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Salvator Vonstein

Salvator Vonstein

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#1689480 Beltran Rarr

Posted by Salvator Vonstein on 20 December 2017 - 08:15 AM

Beltran Rarr very interesting Mr.47

#1688058 Breaking the Chain

Posted by Salvator Vonstein on 17 December 2017 - 11:06 PM

{ Azariah Edric VanyanMorrigan Lethani } The gun shots ripple off the roof tops as he steps out of the shadows about thirtyyards from these peoples conversation. He fires a fast scattered burst from his heavy assault pistols towards the roofs were he could feel some life force of presence up there, He would continue to walk down the alley towards the two people who were talking as he winks and smiles :it would appear that you have a spy listening in on your conversation, aren't they always such a annoyance:


He retrains his heavy blaster pistols on the roof top focusing his force senses on were it felt like this unknown life force was coming from. As his guns were ripping pieces out of the roofs with every shot. His force sense could let him find life forces and possibly track them but actually figuring out what it was that was a whole other problem.


His pistols would eventually over heat one of the major flaws of energy weapons, he thought as he tossed them on the ground and pulled his Flame Carbine assault rifle off his back and just held it in his hands casually. He didn't know these people from a whole in the ground one of them appeared to be a lesser class of servant or slave depending on the customs of this world.


One of the others seemed to be a woman who had a huge lack of comedy so serious when the other person joked about being some god they obviously were not, when most people would just laugh and say have another drink you drunk she thought it important to educate the person. Vonstein would laugh thinking that was a waste of time if a man pretends to be a woman god and does not realize the mistake he has made would educating him really help any.


As he holds his carbine in his right hand casually he would point towards the roof tops with his fore-finger on his left hand:I think it is up there some were possibly behind that half of the roof , not entirely sure what it is but i think we have its attention now: His senses were not 100% perfect he was giving a estimated guess, He could find pretty much anything in a 10 meter radius if he focused hard enough.


He would laugh casually :Forgive my bad manners allow me to introduce myself , I am Vonstein Lord of the Brethren Court a Privateer by trade specializing in unconventional armaments , if there is a battle to be fought or a war to be won it my pleasure to make sure my weapons are the ones being used to deliver the body counts:


He would pause in thought as he scratched his itchy neck moving the collar of his shirt ever so slightly exposing his Pirate lord tattoo on his neck. It was him the famous cutthroat Vonstein intergalactic criminal wanted by the hutts for scamming and swindling them for one hundred million credits in a black market pod race. His reputation was know across know around the universe for his treacherous deeds , he would hire freighters to make shipments then shoot the captain when the job was done and sell his ship off for profit, that was but the tip of a bigger pattern of Villainy.


it was possible these people might recognize him or have seen his bounty on some underworld holo net. He had been chased by everyone from lawmen to criminals and they usually wound up missing, that was why he was pretty sure even if they heard of his crimes they wouldn't be bothered trying to take him in it would be more trouble than it was worth. He was proud of his status in the criminal underworld as Lord of the Brethren Court.


Why did he come to this place , what was the purpose honestly he had only one intention he had heard rumors of dealings on the black market apparently some big things were happening and were better in the entire universe could a Pirate lord find black market goods then The "Smuggler's Moon,"