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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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Have we been hacked?

01 April 2018 - 09:40 AM

It's 10:45 USA Eastern time and I am seeing as our board front page background a man holding a cell phone.


Not only that, but everyone's avatar has the same picture.


Is this just me or has anyone seen this already?

Off to the Races...and wait

15 February 2018 - 12:22 PM


Marina opened her eyes to the sounding alert. Ahead of her she could still see the starlight tunnel, dimmed, through the shaded cockpit glass. She discovered herself dozed off, sitting there, waiting for the hyper-drive countdown alarm, to alert her when the ship was coming close to dropping out. 
Glancing at the crono displayed, it was more like she had fallen asleep for hours, rather than just a few minutes of shut eye. Just as well, for coming closer to the last hours of the jump, she couldn't relax. Marina had about 4 hours left before reaching her destination and had taken up waiting for it in the cockpit, as everything else that had whittled down the 2 day jump she had already exhausted.
Nevertheless, to her surprise she had fallen asleep at the controls. Well, now at least this 2 day haul was reaching its drop-off.
Giving a good stretch, she prepared for auto-drive shutdown in minus 9 m - 37 s to final drop out.

Destination;Brentaal, Core World Systems.

Her ship had come out of hyperspace at a good distance from the system, as it wasn't Brentaal IV she were set on approaching, but the orbiting Zel Zon Station.
Her orders were to deliver her cargo to JSMD Enterprise, a distribution company that mostly dealt with small system commerce. Their main hub were located on the station.
Marina's ship manifest indicated the cargo had been already prepaid and just needed her to deliver it to JSMD for distribution.

 * * * * * * * * *

"What do you mean, you're out of business?!" Marina stood there with her ship's manifesto on her holo-pad, with what now appeared to be the receptionist of JSMD clearing out her desk.
OUT OF BUSSINESS… It appeared that JSMD in as short as two days, (since Marina jumped) had sustained too many lost profits for it to continue operations and was bankrupt.
"But what am I to do with the cargo?. Its already paid for?!" Marina was pointlessly arguing, as the receptionist, with last crate in hand, just shook her shoulders and bade her good luck with it, as she headed off into the main avenue strip of the station.
Marina could do nothing but walk inside herself to see if there was somebody else that could help her. The ensuing offices within seemed they had all been quickly vacated.

"…son of a bitch.." She uttered in helpless frustration.
The walk to the related transfer hub, the company's warehouse docks, also levied all essential stock and equip had been recently removed. Other than discarded palettes and worthless support transfer equip, nothing was left of JSMD.

"Miss?..." Came an echo, that for a moment eluded her in finding its source.
"Can I help you with anything?…" A man she then made, approaching her from the stacked palettes.
"I don't know…can you?" she replied, looking him over. The logo on his shirt was from the company.
Waving her holo-pad for him to look at, she gave him a moment to go over the manifest.
"I don't know what to tell you, but there's no one left here to take your shipment. The company just went belly up yesterday and…" he handed her back the pad, shrugging his shoulders, " …that's it. There's no one left that can take delivery here."

"Well, how about you? You work for JSMD!" She pointed out the obvious.
"No…sorry, not anymore. I'm just getting my personals together and I'm out of here, next shuttle out.
Seriously….I can't help you…sorry…"

Come on, please, you're the only one left here that maybe can do something about this.
Look, this cargo's registered. There's got to be some link that still exists as to who owns it!"
She couldn't just unload it, or even take it back to the place of origin, as it had also been a JSMD facility. She was just transporting a prepaid shipment from one hub to the next, as a subcontractor. Now she had a prepaid cargo and no drop off point.

The ex-employee seemed at a loss too, as he too could see her dilemma. 
"Yea, I do see what you mean. It's prepaid and certainly under official registry…but that registry is only JMSD's code for NR registry. Its some company anti-hack loop that assures the rightful owner's claim to it. 
If it's not delivered, it'll be considered either lost or stolen. And you're the last one that held the cargo." 
He now seemed to understand and became somewhat more sympathetic.

"Hmm…" he scratched his head.
"Marina, I don't even know if JSMD's database is still up and functioning, let alone still having access to it." He seemed to be figuring something out.
"I could maybe see if at the very least, I could pinpoint where JSMD had this shipment destined next to be distributed to. But really, I don't think any of the company's data base is still up. I mean... well, they paid me yesterday...in full hard credits… not electronically."

"Look, please…Marek…" She pleaded, looking at his nametag. 
"Any information or destination you can dig up will help me out. I've no means of storing this load and then wait till someone claims it through insurance or reports it's stolen." She explained.
"Ok, ok…it's along shot, Marina, and like I said; I'm not sure I still can log on...but what the heck. Come on, and let's see if my log in still works…" he motioned her to follow him to one of the abandoned data hubs that still looked like it could be powered up.

And power up it did. That is, after looking for a missing power connector.
"Eh, look at that. I 'm still in." Marek was pretty impressed with the fact.
"Ok….lets see…lets see…" he got laid up on a few dead connections at first, but finally found the registry files.
"Ok…yea, I think this is it. You have the manifest number?"

Marina had it on her holo-pad and Marek put it through. Again, the shipment were to go to another closed JSMD transfer hub station in the Inner Rim, near the Denon system, as it then would have taken the Correllian Way trade route to-…

"Ah, here it is…Tatooine!. " Marek was so proud of himself for finally finding it.
"Yep…looks like your cargo is some farming equipment.
Like what the heck could they grow in the desert, laughing out loud…
" He then said chuckling, as if it were some kind of joke.
But to Marina it were no joke.

"Tattoine?!" She exclaimed, pulling a bit away from the console in disbelief.
"Yea…looks like that's the cargo's final destination, Marina."
"Tatooine." He nodded, confused as to why she looked so estranged. Wasn't that what she wanted to know? The owners of the cargo she had?
" Gershal Lansdrat, of Ware's and Supplies is the owner." He pointed to the registry.

"....Tatooine…" Marina shook her head. She wasn't too thrilled. Not one bit, as the color in her features faded.

"Yep…Tatooine" he shrugged his shoulder, confirming it again. Hopefully this time it would sink in the poor girl's head.






Addition to ship

13 February 2018 - 07:45 AM

I would like to submit a request to include a 3-D printer on my ship Mariner IV.


It is to be used for the purpose of making replacement parts for my ship and equipment.


Here is what I would like to add:




t0iYeFd.jpg?1 3-D printer.


Mariner IV on board 3-D printer for manufacturing replacement parts on ship.

Also intend to use 3-D printer for manufacturing items to use on adventures, such as skis, snowboard, etc.


Hyperspace travel time

08 February 2018 - 07:55 PM

I'm sorry if it's already been written somewhere or maybe not, but I would like to sort of get an idea as to how we can determine how long a jump can take.


I know there are factors like hyperdrive inefficiencies and optimum jump calculations etc.


But for argument sake, and again, i can't seem to find any info on this board about it;Lets say we use for example a standard hyper-drive system rated as 1.

If we use the hexagons as a means of measure on the galaxy map, can we say that it takes 1 day to get across a hexagon?


So say we go from East to West across the galaxy. if counting hexagons it would roughly take like 3 weeks.Now mind you, it is based on hyper-drive speed of 1. More or less efficient drives will affect that and so on. Not looking to lock any one in a certain time, but would like to see a bit of uniformity.


If anyone can point me to an already discussed topic on this, I would very much appreciate it. :) 


It's in the eyes

06 February 2018 - 11:18 PM

Faldos: Saijo Sector, Outer Rim Territories....First Order controlled system.





"Mariner IV approaching Faldos System Command... request permission to land." She opened up communication as soon as she had dropped out of hyperspace and into the system.

It were best to announce oneself in this Sector, as it were under the jurisditional territories of The First Order.


It had not been Marina's choice to come this far out into the Outer Rim, not without good reason. And dropping off humanitarian aid to a system under the duress of the First Order was indeed a good enough reason. After all, she were here on a non-profit humanitarian run. It weren't one which the system of Faldos had requested, as how could they? 

To do so would have been seen as an act of dissidence by the Central Health Ministry of hospitals on the system. No, such good will drop off were just that...unscheduledaid to an otherwise devastated system state within the First Order.


And although the First Order shunned such attempts from foreign governments to provide much needed medicines and medical supplies, Faldos was not a strategic system that was under high security. It was a poor system that had inadvertently been swallowed up by the reach of the First Order's expansion, bordering the Galactic Alliance territories. Faldos was neither a stronghold, nor a strategic system for the First Order to envelop it with high security. As thus, more often than not, such drop offs were given quarter...safe passage by the local puppet government. After all, they were getting medical supplies that otherwise would be lacking on the system; for certainly the First Order wasn't going to supply them with it. The system was barely keeping with the taxes imposed on it.


"Roger that....transmitting registration codes." Marina sent over her ship's registry and Bill of Laden.


She were instructed to hold and maintain high orbit to the coordinates transmitted back to her. Marina complied and after 2 hours were instructed to make for the outskirt of Kundan, a city in the Northwest hemisphere of the system. A beacon would guide the Mariner IV in.

She were to follow it without deviation.


* * * * * * * *


The Mariner IV put down on the landing pad as instructed and waited for the local authority to board her.

"Keep it smooth, Marina...keep it cool...." She spoke to herself as she heard footsteps coming up the ramp she had lowered.


"ID code and stand by for scan" She were instructed to comply.

"Sure thing... welcome on board."


What took place were an hour of repetitive scans and ID imprint. Seemed not just one imprint was required, but several. then again, she knew they were just going about making it difficult for her. They had their job to do and they did their best to go through the motions. Marina could see two of the men didn't enjoy the charade as much as she. But eventually, they would complete the stalling act and relieve the Mariner IV of the medical supplies it had come here for them to take.


"Sure thing...don't have any plans for the next two days...no." Marina replied to whom she recognized as a corporal, that had been put in charge of this detachment. Actually, she knew him by name."... Corporal Chenya."

He was a good man, and one who had little choice in how he were to handle these drop offs. He had to go through the motions for the sake of satisfying The First Order mandates on foreign aid to the system. Marina understood this.


With more unnecessary delays and red tape, they finally allowed manual laborers to unload the Mariner. Marina had no personal items on this trip as pretty much anything not battened down as part of the ship was hauled out of the bay. This of course took more time than on a regular delivery in a more fortunate system than Faldos. 

And since Marina had eventually cleared and re-cleared and cleared once more the security scans and data-banks, she were allowed to step outside her ship.


She were standing outside in the night, next to the ramp when the corporal passed her without seeming to care.

Only that under his breath,so no one could hear but her; he thanked her.

Marina didn't reply but just looked like she were annoyed and looked at her wrist crono and sighed. It was her response as to say, don't mention it. And so she now would have to go through the take off clearance routine. Normally that would take about two days and then she'd get enough stamped clearance to take off and leave the system without incident. So it were these humanitarian runs to suppressed systems under the iron fist of The First Order.


It were later that evening that Marina sat down outside one of the eating wagons as the local's called it. They were basically outdoor mobile lunch/food stands set up for shift workers at the factories and the district's hospital workers and staff during shift changes. Currently she and a few handful of workers/laborers were the only ones there. 


"The number 3 please...no salt." Marina placed her order.