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Salvator Vonstein

Salvator Vonstein

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In Topic: The I-19 Ion/Fusion Shielding

13 January 2018 - 04:40 PM

Nadja Keto i was being transparent and attempting any reason you could possibly consider this a weapon >>> Because of the Luxum used in this device and its special Ion side effects the user of the device can emit a ion wave from the shielding device to potentially have the same effect as a couple of ion grenades<<< the luxum crystal that powers it has a natural side effect of ion radiation. i am not trying to be rude but i think you got the wrong idea i know edits show up and i know the rules about not trying to mislead or fool anyone, i kind of find it offence you suggest such thing i am only just trying to follow the directions and make this as easy as possible this is not a weapon and it seems luxum is the only reason you consider it one so i am just going to remove that entire section. This device only serves one purpose shielding. 

for the shake of making this simple i will inform you the person judging this that i am removing any mention of luxum.



Upon closer inspection, I've also noticed that you've added a restricted material into your submission at a production higher than unique. You will need to include a restricted mission to utilize Pyronium at any production above unique. 



Submissions with a restricted material from the list below will not require a completed ‘restricted material’ objective thread for Technology as long as the item that is being submitted is labeled as Unique and maintain well balanced strengths, weaknesses, and features.


So Basically change it to Unique and remove the mentions of Luxum and we should be right. Also could you please make that submission with the cane staff active so i may complete the ranged weapons requirements you asked for thanks for your time. 

In Topic: New Element Nexus -AI-46-

12 January 2018 - 08:38 PM

Arken Lussk




thats one example and there is quite a few more i could find that have the same general concept of Focusing and Amplifying energy intensity. Now you might be right about the fact storing kinetic energy would be hard to pull off so i am going to edit that to focus.  


"We know little about kyber crystals, because the Jedi Order worked to keep knowledge of them secret. But to put it simply, they focus energy and amplify its intensity. That once made them ideal for use in Jedi lightsabers; now it makes them ideal for use in laser weapons."






This crystal is canon and does basically what i described as a acid like effect. The general idea is a element that carries the same property as this crystal threw a form of its own variation of radiation i explained most things that come into bare contact with the crystal that are not protected by heavy metals . 


So pretty much any heavy metal in the galaxy would be good enough to protect a person from the small amounts of radiation waves. 


http://starwars.wiki...wiki/Corrosion any example of the idea have the acid like corrosive effect. 


Plutonium reacts with carbon and other halogens to produce this radiological/corrosive effect on things. Realistically speaking, if you want to go down this path with this submission then I don't see this crystal being used in a light saber unless the hilt is comprised entirely of lead - which is pretty harmful in itself when being handled without the proper protective gear. If you can provide some substantial evidence to support your idea, I would advise removing this aspect.




In our world i would agree it would be a bad idea but i am creatinga new element that happens to have a radioactive sort of effect and by using heavy metals the person avoids the bad side effects from the radiation, this element is a new concept so for instance we could really say pretty any substance was the ""Lead"" or our world that was not harmful to the person holding the object the element was inside.For the point of this submission though i am going to say that the one metal that protects you from my element is Arginium 




i will get to making some edits thanks for your time. 


'Salvator Vonstein ', on 06 Jan 2018 - 6:22 PM, said:snapback.png

If this touched actual flesh of a person or creature a dark mark would be burned upon there skin that would resonate a corrupting aura of darkness and depression, this crystal resonates a strong aura of dark energy. 


this is actual canon reference to a star wars light saber crystalbut i couldnot find it and it really wasn't that important

In Topic: New Element Nexus -AI-46-

10 January 2018 - 11:36 AM

Arken Lussk

As this is a naturally occuring substance, this cannot be unique in production. I'd suggest semi-unique or limited.<<It doesn't exactly occur naturally as i have described there is a majorly complicated refining process that was used in canon star wars to make other crystals before same idea just a different resulting material of element. Without the refining process creation of this element is impossible in nature. The reason i listed it as unique is only two of these crystals are being processed for the purpose of my personal lightsabers. But i will be glad to adjust to semi-Unique if it will be better for the submission. 



Force Imbuement and/or alchemized materials require a restricted material as per the Restricted Items list. You've listed the production of this element as unique, but the verbiage you've used in the submission suggests otherwise. you are correct ididn't mean to put that in there before i figured out how to explain it , at this point i will remove any mention of this >>>If this touched actual flesh of a person or creature a dark mark would be burned upon their skin that would resonate a corrupting aura of darkness and depression, this crystal resonates a strong aura of dark energy. <<<




- Kinetic: Very High this weapon has the ability to store kinetic energy. So it you made a blade out of this element and smashed it against a wall there would be a massive wave of reverberations , kinetic energy that would be absorbed by the element momentary then shifted back out of the element threw the focus point of the blade into the wall the blade had attacked multiply that kinetic energy five fold back out of the element. not sure why this is mention sir please explain the the effect explained is just a natural property of the elements natural structure once it has been forged into a crystal it does not have force or restricted alchemy in it. 




This crystal has a corrosion acidic effect most things that come into contact with the crystal would potentially begin to burn and melt as it slowly corroded. Making this crystal only able to be used with certain kinds of metal that have high resitance to acid corossion.
when i wrote this i was thinking on the lines of weapons grade plutonium or rods from a nuclearpower plant they are solid material but cause a Nuclear radiation burns that would burn threw your skin like a ""Acid Effect"" for lack of better words so what i am saying is this crystals natural radiation waves can burn thing like a ""Acid Effect""and requires containment with special metals like putting radioactive items in a lead boxes thats the general idea.
There are several inconsistencies within the submission, such as its comparisons in durability to trimantium yet it's somehow lightsaber resistant. While I understand and see the worth in the concept of this submission, there's going to be quite a lot of work that needs to be done before this is close to being approved.Yes of course i understand and thank you for your time. In relationship to trimantium the point i was making is this element has surprising tensile strength and can be bent and stretched in impressive ways like trimantium now i am not claiming that this element actually has the structural strength of trimantium as a metal because it does not because until this element is crystallized as i explained it is pretty much liquid magma. At Least i think i explained that sorry let me review this submission and clear up anything i think stands out. 

In Topic: New Element Nexus -AI-46-

10 January 2018 - 11:12 AM

ok sir please let me look over your comments and address them properly, thank you for your time Arken Lussk  

In Topic: Model:Nexus Cane Weapon

07 January 2018 - 01:38 PM

Nadja Keto i will get right on that as soon as possible xd