinging on the hull, off." She hesitated a moment, taking in a deep breath, as this part was the reason the poor gild was laid up on the bed in her present headache and confusion.


"Honey....I thought you were standing behind me when I discharged. ...sigh...

You weren't. I think you may have been touching the wall or something that enabled you to receive the same shock meant for the troopers.

I yelled hold on, but didn't see you, nor knew you had collapsed.  

i put the ship into a tailspin and that's when i saw you slam right into the console at my feet." There was hurt in marina's eyes as she could imagine the hurt she caused the girl. Maybe Skye couldn't remember anything, but she could certainly feel the aftermath of that event now.


"I then took off right under what appeared to be a transport of some kind and made a quick ascension into open space....got some quick coordinated down and took the first clear jump window.

We jumped out of the frying pan, and into the fire, so to speak.

Skye, I jumped deeper into hell it seems. We're deeper into First Order space and we're going to come out of the jump in less than an hour and a half... I think." It was apparent that Marina wasn't so proud of their narrow escape, for it only got them in possibly more of a jam. 


There was no doubt they had the makings on her ship and must have at least figured out her jump's general trajectory...right into the heart of their territory. There was a good chance that they were on the 'Enemy of the Empire' main listing page. 

Or more like on their 'All Points Bulletin' transmissions. Most likely worse than having just 3 bounty hunters on their tail now.  


The ship was definitely an Outlaw ship in First Order Space.

#1751223 RHOA: The High Council Meets

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 15 March 2018 - 08:59 PM

And there she slipped in through the open window of opportunity...


"It would please me if you should just call me Marina, Ser Tycho..." She smiled, nodding slightly.


His armor up close were of a metal she wasn't familiar with. Then again, she didn't study metallurgy.

Marina in her travels had seen many knights in various armor. Some were armor breast plates over resilient, but strong spider silk. While some were covered completely by clothing or cloak. But she had to admit, knights in shiny armor were quite a sight.


"I believe we're in the same boat so to speak. I'm my father's second and youngest daughter. My elder sister Katie is the Duchess following my mother, Duchess Sansa DeVoe. " She then said, noting her father was currently occupied with their queen.

Marina didn't wish to take up the young knight's time or ear for the duration of the meeting, as she picked up that he had duties he wished to attend to. But being the first time they were introduced, she felt it were proper to complete their introductions in a proper fashion in the manner of a little of their family tree shared.


"And of my brother Jerrid, he is to succeed our father when his time is called upon. As for me, I am currently under our queen's internship. Her majesty has wished for me to see if I can devote some time and assistance to the Coalition, by way of humanitarian aid. " Marina finished, giving the young lord enough info for perhaps another day they should meet again. It then couldn't be said they were complete strangers and do away with the current intro and perhaps converse in other matters.

#1751011 Where to Begin

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 15 March 2018 - 11:34 AM

Oops...she had not done all her homework. Marina were under the impression that Commenor System Alliances were not that close with the Free World Coalition...mostly due to the great expanse between their two governments. But they were indeed allies, she knew that much at least. Just hadn't been aware of the full trade agreements between the systems.

Still, it would then come to reason that her endeavor with her friend @Mariya Fleisher concerning the Sovereign wines from Alderaani orchards. 


"My apologies, your majesty...." Marina bowed her head apologetically. She had assumed wrong about the current state of commerce between the FWC and CSA.

"I apparently didn't fully go over the manifest concerning our full relation disclosure with Commenor." She continued. When marina was wrong, she had no problem to admit it. Her lack of full disclosure was indeed an oversight on her part for sure. But her intentions would have been right, even in her lack of knowledge of the commerce agreements between the two systems.

"I'll bring myself up to date on that..."


With that, she thought best to recede a moment and allow her queen and Ra to converse on their own. marina were seen to slightly bite her lips shut. it were something she could do...sometimes. And this time, she best not interrupt her queen.


Lord were it difficult to keep her mouth sealed.... it were almost like holding one's breath.

#1750990 RHOA: The High Council Meets

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 15 March 2018 - 10:59 AM

She gave a sweeping eye over the entrance way when her father inquired about Andulf Nicholas Teraan .

She hadn't seen the young Count for quite some time and their talk had indeed indicated that his House was interested in the reformation of the Council.

Perhaps he could still make this first meeting.


For now, she took to pacing her queen as she lead her father to the armored knight she had eyed before. She hadn't caught the family crest on the knight before, but now she did, recognizing it as a representation of House Alde. She wondered who the knight was...maybe one of the Duke's sons, maybe?


And indeed it were.

"Hello, pleasure to meet you, young Duke Tycho Alde ." She said, not being aware that he may not have the title yet. Still, it wouldn't be too horrid an err, as she were simply following court protocol in assuming his title, being a son of Duke Horis of House Alde.

And it were not out of place either to assume that the young man was here in representation of his Great House,as one of the Council members.

#1750530 Return of the Metal Lords (FWC Dominion of Denon - Hex U-33

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 14 March 2018 - 02:04 PM




The Mariner IV dropped out of hyperspace and onto the system Denon.


Marina had been requested by her Queen, Faith Organa to lend a hand with the coalition as far as providing humanitarian support to the organics and coalition forces by means of medical supplies, including supporting the medical teams and transporting evacuees and wounded, if there was a sort of skirmish. The queen hopefully prayed it didn't escalate into that. But she did leave it up to Marina to use her discretion should things get out of hand. And to see if The Mariner IV could be of any assistant to Leeto Vereen 's main cruiser.


There before her at a mere 13,500km distant away was Leeto's ship cresting the horizon of Denon. her sensors had quickly picked it up among the other various ships around the system. His vessel had already established high orbit over the planet and Marina set her course for it at minimal speed till she would receive permission to enter it's space envelope.If she entered it without authorization it could be seen as hostile, despite the Mariner being Alderaani registered. 


"Mariner IV to Captain Vereen.... requesting permission to approach...over." She hailed his ship. 

Marina had been instructed to keep military protocols, as it was an official FWC response and presence in that system.

#1749772 The Bug has found me

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 13 March 2018 - 06:46 AM

It's been a bad winter with so many people getting sick with all kinds of respiratory ailments. No worries with our threads.  


I'd like to plan something with your character Rianna Ar'klim-Organa and Ayda when you're up for it. Looking for a team effort or a coalition type of medical assistance to a system in crisis...something along those lines.:) 

#1749759 1000 Posts Yay!

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 13 March 2018 - 06:26 AM

Yea, Hi!


Got to tell ya; you're one slippery little thing you, Katarine Ryiah . We never threaded to this day after years and years crossing this board and that and now here too. So don't go skedaddling off again, until i get my kitty time in. Yes? :D

#1749587 1000 Posts Yay!

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 12 March 2018 - 09:33 PM

No, droids can't, Katarine Ryiah . But I can! *takes said cake from her droid*


Hiya!...and congratz. :D

TK is my droid and i sent him over as soon as i heard you were celebrating your one thousand's. Sorry I couldn't have come earlier, but I was in the middle of writing a post and...and well, here i am now. So happy for you. YAY!!:D

#1749169 Dawn of a new day (FWC/ask to join)

Posted by Marina DeVoe on 12 March 2018 - 08:32 AM

It were a learning curve for her, as she listened with great interest of the young woman's adventures, in the process of not only acquiring the armor for her Clan Leader, but at the same time making the cut, as far as proving her worth to the clan.


Chekita's way of telling her tale was both entertaining and to the point. Marina could envision the excitement in the raid and of taking the artifact among very high security measures. 


"Wow...that sounds like a nerve wreaking mission...at least to me, if I had to do anything of that sort. ..wow.." She almost got the jitters thinking about it, if she had to do something like that. Of course Marina was not meant or raised in such a manner as to become a warrior or soldier and she just couldn't imagine herself having the nerve or the skills to do as the young Mandalorean.


"Oh lord..yea, about the exchange thing...yea..." She realized she had not thought about it as it pertained to all aspect of exchanging cultural ideologies.

A few amendments would have to be enacted... as per instance; if Marina herself would happen to volunteer, how would she handle such training involving the possibility of hurting others? That had been debated many times even in her own House, as her father, brother and grandfather were highly militaristic. She, her mother and her sister were the only pacifists in the family.

Then again, that in itself rounded off House DeVoe as not being weak, nor as a warmonger family, as there seemed to be checks and balances within the family itself.


"But you know..." She got back on her original idea of a full exchange. It had to be all or nothing, the way she figured. If say a Mandolorean was to be open minded and experience a noble family and their values, then same for a student to experience and come with an open mind to learn about mando's and lifestyle.

"... sure, why not?

I don't see how else to experience another culture than to come in with an open mind and embrace it like the people there." She then nodded, more to herself pinning the idea firmly than anything.


"Yes, we should speak more of this exchange program. I have to believe if its the only way to open up more dialogue between cultures, then it should be seriously considered." Marina agreed.

Unfortunately, she didn't know Chekita's cousin, Jaster. But perhaps Chekita would have them meet and discuss this further if the Clan had interest in the concept.


"Oh yes...that's Count Andulf Nicholas Teraan of House teraan on Alderaan. I do have to see him before the party is disolved. I've got to press him into joining the Council..lol" Marina looked over to the count, as she spoke concerning him.


"Well, it were I whom didn't want to take up more of your time, Chekita. But if you must go, then here...take my data." She opened up her comm to transmit her info.

"We'll talk more on the subject and maybe set something up with your cousin's clan."